The Cincinnati Reds had no answers for Ranger Suarez as he continued hit shutout streak. The Philadelphia hitters had enough answers for the Reds pitchers, though, as the Phillies scored seven runs in a shutout victory to start the 4-game series at Great American Ball Park.

Final R H E
Philadelphia Phillies (15-8)
7 9 0
Cincinnati Reds (12-10)
0 2 1
W: Suarez (4-0) L: Greene (0-2)
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Hunter Greene came out firing fastballs in the 1st inning and he needed 12 pitches to get through the inning unscathed. The next inning, though, the Phillies would get things going as back-to-back 1-out singles led to a sacrifice fly from Bryson Stott that scored Alex Bohm on a bang-bang play at the plate to put Philadelphia up 1-0.

They went right back to it in the 3rd inning when Johan Rojas tripled to lead off the inning and then scored on a Kyle Schwarber sacrifice fly. In the 4th inning they scored another run on a ‘productive out’ when Bryson Stott grounded out to bring in Alec Bohm, who doubled earlier in the inning. The 5th inning saw similar results, but they got it differently this time as Kyle Schwarber walked to lead off the inning and came in to score on a double by J.T. Realmuto as Philadelphia extended their lead to 4-0.

Hunter Greene kept the Phillies off the board in the 6th inning. He did the same thing in the 7th, too, but as the Reds headed to the bottom of the 7th they were still searching for a 3rd hit of the night after getting a single in the 1st inning and another one in the 5th. They’d still be searching for it until after Suarez exited the game after the 7th as he kept his shutout streak alive, reaching 25 straight innings.

Casey Legumina took over for Cincinnati in the 8th and tossed a 1-2-3 inning, but the 9th inning didn’t work out the same way. An error allowed Nick Castellanos to reach base to begin the inning and then Legumina followed up with a walk. Kody Clemens then emptied the bases with 3-run homer that landed six rows deep into the right field stands to make it a 7-0 ballgame.

Former Reds pitcher Jeff Hoffman took over for the Phillies in the bottom of the 9th and he made quick and easy work as he sandwiched strikeouts around a lineout to give Philadelphia the win.

Key Moment of the Game

It’s tough to truly pinpoint one as the Phillies slowly built their lead up one run at a time, but the Reds offense never got anything going at all so let’s go with the Bryson Stott RBI ground out in the 4th that took Cincinnati out of bloop and a blast range.

Notes Worth Noting

Cincinnati had two hits and one walk on the day.

The time of the game was two hours and two minutes. Only 11, 263 tickets were sold.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Philadelphia Phillies vs Cincinnati Reds

Tuesday April 23rd, 6:40pm ET

Cristopher Sanchez (1-2, 2.95 ERA) vs Andrew Abbott (1-2, 2.70 ERA)

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  1. JB

    Notes worth noting – Espinal’s three game on base streak is over. That is all.

    • Melvin

      haha 🙂 Looking forward to getting that “legit” player back. 😉

  2. CI3J

    Mama said there’d be days like this.

    Guess give it another shot tomorrow.

    • Mauired

      Yeah but unfortunately Bells whole managerial career has been groundhog day.

  3. David

    Yeah, another left hander for the Phillies tomorrow. Possibly similar results. Andrew Abbott pitching for the Reds, so maybe not a 7-0 shellacking.
    Legumina was there to mop up on a game that was already lost.

    Another sub-standard performance by Hunter Greene. And he will be out there again in 5 days, because they have no choice, and gave him a big contract extension.

    A “Once in a generation talent” they called him. I don’t expect him to by Cy Young on every turn, but I don’t see any improvement. It’s like he’s hit the wall on improvement.

    • Tar Heel Red

      Agreed David. The seven innings last night was exactly what the team needed, but Greene, now in his third season, is still just a thrower…not a pitcher. He still lacks any semblance of a third pitch.

    • JayTheRed

      Hunter only gave up 3 runs in 7 innings that’s a quality start. I’ll take that. The bats are silent right now. Hey, let’s give credit to the Phillies pitcher who is on a role. Hunter does need to learn how to pitch instead of just throwing gas every 5 days.

      • JayTheRed

        Oops forgot about that last run that he gave up. Still I’ll take 7 innings from the starter.

  4. Mauired

    Not a great start but a winnable one. 4 runs in 7 innings isn’t bad.

  5. Moon

    Over the past six games the Reds have averaged 4.16 hits per game. That is not going to get it done guys.

    • Rob

      That is the mega question. Krall can see the same 4-5 hits per game that we see. The only offensive addition on the horizon is Friedl in 3 weeks. Nothing else until July. There is nothing at Louisville so are you going to continue to roll with this or are you going to fix it. Espinal, Thompson and India can not continue to get regular at bats. Don’t put yourself 5-10 games out in June/July Nick. Get some bats in here. They do not have to be superstars. They only need to be 1 year guys. Drury, Newman, Robert all would be upgrades. Doesn’t Bell say something to Krall that he can’t win with this bunch?

      • Doc

        What was their record last year after 22 games?

