Fresh off of sweeping the Chicago White Sox, the Cincinnati Reds are in the pacific northwest to take on the Seattle Mariners. First pitch tonight is scheduled for 9:42pm ET.

Starting Lineup

Cincinnati Reds

Seattle Mariners

Jonathan India – 2B J.P. Crawford – SS
Will Benson – CF Julio Rodriguez – CF
Christian Encarnacion-Strand Jorge Polanco – 2B
Spencer Steer – LF Mitch Haniger – DH
Jake Fraley – RF Ty France – 1B
Elly De La Cruz – SS Cal Raleigh – C
Jeimer Candelario – 3B Luke Raley – RF
Nick Martini– DH Jonatan Clase – 3B
Tyler Stephenson – C Josh Rojas – 3B
Frankie Montas – RHP George Kirby – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Frankie Montas 16.2 2.16 1.14 5.9% 19.1%
George Kirby 14.1 8.16 1.54 3.0% 19.4%
Links: Frankie Montas’ Stats | George Kirby’s Stats

Frankie Montas

After two strong starts to begin the season, Frankie Montas was merely solid the last time out and also got little help from his defense. He’ll look to get back to where he was the first two times out when he takes the mound tonight.

It’s still early in the season, but teams have stacked lefties against Montas so far. It’s been a plan that’s worked out, too, as they have an OPS of .710 against him to go along with three extra-base hits. Right-handed hitters have an OPS of just .439 against him and only have one extra-base hit to show for it.


RHH 26 4 1 0 0 2 6 .167 .231 .208
LHH 42 11 2 0 1 2 7 .275 .310 .400

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Slider Split
Velo 94.9 94.2 89.5 84.2 85.4
Usage 32% 17% 17% 6% 27%

George Kirby

One of the best pitchers in the game over the last two years, George Kirby is out to a rough start in the 2024 season. Both righties and lefties are doing a little bit of something well against him. Righties aren’t finding many hits, but when they have, they’ve been for extra-bases. Lefties are finding a ton of hits. Kirby doesn’t walk hardly anyone, and he has just two of them through three starts this year.


RHH 29 7 2 0 1 0 7 .241 .241 .414
LHH 38 13 3 0 0 2 6 .394 .421 .485

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-Seam Slider Curve Split
Velo 95.3 95.4 86.1 81.1 84.6
Usage 39% 19% 24% 9% 9%

When and Where

  • Game time: 9:42pm ET
  • Where: T-Mobile Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: They have a retractable roof

News and Notes

A big weekend moves the Reds up

The Reds beat up on the White Sox in a sweep over the weekend and that got them bumped up a few spots in the power rankings from both and Fangraphs.

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Milwaukee 10 4
Pittsburgh 11 5
Cincinnati 9 6 1.5
Chicago 9 6 1.5
St. Louis 7 9 4.0

218 Responses

  1. DW

    I like the lineup for tonight. Nice to be able to say that.

  2. CFD3000

    Lineup looks solid, now it all comes down to Frankie Montas. Bounce back start? Hoping so. Go Reds!

  3. David

    I would kind of flip-flop Fraley and CES, but otherwise, looks good (and no problem with how it is now). This team does have offensive talent.
    But yes, it is on Frank Montas. Pitching wins games. If the Reds score 5-6 runs, that should win > 95% of games.
    So let’s see if Frank can give the Reds 6-7 good innings tonight, and the Reds go 4 wins in a row.

  4. Old-school

    This is a really interesting game
    Reds trending
    Mariners not
    Montas should be familiar with playing at Seattle from his A’s days

    Can he give 6 good innings and make this a strong road trip or do the reds boomerang back to .500?
    Im not a gambler but I wouldnt be betting on this game. See if Indy has any pearls

  5. LDS

    Decent lineup. Hopefully, Bell continues to restrain himself and lets them play. OTOH, these west coast games are tough. Debatable whether I’ll know the final score before morning.

    • Mark Moore

      Agree on West Coast swings. And I can confirm I will NOT see the final score before I turn my lights out.

      • Mark Moore

        And for only 3 games … we’ll see how my Thursday schedule looks.

