Nick Martini crushed two home runs and drove in five runs as he paced the offense. Frankie Montas delivered six shutout innings in his Reds debut. Add them up and Cincinnati cruised to an 8-2 win on Opening Day.

Final R H E
Washington Nationals (0-1) 2 6 0
Cincinnati Reds (1-0)
8 10 1
W: Montas (1-0) L: Gray (0-1)
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The 1st inning of the game featured some current Red on former Red crime. In the top of the inning Jesse Winker lined a hit into right field, but he tried to turn it into a double and Jake Fraley wasn’t having it – coming up with the ball and firing it into second base to easily beat Winker and pick up the final out of the inning.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning the Reds put together a rally. Jake Fraley led off the inning with an infield single. He would steal second base and then come around to score on Spencer Steer’s single. Nick Martini followed that up with a 405-foot 2-run homer that made it 3-0.

Frankie Montas kept on cruising in the top of the 3rd inning, and when the bottom of the inning started his teammates had his back. Jake Fraley picked up his second hit of the day with a double into left center. Elly De La Cruz followed up with a walk. The rally continued when Spencer Steer doubled and plated Fraley to make it 4-0. Four pitches later Nick Martini crushed a curveball 389 feet for a 3-run home run – his second homer of the day – to make it 7-0 as the crowd erupted at roughly the same level as Krakatoa in 1883.

Three innings of no-run baseball followed for Montas before his day came to an end with six shutout innings of 4-hit, no walk baseball that included four strikeouts. He threw just 81 pitches on the day and got six ground outs.

Emilio Pagan took over for the 7th inning for Cincinnati and gave up a leadoff single and then a 2-out, 2-run home run that got the Nationals on the board and made it a 7-2 ballgame. Brent Suter pitched a perfect 8th inning with three strikeouts in his Reds debut to hold the 5-run lead.

Cincinnati added a run in the bottom of the 8th when Elly De La Cruz led off with a single, moved up to second when Spencer Steer was hit in the head by a pitch – he remained in the game – and then the two of them executed a double steal. Tyler Stephenson hit a hard grounder to third and De La Cruz broke for home as the third baseman had the ball clank off of his glove for a second, making it easy for the Reds to tack on a run, but it led to steer being left in no-man’s land and tagged out.

Brent Suter returned for the 9th inning. He made quick work of Washington, retiring the side in order to seal the win for the Reds and get their season started out the right way with an 8-2 victory.

Key Moment of the Game

Nick Martini’s second homer of the day. The 3-run homer made it 7-0 and essentially shut the door on a comeback.

Notes Worth Noting

Nick Martini is the first Reds player with multiple home runs on Opening Day since Adam Dunn in 2007.

Frankie Montas, Emilio Pagan, and Brent Suter combined for nine strikeouts without a walk.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Washington Nationals vs Cincinnati Reds

Saturday March 30th, 4:10pm ET

Patrick Corbin vs Hunter Greene

115 Responses

    • JON

      It’s good mgmt didn’t keep Ford over Martini like all the internet gm’s wanted.

      • Justin T

        Always going to be this guy. Because Martini is 33 and had 8 career homers we knew he would hit 2 opening day. Enjoy the win and stop worrying about those who disagree.

      • greenmtred

        If you adjusted Martini’s home run totals for the Reds last year to a full season, he would have had 30 or 40. Unlikely to actually work that way, but he hit two of them yesterday.

  1. CI3J

    I know it’s only one game and you shouldn’t read too much into it.

    But, based on what I saw today, I’m convinced the Reds will never lose again.

    • Doug Gray

      That’s correct. Until I see otherwise, Cincinnati’s going to win every game moving forward.

      • Melvin

        Just for the record, I feel confident that they/we will make the playoffs should that happen. 😉

  2. Amarillo

    Tough to find any negatives today. That was great.

    This team is going to be good.

    • wkuchad

      “Tough to find any negatives today.”

      LDS says Hold My Beer!

      • Amarillo

        Nah, let’s not call anyone out in particular. Today was too much fun.

