The Cincinnati Reds got a go-ahead grand slam off of the bat of Tyler Stephenson in the bottom of the 1st inning. They never looked back after that as they got strong relief pitching from Nick Martinez and Alexis Diaz to seal the win and guarantee the club a series victory with a chance to complete the sweep on Sunday.

Final R H E
Los Angeles Angels (9-12)
5 7 2
Cincinnati Reds (11-9)
7 8 0
W: Ashcraft (3-1) L: Sandoval (1-3) SV: Diaz (3)
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The Angels didn’t waste much time on Saturday. Anthony Rendon led off with an infield single, but left the game after reaching 1st base on what appeared to be a hamstring injury. Mike Trout followed up with a single to put two men on. A double from Miguel Sano and a ground out followed to bring in two runs and put Los Angeles up 2-0.

Cincinnati got to work in the bottom of the inning. Spencer Steer singled and advanced to second base on a throwing error. He then came around to score when Stuart Fairchild double. Walks to Jeimer Candelario and Elly De La Cruz loaded the bases and Tyler Stephenson came through, crushing a grand slam down the right field line to put the Reds up 5-2.

Both starters kept things in check for a bit after that. After Graham Ashcraft tossed a scoreless top of the 5th, his teammates got back to work at the plate against Patrick Sandoval. Jonathan India singled on a grounder that magically got by both the third baseman and shortstop and rolled into left field. Spencer Steer walked and Stuart Fairchild then singled in a run to make it 6-2. That led to a pitching change, but Jose Saurez came in and walked Jeimer Candelario to load the bases. He’d rebound with a strikeout, but then walked Elly De La Cruz on four pitches to bring in another Reds run to cap off the inning and make it a 5-run lead for Cincinnati.

The Angels would get both of those runs back in the next inning after a leadoff walk was followed up by a 2-run home run from Miguel Sano off of Graham Ashcraft that made it 7-4. Another walk followed and that was the end of the night for Ashcraft as Nick Martinez was called on to enter the game out of the bullpen. A wild pitch would move the runner to second, he took third on a fly out to center, then he scored on a ground out to cut Cincinnati’s lead to 7-5.

When the Reds came up to the plate in the bottom of the 6th, Jake Fraley came off of the bench to take over for Jonathan India as the team’s designated hitter. That wouldn’t normally be something to note because of how the Reds tend to play matchups, but Fraley was brought in to face a left-handed pitcher. Update: After the game David Bell noted that India wasn’t feeling great as he was trying to play through an illness.

After three shutout innings of relief from Nick Martinez, the Reds called on Alexis Diaz for the 9th inning to try and hold onto their 7-5 lead. He’d made quick work of things, retiring the side in order on 13 pitches to pick up his third save of the season and push the Reds to 11-9 to begin the year.

Key Moment of the Game

Tyler Stephenson’s grand slam in the 1st inning. The Reds took the lead at that point and never gave it back up.

Notes Worth Noting

Spencer Steer picked up three hits and a walk on the night. That pushed his average up to .324 on the season.

Elly De La Cruz walked four times on the night. That’s his first four walk game of his career, including his time in the minor leagues. Here’s a wild stat about 4-walk games for the Reds from Matt Wilkes:

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Los Angeles Angels vs Cincinnati Reds

Sunday April 21st, 1:40pm ET

Jose Soriano (0-2, 4.80 ERA) vs Frankie Montas (2-2, 4.34 ERA)

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  1. Moon

    Nice bounce back from that miserable series out west. Hope Montas will get it back together tomorrow and we can get a sweep.

    • Mauired

      For sure. Need to take advantage of this bad Angels team.

      Phillies are playing much better than last time Reds saw them. 5 game winning streak. And won 8 of 10

      • greenmtred

        Just means that the Phillies are due to lose.

  2. Melvin

    “Spencer Steer picked up three hits and a walk on the night. That pushed his average up to .324 on the season.”

    Seems to be doing just fine at the top of the order. I know it was against a lefty starter but he’s been making good contact too against righties. Probably time to move EDLC up too. 🙂

  3. Mark Moore

    The 4-walk stat gap for us is not surprising. The guys doing it this year are doing an outstanding job. Hope India just has the “bug” or whatever.