      • Rob

        Doc, I think the differences between May 2023 and May 2024 are the depth of the minor league system, and known long term injuries. 2 starting Ifs are out until at least July 1 and there are no 2024 arrivals in the minors. While this is a susposedly improved team over the 2023 version, I see no way this team is going to be in first place and 10-12 games over 500 in July. If I am correct, you are going to have to either 1) stay close (within 6-8 games of the Division lead) until July and make any needed upgrades at the deadline (assuming no further injuries), or 2) allow that the present offense and possible minor league additions is inadequate to hold >500 until July. IMO, it is definitely Case 2. We need a starter quality, bat first 2B/SS, and a spot start RH OF bat to significantly upgrade from Thompson. Career 250 hitting journeymen like Newman and Duvall would meet my view of the “temporary” need. Nothing special but something better than Espinal and Thompson. We have built and expensed this team to be better than last year’s 82 win collapse. The key injuries are killing our offense and we have o be careful they don’t torpedo us before we.wake up.

      • JayTheRed

        Espinal has been pretty shocking to me. The guy usually is a base hit, doubles machine. He is learning to play in a new home park and league that’s the only thing I can think of that is making him perform so badly. His past is much better than this.

    • mac624

      Wonder what that would be if Friedl, Marte, and McClain were playing every day? Gotta think that stat would be a lot higher than 4 per game. Injuries and the suspension are big factors so far.

  6. Steve

    would I like to see Hunter Greene perform better but 7 innings was much needed tonight. A few bloops here and there really hurt the overall outing I think. But I looked it up, and the Reds are only scoring 2.2 runs per game in his 5 starts. It is hard enough to be a major league pitcher but getting little run support does not help, making every pitch feel like it has to be perfect because of so little help from the offense.

    And I don’t want to bash David Bell and the lineups and with people being out with illness limiting options but I would much rather see Will Benson in the line up over Espinal. Maybe move Steer to 2nd? I know Benson is not hitting much better but gives a lot better option at this point

  7. Mark A Verticchio

    With this line up and the upcoming schedule this team could be 10 under, or worse, by Memorial Day. The question is, how can things get better? Freldl should be back in a couple of weeks but if India, Candelario. Strand and a few others don’t pick it up this team and the season could be in big trouble.

    • greenmtred

      Candelario and CES have been picking it up recently. Suarez is a very good pitcher who has been giving everybody trouble.

  8. Frankie Tomatoes

    That was not a fun game to listen to. It sounds like it was not a fun one to watch. Lets hope that things go better tomorrow and they can get back to winning.

  9. Melvin

    It’s becoming more apparent to me that when everyone healthy these are the players to play most every day. They will give us the best chance to win until some others get back. It doesn’t matter who’s pitching Espinal and Thompson just aren’t helping much at all and aren’t even a threat.

    Fraley LF
    Fairchild CF
    Benson RF
    Candelario 3B
    Steer 2B
    CES 1B
    Stephenson/Maihle C
    India/Martini DH

    I don’t know how good this will be but it’s the best we got at the moment. Just let them play and see.

    • Andrew Brewer

      EDLC hat two hits in the two hole yesterday, and today they stick him back into the bottom half. And his at bats today looked reminiscent of something we’d hope he was done with. Still, he shouldn’t have been demoted. He has been smoking hot.
      The Reds just didn’t have it today. I think Martini has some upside, a potential that needs a chance. India at second will be better than the DH role. Thompson is just over matched at the plate. Hurtibise showed ability in spring training. Unless CES and Cando catch fire, it’s going to be long season… It’s still just one game at a time.

      • Chris

        That’s because he was hitting right handed today. Had nothing to do with where he hit in the order. I’m not sure he can hit MLB pitching from the right side. He’s got to do something about his approach from the right side.

    • Ted Alfred

      I don’t know how Thompson ever gets a start. The guy is simply terrible offensively and completely overmatched. He’s average at best defensively, so how in the hell do you ever start him?

      • greenmtred

        Fraley was unavailable and we don’t know what’s going on with Benson aside from a slump.

    • Tom Diesman

      Substitute Martini for Fairchild there and that’s the lineup vs RH that we’re going to see 70% of the time. Sounds like they are already doing it.

  10. DataDumpster

    Well, Hunter got in 7 innings on about the same number of pitches in 4 last outing. That’s a big positive. He didn’t get blistered either but the overall result was decent but really not enough for a win. It seems like he gets the least run support of all the Red’s starters going back a few years. I can’t figure any logical reason for this especially when the hitting overall is on the poor side. There are very exciting outbursts that build on momentum but that works in the opposite way just as (or more) often. Too early for the doomsters, wouldn’t be surprised if they drop to a negative (6) before June arrives but wouldn’t be overly concerned either. That said, a finishing record like last year would be a big failure for a team with this much young talent. What, then would be the path to success DB?

    • Dewey Roberts

      The biggest problem with this team is there is too much dependence on young talent with very few veterans.

    • Doc

      When you are pitching as the #1 or #2 you are generally facing the opposition #1 or #2. Not surprising for the TOR guys to get less run support.

