The Cincinnati Reds have acquired infielder Livan Soto from the Baltimore Orioles this afternoon. Soto was claimed off of waivers after he was designated for assignment and Cincinnati optioned him to Triple-A Louisville. To clear a spot on the 40-man roster the Reds have moved right-handed reliever Tejay Antone to the 60-day injured list.

For Livan Soto the Reds will now be in yet another organization. In early February the Orioles claimed him off of waivers from the Los Angeles Angels. 10 days later the Angels claimed him off of waivers from the Orioles. Fast forward a little less than two months to April 11th and the Orioles once again claimed him off of waivers from the Angels. Now eight days later he was claimed by the Reds.

Soto has played in parts of two big league seasons. In both 2022 and 2023 he saw limited time with the Angels. He played in 22 games between the two seasons and hit .375/.414/.531 in 71 plate appearances. The 23-year-old infielder has played in 10 games this season in the minor leagues, all in Triple-A, but with two different teams. Between those two stops he’s hit .250/.342/.438. Last season in the minor leagues he played in 1110 games between Double-A Rocket City and Triple-A Salt Lake. He struggled big time with the Trash Pandas in Rocket City, hitting .206/.331/.271 in 31 games. He did perform better in Triple-A, hitting .248/.347/.389.

Livan Soto can provide some defensive versatility in the infield. He’s got plenty of experience at shortstop and second base in the minor leagues, as well as some limited time at third base. His main position has been shortstop.

For now, Soto will head to Triple-A Louisville and provide some depth in case of further injuries. Perhaps he can get his bat going and make himself a bit more valuable than as just someone who can provide some defensive versatility. He is still on the younger side and could have some development left to realize.

You can see Livan Soto’s career stats here.

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  1. Rob

    Translation: India is going to continue to start and Espinal will remain our best backup. Are you kidding me? This is the plan until July when Marte returns? Guess this is one of those times where I just don’t get it.

    • BhamRedsFan

      So you think they’re going to pull off a trade for Arraez in April? With the exception of Adames, when have we seen an April or May significant trade. But, yeah, the Reds are the worst.

    • MK

      What possible negative is there in his move? Obviously this is a player with some marginal big league appeal with an upside, as he continues to be acquired by organization after organization. He offers some infield depth, takes a roster spot that was available Has been proven by the Orioles and Angles can be DFAed if a spot is needed. There is only positive consequences to adding more talent to the organization.

  2. AllTheHype

    Reds starting both Fraley and Benson vs LHP tonight. Interesting.

      • CI3J

        Maybe Bell doesn’t know Anderson is a LHP.

        Or maybe he’s been scratched and they didn’t announce it yet.

      • Jason Franklin

        @CI3J When I first read this I thought you meant that Bell had been scratched. Ha. Wouldn’t that be something. 🙂

    • Chris

      And yet somehow Santiago is still in the lineup.

      • greenmtred

        With CES and Candelario not available, there aren’t many options.

  3. DaveCT

    One 60-day IL guy and one 7-day IL guy at Louisville so this makes sense. Plus the starting short stop there as well as other ‘veteran’ infielder are doing next to nothing offensively.


      Not only “the veterans” not producing but maybe this could allow a release to happen, especially if their contract as a optout clause.

  4. Mark A Verticchio

    2 months ago I would have never thought you would see this line up and know if you ever did something went terribly wrong, while something has gone terribly wrong and this season could be over by Memorial Day if something or somebody doesn’t change dramatically.

    • Indy Red Man

      They may score 10 tonight, but it is crazy. Are we back to the days of playing short-handed for a week and then retroactively putting guys on IR? Where’s CES and Candy? Cubs might win this division by 9 games and we won’t be second

      • Jimbo44CN

        CES and Candy both sick, I am thinking covid but they have mentioned nothing at this point,

      • greenmtred

        It seems likely that CES and Candy are still sick. The Reds website doesn’t give a date for their return.

  5. DataDumpster

    yea, I can’t think of anything pertinent to say about this acquisition either. However, I was intrigued by the Rocket City Trash Pandas name and correctly guessed that the team was based in Madison, AL (sub of Huntsville) where I worked briefly. Didn’t know that Trash Panda was a local moniker for raccoons, which are very prolific in the area. Kinda makes sense. Nice Article!

    • Doug Gray

      So in my smooth-brained existence, I did not know that a Trash Panda was just another name for a raccoon. For like the first year of knowing that the team was going to be rebranded as the Trash Pandas I thought it was going to be a panda that played in trash. I was excited. I was less excited when I found out it was just a raccoon. Still cool, still fun, but not quite the same. I’m a dummy. But I definitely bought a RCTP hat because that logo still rules.

      • RedsMonk65

        I love the creative names for many minor league teams. Lansing Lugnuts is another good one. Toledo Mud Hens is another. That goes back to the early days of the Great Black Swamp of Northwest Ohio, where I’m originally from. Until it was drained and converted into farmland, it was just marshy muck. There was wildlife, of course, and that included “American coots,” otherwise known as mud hens:

        When the ball club was formed, Mud Hens seemed like a natural moniker. Basically, swamp chickens!

