The Cincinnati Reds put together a big 8th inning on Saturday evening to beat the New York Mets. That victory evened the series up and leaves today’s game as the one where the winning team will get the series win. First pitch is scheduled for 1:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

New York Mets

Cincinnati Reds

Brandon Nimmo – LF Jonathan India – DH
Francisco Lindor – SS Spencer Steer – LF
Pete Alonso – 1B Christian Encarnacion-Strand – 1B
Francisco Alvarez – C Jeimer Candelario – 3B
Brett Baty – 3B Stuart Fairchild – RF
Starling Marte – DH Elly De La Cruz – SS
Tyrone Taylor – RF Santiago Espinal – 2B
Jeff McNeil – 2B Luke Maile – C
Harrison Bader – CF Bubba Thompson – CF
Sean Manaea – LHP Andrew Abbott – LHP

Starting Pitchers

Andrew Abbott 5.1 3.38 0.94 2 4
Sean Manaea 6.0 0.00 0.50 2 8
Links: Andrew Abbott’s Stats | Sean Manaea’s Stats

Andrew Abbott

There were two pretty big splits last season for Abbott. First was that he was dominant against leftiess. They were held to a .495 OPS and he gave up just three extra-base hits to them in 20 games and 85 plate appearances. Right-handed hitters were better, putting up an .800 OPS while walking more than twice as often and making more (but not tons of) contact.

Despite pitching the home games at Great American Ball Park, Abbott was much better at home. That said, it was more of a fact of the matter that his BABIP was nearly twice as high on the road – .399(!) to .207. On the road he had nearly identical walk and strikeout rates, and he allowed six fewer home runs while having just five fewer batters faced on the road as at home. But that BABIP difference led to an OPS different of 179 points.

2023 Splits

RHH 374 85 23 1 14 10.7% 24.6% .259 .337 .463
LHH 85 15 1 0 2 4.7% 32.9% .185 .224 .272

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 92.8 80.7 82.6 86.5
Usage 50% 15% 18% 16%

Sean Manaea

After pitching in the big ballparks in both the American League and National League West divisions for his career, Manaea is with the Mets this season. His splits were pretty big last year. He dominated left-handed hitters, holding them to an OPS of just .570. Right-handed hitters were much better, and solid overall, putting up an OPS just over 200 points higher. Righties showed way more power and they made a little more contact.

2023 Splits

RHH 327 73 12 4 12 8.6% 24.2% .253 .327 .446
LHH 172 31 7 1 2 8.1% 28.5% .200 .273 .297

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Slider Change
Velo 93.5 92.9 90.3 80.0 86.6
Usage 28% 32% 5% 22% 12%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 59°, partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Pat Zachry passes away

Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Pat Zachry passed away this week. He was 71-years-old. Zachry began his career with the Reds and went 14-7 as a rookie in 1976 and helped the Reds win the World Series that year. The following season he made 12 starts with Cincinnati before he was traded along with three others to the Mets for Tom Seaver. In his first full season in New York (1978) he made the National League All-Star team. His career would span parts of 10 big league seasons from 1976 to 1985.

Around The Beat

Spencer Steer steps up

Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote about Spencer Steer and his hot start, what he looked to change from his first season to this, and his rotating spots in both the field and the batting order.

Life ain’t fair

Gordon Wittenmyer of the Cincinnati Enquirer spent some time on Saturday afternoon writing about the expectations of Elly De La Cruz and how that fair or unfair, there’s going to be a lot of pressure on him and his struggles when they happen may be something that he and the team have to live with and just work to improve as the other shortstop options aren’t exactly there at this point.

Bell and Boone, together again

Mike Petraglia of wrote about David Bell and Brett Boone and their relationship with the game. Boone is in town this weekend and threw out the first pitch on Saturday with Bell playing the role of catcher for it.

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Pittsburgh 7 2
Milwaukee 5 2 1.0
Cincinnati 5 3 1.5
Chicago 5 3 1.5
St. Louis 5 4 2.0

241 Responses


    Sunday lineup for sure but in a way I’m not worried about it.

      • earmbrister

        The Metropolitans have a Sunday lineup every day of the week. They are 15th in a 15 team league in scoring runs.

      • LDS

        And yet they’ve won one of the series so far. Hopefully, not today’s.