  11. David

    Well, we shouldn’t all go jumping off the bridge because of the loss tonight. The Reds just won three straight from the Angels. And before that, lost three straight to the Mariners, with very little offense.

    Frankly, it was about what I expected. Greene would pitch 5-6 innings, give up 3-4 runs. The Reds would have trouble scoring against Suarez because he is a good left handed pitcher, which gives the Reds fits.
    The guy tomorrow night for the Phillies is a left hander too, who is having a pretty good year so far, but does not quite have the pedigree that Suarez has.
    But…I honestly expect the results to be about the same.
    Maybe Wednesday, when a right hander is pitching for the Phillies.
    Then…on to play the Rangers and Padres…on the road. I don’t know how the Reds will match up with the Rangers, but they generally play poorly in Petco Field (or whatever it is called now) in San Diego.

    • Rednat

      It’s not just “the loss tonight”. It is these type of losses that we have seen consistently over 25 years that have long time reds fans wanting to “jump off the bridge”!

      • JT

        I agree with you coming from a long time Reds fan ???

  12. Jeff morris

    Reds made Ranger Suarez look like Sandy Koufax, Steve Carlton, or Randy Johnson tonight. I remember back in 2013 in a one game playoff vs the Pirates, the Pirates started LH Liriano and he shut down the Reds for several innings. The Reds lost of course. But they have LH hitters Choo, Bruce, and Votto and they preformed terribly. Reds now have many RH hitters and they cannot hit left handed pitching at all. When the Reds acquired these players, they did not do their research on hitting average against left handed pitching. The Reds will not compete in the NL central, nor the NL for that matter, because of their liability and problems with left handed pitching!

    • Chris

      So has everyone else. He’s not just dominating the Reds.

  13. Jon

    How much longer is Krall going to stick with the terrible trio of Espinal, Thompson, and Martini? Are there seriously no better options in Louisville, or even Chattanooga for that matter? They are almost automatic outs at this point.

    • Rob

      There are no better options in the minors ….just different names. Oh for the days of Newman, Pham, and Drury. But they were cast off to give the young guys a chance to play. Young guys injured equals Thompson, India, Espinal, and Martini. Those are all 220 hitters at best.

      • Doug Gray

        Nick Martini has a career .264 average in the big leagues.
        Santiago Espinal has a career .267 average in the big leagues.
        Jonathan India has a career .254 average in the big leagues.

        All of them are struggling through three weeks of the season, but to say they are “.220 hitters at best” is just devoid of actually knowing what they’ve done.

      • DW

        Thank you Doug. This is the reality. It is early in the season and the Reds have been dealt a ton of injuries throughout the organization. Depth is thin right now.


    • Doug Gray

      That’s correct. There are no better options. The Reds organization has a lot of injuries and one suspension that have their depth absolutely depleted.

      • Ted Alfred

        Marte really blew it by getting suspended this year. Likely would have been a huge addition to this team offensively.

      • Jeremiah

        I agree overall. Espinal decent numbers in over 1000 Major League at bats. Surely he and India aren’t going to stink this bad overall, but Espinal does need to pick it up at some point.

        I was in the Kevin Newman fan club though haha. Even though he is currently hitting .188 for the Dbacks! I thought though he’s a good bench guy if hitting 8th or 9th in your lineup occasionally. I’m sure that’s what the Dbacks hope for from him.

        Reds just got to stay afloat for now…only problem is Frield may not be at the level we expect, Mcclain probably not coming back, and Marte not sure what to think about him this year if he comes back how that effects the chemistry of the club.

        If they’re contending in July they may have to make a trade for another hitter…but for now have to hope India, CES, Espinal, Candelario, all will get better.

      • Jason T.

        You’re telling me that Ford in Louisville hitting .292 with 6 hr isn’t an upgrade over at least Thompson?

    • 50thyearRedsfan

      I agree that we can do no worse bringing up a couple of replacement bats from Louisville. Their centerfielder is off to a great start (Conner Capel) as is Mike Ford, they would have to be an upgrade over Bubba and Espinal. And I know we need a 2nd baseman but why not put Steer there?

  14. Chris

    Watching this game and seeing Greene groove more pitches than I’ve seen him groove in a long time, made me realize that he’s in a real tough spot. The problem is, the organization goes after a 100mph throwing pitcher and then wants to put him on a pitch limit. Guys that throw 100 mph are naturally going to throw more pitches because they don’t pitch to contact. You don’t look for a 100 mph pitcher to pitch to contact. Let him go 120 pitches. Build his endurance up for that amount of pitches; not this crap that they are doing to him now. Green gave up 4 runs tonight due to being scared to work a count. I blame the organization; not Greene for hindering his progression.

    • greenmtred

      Greene has already had TJ surgery. You’re certainly right that the way he pitches now doesn’t lend itself to efficiency. But it’s worth considering that 120 pitches may be too many for a guy who throws as hard as he does. Like everybody else, I hope he develops an effective third pitch. I wonder if Suarez would teach him that changeup?

