Andrew Abbott tossed seven strong innings and the Cincinnati offense pounded out 12 hits in an 11-1 beat down as the Reds opened up the 3-game series in Chicago with a win over the White Sox.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (7-6)
11 12 0
Chicago White Sox (2-11)
1 4 0
W: Abbott (1-1) L: Flexen (0-3)
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The Cincinnati Reds didn’t waste a lot of time getting on the board on Friday night. Will Benson doubled with one out, took third on a wild pitch, and then scored on a sacrifice fly.

Two innings later they played add on with a big 2-out rally that began with a single from Christian Encarnacion-Strand. A walk and a single followed to make it 2-0. Elly De La Cruz then came through with a 449-foot, 3-run home run to right-center. Tyler Stephenson capped the inning off with a solo home run that made it 6-0.

Chicago was able to get one of those runs back in the bottom of the inning after Zach Remillard singled and came around to score on a 2-out double by Robbie Grossman. That was the last run that Andrew Abbott would allow on the night as he cruised through seven innings without a walk and giving up just four hits.

Another run was put up by Cincinnati on a second sacrifice fly on the night for the club, this time off of the bat of Santiago Espinal that plated Nick Martini after he led off the 6th inning with a triple. Three walks in the 8th inning would load the bases for the Reds and Christian Encarnacion-Strand came through with a broken bat grounder that found it’s way through the infield for two more runs as the lead was extended to 9-1.

Cincinnati tacked on some extra runs in the top of the 9th. With two men in scoring position it was Santiago Espinal coming through with another clutch at-bat as he singled into right field to bring in both runners and make it 11-1.

Emilio Pagan threw a perfect 8th inning. Buck Farmer came out for the 9th and worked a perfect inning of his own to seal the 10-run victory.

Key Moment of the Game

The 3-run blast from Elly De La Cruz in the 3rd inning that put the Reds up 5-0.

Notes Worth Noting

Jonathan India walked four times. It was the first time in his career he’s had a 4-walk game.

Elly De La Cruz did not strike out in the game for the 4th consecutive game. He remains on a heater and is now hitting .333/.396/.708.

The pitching staff didn’t walk a batter on the night. The offense walked seven times on the evening.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago White Sox

Saturday April 13th, 2:10pm ET

Nick Lodolo (season debut) vs Garrett Crochet (1-1, 2.00 ERA)

30 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Great win and contributions up and down the line-up. Back at it tomorrow.

  2. Tom Reeves

    My favorite play of the night was the sac fly RBI by EsPEEnal. Down 0-2, he grinds out the situational hitting sac fly to keep the foot on the gas. The Cowboy rightfully pointed out why this important to execute that play under lower levels of pressure so that you know you can do it in a tight game.

    Lots of other awesome plays and EDLC is a beast!

    • TR

      It appears EDLC, obviously, worked on pitch recognition in the offseason.

  3. CI3J

    The White Sox: good for what ails ya.

    • Oldtimer

      Sox last won WS in 2005. Reds last won WS in 1990.

      Don’t hoot and holler too much. Sox not good this year but they’ll be back.

  4. LDS

    Nine walks and twelve hits cures a lot of problems. As does a starter going seven innings and the pitchers walking no one.

    • Melvin

      Nine walks compared to 7 Ks. Always better to walk more than you K. Good sign.

  5. Rut

    “You never walk away from the table when you are on a heater.” — EDLC agreeing with Alan’s Dad

  6. Melvin

    “Elly De La Cruz did not strike out in the game for the 4th consecutive game. He remains on a heater and is now hitting .333/.396/.708.”

    Time to move him up. 😉

      • Melvin

        Yeah. He needs to be higher than 6th for sure. Glad to see Stephenson starting to heat up. They need him to.

    • Jim t

      Time to move him up? A week ago many were advocating to send him down.

  7. Melvin

    India doing a good job at leadoff with four walks and an OBP of .421 according to the Reds site.

    • Mauired

      Everyone in the lineup got a hit besides India but ironically he got on base more than anyone

    • JayTheRed

      Always loved India at the top of the lineup. He just seems comfortable there. Anywhere else he tries too hard.

