Cincinnati will be looking to turn the tide this afternoon in Seattle after dropping the first two games of the series. The Reds will try to salvage one game in the Pacific Northwest against the Mariners before an off day on Thursday. First pitch is set for 4:10pm ET.

Starting Lineup

Cincinnati Reds

Seattle Mariners

Jonathan India – 2B Julio Rodriguez – CF
Will Benson – LF Mitch Haniger – RF
Stuart Fairchild – CF Jorge Polanco – 2B
Spencer Steer – 1B Mitch Garver – DH
Jake Fraley – RF Ty France – 1B
Elly De La Cruz – SS Cal Raleigh – C
Tyler Stephenson – C Dylan Moore – SS
Nick Martini – DH Luis Urias – 3B
Santiago Espinal – 3B Jonatan Clase – LF
Andrew Abbott – LHP Bryce Miller – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Andrew Abbott 17.1 2.60 1.04 5.8% 15.9%
Bryce Miller 18.1 1.96 0.98 8.3% 23.6%
Links: Andrew Abbott’s Stats | Bryce Miller’s Stats

Andrew Abbott

The last time out, Andrew Abbott allowed just one run in 7.0 innings against the White Sox. He’ll look to keep that going this afternoon. So far this season he’s pitched well against both righties and lefties, but has been better against lefties. That’s not unexpected as he held them to a .495 OPS last season, compared to an .800 OPS from right-handed hitters.

Last year he was much better at home than he was on the road in terms of batted ball outcomes. In Cincinnati he held batters to a .653 OPS, while on the road they had an .832 OPS against him. His ERA difference wasn’t nearly as big as you might expect based on those numbers – a 3.51 ERA at home and a 4.29 ERA on the road.


RHH 48 10 4 0 1 4 8 .227 .292 .386
LHH 21 4 0 0 0 0 3 .200 .238 .200

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 93.3 80.7 82.4 85.5
Usage 52% 14% 19% 15%

Bryce Miller

The splits this season for Bryce Miller are quite extreme. Lefties are hitting just .108 against him, while right-handed hitters are hitting .276. That’s likely a small sample size issue early on in 2024 as last season left-handed hitters hit .303 with a .917 OPS against him, while righties managed just a .549 OPS. In 2023 he was also much better at home than on the road (3.65 ERA vs 5.18 ERA and .679 OPS against vs .771 OPS against).


RHH 30 8 1 0 1 1 8 .276 .300 .414
LHH 42 4 1 0 1 5 9 .108 .214 .216

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-Seam Slider Split
Velo 95.5 95.0 84.3 84.4
Usage 41% 21% 19% 18%

When and Where

  • Game time: 4:10pm ET
  • Where: T-Mobile Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: They have a retractable roof

News and Notes

Jeimer Candelario is still sick

After being scratched from the lineup on Tuesday with an illness, Jeimer Candelario is still out with an illness.

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Milwaukee 10 6
Pittsburgh 11 7
Chicago 10 7 0.5
Cincinnati 9 8 1.5
St. Louis 9 9 2.0

181 Responses

  1. RedsGettingBetter

    Encarnacion-Strand has a day off or would be sick too?

    • David

      And Fairchild batting…..3rd?

      Why not move Fraley into that spot
      Move Martini up into the 5th slot
      leadoff with EDLC
      Move India down to 7th or 8th slot

      And David Bell continues to mystify Reds’ fans.

      • greenmtred

        Did you take note of the Mariner’s lineup? Lead-off, 3rd and 4th batters all under .200. Their fans must be just as mystified as you are.

      • JT

        I’m not trying to make excuses but I’ve been a Reds fan since the mid sixties and oh how I miss those pennants and world champs from the seventies. I loved the Big red machine and Sparky

  2. MK

    He’s been on three minutes and Sadek is being unhearable already. A Ricky Bobby quote, just shoot me.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Me too. I find him entertaining, enthusiastic and well-prepared.

      • Melvin

        “and well-prepared.”

        Style is one thing. I get irritated too but no one can argue that he’s not well prepared.