      • LDS

        @wkuchad, tough to find negatives? Look more closely. Yes, it was a good start. Montas got off to a good start, good pitch count per inning, didn’t walk anyone. So thus far the lottery ticket is looking good. Pagan, on the other hand, performed as I expected. He didn’t keep the ball in the park. A career game from Martini. So a good start to the season. And we all know that had Senzel been in the game, the results would have been different.

      • greenmtred

        It strikes me that there’s a certain tragedy in being a fan of a team that you despise unless, and I suppose it’s possible, you find that following them has the same kind of allure that peeling scabs off has.

      • LDS

        @greenmtred, I’m a Reds fan and have been for roughly 60 years. I’m not an organization fan. The organization from ownership to field management is mediocre. The fans and the players deserve more. Mediocrity offends me and I’ll never cheer for it.

      • Harry Stoner

        This is breaking new Eeyore ground:
        “…a great start, but we all know that if X were in the game, it would have been different.”

        A brilliant, all-purpose line of negativity.

        “The Reds won by 5, but they should have won by 6!”

        “The Reds lost by 5 but we all know if they played Senzel they would have lost by 7!”

        “The Reds won the World Series, but we all know if they had played Chad Pinder that they wouldn’t have!”

        It’s not complaining, nor bemoaning mediocrity.

        It’s the Saudi Arabia of gaslighting.

      • greenmtred

        I know that, LDS. That you’re a long-time Reds fan. So am I, so I also know that switching allegiances is difficult for many, impossible for some. I don’t see the current situation the way you do and I stopped living and having near-death reactions based upon how the Reds were doing years ago, but we all have different ways of being fans.

      • LDS

        @Harry, are you immune to sarcasm? It was simply pointing out that the China doll was broken once again. Perhaps I’ll add parenthetical comments noting sarcasm in the future. @Greenmtred, I didn’t watch the game. I looked at the highlights, the write ups, and the box score after the game. As I said a few days ago, I will rarely invest my full attention in a game this season. I have better things to do than devote 2-3 hours of my time to a team not committed to winning. They may win true, but it’s more luck than strategy.

      • earmbrister

        LDS, so your line of thinking is: when the Reds win it’s due to luck. And when they lose, it’s because they ought to lose.

        Ok. GO (?) REDS !

      • LDS

        yes, it would be luck if all the 2nd year guys moved forward, India and Stephenson returned to form, Montas etc the luck comes from the fact that they signed no established above average players.

      • earmbrister

        Fortunately, the front office didn’t sit on their hands and expect that all of the 2nd year guys would move forward and that India and Stephenson would return to form. They invested in Candelario (who MLBTR rated the 13th best free agent this past offseason) when they seemingly had a full set of infield starters. JC has been well above average for 3 of the last 4 years.

        The front office didn’t sit on their hands and expect that all of the young starters would progress. While they are waiting for the Lowder’s and Phillips to graduate from the minors, and for the young starters to take the next step, they paid good money for short term contracts with Montas and Martinez. Montas came in 6th in the Cy Young voting for 2021. It certainly is a small sample size but opening day was certainly a quality start, if not dominating. Martinez gave the Padres two above average seasons after returning from Japan. He can be a starter, a spot starter, or a long reliever (the Reds didn’t have a quality guy last year who could give them multiple innings out of the bullpen). If the young starters all stay healthy and progress, the Reds haven’t blocked them with a long term signing of a starter. If they don’t all progress, they have not one but two starters to slot into the rotation. And with Williamson and Lodolo dealing with injuries they have two solid guys to slot into their spots.

        The Reds are hardly relying on luck in 2024. We will soon know if their moves were solid or were not.

