With all of the excitement of Opening Day in Cincinnati, with finally getting Reds baseball back, it’s the next day that might be the worst day of the season. Nearly every year the first day of the regular season is followed up by a day off for the Reds. That makes sense, at least to a point. Opening Day is a big deal in baseball, but in Cincinnati it’s just different. It’s an event that is unrivaled around the country. No one else is having anything close to a parade to celebrate the start of the season.

The off day after Opening Day is to allow everything to take place the next day in a situation where the weather intervenes, but keeps the ticket holders for Opening Day still the ticket holders for the first game of the year if that happens. But when the weather cooperates, as it usually does, the Friday after Opening Day sucks. There’s no Cincinnati Reds baseball.

Yesterday was a great day for Reds fans. Nick Martini crushed two home runs and drove in five. Frankie Montas tossed six shutout innings in his organizational debut after being one of their big offseason acquisitions. The game didn’t feel like it was in doubt by the time the 4th inning had come and gone.

The city, the team, the fans – all on a high following the win. And then today they all just sit around and wait. The club doesn’t take the field again until Saturday afternoon. It’s the worst day of the season. One could argue the final day of the season is the worst, but some years you are just glad it’s over because you watched 100 losses. And some years you’re happy it’s over because you watched 100 wins and the playoffs are about to begin. But the Friday after Opening Day sucks every year because there’s no baseball.

Of course, today could be worse if the Reds lost yesterday. They, along with the Pirates, picked up wins on Opening Day and sit atop the division. Milwaukee was rained out in New York, while the Cubs and Cardinals both lost their games and are in last place. That’s always a fun thing to type.

Today isn’t entirely without Reds-adjecent baseball, though. The Triple-A season begins today. The Louisville Bats will host Indianapolis (Pirates affiliate) tonight at 7:15pm ET. If you have MLB.tv, you also get MiLB.tv included. So if you’re looking for something to watch tonight, that could be an option for you.

Sam Moll will begin his rehab assignment with Louisville tonight. He can remain on a rehab assignment for up to 30 days before the Reds have to make a decision on him. Moll has been dealing with some shoulder soreness since the offseason when he was going through his throwing program, made his spring training debut on March 18th and then pitched again on the 21st, but didn’t show up again during the spring for the team left Arizona after their game on the 24th.

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    • Jimbo44CN

      I dont’ think so, not many empty seats, but I did see a few.

    • BK

      Yes, the box score reported 44,030 in attendance; GABP’s seating capacity is 42,271.

  1. earmbrister

    Totally agree Doug. I have always hated the second day of the season. It’s such an empty feeling kind of day after a long winter break.

    At least the opening day lopsided win does leave us with a good taste in our mouths.

    Gotta like how Montas started his year – a nice blueprint for efficiency for the youngsters in the rotation. Martini, Fraley, and Steer had great games. Enjoyed how effective Suter was with his quiver of mid 80’s and low 70’s pitches. A pleasurable game to watch all around.

  2. LMM

    Updated predication after yesterday. Reds go 162–0 and undefeated thru playoffs. Martini hits 300+ hrs, Montas wins 30+ with a 0.00 era.

    Someone from LA wins MVP and Cy Young because they are from LA. There are calls for Bell being fired because run differential could have been greater if he had used a different batting order

  3. Tom Noonan

    Yesterday was fun to watch! Montas was so impressive! The offense mostly stepped up. Steer was clutch as always. Martini was a surprise. How does he follow that game up?! Suter shut the door and kept Diaz from having to warm up. I’ll take a day like yesterday any day!

    Now Hunter needs to keep it going.

  4. Casey39

    I am not a big uniform guy, but these new uniforms are terrible. You can see sliding shorts under the pants and the size of the letters look little league. Are they iron on transfers? Knock offs? LOL! No wonder players were complaining.

    • sultanofswaff

      agree! just give me the 1970 uniform–crisp and not citing multiple eras at the same time.

    • Mauired

      Some of those throwback uniforms that came out in 2019 during the 150th anniversary were pretty cool. I wish they would break them out more. Not really a big fan of the Reds current uniform. Top 5 are Big Red Machine era, 1919 world series unis with pinstripes, city connect, 1956, and 1967.

  5. Optimist

    True, but let’s all go visit https://www.redsminorleagues.com/, sign up on Patreon to get the latest updates, and follow Sam Moll on a hoped for short rehab, as well as the future Reds OFers, among other items.

  6. Colorado Red

    Matt moved to the 60 IL.
    Reds claim Jays prospect Yosver Zuleta.
    Seems like a guy who has some major control issue.
    If he can put it together he is a steal
    17th rank prospect in Jays system.
    No risk pickup

  7. Rednat

    I actually don’t mind the day off ( when we win). It allows the fans ( and players) to emotionally reset and deflate after all the excitement of our local holiday.

