Frankie Montas only recorded two outs on the day before exiting with an injury, but the Reds bullpen stepped up. Five relievers combined for 8.1 shutout innings as Cincinnati completed a 3-game sweep of the Los Angeles Angels in a 3-0 win on Sunday afternoon.

Final R H E
Los Angeles Angels (9-13)
0 6 1
Cincinnati Reds (12-9)
3 5 0
W: Pagan (2-1) L: Soriano (0-3) SV: Diaz (4)
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Things didn’t go the Reds way in the top of the 1st inning when Taylor Ward lined a ball back up the middle that hit Frankie Montas in pitching arm. He recovered enough to make the play at first base for the second out of the inning, but he had to exit the game with an injury. As he walked off of the mound to the dugout he held his arm at a 90° angle against his body and didn’t move it the entire walk to the clubhouse. It was announced later that he had x-rays on his arm and they showed no fracture.

Cincinnati had to bring in Brent Suter and he entered the game with a runner on third base with two outs. He walked the first batter he saw, but got out of the jam without any damage. Suter did well after that, tossing 3.1 shutout innings to keep the game scoreless through the 4th inning, with the Reds remaining hitless.

Emilio Pagan took over for the Reds in the 5th inning and tossed two shutout innings to keep the Angels off of the board with some help from his defense in the 6th as Jeimer Candelario helped start an outstanding double play.

Cincinnati still hadn’t gotten a hit at that point, but that changed when Elly De La Cruz singled on a ball up the middle. Nick Martini would reach with two outs on an error to extend the inning and that proved to be a huge misplay as Christian Encarnacion-Strand followed up with a double to drive in two. Jeimer Candelario then tripled to center on a ball that went off of Mike Trout’s glove as he collided with the wall to make it a 3-0 ballgame.

Fernando Cruz entered the game for the top of the 7th inning and he got himself into some trouble with a leadoff walk. He induced a grounder that turned into a force out, but a single followed to put two men on with one out, but he got a fly out and a strikeout to end the inning and hold onto the lead.

Lucas Sims took over in the 8th for the Reds and after winning an 11-pitch battle with Mike Trout, he got ahead of Taylor Ward 0-2 but couldn’t put him away and walked him. He bounced back with a strikeout and a line out to keep the shutout going.

Needing three outs to complete the sweep, Cincinnati called on closer Alexis Diaz for the top of the 9th to face the bottom of the Angels lineup with a 3-0 lead. He would strike out Matt Thaiss to begin the frame, but then followed with a walk of Luis Rengifo. Diaz came back by getting a fly out to shallow left and a pop up on the infield to end the game and pick up the save.

Key Moment of the Game

Christian Encarnacion-Strand’s 2-run double off of the wall in the 6th inning to put the first runs of the game on the board.

Notes Worth Noting

The Reds bullpen stepped up and threw 8.1 shutout innings after Frankie Montas had to exit the game.

Elly De La Cruz remained hot, picking up two hits and a walk on the day. The two hits pushed his average up to .306 on the season.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Philadelphia Phillies vs Cincinnati Reds

Monday April 22nd, 6:40pm ET

Ranger Suarez (3-0, 1.73 ERA) vs Hunter Greene (0-1, 4.35 ERA)

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  1. Melvin

    “Elly De La Cruz remained hot, picking up two hits and a walk on the day. The two hits pushed his average up to .306 on the season.”

    His walk rate is going up and K rate going down. On pace now or 92 BB and trending in the right direction. 🙂

  2. LDS

    Got to give the Reds credit, they aren’t hitting well, but they are hitting at the right time.

    • Longtimefan

      Great job by the bullpen. Second straight game where the Reds have had six hitters in the game batting .200 or less. That needs to change quickly if they are going to sustain anything positive going forward.

      • Doc

        Did you notice that the Angels finished the game with five hitters under .200?

      • Still a Red

        Don’t forget this early in season avg.s can swing wildly.

  3. Eddiek957

    Thanks for the recap Doug I missed most of the game. Strong day from the pen. Hope a couple of bats get hot.

    • JB WV

      Great to see CES and Candelerio step up in the clutch. Maybe they’ll get going now.

  4. Klugo

    The final out was the perfect ending to a game where I thought the defense shined. It wasn’t that long ago that infield communication had become a point of emphasis after some abysmal defensive showings by our Boys of Summer. I have absolutely no numbers to back this up, but it SEEMS to me that the defense has been much improved of late. ELDC has gotten back to the fundamentals and CES has looked quite good for the most part at 1B.
    We have good players. They just have to play well. Hopefully, they’ll keep doing that because the schedule is about to get B-R-U-T-A-L.

    • Mauired

      Yup. Outside of the 6-0 against the very unimpressive Angels and White Sox, the Reds are 6-9. I’m appreciative of them winning the games they should definitely win but they have to start beating some real baseball teams too. Four with Philly starting tomorrow is a true test.

      • Doc

        Angels were just one game under .500 coming in and were about a game behind the Reds. I don’t see lumping them with a White Sox team that had 2 wins.

        You play the schedule as MLB sends it out. Each of those six wins counts as much as a win against anybody else.