      • earmbrister

        The Mets have not won a series to date this year. They only have two wins, one of which was vs the Reds.

  2. doctorrockett

    Agreed. Willie B could use the day off, in my opinion. Although, defensively speaking, I’m not sure Maile over Ty Steve is the best pairing for a pitcher of Abbott’s ilk.

    Big game today, Go Reds!

    • Chris

      Maile is much better defensively and if I’m not mistaken he almost always catches Abbott.

  3. Dennis Westrick

    Watched the MLB Network’s Quick Pitch show this morning as I usually do to catch the Reds highlights after a win. Love those so-called experts on both ESPN & the MLB Network who are all excited about the Pirates 7-2 start! They conveniently neglect to mention that 6 of the Pirates 7 wins are against the 0-9 Matlins and 2-6 Nationals. For those with short memories, the Pirates got off to a fast start last season as well.

    Not worried about the Pirates fast start! The Reds need to stay close to the Brewers and stay ahead of both the Cubbies & Dirty Birds until the injured players, including Lodolo return to the lineup!

    • Chris

      Could you not make the argument that the Marlins have that start because the Pirates beat the snot out of them, and are better than we’d like to think? Remember, it was the Marlins down to the wire with the Reds and D-backs last year. It’s not like they were a bad team.

      • Mauired

        Marlins are not as good as last year after losing Alcantara, Soler, and Eury Perez

  4. Chris

    I’m just not sure about this hole against lefties. Espinal shows me virtually nothing. I don’t know how he was as good as he was his rookie year because he looks lost to me. Then you add to it that he looks horrible in the field as well. He seems lost outside of the SS position, which he hasn’t played here yet.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      I agree his hitting looks poor but he did make a nice play at third yesterday in the 9th inning. To be fair he only has 10 at bats.

    • Oldtimer

      The Reds acquired an All-Star (2022) INF for a lower level MiLB P late in spring training after drug suspension of starting 3B and surgery for starting 2B.

      Unbelievable. Some Reds fans are absolutely THE worst in MLB.

      What position did you play in MLB? Did you make an All-Star team?

      Simply and utterly unbelievable.

      • doofus

        Oldtimer, folks are allowed to voice their opinions on this forum. Why do you often feel the need to judge them? After all they are not walking across your lawn.

        Also, I do enjoy your snippets of information from the past. Keep it up.

  5. earmbrister

    That is one unproductive lineup from the Mets; just about the whole team is not hitting. Only 2 regulars have an OPS+ greater than 85. The first 3 hitters (Nimmo, Lindor, and Alonso) have OPS+s of 42, -36, and 73. Yes, that’s a negative 36 for Lindor who has started the year 1-31.

    That said, they’ll probably break out today.

  6. Mauired

    Cold weather. Cold bats. No Stephenson or Benson weakens lineup more. 7-9 hitters 0 for whatever. I think it will be 3-1 Mets. And they take the series.

    I hope I’m wrong and this looks bad in a few hours. Lol

    • Jason T.

      You make some valid points. Hopeful that the late part of the lineup can manage some contact, get on and make something happen.
      What’s up with Stephenson though? Doesn’t look at all like the guy from 2022 to prior. Really disappointed with his trends. Understand it’s early this year but realistically have really adjusted my expectations for him.

      • Mauired

        I know his numbers aren’t good but he has hit in 4 of 5 starts so I’m not too worried. He looks better defensively. He’s been real close throwing runners out which is progress since last year he had trouble just getting the ball to second.

      • Jason T.

        You’re absolutely spot on about his defense. He looks much improved behind the plate and is throwing to 2nd much better too.

    • doctorrockett

      Wow…and the winning lottery numbers are???

      • Mauired

        Lol. No idea. This was more about common sense than luck. You unload the whole bench when most of the team is already not hitting and you don’t score runs. Would be cool if our manager used common sense once in awhile instead of his robotic platooning.

      • Mauired

        Benson got on base 7 of 8 games this year. Stephenson hits in 4 of 5 starts. Candy and CES have done nothing. Why does Bell think it’s smart to bench both in one day when Fraley is not going to be in lineup as well.

    • RedsMonk65

      Pretty good prediction! (Though I don’t like the result).