    • DW

      I tend to agree with you on this one. Plus, he needs to develop a third legitimate pitch.

      • Jason T.

        This. And stick with it. If he had a third pitch that he could consistently throw for strikes then we would see a dominate 1 or 2 type pitcher. You can’t just walk away from throwing one because it’s hard or you’re not consistently commanding it. That’s also on DJ to commit to making him better.

  15. Jim Walker

    Greene and Legumina did their jobs to avoid chaos in the Reds pen. Now the question is whether Legumina will be quickly southbound and down for a different fresh arm.

    • old-school

      This could be a huge game to refresh the pen. Greene and Legumina gave the staff needed innings. Cant win if you dont score and this RH offense against tough lefties is rated R.

      Everyone lumping India in with Bubba and Espinal which is just wrong. Yes, India had that 0-22 road trip and now ill and power numbers in late April are dreadful. But, India was the same way in his rookie year. Folks wanted to send him down to AAA first of May and he caught fire and went on to do great things. Get India back healthy in the lineup and get him 175 at bats and see where he is. I m not giving up on him. India, Steer, and Stephenson need to get this offense against lefties going and they can.

      I see Spiers coming from AAA for Legumina.

      • Jim Walker

        With Martinez (presumably) in Montas spot, they need a multi innings guy. Spiers could be him. In his most recent game appearance, Spiers threw 90 pitches on Friday. One would think he could go a couple of innings on Tuesday if needed.

      • PhP

        Agreed. After the first game of White Sox series he OBP was up over .400 after his 4 walk game. Just a terrible week after that game.

    • MBS

      They have been using Legumina as a multi inning reliever in AAA. I don’t see them sending him down because he went 2 last night. It seems as if this is what they are grooming him for.

      1 G with 1 IP
      2 G’s with 1+ IP
      3 G’s with 2 IP
      1 G with 2+ IP

      • Jim Walker

        It probably comes down to whether they want to risk extending Suter Tuesday on the heels of him throwing 51 pitches on Sunday.

      • old-school

        Moll comes up, Legumina goes back down.

  16. William

    The Reds just have to tough it out. They will still win the division. Do not melt over one game. The other teams have expensive players who are overrated. Hang in there.

  17. Rednat

    I went to the game with my granddaughter tonight and she was on a roll

    “looked like I picked the wrong century to be a Reds fan” and
    “Well at least with the pitch clock the torture is only 2 hours and not 4 hours anymore”
    pretty funny stuff.

    It’s interesting when you look at the Phillies they were not exactly a powerhouse for a lot of the 20th century but have really turned things around this century. having many playoff and world series appearances and 14 winning seasons thus far. the brewers are on a similar trajectory. Not necessarily “big market teams” but clubs that seem to just “get it”. i hope for young reds fans sake the reds can turn it around. we have had a .472 winning percentage and no playoff series wins since 2000. ugggh

    • Jim Walker

      And that .472 winning percentage since 2000 dims even more considering the team was 375-273 (.589) for 2010-2013. By quick back of the envelope calculation that drops the winning percentage for the remaining seasons since 2000 under .450

  18. TR

    The Phillies were established in 1885. They won their first World Series in 1980. Until forty plus years ago, they were the losingest professional franchise in sports history, including baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Since 1980, the Phillies have become a competitive team.

    • VaRedsFan

      Amazing what good coaching, good upper management, and $244.5 million can get you.

    • Still a Red

      They had some competitive teams in the 70s w/ Schmidt, Bowa, Luzinski, McGraw, etc. But it wasn’t until they got Rose did they win the WS.

      • Reaganspad

        Dick Allen: “if horses can’t eat it, I ain’t playing on it!”

  19. Reddawg2012

    The Reds are 8-1 vs teams below .500. They are 4-9 vs teams above .500.

    That doesn’t bode too well for the month of May.

  20. Still a Red

    If only Bell weren’t managing we would have won that game. 🙂

    • LDS

      Perhaps not, but he was responsible for a couple of the earlier losses. But it’s okay, he knows things we don’t – like all the FO & owners care about is money and as long as the fans spend, who cares about winning.

      • greenmtred

        A useful claim to make since it can’t be verified. I don’t doubt that some decisions–relief pitchers, pinch hitters, etc.–didn’t work and had bearing on some losses, but precisely the same thing can be said for every manager, and there is absolutely no assurance that different choices would have yielded better results.

      • VaRedsFan

        Only 11K tickets sold last night. Certainly less than that in the park.

      • LDS

        I was thinking more of his misuse of pitchers, leaving them in to get pounded when it’s clear they aren’t effective. It’s an obvious Bell pattern to anyone willing to be objective instead of a fanboy.

      • greenmtred

        Really the same issue, though: We don’t know how a relief pitcher would have fared in that situation. Wow! I’m glad I proofread this: I had inserted an extra letter in “fared” that would have altered the intent of the comment.

      • greenmtred

        And really, LDS: You invoking objectivity is breathtaking.