      • Mauired

        After watching the Angels all weekend I’m surprised they were just 1 win from .500. I didn’t see one area of the team that had much talent. Maybe Trout has been carrying them and Reds shut him down. You don’t have to tell me that Reds play their schedule. I already know that and expressed that they have done good winning against bad teams, but need to win against good teams too.

      • TR

        Wins do not discriminate. They all count.

      • Mauired

        I’ll take it a step further.

        Reds are 8-1 against non-contenders: Nationals, Angels, and White Sox

        Reds are 4-8 against contenders: Mets, Phillies, Mariners, and Brewers.

        In fact they were lucky to win the one series in Philly because their lineup was still not hitting in the cold weather the first week of the season.

        I’m thankful they are winning games against bad teams but it’s nothing to get excited about.

        I think they have the talent to beat good teams but a manager that makes several bad moves a day doesn’t give them a winning edge against real MLB teams.

        Constantly benching Benson (.792 ops against lefties) for Bubba because Bubba bats right handed.

        Having Candelario constantly hit cleanup even though he’s hitting .150

        Constantly leaving the starting pitcher in to give up five runs or more so they can reach their pitch limit.

        Having the backup catcher start two of every five despite hitting .120 and throwing out one runner all year

        Having Sims as the setup man over others despite a 7.71 era

        Goes to show why since being nepoed the job, Bell is the only manager in the country outside of Denver and Cincy to not make the playoffs and still have a job

      • DaveCT

        Correction. David Bell has taken the Reds to the playoff once (2020).

        Further, David Bell managed last year’s team far above expectations with a cast of rookies and was in the playoff hunt until the end of the season.

        David Bell has winning records in four of his six seasons. Outside of the year we tanked, his record is 282 and 284.

        We are all entitled to our own opinions but not our own facts.

        — Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D, VT)

      • Mauired

        Wow your defense is based on Bell leading the 31-29 “playoff” Reds to the COVID playoffs. Great job.

        Outside of the tank year the guy still has a losing record lol. Am I supposed to be impressed by this great defense you’ve thrown up. I mean if you are happy with your loser manager so be it. But please don’t insinuate that I’m not being factual here. Not counting the pandemic year that literally was two months of baseball and more than half of the teams in the playoffs, your man has zero playoff appearances. Keep making excuses and ignore the blunders. And blame his illogical choices on the players.

      • Mark Moore

        Pat Moynihan was a Senator from NY State. I lived there when he first took office. Never represented Vermont. Facts.

      • Reaganspad

        Alright Maui, I’ll play. First, yes I am all for spelling McLain correctly.

        I think bashing Bell is wearing a little thin. 3 games over with only 2 guys hitting consistently is pretty good. Call it luck, but the team is down 3 starters from their starting 8…

        Also, with 4 young starters in the rotation, they need to learn how to be big leaguers. Ashcraft had to endure the ball that Bubba didn’t catch which cost a run or 2. He had to endure a bad call on a strike not called, and last start had to endure a long offensive inning that changed him from dominating to not so much.

        Hunter Greene has to learn the strike zone with his stuff. Lodolo has to learn to throw 100 pitches 33 times a year and Abbott is still learning to be a starter after being drafted as a reliever.

        Rookie CES is in a slump. 3rd year former ROY is slumping. Elly is learning the strike zone (yea!) and our veterans Candelario and Stephenson are both hitting 200 as is the rest of the team.

        Steer and Elly are the only 2 hitting 300. 3 other rookies who haven’t played a full year are hurt. I don’t think it really matters what order they are in because no one is hitting.

        I would actually say that Bell must be doing something right to be teaching everyone on this roster while having a 12-9 record.

        I look forward to the return of some of the troops. But I don’t spend day after day criticizing Bell and the lineups. As soon as you move Benson, he may go into a slump. Or Steer is hitting too low

        My criticism of Bell was last year when I would watch a reliever go thru an inning and think that the could probably go an additional inning. But I am not with this group day in a day out. Don’t know who might be sick, or which injury India is playing through today.

        Looking forward to Friedl returning, hopefully soon. Starting Bubba Thompson is hard to play through. As is watching Espinal…

        But somehow this team is 12-9. Somebody must be doing something right in the management of this team. They play with fire, seem to like each other and pick up their team when a mistake is made.

        You know what else? They seem to like playing for David Bell.

        Dusty Baker could never manage this team with all the youth

      • Mauired

        Somehow they are 12-9

        Yeah I thought I explained that clearly. They have been lucky to play the Nats, White Sox and Angels and picked up 8 wins.

        We’ll see what happens. My theory is Bell can’t manage a team to the playoffs when he has to play against quality teams. So far he has proven that theory correctly since 2019 (excluding pandemic playoffs)

      • DaveCT

        Mark Moore, dang autocorrect! NY to VT in a New York second.

      • DaveCT

        Mauired, you are obviously on a bender. And have been for days. Argumentative, insulting, rude, badgering, battering.

        First rule of dealing with people on benders, don’t argue with people on benders.

        Facts are facts. Opinions are like the human arse — everybody has one. And your reply is still just opinions. Zero facts.

        My point is Bell has a winning record in four out of six seasons. That is 2/3 of his managing career. Contrary to being a “loser.”