    • Mauired

      I think he got hurt running. His legs are done. He hasn’t been healthy since his rookie year.

      • greenmtred

        The Reds’ website says he was/is sick. There has evidently been a bug circulating.

  4. Eddiek957

    I like the use of Martinez Hopefully the pen will be stronger in September this year

    • Mauired

      Oh ok. Weird that he was even in the game and dugout if he was sick. They seem to have a problem with guys spreading stuff.

      • Harry Stoner

        They share a locker room. Ride on the same airplanes. Maybe the same shuttles and cars. Their in clubhouse and dugout conversations and meetings. They jump around hugging after somebody hits a home run or a walk off.

        Stuff gets spread around just like it does in any office, or school or household.

      • Mauired

        Sure but there’s a difference between the necessary and unnecessary. They lost a bunch of games in September last year in a pennant run from half the team getting sick. You would think they would try to avoid that

      • Harry Stoner

        And you can’t imagine India coming down with something at a tough time just like you or I or anyone else might?
        Went to work thinking he’d be okay and then things got worse.
        That’s never happened to you or anyone you’ve known?
        You’re onto pretty much of a bizarre line of complaint.

      • Mauired

        Not spreading something when players already missed time, and half the team went down during the pennant run last year is a bizarre complaint? Ok Stoner.

        I thought it was bizarre the guy played apparently sick then was removed mid game.

      • Mauired

        Typical for India though. He’s always proving how tough he is playing through sickness and injury. Usually doesn’t work out for him or the team. Probably why he’s 27 with the legs of someone 10 years older. I think he’ll be washed out of the leg by 30. He’s hitting .174 with 0 home runs. 3 xtra base hits this year. 2 steals. .558 ops

      • Jason Franklin

        You know what’s funny? It is easy to stop spreading germs by just 1) washing your hands and 2) wearing a mask to lower the risk to others. A lot of countries out there wear masks when they start getting sick so that they don’t get others sick. It’s out of respect or mandate, but it helps stop spreading stuff. I don’t understand why a company with million dollar players cannot have rules in place that you need to wear a mask. It weakens your team when you are hacking about and sharing germs. Maybe I am crazy.

      • Mauired

        I mean why is he even at the ballpark? It’s not like they are on the road. Apparently they have 3 different things going around according to Bell. They got swept in Seattle with their 3 and 4 hole hitters out sick. Not that they have helped that much but maybe they could have won 1 game with them. The 3rd base coach is out apparently sick. Even Jim Day is Mia. But yeah India is a real super hero for coming in and playing sick.

      • greenmtred

        I think Harry’s comments on this topic explain the situation well. People, not just ballplayers, often don’t take every possible precaution in the face of illness. Just consider our national response to Covid. Many activities don’t lend themselves well to mask wearing and frequent hand washing, and I would guess that playing ball and all that it entails would be in that category. The team has limited position players available , so the players are probably unlikely to call in sick if they think they can play. I understand the prevalent jaundiced view of all things Reds here, but dollars to donuts that the same thing would happen on every team, right or wrong.

      • LDS

        Generally, it’s not heroic to play or go to work sick. It’s selfish. Masking can help if one is coughing or sneezing but does virtually nothing to mitigate virus transmission. That’s been proven repeatedly, despite claims to the contrary during the COVID era. If India was sick, he should have sat out and Bell should have insisted. This was a baseball game not the Normandy invasion. As for Bell insisting? Well, little evidence that he insists on much of anything – one of the players may not like him. Though based on comments of former Reds, that’s likely already true. As my management mentor used to tell me back in the early 80s, if your whole team likes you, you’re probably not doing your job and holding folks accountable. History proved him right.

      • greenmtred

        Of course masking helps, and of course staying home when one is sick helps contain the spread of illness. Are all or any other teams rigorous in enforcing these policies, do you suppose? Can you name any that are? Are businesses in general rigorous about these things? Have they ever been when there hasn’t been an active pandemic? Can you cite any sources at all for your oft-repeated statements about accountability? Your fandom must be an exquisite exercise in applied masochism.

      • LDS

        Yes, I’ve worked for more than one company that enforced sick restrictions. @Greenmtred, read more, you can find comments by past Reds. It’s easy.