      • Melvin

        I don’t see the Reds having anyone better to put there at the moment for sure.

  8. Melvin

    Abbott is the Reds most consistent pitcher. He’s definitely a keeper. 🙂

  9. RedsMonk65

    11-1. That, I like to see!

    Also, “Notes worth Noting” worth repeating:

    — Jonathan India walked four times. It was the first time in his career he’s had a 4-walk game.
    — Elly De La Cruz did not strike out in the game for the 4th consecutive game. He remains on a heater and is now hitting .333/.396/.708.
    — The pitching staff didn’t walk a batter on the night. The offense walked seven times on the evening.

    • Jonathan Linn

      Would Votto be the last and the Red who has done that the most un a game? 4 walks?

  10. David

    Good pitching tonight by Andrew Abbott. And a blowout win.

    The guy pitching tomorrow night for the White Sox, Crochet, is probably their best pitcher, and he’s a left hander. Previously, he also shut down the Braves. Could be tough on the Reds tomorrow. Stay tuned.
    And Lodolo is starting for the Reds tomorrow, so who knows what he will do.

  11. AMDG

    The Reds finally bench Candelario, and have their biggest offensive output of the season.

    Good things happen when you don’t intentionally put a hole in the middle of your lineup.

    Hopefully (doubtfully) a sign of things to come…

    • greenmtred

      Good things also happen when you play a team that can’t hit or, seemingly, pitch. I expect that it’s a good idea to give Candelario a chance to sit and reset, but it’s highly unlikely that he’s benched for an extended time, nor should he be: he hasn’t been a great player but he has certainly been better than he has been in this small sample size. Not a .300 hitter–and there are few of those around, anyway–but a guy who has a history of producing extra-base hits. He has also been a solid, if unspectacular, 3rd baseman on a team that is challenged defensively.

    • Ted Alfred

      Let’s hope Bella’s finally realizing he should not be hitting in the Four Hole so if he’s going to be in the lineup tomorrow then switch him and Elly or leave Steer at #4 in the order and go from there. However, knowing DBell I will be very surprised if Candelario is not hitting #4 again. He is usually just way too slow to adjust to what is happening on the field.

  12. GreatRedLegsFan

    It’s not by chance that CES went 2-4 w/3 RBI with Steer hitting right after him instead of Candelario, hopefully he’ll be moved down in the lineup today.

    • Jim

      I hope giving Candy a rest day was a way to transition him to 5/6 hole in lineup. It is easier for Bell to do now because him not being there worked so well. I think Bell tries to take pressure off guys like Benson last year & EDLC this year by batting them lower in lineup. I’m hoping sliding Candy down a slot or two helps him relax & get in a groove.

  13. Old-school

    That was a fun win. Lots of question marks re: Abbott coming in to his sophomore year but hes had a nice start and the off-season endurance work seems to be helping as he goes 7 strong in Early April. Fangraphs has a nice article up on the week that was with Elly front and central and dovetails nicely with Doug’s article. Get a win and a series today and Reds will be off to a nice start on the road trip. Lefties have been their kryoptonite early so see if they can shed that label.

  14. MBS

    Nice job all around, I guess that is self evident when you win 11 – 1. This was exactly the type of game we needed after dropping 2 of 3 to the brew crew.

    I think I heard correctly that we are going to employ a 6 man rotation. Who knows how long it will last, but I support this plan. Bell will need to let his relief pitchers go multiple innings. He’s clearly been doing that with Suter. Farmer went 2 IP a few days back. He probably will need at least 1 more multi inning guy, maybe Cruz? IDK, but it should be fun to see how it all plays out.

  15. redfanorbust

    Of course happy for the win and a blow out however I try not to get too high or low with wins and losses at this point. The teams we have played so far, with the exception of the struggling Phillies have not been predicted to do very well this year and yet we only find ourselves at 7-6. Then I look at the fact we are down arguably three of our best five players to injury/suspension and another four Greene, Candeliro, CES and Diaz all paying poorly. Now 7-6 does not look so bad.