        David Bell has never bothered me one bit. He is exactly who management wanted. I root for the players. I don’t follow baseball for the manager. No one does.

        The issue for those who truly suffer Bell Derangement Syndrome is with Big Bob and little Phil.

        They are the ones who wanted the ‘Cardinals Way.’ And they went out and got it.

        And do better. I’ll say it if no one else will — Quit with the hostility.

      • Mauired

        Wow Dave that’s a lot to unpack there. Umm not sure where you are coming from saying I’m on a bender. I had two stouts on Friday night and no other substances. Your accusation is pretty extreme. Your other accusations are pretty petty. Argumentative? I made a statement and you argued it. But I’m argumentative. Hmm. That seems a little hypocritical. Insulting? Because I called a manager with a losing record a loser? But you come out and accuse me of being an alcoholic or drug addict. And I’m insulting? Battering? What are you even talking about. Sorry if I hurt your feelings Dave but I do find it frustrating to watch my hometown team I care about being managed poorly for five years straight just by an unqualified individual just because his grandpa starred on the team 70 years ago. You call me rude and insulting but then tell me my opinion smells. If you don’t like my statements you don’t have to read them or engage. But I think like you I’m entitled to my opinion. And sorry Dave but facts do backup my opinion. Bell has not made the playoffs outside of your COVID year. Bell has a losing record even when you remove 2022. Numbers are facts and they don’t lie.

      • Still a Red

        Maui. Reds had a pretty good record ? last year against contending teams, except the Brewers and until injuries and fatigue caught up with them at the end of the season.
        Also, Bell has made a lot of the moves people have been advocating…putting India back in leadoff, moving Benson up, pulled Ashcraft at the right moment on Sat.

      • LDS

        @Mauired, you are correct. Bell has the job simply due to nepotism. He is not a good manager and never will be. He is not analytics driven despite claims here to the contrary. Have the young pitchers progressed materially under DJ? Have the hitters? In some cases, perhaps the hitters have, e.g., EDLC is showing some promising signs. How about fundamentals? Have they improved? The folks here like to tout how Bell managed the Reds to a better record last year than expected. That’s a bad metric. The correct way to look at last year is to compare where they were at the All Star break with where they ended up. They collapsed on the easy part of the schedule as they did the year before. As for the strike shortened season? Had it been a full season the Reds would likely have missed the playoffs. Bell’s winning pct. is .470. That’s lower than Sparky, Pinella, Davy Johnson, Dusty Baker, McNamara, and even Ray Knight and Pete Rose. Is a loss or two away from dropping below Jerry Narron. He ranks 36th on the list of the Reds 62 managers. Despite that he’s 10th on Reds games managed. By the end of the season, he will be 4th in games managed for the Reds. That’s nepotism pure and simple. As for his players like playing for him? First, I don’t believe that necessarily. Secondly, as I’ve stated before, if all his players like him, he’s not doing his job, i.e, he’s not holding people accountable. And the response I get is how do you know? Or Bell knows things you don’t. Nope, I watch what happens. I look at results. I look for improvements. None of what I’ve seen over his tenure even vaguely suggest that Bell’s a good manager, nor is DJ the pitcher whisperer. And for those that say the manager doesn’t matter? Well, that’s too laughable to even counter.

      • LDS

        Hey, @Jimbo, there are a lot more of us than you realize. The sad thing is that there aren’t more. The fanboys certainly outnumber those of us with higher expectations. And folks here were talking about facts. I just gave them to you – 10th (soon to be 4th) in games managed and 36th in winning percentage. It’s not a team talent issue. It’s bad management and poor development. The personnel changes yearly and the mistakes continue. That’s why I’ve substantially curtailed my attention this year. The Reds don’t deserve the attention I’ve given them in the past. Krall and company chose to be mediocre and hope that they win the lottery ticket. They may but I’m not betting on it.

      • MK

        I would have bet a great deal, and I expect so would #14, that there would not be a Daniel Patrick Moynihan discussion at this sight. Dave Im with you on Bell. Most of the line up decisions are determined by analytics. The same people crying about this analytical approach are the same ones who complained before he arrived that the Reds were behind the curve on analytics. The Reds are playing with a lineup without three main components (Friedl, McLain and Marte) expected when Spring Training began. The have also lost Moll and Gibaut and Antonne from bullpen. Seems like he is doing OK.

      • Mauired

        Careful LDS if you don’t drink the Kool aid and blindly follow Bell, Dave will call 911 and tell the paramedics you’re on a multi day bender. The ridiculousness to defend Bell is really something.

        The team was two games out of playoffs last year. Was a playoff race expected preseason by me or others? No. Of course not. But we also had no idea Bell would be gifted probably the best rookie class in franchise history in addition to second year guys like Benson and Friedl having huge breakouts. The team did start to run out of arms but the manager made plenty of bad decisions all year to get some credit for falling short. Check out that Pittsburgh fiasco in September. Or look back at Weavers box scores and ask yourself why Bell would leave in a pitcher do lose the game in the 1st inning multiple times. There’s a lot more but I don’t want to give myself or others PTSD from last year or for the previous four years for that matter

        People want to get excited when the Reds sweep bad teams like the white sox and angels. Ok great I’m just saying let’s beat some good teams too. So far they have not besides the Phillies who had a lineup that was not hitting yet. I think people are going to get a wakeup call this week.