    • Mitch

      This is the only baseball website (Reds themed or otherwise) where I read anything disparaging about Sadak. He’s generally praised pretty much everywhere else. An upgrade over Thom for sure. Now, Larkin on the other hand… He has the charisma of a damp washcloth.

      • JT

        Everything you said might make a difference between an average manager and a good manager

    • DaveCT

      Three days of Sadak-less heaven, as I’m blacked out of and have been watching the Mariner’s broadcast (plus their announcers are very listenable).

  3. Mark A Verticchio

    The biggest problem with Bell is he is set in his ways and never changes. He knows he will never be fired and he manages with ZERO sense of urgency, just look at the man in the dug out he shows no emotion whatsoever and it is really hard to watch.

    • Doc

      He moved Steer up in the lineup as y’ll were clamoring for. Since the Brewer’s PP, Steer is 3 for 18 batting fourth, give or take a spot, through his first AB today.

      • Melvin

        He’s still the best hitter the Reds have. I think that’s the more important point in my view and he has been robbed several times. Personally I actually would rather him bat in the top three rather than 4th.

    • VegasRed

      This my biggest issue with Bell in a nutshell Mark.

      Not a winner, and never will be. And he seems very ok with that.

  4. KYRedsfan

    I’m relatively new to this site but want to thank Doug Gray for the excellent job he does here. Since following the past few days I’ve enjoyed all the baseball knowledge and opinions of various commenters. Looking forward to a decent season from our Redlegs. Seems as though they have most of the pieces necessary to be very competitive. Losing McClain, Friedl and Marte definitely hurt. Hopefully some of them can come back and make an impact. Go Reds!

    • Tom Mitsoff

      The regulars here have no idea just how much time and effort Doug puts into this site and his Reds minor league site. He deserves every bit of praise. I love it here, and he’s the one who makes it possible.

      • KYRedsfan

        Tom, I don’t know how he keeps up with this and the reds minor league site. Very Impressive.

      • JT

        I’m one who appreciates everything you guys have to say

    • DW

      Great comment and welcome! It is by far the best Reds site. Enjoy riding the wave of comments of negativity and panic when they lose, as well as positivity and excitement when they win. It is entertaining!

      • KYRedsfan

        Thanks DW, being a UK sports fan I’m somewhat used to the Jeckyl Hyde nature of passionate fanbases.

      • KYRedsfan

        Maybe should have said University of Kentucky to be more clear lol.

    • Melvin

      Good to have you. If you continue to enjoy it I recommend becoming a Patreon member and support him with a minimal dollar amount each month. It’s a small price to pay for something you/we use virtually every day. I would even recommend to him raising the amount.

      • KYRedsfan

        Thanks Melvin and yes I plan to subscribe via Patreon. Seems like the least one could do to support these sites.

  5. Mark A Verticchio

    Don’t expect much today, considering the line up is missing 5 pieces from what we all thought would be the team’s main players. Marte, Mclain, Freidl, Candelario and Strand. Very few teams can take that big of a hit.

  6. AMDG

    Fairchild batting 3rd.

    All i can think, is he is getting the Farmer & Newman treatment by Bell, as that 28~30 year old utility-ish guy

    They were all about the same age, and all carried that career 80~90 OPS+ ability at the plate.

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    Nice first inning of Abbott… Now, please, make good at bats and scores first

  8. Mike W

    Bell just doesn’t get it, each and every day and night.
    David (one of he first posts above) drew it up well. Mark A Verticchio stated things well. My thoughts as I’ve shared 2o times is that Elly should be hitting 3rd all season — especially against RH SPs.
    Of those playing today I’d also have Fraley and Martini up and India and Fairchild down.
    Why does Bell just not get your best players are supposed to bat ahead of your worst players, so they can get more ABs.
    I’ll lose with MOVE ELLY UP TO 3rd AND LEAVE HIM THERE!

    • JT

      Everything you said might make a difference between an average manager and a good manager

  9. Pete

    Regarding a conversation we were having on the game wrap thread for yesterday, here is Hunter Green‘s times through the order stats to further buttress the case that he may be better suited as a closer.