      • Mauired

        Yeah there’s really no excuse. Mets were really struggling. One win on the season and they get two in Cincy. Every game counts the same and you definitely need to win a home series against a struggling team but Bell finds a way.

  7. Mark Moore

    Well … here we go into the brink. Hoping Abbott can be appropriately aggressive and the Metropolitans push too hard and can’t take advantage of it. 90% of their game is 50% mental, right?

  8. GreatRedLegsFan

    With every game it looks that EDLC is more suited to play CF than SS, perhaps next season he’d make the transition when all McClain, Arroyo and Marte are back.

    • Mark Moore

      IMO, it would definitely take an offseason for him to prepare for that move. It could provide some answers to the future for our Reds, but we’ll have to see how/if it plays out. I just don’t want to see it happen during the middle of the season for any reason (including sending him to AAA to “learn” for a few weeks).

    • TR

      Since I was first aware of the enormous baseball talent of EDLC, I have felt he would be comfortable in center field, especially in those parks with a lot of space. I think it will eventually happen, but it will take awhile to get the Reds powers that be to ok the transition from infield to outfield for EDLC.

  9. Mark Moore

    I saw on MLBTR where Strasburg and the Nats finally settled their little dispute. No roster impact for them, but at least that little bit of drama can fade into the background. Feel sorry for him to be going through such extreme health issues this early in his life.

  10. JB WV

    Fairchild looks good so far, especially at the plate. Fits his role well as a starter against lefties and a nice bat/defensive replacement late in games. Late bloomer? I hope so

    • Jason T.

      Impressed with Fairchild in the small sample size this year. Admittedly not his biggest fan but like to root for the guy. He needs to seize any opportunities that come his way.

      • Justin T

        I like his grit and all but he is what he is, a backup. We could do much worse though.

  11. MBS

    I love how Bubba has been used so far. It’s exactly what I wanted to see when we originally signed him. I don’t know how many starts should go his way, but he’s a valuable weapon on the bases late in a game.

    • Justin T

      I agree except for when the manager pinch runs him in a close game late and removes a bat you may need later. It comes back to bite you later when you take an India or CES’s bat out of the game. The loss to the Nats India was out (Bubba PR for him) and Tyler Stephenson comes off the bench to strikeout facing a closer in the 9th. I believe in the same situation the next game, india got the game winning rally started in the 9th with 2 outs. Never got the chance the game before.

      You have 2 and sometimes 3 innings left to play and the risk outweighs the reward in my opinion.

  12. CI3J

    Is it just me, or is Abbott getting a little pudgy?

    • Mark Moore

      IDK … he’s a pretty stocky build to start with.

    • doctorrockett

      Tom Browning 2.0. Love me some Abbott.

    • doofus

      I commented about his waistline his last start. Yeh, he has put on some pounds.

    • Justin T

      Yes and like Ozzie Guillem said the other night, “fat don’t pull, muscles do”. So hopefully it helps him stay healthy.

  13. Mark Moore

    The MLB app already dropped 1x into the game (Roku). I missed what looks like it was a double.

    Nice route and grab from Bubba.

  14. Mark Moore

    Ugly throw to barf up a run. Hit and error 😐

    • JB

      Yeah should have hung on that and held Lindor at 3rd. Darn backups.

      • Mark Moore

        Thrall/Cowboy said if he lead Abbott, it would have been an out. But tough to do that while moving like Espinal was. And Lindor was running hard, so he’d have been dead at home if the ball was caught and the batter reached anyway.

  15. LarkinPhillips

    So far thid year, The Reds seem to make easy plays look difficult, and to not make the tough plays. The defense is definitely concerning losing 2 of our best defenders.

    • Justin T


      Everytime i mentioned I thought the defense wasnt even on the mind of the Reds in the offseason, I was told how great Candelarios OPS above avg was. Also how India couldnt play second so we should move him to left, how Steer can play second, left and third. Or how versatile they were defensively. No, you have guys willing but not able. At this level at least. Hopefully they find a def lineup they like and let guys get some innings in.

  16. Mark Moore

    What in THE HECK is going on here????

  17. Matt McWax

    Put a star by that one for CES.

  18. JB

    Don’t be surprised if Abbott is sent down. Does he deserve it? Probably not but I can’t see the Reds putting a 13 million dollar a year pitcher in the bullpen.