    • 2020ball

      The spots in the lineup that have the most concern for me are #1 and #3. I want to have confidence in both players so no complaints from me yet, just some wariness of their starts. India is at least taking walks but im kinda looking for more from my leadoff guy than an above average OBP with no power. CES is at least driving in runs but same type of concern for him, im aware hes making hard contact.

      • Melvin

        “The spots in the lineup that have the most concern for me are #1 and #3”

        Would agree with that. I’ve always thought it very important to have a leadoff hitter who can hit well too not just get on base. Always want my best hitter in the top three if for no other reason that to make sure they get up in the first inning.

  6. Mauired

    Fair lineup. Should be pretty much the same besides the catchers spot for the entire series. Just hoping for a series win starting tonight with the Reds number 1 pitching.

  7. Daytonnati

    And we get Cowboy on the TV broadcast tonight! Hallelujah.

    • Mark Moore

      +500 … he keeps Sadak in check even more than Welsh does.

  8. Mark Moore

    I’m thinking about 10:15 or 10:20 is my limit tonight.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I get a little extra time being in the Central time zone. 😉

  9. Mark Moore

    Absolutely love the Jackie Robinson story. Also great to see the inclusion of the Negro Leagues as part of MLB/MLB stats as of December 2020 (Thanks, Doug, for pointing that out). I have a hat I found a few years ago in an antique mall shop that has a wide variety of Negro League emblems on it. I have that sitting proudly on my bookshelf on top of my copies of “The Fireside Book of Baseball” and next to my 1990 full series of baseball cards.

    If you’ve never watched the Ken Burns “Baseball” series, I highly recommend it. The segment specifically on the Negro Leagues is fantastic (as are the other inclusions and the interviews with some of those players).

    • Mauired

      I was actually reading about Kenny Washington earlier. He was teammates with Jackie on both the football and baseball teams at UCLA. I had no idea he was the first black player in the NFL. Must of been fun to watch those two multi sport stars play at UCLA.

    • Mark Moore

      OK, that’s what looked different.

  10. Mauired

    Reds leading MLB in steals without McClain and Friedl. This is going to be a fun offense to watch for years.

  11. Mark Moore

    Did I hear correctly that we’ve got a rookie umpire behind home plate? Will be interesting to see how well he does with his zone.

  12. Mike W

    And the mistakes continue.
    Why in the world is Bell hitting the struggling (.185 BA) right handed hitting CES 3rd?!
    That’s where you bat your 1st or 2nd best hitter.
    And right handed CES against RH P Kirby!
    OMG Bell, as I’ve said for almost 3 weeks: you should have CES and Elly reversed!
    Bell just doesn’t get it. So sad.
    (Even if CES has a good night, this is just wrong not to recognize. The #3 spot is so important

    • Mark Moore

      I may not last this inning at this rate … 😮

  13. Tom Mitsoff

    Montas had better get things figured out quickly. Can’t afford to get too far behind Kirby.

  14. VaRedsFan

    Montas in nibble mode tonight.
    That’s not how he has pitched so far.

  15. Indy Red Man

    Frankie down to 92 mph…not good

    • DW

      And struggling to throw strikes. Might be a DL stint coming possibly. Hope not, but he is coming off problems.

  16. Mark Moore

    That’s all on Frankie, friends. All on him.

  17. doctorrockett

    Agreed. I think something is amiss with the shoulder/arm. Velo way down and the control not there…

  18. JB

    Not a good time to wake up the Slumping Mariner hitters.

  19. Reddawg2012

    Come on Frankie. Better get Nick Martinez ready asap.

  20. Old-school

    Pull montas now

    Send a message

    Martinez is your guy

    Terrible effort by montas


    We have martinez ready

  21. Mark Moore

    OK, something has to be REALLY off with Montas tonight. Kirby isn’t going to just lay it on a tee for our guys. A 3-run head start is going to be a challenge.

  22. Dennis Westrick

    Good job, Frankie! Two (2) walks and then the 3-run bomb! Again, walks are killers!

  23. Old-school

    What is bell doing?

    Montas stinks

    Cant throw strikes

  24. Mark Moore

    3 free passes and a dinger. Cowboy is saying get Martinez up. It’s just too cold to let him get in too much deeper.

