The Cincinnati Reds needed a win on Wednesday afternoon to avoid being swept in Seattle. Instead they managed just one hit – a solo home run by Elly De La Cruz – as the Mariners picked up a 5-1 win and took a series sweep.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (9-9)
1 1 0
Seattle Mariners (9-10)
5 7 0
W: miller (3-1) L: Abbott (1-2)
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Neither team did anything at the plate in the 1st, but Cincinnati got things going with two outs in the 2nd inning when Elly De La Cruz hit his 5th home run of the season to put the Reds up 1-0. The Mariners got that run back in the bottom of the inning on a solo home run with two outs of their own as Cal Raleigh hit one into the stands in left field to tie the game up.

Andrew Abbott and Bryce Miller both locked in after the 2nd inning for a while. De La Cruz’s homer remained the only hit Miller allowed through six innings. The Mariners would not have a hit after a 1-out double in the 3rd until a 2-out solo home from Mitch Garver in the bottom of the 6th that put Seattle on top, 2-1. Abbott then proceeded to walk the next two batters before a pop up ended the inning.

Both teams went to the bullpen for the 7th. The first pitch thrown by Lucas Sims in the inning was hit into the seats by Josh Rojas to extend the Mariners lead to 3-1. Sims then walked Jonatan Clase, who stole second base on a controversial non-call when there was clearly batters interference on the play. A single from Mitch Garver followed and Clase easily scored to pad the Seattle lead. Sims got a fly out to follow, but then walked the next three batters to make it 5-1 before he exited the game in favor of Alexis Diaz, who struck out Dylan Moore to end the inning. He’d return for a shutout 8th inning.

Cincinnati headed into the 9th inning with one hit on the day and in need of at least four runs to keep the game going. Instead they went down in order as Seattle closed out a 1-hitter and swept the Reds in their 3-game set.

Key Moment of the Game

Bringing Lucas Sims in for the 7th inning. He walked four batters, gave up a home run, and was charged with three earned runs that put the game out of reach for a struggling Reds offense.

Notes Worth Noting

Andrew Abbott was given the tough-luck loss in the box score on the day after giving up just two runs in 6.0 innings.

Cincinnati had just two men reach base. They happened in back-to-back plate appearances with Elly De La Cruz hitting a home run in the 2nd and it being followed up with a walk to Tyler Stephenson.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Los Angeles Angels vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday April 19th, 6:40pm ET


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  1. Mark Moore

    I’ve said before about wiping a game off the books … now we have to wipe the entire series off the books. Beyond frustrating to watch this trainwreck happen. I can only hope the return home and day off will make a difference. Heaven knows the LAA will be licking their chops at the thought of playing us right now.

  2. GPod

    Can Bell actually put India in the leadoff spot on friday’s lineup?

    • Reddawg2012

      Oh you better believe he can and he will.

  3. CI3J

    Getting swept is never fun.

    But the Reds have always struggled on he West coast, and in particular have a dismal record against Seattle.

    I think once they return home, they can begin to right the ship. But do you keep Sims in the setup role right now when he’s clearly not right?

    • DaveCT

      Their offense as currently fielded is especially lacking in a park like Seattle’s.

      Friedl, McLain, India struggling, we’ve lost our better hitters who can get a single when needed, vs the guys we need for power (Steer, Elly, CES, Candelario, Benson, Fraley). I’ve seen it in Seattle for years, where power hitters struggle.

    • Frank Miller

      Interesting. Do the Reds struggle when playing on the west coast, or are you saying they struggle against these teams even when playing at home)?

  4. Mark A Verticchio

    How can you expect to win when 6 of your 13 hitters are hitting under .200 including 3 starters, 4 when Maile catches. Only 4 players are hitting over .250 = EDLC, Steer, Fraley and Martini. Bell cannot continue to bat India 1st but it would not surprise at all.

    • Dewey Roberts

      The Reds are an imbalanced team. Too much youth, not enough veteran experience. This looks like a below .500 team this year.

      • LDS

        It’s not the youth actually. One can argue that the Reds could use some established major leaguers, but it’s not an age thing. It’s a management and development issue. It has been for years. Bell & DJ are a horrible combination. That should be evident to all but the most jingoistic Reds fans here on RLN.

  5. James K

    I am not fond of the “Hold” statistic for relief pitchers, but if we are going to continue using it, we should balance it with its mirror image, a “Ruin” for a relief pitcher who comes in with his team a little behind and leaves them way behind.

  6. Jedi Joey

    I keep telling myself it’s early. Hopefully, they remember how to score against the Angels.

  7. Reddawg2012

    Imagine if the Reds had played any team other than the White Sox last weekend. We would probably be looking at 6-12 or 7-11.