  19. Hanawi

    So far my worst fears about Candelario have been confirmed. Reds signed him and bat him like he’s a top hitter. Guy has had an OPS above .800 twice in his career and has never hit 20 HRs. Batting him 4th every game is insane.

      • JB

        I understand the batting 4th thing though.

      • Hanawi

        I did before I posted but you’re right. I missed the combined numbers from last year, so he hit a whopping 22 HRs. He’s still not cut out to be a middle of the order hitter for a playoff team.

      • JB

        Just tagging on you. No harm and I totally agree. Not a 4th hitter.

      • earmbrister

        And he’s had an OPS of greater than .800 THREE times in his career (and was at .795 in ’21 when he led the league in doubles.

        Small sample size alert: we only have 8 games in the books. Votto, for example, was a notoriously slow starter.

        Why aren’t you questioning CES and his place in the order? CES has an OPS of .425 vs JC’s .698.

    • Mauired

      I agree Candelario fits the mold of more of a 6/7 hitter in a strong lineup based on his career numbers but Reds plug him into cleanup just based on his paycheck.

  20. Melvin

    Got out of that. Could have been a lot worse. We actually turned a DP too. 😉

  21. Mark Moore

    Feels like a miracle we escaped with only 1 run added.

    Time to find our strokes and get back in this one. Not panicking … yet … 😮

      • JB

        Bell sitting on the bench with Steer and asking him to possibly helping out again today.

  22. Indy Red Man

    Man I don’t remember Manaea throwing 96? Wish we could’ve got him instead of Martinez or Candy. About the same $

  23. Melvin

    I hoping Abbott would have a good game today. Not only for the obvious reasons but also because he’s on my fantasy team. 🙂

  24. Mark A Verticchio

    Days like today you realize how bad they miss Mclain, Marte and Freidl. The bottom of the order isn’t much.

    • Justin T

      Amen. Add defense on that list of things we miss about McClain and TJ too. Marte’s bat is absolutely missed.

  25. Ronnie

    This defense is as bad as i have seen.

  26. Mark Moore

    And now the Chumpire adds his own flair to the game … I’m so sick and tired of that garbage.

    Candy proves he who hesitates is lost … 🙁

  27. Reddawg2012

    A clear missed call by the ump on what should have been strike 3, followed by a boneheaded play by Candy. Fun times.

  28. Indy Red Man

    Ump strikes again….clearly missed a K for Abbott

    • Jason T.

      This umpire is garbage. Many bad calls.

      • Mauired

        The whole crew has been bad the whole weekend

  29. RedBB

    Terrible D by Espinal, Abbott and Candelario and we aren’t even through 3 yet…

  30. JB

    The two things I hate to watch is bad base running and bad defense. Watched enough of bad base running in the past few years and now I get to watch the defense part.

    • Melvin

      Bad fundamentals more than anything else are hard to swallow.

    • Justin T

      And that’s why alot of us cannot stand the manager. He is in year 6 and still the same problems. It’s who he is at this point. His teams are not disciplined on fundamentals at the MLB level. Pitching staff that has lead the league in walks multiple times also is unacceptable.

      He is on his second contract extension in 5 seasons.

  31. Melvin

    Big K there by Abbott. Need another one.

  32. Melvin

    Alright! Our CF I mean SS got the one. 🙂

  33. LarkinPhillips

    The ball strike challenge system can’t be implemented soon enough.

  34. Hanawi

    Not sure what they have for defensive infielders at AAA, but might be worth thinking about finding one for late inning replacements if nothing else.

  35. Mark Moore

    My day plan was lunch, pre-game, game, walk in the park, hit the gym … much like MLB these days, a complete game could be in doubt at this point.

  36. Melvin

    Good AB by Maile making him throw a lot of pitches.

  37. Mark Moore

    Cowboy is saying “booger” on the radio … that may be the highlight of the day.

    Context is talking about Tommy John who claimed to throw a “booger ball”.

    😀 😀

    • RedsMonk65

      Believe that is Chris Welsh on the radio today.

      • RedsMonk65

        When he asked whether he was allowed to say “booger” on the radio, I was reminded of Johnny Fever on the classic first episode of “WKRP in Cincinnati.” Loved that show.