    1st: ERA 2.03, K/9 13.87, WHIP 1.11
    2nd: 5.71, 11.70, 1.45
    3rd: 7.14, 8.88, 1.43

    These are his career stats courtesy of fangraphs.

    Unfortunately trend is not his friend either. Each subsequent year the stats tend to go in the wrong direction. I’m not saying put him in the bullpen today but I am saying it’s something that should be acknowledged and considered going forward if these struggles continue. The Reds should not be concerned what is in the best interest long-term for Hunter (theoretically) but the team’s and Greene’s short-term interest. The Reds are now a competitive ball club. The future is now. Personally, I don’t think there’s a lot of time to waste.

    If you can shorten the opposing teams opportunity to win a game to only six innings when you typically have eight and sometimes nine, it is one heck of an advantage. A backend bullpen of Cruz, Diaz and Greene should look frightening to the rest of the league. At least on paper. There is a case to be made at the Reds have enough depth at starting pitching to possibly pull this thing off.

    • greenmtred

      Pete: my understanding is that you’d find similar disparities between first time through order and subsequent times for many–maybe most–starting pitchers.

    • DW

      He is one legitimate third pitch from being a quality top of the rotation pitcher. He just made his 50th career start, which is shy of two full seasons worth of starts.


  10. Jeff morris

    Really need Tyer Steph to start showing the Reds why they selected him in the first round. Also, really need Hunter Greene to start earning his big paycheck! It sounds like Greene had a discussion with D Bell on wanting to stay in to pitch, in last nights game, which he did not. D Bell needs to tell Hunter, “How about you start going at least 6 innings in your starts, and quit having me go to my bullpen in the early innings!”

    • greenmtred

      Stephenson is in the top 1% in baseball in barrel rate this season: he’s hitting the ball hard and at a good angle and is having bad luck.

      • Melvin

        That’s a good stat greenmtred. I too think he’s been hitting it right at people a lot.

      • DW

        Yup. Good information that matches the eye test.

  11. Mark A Verticchio

    It.s almost like since he was going to bat Strand 3rd and he was scratched so his replacement, Fairchild, had to bat third instead of changing the line up, too much work for Bell’s thought process.

    • Mark Moore

      That little ditty shows up fairly often in my memory. Late scratch = replacement in the same slot with no changing of the order.

      • Melvin

        Hey. The manager of the Knights was going to do the same thing when he thought he had to replace Roy Hobbs. 😉

    • VaRedsFan

      India was scratched several games ago.
      Fairchild was inserted into the lineup….at lead off.

  12. Mark Moore

    Nice little swat from Elly. Feels good to be ahead of these guys for a change.

    • Melvin

      “Feels good to be ahead of these guys for a change.”

      For a little while anyway. 😉

  13. Chris

    Santiago has no business on this club, and certainly has no business playing as much as he does.

    • VaRedsFan

      Only playing because Candy is sick….but he hasn’t contributed much, if anything so far this season.

      • JB

        Hurry back Marte. And hurry back Friedl.

      • Chris

        He has played a LOT when Candy wasn’t sick. He is horrible. To think we could have had Donovan Solano for nothing, looking for a job, and we are playing this kid. Padres just signed Solano yesterday to a minor league contract.

  14. JB

    India ‘s problem is he’s watching instead of protecting the plate on the called third strike. That’s two so far this game and those pitches are to close to stand and watch.

  15. Mark Moore

    Ooops … hung that a bit to Raleigh. He’s not the kind of guy to miss a lot of those opportunities.

    Lead was nice … let’s get it back once Abbott polishes off this guy.

  16. Mark Moore

    And that’s where diving for one hurts. If he didn’t tip it, Benson would have grabbed it and it would have been a double (most likely).

  17. VaRedsFan

    Elly’s arm on that play was a true weapon. Just like last night on that throw home.


    Abbott with 46 pitches thru 3 innings. Lets go offense!

  19. Mark Moore

    India needs to sit next to Jobu on the plane ride home and get his bat some love.

  20. RedsGettingBetter

    It is frustrating how the Reds have not been able to hit in this series….