      • greenmtred

        LDS: you forgot to identify the MLB teams that enforce illness protocols. And, of course, I wasn’t asking whether any businesses enforced them, I was asking if you believe that such enforcement is and has been general practice among most of them. Nor did you cite the sources for your contentions about accountability: you just repeated that there are some. How many? Enough that it doesn’t reflect a disgruntled former employee with a grudge? Where would I find this “reading?”

      • Randoxu1

        This stuff about spreading germs is so ridiculous. India played because that’s what you do as a player, you try to play through things. And don’t start with the mask crap, maybe we can go back to no fans in the park. I get so sick of these comments. They are on a team sport, they are together more than their own family, stop with this stupid nonsense about masking and precautions.

      • Mauired

        If you are sick of the comments don’t read them. You think not spreading disease is nonsense? I think it’s unprofessional when members of the staff from ballplayers to coaches to media are all getting sick and you have guys coming in to play half a ballgame. So his one hit was more important than even more people getting sick. You obviously have no common sense.

  5. LT

    I’ve been a big fan of TS. When his bat is hot, the back end of the line up, along with EDLC, can really score runs. 3-0-3 is a nice record against 3 AL teams.

  6. RedsGettingBetter

    Alexis Diaz threw many fastballs between 94.7-95.4 MPH and the sliders were breaking good… Great news!

    Is India hurt? It’s the only can explain Fraley pinch-hitting for him against a lefty…
    It seems to me the Reds past the Pirates at 3rd place in NLC standings

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep… that look like the old Alex Diaz, so hopefully things are really turnimg around for him. It does lessen the concern that there was something physically wrong with his arm/shoulder

  7. Josh

    A great game considering the black hole in the middle of the lineup that is CES and Candalerio. Steer is a beast.

  8. Mauired

    Just turned on Mariners Rockies. Castillo pitched a great game in the snow. Two hits, 1 walk, 9 ks, 0 runs.

    • David

      The Rockies are a pretty bad team this year.

      • Mauired

        Every year. It seems. But he pitched well against Cubs too in his previous start. Combined: 13 innings, 18ks, 1 walk, 2 ER.
        He had a bad start but getting back to normal Castillo. Seems to like pitching to NL teams.

  9. Mark A Verticchio

    Your best 2 hitters need to bat 2nd and 3rd, Steer and EDLC in any order.

    • greenmtred

      Fairchild did fine last night despite the doubts, though, didn’t he? Second and third in the order is, as you say, generally where you’d want your two best hitters. But there can certainly be modifying factors. Benson’s experience last year suggests as much: off to a terrible start, sent down, and brought back up and installed at 7th in the order where he thrived. We don’t know the details, but it’s certainly possible that reducing the pressure worked for him. Elly is doing great where he’s hitting now, so isn’t it possible that the same effect is at work?

      • DaveCT

        In short, yes. Bell’s philosophy is to put players in the best position to succeed, not that I want to jaundice the subject by mentioning the manager.

  10. Mauired

    The Reds potential number 2 pick (I hope) Jac Caglionone went homeless tonight after hitting home runs in nine straight tying the college record. He’s also hitting .400 this year. And his 49ks in 39 innings would look great in the Reds bullpen.

    • Tom Noonan

      Hope ge just went homerless. Homeless would suck.

      • Mauired

        Ok spell nanny. Do you actually have anything baseball related to talk about?

      • Mauired

        Or is that the only way you can prove how smart you are to point out that missing letter. Kind like that Reagan spas that has been correcting people for a year every time someone adds a c to McClain.

      • Reaganspad

        You misspelled Reaganspad…

        Tom’s post was clever.

      • Mauired

        Yeah very funny if you are five. The guys that don’t know anything about baseball and compensate in other ways like to stick together.

      • Old Big Ed

        I’ve with whoever corrects “McClain.” It shouldn’t take anybody a year to learn how to spell a 6-letter name. It isn’t like his name is Coach K.

      • KYRedsfan

        What’s a ge?! ? Just having a lil fun.

      • Mauired

        Big Ed, you should work on your reading comprehension. Not the first time you read something and respond to something that was not written. Never said one person made a mistake for a year.