  21. Still a Red

    Elly threw a couple bullets just missing Rojas at 3rd on the triple and just missing a dbl play on the tough fielders choice that scored the 3rd run (which wouldn’t have scored if he got the dbl play) and Fairchild just missed getting the 1st run at home plate. All of which might have changed the tenor of the game…if only the Reds could have got more people on.

    • David

      Well, since they lost by 7 runs, it would had to have be a LOT of people. 😉

      The great 1975 team was 21 – 20 after 41 games (as I think I recall), then went on to go 67-34 the rest of the way. The 1990 “wire to wire” team played very well the first couple months of the season, and then coasted at barely 0.500 ball the rest of the way.
      I am not mistaking this team for the 1975 Reds, but a lot of teams play “mediocre” baseball for part of the season, while putting in a big winning stretch at some point.
      The Brewers are hot now, but they aren’t the 1927 Yankees. It won’t go on like this.
      Maybe in 4-5 weeks, the Reds get “hot” and go on a stretch to win 35 out of 50 games.

      • JT

        Yes indeed I remember that too coming from a long time Reds fan

      • Still a Red

        Point being it wouldn’t have been 7 runs…but given the Reds got nothing it still might not have helped enough.

  22. SultanofSwaff

    I like to bemoan the lack of a 3rd pitch by Greene, but truth be told his production is a net positive for what he is being paid. He’s on pace for 2.5-3 WAR while only being paid ~$9mil this year (and for the next 5 years). So while it would be nice if he were to take that next step, even if he doesn’t he is creating a lot of surplus value.

    Brew Crew down to just 3 viable starters with Miley possibly headed the TJ Antone route. I don’t see how their hot start will be sustainable. The division race is between the Cubs and Reds imo.

    • Mark Moore

      Hate to see that for Miley on a personal note, but depleting the Bernie’s starting pitching won’t cause me to shed a tear.

    • Indy Red Man

      Problem is our lefty lineup is pathetic so everyone is going to line up their lefties against us. Freidl can hit lefties and should help, but Idk? I’m thinking we’ll be about 7-8 back of Chicago by June 1. The two that really have upsides besides Elly are CES and Benson. I’d be playing both every day and hope they figure it out

      • Jim Walker

        Benson is in an absolute funk right now. He has no hits, 1BB, and 8K in the last week (17PAs). his AVG/OPS line is .000/.059/.000/.059.

        Our guy Stuey has turned into something of an OPS maven vs LHP but he is doing almost all of it on OBP. They need some doubles and long flys from him.

      • greenmtred

        Stuey is, to my eye, playing with more confidence and assurance. It seems that your faith in him was not misplaced, Jim.

      • old-school

        @ GMR, we sat out in Right center field 2 weeks ago against the Mets and Stuey has bulked up noticeably while maintaining his good speed. He made a nice running catch on a Texas leaguer to short right center where the wind was blowing in. He is a nice outfield depth piece and late inning weapon. I dont like him hitting 3rd or leadoff but our lineups against lefties are sub-optimal to say the least with India/Mclain/Friedl/Marte not available. Hopefully India comes back today and hits better.

      • DaveCT

        Jim, Greenfield, and OS, I know it was only batting practice, but Fairchild was hitting bombs last week in Seattle, and in that cold maritime air. I’ve frequently said, Fairchild gives you professional defense, at bats and base running, making him a fine option for 26th man, and occasionally more when needed.

    • MBS

      You’re right to bemoan Greene’s lack of a 3rd pitch. If he doesn’t develop one he’s a 4th or a 5th pitcher, or they could make him a reliever. All are valuable to the team, but it would be a let down given how gifted he is physically, and mentally.

      I’m still holding out hope.

  23. doofus

    Should Rhett Lowder be promoted to Nooga soon?

    • DaveCT

      Negative, He hasn’t been able to go more than four innings in his three starts. I’d say he’ll need to demonstrate the ability to go 6 innings before being moved up. Given his skillset, that may not be that far off. But he’s just 12 innings into his pro career.

  24. Bill J

    We like where we are. We’re continuing to work to get better each time out. Bell’s comment after the game.

    • greenmtred

      Alternately: “This is terrible. The season is effectively over and there’s no point in trying.?”

      • Jeremiah

        Good point green. I think though maybe the concern with Bell is he’s not tough enough at times, a little too passive as a leader. I always wonder what effect does a manager truly have on a team? I think sometimes his comments come off as wimpy, just kind of empty. Sometimes I’d Iike to hear him say “we stink right now, we’re not hitting well, we need to get things going.” Not all the time, but occasionally. I think sometimes he is inadvertently possibly setting low expectations, lowering the bar with his comments.

        It’s a delicate balance I think…when do you encourage, when do you push guys, and it’s different with different players, but sometimes I think he lacks the fire, and his postgame comments I think reflect that sometimes.

        I hope the best for Bell and the Reds. He has some real qualities obviously and maybe his patience, encouraging style pays off especially for the young guys. He’s hampered though with injuries now, so he’s got a tougher job, but still a lot of talent. We’ll see how it goes this season.