  38. Melvin

    Ought Oh. We don’t need another injury. That was right on the hand.

  39. Mark Moore

    Oh KRAP!!! Very bad spot to get HBP. It can do a LOT of damage there.

  40. JB

    Lord we don’t need India hurt. There are no infielders left.

  41. RedsMonk65

    C’mon, CES, knock ’em in! Let’s stop fooling around and beat these guys!

    • RedsMonk65

      Darn. Well I don’t think the double-steal helped that at-bat, really.

  42. RedsGettingBetter

    CES is really struggling ….so bad

    • Mark A Verticchio

      I agree but who else do they have.

  43. Mark Moore

    Hung that one to Lindor … 🙁

  44. RedsMonk65

    Reds playing poorly today — on the mound, on defense, and at the plate.

    • Melvin

      Besides that it’s a good game so far though. 😉

      • RedsMonk65

        Well, yeah. I don’t do much fishing anymore, but when I did, and we were out on the lake and not having any luck, we would sigh and then make this acknowledgment: “The worst day fishing is still better than the best day at work.” Same goes for a baseball game, I think. It’s the little things in life…

  45. Mark Moore

    Just checked on Lodolo’s “last tune-up” … not pretty at all against Gwinnett.

  46. redsfansince62

    “GreatRedLegsFan 04/07/2024
    With every game it looks that EDLC is more suited to play CF than SS, perhaps next season he’d make the transition when all McClain, Arroyo and Marte are back.

    Mark Moore 04/07/2024
    IMO, it would definitely take an offseason for him to prepare for that move. It could provide some answers to the future for our Reds, but we’ll have to see how/if it plays out. I just don’t want to see it happen during the middle of the season for any reason (including sending him to AAA to “learn” for a few weeks).”

    GreatRedLegsFan and Mark: I strongly agree. Elly would make fewer errors in the outfield. He would have much more space to use his speed. He would still have plenty of opportunities to use his arm. He is a tremendous athlete and could make the adjustment. He has stated that he just wants to play and that he is willing to play wherever the Reds want him to play.

    I believe the Reds should carefully consider doing it this year when Marte returns. I am not pushing it, just keeping the door open. The Reds braintrust should analyze this option. Marte would be as good as Elly at short. He has plenty of experience there. He has months to work on SS now. Between now and when Marte returns, Elly could get some coaching in center. If McLain returns to replace Marte, Marte would return to his role planned before the season started.

    • Mark Moore

      Good points, but I still don’t think a mid-season switch is a good idea. I think it’s too much disruption.

    • Justin T

      I think that too many things are going on mentally playing the SS position. He clearly has concentration issues. That stuff doesnt work itself out at SS in my opinion, let him play the OF and just use his instincts and tools. Vlad Guerrero type arm too.

      • Melvin

        “let him play the OF and just use his instincts and tools”

        Yeah. Just can’t afford to do it this year unfortunately.

  47. LarkinPhillips

    This umps zone has been terrible today. Mostly against the Reds as well.

    • Mark Moore

      The Flex-o-Zone / Bizzaro-Zone on full display … AGAIN.

  48. Mark Moore

    Nice, patient AB by Candy to work the BB.

  49. Melvin

    Come on Mr. Fairchild. Give us something.

    • Melvin

      Opposite way. Good job. Two on nobody out. Got to score.

  50. Melvin

    Gotta make contact EDLC. Come on buddy.

  51. Slicc50

    Nice hit for Stuart, could this be the year he puts it all together? Looking good so far!

  52. Mark Moore

    Time to convert here, guys. Need to put it in play SOMEWHERE!!

  53. RedsMonk65

    No outs, bases juiced. NO excuses — got to get some runs in!

  54. Mark Moore

    SF with a TRIPLE tag up!!! Not sure I’ve EVER seen that happen, at least not at this level.

  55. RedsMonk65

    OK, sac fly. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I’ll take it.

  56. Melvin

    Sac fly. Everyone moves up. We’ll take it. 🙂

  57. JB

    The Reds bore the other team every game with lack of hitting and poor defense. Then when they think the other team is asleep, they pounce and the rallying Reds come alive. It’s a great game plan.