        Alot of people claim the manager and his decisions have no outcome on the game. Ok. That’s interesting. Why do they get paid millions of dollars annually. Because the owners want to give that away as charity?

        Bells just doing all this because of analytics. That’s funny. So analytics tells him to start the backup catcher hitting.120 forty percent of the games. Analytics tells him to bench Will Benson who is tied with Spencer Steer for second on the Reds team with extra base hits, Benson is top 5 in almost all offensive categories, including ops. His ops against left handed pitching is better than half of the lineup that Bell regularly plays against left handed pitching ironically. To regularly bench one of your statistically best hitters for one of your worst is not out analytics works.

        I would love for Bell to be a great manager and get the Reds to playoffs. Sorry if it seems like I’m being impatient but I have pride in the Reds and to watch them not advance in the playoffs for 29 years (more than any sports team in North America) it’s frustrating and Bell is not the solution no matter how many excuses are made for his ineptitude.

      • Mauired

        Now I know what it felt like to be part of the Salem witch trials. A man that has never met me or spent one minute with me claimed matter of factly that I have a substance abuse problem because I called Bell (345-384) a loser, and offered examples with statistics to back up his daily bad decisions.

      • Mauired

        @Jimbo. Omg. There’s way more than two people that think Bells a bad manager but many don’t say it on here because the second they do they will be labeled a heretic for not believing in your false idol

      • VaRedsFan

        The Nationals are 10-11 having just won series against Houston and the Dodgers.

      • wkuchad

        I’m used to this silliness after a loss, but not after we just completed a 3-game sweep.

      • LDS

        No @MK, Bell is not analytics driven. He’s not even numerate. Today’s lineup is a perfect example. Fraley and Bubba have essentially the same BA against LH’ers, though Fraley has a higher OPS and obviously more power. Yet Bubba starts because he’s RH’er. Defend Bell to your heart’s content. Just don’t expect the rest of us to buy into the myth.

      • Jayce

        Phills do look competitive but their record is as padded as the Reds’. They too played the White Sox and they played Rockies, both at home I think. Nationals, Cardinals..

      • Mauired

        You can add 1 plus 1 for these guys and they still won’t get it. Real simpletons. That’s why they love Bell so much. He’s one of them.

        Benson on the bench again. Second on the team in extra base hits with Steer. Ops against lefties higher than almost everyone in the lineup. It’s not even on Bell’s radar despite being an “analytical” manager nor is it on theirs. When Reds don’t score runs as a result today, it has nothing to do with Bells decision. They won’t mention all the guys being paid to sit on the bench like Fraley and Benson while Espinal and Thompson go hitless once again. They will use the injured guys as an excuse for Bell. Same story every year.

      • greenmtred

        Fraley and India are both sick and not available today, LDS. Facts getting in the way of your narrative. Sorry about that.

      • Mauired

        What’s the maronic excuse for Bubba in for Benson? Can’t wait for this one.

      • Tom Diesman

        Thompson has hit LH hitters better than Benson over the last three seasons:

        Will Benson vs LH
        Level (yr) PA OPS
        AA/AAA (21) 98 .676
        AAA/MLB (22) 94 .723
        AAA/MLB (23) 84 .512

        Bubba Thompson vs LH
        Year Lvl PA OPS
        2021 AA 154 .983
        2022 AAA/MLB 142 .745
        2023 AAA/MLB 170 .656

        Ya’ll need to work on your analyzing and numerating.

      • Mauired

        What about the year we live in? Or does that not matter?

      • Tom Diesman

        You must still be working on your cliches Nuke. We’ll get you working on sample sizes eventually.

      • JohnnySofa

        Only in Cincinnati would fans ridicule someone for not celebrating a manager with 0 postseason wins and 1 measly Covid appearance (in which he embarrassed himself to the nation) in 5 seasons.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Well thanks for calling everyone who doesn’t believe that David Bell is the Devil incarnate a simpleton.
        First, I am not a David Bell lover and have said so on numerous occasions. I do not usually post long drawn out posts as it gets to be mind numbing reading some of them. Secondly, I have been a baseball fan a long, long time. Going all the way back to Granger, Pete as a rookie, Lee May, etc, etc, etc. Some of my favorite memories are of Crosley. Next, I think Krall has done a pretty good job with the resources and money he was given to work with. I hate the ownership, especially that worthless Little Phil. I love this team and always have, but am not a fanboy, just a fan.

      • Mauired

        Nobody said he’s a devil incarnate. Just a bad manager

  5. Old-school

    Great sweep
    Awesome job by new players martinez suter and candelario last 2 games

    Send Montas to IL and put Martinez in his next start. Bring up AAA pitching depth for phillies

    12-9 is reasonable start

    Glad to see CES get a big knock

    • Doc

      If truly a bruise that might a bit premature since you would lose Montas for at least a couple of starts. They have a few days to observe and reevaluate.

      • JayTheRed

        At most I think Montas would miss 1 start based on the evaluation the team sent out.