    • Rcsodak

      You mean we cant play the white Sox every series!?!?!

  8. DaveCT

    Watching Julio this series demonstrates what we do not have, and that is an elite CF. That’s not a knock against Friedl, he’s really good. it’s just that I don’t think his game plays as well in a Mariner’s type of park where a high level CF defense is required and elite defense is so apparent. Both Benson and Fairchild have been exposed out there this series. Again, not a knock. TJ may have been better, but there were several batted balls that Julio got to that few others would have. He’s got both burst as well as open field speed. Amazing.

    • MBS

      I like all 4 of our main outfielders, and all are deserving of a starting job on a MLB team. That’s awesome, but as you point out we don’t have an Allstar like Julio. My hope, but not expectation is that Marte is shagging fly balls right now. I think he would give the OF that dynamic player it’s missing. EDLC could also fit that bill btw.

    • Rcsodak

      What? If they can’t hit, does it matter they can’t field?
      (Asking for a friend)

  9. Old-school

    The frustrating part of this season is reds treading water with same questions

    1.) can hunter greene in year 3 develop a 3rd pitch
    2.) can jon india stay healthy and get back to AS form
    3.) can Tyler Stephenson get back to his potential?
    4.) do Candelario and Montas help this team win
    5.) do the reds finally have a 26 man deep roster?
    6.) can Lucas Sims ever be reliable?

    No no no no and no

    • Rob

      I don’t have the answers but the pitching on this team is markedly better than the 2023 version. I would have thought that the offense was also slightly better. But not so fast. Not with 3 key injuries and not with the guys replacing them – India, Martini/Thompson, and Sanibel. Those replacements are suitable for a month of treading water. They are not suitable for half a season and the clock is ticking. Hold onto your hats but wouldn’t you rather have Newman and his 250 BA, defense, savvy, and versatility? Not the GM but I seriously question whether the current offense is capable of a winning record come July. (Minus the injuries I certainly believe we are fighting for the Division in July.). If I am on the right track, what are we going to do? Nothing and be below 500 on July 15? (Then whine about trade deadline prices.). Recognize that our current offense lacks 1-2 pieces ……RH hitting OF and 2B. I know we spent close to $50M to get better than 82 wins. I know we didn’t expect the depth of offensive injuries. But we need more offense and soon. There are 6-8 prospects I would not trade. There are about 20 others who do not have a clear path to a Reds roster spot in 2025. We don’t need long term guys. We need 6 month guys.

      • LDS

        Krall blew it at the trade deadline last year. His offseason acquisitions were mediocre. There were better options available at similar money. There’s little reason to expect different behavior at this point. And prospects are simply potential. If you don’t know how to develop the talent, they are valueless. And the Reds haven’t shown much development savvy of late, especially once the player reaches the Reds.

      • Rob

        LDS, I totally agree about Krall blowing it last year letting the Marlins and D backs catch us and seize the playoff spot. Case of not wanting to win and/or over valuing prospect. How could he not see that Scherzer was a better option than Weaver, Lively, Kennedy, etc.?

        Given all the cash spent and signings he made over the winter, and the Dbacks and Rangers last gasp entry into the playoffs, I feel it is almost certain that Krall will trade as necessary to get to 90 wins or whatever is necessary. We have young, talented pitchers and IF prospects out the kazoo, none of who are going to make any meaningful contribution until 2025 at best. We don’t need to trade for pitchers so he won’t have to whine about their cost being too high. We don’t need 4-5 year contract guys and the money therein. We need 6 month players who can hit 260 and bop 30 HRs. Some losing team should be salivating at the chance to get Phillips or Petty for such. This can not be a wait till next year year.

    • Melvin

      “No no no no and no”

      Can you put that to music? 🙂

      • doctorrockett

        Howard Jones “Things Can Only Get Better”

    • greenmtred

      I get the frustration, O-S, but respectfully disagree about the nos for #3 and #4. Stephenson is hitting the ball hard at an elite rate this year. So far lots of those hard-hit balls are right at somebody, so he may be single-handedly settling the argument about whether there’s really such as thing as bad luck. Montas has shown in half of his four starts that he still throws well and knows how to pitch, so isn’t it too early to give up on him? Candelario is far from a sure bet , but he has lately shown signs of life. Sims is completely untrustworthy and unpredictable, to be sure, but it’s also too early to give up on Greene. Half of their projected starting position players were unavailable last night and Seattle’s pitching is a team strength.

      • old-school

        Oh I haven’t given up GMR. Just disappointed there’s lots of holes and question marks through the rotation/bullpen/lineup 11% of the way through the season. But, Reds usually dont play well on the WC so we shall see on the home stand if they can rebound.