  25. Dennis Westrick

    Now, three (3) walks and nearly 30 pitches and NO outs! Get the bullpen up Bell!

  26. Mauired

    I think he’s stiff. They said it’s mid 40s on the field.

  27. Dennis Westrick

    Thankfully, bedtime for this old Reds fan in 25 minutes!

  28. VaRedsFan

    Turn two….get back to normalcy

  29. Mark Moore

    Martinez up and throwing. Bike Helmets helps out. Now to get that final out of the FIRST INNING. And it’s Cal Raleigh 😮

    If I make it through our half of the 2nd, that’s it for me. But first we need another out.

    • Mark Moore

      Cowboy saying this is Frankie’s last batter this inning. I’m thinking that is the case after that fantastic bunt single … but not quite yet. Not sure what Mr. Bell is waiting for now.

  30. Dennis Westrick

    Time for a comeback! One run at a time! The Brewers are down 7-3 in the 8th! Can’t waist an opportunity to pick up a game on the NL central leaders!

  31. Mauired

    Time to take him out. He can’t get the ball over the plate.

  32. Dennis Westrick

    Now four (4) walks? When is Bell gonna decide enough is enough?

  33. MK

    “His command looks noticeably off.” -John Sadek

    Aren’t we so lucky to get such sage play by play.

  34. Mauired

    Safe to say Nick Martinez is going to be expected to earn his pay tonight

  35. Old-school

    This is a david Bell joke

    4 walks a home run a single and 45 pitches with a rested starter who hasnt pitched in a week available and Bell stays the course


    • Dennis Westrick

      More to the point, it’s criminal!

  36. Indy Red Man

    Miami blew 3 run lead and lost again. They’ll be in firesale mode and we could use an arm or two

    • Erik the Red

      I think a few teams are going to be in fire sale mode. We will see if the front office will have permission from ownership to take on some contracts.

  37. VaRedsFan

    Frankie still has a 2 hitter going!!

  38. Mauired

    3 runs in that disaster of an inning feels good. That could have been way worse. If Bell brings him out for second inning, he should be charged with malpractice.

  39. Mark Moore

    “A laborious first frame …”

    That’s the kind of language use that just irks me. So many simpler ways to say Montas struggled. Doesn’t matter as I’m out after our turn at bat in the 2nd. Hoping we do something here and then claw our way back.

    Done commenting for the evening. Night, all!

  40. Tyler Hawk

    All things considering getting out of that mess with only giving up 3 runs is a win … time to start digging back … ohh and Montas has to be on a short short leash

  41. Tom Mitsoff

    This is going to be a long night …

  42. redsfansince62

    ” Mike W 04/15/2024
    And the mistakes continue.
    Why in the world is Bell hitting the struggling (.185 BA) right handed hitting CES 3rd?!
    That’s where you bat your 1st or 2nd best hitter.
    And right handed CES against RH P Kirby!
    OMG Bell, as I’ve said for almost 3 weeks: you should have CES and Elly reversed!
    Bell just doesn’t get it. So sad.
    (Even if CES has a good night, this is just wrong not to recognize. The #3 spot is so important”

    Mike, I agree. CES does not have the veteran experience to justify ‘waiting’ for him to get going. To apply the right, left, right, etc philosophy of batting order, we should see
    India, Benson, Steer, and then Elly.

    • DW

      And CES has hit the ball hard for outs on several occasions this season.

  43. Mauired

    Lot of game to go. Reds have at least 3 runs in them if pitching can settle down

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It’s going to be a bullpen night, so it will be a Johnny Allstaff effort to do so.

      • Mauired

        Bullpen is rested after the Chicago series

  44. Optimist

    Looking at Tuesday afternoon flights to Seattle for Spiers. Really can only use 2 pitchers for 7 innings minimum in the Wednesday afternoon game.

  45. Mauired

    Candy looking good in the seven hole. Two run game.

  46. Melvin

    Alright Candelario with the HR! 🙂

  47. Indy Red Man

    Candyman! He doesn’t mess around with too many singles

  48. AllTheHype

    Drop Candy down in order, relaxes a bit and puts a good swing on it. CES needs the same.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I agree. He needs to earn being #3 in the order.

