The Cincinnati Reds return home this evening to host the New York Mets after taking a series victory in Philadelphia. The game will be on Apple TV+, which requires a subscription. First pitch is set for 6:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

New York Mets

Cincinnati Reds

Francisco Lindor – SS Jonathan India – 2B
Pete Alonso – 1B Spencer Steer – LF
Francisco Alvarez – C Christian Encarnacion-Strand – 1B
Brett Baty – 3B Jeimer Candelario – DH
Starling Marte – RF Stuart Fairchild – CF
Tyrone Taylor – LF Elly De La Cruz – SS
Jeff McNeil – 2B Santiago Espinal – 3B
Harrison Bader – CF Will Benson – RF
DJ Stewart DH Luke Maile – C
Jose Quintana – LHP Hunter Greene – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 4.2 3.86 1.93 4 7
Jose Quintana 4.2 3.86 1.71 2 4
Links: Hunter Greene’s Stats | Jose Quintana’s Stats

Hunter Greene

This spring, Greene showed up with the plan of throwing two new pitches – a splitter to replace his change up, and a curveball to add another look. We’ll get a look at how those pitches work for him today.

Last year Greene showed sizable split. And they were reverse splits, at that. He held lefties to a significantly lower average than righties and they hit for far less power while striking out at a higher rate. Righties hit for a good average and a lot of power against Greene in 2023, but did walk at a much lower rate than lefties did.

2023 Splits

RHH 254 66 22 2 10 7.9% 27.2% .288 .353 .533
LHH 244 45 11 2 9 11.5% 34.0% .215 .320 .416

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Curve Splitter
Velo 99.7 87.5 83.5 89.1
Usage 43% 48% 3% 6%

Jose Quintana

The splits for Quintana are a bit weird. Lefties don’t hit for much average or draw walks, but last season in limited action, they hit for plenty of power against him. Righties make contact at a solid rate, and hit for a solid average, but they don’t show much power at all against him.

2023 Splits

RHH 262 63 8 2 3 8.4% 19.1% .268 .328 .357
LHH 57 12 3 0 2 3.5% 17.5% .222 .250 .389

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Curve Change
Velo 89.5 89.7 76.9 84.8
Usage 16% 35% 26% 23%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati
  • Watch: Apple TV+
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 49°, cloudy, 20% chance of rain

News and Notes

Ian Gibaut to begin a rehab assignment

The Reds have sent right-handed reliever Ian Gibaut out on a rehab assignment today. He’ll be joining the High-A Dayton Dragons tonight for their season opener that will be started by 2023 1st round pick Rhett Lowder.

Nick Lodolo’s rehab start pushed

Tonight was originally slated to be Nick Lodolo’s second and final rehab start with Triple-A Louisville. Instead he will now start on Sunday for the Bats and is scheduled to return to the Reds next Sunday.

The minor league season really gets started

Louisville’s season began last Friday, but today the other three full-season league teams take the field. Daytona, Dayton, and Chattanooga will all kick their season off tonight. As always, we’ve got full coverage of the on-goings in the minor leagues every day over at

Division Standings

Team W L GB
Pittsburgh 6 1
Milwaukee 1 1 1.0
Cincinnati 4 2 1.5
Chicago 4 2 1.5
St. Louis 4 4 2.5


164 Responses

  1. CI3J

    How have Milwaukee only played 2 games so far? Is it due to weather?

  2. docproc

    Sorry we have to throw out Fairchild and Espinal in a nationally televised game.
    Hope that jinx works. Would be happy to be wrong.

    • CI3J

      Fairchild has actually been decent. He seems to have bulked up quite a bit. I have a sneaking suspicion that if he were allowed to play more, he would put up some good offensive numbers.

  3. Mauired

    Anybody else looking forward to the city connect unis? I like them much more than the regular unis.

    • CI3J

      I don’t like them at all. They look like something that teams would have worn in the late 90’s when black was all the rage.

      But eh, I can understand other people like them and they don’t bother me that much, so it’s whatever.

      • Dennis Westrick

        I’m with you there! Hate the black uniforms! Black should be reserved for funerals!

