Earlier this afternoon the Cincinnati Reds called up right-handed pitcher Carson Spiers from Triple-A Louisville to take the spot on the roster of Tejay Antone. Yesterday against the New York Mets, Antone exited the game with an arm injury after the first pitch he threw of his outing.

The results from the MRI that Tejay Antone couldn’t have been worse. Mark Sheldon of Reds.com is reporting that a tendon in his elbow completely tore off of the bone and that he also partially for a ligament in his elbow. On Friday he is expected to have surgery. Antone has already had two Tommy John surgeries in his career.

Carson Spiers had been in the Louisville Bats rotation and he has made two starts this season. His first one saw him struggle as he allowed five runs in 4.0 innings. He rebounded on April 4th by allowing just two runs in 5.0 innings while striking out seven batters. Spiers made his big league debut last season, getting called up in September to help fill out a pitching staff struggling to stay together. He made two starts and two relief appearances, throwing 13.0 innings with a 6.92 ERA.

Spencer Steer – NL POTW

There’s some hardware coming Spencer Steer’s way. The Reds outfielder was named the National League’s Player of the Week for his performance last week where he hit .409/.500/.955 with a double, triple, 3 home runs, 5 runs scored, 3 walks, and 9 runs batted in over a span of six games for Cincinnati.

The season is a little over a week in, so this shouldn’t be a huge surprise given the stats above, but Steer is currently the 2nd most valuable player in baseball according to Fangraphs WAR. He trails Mookie Betts of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but finds himself ahead of everyone else.

A Jonathan India scare

Prior to the game today Jonathan India was struck by a batted ball during batting practice and had to head off to the training room. Fortunately for both him and the Reds, he seems to be ok-ish. India returned to continue participating in batting practice after the Reds shut things down for a bit for the eclipse. David Bell originally said India would remain in the lineup, but at 5:10pm he was replaced in the lineup.

22 Responses

  1. Mauired

    I’m confused. Antone is have surgery for a torn tendon and he was placed on the 15 day IL?

    I would have thought 60 day and call up Santillan.

    • Jim Walker

      They had to give the manager time to process TeJay was going to be out for at least 15 days before they could move him to the 60-day list.

      • Melvin

        Don’t start cracking me up Jim. 😀

      • CI3J

        “Well, I heard Antone is having surgery, but I still expect him back on the mound by May.”

        – David Bell, probably

    • Jason T.

      Don’t understand the move to the 15 day IL given what happened and definitely don’t understand calling up Spiers. Thought for sure it would be Santillan

    • BK

      Lodolo and Moll are likely to come of the IL in the next week or so. Santillan does not have any options remaining. So, they went with a pitcher they can option when Lodolo or Moll come off the IL. Since the Reds don’t need the 40-man roster spot today, it does not matter that Antone was placed on the 15-day IL. That said, he’ll certainly be transferred at some point when the Reds want to use his 40-man roster spot.

  2. Indy Red Man

    Poor guy needs to go find his lifes work because its not baseball any longer. I’m not a doctor, but surgery after surgery after surgery can’t be good for your long term health? I was a low 5 figure thousandaire at 31 so hopefully he’s got some money put away.

    Reds wise…see India is out of the lineup. He goes on the IL and I’m close to running up the white flag. They won’t, but I can. Division is too tough for one team to suffer almost all the injuries. We’re in big trouble anyway if Steer doesn’t start getting some help?

    • John D McPherson

      It’s still early and other teams could very well run into several injuries later as well. Hardly time to panic, but certainly seems the Reds are snake bit so far.

  3. Melvin

    Poor Antone. I can’t imagine a guy coming back a third time. It’s probably time to just hang it up while he still has a functional arm left.

  4. Melvin

    As for Steer….he’s awesome. I hope he stays at/near the top of the lineup from here on out.

  5. Mike W

    Steer (NL player of the week!) and Benson should both have been in the 2-4 positions in the lineup since Day 1. It took Bell a full year, but I THINK he finally gets that Benson is a #2 hitter, not an #8? In the Top 5 in OPS all year last year and Bell had him hitting in the bottom 3rd more often than not.
    I said it before this season even began: our starters were a much more proven asset than our RPs, so starters should be told we need 6 innings from you each night. But no. “Micromanaging Bell” has pulled 6 of our 9 starters before they completed 6 innings — even though they were doing well. And our RPs have performed poorly overall (based on ERA).
    How about our starters! Montás awesome and look at this info:
    Ashcraft 2 ER and Lost
    Abbott 2 ER and Lost
    Greene 2ER and Lost
    Greene 1 ER and ND
    Please Mr. Bell, try these two things: Leave our starters in thru 6 innings; and motivate our RPs by not making them afraid to make a single mistake for fear of being pulled. Let our players play!

    • greenmtred

      Do you remember Benson”s first time with the Reds? Couldn’t hit a lick, could he? Do you remember how well he played when he came back, hitting down in the lineup? Do you suppose it’s possible that taking the pressure off a bit abetted his greatly improved performance? As for leaving starters in for six innings, you could make the same suggestion to managers throughout MLB, because starters do not average much over five innings. I suppose that you could prescribe that every starter on your team had to go at least six innings no matter what, but I doubt that you’d like the results.

  6. Jeremiah

    I would think if you’re Antone you obviously have to consider retirement. I wonder at what point too could all those surgeries on your elbow effect the use of the elbow/arm as you go through life. It really stinks for him, and the Reds. He was really good when healthy, but I can’t see how he keeps coming back. Probably time for a career change.

    • CI3J


      There is absolutely no way he comes back as an MLB pitcher after this. He’s 30 years old and his elbow is being held together with duct tape and Elmer’s glue at this point.

      As sad as it is, he’s finished. There is simply no way back.

      • redsvol

        what CI3J said.

        He just needs to worry about getting full range of motion back to he doesn’t have his basic quality of life impacted. That is the only focus now.

  7. Mike W

    I have to give Bell credit for trying to get Ashcraft through 6 full — but 4 opposite field bloopers and a swinging bunt did him in. Go Elly! A hit next time up and he’s hitting .297 for the season!

  8. MK

    If T.J.has enough money put away he might pack it in. To be biblical I hope he wasn’t like Sampson who got weak when he cut off his flowing locks.

  9. Mike W

    And EDLC did it! With his inside the park HR he is now hitting .297 for the “season”.

  10. Tim

    I feel for Antone. Flashes of brilliance marred by constant injury. I hope he recovers but I also hope he never tries to throw another baseball. Take the money and have a great life.

  11. Brayan O'Malley

    Antone seems to have the right attitude. As gut-wrenching as it must be for him, he seems to be ready to try again. Like he said, he has guaranteed money, so he is being paid to try to come back. From what I’ve read, Kremchek is doing a procedure to fasten the entire tendon and not try to attach one that is frayed.
    Let’s cross our fingers and say a prayer for our favorite Tejay. If he can get his elbow right, the REST of his arm has been spared for where and tear over the years.