      • LDS

        @earmbrister, nice try. I don’t care if Candelario was the “13th best FA”. That says more about the FA class than it does him. He’s still a career .242 hitter with a 101 OPS+. That’s not game changing. Sure, he’s had some decent years and some lousy ones. Will GABP bring out his best year? We’ll see. It’s a gamble on Krall’s part, may pay off, may not. Montas? Good start to the season, but a lottery ticket pure and simple. If he succeeds, all the better. But both of these are counting on luck. Nick Martinez has a career 4.31 ERA, and a 97 ERA+. He pitched well in the cavernous SD park. At least, he’s a groundball pitcher. But again, league average. Krall went cheap, counting on the young guys. They didn’t sign an established OF’er. Bubba Thompson isn’t going to deliver a division championship. Fraley can’t hit LH’ers. Benson probably can’t. Fairchild actually hits L/R equally, but Bell in his infinite wisdom platoons him. The acquisitions stabilized the floor but didn’t raise the ceiling. If everything goes right, they could do well. And then everyone here will be cheering the genius of Bell & Krall. If it doesn’t, well injuries, inadequate roster, etc. etc. In other words, the same excuses as the last several years. Bottom line, the Reds organization bought lottery tickets and scratch offs at that. So, we’ll agree to disagree. Black swan events do occur. Maybe the Reds will be that this year.

      • greenmtred

        Buried in there, LDS, was an important point that you tossed in, apparently offhandedly to buttress your argument: it may well say more about the free agent class which, evidently, wasn’t bursting with fortune-changing talent. Krall cannot sign a free agent who is not a free agent and, clearly, he and the organization are committed to the youth movement and are unwilling to ship away multiple important components in a trade; a thoroughly defensible course of action for a team with financial constraints that wants to be in contention for multiple years. Candelario is not likely to be a savior, should the Reds need one, but he has produced over 60 extra-base hits a year in multiple recent years and in pitcher-friendly parks. Montas is a risk, to be sure, but he has very significant upside. I certainly don’t blame you for being sick of playoff-free baseball; maybe your resolve to spend less time watching it is healthy, particularly if you can also spend less time thinking about it.

    • CI3J

      If you really want to nitpick, Pagan didn’t have a great outing.

      • Amarillo

        I don’t want to nitpick. That was just good hitting.

      • Still a Red

        That was a good AB by Rosario fouling off a number of pitches before getting one to homer.

      • Jeffrey A Yocum

        Rosario is notorious high ball hitter. Pagan laid that one right in his wheelhouse.

      • Jim

        I did feel like based on his statistics they overpaid for Pagan. But I could be wrong.
        My biggest concern is if Diaz can reclaim his success from beginning of last year. He was mediocre at best in 2nd half.

    • MBS

      @Amarillo, lol, you opened yourself up to that. It was a great day for the Reds!!!

    • TR

      It looks to me like Krall’s combination of youth and veterans could make for a big season.

  3. Old-school

    I think the best thing about today was Montas and then a deep offensive lineup and then Suter pitching 2 innings. you get great starting actual pitching and then a deep lineup and then a bullpen that saves innings. It is one game. See what we got on Saturday. i will be here.

    • wkuchad

      Agreed, with semi-quality starting pitching and with our current lineup, we will win a lot of games against right starters. I still worry facing lefties with our injuries, but today we celebrate.

    • MBS

      Yes, hands down the best thing was Montas. I think I heard in the game that that was his first time going 6 since sometime in 2022. He set the tone for the day, and Suter finished it.

      Martini was awesome, and obviously also key, but if Montas is the pre-injury Montas, we are going to be very happy in 2024.

    • Redsvol

      2nd all of this! I would add, Alexis Diaz not having to pitch in a win is a nice change of pace. Bullpen could be improved and nice to see a pitcher used for more than 1 inning out of the bullpen!

      Exciting team. Can’t wait to get to some live games. Praying for health.

      • RedlegScott

        I was wondering who was going to mention that Suter went for two innings instead of just one.

      • VaRedsFan

        I agree, and noted that in the Game Thread.
        Suter struck out the side in the 8th, and looked great doing it.

        One of the major issues that many had with Bell was removing an effective pitcher. So many times, someone would mow down an opponent in an inning, get removed, the next guy in struggled, then he’d end up having to use Diaz. I hope it’s not a one off. I hope it’s not just Suter that’s allowed to go 2 innings.

    • greenmtred

      I also agree, OS. Watching Montas pitch was just pure fun.

      • Justin T

        That was hands down the best thing to come from yestrrday. If he stays healthy he showed what he will be capable of. Pagan struggling i think isnt a huge surprise if you have followed his career. Lets hope we keep him out of high leverage situations where a homer is a death blow. Ill worry about that later and enjoy the win.