      • Melvin

        They’re okay while the weather is cool. They attract heat. 😉

    • Nick in NKY

      Man, I’m sorry to hear you guys don’t like them. I love them. I think they’re a nice change of pace….I don’t know if I would have designed them to be quite so dominantly black, but I do like them. I might get the cap for myself.

    • MBS

      They’re good looking, but I wouldn’t want them to be the everyday uniform.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m a fan. I have a t-shirt and the hat. Wore them in DC last year when I went to a game.

    • Andy

      The black/white/red Cincy across chest is 10/10. I’m less thrilled with the new C logo. Also think they look better up close, the highlighted black numbers are sweet but hard to read from the seats. Overall package is about 8/10 for me. I prefer them to regular uni’s. I would replace the cap with standard wishbone red C on black cap with red bill.

    • RedinInd

      I absolutely hate them. But I’m old.

      • TR

        I’m also old in the number of years accumulated, but like the black and red with red dominate.

  4. Redhaze

    How many games will be on Apple TV+ this season?

    • Melvin

      Good question. I’d like to cancel my membership after this month if they’re not on in May. I’ll start it back up later.

  5. Dennis Westrick

    For what it’s worth, the Mets used nine (9) relief pitchers in their DH yesterday! That included their No. 1 closer Diaz! Bell is jealous that another ML manager used more RPs than he does!

    • Mauired

      I would much rather Bell use all of the bullpen pitchers than leave them in gassed to get shelled which he has done too many times to count.

  6. Eddiek957

    I like the unis from the sixties. Always liked pinstripes

  7. Jason Franklin

    My first live game I have been able to watch on tv in more then a year. Thanks Apple.

  8. Bet on Red

    seems i am going to have to watch Napolean now as well

    • Jason Franklin

      If you are a sci-fi nerd, like myself, you may enjoy For All Mankind. Alternate history show plus some interesting cold war stuff.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Slow Horses, Lessons in Chemistry, Hijack, Manhunt are a few shows I really like. Will get to Nspoleon and Masters of the Air eventually.

  9. Dennis Westrick

    So, Greene took 22 pitches to get out of the 1st inning! At that pitch rate he will go 5 innings at best! Batters know which pitchers have “nibbling” tendencies and will take pitches hoping for a fat pitch to hit!

    In any event, let’s go Reds! Score some runs early and make life easier for Greene!

  10. Bet on Red

    this broadcast is horrible to the point of legal action. just seeing steers homerun

  11. LT

    Someone please gets on base so Steer can get more RBI. Greene has not used a 3rd pitch yet right?

  12. LarkinPhillips

    Steer is looking a lot better in the OF to me this year.

  13. redsfansince62

    For those of you possibly interested, Apple TV plus has a free trail, which would enable be you to watch the game tonight. I do not know any details, e.g., whether it requirers an apple device, etc. I am watching the game now on Apple TV plus – I had a previous subscription.

  14. CI3J

    That Bader AB is a perfect example why Greene needs a dependable 3rd pitch.

    Sorry, but you’re not going to have much success in MLB being a two-pitch starter. If batter just keep seeing the same two pitches, they can hit them. The 3rd pitch gives them something else to think about and it goes from a 50-50 guess on which pitch is coming to a 33% chance of guessing right. With a 3rd pitch, your chance of getting a strikeout or weak contact rises exponentially.

    If Greene is going to succeed, he needs to start using more than just his slider and fastball.

    • LT

      He can be an effective closer with 2 pitches. For SP, he is ok for 4-5 innings

      • CI3J

        Yes, that was the implication.

        But the Reds didn’t pay Greene to pitch in the bullpen. They paid him to start. And if he’s going to earn that paycheck, he needs a 3rd pitch to put hitters away.

        Greene’s big problem is batters foul off a lot of pitches when facing him. He’s sitting at 55 pitches after 3 innings right now, but could easily be sitting at 40 pitches if he was better at putting hitters away.

    • Jason T.

      Exactly what went through my mind watching that at bat. A 3rd, reliable pitch would do wonders for him.
      I did like that strikeout of Alonso.

  15. redsfansince62

    LT: Greene has used his new curve and his slider (not sure if this is one of his two new pitches)

    • LT

      I see fastball and slider. Have not seen curve yet.

  16. Ronnie

    Love greene but man his pitch count. 1 hit thru 3 and 5 Ks but 55 pitches?