  21. Mark A Verticchio

    This line up is just a poor one against a team with pitching like Seattle. The Reds need to somehow hang around at least until Freidl gets back. They can’t worry about Marte or Mclain they won’t be back for a long time, if at all for Mclain. Meanwhile certain players need to do their job namely India, Candy, Stephenson among others.

  22. Tom Mitsoff

    Just a few thoughts on the team in general. My estimate is that 50 percent or more of the regulars here think David Bell is the primary reason for each game this team loses. Prior to today, the Reds are 17th in the majors in ERA at 4.17, and 19th overall in team batting average at .236. That’s right about where you’d expect to find a team that is 9-8 to this point.

    David Bell is not pitching or hitting. Many here believe that every strategic move he makes is flawed. That’s overstating things a bit, but not much. It’s just a bit much to blame the manager for every single problem this team has when you have what has been — at least to this point — a roster that has performed collectively at a very meh, mediocre rate.

    McLain was a huge loss. Just imagine this team without Steer. It’s a similar impact. Bell makes some boneheaded moves, but also makes some moves that work out well that fans don’t go crazy over. I just don’t think he’s the Homer Simpson of managers.

    • Old-school

      I agree Tom. I dont blame Bell for everything. But while hes not Homer Simpson , neither was Jerry Narron or Dave Miley or Bryan Price or Bob Boone. He’s right there with them. What separates Bell is he has been asked to be the front porch of the Reds organization and ownership desperately needs him to fill that role. So he is important and wont be going anywhere.

    • VaRedsFan

      I don’t like Bell at all.
      There are so many little things that add up to produce an inferior result…These things accumulate over the course of the season. 2-3 games a month that he inflicts his influence, adds up. I don’t get caught up in lineups too much, but Steer should never bat 7th. If he tries something that’s not working, he tends to stick with it far to long before finally realizing it’s not working. How many years do we have to watch poor baserunning? How many years do we have to watch our pitchers walk more batters than any other team? Maybe it’s the coaches he hires or are loyal too?
      I could go on and on, but this is getting long.

  23. Mark Moore

    Stewie isn’t impressing so far in this expansive center field. If he’s not mashing it, why not Bubba?

    On the other hand … what a play by Elly!!!

    • Tom Mitsoff

      That was a flash of the type of defense that he is uniquely able to provide.

      • DaveCT

        Reminds me of a quote by BB King about U2’s guitarist, The Edge:

        “Everybody’s saying he’s pretty good. Everybody can’t be wrong.”

    • Melvin

      “On the other hand … what a play by Elly!!!”

      It’s hard for me not to think about him playing out there in CF. Man he would be GOOD. He wouldn’t need a cut off man most of the time either on a play to the plate. 🙂 Have to be patient. He ain’t going out there this year.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        If he can make plays like that at shortstop consistently, that’s where he should stay. He hasn’t yet done that in his major-league career to date.

      • Melvin

        I know that’s the argument Tom. I just think as good as he is at SS he would be that much better in CF. Like I said it’s not going to happen this year at least. When Arroyo gets here? ……

      • DaveCT

        Melvin, I’d say its the exact opposite.

        The loss of Elly as a unique weapon at short stop negates much of what you’d gain in CF. Plus elite shortstops are much more difficult to draft or sign, develop, break in and maintain team control of via extensions (see Lindor, Correa, Bogaerts). And look at the sheer volume of kids who start at short then are moved off of the position. It makes no sense organizationally to give that up by moving Elly, until and if he plays himself off the position. And I’m not even saying anything about the injury risk if wall collisions and diving for shoulder injuries, aka balls.

        That said, watching Julio this series demonstrates what we do not have, and that is an elite CF. That’s not a knock against Friedl, he’s really good. it’s just that his game isn’t suited to a Mariner’s type of park where CF defense is required and elite defense is so apparent. Both Benson and Fairchild have been exposed out there this series.

      • Melvin

        DaveCT – I’m willing to accept different opinions other than mine….even if they are wrong. haha Just kidding. You’re obviously a smart baseball man.

      • DaveCT

        Melvin, I can make something right very wrong in a matter of seconds …

        Ever see the children’s movie, Up?