    • Mauired

      Probably true. I could see a CES and Elly swap

      • AllTheHype

        Or drop CES below Candy and move everyone up one.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep. I think we all know CES is a really good hitter with a lot of power, but starting him out hitting #3 put way too much pressure on him from day one. Let’s not keep compounding the mistake just bump him down in the order two or three spots so he can relax and get his stroke back

      • Mauired

        Having CES watch Steer at the plate might be a good thing

  49. Indy Red Man

    I like our approach at the plate. Kirby has 0 walks on the season, but we’re not hacking at everything. 3 ball count on almost everyone

  50. LDS

    Montas looked really good the first two starts, leading me to temper my skepticism on signing a guy that hadn’t pitched in forever. The last two games are bringing it back. I keep waiting for Bell to tell us that Montas will be evaluated “tomorrow “ but will be ready for his next start.

    • Mauired

      I think it’s just cold. Mid 40s. Guys just not able to get loose

      • LDS

        That’s part of the game. Kirby seems to be managing it. If Montas isn’t , pull him before he injures himself.

      • Mauired

        Kirby is a lot younger and a lot less fat.

  51. Mauired

    I think this was a typical bad Bell move to bring him out for the second. Game is still within reach but if Montas gives up a few more it might be good nite.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It must indicate that Montas is not having an arm or shoulder issue.

    • Mauired

      Glad it worked out. Quick 123 inning

  52. LT

    We can use Candy’s bat. Keep it going. At this hitter friendly park, 3-1 score is nothing

    • AllTheHype

      Yes, it would def help if Candy could get going a bit.

  53. doctorrockett

    Remember when Glavine used to always have 1st inning issues?

  54. LT

    Look like Montas is having a Sims’ night. He forgot that the game actually started in the first inning.

  55. Optimist

    Oh TySteve – no 1-pitch at bats please.

  56. Dennis Westrick

    Nice bounce back by Montas! Now let’s continue the comeback! One run at a time!

    Just tap it in!

  57. Mark A Verticchio

    I realize India has walked a lot but the truth is he is just not hitting at all. Between him a CES the 1st and 3rd spots are simply not hitting the ball. Freidl can’t get back soon enough and man is McLain ever missed.

  58. JB

    Montas just doesn’t have any feel of that splitter. I’m not sure he has thrown it for a strike yet.

  59. MK

    Those blue numbers on those dark red jerseys look like when your little league team got stuck with the ugly uniforms. Fanatics does it again. Some white pinstriping around the numbers would at least make them legible.

    • VaRedsFan

      Players say the Nike uniforms are awful.
      I don’t buy anything Nike anyway.

  60. Indy Red Man

    That’s it for me. Frankie has nothing tonight

  61. Mauired

    I knew Bell was going to leave him in until he gave up too many runs for offense to comeback. It’s it typical loser move.

  62. Optimist

    5 BB in 2 ip – use the bullpen, please.

  63. Mauired

    Everyone could see it coming but Bell. Still sleeping.

  64. Dennis Westrick

    Another WALK followed by a HR! That’s enough for me! Off to bed! Maybe I’ll be surprised in the morning and find out that Bell has been fired!

    • Ted Alfred

      5 walks and 3 of them have scored on 2 dingers….cya tomorrow night.

    • Mike W

      Dennis, I’ve had that same dream, but then I wake up. :+)

      Come on Bell, we have to catch up so plz have us take some pitches, maybe have the fast guys lay down a bunt (as four teams have done against us). Let’s go Big Red Machine #2!

  65. Mauired

    Bullpen was well rested. Martinez getting paid 13 million as long reliever. No excuse to leave him in to give up 5.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Bell has NO feel for the game while it’s happening right in front of him! Happened time and time again last season!

      • Mauired

        It’s been happening a lot longer than that unfortunately.

  66. Tom Mitsoff

    This is going to be a tough test for the Reds offense to come back against a pitcher who just doesn’t walk anyone.

    • Optimist

      At least they’re working up the pitch count, other than TySteve. Cool night, long waits between innings. Could be interesting 6th-7th innings.

