The Cincinnati Reds may have gotten some good news yesterday after Frankie Montas was struck by a line drive and had to exit the game when his x-rays came back negative for any fractures. But things did not go as well as they would have hoped as today they announced that he’s going to head to the 15-day injured list with a right elbow contusion. Taking his place on the roster for the time being will be right-handed reliever Casey Legumina.

Cincinnati’s going to miss out on three starts from Frankie Montas here, but that third start may just be like if he got pushed back by a few days if he’s capable of returning within 15 days. While the Reds don’t appear to have announced it yet, it would make sense if they just moved Nick Martinez back into the rotation until Montas is ready to return. Martinez pitched three innings in relief two days ago and should be ready to step in and give the club starter innings.

The Reds are bringing up Casey Legumina from Triple-A Louisville. He pitched with Cincinnati last season, throwing 12.2 innings in 11 games with a 5.68 ERA as he allowed 16 hits and walked nine batters. Legumina also picked up 11 strikeouts in that time frame.

This season the right-handed reliever has been in Triple-A all season. He’s pitched in six games and thrown 10.0 innings while being charged with five earned runs (4.50 ERA). Legumina’s given up 11 hits, walked just one batter, and he’s struck out 11 of the 43 hitters that he’s faced. You can see his career stats here.

While the sample size is small this season, Legumina has altered his pitch usage a little bit since last season. He’s still throwing his fastball exactly as often – 58% of the time. What’s changed is that he’s doubled up the usage of his change up to 20%, while lowering his slider usage from 31% to 21%.

His slider also has a bit of a different look to it. It’s a bit more of a cutter/slider than the pure slider that he had thrown in the past.

In five of the six outings he’s had with the Bats, Legumina has thrown more than one inning. In half of them he’s thrown at least two innings. While he’s probably not going to be asked to give them true long-man kind of innings, he is a guy that the Reds could look at to give them more than just one inning and after the 8.1 innings that the bullpen pitched yesterday, that’s something that they may very well need at some point in the next few days.

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  1. Jim t

    @Old-school as you mentioned in the previous thread.

    • old-school

      Makes sense with the bullpen throwing 8.1 innings of great baseball yesterday. Maybe Montas can take a few extra days and find his spots in some side bullpens.
      Tough 4 game series coming up with Philly. Need all hands on deck

  2. wkuchad

    I know Brandon Williamson started the year on the IL. Any update on his status?

    • Tom Diesman

      From the Reds injuries and moves section on

      LHP Brandon Williamson (left shoulder)
      Expected return: Late May
      After being shut down during Spring Training, Williamson began a throwing program on April 2, but has not worked off of a mound. Manager David Bell expected that Williamson would have to go back to square one of his Spring Training plan and build up to getting through five innings. That likely sets his target to return somewhere near the end of May. (Last updated: April 10)

      • Optimist

        FWIW it may be more important for Williamson to get thru 3 or 4 innings instead of 5 innings.

  3. Mauired

    I believe they were saying June return for Williamson last update

  4. Mark Moore

    It’s a good decision that should avoid leaving us short-staffed in the bullpen.

  5. LT

    Why is it that most Reds injuries started out as minor or no big deal and then turned I to extensive time on IL?

    • Doc

      Less than 24 hours after the injury, and likely after reexamination, the decision was made to move to the IL. No game was played without his replacement. What more do you want?

      I practiced medicine for a lot of years and re-evaluating an injury the next day before making a treatment decision is a normal and appropriate process.

      • Jason Franklin

        True. Montas’ probably had a lot of swelling in the impact area and the team wouldn’t know exactly how much was going to occur until the next day? Makes sense.

    • Jason Franklin

      Maybe they just don’t want to let the other team they are facing next/soon know what is going on? This may be seen as a way to keep the rest of the leauge in the dark so that can’t plan ahead as easily? I think the Reds also sometimes just tell their media vague answers for this reason even though they (hopefully!) know what they are actually are planning on doing.

    • greenmtred

      I believe 15 days is mandatory if you go in the IL. The only thing I heard about the injury was that it isn’t a fracture, not that it wasn’t a big deal. We did a little speculating to the effect that he might not miss much time.

    • Optimist

      Greenmtred has the correct take here – it’s not a “minor” injury, and not “no big deal” and while the good news is negative xrays, the minimum IL time is 15 days. Until and unless something changes, that may cover it, but the 60 day IL seems unlikely. Also don’t know that the Reds have much control over how long it takes or can turn it into anything – it will take as long as needed.

  6. CI3J

    Not ideal, but not a disaster.

    Reds’ depth continues to be tested early on in the season.

  7. MK

    I know he is not on the 40-man but this might have been a perfect spot to see what Maxwell could do. Gibaut could definitely have been backdated to the 60-day without changing his timeline.

      • Mauired

        But I think they want to see if Legumina is a legit MLB player. He only pitched a few games with Reds last year.