Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Frankie Montas was hit by a 101 MPH line drive on his pitcher arm by Taylor Ward in the top of the 1st inning on Sunday afternoon. He did recover enough to pick up the ball and throw Ward out at first base. But the training staff came out to check him out and Montas exited the game. As he walked off of the mound and to the dugout he didn’t move his right arm, holding it at a 90° angle against his body while heading to the dugout and subsequently the tunnel to the clubhouse.

For the Reds they are going to have to essentially have a bullpen day. And it comes at a bad time for them, too, as Nick Martinez – the guy who is best equipped to throw multiple innings – threw three innings in the game on Saturday and is going to be unavailable. To further complicate things, Cincinnati doesn’t have an off day for another 11 days. They are going to need some starters to step up and cover some innings over that stretch to try and give the bullpen arms a little help after a day where they’ll need to cover at least 8.1 innings.

If the injury to Montas results in him having to miss time, Nick Martinez could slide back into the rotation and prevent the Reds from having to call up a starting pitcher from the minor leagues. They would still need to find someone to fill out the bullpen role that Martinez would vacate by sliding into the rotation, though. For now it’s just going to be a wait-and-see with Montas and what the result is after being examined, but it could create a domino effect for the pitching staff if a move needs to be made.

Update: 3:05pm ET

The Reds have announced that Frankie Montas had x-rays and there was no fracture in his arm.

8 Responses

  1. Grand Salami

    Good headline Doug. The Reds caption just says “Montas leaves game with apparent injury”.

    Thinking he tweaked an elbow or a shoulder, had me more worried until seeing it was a comebacker. Could still be serious, but much better than throwing injury.

  2. Rut

    To quote Bishop Pickering, “Rat Farts!!!!!”

  3. Rob

    A couple of starters -Greene and Abbott – will be pitching on an extra day’s rest. They probably will both need to give us 6-7. Suter and Martinez probably both off until Wednesday. If Greene has one of his inefficient outings, he may have to throw 150 pitches to save what little bullpen we have. Ashcraft short start last night becomes a little more discomforting.

  4. LDS

    Hopefully no more than a bruise. A break would be catastrophic for the Reds prospects this season. I was hoping to see more Montas starts like opening day.

  5. Tom Reeves

    Bruise to right forearm. No fracture.

  6. Melvin

    No chance to get EDLC there. On twice already today.