In the final non-televised game of the year for the Cincinnati Reds they might have been happy about it being radio only as they dropped the game to Oakland, with the Athletics scoring a come from behind win on Friday night.

Game Recap: Athletics 8 – Reds 6

The game was sitting at 3-2 through the first five innings, but there were runs scored in each of the final four innings. Cincinnati used a 4-run 6th to grab a lead, but Oakland scored six runs over the final three innings – including a walk-off home run – to pick up the victory.

The Highlights

Oakland got the scoring going early with a 2-out rally in the bottom of the 1st that began with a walk to Brent Rooker. He moved up to second on a single and then scored when Seth Brown followed up with a single of his own. They would add to that in the bottom of the 2nd inning with two ground-rule doubles that put the Athletics up 2-0. The Reds would get one of those runs back in the top of the 3rd inning after Jonathan India walked and scored on a double by Will Benson.

The 5th inning was a bit of a wild one for both teams. Cincinnati drew two walks and a wild pitch put both runners into scoring position, but the Reds couldn’t cash in. Oakland was able to draw three walks against Graham Ashcraft in their half of the inning, but a well-timed double play ended their threat and the score remained 2-1.

Cincinnati was able to break through in the 6th inning, though. Christian Encarnacion-Strand led off the inning with a single and then scored when Nick Martini hit a go-ahead 2-run homer. Jacob Hurtubise would draw a 2-out walk, steal second, steal third, and then score on a 2-run single by Bubba Thompson that made it 5-2.

The Reds would tack on another run in the top of the 7th and it was Encarnacion-Strand getting things started once again. This time he led off with a double and moved up to third base on a single by Martini. Jacob Hurtubise would drive Encarnacion-Strand in with a sacrifice fly to push the Cincinnati lead to 6-2.

Oakland got to work in the bottom of the 7th against Tejay Antone. Jeisson Rosario singled to lead off the inning and then scored on a 2-run home run from Daniel Susac that cut the deficit to two runs. They would get another run in the 8th against Fernando Cruz after Cameron Masterman tripled and then scored on a ground out to make it 6-5.

Andrew Moore took over for the bottom of the 9th with the Reds still holding onto a 1-run lead. Oakland would get the first two batters on thanks to a walk and a hit by pitch. After a long fly out by Danny Bautista Jr., Oakland got exactly what they were hoping for on the previous pitch – a walk-off 3-run homer courtesy of Daniel Susac.

You can see the box score for this game here.

Saturday’s Games

Cincinnati will play in Goodyear on Saturday afternoon. The Reds will play host to the Colorado Rockies at 4:05pm ET. The game will be on Bally Sports Ohio and MLB Network. 1360 WSAI will have the radio coverage of the game.

54 Responses

  1. David

    Well, more great pitching.

    Looking good against a team that lost a lot of games last year.

    • Mark Moore

      The pitcher who blew the lead and lost (same one, mind you) won’t sniff the bigs with us or anyone else.

      • David

        Yeah, the guy that blew the league was a minor leaguer.

        My theory is that Bell doesn’t want to over expose or overwork his relievers. You may have others, but this one is mine.

        And that guy better not come around me sniffing for something.

      • MK

        That guy who blew the lead who will never pitch in the big leagues was a pitcher the Reds thought enough of to send to the Arizona Fall League. So I suspect we will see and hear from him again.

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    I know this is spring training and the scores don’t matter but I think it is obviously better to win more games than losing… The Reds have lost several games blowing the lead in late innings because the pitchers brought in are A-ball players. It makes sense since the bigleaguers are protected in some way to avoid injuries or workload but maybe it would be nice to win some matches just before the start of the season to enter hot …

  3. LDS

    ESPN is reporting that Ohtani won’t miss any time due to the investigation. Yep, that’s equitable application of the rules.

    • Redsvol

      I don’t think we’ve seen the end of that story LDS. Once the fbi and irs start investigating, the details will come out and mlb will be forced to act. But they take their time and often take years to complet an investigation.

      I don’t believe for 1 minute that Ohtani didnt know that he was paying off his “interpreter’s” 9 million $ gambling debt.

      • Grover

        Not sure I even believe it is the interpretor’s debt, who is going to give a 9 million line of credit to an interpretor unless wink wink it is made clear he is acting in Ohtani’s instructions?

      • TR

        A lot of money involved with baseball, gambling, and a very prominent player with a leading franchise. Give it time.

      • Melvin

        Ohtani is arguably the “face of baseball” now after that contract he signed. If anything IS wrong and has to be dealt with it will be very tough for MLB.