  4. Jimbo44CN

    Hmm, India can’t play second, we should trade him for Cease, Beiber, on and on and on. India looks like his old non injured self and man did he crush two balls today. ONe where someone just happened to be standing. I know it’s only one game buttt. Great day!

    • JayTheRed

      I still say it’s India leading off. He Really thrives in that spot. I know it’s only day one but enjoyed watching him play good defense today.

      • JB WV

        A natural spot for a leader. India brings energy, and if he stays healthy can have a big year.

      • Justin T

        I couldnt agree more. Put him in the leadoff spot and he becomes a different player all together. I can be as negative as anyone but im actually happy when I seen the lineup. Im easily converted, just stop the tinkering and let the guys go out and play. The injuries could be a blessing in disguise as it keeps the managers options limited.

    • VaRedsFan

      We all want him to succeed. He has an opportunity to re-invent himself with the Mclain injury. His foot issues will not go away unfortunately, and it’s probably why they couldn’t move him.

      Bieber went 6 shutout innings, with 11 strikeouts yesterday.

      We don’t know the offers for Bieber last year (I think it was more of a prospect deal than India). He certainly could have helped last year, and of course, would still of had him for 2024 too.

  5. Jeremiah

    Man can’t get much better than that on Opening Day! Pagan gives up the Homer, but I think he took a risk being up 7-0 throwing one over the plate on 3-2 he wouldn’t on a close game.

    Bottom of the Reds lineup pretty good when Stephenson is your ninth hitter. A little surprised to see Steer batting 7th, if he keeps up his normal hitting have to move him up, but the depth of their lineup could be tremendous.

    Loved Suter, he is fun to watch. Pretty unique pitcher, just seems in control pitching 87mph tops. Reds really establishing the veteran mentality I think with Montas, Pagan, and Suter pitching today.

    Really about as good an Opening Day as I can remember.

  6. Frostgiant80

    Martini crushes two. Gotta love baseball!

  7. Optimist

    “. . . nine strikeouts without a walk.”

    • DW

      “…without a walk.”

      Best news of the game

  8. sultanofswaff

    how about, say, 90 more of those?

  9. MBS

    Suter could be a game shortener for the Reds. Now if he could only shorten the dreaded day after opening day. It’s one of my least favorite of the year.

    • wkuchad

      Agreed, that’s miserable every year. Move the day off to after the first series.

      • Hunt4RedsOct

        At least you can watch Louisville Bats tomorrow night.

      • VaRedsFan

        I think it’s mostly because of the awful weather this time of year, where it can be played immediately the next day. Braves and Phillies games fit this criteria this year.

  10. AllTheHype

    Magic number to clinch the division: 162

  11. Oldtimer

    Reds have won six NL pennants in my lifetime (born 1951). 1961, 1970, 1975, 1976, and 1990 were Opening Day romp wins. Only 1972 (late, abrupt start due to labor squabbles) was a narrow loss.

    A romp win on Opening Day is generally a good omen.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      What about 1972? How did they do that opening day.

      • Oldtimer

        … The 1972 Major League Baseball strike was the first players’ strike in Major League Baseball history. The strike occurred from April 1 to 13, 1972.
        Baseball resumed when the owners and players agreed on a $500,000 increase in pension fund payments. Owners agreed to add salary arbitration to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The 86 total games that were missed over the 13-day period were not rescheduled, because the league refused to pay the players for the time they were on strike …

        ST was shut down for two weeks. Strike settled April 13. Reds played Opening Day on April 15 and lost 3-1 to LAD. Reds won 10-1 vs LAD on April 16.

      • MK

        I was at that game in ’72. the excitement of the day for me was the return of Frank Robinson to the National League as the right fielder of the Dodgers. Frank was one of my first boyhoof heroes. Pinson and Robinson were my guys.

    • Dewey Roberts

      Sadly, the last one was 34 years ago. 34 years. I also was born in 1951 and became a Reds fan in 1961 when we lived in Lexington, KY.

