The Cincinnati Reds and Seattle Mariners traded a few multi-run innings in a game under the lights out in Arizona on Thursday that saw six home runs hit between the two clubs.

Game Recap: Mariners 7 – Reds 6

Both teams scored multiple runs in the 1st inning as the baseball was becoming a souvenir for some lucky fans as the wind was blowing out early on in the game. Mike Ford would wind up hitting two home runs on the night, while Will Benson and Spencer Steer added homers of their own. But it wasn’t enough as a 4-run 7th inning pushed the Mariners ahead for good on Thursday night.

The Highlights

Cincinnati didn’t waste much time in this one as Elly De La Cruz tripled into center with one out. Spencer Steer did him one better and hit a home run to put the Reds up 2-0.

The ball was flying early on in this one, though. Seattle did a little bit of scoring in the 1st of their own after Jorge Polanco doubled in Julio Rodriguez and then scored on a Cal Raleigh 2-run homer that put the Mariners up 3-2.  Cincinnati tied things up about five minutes later when Mike Ford led off the 2nd inning with a home run off of the batters eye.

Nick Martinez worked around a walk in the 3rd inning. In the 4th inning he picked up two strikeouts, but he also had two walks, and an error by Spencer Steer in-between to keep the inning alive longer than it otherwise would have been led to the Reds pulling Martinez with two outs and sending Michael Byrne to the mound to get the final out of the inning.

Buck Farmer took over for the Reds in the 5th inning and he had a quick frame. The Mariners also made a pitching change, but things didn’t go as well for them in the top of the 6th as Will Benson led off with a homer, and then Mike Ford hit his second home run of the day as Cincinnati extended their lead to 5-3.

Fernando Cruz took over in the 6th and worked around a walk for a shutout inning. Sam Moll took over for the Reds in the bottom of the 7th and walked the leadoff hitter. After picking up a strikeout he then gave up a single and walked another batter to load the bases. Seattle got a run on a ground out to make it 5-4, but they took the lead when the next batter hit a 3-run homer to put them on top 7-5. That led to a pitching change that saw Owen Holt enter the game and strike out Lazaro Montes to end the inning.

Tejay Antone pitched a scoreless bottom of the 8th inning. In the top of the 9th the Reds got a run when Elly De La Cruz scored from first base on a single by Hernan Perez that deflected off of the glove of the second baseman and made it’s way into center. That made it a 1-run game, but a groundout would follow to end the game.

You can see the box score for this game here.

Friday’s Games

The Reds are back on the field on Friday afternoon against the Oakland Athletics. They’ll hit the road for a 4:05pm ET first pitch. There’s no television coverage for this one, but 700 WLW will carry it on the radio.

17 Responses

  1. Oldtimer

    Tonight should clinch a roster spot for Ford, if not already. He can really hit.

    • Redsvol

      Mike ford might stick longer than Nick martini. He is the rare lefty thumper than can also hit lefties decent.

      His 2 homers last night, were against 2 left handed pitchers.

      I’m praying for good news on matt McLain today.

  2. BZ

    I agree that Mike Ford is having a good spring but let’s not act like he isn’t a really bad hitter over his career. There is a reason he bounced around four organizations last year. I don’t see a roster spot for him on this team and that is a good thing.

    • docproc

      Ford had 16 HRs in only 219 ABs for Seattle last year. I like him as a power bench bat and DH.

    • Jim Walker

      Ford’s career OPS+ is 100 which says he has been a league average offensive player (per OPS) in his MLB career.

      He has a very large career reverse handedness batting split with a .920 OPS vs LHP but only .692 against RHP. And yep, I have checked that 3 times to make sure my eyes are tricking around. Interestingly, only 15% of Ford’s career PAs have come vs LH pitching. By way of comparison, just under 18% of Jake Fraley’s PAs have been vs LHP; and, he’s a guy the Reds try to avoid having face LHP.

      Maybe the Reds should get Ford an OF glove and use him as Fraley’s platoon partner vs LHP? 😉

      • AllTheHype

        One of Bell’s weaknesses is he cannot conceive reverse handedness splits. His handedness bias applies to all players. It took a LONG time for Bell to give Friedl consistent opportunities against LHP. And when he did, he would usually put Friedl down the lineup against LHP.

        I doubt he will ever believe Ford can hit LHP. So, I’m betting the majority of Ford’s PAs would come against RHP, despite what the numbers say.

      • greenmtred

        MLB managers have access to more specific information about match-ups than simple handedness splits. It’s entirely possible that Bell slavishly ignores it and also ignores reverse splits, but it’s also possible that he pays attention to the detailed data he has. I’m pretty sure Jim Day mentioned this during a game. Harry is going to take this as a “Bell knows things” cue, perhaps with the new font, but it’s obvious–or should be–that managers do, in fact, have access to information that fans don’t have.

  3. LDS

    Glad to see the Reds are in mid-season form already. As for Ford and Martini? Neither is someone to build a team around, but despite Ford’s spring, I’d lean toward Martini. Still time for Krall to do better than either, but he won’t.

    • Justin T

      Bell pulling a pitcher after 4 and 2/3 is mid season form for him as well. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

  4. docproc

    How about this for an Opening Day lineup?
    India 2B
    Steer LF
    Candelario 3B
    CES 1B
    Ford DH
    Fraley RF
    Stephenson C
    Benson CF
    (Admittedly, not a great defensive lineup–but that won’t correct until McLain and Friedl return)

    • MBS

      That’s the 9 I’d go with, and that’s where I’d put them. I might rearrange the batting order, but other that it’s as good of a look as we’re going to get.

      I am curious who will get more AB’s Ford, or Espinal? I got a feeling we’re going to really like Espinal.

  5. MK

    It comes down to Ford and Martini for the last roster spot. This spring Ford has had the hitting advantage, but defensively Martini can play the outfield which Ford does not. But for my money Thompson or Higgins would be a better fit.I see the need for a right handed hitter off the bench. Thompson can hit, play defense and pinch run while Higgins can hit, catch, play first base and freeup right hand hitters Tyler S or Luke M to pinch hit.

    • David

      Is this the dreaded “3 catcher dilema” again?
      The Reds seem to have plenty of left handed hitting, so maybe Martini is extraneous.
      They seem to struggle against Left handed pitching.
      Would Ford be a Better Idea?

      And yeah, the pitching kind of stunk it up again tonight.

      • David

        Sam Moll now has an ERA this Spring of 32.40.

        Probably going to be on the roster to begin the season.

      • Optimist

        Tough call on Moll to make the roster – gonna go with 1.2 ip this spring or 122 total in MLB?

    • MBS

      I’d like Fairchild, Thompson, and Ford to be our 3 on top of the obvious players. I like Martini, but an Thompson is a true CF, and Ford is a better power bat. Fairchild is as close to a lock at this point as you can get.

    • Jim Walker

      Despite his age, per Fangraphs, Martini is optionable and Mike Ford is not. Hello Louisville to Martini on this basis??