  6. RedsGettingBetter

    Great job by the bullpen.
    CES & Candy capitalized the chance on the offense.
    Elly de la Crush keep hitting well…
    I’m thinking about who will be available from the bullpen tomorrow. Only Wilson & Farmer didn’t pitched today and stay well rested but the remainder has been quite used in this series…I think Martinez still won’t be recovered for tomorrow from his long relief on Saturday either.

    • JB WV

      Great time for Hunter to step up and put 7 strong on the board. I’m sure he’s looking forward to tomorrow to do just that. First 2 innings will be key to keep his pitch count down.

    • Rob

      I foresee Suter, Pagan, Martinez, and possibly Diaz as being down on Monday. That leaves Farmer and Wilson as 5th innings guys tomorrow, if necessary. More important that Greene give us innings (6+) rather than minimum runs. Would be nice and beneficial to only use 2 relievers tomorrow. Makes the rest of the series more doable.

      • JayTheRed

        Greene needs to step up and give us 6 or 7 innings. If not, the bullpen could be really taxed by the end of this series against the Phillies.

  7. Andrew Brewer

    We won the series early in the season at Philly if I recall. They are on a six game winning streak, which means it’s time for that to end. Yes, the Reds have been putting their hits together when it matters. Moving Elly into the 2 hole didn’t slow him down any. And both Candelaria and E-Strand had important blows today too, slightly down in the order. And the pitching was stellar by any account…

    • Mauired

      Andrew the weather in Philadelphia was miserable and their lineup wasn’t hitting. At this point Reds will be lucky to get a split. I hope I’m wrong and Reds get a four game sweep though.

      • MrRed

        Doesn’t that play both ways though?

      • Mauired

        Of course Mr Red. I’m simply stating the Phillies bats were cold and nobody was really hitting yet when Reds were in town. That’s not the case anymore.

      • Jimbo44CN

        It was the same temperature for both teams in Philly. And we did win 2 of 3. Not just luck but Ws. Last time I checked they count no matter wha the weather.

      • Mauired

        Jimbo if you work on your reading comprehension, I mentioned that the Phillies lineup wasn’t hitting. Period. Look up the statistics (their batting averages) in the box scores if you can’t figure it out.

      • JayTheRed

        The problem with your argument is that you’re not considering pitchers. Who have the Phillies been facing the past week or so. Also, weather affects both teams normally pretty equally. Every single day in baseball someone can start a hot streak or end a hot streak. This is one of the reasons baseball, is such a fun game to watch because you never know when something is going to be out of the norm.

      • Mauired

        Jay. Maybe change your glasses. I will say it again the Phillies entire lineup was not hitting when Reds were there. You are more than welcome to look at their averages on the box scores. It’s a simple concept. Team wasn’t hitting yet early in the year and Reds took advantage. The numbers are much different now which may lead to different results.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Work on my reading comprehension? OMG, back to grade school we go.

  8. VaRedsFan

    Oldtimer will be glad to know that the Reds won the game in which Montas started.
    A true feather in Frankie’s hat. 😉

    • Oldtimer

      Absolutely it matters.

      The Reds have now on 12 of 21 games this year.

      The Reds won 12 of 21 games started by Luke Weaver last year. He is 3-0 with NYY this year coming out of the bullpen as a middle reliever.

      • Oldtimer

        Won, on On. If only there were an edit function.

  9. Indy Red Man

    Splitting 4 with Philly and winning the season series would be solid enough imo.
    They showed a chart earlier that showed most 100+ mph pitches and Kopech was on there as well as the Angels starter today. I’d take Kopech in a heartbeat or that Angels reliever the otherday throwing 99 with a 90+ mph splitter. Sims is decent enough, but there has to be atleast 25-30 guys better then him in high leverage across baseball

    • Mauired

      Kopech would be a great pickup for the pen. He’s also under control for 2025.

  10. Redsvol

    Just back from the game.
    -it was chilly and both teams acted like they’d rather be somewhere else
    – I as disappointed by Espinal’s effort on a weakly hit flare hit to his left. He chose to do a 360 turn before throwing to first and pulled Ces off the bag. He didn’t need to make that turn and had time to gather and throw.
    – disappointed by the at bats by Stephenson and benson. Both looked overmatched all day.
    – great pitching by sutter to save the day.
    – pen held it together all day. Sims had some difficulty but kept it together for a clean inning against the top of the lineup.
    – EDLC just makes things happen once he gets on the base path. Even a walk turns into exciting baseball.
    – I was impressed with Ces and candy defensivley. They both made nice plays.
    The Angels lineup is pitiful. But their pitching is competent.
    – Trout seems like a shell of his former self. Both offensively and defensively. Seems worn out.
    – a sweep is a sweep. Even if it’s against the Angels I’m glad to have it.
    – our Reds have so much more talent than the Angels have.

    • Mauired

      Trout has a .947 ops and leads the league in homers.