  58. Mark Moore

    OK, Bubba … show us something. Even a SF like Espinal did would work. Finding grass probably means 2 runs across.

      • Mark Moore

        Welsh didn’t like it. Moot point now with 2 strikes and the GIDP.

  59. Melvin

    Come on Bubba. Give us more. Another good AB by Maihle with the walk.

  60. RedsMonk65

    RATS. We needed more than one run out of that. Let’s get on the ball, Reds! Beat these jokers!

  61. RedsGettingBetter

    It’s incredible how bad the Reds are hitting with RISP… Brutal

  62. Slicc50

    I do not like that decision to try the bunt there. Put yourself down a strike right off the bat

  63. Mark A Verticchio

    I can’t believe the Reds don’t have a better hitter in the minors than Bubba Thompson.

    • Melvin

      Didn’t work out so well that time.

    • Hanawi

      Seems impossible that Dunn is not better than him right now.

  64. Melvin

    Abbott really not pitching badly for the most part.

    • JB

      Umpire not helping him that’s for sure.

  65. Melvin

    No runs again. That’s probably it for Abbott.

  66. Mark Moore

    Important AB for India here. We’ll see how that hand is feeling.

  67. Hanawi

    Gritty five innings for Abbott. Wasn’t the prettiest and the defense didn’t help, but he managed to keep them in the game for the most part.

    • Mark Moore

      Defense, some flare hits with radar (so it seemed), and getting squeezed by the Chumpire multiple times.

    • Matt McWax

      Yep, keeping them in the game when your stuff isn’t great, is a good sign. Gotta like him.

    • Tom Noonan

      Lodolo leaves after 2.2 innings today. Was that the plan? 64 pitches

  68. Brian Rutherford

    100 pitches 5 innings. Abbot to closer. Logically it makes sense. He nibbles too much

  69. JB

    Antone. I guess we know who Lodolo comes up for.

    • JB

      That’s probably his career if it’s his elbow again. Just a shame. Heart cries for him

      • Jason T.

        Man that sucks. Poor Antone. Seems like such a good dude too. Awful…

      • Melvin

        Got a big heart. Gave everything he had.

    • Tom Noonan

      Lodolo leaves after 2.2 innings today. Was that the plan? 64 pitches

      • Melvin

        Hope he’s not hurt again too. If not he’ll be up this week regardless.

    • Melvin

      That may have been the last pitch Antone will ever throw. Hope not but not looking good.

      • Mauired

        My initial reaction too. Unfortunately seems like his elbow is done with baseball. A real shame too. Back in 2021 he was throwing 100mph+, and looked like the closer of the Reds for then next several years. What a combo him and Diaz could have been.

  70. Mark Moore

    That very well could be the last appearance of TJ Antone we ever see. I hope that’s not the case, but … 🙁

  71. MBS

    So unfair, something’s you can’t control. I feel so bad for Antone.

    • RedsMonk65

      Yes. Too bad for him and the Reds. When healthy (not much) he has looked good.

      • RedsMonk65

        Not an original thought, but certainly worth considering: Is the emphasis on velocity in MLB overall (compared with control and movement) these last several years beginning to reveal its downside? A lot of top-of-the-line starters and relievers going down with things like this, it seems. A lot of money at stake, too, in many cases. Worth exploring….

  72. Melvin

    Suter struggling. Need to hold them.

  73. JB

    How long will it take the Mets to figure out that Bader sucks?

  74. Melvin

    No runs again. Holding them. Need to start scoring.

  75. GreatRedLegsFan

    Lodolo’s outing didn’t go as planned: 2 2/3 IP, 4 ER, 64 P. He may need another shot down there before coming up. With Antone out for good and Moll being shelled in every outing, not sure who’ll replace him.

    • Jason T.

      Tony Santillan would be my guess.
      Not good to hear that on Lodolo.

      • Melvin

        “Tony Santillan would be my guess.”

        He’s been pitching well I hear.

      • Mauired

        If Anyone goes to 60 day il, Santillan has a roster spot.

  76. RedsGettingBetter

    Suter is surrending much more hard contact than he usually does

  77. JB

    If I’m the Mets manager, and I’m not, I would bring in a lefty just to keep Benson and Fraley on the bench.

    • Melvin

      No matter how bad he might be. Our manager most likely will not budge on the matchup game.