  17. CI3J

    This ump is giving that outside edge way too often. Hitters need to widen their strike zone.

  18. CI3J

    A 9-pitch inning is just what the doctor ordered for Greene.

  19. redsfansince62

    JB – Steer presently is the best player on the team. For the past year, at the minimum, he has been one of the best players on the team.

  20. Jonathan Linn

    Are we seriously complaining about Greene when he has struck out 6 in four innings and allowing 1 hit? ???????????? this is what an ace does. We are in 2024, not 1984. Aces only go 5-6 innings these days…maybe 7 innings.

    • Ronnie

      Aces go more than “5-6”. Greene is a nice pitcher but he is like a 3 or maybe fringe 2 until he gets better control and cuts down on the walks. Still young.

    • ksdavis

      This afternoon on Cincy Sports talk the topic of Greene came up. They were not ready to give up on hi, as an ace, but they were leaning towards him just being a number 3 or 4. Or given that a closer. Cant survive with 2 pitches. The fifth inning is what happens. Pitch count elevates and he starts to lose it. He must learn to get his pitch count down.

    • bug

      I heard that!!! He’s pitched well enough for a W. Offense needs to step it up. I’ll take one run in 6 innings every day of the week. Offense is lacking,..not the pitching.

  21. Indy Red Man

    You can watch any sport on Crackstream on your computer if you don’t have Apple

  22. Brian Rutherford

    Elly has a hit in every game so far. I think that might be good.

    HG pitching pretty well.

  23. Grand Salami

    The ump just killed Candy on that AB with 2 on. Apple TV graphic showed not a single strike (all three called) crossed the zone.

    Reds have the initiative and look better but not much to show for it.

  24. LT

    Finally I see some kinda 3rd pitch from Greene, split finger but it was kinda throw away pitch.

  25. doctorrockett

    Maile is costing HG quite a few strikes with his lack of framing skills.

  26. LarkinPhillips

    I don’t care that Bader player for the Reds. He is still a cardinal in my mind and I still don’t like him.

  27. Indy Red Man

    Bader. If the eclipse could up only absorb up ex-Cards that stole $ from the Reds.
    Dude was like 3 for 40

  28. Mark Moore

    First walk for Greene all the way into the 5th. Pitch count still up there a bit I see.

    And he makes his own trouble to tie it up.

  29. ksdavis

    This afternoon on Cincy Sports talk the topic of Greene came up. They were not ready to give up on hi, as an ace, but they were leaning towards him just being a number 3 or 4. Or given that a closer. Cant survive with 2 pitches. The fifth inning is what happens. Pitch count elevates and he starts to lose it. He must learn to get his pitch count down.

    • Mark Moore

      Please let’s not screw up yet another starting pitcher by converting him to a “closer” early in his career. I’m not a fan of the “closer” regardless, but we’ve already screwed up two coming through the system that way.

      • ksdavis

        I agree, but he needs a third pitch, and needs to learn to go after the hitters.

      • Harry Stoner

        I hope Frankie M is talking with Hunter G in the dugout and clubhouse.

        Would be great to see the “influential veteran starter” benifits accrue.

  30. Nick in NKY

    Until Greene gets that split or curve (hopefully both) in working order, it’s starting to look like 5-6 IP, 100 p, 7-10K, and 1-5 ER is just who he’s going to be.

    • Jonathan Linn

      @Nick , that isn’t a bad thing and is similar to Corbin Burnes…is it not?

      • Nick in NKY

        Not really, no. I mean if you take the lower half of that run total, and you give him 6 innings, that’s a quality start. But like many here, I’d like to see him take the next step and get a little more efficient by hopefully incorporating another quality pitch.

  31. Mark Moore

    Gameday looks like he’s nibbling. Anybody confirm?

    • CI3J

      He is. He still pitches like he doesn’t trust his stuff.

  32. Roger Garrett

    Well done Hunter we will take 6 innings of 1 run baseball.Good job.Now lets score some runs guys.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Ultimately getting through 6 is the benchmark. Doing it in 100 pitches or less is a minor bonus.