  12. Reds57

    I love opening day optimism. Pitching staff additions paying off already. Hitting up and down the line up. Let’s Go.

  13. Kevin Patrick

    I thought Fraley had a great game. I’m not really a viking helmet kind of guy, but I was kind of glad they kept it. I think they are supporting Fraley with this choice. He is an important Red…especially if he steals bases.

    • JayTheRed

      I am hopeful Frailey turns up being a very solid OF for the team. Have to root for the guy he puts in so much effort.

    • Tom Noonan

      I was going g to mention Steer and you beat me to it. Two base hits and two rbis. Steer is such a smart, and good hitter. Very clutch.

      I have a question. I missed what must have been Steer getting HBP. just curious, did it appear that he was thrown at? I have an impression of the Nats Mgr as being someone who might want to go after someone having a good day at the expense of his pitchers. I missed him getting hit. I walked into the room to see Bell escorting Steer down the 1b line.

    • Jeffrey A Yocum

      For me, Steer is the most solid hitter on this club. Stays within himself very well for a guy with so little experience. Just tries to hit the ball hard wherever it’s pitched.

      • JB WV

        Every other team would love to have him. I can see CES evolving into the same kind of hitter with more power

      • VaRedsFan

        Agree with you guys here. To me, he has the best looking swing on the team. Always seems to be on balance. Love his 2 strike hitting approach.

  14. Mark Moore

    A very solid and promising Opening Day to say the least. Maybe you shouldn’t pitch a “Pagan” during Holy Week, but then what do I know?

    Very pleased that Frankie stood tall and delivered to get us started. That takes some heat off Greene on Saturday for sure.

    1 down and 161 to go!!

    • Mark Moore

      And I really feel for Lil’ Nick Senzel. I was hoping the regular 3B job would help elevate him. Fluke injury during warm-up … 😮

      Heal quickly and well, Nick.

      • Redsvol

        I 2nd this also. Got to feel terrible for Nick. I hope he recovers quickly and has a good year – just not against the Reds.

      • JayTheRed

        Isn’t this what happens to Senzel all the time. Some fluke injury. Honestly glad the Reds moved on from him.

      • earmbrister

        Nick Senzel probably thinks he’s cursed in GABP. A report said that he broke his thumb fielding a grounder in pregame warmups. I really feel for the guy, hard not to get down about such bad luck.

    • AMDG

      I think Emilio Pagan went to Belmont Abbey College, which has a very strong Christian environment.

      It’s a bit surprising he left that college as a Pagan, and didn’t leave as Emilio Christian or Emilio de Jesus 😉

      • MK

        AMDG , the kind of humor I enjoy. Thanks.

  15. RedsMonk65

    Well, that was just plain FUN. Didn’t get to listen to the last four innings, but things seemed to be well in hand when I had to pull away. The only bad thing is that now we have to wait until late SATURDAY afternoon for the next game. Go Reds!

  16. RedsGettingBetter

    Frankie Montas said he is gonna win 20 games by himself after got informed sooner in the offseason about some projections underrating the Reds team . Well, he just won the first one. I expect Montas fulfills what he said.
    I wonder if Martini knew that Mike Ford was re-signed by the Reds before the game so it propeled his performance…lol

  17. Jason Franklin

    I don’t have access to the live games, but what happened when Elly and Steer were on 2nd and 3rd? I know Elly scored, but what happened with Steer?

    • Indy Red Man

      Steer got caught in no man’s land on a chopper left of 3rd and got ran down by the SS

    • Doc

      Didn’t see it but someone earlier in the thread said what happened.

    • Chris

      “Tyler Stephenson hit a hard grounder to third and De La Cruz broke for home as the third baseman had the ball clank off of his glove for a second, making it easy for the Reds to tack on a run, but it led to Steer being left in no-man’s land and tagged out.”

      Basically, by the time the Nationals recovered and picked up the ball, Steer was on the move from second to third and ended up very close to the fielder with the ball. He tried to engage in a rundown, but was tagged out pretty quickly and easily.

      • Jason Franklin

        Thanks for the clarification everyone.