  67. Mauired

    Thats the difference between a good manager and Bell. A good manager realizes the guy can’t get the job done tonight and bring in Martinez after the second. Stubborn Bell always waits until the damage is done. And then takes the pitcher out.

  68. Michael B. Green

    5 walks. Two innings. Should trademark that statement with Teds pitching. Can we not coach strike throwing?

    • VaRedsFan

      It’s been an issue with every DJohnson pupil.

  69. Dennis Westrick

    Nice job by Nick! Probably too little too late! Thank you D. Bell!

  70. VaRedsFan

    Excuse me double by Rake to drive home CES

  71. Erik the Red

    So much for the decent starting pitching we saw against the White Sox. Now we are going to need a lot of innings from Nick Martinez and the starters the next 2 games or it could jeopardize the team for the next week or so.

  72. Mike W

    Elly should have followed Fraley with a bunt

    • Mike W

      MauiRed and Dennis Westrick HELP!

      Why didn’t Bell have Elly at least show bunt on the first pitch? Elly to first, Fraley to 3rd. That would have been fun as Elly steals 2b and the catcher can’t even throw it there for fear of Fraley coming home. Now Fraley attempts stealing 3B and making the 3rd out of the inning at 3 is sacrilege! Who told him to do that? Everyone knows you don’t make the first or last out at 3B! 2B is scoring position especially with a speedster like Fraley! Aargh.

  73. MK

    CES reminds me of Paul Konerko when he was a young Red. With Casey on team he spent most of his Red’s time at third base, which wasn’t pretty.

    • Mauired

      Pretty good comp. Konerko was a beast. Major mistake by keeping Casey over him.

  74. Dennis Westrick

    Gonna waste a golden opportunity to pick up a game on Milwaukee!

  75. Tom Mitsoff

    Someone will have to explain to me like I’m a five-year-old how attempting a steal of third base in that situation makes any sense whatsoever.

    • Harry Stoner

      Bell: “I like the aggressiveness!”

    • Jim Walker

      Ah so soon we forget Tommy LaSorda’s 13 ways to score from 3B with 2 outs 😉

      FWIW though I agree with you because Fraley wasn’t at 3B when the PA started.

    • Melvin

      You don’t steal 3B in that situation unless you’re SURE you’ve got it. He hid. He just didn’t know how to slide which is just as bad as not being sure.

  76. GPod

    you cannot get thrown out there….cardinal sin!

  77. DW

    There is an old rule in baseball…never make your third out at third base…not a smart move by Fraley. Especially down by three.

    • GPod

      there is a fine line between aggressive and dumb!

  78. VaRedsFan

    Never make the 3rd out at 3rd.
    Although he had it stolen easily, never slide feet 1st when stealing.
    More lacking fundamentals.
    Who’s in charge of that?

  79. Mark A Verticchio

    I like aggressive base running but that was not smart base running, no need to take that risk down 3.

  80. Mauired

    Catch of the night – in Baseball

    • Tom Mitsoff

      He started his slide long before he could have accurately judged the downward track of the ball, if that makes any sense. No other shortstop could have gotten there with that opportunity.

  81. Melvin

    Great catch by our CF I mean SS. 😀

  82. Dennis Westrick

    Dumb mistake by Fraley! NEVER, EVER make the 3rd out at 3rd base! Baseball 101

  83. VaRedsFan

    Elly …as great of a catch as you will ever see.

  84. Melvin

    Cowboy on EDLC – He could be one of the best centerfielders that ever played the game.

    I agree. 😀

    • Mike w

      I agree, too, BUT….. I would imagine SS’s make about as many plays as CFs, but get injured less (pulling a leg muscle running, hurting a shoulder diving, running into teammates and of course, running into walls. Gehrig, Ripken, Everett Scott and Steve Garvey have top 4 longevity streaks and never left the infield.

  85. Mauired

    Sadak and Cowboy saying Elly would be JR in center. I concur.

  86. VaRedsFan

    Jake had numerous baserunning blunders like that last year.
    I guess it wasn’t a teaching moment then either.

    • Mauired

      I hear you guys. But I actually enjoy the aggression on the base paths and the chaos it causes. Sometimes it doesn’t work out like that.

