How we feelin’, Reds fans? Bill and I are taking the temperature of Reds fans after a wild week in which the Reds swept the White Sox but were swept in turn by the Mariners. Chad is buying stock in one Reds pitcher, and divesting his position in another pitcher. Why are the guys cautiously optimistic about the pitching staff? Why do Chad and Bill disagree about Jonathan India?

And, as always, we wax poetic about The Elly De La Cruz Experience.

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3 Responses

  1. Mike W

    Here are my Friday morning pregame comments after reading all the excellent comments last night, proving once again that many Red’s fans are amongst the most intelligent fans in the world!:
    1. Abbott is off to a start that reminds me of a harder throwing Greg Maddox. Yeah!
    2. Elly should never be moved to CF, as it seems to me OF’s get injured more often than SSs, and it’s harder to find a great SS — which Elly is becoming.
    3. Assuming all these guys are healthy Mr. Bell, here is my suggestion for today’s line-up:
    OF Benson
    OF Martini
    SS Elly
    DH Steer
    OF Fraley
    1B CES
    3B Candy
    C Stephenson
    2B India
    I envision 5+ runs with this offense and a W and start of a new winning streak. Go Reds!

  2. Mike W

    Bell, Bell, Bell.
    Managers don’t put guys hitting .100 something — like India .156 and Stephenson hitting .195 — in the first 4 spots of your lineup.
    For the umpteenth time Mr. Manager, the guys higher up in the order bat more often than guys lower in the lineup.
    Why do you insist on batting our worst guys more often than our better guys — like Elly! Please, move him up to the 3rd spot and leave things alone.

  3. Mike W

    Good job India. 0-24 streak is ended!
    Steer and Benson hitting it hard, but being caught.
    I think they’ll both start falling in soon. Fairchild not so much.
    Let’s get 5 on the board today and hopefully our RPs will make it stand up for a W to start our home stand. Go Reds!