    • David

      There’s an answer to that, from the late Carl Sagan: “Billions!”

  4. Redsvol

    I’ve seen enough to say that ashcraft needs to be the leader of our young rotation pieces. He takes the ball more reliably than anyone else and really likes to compete.

    Therefore, sign the young man to a reasonable extension. Get it done Nick Krall!

  5. LDS

    In other news, I see Barrero made the Rangers. Not good enough for Bell and the Reds, but good enough for the defending World Series champs. Yep, that makes sense. Hopefully, he takes advantage of the opportunity.

    • BhamRedsFan

      Seager is injured. Stay tuned to their roster in two weeks.

      • BhamRedsFan

        Oh and when we had injuries and needed depth, we went out and SPENT MONEY and got someone with more experience and more proven than Barrero. But I’m sure it was a bad move and roundly dumped on here at RLN

      • LDS

        And who would that be? I assume you mean Espinal. That was rather after the inexplicable waiver of Barrero earlier. I’m also suspicious that 5hey knew the Marte suspension was coming when they signed Candelario. Given the Reds history, I wouldn’t be overly surprised to see Marte traded.

      • Matt WI

        What did Barrero amd his carrer 34 OPS + and -2.7 WAR do besides hit some Spring Taining homers one time to warrant such devotion? He’s proof of the axiom ST stats don’t matter. Anyone else can do that. Move onward.

      • Optimist

        LDS – “I’m also suspicious that 5hey knew the Marte suspension was coming when they signed Candelario.”

        I think Doug debunked this one pretty thoroughly when only a day separated the Barrero release and the Marte announcement, but you’ve moved the timeline back several months. When was Candelario signed? When was Marte tested? The latter should be known soon, if not already.

        The Barrero/Marte time seemed arguable if not plausible. This timeframe doesn’t seem remotely believable.

      • David

        They settled for Barrero when they could have gotten Santiago Espinal for a minor league prospect? 😉

        Teams play a lot of musical chairs with the 25th and 26th roster spot. It may not mean as much as we might think.

        One of the true failings of the Jocketty Regime when he was GM, was that they did not bring along any new players in 2013, 2014, etc. So they all got expensive and expendable at the same time.
        They were all about Veteran Presence. Skip Schumacher knew how to play the game the right way. Mostly from the bench if it was a good team.
        Plus, the Reds were REALLY unlucky with Homer and Devin Mesoraco.

    • ChrisInVenice

      Look at Barrero’s stats with Rangers

    • greenmtred

      It was certainly explicable. Despite being inexplicable to the Barrero boosters.

      • LDS

        Not Barrero booster @greenmtred – critics of the lousy job that the Reds organization does routinely. I’ve said for years that the organization lacks accountability at all levels. That’s still true despite the RLN cheerleaders that thinks the Reds walk on water.

      • greenmtred

        The RLN cheerleaders trope seems to be a favorite of yours, LDS. I can’t really think of any off hand. There are certainly people who post here who dispute the relentlessly negative explanations for things that may well have other explanations. In theory, had the Reds signed a player with Barrero’s career stats, can you honestly say that you wouldn’t have pointed to it as an example of mismanagement?

      • Jim Walker

        The issue I have with the Barrero situation is the timing. If the Reds had held their hand on Barrero for a couple of weeks, they might have gotten some return on him such as the Jays got on Espinal when the Reds had injury issues. Or, as things turned out, the Reds could have just held onto the pitching prospect they spent for Espinal and used Barrero as their utility IF.

        If none of these situations had arisen, they still could have waived Barrero. No harm, no foul.

        What they did with Barero’s situation was the same sort of jump the gun silliness as when they dumped Sonny Gray, Eugenio Suarez, and Jesse Winker’s salaries early in spring training then turned around and spent within a $1m or so as much as they would have paid them for Mike Minor and Tommy Pham, plus they had trade Amir Garrett to acquire the privilege of paying Minor’s $10m salary and $1m to buy out his option for 2023.

      • greenmtred

        Jim: do you suppose the timing of the Suarez/Winker transaction might have had something to do with the availability of the prospects the Reds got in return? Perhaps the Reds were worried that another team would trade for them?

      • LDS

        It has more to do with a poorly run organization. They embrace mediocrity as if it were oxygen.

      • greenmtred

        Speaking of tropes…you don’t actually know what it was to do with, and your opinion is certainly one possible explanation, but it could also have to do with the youth movement which–though it’s far to early to know–shows signs of being well-run and rational.