      • Jim Walker

        After Diaz walked a guy in the 9th, I counted on my fingers and realized that if Trout got to the plate, he would represent the lead run. That was not an encounter I had any desire to see as a Reds backer. 😉

      • Melvin

        Yeah. Trout is still Trout and I’d love to have him on the Reds. He’d hit a considerable amount more homers in Cincy. Angels need pitching. We’ve got a lot of pitching coming up. Call me crazy, which I’m sure some will, lol but I’d trade them Greene straight up. Doubt both sides would do it though. 🙂

      • Mauired

        Reds can’t afford Trout. And even if they could, they need to save the money for Elly and others. Trout is one of the all time greats but his career has peaked and his salary is enormous for any team especially the small market Reds. If Angels kicked in a few hundred million sure.

      • Still a Red

        He started hot but has cooled off.

    • VaRedsFan

      Congrats on bringing home a win today.
      I would argue a little that our bats looked overmatched today, because Soriano was dealing straight filth until the two big hits after the error.

    • wkuchad

      I was also at the game Sunday. Took my family up for our first game of the year.

      Espinal’s effort on that play didn’t bother me near as much as his at-bats. If you can’t hit (and I’ve not seen that he can), you better be able to put down a bunt. That was pretty bad. I’d much, much rather have Barrero in that bench role.

      Agree about Suter. Suter and Martinez were the best acquisitions this offseason. What a great pitching performance by Suter.

      EDLC is so much fun to watch! Apologies to Melvin, but keep him at SS only the next six years.

      Why did Fairchild replace Martini? It was right after the play at the plate. Was it injury or defensive replacement after we went up 3 runs?

      • Melvin

        “If you can’t hit (and I’ve not seen that he can), you better be able to put down a bunt. That was pretty bad. I’d much, much rather have Barrero in that bench role.”

        We’re on the same page completely with this.

      • Melvin

        “EDLC is so much fun to watch! Apologies to Melvin, but keep him at SS only the next six years.”

        I forgive you for disagreeing with me on this one. 😉

        Try not to let it happen too often okay? 😀

      • Grand Salami

        It was a defensive substitution per the radio guys.

  11. Mark Moore

    The bullpen stepped up and KICKED THOSE PIGS!!! Today especially.

    Deep breaths, enjoy the sweep, and do our best against Philly.

    • TR

      If the current improved bullpen is in decent shape come September, the Reds will be in the playoff hunt.

  12. GreatRedLegsFan

    Hard test in Phily the next four games against a string of good pitchers, will need a little more hitting effort to beat any of them.

    • TR

      The four games with the Phillies are at GABP. The outfield size of both parks is about the same.

  13. Indy Red Man

    Pacers down 30+ in the 1H. Atleast I didn’t drive 2 hours to watch it like the time Arroyo gave them 6 in the 1st inning. I wanted to find his guitar and smash it into toothpicks. Moral of the story is determine who’s pitching before you head out

  14. Jason T.

    Bullpen was lights out overall. What a performance. Seems as though Montas isn’t too serious as far as being hit goes. Thankfully nothing broken.
    Only 3 Reds had hits but they came through in the clutch. Nice to see CES pop that double, that was huge. Candelario with 2 hits and Elly coming through. Need to see more from Benson and I know Fraley was ill today but he needs to be in the starting lineup consistently.
    Also defense has stepped up. CES has been above average at first.

    As far as Bell goes it gets old always hearing negativity. From the get go we’ve been down numerous starters and overall I think he’s done a good job. The reality is that guys like Espinal are going to be on the roster for the foreseeable future. Feel like Martini and Thompson need to play sparingly. Bell is working with what he has.

    This Philly series will be huge. We all know we’ve got a tough schedule for the upcoming weeks.

    • Rednat

      I agree with your comments on Bell. I hope that most sensible people would agree that he has at least improved since coming to Cincinnati. The offensive play calling is more aggressive. The lineups are reasonable. I think he is doing good with the bullpen so far. Much better job than his first year in Cincinnati

  15. AllTheHype

    Food for thought:

    1. Would we have won this game if Montas had not gotten injured in the First?
    2. The offseason pitching acquisitions greatly contributed to the last 2 wins. Martinez 3 IP 0 runs yesterday, Suter and Pagan 5.1 IP 0 runs today.
    3. It’s nice to have multi inning guys in the pen, in general.

  16. Jim Delaney

    Great win today. The next thirty two games on paper appear difficult but we shall see how it plays out… Sweeping the Angels this weekend and the White Sox last weekend give Reds a little bit of a buffer in case they struggle the next 32. You want to stay at minimum around five hundred through these thirty two. That at minimum keeps you in the hunt for the second and third wildcards. The first wildcard will be the loser of the NL East between Braves and Phillies. Braves are averaging 6.4 runs a game and Phillies already have 14 Quality Starts out of 22. That type of hitting and that type of starting pitching is quite strong.. Hopefully Phillies are due for a couple pitching clunkers….

  17. Stoney

    Good to get a sweep. Feels much better than what happened in Seattle. EDLC has really stepped up this year and he may just be getting started. Steer is consistent. Starting pitching with the exception of Greene has been great so far. Bubba and Espinal can’t be replaced quick enough! Need TJ back. A split against Philly will do just fine the way they’re playing. Offense will need to pick it up.