  11. Andrew Brewer

    With Fraley, Benson, and Martinez back in the line tomorrow, we can hope the offense will show up for game 3. I don’t know what to do with Cando and E-Strand except to demote them in the lineup. We got next to nothing with Espinal (who doubled today) and Thompson.
    India is said to be ill, that means Espinal will play second. It’s better to put the good hitters together toward the front of the line up, and that means De La Cruz can bat 4th with his new discipline at the plate.

    • Melvin

      “India is said to be ill, that means Espinal will play second”

      Could move Steer to 2B. Hopefully.

      • Andrew Brewer

        Steer has played third too, and first of course. I don’t want to micro-manage, but I do want to give us our best team effort. We just need to keep our good hitters bunched near the front of the lineup.

  12. LT

    As expected we moved past Pirates. Just saying

    • Ted Alfred

      Espinal and Bubba Thompson are not good. There should be better options.

      • DaveCT

        The pickings are anemic.

        AAA middle infielders, 40-man

        L. Soto: .250/.342/.438 OPS .780 (just acquired)

        Non 40-man

        E.Gonzalez: 193/.207/.228 OPS .435
        H. Perez: .177/.246/.323 OPS .569
        F. Urbaez: .125/.185/.167 OPS .352
        L Jordan, injured
        M. Mathias, injured
        E. Rios, injured

  13. Scout

    This is the 3rd game in the last couple weeks where a Reds player has drawn 4 walks. They need a catchy term for it: my vote is for Golden Escalator

  14. Jeremiah

    Reds taking care of business winning a series against probably a mediocre to below .500 Angels team when it’s all said and done.

    Espinal I thought was a good pickup, but he’s kind of wasting a chance in his MLB career, kind of feel bad for him. He’s playing a ton and not hitting well at all…hopefully he turns it around for the Reds and his career as he seemed to have potential.

    Hopefully Stephenson can get hot. I think Maile should rarely start just my opinion, but they need to see what they got in Stephenson if he’s a full time catcher.

    • Mauired

      I think people overreacted to the pickup. Someone actually was convinced he was the next Brandon Phillips. He’s a career below average hitter with his .686 ops. He had on good half a season 3 years ago. A lot of people couldn’t wait for Barrero to go and were ecstatic when Reds basically replaced him on the end of the roster with Espinal but they basically did the same thing last year. Barrero ops .619 vs Espinal .644. I still think at Barrero is younger, cheaper, with more upside. Easier to get rid of too when other players start to get healthy. Its hard to get Espinal off the roster with the 3 million salary.

      • VaRedsFan

        It’s really not hard at all.
        They did it with Moose, Akiyama, Meyers, ect.

    • Tom Noonan

      Suddenly our catcher position in the BO has become a strength and not an auto out. Stephenson has been hammering the ball and Maile gets some clutch hits and can go OPPO occasionally. A nice tandem in my view.

      The Reds really need for CES to figure things out. At least start singling the other way. Doesn’t need to swing for the fence every time.

      • VaRedsFan

        Maile is a decent backup, but Ty should be starting 4 of 5.
        He could also start to DH some too.

  15. Indy Red Man

    Glad we won and hope my prediction of 120 innings w/a 3.70 era works out for Martinez. Not a game-changer by any means, but you need reliable guys to handle their roles.

    Bad = Basically three guys thrown out needlessly by the 4th inning. Aggressive is great, but when guys are consistently breaking baseball commandments then the manager isn’t doing his job. You don’t make the first out at 3rd (Elly). You don’t get picked off first (Stuey) and you don’t blindly run to 2nd when you didn’t see where the defenders were in relation to retreiving the ball (Steer).

    CES is basically blind right now….every at-bat is 0-2 with a taken strike down the middle then Ks on trash in the dirt. Drop him and Candy down to 7-8 or something and move Elly up. Its time. Lastly Capel for Bubba. We have decent CFs already and reward the kid for killing the ball…or maybe Mike Ford? Bubba isn’t big league
    material and every game matters.