  33. redsfansince62

    LT: Regarding the split finger, great observation. I believe it is the split and the curve that Green has added. It is way past due. Greene can

  34. redsfansince62

    Last comment was accidentally sent by mistake. I started to say it was ‘way past due, etc’. Greene has been injured in the past and should still be considered a non-veteran. Saying ‘way past due’ is too perhaps too strong.

  35. Brian Rutherford

    HG 99 pitches 71 strikes. seems pretty good.

    Quintana 97-55 for reference

  36. Harry Stoner

    Diego steals 2B.

    Great move.

    “I’m not just a defensive replacement.”

  37. LuciusRuber

    Benson reminds me of Ken Griffey Sr.

  38. LarkinPhillips

    I would’ve liked to seen Fraley or Martini hit for Maile there.

  39. redsfansince62

    LuciusRuber: Good observation. To me, his batting stance is somewhere between Ken Griffey Sr (more compact than Benson) and Willie McCovy (less compact than Benson)

    • LuciusRuber

      lefty, good hitter, not alot of power, decent but not great arm and smart base runner

  40. Dennis Westrick

    And, of course, the obligatory walk by Cruz to one of the fastest players on the Mets!

    • LarkinPhillips

      14 balls in 19 pitches. Not great.

  41. Mark Moore

    Looks like Cruz isn’t the answer tonight.

  42. Dennis Westrick

    So, now 3 walks by Cruz! How long is Bell gonna wait??

  43. RedsGettingBetter

    The problem of Cruz…lack of control… This game smells no good

  44. David

    So, I haven’t seen it discussed here today, but if Nick Lodolo is activated Sunday (after his second rehab start at Louisville, if all goes well), who goes?

    Martinez exits the rotation for Lodolo, but who goes off the staff to AAA (or is released) to make roster room for Nick?

    Who has options? Tejay Antone? Lucas Sims? Anyone know?

    • wkuchad

      Antone, Diaz, and I think Cruz all have options. Barring injury, Antone or Cruz will be optioned to Louisville if Lodolo takes Martinez’s rotation spot.

    • Dennis Westrick

      May be the understatement of day, month or season!

      • Melvin

        Trying to be kind. What a time for all of the other SS to be unavailable. lol

        I think the pressure is getting to him being so young.

  45. AllTheHype

    Man this can’t be good. Clearly our entire pitching staff is injured. Only explanation for Cruz still pitching.

    • Melvin

      Wander how the Blandino experiment is working.

    • AllTheHype

      Is Bell’s brain tired, can’t think? What’s going on here with Cruz still in the game?

  46. RedlegScott

    Only one run after all that. That’s the good news. Will the bats deliver?

  47. JB

    The way Elly has been playing defense I was worried he would drop that.

  48. redsfansince62

    LT and others: I wanted to comment further regarding Greene trying to add pitches to his fastball and slider (I think the slider has been in his arsenal for a while). LT, again, nice observation to pick up Greene’s split. With adding the split and curve ball (I’m sure he is still working on the split and curve) to the fastball and slider, he is making a good effort to address his need to have more offerings.

    I am optimistic that Johnson and Greene will improve all 4 of his offerings. I see Greene evolving to the #2 or ace that we all want to see. He is not there now.

    • AllTheHype

      He threw 5 splits tonight. He’s thrown 11 total this year including tonight. The rest have been FB and SL. He has not thrown any CBs this year. He’s basically still just a two pitch pitcher, despite the hype. Maybe that will change, eventually.

    • SambaYo!

      It’s amusing to me, reading these posts for years, when there seems to be travesty and devastation across redlegnation, and, not watching the game, I check the score and the good guys are down by one heading into the bottom of the 7th..,by the post some may think the reds are down by a touchdown or two. lol

  49. RedsGettingBetter

    Despite Cruz finishes the inning , the pitching was mismanaged. You don’t have to let Cruz throws 36 pitches when Wilson and Suter are fresh to face the lefty Baty with 2 outs….

  50. Dennis Westrick

    Could have been a lot worse! Cruz took 35 pitches to get through the 7th with 3 walks! If EDLC makes the routine play we are out of the inning still tied!

    • Jim Walker

      How are they out of the inning tied if EDLC makes a “routine play”?

      The grounder was not going to be a DP ball regardless. They had no play on the runner coming home from 3b with the bases loaded with 1 out regardless. Getting or not getting the single out at 2b was irrelevant to that run scoring.