      • Jim Walker

        The return on Suarez and Winker was Justin Dunn, Jake Fraley, Brandon Williamson, and (PTBNL> Connor Phillips).

        >Dunn (RHP) was a known injury risk (shoulder) and has washed out after the Reds spent over $1.5m for 7 starts across 2 seasons.
        >Williamson (LHP) now faces an uncertain future with a shoulder issue after a fringe league average season with the Reds in 2023.
        >Phillips (RHP) was pushed to MLB late in 2023 before being ready. He looked like the typical high ceiling pitching prospect the Reds fall in love with, displaying great stuff but a lack of command.
        >Fraley (OF) has been a ubiquitous LH slugger who requires an RH platoon backup at MLB.
        >Chase Petty (RHP) was the return on Sonny Gray (and pitching prospect Francis Peguero). Petty will start 2024, his age 21 season at either AA or AAA after finishing 2023 with 2 starts at AA following 16 starts at A+.

        Given the 2022 seasons Gray and Suarez had at their new teams in 2022 and that both were under team control for 2022 (and beyond in Suarez’s case) for $12M or less per annum, it is difficult to believe Krall could not have gotten as good or even likely better return on them at the 2022 trade deadline had he still wished to move them.

      • Jim Walker

        Above should have read:
        “Both Gray and Suarez were under team control for 2023 ……”

      • Mauired

        No one thinks Barrero has done a good job in his limited big league chances. But most rational fans understand how hard MLB pitching is and a couple two months trial proves nothing.

        Most top prospects that get paid top ten pick money to sign are given AT MINIMUM a year or two in the bigs to establish themselves as credible Major Leaguers.

        We’ll see who the Reds add before opening day, but they may have shot themselves in the foot by releasing him halfway through spring and then losing 1/3 of the starting lineup within a week.

        The Rangers seem content on rolling with him and showing patience something the Reds seemed unwilling to do. But hey we got Nick Martini now the definition of a journeyman retread. I believe he was in Korea before Reds picked him up.

        Seems like a typical Reds move to release a potential 5 tool player who can play everywhere but catcher on the field with six years of control just to a have a journeyman pinch hitter on the roster instead.

      • AllTheHype


        Reds made the Seattle trade with WInker as the main piece. Suarez was a salary dump attached to the trade. WInker at the time of the trade was coming off a .949 OPS year. In the first half of ’22 he posted .691 OPS. And in reality, Suarez was still mostly a salary dump at that time.

        So to suggest the Reds would have done as good, or better, on that trade at the ’22 deadline, NO! Not a chance. It would have mostly been a nothing trade for the Reds at the ’22 deadline, with one or either of those pieces involved. The Reds got what they got on the basis of Winker’s ’21 season, and his ability to sustain that was shown to be largely in doubt a half year later.

      • Jim Walker

        @Hype At the 2022 deadline (with Mariners) Suarez had a 119 wRC+ (85 wRC+ in 2021) and Winker a 105 wRC+(148 in 2021). Had they been performing at the same level in GABP, they almost certainly would have had even higher numbers.

        Suarez was under team control through the 2024 season at $11.3M a year with a $2m option buyout against $15m for 2025. Winker was under team control through 2023 with $10.33m left on his contract thru the 2023 season w/no option or buyout.

        In the sellers’ market of the deadline, their combined worth should have been no worse than what it was back in March when they were dealt to the M’s. Witness that at the 2022 deadline, Tyler Mahle by himself landed CES, Spencer Steer, and Steve Hajjar (who the Reds later flipped head up for Will Benson); and, Luis Castillo brought back the package of Edwin Arroyo, Levi Stoudt, Andrew Moore, and Noelvi Marte.

        The thing we probably agree on is that the Suarez/ Winker trade was a dump to get Suarez’s guaranteed remaining ~$37m off the Reds books ASAP. However, any savings for 2022 was offset when they spent $10m on Mike Minor followed by a $6m commitment to Tommy Pham (reduced by about $4m when he was traded.

      • AllTheHype

        wRC+ is already adjusted for park factors, so numbers would not be higher for GABP. WInker went from significantly above avg in
        ’21, to mostly a league avg guy. Suarez might have improved his stock ever so slightly. But there’s no way the value would have been the same anytime after the Reds traded them.

        As it stands, the Reds received 2 of what is currently their top 8 in starting pitching depth (one of which is a top 100 prospect currently), and also an above average platoon OFer. All three should make significant contributions to the ML team this year.

        So even with hindsight, the trade was most certainly made at the right time.

        It’s hard to imagine the Reds doing better in that trade.