    • VaRedsFan

      I believe Steer should have stayed at 2nd on a ball hit directly at the 3rd baseman. He might have purposefully tried to draw attention to the fielders to allow Elly to score. I think the infield was “in” on the play.

      75% sure that it was just a TOOTBLAN…But in reality, no harm no foul.

  18. RedlegScott

    Great start to the season, Reds! I see that ridiculous Viking get-up is back.

    • Andrew Brewer

      It’s part of the psychology now. “Who are those guys ?”

    • redfanorbust

      Yes the Viking stuff IMO was fun for the first few weeks but then got old and now they brought it back this year. Then the picture taking at the end and of course Elly has to be there flashing his 44 with is fingers as if he was the one who hit the homer. Anyway of course if it keep the players happy and somehow helps them to play better I love it! 🙂

  19. RedBB

    Great start by opening day start by Montas! Management actually made the right call…imagine that!! Good thing they don’t read these boards…LOL

  20. Indy Red Man

    Steele pulled for injury, Cubs lose in 10 on a walkoff

  21. jazzmanbbfan

    Postgame I saw severplayers interviewed: Fraley, Montas, Suter, India, Stephenson. All I could think is what a likeable group of guys this is.

    • wkuchad

      I very much enjoyed all of the interviews after the game, especially Suter and his son. And you’re right, the more you get to know these guys, the more fun it is to cheer them on.

  22. Melvin

    My prediction is perfect so far. Only 85 more wins to go. Optimism. 😀

  23. JayTheRed

    How many people complained about the lineup in the game thread. Don’t see any negative talk about that now do we! Haha… Bell proved us all wrong. I still think we have a pretty deep lineup even without the injured and suspended guys.

    My negative thought for the day Candelario striking out 3 times on opening day.

    Most filthy stuff award goes to Suter. Those hitters had no clue what he was throwing.

    Let’s hope Greene was paying attention on how Montas was pitching and learns something.

  24. Mauired

    Always nice to get an opening day win. Steer getting some pro knocks as usual. Fraley looks like he did before the broken foot. Doing damage in the box, on the bases, and even threw out Winker the guy he was traded for. Montas and Suter both looked great.

    Martini was the game MVP. Those two home runs bought him so much love. And like so many former Reds journeyman retreads, I expect him to hit .200 for the next two months and play everyday until they finally designate him for assignment.

    Can’t wait to see what Reds can do against a major league team but hopefully they take advantage of the Nationals and get a sweep.

    • greenmtred

      Maybe share the game MVP with Montas?

  25. Mike W

    I’m admittedly not a Bell fan, so I respectively disagree with “Bell proved us all wrong (with the lineup he used).” The four guys he put at the top of the lineup were a combined 2 for 16 (.125 BA). They only got one BB, didn’t score any runs or steal a base. We won despite who Bell pencilled in at the 1-4 positions. We won because the guys Bell put at #5 thru 8 — giving them fewer opportunities to hit — came through big time. As did Montas in his 6 and the two other pitchers, all of which combined for 9 K’s and no BB’s. (P.S. India was the exception getting on base twice, but didn’t even attempt to steal. Thankfully the three guys ahead of Martini got on base twice each when Martini hit two bombs. Amazing 2 HRs on Opening Day after hitting only 8 homers the last 5 years combined! Whatever and whoever the reason, I don’t care. I love the fact we put up 7 (big number) and held them to 2 (low number). Great team win. We won big and looked great. Let’s win another one or two this weekend. Go Reds!

    • Kevin Patrick

      Maybe I’m misremembering, but I thought India did try to steal on fouled off pitches.

    • greenmtred

      Let’s see: India has been a good lead-off hitter and many here have complained when he didn’t bat there. Benson was one of the team’s best hitters last year and is known for his plate discipline. CES is one of the most promising hitters on the team, with a combination of power and professional approach. Candelario had 65 XBH last season. The bottom of the order was also formidable, obviously, and produced the runs in this game, which the Reds won convincingly. When opposing pitchers face an entire batting order that gives them no innings off, good things can happen.

      • wkuchad

        I think that last sentence is key. Against a righty starter, there are no innings off with yesterday’s lineup. We are solid 1-9. And facing a team with only one lefty in bullpen is even better.