  18. Rednat

    I’m satisfied how things are going so far this year. I do think we are going to have to make another major move to acquire some more top hitting prospects down the road to complete the “rebuild” and really become competitive with teams like the brewers and dodgers.
    We have plenty of pitching here and in our farm system so maybe another trade deadline move trading some pitching for young top prospect outfielder later this year. The pitching is great but the lineup needs some help

    • Mauired

      If Dunn can get healthy, he could help the outfield this year. Stewart and Collier are only in Dayton but if they continue hitting the way they are this year, they could be second half callups next year. They can’t both play 3rd so one will most likely be moved to the outfield. There’s also Marte coming back this year too. They have a lot of offensive options in house.

      • AllTheHype

        Indeed there are plenty of IF options later in the year. We are just a little short on those options right now. We have to get thru this very tough stretch of schedule, somehow, with the offense we have right now.

        It would be very helpful if CES or Candy or Benson could get on a roll.

        Pitching has been carrying us to some extent, and that needs to continue.

    • wkuchad

      We lost 3 of our top 5 hitters from last year during spring training. Reinforcements are coming, it’s just taking a while.

  19. Jim t

    Very nice to get the sweep. Especially after losing our starter in the first inning.

    To be 12-9 with the injuries and the youth of our roster getting lots of playing time is nice. Bell and staff seem to have a positive impact on the players. Each player has a role. I’m not saying we don’t want to improve our roster but he is getting quite a bit out of this team even with all the injuries. That said it is a long season.

    • wkuchad

      Agree 100% Jim. Losing Montas was tough, especially with no off days coming up. But our bullpen really stepped up. Hopefully it doesn’t cost us over the next few days. It would be great if Greene can go 7 tonight.

      • Jim t

        @wkuchad would love to Greene get more consistent with his stuff and go deeper into games.

        The game has changed considerably since I was a kid. 100 pitch limits for starting pitchers has put so much more emphasis on the bullpen’s and how the game is managed. Opposing players understand the limitations put on starters and make much more of an effort to drive up their pitch counts. A complete game is very rare.

  20. 50thyearRedsfan

    Reds are off to a good start this year despite 6 players hitting in the 100s, which is amazing. As Marty used to say you are what the back of your baseball card says so I am sure Espinal will start hitting and most of the other guys will get into the 200s sometime in May or changes will need to be made. Problem is we need an infielder and who do we have in the minors who is ready? As for why they are hitting so poorly they have faced some really good pitching and endured some cold weather and gotten into some horrible slumps so maybe we need a better hitting coach? Most of them will get hot as the weather heats up or they will get benched or sent down soon, there is only so much slumping we can endure before things need shaken up. At the moment we are winning and this is the best start in the Bell era, with tough tests ahead. The pitching is better and if they stay healthy the starters will learn and improve as the season goes on they are very young and inexperienced give them time. I am not really a Bell fan but he is who we have so let’s support his odd strategies as long as we are winning. We will continue to get better as the season goes on and by the end of the year is when I hope we will be playing our best baseball because I miss seeing the Reds win the World Series.

  21. 50thyearRedsfan

    We have Conner Capel with 280 minor year games in centerfield batting well for the Bats with 6 home runs already, and Mike Ford has the same home run totals with good batting average also so why can’t we bring them up together to try and spark the offense? Let Ford platoon with CES and Capel platoon with Fairchild or spell Benson? They can’t bat worse than Bubba and Benson right now (who needs a wake up call) I mean 30 strikeouts in 20 games?

  22. Indy Red Man

    We’ve played 13% of the season and India has 3 extra base hits with no HRs. Idk? I just don’t think he physically has it anymore. You need a healthy base to drive the ball and I think his knees are shot. I’d be considering Capel and moving Steer to 2B or maybe Stuey full-time until Freidl gets back. Espinal is playing way too much as well

    • Grand Salami

      His BB rate is way up and his K rate slightly down but his .iso is anemic! Even his 2022 year with injury it was .130 (right now it’s .058). I wonder if his exit velo and barrel rate is consistent with his power output. It seems like it is as he hasn’t made good contact all season.

      Even with minimal change in slugging, pulling his average to .250 would be fine as a leadoff man b/c it’d push his OBP north of .400, but the stats portend decline for him. His power has diminished every year since his rookie season in his power numbers. Which is weird, he’s about to enter his peak performance window and it feels like we are watching a 35 year old out there.

    • AllTheHype

      Bell loves those veteran utility players. They always get an abundance of playing time over better options. Best we can hope for is Espinal begins to produce.

      • wkuchad

        Bell would much rather be playing McLain, Marte, or Friedl. Espinal is only playing because Candy and India have been sick.

      • AllTheHype

        Espinal is not a better option over Fairchild, or Benson, or Fraley. One or more of those guys sit as Espinal plays. As Indy mentioned, Steer can play 2B.

      • Jim t

        Bell sits Frayley against lefties because he is terrible hitting against the m.. Check his career stats. Benson hasn’t hit well against them either but the sample size is much smaller. There is still a chance he may improve against lefties.
        Bell attempts to put his personnel in a position to be successful. You can argue its effectiveness but he doesn’t play veterans over young players. Prospects have gotten a very good amount of playing time under his leadership. People like to bring up Barrera as an example but if he would have produced he would still be playing. The young core of this team is getting reps everyday. McClain and Marte would be getting regular playing time now if they were available. Criticize Bell all you want but the young players have and are getting very good opportunities.