  6. Jimbo44CN

    Here is Barreros entire ST stats for this year.
    15 games, 34 plate appearances, 3 hits, 2 doubles and a home run, 1 RBI in 27 official ABs. So no singles, a few walks, and no other runs batted in for an average of 111

  7. Jimbo44CN

    I should add, in 9 games for Texas, he had 1 hit in 17 ABs , no RBIs for a whopping .058.

  8. MK

    Ford asked for and received his release.

    • AllTheHype

      Kind of a head scratcher. Why did they sign him? Maybe in case they had a barrage of infield injuries and to see how he fared in ST? Well, obviously not that, so why else did they sign him? Seems he had next to 0 chance of ever making the team in any capacity.

  9. Indy Red Man

    My biggest fear before the injuries was Diaz and the high leverage crew. Most guys that throw a ton of sliders lose velocity and it seems like he fell into that group.
    I don’t know Pagan, but it looks like he’s more of a steady guy then a co-closer. They really needed more imo. I’m going from 87-88 wins to 79-80. Hope I’m way off

  10. RedsFan

    General and off topic question. Where is best regular season subscription or streams for the Reds. It’s ridiculous how difficult baseball makes having TV options. Thanks in advance, looking forward to this year.

    • Doug Gray

      Depends on where you live. If you are out of market, then the MLBtv package is the best option. If you are in market, then you got to shop around and find someone who carries Bally Sports Ohio. In Cincinnati, both Spectrum and Fioptics has it. FuboTV has Bally Sports Ohio, but I think they are the only “streaming” service that does.

      • Jim Walker

        DirecTV via internet streaming with no satellite dish needed, advertises it has Bally OH/ Cincinnati on its “Ultimate” tier, at least at my locale about 15 miles NNE of downtown Dayton, OH. However, their cost is $15-$20 a month more than I am paying for the cheapest Fubo tier which has Bally.

        Obviously, we are not into the grind of the season yet but Fubo has been as reliable for me as cable was for other live sports.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Or if you are where I live, You are out of market for any of the cable providers but in “Black out territory” for MLBtv.
        *Note: I live nearly 6 hours away from Cincy and two state lines away, nearly 3.

      • Doug Gray

        Maybe you should look into becoming a pirate.

      • Jim Walker

        I hear ships called nord and surfshark are always looking for crew members.

      • LarkinPhillips

        I have a ship called Express that gets me on the waters nightly. But it shouldn’t be necessary. if MLB really wanted to grow the game they should make it easier for fans to watch.

      • Doug Gray

        I mean when 75% of the contracts signed for television deals today were signed absolutely none of the things that make it more difficult today to get games in your house existed. Everyone carried the RSN because everyone that existed was your local cable company and the two satellite companies. MLB can’t just step in today and break billion dollar contracts because of this.

    • Melvin

      I’m in Indy and switched from Spectrum to Fubo. Spectrum only had one Bally channel and Fubo has several. Often times with Spectrum my only choice was to watch women’s basketball because that’s what they chose. With Fubo I have the option for both.

      • Melvin

        For what it’s worth I do like Fubo a lot better than Spectrum in more ways than one. I too would like to have it all on Prime though.

  11. RedsFan

    Thanks for the comments. I live in Fort Wayne area. Black out per mlb tv. Im currently youtube tv. Fubu looked like an option. I thought prime video was going to happen, but nothing defined yet.

    • Jim Walker

      The catch with DirecTV streaming is that it is a contract service (or was when I was shopping 4 months ago). 2 years as I recall. I did not want to be tied to them if DTC streaming of the Reds became available. They have the Turner channels (TBS/CNN/TNT) which FuboTV does not have. My tier of Fubo also has Marquee Sports which might be of interest to you in Fort Wayne but check to make sure they have it in your area.

  12. MK

    I see Vladimir Guttierez is starting for the Marlins today


    Let a family member who lives out of town purchase your I’m out of the Cincy area but all Yankees and Mets games are blocked for me even though I’m over 400 miles away. I use a vpn and watch on computer when Reds play a New York team. I drop my cable after football season and 2 months worth of cable pays for my MLB package. It’s sad we have to juggle around.

    • Jim Walker

      It is a real pain, isn’t it? I was hoping Bally would go belly up and that would be the impetus for the end of separate local DTC rights. Hopefully Prime (Amazon) and MLB can get something worked out sooner rather than later that will carry at least all but the true megamarkets.

      With the technology available today, there is no reason MLB should not have a single access point that collects the fees and then sends the viewers (and their prorated $$) to Prime (Bally), Apple, Peacock or whoever owns the rights to a particular game.