      • Harry Stoner

        That chaos caused the Reds inning to be prematurely over.

  87. Mauired

    Martinez putting out fire. Boy if Bell had a clue and brought him before Montas gave up another two runs and 0 outs, we would have a game right now.

  88. Brian Rutherford

    Never ceases to amaze me how David Bell has this magical ability to make Reds players perform like crap. They would win every game if he wasn’t manager. I bet every manager in MLB would take out their number 1 starter after only one inning. What an idiot!

    Fire Bell!

    • Mauired

      Brian give me a break. He left the guy in to give up enough runs to not comeback. He got 0 outs in the 3rd. Was completely unnecessary to push it when it was obvious he couldn’t get the ball over the plate. But go ahead and stick up for your loser buddy

      • Brian Rutherford

        Couldn’t agree more. I’ve never seen a team score more that 5 runs after 3 innings. It almost Never happens! I mean when was the last time the Reds scored more than 5 runs in a game?

        They should just forfeit at this point. Why even watch the game. They just need to fire the guy already.

        Fire Bell!

      • Mauired

        What happened to your big comeback?

    • Ted Alfred

      We all know Montas is not really a #1….not even close. Secondly, you had Martinez who’s a starter rested and in the bullpen for just such a situation and had you pulled him after the second inning or maybe after his 5th walk to start the 3rd inning you’re probably down 3-2 right now…. instead the game’s probably over. Defending Bell as bad as Montas was with Martinez having just been skipped for his start is kind of dumb.

      • Mauired

        It doesn’t matter how bad it gets, Brian will always defend Bell

      • Brian Rutherford

        You betcha. David bell is my 3 cousin twice removed and can do no wrong.

        Fire Bell! Well, fire someone at least. Fire Cowgill! He is in charge of the running game and caused Fraley to make the stupidly aggressive steal of third!

      • Mauired

        I would rather have Cowgill managing than Bell. At least the guy has a pulse.

  89. Mauired

    I posted this earlier on another thread. Since Bell has been hired, he’s one of two managers in the whole sport to not make the playoffs and keep his job. Bell and Bud Black in Colorado. That’s it.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Technically, he made the playoffs in 2020 during the COVID year.

      • Mauired

        Yeah how many teams made the playoffs that year? 20?

      • Mauired

        Goodnight. Can’t comeback with calls like that. Strike 3 way outside

      • Melvin

        Yeah…..and we didn’t score one run the whole series. 😀

      • Brian Rutherford

        Absolutely Melvin. !00% Bell’s fault we didn’t score any runs. I knew it was his fault back then but nobody would listen.

      • Melvin

        Brian Rutherford – Not 100% Bell’s fault but he does bear some responsibility. Anyway let’s just win now.

    • VaRedsFan

      And he got not 1, but 2 extensions…..For not 1, not 2, but 3 years

  90. Tom Mitsoff

    I just saw a commercial about a “smart toilet.”

    • Brian Rutherford

      LOL. Comment of the night!

      Imagine if we all had smart toilets…would that make us all smarter or just smarter at going to the bathroom?

    • Melvin

      I just received a sample pack from Walmart of “men wipes”. smh I don’t know how we got off on this subject but back to baseball. lol 🙂 Stupid commercials. lol

    • RedlegScott

      As opposed to a dumb toilet, Tom?

      • Melvin

        Not so sure how that would help. I know my smart phone hasn’t made me any smarter. 😀

      • Melvin

        Gonna go out and pick one up tomorrow at that price. 😉

      • Doug Gray

        That….. that is certainly a toilet. But hey, if anyone is looking to pick one up, when I clicked the link the Honey extension told me I could get $50 off, so just a heads up for anyone shopping.

      • Melvin

        “I could get $50 off”

        Wow. They’re going to go fast at that price. 🙂

      • Doug Gray

        I already ordered two. These things are energy efficient in power saving mode. It’s going to pay for itself in no time in saved electricity!

  91. Optimist

    Excellent 3 ip from Martinez – do you send him out for the 2nd time thru the order?