      • Jim Walker

        Too many football bandwagon fans IMO. I’m all in on the Buckeyes but couldn’t give a care about the pro circus. But I suspect as the top tier of “college” football morphs into a Saturday version of the circus, more bandwagon folks are going to find their way to more involvement with it too,

      • Jim Walker

        @Jerimiah>> I’m for the most part with your comments about Bell. I’ve recently said here and elsewhere that he may be a competent manager of a set plan who lacks the overall leadership skills to lift and stabilize individuals and the team. Thus the seemingly constant streakiness in both positive and negative outcomes.

    • DataDumpster

      Isn’t that Bell’s comment after every game? Or, something like “the guys are doing everything possible to improve and we know the results will follow.” If he would ever just once say something specific that shows insight, strategy, constructive analysis, or determination,… I also think he needs guys like Farmer, Newman, (the veterans, etc.) to fire up the team and get on somebody’s back when they make a fundamental lapse of judgment because he can’t bring himself to do it. They got a gaggle of good players, not sure if they have the leaders to get the most out of them.

  25. Aaron

    Give us another weird lineup David, try people in unconventional spots. Anything to try and crack the LHP recipe.

    weve got 362,880 ways to order the lineup excluding player swaps, so keep trying!

  26. Jeremiah

    Not a great outing by Greene, but I’d rather see him go 7 innings giving up 4 runs then 4 innings giving up 1 run, so I’d take outings like this from Greene. Maybe he’s a bit more of a warm weather pitcher too? Not sure what we’re going to get from him overall, but I just hope he’s stays healthy. Maybe Greene is more of a 4th 5th guy than a #1 or #2, but he’d be a pretty solid 4th or 5th guy if he has outings like tonight and sprinkles in some great outings occasionally.

    • Tom Diesman

      Baseball is a funny game of inches. If not for a Castellano 61 MPH dying quail down the RF line and 86 MPH ho hum grounder by Realmuto just barely fair down the 3B line that somehow missed the jut-out in LF and allowed a fleet footed Shwarber to score from 1B, we’d be talking about a Greene outing of 7 IP and 2 ER and how great it was. Sometimes they fall in, sometimes they don’t.

      • Mauired

        Very true Tom. But none of it matters if the offense can’t score a single run.

      • Tom Diesman

        True enough, they have to score. Not worried about the 8th best scoring team in baseball though, better nights ahead for sure.

  27. Mark A Verticchio

    For all of those who don’t support Bell this season may turn into a disaster. The team may not do well but with all the injuries Bell will have a built in excuse and be right back next year and many more.

    • Jeremiah

      I wouldn’t brought Bell back, I thought they needed another voice to take this team to the next step. That being said, I’m trying to be more positive haha too and supportive of Bell overall because he is the Manager of our favorite team. He can grow and get better too. I didn’t think Dave Roberts was really great in LA, and Dusty and Joe Maddon had their detractors and they all won World Series. But they had incredible talent too on those teams. It’s kind of a mystery to me what effect the Manager really has on the club. I just hope the Reds management knows when it’s time to move on from Bell if the team does not seem to be progressing. I think he’s done a good job with the actual game moves overall this year. I think 2025 was more the year the Reds were shooting for though, so I think he’s going to get at least 2 more years.

  28. Hanginwithem

    The team is 15-36 in games Greene has started in his career, 0-5 this year. Maybe it would make a difference to flip-flop him in the rotation with Abbott or Ashcraft. The team is 16-9 in Abbott’s career starts, 24-25 in Ashcraft’s. Maybe one of those two would respond to the challenge and maybe Greene would benefit from the run support Abbott and Ashcraft seem to enjoy in their slots. Maybe…

    • David

      Trying to analyze Hunter Greene, is trying to look into the sun at high noon. It makes your eyes hurt. 😉

      He could be a successful two-pitch pitcher, if he could locate his fastball and slider consistently. He can’t. He lets that fastball go, and really, does he have any idea where it’s going? Adding a third or fourth pitch won’t help if he can’t locate those, either.
      He’s kind of a maximum effort guy on every pitch, but he can’t hit the spots, and can’t consistently get ahead with every batter. Attack the strike zone, throw strikes, change location and speeds. If he just had the fastball and slider and could LOCATE, he would be more successful.
      He just can’t. I think Hunter is a smart young guy (he seems so) and I think he is really trying, his heart is in it. But he cannot consistently locate his pitches, throw strikes and get ahead of hitters.

      • Hanginwithem

        Agree. He’s not changing and it may be because he can’t. That’s the reason for the suggestion to slot him farther down in the rotation and possibly gain more favorable match-ups.

  29. Grand Salami

    Agreed, I suffered through most of the telecast. Greene was pitch efficient and most of the contact was weak. Disregarding the score, I thought it was his best effort of the season. He looked like a good pitcher out there and not a thrower.

    The offense was the real problem and their guy was absolutely dealing in the zone.

    I don’t care how bad Fraley is against lefties or whatever, no more lineups with Fairchild, Thompson, and Espinal all playing together at the same time unless everyone else is in the hospital.

    • DW

      I agree with most all of this Grand Salami.