      • Jim Walker

        IMO, the initial problem on the play was EDLC’s positioning. He had to take a route too deep and too long just to get to the ball because they had him positioned too far into the 2b/3b hole.

        They also lost a shot of getting out of the 6th cleanly because they had him too much to the middle. And a run scored in Phillie when they appeared to have him poorly positioned.

  51. Melvin

    That was a bad call on that third strike to Steer.

  52. JB

    CES hitting it hard tonight but right at people

  53. Dennis Westrick

    Need to score this inning or the 8th! If not, the Mets will bring in their stopper, Cruz!

  54. Indy Red Man

    Apple is saying Elly more like 6’7 then 6’5. He’s not a SS! Too much for a guy that tall

    • Melvin

      I think his arms (wing span) make him taller than 6’5″ realistically.

  55. Melvin

    Come on EDLC. Put the ball in play at least.

    • Melvin

      Can’t go down looking in that situation. The poor guy needs a day off.

  56. RedsGettingBetter

    EDLC likely the AB of the game

  57. Mark Moore

    Bat never came off his shoulder … that’s NOT what we needed there 😐

  58. JB

    Raley couldn’t come close against Stephenson but was right on against Elly. Like he was pitching around Stephenson.

    • Jim Walker

      You got that right imo. Bell got played like a drum. He spent 3 players off his bench to have the inning decided by EDLC versus a LH pitcher (Martini then Stephenson to PH followed by Fraley coming in to play RF the next inning). Since there were 2 outs and it was only the 7th inning, maybe Bell should have checked whether Fairchild’s OPS vs RH pitching was better than Martini’s or EDLC’s vs LHP?

  59. Dennis Westrick

    Totally wasted AB by EDLC! Gotta put the ball in play and maybe something good happens!

  60. Mitch

    Elly looked at every single pitch including the one that blue has been calling all night. He needs a break.

  61. CI3J

    This has a feeling like a game the Reds are destined to lose. None of the breaks are going their way, and they just can’t come up with that big hit.

  62. Mark Moore

    Well, I think that pretty much wraps it for me. With only GameDay to follow, I’m calling a Clete.

    Back at it tomorrow, friends. Have a great rest of your evening.

  63. JB

    10 Left on Base. Not going to win many games that way. Offense needs to come alive.

  64. Dennis Westrick

    McNeil was a Reds-killer last season and just put the nail in the coffin for this game!

  65. JB

    I guess we aren’t swinging the bat anymore.

  66. Roger Garrett

    Guess your right when 3 out of the last 4 hitters take strike 3.

  67. Mark A Verticchio

    Just my opinion but no team batting Stewart Fairchild 5th is going to compete for anything. Krall did a poor job of filling out the outfield, there were a lot of better options out there than Fairchild.

    • wkuchad

      The problem is the injuries (and Marte suspension). Those have killed our lineup against lefty starters.

      • Mark A Verticchio

        I agree but there were available players after the injuries and suspension.

  68. Dennis Westrick

    Double-digit strikeouts AGAIN tonight by the Reds hitters!

  69. Mitch

    This is probably the one game I’m going to get to watch live this season and they look awful. And against the Mets of all teams.

  70. LarkinPhillips

    It’s amazing that Bell used 3 players in the same move and somehow used both good Left hand bats in the move with neither hitting. Why not Thompson in for defense instead of Fraley and have Fraley off the bench for the 9th?

    • Kywhi

      Reaching a bit to try to blame this one on David Bell?

      • LarkinPhillips

        Not blaming this one on Bell. 0-11 with RISP and walks by relievers are to blame. Just pointing out an odd move. Thompson is supposedly a better defensive outfielder and Fraley is the bench bat you would want. Odd sequence to me.

  71. redsfansince62

    AllThe Hype: I seriously do not want our friendly exchanges to accidentalky evolve into any negative discussion regarding Greene using a curveball or not. I am just interested in whether or not he is trying to add the curve. Tonight at least once (and I believe twice) the announcers called curve ball. Maybe the announcer erred. I do agree that Greene has not thrown enough of the splitter (and possibly a curve) to be officially in his arsenal. He does appear to be working on it.