  10. Rcsodak

    Anymore minors to bring up to fire up the team like last year?

  11. GreatRedLegsFan

    I wonder what’s really going on with India, he’s not even the shadow of his rookie year, premature aging?

    • JB

      I do know one thing, he has struck out 17 times and 10 of them he just stood there and watched. He has to foul off those pitches and grind out at bats. Look at all the crazy swings Votto use to take in order to foul off pitches. Live to see another pitch. Seattle did it a lot to Greene and got his pitch count up.

      • VaRedsFan

        India is fouling off a ton of hittable pitches early in the count.

      • Rob

        The Mariners, while having a losing record, looked like a much better team than the Reds. Hope that is not the case because they are the type of NL team like the Pads, Dbacks, Cubs, Phils, etc. that we will need to beat out for a playoff spot.

      • Justin T

        M’s put a masterclass on with fouling the ball off, running Greenes pitchcount up for sure.

        This team has surprised me before, I hope there is some magic left but we will see. When the whole team is struggling at the plate each individual starts pressing to get something going and that obviously isnt helping. The way the team is constructed, they just dont have alot of contact hitters. You can cause havoc sometimes simply by making the other team field the ball. Im staying positive but would love to see something that resembles consistency out of the Cincinnati Reds. Win 3 lose 3 win 2 lose 4 etc. The manager is a go with the flow style manager who isnt going to make drastic changes and I dont even know if there are any to make right now. The players need to own it and get going, help isnt coming from either on or off the field management.

    • Melvin

      My guess is he’s not completely healthy very often and can’t perform like some can with minor injuries which by the way everyone gets eventually during a season.

      • Jim Walker

        Agree about the injuries.

        It would be interesting to know what India’s 100% level now is compared to his 100% level before the injuries that started in his sophomore season.

        We may need to bear in mind India was a corner guy (3B) prior to converting to 2B when a spring training opening came up in 2021.

      • Melvin

        I think you can tell a difference already this year from the beginning to now concerning his overall health. It would seem he wears down rather easily.

    • Pitcher'sDad

      In my opinion, India’s problem, like most of the Reds’ problems, is a direct result almost entirely of bad, ill-advised (and in many cases, altogether lacking (e.g., look at the masterful team hitting game planning and scouting of the Brewers against the Reds every game, every series)) coaching or teammate advice/requests. Approach is almost everying to hitters. India’s natural approach, and one that he executed very well in the past, is to aggressively jump on first pitches and early-count fastballs. On Bally this weekend the broadcasters stated something to the effect that India was told/coached that because he is now batting leadoff, he has to passively take and “see” a lot of pitches to help the batters later in the order. Such an approach is antithetical to India’s natural approach, and it is one that, as I recall Cowboy said has put India’s hitting approach into mental “limbo,” causing hesitation at the plate that almost always will result in failure against MLB pitches of every type. In my opinion, and if I recall correctly, the current Reds hitting coach has very little serious and real world high-level experience.

  12. Melvin

    Reds pitchers gave up 20 walks in three games. That alone is a reason for getting swept.

    Reds hitters striking out 31 times in three games didn’t help much either.

    NOT a recipe for success.

    • bug

      I heard that!!! You hit the nail right on the head! Same as last year. Too many walks issued by the pitching staff, and too many Ks by the offense. They’ve had plenty time to address these issues,..all winter in fact. The Reds need a new hitting and pitching coach,..along with a new manager. Jmo.

    • MFG

      Spot on Melvin! Our pitchers walk too many hitters, especially our bullpen.
      Our hitters are not taking many walks, though Mariners pitchers don’t issue many.
      India is either hurt or tired? Mclain and Marte missing hurts more than T.J missing.
      Simms has always scared me because of his walks but he has not pitched in a while.

    • Justin T

      Walking hitters and having your own hitters strikeout too much, you would think by now those issues would be addressed. The team is put together poorly and the results speak to it. For example, Buck Farmer has pitched 10 yrs in the big leagues and had an era under 4 just 3 times. His career walk rate is 4.2 per 9 innings which is considered awful by any standard. Relief pitchers who walk people cannot pitch at the MLB level period. Yet he was re-signed in the offseason. It was a lazy signing in my opinion, there are better options in Korea. So while alot of fans were buying polish for Nick Krall’s 2024 Executive of the Year award, my eyes told me this team wasnt put together very well and at some point the players have to look at Bell’s record and wonder the same thing we do.

      Change occurs when the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of changing it.