      Fairchild is pretty dang good against lefties, so I like him in those situations, but Thompson and Espinal should be starting on the bench nearly every day. They can come off the bench to pinch run, play defense, and the occasional necessary pinch hit; and the rare occasional start. That should be their roll to know and hopefully excel at.

  30. lgr

    While Greene certainly isn’t living up to his lofty expectations, there are still good signs of how he has been learning to pitch under a veteran like Frankie Montas. Like it or not, David Bell is going to start Hunter every 5th day, so fans better get used to it. If “Captain Hook” is always pulling people “early”, then letting Hunter Greene go 7 yesterday is important. Even though the bullpen had to go 8.1 innings vs. the Angels, Hunter Greene going 7 innings is like seeing a dodo bird. If the “Reds die hard” was to look at the stats that Hunter Greene has put up this season, HIS EXPECTED ERA IS 2.55!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His statcast shows that he has the tools, but his breaking ball is suffering. Look forward into the future instead of groaning all the time about how he is right now. Developing a third pitch has definitely taken multiple frustrating years, but look at what he’s doing now, compared to last season. Instead of his fastball being the only thing holding up his whiff percentage and k percentage while having one of the most well hit fastballs in the league, even the thought of a third pitch in the hitter’s mind this year is enough to turn out a positive run value on his fastball.

  31. Rednat

    I was hoping to be 40-40 by the time Marte and Friedl return . This seems like this will be a tough task looking at the schedule.
    Friedl’s injury is a concern because it looked like it was sprained as well. not just a direct fracture like from a hit by pitch on the wrist. may take longer to heal

  32. Tom Mitsoff

    Against lefties, the Reds are hitting .218 / .323 / .699. Against righties, .220, .292, .684. I did that search expecting to find a big difference between the two, favoring vs. righties. But they are actually slightly better against lefties. This is still “it’s early” time, but these numbers bear watching. The stolen base rate (currently on pace for 287 as a team) is an important counterbalance to an otherwise below-average offense.

    • wkuchad

      Yes, this is small sample size territory, especially against the lefties. Our lineup vs lefties took a major hit with the missing three starters.

      It’s still a decent lineup versus righties. Over time, I expect the .684 OPS to increase, especially once some of our key players snap out of their funk.

    • Tom Diesman

      The other interesting point is that we have thus far faced an inordinate amount of LH so far this season. Overall, MLB as a whole has seen 72.7% of PA vs RH and 27.3% PH vs LH which is right in line with the previous three seasons.

      The Reds on the other hand have seen 61.6% PA vs RH and 38.4% PA vs LH. It appears to just be the early luck of the draw though, since I haven’t noticed, although I may have missed it, that opposing teams are juggling their rotations to ensure we see their LH.

      It’s also resulted in more PA for the often maligned Espinal, who is getting all kinds of grief for his slow start in a small 51 PA sample. He’ll get back to being closer to what’s expected of him. He actually has a decent .294/.349/.395/.744 career slash line in 406 PA against LHs. Just a little patience required.

  33. Mike W

    Bell just doesn’t get it. So Sad.
    It was reported yesterday that only one other guy in 100 years has hit 5+ HRs and stole 10+ bases: Ken Williams in 1922 and ELLY DE LA CRUZ in 1924!
    So bell puts a guy with this much — once in a century — power AND speed batting 6th in the lineup.
    Let’s see, that’s a sure fire way to:
    1. Limit his ABs in any game compared to those hitting 1-5.
    2. Insure he has basically no protection from the guy hitting behind him (since you normally don’t bat your best hitter 7th). That way the opposition can just thrown him junk (low balls) and if he walks odds are they’ll get the #7 guy out.
    Could you imagine if EDLC had been hitting 2nd or 3rd — where your best players usually hit — since the beginning of the season? They’re not going to pitch around Elly to get to Steer! We’ll never know, but I bet Elly would have 10 HRs and hitting .300+ by now, instead of “just” .293.”
    And of course a few more hits would likely equate to a few more RBIs and SBs. Mays, Clemente, Bonds, Acuna. they didn’t bat 6th!
    Bell just doesn’t get managing. Period.
    Move Elly up Mr. Bell and leave him there!

    • wkuchad

      Mike, maybe Bell “gets it” a lot better than you.

      Check EDLC’s stats in 2024 vs righties and versus lefties. If that’s too small of a sample size (and it likely is), check his stats in 2023 vs righties and versus lefties.

      Here’s I’ll post 2023’s for you:
      vs lefties: .494 OPS (that’s not a typo)
      vs righties: .799 OPS

      Now, 2024 isn’t that extreme of a difference, but he’s still been a below average hitter in 2024 vs lefties (and very good vs righties).

      • JohnnySofa

        You know who loves Bell supporters? Cardinals fans. Brewers fans. Cubs fans. Pirates fans. I know plenty of them, and even they don’t understand why he’s managing — but they hope he stays here another 15 years. OK, now let’s sit back and wait for the Bell supporters to attack such logical commentary with brain farts like “maybe Bell gets it better than you.”