    But you are right after a loss it sucks. Just 48 hours of negative thinking and gloom and doom.

    • Yellow tail

      David Bell lost his first game for the Reds. It won’t be his kast

  8. Indy Red Man

    So which direction will they go vs tomorrow vs a lefty? Outfield of Steer, Stuey, and Bubba Thompson? I know they talked about it, but did India play any OF in Arizona? I’m thinking Espinal at 2B with India DH and I’d go with Benson in RF batting 9th. He hasn’t played enough in his career to say he can’t hit lefties or won’t be atleast presentable.

    • Old-school


      Jake irvin righty is starting sunday so Think you see an all righty lineup tomorrow with OF. Maile will get one of the starts next 2 days at catcher and Espinal will get 1 of the 2 starts at 2b next 2 days

      Since its kid opening day.. i suspect maile and espinal lineup sunday with india DH then instead of kid day

      Games i went last year, fan fav were votto. Elly. India in that order

      • David

        Speaking of Joey Votto, he is still in Dunedin, Florida (extended Spring Training for the Blue Jays) because of an ankle injury.
        Not on the 26 man starting roster for Toronto.

        Remains to be seen what happens. Toronto getting clobbered tonight by Tampa.

  9. Kevin Patrick

    I don’t know…I’m kind of glad I can focus on the Boilers. I confess my undying devotion to the black and gold has cost me my sanity and driven me back to baseball. You can’t get too upset about 162 games. Basketball…Football…you have to suffer for a week. My hands are shaking as I type this…only an hour and a half away till my heart stops.

    • Doc

      Boilermaker graduate myself but after Rick Mount turned to ice in the NCAA against UCLA my freshman year, I’ve learned to get more excited when certain other teams lose than any Boiler BB result. Last year sort of validated that approach.

    • Indy Red Man

      Doesn’t look like anyone can beat UConn imo. Cashed a bunch of Purdue Overs this year, but partly because their defense isn’t elite. They did beat Illinois twice though and they’re elite. I think UConn Illinois winner takes it all

    • Oldtimer

      Purdue ’74 here. Boilers won NIT my senior year. Boiler WBB won NCAA 25 years ago.

      Boiler MBB turn this year. 32 W is school record but I want 35 W,

      • Harv

        Another old-timer here, GO PURDUE !¡! WOOP EM ALL

      • DataDumpster

        Purdue ’82. The Boilers had a really good basketball team in those days. I saw them beat Michigan State at the buzzer my freshman year. Of course, Magic Johnson and company beat Larry Bird and Indiana State later that season for the championship.

  10. AMDG

    When I read the headline, I thought you were going to say this is the worst day of the year because it’s Good Friday.

    But then I realized it was because of no Reds’ baseball.

  11. Rick

    Hunter needs to take on the next man up montra that Monta Pitch efficient, pitched & mixed. No walks, no stressful innings. Get ahead in the count, and pitch to contact. This season forget trying to be Roger Clemons. Minimize damage, spot your best pitch & trust you defense and your stuff. Straight fb’s in the middle 3rd of the zone will get hit deep on deep.
    81 pitches or where about would be an awesome start to 2024. Pick Montas’s brain. You need to really step it up in 24.

  12. Grand Salami

    FWIW, I started the season taking the runs against whoever the As are playing. If their run differential is anything like last year and the line is consistently 1.5, the math holds up.

    So far I’m 2-0 and both games were over +110. Let’s see how it hold up.

  13. Mike W

    Elly’s 2023 switch hitting splits (.183 vs .257) suggest to me he should consider Not being a switch hitter and simply try hitting as a lefty against all pitchers.
    .183 is roughly 3 for 16. If he simply went 4 for 16 as a lefty vs lefty, that .183 would go to .250. Imagine the difference in SBs and runs scored he’d have over a season! His power is clearly left hand dominant as he had 6 times more HRs as a lefty in only 2.5 times as many PAs.
    Let’s get another W or two this Easter weekend Reds! Good luck to Hunter today and hopefully Candelario and CES join the Red’s hit parade today!

  14. Jim Walker

    The AAA Bats won their opener for the 1st time since 2014 per Doug’s notes elsewhere.


    This year’s Bats team presents an interesting contrast to the 2023 on the position side. Last year we knew who “the guys” moving on up were going to be (McLain, EDLC, CES) were going to be unless they unexpectedly flamed out.; and, the door to the MLB team was wide open waiting for them to step through.

    This year the AAA guys we are hoping will eventually be MLB stalwarts have more to prove at AAA; and, barring more long terms injuries, they are going to have to knock the door down to get through.