  13. Roger Garrett

    I get it that Sims for an inning and obviously then Diaz per Bell’s script for an inning to keep it a one run game.What I don’t get is if why Sims was left in the game after the lead homer to give up 2 more including walking in a run with 3 straight walks.I said it during the game thread and will again in that Bell had to be already on the bus cause he sure wasn’t watching what was taking place on the field.He did stick to his script of bringing in Diaz but now down 4 with the bases loaded well was way way too late.

    • VaRedsFan

      He had to keep Sims in for at least 3 batters.
      I don’t think it is feasible to have a guy warming up every time you put in a new pitcher. if you though last year’s bullpen was overused, then using your model would have them spent by May.

      • Roger Garrett

        I get that but he faced 8 batters and after 3 batters it was one out and a guy on second then a hit now down 3 and then 3 walks and now down 4.Diaz by Bell’s script was to pitch the 8th cause down 4 you bring in your closer?Like I said it was Sims then Diaz to try and keep it a one run game.Yes I agree its not feasible to have a guy warming up every time you put in a new pitcher but it was already scripted which is just what Bell does and he sticks to it regardless of what takes place on the field.That was plan A,plan B and plan C but he was too late and just to go one step more he brought Diaz right back out for the 8th.Bell was on the bus.Now to be fair Bell is for the most part just like every other manager but that sequence yesterday was just baffling to me.Not that it was scripted but that he had Sims for the 7th regardless and Diaz for the 8th and wasn’t going to go off script.

      • greenmtred

        You aren’t the only one who makes the claim that Bell follows a rigid script, Roger. I’m curious: is this based on your impression, or have you heard this from an authoritative source? I’d guess that most or all managers have a “script” of sorts for the bullpen, maybe based on various in-game situations, expected match-ups, recent workload and health? I say this because we know that all teams have a closer, and most have one or two guys that they will use in eighth, and so on.

  14. Reddawg2012

    Yes it’s early. I see a lot of people on Twitter pointing to the 7-15 start last season and how the Reds came back from that. The difference this season is that there is no cavalry coming from AAA. For example, India is struggling badly. There is no better option anywhere in the organization currently, he is what we have. Not to mention, last year’s team won 12 straight games to propel themselves back into relevancy. It’s very unlikely that happens again.

    On a positive note, I believe the pitching staff is better this season. I think we have to hope that a few guys get hot with the bats (looking at you CES, Benson, and Candy) in May and June and carry the team until Friedl and Marte return and the lineup is more complete. But that might be asking too much. I guess time will tell.

    And for the love of God, please stop walking people.

  15. William

    This team will win the division, if the weak manager does not hold them back. The Reds are without some key players right now. Bell should take advantage of hot hitters. Gove Fraley more bats right now.

    • David

      He is likely the most consistent and reliable pitcher (Abbott). Not quite an ace.

      And I don’t know about pinning all the fans’ hopes on Marte and TJ Friedl. The team on the field now should be good enough, but Seattle had superior pitching (no kidding, really!), and …..pitching wins games. The whole staff has got to get better.

      And I have a bad feeling about Sims, Wilson, Pagan and Farmer, and that’s about 2/3 of the present bullpen. The Reds might seriously have to think about re-constituting their BP. Don’t know if Ian Gibaut or Sam Moll are coming back anytime soon.
      Tony Santillan is pitching pretty well (in relief) in Louisville. My first step might be releasing Wilson and promoting Santillan.

      • David

        Just looked at Tony’s stats, and his ERA is lousy now, 6.14. With so few innings this year, maybe he had one really bad outing. But the Bats pitching is pretty lousy, too.

      • Jim Walker

        Before being roughed up for 4 ER Tuesday in 0.2IP, Santillan had allowed a single earned run at Louisville in 6.2IP (7 appearances) for a 1.35ERA.

      • Old Big Ed

        Santillan got shelled in a game earlier this week. That is the nature of relievers, and one game doesn’t mean much. You can say the same thing about Sims, too, but Sims is older and should be more consistent, but he isn’t.

      • MBS

        No, he’s not an actual Ace. I was using the commonly used version of a team’s #1 pitcher as being an Ace. I really shouldn’t have done it since I don’t like terms being diluted. I’ll rephrase.

        Is Abbott our #1?

        His first 10 starts last year had him sitting at a 1.90 ERA. After that there’s a debate if he wore out to close out the season, or if there was something else going on. I’d say that his first 4 starts this year seem to indicate that he was wore out.

        He made it to 163 innings last year, so hopefully he’s built up the needed innings to make 32 starts in 2024.

  16. Jim Walker

    I was out and about all Wednesday afternoon and early evening. Fortunately, I stopped by here before dialing up the recording of this game on my streaming service and found better things to watch.