    Lets sweep’em tomorrow

  16. Jason Franklin

    I am starting to wonder if the concern about CES may be coming to fruition? He never really walked in the minors but had enough talent to take advantage of young pitchers throwing too many erroneous pitches. His strikeouts were still high down there and ‘the experts’ said his k’s would be the biggest issue. Maybe the league is starting to catch up to his batting approach?

    • VaRedsFan

      Not worried at all about CES.
      He has a few holes that he will mend.
      He had 8 hits in 6 games before the illness.

      • Jason T.

        Fans sometimes have very short term memories. CES will be just fine. He was getting some hits then missed some games with illness.
        It was the same weeks ago with Elly. Fans freaking out and then look at his results since then.

      • DaveCT

        Not Senator Bluto Blutarski, right?

  17. TR

    The four walk game by Elly De La Cruz is very impressive and an indicator of improved pitch recognition. Then, combine that with getting on base with his speed which certainly can enliven a game.

    • Reaganspad

      Totally agree. Let the game come to you Elly and then take it to them.

      He has been projected to 35-50 HRs and 80 stolen bases. The HRs will come so great to see he is not expanding the zone.

      Could we be projecting 100 walks as well? That was hard to imagine last year but not now

  18. Klugo

    Sandoval is a head case. I hope he never ends up in a Reds uniform.

    • Mauired

      He might actually be a good bullpen guy.

  19. Old-school

    Glad to see back to back wins against lefties and Ty Steve with some pop. He needed that and would be great if hes back to being that quality bat at catcher. Martinez was great as well. Big additions in him and Suter to give quality multi-innings relief. Bring out the brooms!

  20. Old-school

    Looking across the central, Brewers keep rolling and could sweep the Cards. Mikolas got roughed up a DH as a ERA of 6.5. Pirates lost 5 straight and face the Brewers for 4 next. Cubbies look good. Busch is a quality young hitter and SHoto Imanaga has been a machine. Tough lefty with a hitch in his wind up and good FB with great secondary pitches. No one is barreling balls against him. Cubs and Brewers are solid teams. Reds need to keep winning series.

  21. Still a Red

    Anyone willing to acknowledge good move by Bell to take Ashcraft out when he did? Agree w/ someone above that Martinez and Suter were good additions ( at least so far)…and Bell using them appropriately. In re to the 2 caught steals, I’m sure all the speedster basically have green lights. When they make an ? decision I’m sure it is discussed…and their decisions improved. Of course if Eldc drew another errant throw and ended up scoring, we’d probably all be happy with his risk taking.

    • VaRedsFan

      I acknowledged it in the game thread.
      I think Ashcraft got hosed on the obvious check swing strikeout to the leadoff hitter which turned into a walk.
      Next batter homers.
      Bell gave him 1 more chance to right the ship and he walked the next batter.
      So I thought he was pulled at the appropriate time.

      • Mauired

        Yeah Bell did ok. It might have been even better to pull him a little earlier. Ashcraft did give up five runs. But it was fine.

        I appreciate Ashcrafts competitiveness but to argue with the manager about coming out of the game after giving up five runs is something else.

        It’s just fortunate that Reds offense had some big hits last night or the conversation might be was Ashcraft left in too long to lose the game. They can be depended on to score seven every night, but Ashcraft and Bell were lucky they did. Bells lineup head scratchers didn’t help. In particular Benson going to bench for Bubba just resulted in an 0-3 and a big error that wasn’t called an error somehow. Someone maybe should let Bell know Benson has an .792 ops against lefties this year. Better than India, Espinal, Maile, CES, and Elly and Bubba. All the guys that play against lefties for Bell.

      • greenmtred

        Mauired: Benson hasn’t been hitting, either. It might well be that he needed a day to get his head straight.

      • Mauired

        He’s not struggling anymore than CES, Candelario, or India but those guys aren’t getting benched for Bubba.

    • greenmtred

      I agree. I noted the stats on Ashcraft’s batting average against the 1st, 2nd and 3rd times through the order, and it was eye-opening: great the 1st and 2nd times, but well over .400 the 3rd time. Ashcraft has great stuff but, as Larkin noted, his sinking pitches start to flatten out as he gets later in the game. I assume that has to do with arm stamina, but if he can’t improve that, it makes him a five innings starter.

