The scheduled contest between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds for April 11th, 2024 has been postponed. That makes it a 3-game series, which Milwaukee won by earning victories in the final two games. There will be a doubleheader scheduled between the two teams on Friday, August 30th. This set of games will be a day/night doubleheader with the first game being a 12:40pm ET start and then in the evening they will play the regularly scheduled game at 6:40pm ET.

Cincinnati hits the road this weekend. Their first stop will be in Chicago as they play three games against the 2-10 White Sox. The Reds continue their tour of the American League by flying out to Seattle for another three games against the Mariners on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. They will then return home for three more games against an American League foe, hosting the Angels on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

With the rain out, the Reds are shuffling their starting rotation a bit. Nick Martinez, who was originally scheduled to start today against the Brewers, will not be pitching this weekend. Andrew Abbott will start on Friday, Nick Lodolo will return from the injured list to start on Saturday, and Graham Ashcraft will take the mound on Sunday. This was first reported by C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic.

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  1. docproc

    Hey, by August 30 we should have Friedl and Marte back, and maybe even McLain.
    Glad this out-of-sorts Reds team won’t have to face Peralta today.

    • JayTheRed

      McClain will be lucky if he plays at all this season. No idea how they are going to handle Marte when he comes back. Friedl should be good to go.

      Is it supposed to rain all day in Cincinnati. I mean they played two days straight in the rain earlier this season.

  2. Mauired

    Was looking forward to watching the game but this is probably advantageous for the Reds. Brewers are out playing them in basically every way right. Pitching matchup of their ace against a bullpen pitcher didn’t look real good for Reds split. Hopefully in August, Reds are healthy with guys like Marte, Friedl, and McClain possibly on the field. And who knows Reds might make some mid summer upgrades by trade by August.

    • David

      My guess is that Noelvi Marte will play a lot at AAA prior to returning to Cincinnati, when his 80 game suspension is over and he is eligible to play.
      I think he took the steroidal compound to help heal his hamstring pull he suffered in Winter Ball. He probably took ONE dose, and expected it to be flushed out of his system by the time Spring Training started, and all the guys were tested.
      The residual drug testing is pretty sensitive, usually urine samples, and can detect down to the parts-per-billion concentration of the banned substances. So even if 99.9% of the banned steroid was out of his system, it would likely still show up in the testing.
      I don’t view him as some kind of league criminal or bad guy, but he was poorly advised and took a bad risk to do something he thought would help himself heal. I have no idea who gave him this idea.

      • Optimist

        As Jim’s timeline notes, Marte will be plenty ready by Aug. 1 if the Reds are ready for him. Given that we know nothing of the circumstances (a single small dose – huge, repeated careless use?) unless he suddenly cannot hit AAA pitching for a 2 week spell, he should be back.

        Will the Reds need him? Likely, but who knows where they’ll be at the deadline.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    Well it’s really not bad avoiding Peralta today and having a kind of a day-off to refresh the bullpen heading to the roadtrip. CWS is not a easy team the Reds have played against for..The last season CWS was one the worst teams at the time playing the Reds however Chicago won the series…

  4. LDS

    A rainout? Good. They need a rest and regroup. I saw an article that Bell held a team meeting before the start of the Milwaukee series. Yeah, that really worked out well. With Bell at the helm, the White Sox will likely improve their record. Come on Krall, the day is young, fir that guy.

    • Doug Gray

      It turns out that the other team is full of professionals, too.

      • LDS

        The Reds seem to have a habit of making bad teams and bad pitchers look really good.

    • JayTheRed

      Any team in MLB can win on any day. A’s just beat the Yankees in a game. Anything can happen in baseball.

      • Old Big Ed

        It was the Marlins, but your point is well taken. The A’s did beat the world champion Rangers on Tuesday night.

      • TR

        And the Marlins beat the Yanks the day before.

  5. Mauired

    Speaking of “upgrades”. The supposed upgrade of acquiring utility player Espinal after releasing Barrero has been a complete bust so far. A lot of people were excited about Espinal because he made the all star team a couple years ago. He must have been an injury replacement because his all star numbers were pretty pedestrian. .270 with six homruns.

    I have to imagine after Barrero ops .873 and 20/20 in the second half with Louisville last year he (or anyone) could do better than Espinal hitting.111 zero home runs. Two hits on the season. Obp .190 ops .302. Not to mention his defense has been generally mediocre at best.

    And he’s the fourth highest paid hitter (2.7 mil) on the team. Barrero would have made the minimum. At least if Barrero continued to struggle to hit big league pitching, Reds could have released him and called up someone else but with Espinals contract, Reds will probably stick with him for several months or the whole season before finally moving on.

    • greenmtred

      Do you think all 30 teams would have passed on Espinal if he were put on waivers?

      • Mauired

        Not sure. But from what I read Jays wanted to get him off the roster and he was probably a dfa candidate. Reds bailed them out of paying him almost 3 million this year and gave them a pitcher too.