        There’s a scene where the kid is pleading with Ed Asner’s character to keep a dog that has a radio collar allowing it to talk.

        “Can we keep it, please, please, please?”


        “But it’s a talking dog!”

        That’s how I feel about Elly.

  24. Old-school

    Elly phenomenal play at SS. I think we are all just going to have to see how this goes the next 4 months or so. That play moves the needle back towards neutral a bit

  25. Mark Moore

    Abbott limiting the damage again. Time to back him up.

  26. Reddawg2012

    I’m not sure what is worse…watching India stink it up in the lead off spot, or knowing there is no better option anywhere else in the organization.

  27. RedsGettingBetter

    Aside the EDLC’s homer, just one batter has reached on base thru 5 innings against Miller…

  28. Mark A Verticchio

    This is a hard game to watch because you know what’s going to happen it’s just a matter of when, in other words when will Seattle take the lead. The Red’s need to go home to get as healthy as possible and just forget about this trip to Seattle. One more thing Bell needs to find a lead off hitter, McLain isn’t coming back any time soon and India is not the answer.

  29. GPod

    If there was one player i think this team couldn’t afford to be out of the lineup (besides Elly) it was McClain ….last year & this year….he was the best hitter on the team for most of last year.

    • DW

      And Friedl right with him, in my opinion…and both were lost. Hopefully Friedl comes back healthy and effective.

  30. Mark Moore

    Benson may have lost that in the sun and Stewie saved his bacon.

  31. Melvin

    74 pitches after 5. Abbott continues to prove he’s the best “pitcher” the Reds have.

  32. Tom Mitsoff

    Abbott is looking just like he did in the first half of last season — a pitcher you can count on for a good outing each time out. Right now he’s the ace of the rotation, if you ask me.

    • JB

      And he does it with a 93-94 mph Four seamer that he throws 50 % of the time. Difference is he has three other pitches besides the four seamer and locates his pitches in and out.

  33. VaRedsFan

    Abbott clears the 5th.
    Time for the team to get him a couple of runs.

  34. Mark A Verticchio

    My wife always asks why Cowboy isn’t the pitching coach, I really think he would do a better job than what they have.

    • Mark Moore

      1) They may not have offered him the job
      2) He may not have wanted it
      3) I’d wager his philosophy and that of Bell’s don’t align

  35. Chris

    Has Espinal hit a ball 90mph all season so far?

    • GPod

      hard to believe he’s a lifetime .269 hitter in the major leagues

    • Old Big Ed

      That last one was 92.7 mph.

      They overrate grounders, because they have gravity going for them, whereas balls in the air are fighting gravity.

  36. JB

    Again with India watching called strikeout. Three today. Does he know what protect the plate means?

  37. Tom Mitsoff

    These Seattle pitchers just continue to pound that strike zone. Pretty dang impressive. Reds are being forced to earn every single run with their bats instead of getting any help via walks, hit-by-pitch, etc.

    • JB

      If they can get some hitting to go with the pitching , they will be in the race for top spot in the West. IMO

    • DaveCT

      Seattle designed their stadium for pitching and defense, then developed their team to play in that stadium.

      While I have loved the Reds’ (stated) emphasis on developing pitching and defense for many years, I have never understood why their park was built for the exact opposite.

  38. RedsGettingBetter

    If India is hurt it’s better going to IL because hitting that way is not helping at all…

    • Reddawg2012

      I don’t disagree but who would replace him? There are literally no better options.

  39. Mark A Verticchio

    I was never on the trade India bandwagon but right now watching him bat is really hard to do, he is lost. Man does this team miss Marte and McClain. Only good news St. Louis is losing to Oakland so even with a loss they might stay out of last place.

    • Melvin

      As some have said I think India gets banged up a lot and while trying to be tough and play through it he’s not very successful. You can almost tell when he’s feeling good and when not. Some guys can play through minor injuries successfully and some not.

  40. Old-school

    Im an India Fan. But this is painful. 0-22 with 11 K’s on this road trip.
    He was great in 2021 and great first 2 months of 2023 before getting injured again. Reds dont have any answers at AAA and McLain is the long term answer at 2b anyway so this is going to play out, much like Elly at SS over the next 4 months. Lots of guys not hitting across MLB. Tough to watch though.