  92. Mike W

    Guys, even the Red’s announcers said aloud they couldn’t understand what Bell was doing (aka thinking) several times late last year. Do you know how bad things had to get for RED’S announcers to question ON THE AIR their own manager’s moves? Just like any business, some guys are great coaches (a particular skill), some guys are great managers (of players). Over half a decade, Bell has proven he’s just not a great manager. As MauiRed showed by the actions of other clubs with underperforming managers, Bell should be gone. We STILL MIGHT make the playoffs if he isn’t fired this year because we have such skilled players — as long as they’re allowed to play!

  93. RedsGettingBetter

    Martinez doing a great relief but now what should Bell to do? Let Martínez throws 4-5 innings and finish with bullpen B or just Martínez eats the rest of the game?

  94. Mauired

    If Martinez continues to get outs leave him in.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Agreed. He hasn’t pitched for awhile.

  95. Mauired

    Now would be a good time to get someone warmed up but Bell will wait for two more runs to come in to remember he has other pitchers to work with.

  96. wkuchad

    Goodness, these game thread comments have become a cesspool. At times, I wish the words “David” and “Bell” were banned from this site.

    • 2020ball

      I barely think about him when i watch the games, i skipped all the comments. In fact, im not sure why im even here – back to the game.

    • Tom Diesman

      I hear you. I was hoping the smart toilet mentioned above might start commenting here to up the quality content.

  97. Mauired

    I wish he would be banned from Ohio

  98. 2020ball

    Why is Elly in and not double play depth there?

  99. Melvin

    Gotta hold em. We can still come back. 🙂

    • Melvin

      Four runs in three innings. We can do that. 🙂

      • Melvin

        There’s ONE. 🙂 Fraley with the HR!

  100. LT

    There’s no problem a GS can’t fix. Let’s get one to tie this game up.

  101. VaRedsFan

    Jake with some left on left crime

    • Mauired

      That makes up for the caught stealing on 3rd.

  102. LT

    HRs with runners on vs solo HRs, that is the difference. EDLC needs to get the ball in the air in this balll park.

  103. Melvin

    That bloop hit is an example of how EDLC would have had a decent chance of getting to from CF. May happen in the future but not this year. We’re plum out of SS replacements. 🙂

  104. Mauired

    Not Farmers night either apparently.

  105. LT

    Farmers decides that’s it is getting late, so let’s end the game in the 7th. Smh

  106. DW

    Wasn’t a fan of resigning Farmer, and still not.

    • Erik the Red

      I think the Farmer could be the odd man if Moll and others in Louisville return from their rehab assignments. Let’s hope. I have seen enough.

  107. RedsGettingBetter

    Well , this series started really bad to the Reds… I hope this will not the tone in the remaining games

  108. Mauired

    The funny thing is the bell believers will say it didn’t matter in the end score was so lopsided. But Bell lets the game get away. If he chose to bring in Martinez when it was 3-1 (no outs in 3rd) instead of 5-1 (no outs in 3rd). Then score in 7th is 6-3 and Farmer probably doesn’t even come in the game to end it.

    • VaRedsFan

      Who’s to to say Martinez doesn’t give up runs to the guys that Montas faced faced?
      Montas didn’t have it. But came out and got 1-2-3 in the 2nd.
      He wouldn’t be the 1st pitcher to give up runs in the 1st, then settle down and go 4-5 innings. Pitcher have done that to the Reds many times.

      • Mauired

        Brother you can defend the line of (non) thinking all you want. He threw 30 pitches before he got an out. It was obvious he needed to be on a very short leash or Reds lose.

  109. Mike W

    Martinez did great, but look at the line for our RPs tonight: 5 IP and 4ERs. Yuck. Why was Martinez pulled? Is he on a 50 pitch limit? $10M for 7 months work just doesn’t go as far as it used to! ?

  110. Melvin

    Good thing that wasn’t at GABP. It would have been out for sure.

  111. Optimist

    They only used 3 pitchers – seems like a rarity.

  112. Melvin

    Well bad game. Too many walks mostly. Get em tomorrow.

  113. Mauired

    Well rough night. Bad pitching, bad managing, not much offense, and even a sprinkle of bad defense. Reds can still win the series though.

  114. Mauired

    Does Farmer get designated before June?