  17. Mauired

    Major league rule for pitchers is 3 batter minimum. So why was Sims left in to give up two hits including a home run (in a pitchers park) and FOUR WALKS INCLUDING ONE WITH THE BASES LOADED.

    I’ve pointed this out several times. Bell has no idea how to manage a pitching staff. People have pointed out the mediocre era of the pitching staff. Well when the manager continuously leaves in pitchers to get hammered and give up runs (and games) the era will go up as a byproduct.

    Another thing I found kind of crazy was Bell sitting there chuckling and amused with his coaches after the lead was given up. You would think he was leaving Seattle with a sweep the way he was acting. Not the other way around.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. We all know this guy’s job is safe no matter what. Reds are not unlike any other corporation in this country. The people in the most important positions aren’t the most important, they are the ones that golf and go out for drinks with the owner’s dirt bag son.

  18. TR

    Sweep in Chicago, swept in Seattle. 3-3 road trip, 9-9 record three weeks into season. The balanced schedule is a real challenge for all thirty teams, but the next month looks especially tough for the Reds. Will it be up or down from 9-9?

    • Tyler Hawk

      I just told a friend I wouldn’t be shocked if the Reds are 5-10 games below .500 at the start of June with the schedule they have coming up.

    • Old Big Ed

      I’m not one to look at a stretch of a schedule and figure that it is hard or soft. They are all major league teams fully capable both of outplaying you and of looking bad against you. (I will grant that the Reds caught the White Sox at a good time, with young pitching and Luis Roberts and Eloy Jimenez both out. Even then, though, Crochet is an excellent young pitcher.)

      Everyone thought the Mets were bad going into their series with the Reds, and they have been on fire, because they started to get excellent pitching. Nobody expected the Astros to be 6-14, or Cleveland to have MLB’s second-best run differential. The Reds have 3 games between now and the end of the home stand on May 29 against a team with a .580+ record — the Orioles at home.

      They need to play each at-bat, each inning and each game as it comes, and not worry about the schedule for next week. Every team has 26 major-leaguers, and they all put their pants on the same way.

      • VaRedsFan

        This is so true OBE. Every year, we get “schedule watchers” that say the Reds have the easiest schedule down the stretch…they should win 7 of 10 with ease…blah blah blah.
        Every year those predictions flop.
        Play each game on it’s own.

  19. Mark Moore

    We won’t see the return of BobSteve to Cincy this weekend. Halos invested heavily in him and how he’s headed for elbow surgery. Wish him well. Seems like a WHOLE LOT of that stuff going around.

    • VaRedsFan

      We will see Bell favorite – Hunter Strickland though. We gave up a 2 run lead yesterday in the 8th, but got the win.
      OldTimer would be proud.

  20. SultanofSwaff

    I dare say the offensive output would’ve been a little better the last 3 days had Candelario and CES been available, but stuff happens over 6 months.

    The team is fine as constituted to compete for a playoff spot. We’re getting servicable pitching overall (starters are 13th in ERA, relievers are 20th). Lodolo will certainly help the starters but some sorting in the bullpen needs to take place (like it does every April sadly). The offense is 13th in OPS with reinforcements on the way eventually.

  21. Roger Garrett

    The Reds have several glaring problems as a team and they are nothing new.Staff walks too many,hitters fan too often and just basic in the game blunders.Reds just never seem to be in the moment,oh they are aggressive at the plate and on the base paths but they don’t get it when its time to take their foot of the gas pedal.Taking a pitch down 2 runs in the ninth like the other night ahead in the count 2-0 is just smart but we don’t do smart.Making the last out at third is just never smart yet we do both over and over.Where is the coach and manager in these situations?I have to believe they see it but why don’t they correct it?Yeah its not little league and I get that but if you play like little leaguers well what’s left to say.

  22. SultanofSwaff

    The Reds pitching staff is 15th in baseball in walks allowed–exactly middle of the pack.

    Has anyone else noticed that Elly DeLaCruz is on pace for a 40 homer, 60 steal season? With almost 2 weeks left in the first month he already has 5 HRs and 7 stolen bases. I would think he finishes April with probably 7 homers and 10 steals…..multiply that x 6 and all of the sudden he’s in some very rarified air…..and certainly in the discussion for NL MVP.

  23. Jon

    Obviously the lack of offense and the bullpen were the main problems this series. However, when your supposed top two starting pitchers fail to throw more than a COMBINED six innings in their two starts, that’s a major problem, especially against a poor offensive team like the Mariners. (I realize Lodolo may be more talented than either of them, but am not counting him as a top pitcher yet due to his continuous health issues.)