        But Rocket City Trash Pandas takes the prize in my book!

      • Doug Gray

        I’m right there with ya. The Rocket City Trash Pandas are at the top of my list. The Hartford Yard Goats are just behind.

      • RedsMonk65

        Some other good ones:

        Binghamton (NY) Rumble Ponies
        Amarillo Sod Poodles
        Richmond Flying Squirrels
        Carolina Mudcats
        Kannapolis Cannon Ballers
        Lehigh Valley IronPigs

        Lots of other contenders (heck, this could be a column — hey Mary Beth!). Trash Pandas and Yard Goats are tops IMO, with the Mud Hens and Lugnuts close behind. I really like how most teams do their homework and come up with a mascot that means something to the people who live in the region — something tied to their history and culture. Just makes it that much more fun!

      • AMDG

        Wow, if you are from the Great Black Swamp region before they drained it, that would make you at least 150 years old! Impressive… 🙂

      • DataDumpster

        @Doug Gray. Glad to get a “hit” on only my 2nd post of the season. You are not a dummy, you perhaps just haven’t experienced much of the South. Here in Atlanta, we have areas or development projects called the “Gulch” and the “Stitch”, places like “Peoples Town” and “Cabbage Town” and plans to resurrect the sketchy “Buttermilk Bottons” area. If interested in such folklore, even the “Murder Kroger” now in the very upscale intown Poncy/O4W neighborhood gets a wiki page.

    • DaveCT

      I kinda lean toward the Hartford Yard Goats.


      I use to go to Huntsville to watch the reds aa team play the Stars. Joe Davis Stadium!

  6. CI3J

    I see nothing wrong with this move.

    24 years old, knows how to get on base, apparently plays decent defense. Sounds like a good insurance policy type player in case another injury pops up in the infield.

    • Rob

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with acquiring a minor league IF. But with each passing day, the signals remain that India is a starter and Espinal is the backup. Until July 1! There is no help at Louisville. Do we honestly intend to continue this direction until July? I certainly wouldn’t think so. That very well may get you 5-10 games under 500 by the end of June. Are we saying that is OK and we will go 48-32 the second half? OK but I personally don’t foresee it. My point is that with all the injuries, we do not seem to be a team that will be hovering around 1st place in July. If my prognosis is correct, then don’t we need to acquire some trade help sooner rather than later? No one intends this to be another wait until next year year. This is the one we deferred to last year when we were sitting in first place in August. We spent a lot of money over the winter to make sure we would be better than 82 wins. Maybe it wasn’t the best choices but it sure in the heck wasn’t lack of support and commitment.

      • VaRedsFan

        There is a lot of truth to this. I’ve never understood why teams feel obligated to wait until the trade deadline to make a move. We should start poaching White Sox, Marilin, and A’s players now.
        Michael Kopech anyone?? He’d instantly become their best bullpen piece.

      • mac624

        I can’t imagine the asking price in April for a good player, let alone a difference maker that you are seeking. I’m guessing any team with sense would ask for Collier as the starting point. While the Reds may injure themselves out of the race this season, I’m not giving up Collier or any top 5ish prospect in April. Best to just let it play out. Lots of time left for other teams to have major injuries and the Reds to get healthy and hot later one.

      • Rob

        Mac, I don’t know about the April asking price vs the July price. In July, we know there will be multiple bidders for a valued piece. Seems to me that a “rebuilder” would be happy to get a high potential 2025 prospect for a $20M dinosaur that can hit. In July, your 2025 prospect is going to have to be better than the other guy’s 2025 prospect. Reference our “bidding” against the Rangers last year for a no cost Max Scherzer. The Rangers gave up their Connor Phillips and Scherzer went on to win 4-5 games in their September charge and start multiple playoff games. We started Weaver, Lively, Spiers, and Kennedy and finished 2 games shy.

        I am not saying the Reds should be trading Lawler or Collier. Or making any trades tonite. I definitely am saying though that to me this current offense looks deficient to be hovering around first place in June/July. And if that is accurate, you better be ready to pull the trigger on some additional offense in May/June before you find your butt in 3rd or 4th place 10 games out of 1st. This is not a restock for 2025 year. That was last year and play the young guys and hold onto them until 2024. We are now here albeit with 2-3 key offensive injuries. The operative question is do we have enough offense to get us to July near first place. Not our call. But if the answer is “probably not”, we better be identifying who do we call and what valued prospect do we give up before it becomes too late.

  7. Tim Johnson

    With the Reds needs, besides a big right handed outfield bat, this seems like a good fit.

  8. AMDG

    Career minor league OPS 670
    Career major league OPS 950

    Something makes me think that major league production is an aberration that is destined to plummet.

  9. Rcsodak

    Holy Crap! 1110 games last year? Is he ironman?