    Good news is Abbott showed up as a stopper today when Reds on the verge of getting swept…..again. Hes had a great start to this year.

  41. Old Big Ed

    I can’t decide whether India is Billy Hamilton without the speed, or Joey Gallo without the power, or Bill Mazeroski without the glove, or all of the above.

  42. JB

    Well crap. Can the Reds hitters get another run or two today or are they already on the Bus to the airport?


    Abbott running out of gas! Fastball has dropped this inning. Great start for him again

  44. Roger Garrett

    One hit in 6 innings after last night with only 4 is kind of like the end of last year minus being tired and not ready to play.Lets hope not still have nine puts to go.Got to like our guy today.

  45. Indy Red Man

    When your team isn’t hitting, baseball is about as exciting as a infomercial for Colon Blow

  46. Indy Red Man

    Espinal should be arrested for theft on payday. Dude hasn’t hit a ball hard since they got him

  47. GPod

    have the Reds got a lead-off hitter on base this entire series?

  48. Old-school

    This team cant hit lefties or righties. Other than that, they are ok.

  49. Melvin

    Yikes. Steer robbed again in another way. I’m getting more and more for less “human” umpiring. lol I like the challenge system the best. Has some of both.

    • VaRedsFan

      Challenge system is great. Makes too much sense.
      Just like some laws in this country…they have to fight through so much red tape to get a rule passed. I have to believe technology is there.

    • DaveCT

      Ump was looking at his watch with that call

  50. VaRedsFan

    6 inches outside and Steer get hosed.
    The ump has called bad pitches for both sides.

  51. Melvin

    Well that didn’t work out too well.

    • VaRedsFan

      The 2nd one just about did it. Because it mean we needed a 2nd run.

  52. VaRedsFan

    Sims serves one up to the first batter he faces.

  53. RedsGettingBetter

    Literally this game is the same as the yesterday’s but more frustrating offensively

  54. Mark A Verticchio

    When the season started everybody knew the hitting would suffer because of the 3 guys not playing, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. Meanwhile the bull pen continues to stink. The reality is it’s a miracle this team will be 9 and 9 after today, but with the upcoming schedule if things don’t change this season could be over early.

  55. dimondfvr

    Can we have a do-over. Get different hitters, get different pitchers, get different umps?

  56. GPod

    I was always against automated balls/strikes in baseball….but the more i watch these umpires expand strikes zones (like what just happened to Steer) the more i’m for it

  57. Old-school

    Lucas Sims Being Lucas Sims.

    Spin rate is good though, so there’s that.

  58. Roger Garrett

    Yep looks good but is well just awful.Got to believe everybody was pretty much packed up and on the bus already.

  59. GPod

    Sadek: “Sims seems off” …….great analysis

  60. RedsGettingBetter

    Sims has been horrible in his last outings… What’s happening to him? Is he hurt too? Or lost his focus?
    The game is being over….

    • VaRedsFan

      He’s always surrounded a few brilliant outings with bunch of terrible ones. He’s DJ’s star pupil…lots of spin…very few strikes.

  61. Roger Garrett

    Sims just isn’t that good.

  62. dimondfvr

    Bell will say its too early in the season to be worried about the batters not hitting and the bullpen not making pitches. LOL

    • GPod

      you nailed it….you forgot: “we will just keep doing what were doing…we will get better”

    • Dennis Westrick

      Every game counts! Whether it’s week 3 or week 30! Had the Reds not squandered some games early in the season last year they would have made the postseason!

  63. Dennis Westrick

    The Reds need to find some pitchers who can throw strikes!

    • JB

      I’ll tell ya it’s been nice to watch Seattle’s pitchers. Attack the zone every pitch.