    • Melvin

      So far that strategy is working keeping our bench on the bench.

  78. JB

    The odds for Elly to score are higher for him stealing 2nd,3rd and home than Espinal driving him in.

  79. Melvin

    Espinal not showing much on offense or defense so far.

  80. Mark A Verticchio

    Why let Espinal hit? Bell just amazes me.

  81. gpod

    Why is he looking for a walk right there …if it’s close, swing …you’re not driving the run in with a walk…bad baseball

  82. Melvin

    Yeah. That was on purpose. Good call by the ump. lol

  83. LarkinPhillips

    Super is on pace for 108 appearances this year. Lol. Good job today by him.

    • MBS

      4 of the first 6 games. I’m guessing Bell realized he was abusing him a bit.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Autocorrect got me lol. Might be a good nickname if he keeps pitching like today.

      • Melvin

        He’s pitched a lot so far. That’s for sure.

  84. MBS

    Nice job by Suter. His ability to go multiple innings is a big addition to the team.

  85. Biggy

    Looked like Inida winced quite a bit with his hand maybe after that last pop up. Not totally sure. Would be a big blow to lose him right now.

    • Melvin

      Was thinking the same thing. Hand swelling up maybe?

      • Mauired

        He always tries to play through pain and it hurts the team.

    • JB

      Not sure why anybody would pitch to Steer right now. It’s not like anybody else is doing anything. Not looking good for the good guys.

  86. redsfansince62

    Jason T. 04/07/2024
    Tony Santillan would be my guess.
    Not good to hear that on Lodolo.

    Melvin 04/07/2024
    “Tony Santillan would be my guess.”
    He’s been pitching well I hear.

    GreatRedLegsFan 04/07/2024
    Lodolo’s outing didn’t go as planned: 2 2/3 IP, 4 ER, 64 P. He may need another shot down there…….

    Jason, Melvin, and GreatRedLegsFan: I agree. I beleive Santillan pitched extremely well in spring training. He is the man and should be a boost to the injured bullpen.

    GreatRedLegsFan: I agree regarding Lodolo. I’m sure he wants to return to major league club. However, he needs to consistently show that he is ready. Those results in AAA cast doubt he is totally ready. I hope it was just a bad outing and that he is ‘ready’. All 5 of the Reds starters are pitching, at worst, acceptably to excellent. The Reds need to require Lodolo to prove himself.

  87. Reddawg2012

    If CES isn’t going to hit, I don’t see how this team can consistenty compete.

    I know, it’s early.

  88. LarkinPhillips

    CeS has gotten way to pull happy. He is best when he is going with the pitches not trying to hit everything 500 ft.

    • Slicc50

      Let’s hope he can get over that. We need another guy besides Steer that can get the big hits off of those tough relief pitchers!

  89. RedsGettingBetter

    I lost my count on how many times CES has hit a grounder to third for an out or double-play

  90. RedsMonk65

    OK, time for those Rally Reds to show up! Has not been a good game for the good guys thus far, but there’s still time — just enough time. Go to it!

  91. MBS

    Once Lodolo is back, and Martinez is in the pen, I could see him doing what Suter just did for us tonight.

    Suter, and Martinez going 2 -3 innings, then getting 3 days rest. In a week the 2 of them could eat up to 8 to 12 IP’s.

  92. Jim t

    Need Benson to get on base in front of EDLC.

  93. RedsMonk65

    That may be it for EDLC’s hitting streak…..

    • Mauired

      No hits but 3 steals. Nice to be able to impact the game like that.

      • RedsMonk65

        Eh, I didn’t see much impact today. I think he had 2 swipes. For the team, one run on the board.

      • Mauired

        He stole second and third. And also stole second on a sac fly

      • Mauired

        Maybe if Bell has Benson and/or Stephenson hitting behind him he could have scored more runs. He did get into scoring position twice without getting a hit.

    • RedsMonk65

      Just expecting more of him at the plate. The just ended hitting streak (13, dating to last season?) aside, he hasn’t done much but strike out. I realize he is young and still working on things. And having him on base — in whatever fashion — definitely forces pitchers/defenses to react and often over-react. Just did not see that he had much of an impact on today’s game, all things considered. Hoping he is able to figure things out offensively and defensively, because he has so much potential and is so exciting to watch!