      • DaveCT

        Stamina-wise, I’m giving everyone in the clubhouse something of a pass, given that several not are known to be sick and likely more. There’s nasty stuff out there still, influenza, RSV, Covid. When I was in Seattle last Monday, my first thought on seeing Frankie Montas was not that he was injured but that he was worn down and possibly sick. I had a great view from just behind the 1B dugout and his fastball had zero life.

      • greenmtred

        Dave: I agree, but the stats for Ashcraft are for at least the full season and perhaps more; I don’t recall that the graph was specific. And they may be extreme, but they do reflect a general truth about pitching to a batting order for the 3rd time and beyond in a game.

    • Jim Walker

      For my money, Ashcraft should have been pulled after the HR at the latest and quite probably when the lead off man reached following an 8 pitch walk.

      Regardless of whether the Reds did or did not get the call on a check swing, Ashcraft could not throw a quality strike to end the lead off PA either way. If he can’t do that with a 5 run lead and his pitch count approaching 80, he doesn’t have any business remaining in the game.

      Once the lead was reduced to 3 with zero outs in the 6th for sure Ashcraft needed to go, especially when the multi inning reliever Martinez was the guy coming on. The run provided by Ashcraft’s HR following walk scored on 2 incidental outs that would have been meaningless had Martinez come in to empty bases.

      With the margin at 2, the Reds were lucky to win with 7 runs as Trout just missed a tying HR on a hitters’ pitch in the 7th, wincing when he realized he had popped it up into a lazy flyball out.

      Losing leverage control in that 6th inning last Saturday night could still come back to haunt the Reds if Diaz is needed in a tight situation on Sunday on the heels of his Saturday appearance and the quick night to early afternoon turnaround.

  22. Old-school

    Lineups not out yet, but presumably Stephenson wont catch daygame after 2 night games. This is where Bell should adjust from his script. With India probably out, put Steer at 2b, and Stephenson at DH and Martini in LF against righty.

    Id go

    Benson CF
    Steer 2b
    Fraley RF
    Stephenson DH
    Candelario 3b
    Martini LF
    CES 1b
    Maile C

    Hope we dont see India/Stephenson on bench replaced by Es-PEE-nal and Maile.

    • greenmtred

      Not too far off, OS: Stephenson DH, but Elly batting 2nd, Steer 3rd, Benson lead-ff, and so on.

      • Old-school

        Fraley must have the Reds buggaboo as well

        Daughter recovering from leukemia so extra precaution and care

  23. Stanley Macdonald

    I am happy that the Reds are playing winning baseball. It is not always pretty but I don’t care, we are a winning team and learning along the way. As long as we work on our weaknesses and keep a winning record we have a chance to be playing our best baseball of the year by the end of the season and that is when anything can happen. It is a streaky game and you have to be patient with those who are struggling, I say give them six weeks and then make changes if you think it can make your team better. But for now these decisions however questionable have provided a winning formula so let’s enjoy that and see where it leads.

  24. Jim t

    Very nice seeing Diaz come in and slam the door. He is a huge part of this team.

  25. Mike W

    1. A manager is the boss in the dugout, period. Bell should insist players wear masks and keep some distance when a virus is going around. This is a business. Every game matters, and wins in April count as much as W’s in October.
    2. How can Bell continue to keep CES and Candy in the middle of the lineup?
    3. How can Bell continue to have Elly batting 6th — resulting in fewer plate appearances than the guys above him — three of which have BAs 100 points less!
    4. Come on Bell, manage. Tell people to keep space between them for a few days. Yell if necessary. (Heck, even Lou Pinella yelled once in a while ?, and he had a career winning percentage of .517 vs your .473).
    5. And put people in the lineup where all us amateur managers know they belong — so the best are hitting 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Can’t please all the people all the time. Not all bosses are loved all the time. (I know. I used to have 23,000 employees.) This a business. Let’s go Reds!

    • greenmtred

      Elly is batting 2nd today. And, yes, anyone reading RLN is aware of the opinions of amateurs.

    • greenmtred

      I always like Lou. He did, however, manage teams to losing records in nine seasons, including three seasons with over 90 losses. He very clearly didn’t have enough good players in those nine years, which is the reason for managers having losing records.