    • Tom Diesman

      That’s beautiful! Keep them coming. Your Barrero bromance is obviously one for the ages.

      • Mauired

        Just pointing out the obvious. They were in such a rush to pull the plug on the guy and end up with a 3 million dollar utility bat hitting .100 and playing bad d.

      • Grand Salami

        For the record, he’s not yet played in AAA and they have him on the ‘Developmental List’.

    • JayTheRed

      Give me a break it’s been 2 weeks into the season the guy has a very good track record in MLB. Barrero has proven time and time again at the ML level that he can’t hit. I promise you by the end of the year, this guy will produce decent bench numbers.

      • Mauired

        Very good track record? Last year Espinal had a .644 ops to Barrero’s .619. Same production. But Espinal is paid millions more. Has no upside. Older and more expensive.

      • greenmtred

        Mauired, my understanding was that they acquired Espinal to be a utility guy, not a starter.

      • Mauired

        Ok what’s your point? Starter or bench. He’s still been terrible.

    • MK

      It is midseason and the Reds are in the dumper. Oh wait, it is the second week of April and the team is playing without 25% of anticipated starting position players and 20% of anticipated starting rotation. It’s time to fire and trade everybody.

      • greenmtred

        Better yet, dfa all of the players and lock up the owners, Krall and Bell, and fold the team. Accountability, don’t you know?

  6. Dennis Westrick

    Well, it looks like the University of Illinois! (quote from the movie Risky Business)

    Glad The Masters is on! Need a sport other than the Reds that puts me to sleep!

    • GPod

      I will celebrate the rainout like a win

  7. Doc

    The David Bell rants are getting really old really fast.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Just wait until Mid May with the brutal schedule we have that month.

    • Mauired

      What’s getting old is this guy mismanaging teams out of the playoffs

    • TR

      And the rant goes on. Red’s fans are unlikely the only ones in the world of baseball ranting.

      • Mauired

        He could shut everyone up by winning. But don’t hold your breath. This guy is cashing in on the family name just like his dad who was also a losing manager. 3 teams and a decade of .418 winning percentage got him a job in the Reds front office until he quietly moved on last year. My question is why would the Reds pay someone to be a special advisor after so much losing and ineptitude. There is so much cronyism and nepotism going on in this organization, it’s no wonder why this is the least successful sports franchise in North America. You have to go to the 3rd world to maybe find a worst run organization than the Reds.

  8. GreatRedLegsFan

    Candelario and Espinal moves have not paid off so far…

    • JayTheRed

      True, But it’s early and if it’s still the case at the end of May then I’ll accept they were bad moves.

  9. LT

    I wished it rained out last night so that we could get a triple header in August.
    Anyhow, the way Reds been winning games is someone had a heroic night. Martini had 2 dingers in opening day, Steer hit GS, Steer hit 3-run shot, EDLC had 2 Hr in a game. If this continues, it will be a long season.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I posted something similar to this yesterday in a thread. Going into the game last night, the Reds hitters are leading the league in Strike outs per game and groundball out rates. Those two stats are very concerning and both are indicative of overall poor approaches at the plate (pull happy). Combine those with the poor defense and mediocre (at best) pitching and the outlook is very gloom.

      However, we are 12 games into the season, down several players. Things can always change around, hopefully.

      • Indy Red Man

        Yeah no sense panicking. If they start off 24-35 then I’ll bail out. Time is valuable, but until then?

        Bell is trying to establish some consistency, but if Candy is still scuffling by May then I expect him to drop him down . Surely all of these “fans” realize deep down that they’re dealing with real people. It’s not fantasy baseball where you switch guys around daily because of your personal whims. Doesn’t help that our 2 best defenders that are also among our best offensive players are hurt. Plus CES, Candy, Espinal, and Martinez all currently stink

      • Mauired

        Here we go with the feelings again. Candelario is getting compensated 15 million this year. It’s ok to hurt his feelings by moving him out of the cleanup spot after starting off 7 for 46 hitting .150

        A mangers job is to make adjustments to help the team win baseball games. Why wait another few weeks after moving down in the standings when it’s obvious Candy is not a cleanup hitter.

      • Indy Red Man

        12 games is a little, or a lot, early to start making wholesale changes. I do agree though that he’s not a cleanup hitter so we’ll see what happens. Elly and India stunk at cleanup last year, but I think I’d try Elly again.

      • JayTheRed

        Maybe Steer should be batting cleanup.

    • greenmtred

      An exciting season, if they keep having heroic games. I take your point, but they’re playing .500 ball and the season is 12 games old. I think it’s likely that a good deal of the sloppiness is a consequence of a very young team. We don’t know who these guys will be when they’re more established.

  10. RedBB

    Feels like Reds didn’t want to play this game. Doesn’t look like any rain until 3pm and I’m in Dayton and no rain. Probably the smart move as ppl have mentioned.

  11. Mark Moore

    April showers bring May double-headers (and June/July/August)