  64. Roger Garrett

    Bell is on the bus as well.What a joke

  65. RedsGettingBetter

    I can’t understand why Bell let Sims gives up the game when the score is 3-1 and a day off tomorrow… Last season he did the same many times…

  66. deafmix3

    Pluses for this crummy 3-game series:
    – Nice stints by Abbott (today) and Martinez (Monday)
    – EDLC’s defense and HR
    – that’s it, unless you are (like me) a tertiary Mariners fan…

  67. Mark A Verticchio

    What a horrible horrible 3 days, you just hope that going home and have Lodolo pitching on Friday helps. They aren’t hitting much but getting Candy and Strand back might help.

  68. GPod

    I know the Reds were terrible today….but this umpire is a joke

  69. JB

    And Bell brings in another guy who likes to walk the first hitter.

  70. Mark Moore

    Stopped commenting when I switched from the office to the house and fixed a salad. Charge that last run Clase scored to the HP Chumpire (with an assist from Sims for issuing the BB). Just shake my head at how a professional MLB umpire can blatantly miss the interference call when the man FELL ACROSS THE PLATE into TySteve’s throwing lane.

    It’s a Clete for me regardless. I think I need the off day tomorrow as much as our Reds do.

    • GPod

      even the Seattle tv crew said it should be interference

  71. Jeff morris

    Good outing by Abbott. What is the deal with Sims walking so many? Reds pitchers have walked alot of batters this series!

  72. CI3J

    In that case, Diaz was lucky the ump was calling those balls on the edge as strikes. I honestly thought he walked that guy.

  73. Grover

    Bell is asleep at the wheel this game. Seattle had 2 relievers up for Miller who looked unhittable in the 6th. Abbot gives up a homer and 2 walks in the 6th before Bell gets some up. Sims had zero control and was allowed to put the game out of reach before he was replaced.

  74. Mark A Verticchio

    The Red’s bull pen may be one of the few, if any, that doesn’t have a flare thrower.

  75. LarkinPhillips

    This 3 game series really reminded me of the 3-22 start 2 years ago. Just similar mistakes and terrible energy. We played poorly in every aspect of the game these 3 games. 13 games in 13 days against the Angel’s, Phillies, rangers, and Padres doesn’t inspire much confidence in turning this around either.

  76. VaRedsFan

    This bears repeating….Posted after game 1 of the series.

    Mariners 5 starters:

    Castillo 21.2 IP – 4 walks
    Gilbert 20.1 IP – 3 Walks
    Kirby 20.1 IP – 2 Walks
    Miller 18.1 IP – 6 Walks
    Hancock 14.2 IP – 2 Walks

    94 innings – 17 walks

    Reds Starters – 90 innings – 26 walks

    Throw money at their pitching coach. DJ’s pitchers have a history of allowing more free passes than most every team in the league.
    27th last year
    Dead last in 2022
    Dead last in 2021

    2nd fewest in 2024
    2nd fewest in 2023
    9th fewest in 2022
    7th fewest in 2021

    Stop acting like DJ is some sort of pitching guru.

  77. GPod

    can we just skip the 9th inning and get on the bus?

  78. LDS

    18 games in and things aren’t looking good. Krall’s off season acquisitions aren’t looking great thus far. He didn’t get the pitching nor bolster the OF. McLain, Marte, and Friedl out hasn’t helped, but they are pitchers. Another 7 walks thus far. It could be yet another bad year. Krall needs to step up now, not at the trade deadline.

  79. dimondfvr

    Does Reds ownership really think Bell and Johnson will be snapped up in their current roles by another major league club. Hey, let ’em stay here. “Where they gonna go.”

  80. RedsGettingBetter

    Really disappointing series… From heaven to hell in a crash… This team seems is going to have a lot of troubles to win if they perform as did these three games at Seattle

  81. Dennis Westrick

    In addition to finding some pitchers who can throw strikes, the Reds need some new hitting coaches who can teach the Reds batters how to hit the ball! Eleven (11) strikeouts thru 8 innings is ridiculous!

  82. JB

    India didn’t strikeout looking so that’s an improvement.