    • MK

      Maybe he wanted to get the dead weight out of the way so the real hitters could get it done. Winning lineup. Man always something to blame Bell for.

  26. Indy Red Man

    I like the Vikings gear! The Vikings were fearsome and their leader would have them burn the boats when they arrived somewhere. No retreat

    • greenmtred

      Made for a long swim home in cold water.

  27. Rcsodak

    Great start. I just hope they don’t end up 15gms below .500 at the end of April.

  28. TR

    A positive season opener with good pitching & timely hitting. Winning and splitting series is a key to a playoff season.

  29. Jim t

    Saturday’s game is against a lefty will be interesting to see how the team lines up against a lefty.

    • wkuchad

      Not near as well unfortunately. We had 7 above-average hitters versus lefties last year. Two of those (Stephenson and Steer) are on the current 26-man roster. McLain and Friedl were two of our best against lefties.

      Now, I’m hopeful CES and especially EDLC hit lefties better this year. And we added Candy. But I’ll have a lot more confidence versus righty starters, especially until reinforcements arrive.

      • Phil

        This has been my main concern as well. Even before Friedl’s injury I thought the Reds should add someone who could back up Friedl in center and play one of the corner outfield spots against left-handed starters.

    • MBS

      It’s going to be interesting to say the least. If Bell goes with his normal platoon, we’ll see the bench cleared. Thompson, Fairchild, and Espinal in for Benson, Fraley, and Martini.

      I am excited to see Espinal play, I think he’s going to be a good player for us.

  30. Mike in Ottawa

    My concern with Montas, he pitched less than 2 innings last year. How many innings can we expect from him this year? 100, 150, 175, 200? Next, will he wear down in the second half? Like Abbott did last year…When Lodolo and Williamson are ready will we see some modified 6 man rotation to help save innings? I got to feel Lodolo and Montas will be innings capped at some point. OR, with Montas being on a 1 year deal. Will they use him up?

    • Jim t

      @Mike, I share your concern. I believe he will be on an innings limit. Having a couple of arms ready to close out the year will be very key to the reds season.

      • Steve

        Since he is here solely on a one year contract I doubt the Reds are going to put an innings limit on him. Now, certainly if he wears down and is ineffective they will need to make a change.

  31. old-school

    Cubs lose on a walk-off and parade out SEVEN pitchers while Dodgers blow out the Cards. I vote for all Opening days to pattern after March 28,2024. Is it too much to ask to play solid all around baseball start to finish 2 games in a row to start the season?

    • AllTheHype

      Like you, just want a winning record at end of April. however we can get it. Then build from there.

      I am very interested in seeing Greene’s pitch mix though. In the last Spring game, he was throwing a changeup with some frequency to LHBs it looked like. Also what looked like a CB. They weren’t just flash-me once-an-inning pitches, like the changeup has been in the past. See if he trusts himself to throw those in a real MLB game.

  32. CFD3000

    Couldn’t watch the game until late – thanks MLB for blacking out Asheville, North Carolina. That’s my biggest negative from a terrific opening day. Loved Montas’ pitch efficiency, Suter’s two innings and a lot of great at bats from Steere, India, EDLC, Benson and of course journeyman Nick Martini. A solid game and a great start to 2024. Go Reds!

  33. DHud

    Will take about 30 more of those from Montana

    And too too many of these games last year somehow ended up with Diaz on the mound and getting burnt out. About another 30 of those from Suter as well!

  34. redfanorbust

    Fun game, good win, with the added bonus I have Montas on my fantasy league. Fifteen points, chaching! While I am thrilled with the results (his shoulder held up just fine) it was the Nats he was pitching against, who ran out on opening day, Josiah Gray 8-13 last year, Jesse Winker and someone who filled in for Nick Senzel who, surprise, got injured (in practice?). Reds should sweep this series. I will be looking closely at HG start Saturday. How much does he try and use his third pitch he has been working on over the spring and how well does he execute it? Of course this will be just his first game but I wonder how much leeway he will be given as this is the regular season to continue to work on it. IMO much rides on how well he does this season. Go Reds!