      • wkuchad

        Cardinals fans. Brewers fans. Cubs fans. Pirates fans. They all love Bell supporters?? Is this the logical commentary you speak of?

        Reread my post. There’s plenty of stats there for support.

      • JohnnySofa

        Yeah, any rival of the Reds loves the fact Bell is managing. How else do you need me to spell it out? As for your response, I see plenty of stats. Not sure what they support. The previous commentary supported the logical idea that Elly should be hitting higher in the lineup instead of buried in front of a .118 hitter, night after night (and it isn’t just against lefties, by the way). Try this: Elly reaches scoring position more than anyone on this team … and he gets wasted as a LOB stat because of his spot in the lineup. It doesn’t take analytics to figure that out.

    • DK in Erie PA

      Incredible. I didn’t realize this on my own but apparently the Reds would be undefeated, AGAIN, with any manager besides Bell.

  34. SultanofSwaff

    All teams have troubles. Here in the Chicago area, the chatter is all about the Cubs pitching woes. While their bullpen ERA of 3.99 is virtually identical to the Reds, they’ve only converted 5 of 11 save opportunities (4 of 6 for the Redlegs). Their starting pitching ERA is 20th in the league.

    The Reds are as well positioned as anyone to win the division.

    • Indy Red Man

      2 scheduling issues I see. One the Cubs have already played LA, Texas, and at SD. More importantly they get 4 with the White Sox while we get 4 with Cleveland. I think the Cubs win this division fairly easily, but hope I’m wrong

  35. old-school

    Legumina back on the I-71 shuttle bus and Moll headed north.

      • Old-school

        Apparently Wilson was ill with india and fraley as Bell notes all 3 much healthier

        Best news is Friedl hitting off the tee and flips in the cage and ahead of schedule

      • Jim Walker

        OS> I don’t put any credibility in Bell’s comments about injuries unless it is known he directly repeating assessments given to him by the training and medical staff. I do NOT think he is an intentional liar. I DO think he cooks his own hopes and opinions into statements; and, his personal reality is often not very accurate with what events turn out to be.

        The Friedl situation is a good example. 10 days to 2 weeks ago, Bell gave a very upbeat assessment on Friedl which ended up by saying that he anticipated Friedl would start baseball activities upon completion of an MRI in a couple of days. Then the MRO report showed he was not ready to start baseball activities.

        Now, Friedk has been cleared for baseball activities; and, Bell is once again saying he is ahead of schedule. However, what schedule? The pre or post MRI schedule; and, what is the actual projected timeline for his return?

  36. Mark A Verticchio

    Tonight’s line up, Oh my Lord, 5 of the 9 hitters are under .200 another at .213 and one at .250. Only Steer at .295 and EDLC at .293 have a decent batting average. With all the sickness and injuries this is simply not a good team. I am afraid this season may be in peril.

  37. Mike W

    Fun to read comments by fellow Red’s fans as I watch the game — of which I’ve watched almost 400 in a row! Nice to see us putting bat on ball. I appreciate the stats wkuchad put up, and of course JohnnySofa’s remarks (!), but the reality is EDLC has hit more HRs and stolen more bases after the first 20 games of this season than anyone in the last 100+ years! He should be hitting 2nd or 3rd, period. As for the lefty righty, righty lefty matchups: first, the only way a person gets better is by taking on the problem head on, meaning (and as wkuchad noted) Elly is doing better against lefties than last year — and that’s because he’s getting the chance to bat against them. Benson was the same way and worked to better himself. No one gets better by sitting on the bench. And no SUPERSTAR should be platooning. I wonder how Elly would do batting left handed (instead of RH) against lefties. Elly can do it all run, field, throw, SB, hit for average and power. You don’t platoon arguably the best player who is only getting better because he’s playing every day and no manager ever had their very best player in terms of getting on base, stealing bases, and scoring runs hitting 6th. It’s stupid, Bell is wrong and he’s costing us wins once again this year. He’s a .469 lifetime winning percentage manager who has been given plenty of leash to win more games and hasn’t. It got so bad last year even the Red’s announcers said aloud “why is he doing that?” It’s time for a change. Having Elly bat 6th was the final straw for me, and frankly looks like he’s saying “See who’s in charge? Me. And I can do whatever I want.” Well the GM should say “I don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing (Elly in the 6 hole), but I’m the GM and you’re costing us wins. Thx for trying for 5+ years, but you never got us to the playoffs and this is a business and it’s time for a change.”

  38. Mike W

    P.S. to my long post above:
    Elly: HR, 2 more RBIs and a SB, so far tonight. Wow. Wow. Wow.
    Move him Bell, cuz teams are going to start pitching around Elly starting tomorrow.

  39. Mike W

    P.P.S. HR, SB, 2 RBIs, 2 Runs scored — and now what’s certain to be a Play of the Day on ESPN tonight. And as of this moment, the highest BA of anyone playing tonight.
    Sure Bell, he’s clearly a a guy who deserves to be hitting in the 6th hole, so he possibly gets fewer ABs than the 5 guys hitting ahead of him. Who will get Mr. Bell to change his ways?