    • Jim Walker

      Sorry, looks like the new AI added to my suggestion editor decided where it thought “were going to be” should have been placed above and added it without removing the original or giving me a chance to tell it to leave well enough along. So, you all can vote 😉 Should it have been before or after the players’ names?

    • Mauired

      Yeah this year the whole starting outfield could be on the Reds in a few months. Probably why they didn’t add an outfielder like many people wanted.

    • MBS

      “they are going to have to knock the door down to get through.” That OF door isn’t that sturdy. Thompson, Fairchild, Martini are 4A type or journeymen if you prefer. Any of the Dunn, Hinds, Hurtubise still have at least the promise of being more.

      • Tom Diesman

        What’s the expectation here? Thompson/Fairchild/Martini are just the screen door in front of the real door made of Steer/Friedl/Benson/Fraley. If any of those three succeed early in AAA, none of them are the prospect caliber of McLain/De La Cruz from last season who had next to nothing (Barrero/Newman) impeding their call up. It would seem that there would have to be some additional injuries and/or monumental flops by Steer/Benson/Fraley, who are slated to get the bulk of playing time for there to be an inkling of an opportunity for one them to get called up. They’re not going to bypass more developmental time for them to come up and sit the ML bench.

      • Mauired

        All 3 have their own situations. Dunn not being on the 40 man is obviously the biggest obstacle. Hinds seems like he has the most upside but the most need for more development especially with the strikeouts. Hurtubise probably more of a part time player anyways could be a quick contributer on the big league squad.

      • MBS

        @Tom, and that screen door is a bit rickety. When did I mention the starters?

        If you want to talk the starters we can. I’m almost positive we’ve had this conversation, but individually I like all 4 of Steer, Friedl, Benson, and Fraley. As a group they are lacking a Allstar type of guy, and I like Marte for that.

        The problem is we won’t have Marte for 80 games, and it’s a long shot that they convert him to the OF. We also don’t know how well Friedl will play following his injury. So why wouldn’t you be eager for 3 OF in AAA that are are also in our top 25 prospects?

      • MBS

        @Maui, I agree with the ceiling of Hinds being the highest, but when you figure in the floor I like Dunn more. I also agree that Hurtubise is probably a 4th/5th type OF. He has the OBP that I’d love to have, it’s just that lack of power that limits him.

      • Tom Diesman

        @MBS, Re:, “@Tom, and that screen door is a bit rickety. When did I mention the starters?”

        ““they are going to have to knock the door down to get through.” That OF door isn’t that sturdy.”

        After which you only spoke of the bench and how the AAA players had more upside.

      • MBS

        @Tom, Sorry but you seem to misread me, or I don’t elaborate enough to remove all doubt from my comments. The “bench” that you reference are the same 3 OF’s that I referenced in my original comment, and no one else.

        I like each of the other 4, but I do want an upgrade to the group. I think the best person for that would be Marte, but that’s a long shot since he’s always played on the dirt.

        However I don’t see how a healthy EDLC, McLain, Marte, India, Candelario, CES, and Espinal all remain Dirt or DH in 2025. Marte seems to be the most redundant out of the group.

        For me the Best SS
        1 McLain, 2 EDLC, 3 Marte

        Best 3B
        1 EDLC, 2 Candelario, 3 Marte

        Best 2B
        1 McLain, 2 Steer, 3 India

        Best 1B

        1 CES, 2 Candelario, 3 Steer

  15. Kevin Patrick

    Pretty right handed heavy lineup today…Benson the lone lefty at 9.

  16. docproc

    Pleased to see they’re giving Benson a shot at hitting LHP. Would love for him to be an everyday player.

    • Mauired

      Agreed. He gets lumped with Fraley alot around year as a platoon only bat. For one, I think he had a little more minor league success hitting lefties than Fraley. He seemed about league average for the most part, not bad for the weak side. He’s also a few years younger than Fraley so he’s got some time to develop more.

      • Tom Diesman

        By all means give Benson a shot at LHs, but don’t expect too much as he’s hit at about a .650 OPS against them in 276 PA over the last three season combined at AA/AAA/MLB combined.

    • JayTheRed

      I’m with you love Benson’s energy and he can do so much with his speed and power.

  17. Daytonnati

    Being a Saturday afternoon, I expect another good crowd.

    In the past, it seemed like we opened earlier in the week then had “Opening Night” after the off-day. It was invariably cold and a school night and lucky to have 10K in the stands.

  18. Mike W

    We could win a lot of games with 5 Bensons and 4 Steers in our line-up. I think our biggest issue is our bullpen. Mismanaged by Bell same as last year as he uses too many of them each game. Just let our starters go 6, and use 3 RPs. I’d like our odds every night. Go Reds!