      • Mauired

        I mean he’s 22 years old. His MLB leading hit streak just ended, but he still managed to get on base twice and steal 3 bases. Maybe our expectations need to come down. His right handed hitting seems to be much better than last year. His patience at the plate is better. And we’re only a week and a half into the season.

      • RedsMonk65

        I hear ya. I’m sure he’s feeling the pressure, too.

  94. Mark Moore

    This is just plain frustrating. I still have it on (after yet another glitch from the app), but I’m done commenting for now. I need to gear up for a walk and the gym.

    Back at it tomorrow, friends. Today is all but a lost cause now.

  95. Jim t

    Terrible at bat by EDLC. Strike 3 was right down the middle.

  96. RedBB

    Elly’s command of the strike zone is pretty poor. How many times a game do we see him bail out to avoid getting hit by a pitch and the ball gets called a strike? It’s also indicative that he does not want to take one for the team under any circumstance which won’t help…

  97. Mauired

    What a game by Suter. Comes in for emergency relief and pitches 3 shutout innings.

    • Jason T.

      Very impressive. His best outing since Opening Day. Glad the Reds signed him.

  98. Beaufort Red

    Especially if the bat never leaves your shoulder.

  99. Mark A Verticchio

    I am very concerned that this offense will not be able to keep the Reds in contention. 3 hits today and not many well struck balls. However for the most part the pitching has been good enough, dam Marte really hurt his team with his own stupidity.

  100. Jason T.

    Frustrating to see the pitching be consistently pretty solid today yet just 1 run won’t win you many games.
    Suter looked good. Abbott didn’t get any favors from another crappy umpire.

  101. Dennis Westrick

    Bell just loves Farmer! Hope he survives the 9th and keeps the deficit at 2 runs!

  102. CFD3000

    Haven’t been watching the Reds game (Iowa – SC is terrific so far) but I did see one at bat. The Bubba Thompson inning ending DP rally killer. And now the Rally Reds send up Espinal, Maile and Thompson in the 9th. That’s not a lineup that instills much confidence. The end of the Reds roster is pretty weak like many teams, but do they all need to play on the same day? Sigh… bring on the Brewers.

  103. Melvin

    That was kind of a flat game wasn’t it?

    • Jason T.

      Extremely. 2 of the 3 hits by Fairchild and Thompson. Got to fix this. Especially with the speed on this team. Means nothing though if you can’t get on base.
      Pitching has been solid.

  104. Dennis Westrick

    Twelve (12) strikeouts by the Reds batters again today! Either the entire team needs glasses/contacts or we need new hitting instructors!

  105. Mark A Verticchio

    Bottom line this team can’t hit and has no help coming. Just bad luck losing Marte. Mclain and Freidl. Right now I feel like a .500 season would be a huge success, let’s set things up for 2025.

    • Beaufort Red

      We’re 9 games into the season and you’re talking about 2025! That’s the winner this young season for the craziest comment.

    • Rob

      Difficult situation. At this moment, we do not have offensive help at Louisville and foreseeably won’t have it this year. I don’t blame Krall as he no doubt provided what should have been adequate depth. We are kinda between a rock and hard place. With no help coming from Louisville, and missing 3 key offensive pieces, we basically have 2 choices: 1) ride it out with the existing (inadequate) offensive pieces, or 2) trade for 1 year offensive pieces. Way too early to pull the trigger here. But when it gets not too early, we all know that it will almost have to be near ready pitching prospects or highly talented not so ready IFs/OFs prospects. It will not be a time to “win” a trade. It will be a time to make sure you gain enough offensive help. The alternative of winter spending and wasting a year is even less attractive. Unfortunate.

  106. Stoney

    Terrible offensive display today. If Bell is going to roll out this kind of lineup it will be difficult to even compete. Someone besides Steer needs to step up.

  107. RedsMonk65

    Tough to win when you only get three hits.

    Will be interesting to see how the rotation/bullpen situation shakes out with Antone, Lodolo, etc.

  108. Mauired

    I thought it was a predictable outcome. Bell’s a losing manager for a reason. If his name wasn’t Bell he would not even be the manager of this team.

  109. Mark A Verticchio

    His line up today said let’s get this series over with.