      • Old-school

        I think Sparky may have lost 100 once with the Tigers @ GMR….lol

      • Old-school

        Interesting side note GMR

        Sparky took 17 days off due to
        Mental and physical exhaustion during that season. Later said taught him life lesson paraphrasing never assume failure cant happen to you

        Also in a brutal turn of luck, Braves got the 1990 1/1 pick despite 97 losses while Tigers got 1/2 pick with 103 losses. Back then AL and NL took turns every other year as overall # 1 since no inter-league play . tigers got a fair player in Tony Clark.
        Braves took Chipper Jones

  26. Tom Reeves

    We’ve got some players struggling for sure who have huge potential – CES is one of them.

    I really hope we see a say when a fully developed version of each of these players is batting in this order:


  27. Indy Red Man

    Decent lineup today. Elly’s up to 2nd and Bell kept Stephenson’s bat in the lineup. Martini might be an adventure in RF, but who knows? Personally when Freidl comes back I’d bench Espinal and start using India as an occasional floater like they talked about before. Steer would be my 2B. India competes, but he’s not driving anything and really doesn’t contribute other then walks hbp. I’d bat him 9th and give us a double leadoff when he plays

  28. Mark A Verticchio

    Where is Fraley, move Steer to 2nd and Fraley to left. That would be the best line up possible at this time.

    • Mark Moore

      Wondering about Fraley as well. Maybe the bug?

      No to Steer at 2B IMO. gives away too much defensively.

  29. Indy Red Man

    Right back to Philly game Over 7.5 again. Always thought Nola is overrated and Phils might get 8 themselves. Frankie Under 5.5 Ks. Velocity was down and he pitches to contact. He hasn’t had 6+ Ks in a game yet

  30. Oldtimer

    The Reds are batting .227 BA as a team (12th in NL). Seven of 13 position players are batting under .200 BA.

    The Reds are fortunate to be 11-9 after 20 games.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      It’ s really hard to believe that they are 11 and 9, with the upcoming schedule that will end if things don’t change in a hurry.

    • redfanorbust

      Fortunate in this case is playing White Sox and Angels. The batting average might have something to do with 3 of your best starters out for extended period and at least two of your other starters out for two or three days with cold or flu or whatever. Add in the inevitable slumps and .227 does not seem too bad.

  31. Mike W

    Oldtimer you are correct! Even with that BA we could have had more runs if the lineup had been different, but it wasn’t and we’re where we are for now. 1/8th of the season is already over, so let’s only look forward!

    I just RED ? Bell is moving Elly up to the 2 hole — yeah!

    2 or 3 doesn’t matter to me, but his getting up in the 1st inning — for certain — and getting more AB’s than a guy hitting 6th over time — for certain — certainly does matter to me!

    I’m going to look for a bunt (or at last an attempt) today as well as some emotion by Bell in the dugout. Let’s Go Reds!

    • greenmtred

      I checked the box score again, Mike, and it’s not clear to me that changing the batting order in this game would have made much difference. The 1-3 hitters were cumulatively 5 for 11, and the big hit–Stephenson’s only hit in the game–was a grand slam, so even though he was batting down in the order, he had the bases loaded.

  32. Mike W

    Hi greenmtred.
    Boy, losing Montas like that and in the first inning is a potentially horrific loss for our Redlegs. Hopefully more of a stinger than a fracture of any kind. ?
    You raise a valid point as small sample sizes are hard to compare, but my gut says we’d be better off overall having Benson and Elly hitting 1 and 2, vs India and Fairchild. And Steer after that is a formidable trio.
    We need our bottom half to contribute today, and hopefully get a hit this inning, breaking Soriano’s early dominance.
    Of course our manager should b telling them to take some balls as right now our guys are only taking an average of 4 pitches to get out! And a bunt attempt from one of our speedsters might help, too. Go Reds!

    • greenmtred

      You got the batting order–at least the top of it–that you wanted, Mike. If Montas has to miss more than a start or two, it could certainly be a problem. And the immediate problem with the upcoming Phillies series is that the bullpen day necessitated by the injury Montas will make much of the bullpen unavailable for the first game and could certainly reverberate through the rest of the series.