    • AllTheHype

      The announcer had it wrong, according to statcast. If you google hunter greene baseball savant and scroll to movement section, you can see the pitches he has thrown this year. He throws a split this year, which is different than his changeup from last year. It has move vertical drop and about 2 mph slower than the changeup. This is an improvement. But he very rarely throws it. Only 11 all year. He has not thrown a curve yet all year, including tonight.

    • Ozzie

      They are going to overturn that, I think.

  72. Melvin

    Was CES doggin it? Didn’t seem like he got to 1B very fast.

  73. Melvin

    Need a hit. Come on Candy Man….Sac Fly

  74. RedsMonk65

    Well crap. Reds just did not have it tonight. Tomorrow’s another day.

  75. RedsGettingBetter

    No one was able to hit even a single with runners in scoring position

  76. Melvin

    I don’t watch women’s basketball. I don’t even watch Indiana Fever even though I’m from Indiana. However I’m gonna switch over to watch Iowa tonight since the Fever will be drafting her (Clark). I’m intrigued by this lady superstar.

    • Oldtimer

      My stepdaughter Natalie Williams was Fever player 2003 to 2005. Olympic gold medal in WBB in 2000. Now Las Vegas Aces GM. I watch lots of WBB games.

  77. redsfansince62

    On India’s tag up, I noticed that AGAIN no one was near home plate to help India regarding whether or not he needed to slide. A game or two ago, India was called out on a tag up only because he did not slide. On that play he would have easily been safe if he had slidden. Again, no one was there on tonite’s tag up by India to tell him whether or not to slide.

    Sliding can potentially lead to injuries and players should not slide unless they need to. This appears to be another example where the need for feedback is not being communicated when Reds players make mistakes, fundamental errors, etc.
    This will cost us games if players do to receive feedback (it needs to be positive and constructive) regarding inappropriate play.

  78. Jeremiah

    It’s so early, but CES really has not hit well so far. But I see veterans on other teams hitting like .143 so again, hard to tell. But I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the rookies second guys surprisingly aren’t as good as we thought they’d be. It happens the sophomore slump.

    I get the righty lineup Bell puts out there…but you take Fraley out of the lineup, add Maile in, a inconsistent De La Cruz, Espinal not sure what you have quite yet, Fairchild a 4th 5th outfielder…all good players in their roles and can be better than average some nights…but that’s not a very intimidating lineup for most Major League pitchers.

    Just not sure what to think about this team. I think it’ll be that way much of the season…I just hope they hover around or slightly above .500 at least and it will be an entertaining year overall.

    • LarkinPhillips

      He hit two balls extremely hard tonight right at people. But his timing is off just a bit right now. Also seems to be a little to pull happy. I think he will figure it out though.

  79. Mark A Verticchio

    Losing Mclain. Marte and Freidl may be to much to overcome.

  80. LDS

    Shaping up to be a disappointing season. As many noted at the time, Pagan was not a good fit for the Reds/GABP, too HR prone. And yes, Bubba is fast, but that doesn’t mean he needs to PR every game. Pulling the team’s most consistent hitter in a close game is brainless. EDLC? Defensively, he’s not the Wizard of Oz, Concepcion, Barrero, Arroyo, or even McLain at this point. He needs a serious course correction. Yes, the injuries haven’t helped. But neither has Krall’s failure to sign a quality OF’er or two. Neither has alternating catchers. Play Stephenson most days, period, especially against LHers. His career average against lefties is in the .290s. Yes, it’s early but the same patterns are playing out again this year. The comments by various RLN’ers reflect that, eg Greene still mostly relying on two pitches. Where’s the progress? Would Sparky, Pinella, or even Baker put up with the same fundamental miscues, year after year? Why does Bell? Why does Krall?

  81. bug

    Reds are a team with a lack of clutch hitters. You sure can’t knock India, or even Steer (according to the box score). But no clutch hitters spell a lot of losses. Greene deserved better. Reds pitching has been fine, save the one blown save by Diaz. But 4 to 6 hits per game will not compete long term. And I didn’t even see the stupid Apple televised game. But the box score tells me all I need to know. Looks like CES needs to get his act together, does a frew others. Elly Ks way too much!!! I thought he had worked on that. Ks will not get it done. He’s still setting records on % of SOs/per AB.