  83. GPod

    look at some of these reds batting avg. …..terrible

  84. DataDumpster

    Similar but even worse than yesterday, The relief pitcher gets pulled only after allowing 6 batters to reach and take a one run deficit to four. Wonder what Yogi Berra would say about that.
    Not a fan of Sadak but he does come very well prepared as some said. Apparently, Sims had the most pitches in any one outing in his career. Bet even Bell either wasn’t aware of that or set that as a goal somehow. Speaking of, why is it that many posters here, seem unbothered by the fact that Bell just seems to give up on 1/2 to a full dozen games a year when the bullpen situation or other factors “might” affect the next game or the weekly plan. Tomorrow is an off day BTW. Was still worth watching this game because of Abbott and the ensuing commentary by The Cowboy on why he is so good and how he does it.
    The season is young but the the character of this team, although with many new exciting players, still resembles the old. I thought they removed 5 or 6 of the management team last year but I guess we have to wait until August or so to see if anything changes.

    • JB

      The Sims fact is false. Sims has thrown more than 36 pitches before in an outing. Maybe as a reliever but not as a starter. When he first joined the Reds he had a no hitter I believe into the 7th. Doubt he did that on 36 pitches.

      • GPod

        that may have been the most pitches he ever threw in 1 inning

      • JB

        Might have been but Sadak didn’t say that.

  85. RedsGettingBetter

    Very close to get no-no…Let’s go back to play at GABP and hope they will hit again

  86. JB

    Sweep the chisox and then get swept. That’s a .500 team.

  87. Mike W

    Thx to Bell’s lineups, India now has 6 more PAs than Elly in only 17 games. At this rate India will have 57 more PAs than Elly at year’s end!!!! None of us wants that.

    Come on GM, tell Bell to delegate the lineup responsibility to our first base coach. He seems to know what he’s doing.
    Mr. Bell: the people batting at the top get more ABs than the people batting at the top — which is why every other manager in baseball puts their best players in the top half of the order.
    Check out other lineups. Thats why you’ll recognize more of the names in the top half than the bottom half. Or, forget about it completely and have me or anyone else do it. Please, starting next game!
    .159 and 0-25 India got 4 ABs today — and 5 HR and 16 runs scored Elly only get 3 ABs. India now has 6 more PAs than Elly in only 17 games. At that rate India will have 57 more PAs than Elly at year’s end!!!!
    Move Elly and Fraley up and India and Fairchild down.

  88. William

    It is early in the season. This is a young team. They will be much better in a few months.

  89. Mike W

    I like your optimism, but I’ve watched EVERY game for the last 5 years and Bell is not a superior manager. He’s a .469 (career) manager. This is a business, he’s had his chance and should be let go. Someone else would put in the obvious lineup with the players we have. We almost made the playoffs last year DESPITE Bell burning out our RPs and pulling SPs too soon. There’s no obvious “fire” in him during or after the games. The Reds are a corporation, a business. You make money by winning because more fans attend winning runs scoring games. He gave it a try. Lots of managers have mediocre careers. It’s a tough occupation. IF we happen to get in the playoffs this year, either Bell will have changed his management style, or it will be because of superior efforts by several players. I’m not a Bell hater, I’m a Reds Lover for the last 60 years. Bell gave it a try for the last 5+ years. I just think it’s time to try someone else. Either way, Go Reds!

    • Mark A Verticchio

      Like you I watch every game and I agree with you 100%, sadly you and I both know that Bell is here for a long time. You are right he has had his chance and failed. I follow a lot of teams in various sports and I have never seen a manager or coach with less fire than Bell. Sadly with the injuries he already has an excuse should this season go as poorly as I fear it might. We as fans are stuck with the worst manager in baseball for the foreseeable future.

    • LDS

      I agree as well. I’ve been in favor of moving on from Bell for several years. I don’t think the young talent will get anywhere near their potential ceilings with Bell, DJ, et al. And Krall and Castellini really don’t care. The fans came out in force last season and they made money which they spread around to their cronies and other insiders. It’s what we’re stuck with. With this ownership group and given some of our ages, it’s not clear that any of us will be around for the next Reds team.

  90. Mike W

    P.S. Every game counts the same. Wins or losses in April are worth the exact same as in October. People just think of games in October as being super important because time is running out. I suggest winning 100 as soon as you can. ?