      • greenmtred

        Fairchild, Benson and Fraley are outfielders. Espinal is an infielder and is getting the amount of playing that he is lately because a key infielder is injured and two others were sick. He does have a lifetime .267 with an OBP in excess of .320 (1000 AB’s), so he has been better in the past than he has been this year in what is still a small sample size.

      • Allthehype

        @green, maybe you didn’t read the part about playing Steer at 2B.

      • David

        Spencer Steer is a great guy, a really solid hitter. But a pretty poor 2nd baseman. I think that boat has sailed, regarding him playing 2nd. It’s fun to play the “what if” game, but playing Spencer Steer at 2nd base really hurts the Reds infield defense.

        But that’s just my ill-informed opinion. 😉

        TJ Friedl will probably be back with the Reds in 20-30 days. He is doing work, and will probably go out on a re-hab assignment about May 1st (my guess, again, not based on any statements from the Reds). Depending on how he feels, he could be back with the Reds by May 10 or 15th.

      • Indy Red Man

        Steer is a better defensive 2B then India.
        Jonathan can’t move. He hit a chopper behind the pitcher a few weeks ago and got thrown out by 30 feet. I swear Maile would’ve made it closer

      • greenmtred

        Oops! Fraley isn’t available today, though. Don’t know what’s up with Benson. Historically, Espinal has been much better than he is now, and he is still in small sample size territory with the Reds. Unless they have a ready replacement for him, they actually do need to get him going.

  23. old-school

    Ok, so back to the Cincinnati Reds.
    Do they bring up a bullpen filler today or tomorrow? who has options and hasnt pitched the last 2 days?
    Spiers pitched Friday so wont be up today.

    • Jim t

      @old-school I would have to believe they are considering a fresh arm . What they have left for tonight is Wilson and Farmer.

    • David

      Casey Legumina is the only reliever on the 40 man that is in Louisville.
      Lyon Richardson is, I guess, another alternative (also on 40 man). He has only pitched around 12 innings in 4 starts.
      Neither of them are doing “great”, but I guess the purpose of the call-up you suggest is when the game is out of control, and somebody has to “mop up”

      Justin Bruihl with the Bats is actually doing pretty well. Not on the 40 man, though.

      The Phillies will run out a left -hander tonight and tomorrow night (both pitching well). Problematical for the Reds to score much against left-handers.

      • Jim t

        @Dave thanks for the information Dave. The reds are in a tough spot tonight if Greene doesn’t give the some innings. Greene knows that and so do the Phils.

      • old-school

        Reds have said Montas is missing his next start so you could bring Legumina up if Montas went on the 10 day IL and Martinez could make FM next start. Bring up Spiers WEd or Thursday after Legumina has given you some innings.

        Bryce Harper to the paternity list. Happy for Bryce and happy for the Reds. That’s what they call a win/win.

      • Jim Walker

        @OS>> As someone reminded me over on X this morning, the IL period for pitchers is now 15 days. However, I agree, make a move now. None of the relievers on the Reds 26 man active roster appear to be optionalable, so whether it is Montas or some else, it looks like an IL move will be required since the Reds are at the 13 pitcher limit.

      • old-school

        Thanks @ Jim. that complicated matters but if he is skipping his next start and wont be in the rotation for 10 days minimum, need all hands on deck for the Phillies now with a depleted pen.

      • Tom Diesman

        I believe that recently acquired RH RP Yosver Zulueta is also available to be recalled from AAA and does have options. I’m pretty sure he is still on the Reds 40 man roster, unless I’ve missed something. Neither the Bats or Reds roster, who lists Soto twice, show him as being on the 40 man. Can anyone confirm if he’s still on the 40 man roster?

      • Mauired

        Yeah that’s interesting. When Reds picked up Zulueta at the end of spring, he was claimed by Reds so he should have been on 40 man but never put there on Reds website. Not sure if it’s a site error or Reds designated him and he passed through waivers and they outrighted him. But I never heard anything about it.

  24. Amarillo

    Last year Bell cost the team at least 18 wins. The Reds were an 100-win team on paper. Wil Myers was a pre-season MVP candidate and the rotation lead by Overton and Cessa was easily top 3 in Baseball.

    It was Bell’s managing that cost them all of those games.

    • Dan

      Oh! Ha, got it… Sorry, my sarcasm-dar was broken for a moment…

    • Mauired

      0 for 1 on attempts at being funny. Care to try again?

      • Jim t

        Your spelling of Amarillo’s name is inappropriate have to wonder why the moderators haven’t caught that. Also that is very childish.

      • Amarillo


        And you say my joke wasn’t funny? Wow.

      • Mauired

        But yeah your joke was really stupid

  25. west larry

    line ups posted. only lefty appears to be Martini.

  26. Jim t

    I read a couple of comments referencing the reds easy schedule. The Phillies 6 game win streak has come courtesy of CWS and Col. 2 of the worst teams in baseball. Both in last place in their division.

  27. 50thyearRedsfan

    This team has a lot of potential despite losing three of our best hitters. Would be nice to replace the worst batters but who do we have who is better?