The Cincinnati Reds hit the road tonight to take on the Seattle Mariners in a game that won’t begin until after your kids have to go to bed. There’s no television broadcast, but 700 WLW will have you covered on the radio side. First pitch is set for 9:40pm ET.

Reds (10-12-2) and Mariners (11-13-1) Lineups



1 Jonathan India 2B J.P. Crawford SS
2 Elly De La Cruz SS Julio Rodriguez CF
3 Spencer Steer LF Jorge Polanco 2B
4 Jeimer Candelario 3B Mitch Garver DH
5 Will Benson RF Cal Raleigh C
6 Nick Martini 1B Mitch Haniger RF
7 Mike Ford DH Luke Raley LF
8 Stuart Fairchild CF Dylan Moore 1B
9 Luke Maile C Josh Rojas 3B
10 Nick Martinez RHP Jhonathan Diaz LHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

Pitchers Infielders
Tejay Antone Trey Faltine
Donovan Benoit Hernan Perez
Michael Byrne Jose Torres
Fernando Cruz Outfielders
Buck Farmer Austin Hendrick
Owen Holt Justice Thompson
Sam Moll Catchers
John Murphy Mat Nelson
Diego Omana

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

There is no television coverage for tonight’s game. To listen to the game on the radio it will be available on 700 WLW. If you want to follow along with gameday, here is your link for that.

News and Notes

Update, sort of, on Brandon Williamson

In his last start Brandon Williamson exited the game after he completed his second inning with shoulder soreness. The Reds then announced he would begin the season on the injured list, but didn’t offer a specified timetable as to when he may be able to return. That’s still the case, but manager David Bell did provide a bit of an update prior to tonight’s game.

The Jim Day Podcast is back

With the season about ready to start, so is the latest season of The Jim Day Podcast. This season kicks off with a conversation between Day and Jonathan India. Check it out wherever you find your podcasts at.

12 Responses

  1. Ksdavis

    So the Reds will just see how it goes? Have they not done all required tests?

    • Doug Gray

      As someone who has been through many, many surgeries due to injury….. it’s not always a linear thing from injury to finished result. Maybe the rehab stuff will work. Maybe it won’t. But you try it first unless it’s very clear there’s no other viable option except surgery.

      • Ksdavis

        I understand that. I have had three back surgeries. But it would seem to me that the Reds could be a little more open about the injury. Is it just tendinitis or a strain or just general weakness in the muscle. Reds seem to have too many injuries that are day to day and then somebody is out for three weeks

    • greenmtred

      It would be interesting to know how other teams handle this. Are the Reds outliers, or are we just very aware of the injuries and the way the Reds handle the news of them? To some extent, a person’s health status isn’t the business of other people.

  2. Redsvol

    Looks like the Dodgers have one big mess on their hands with this gambling situation. Ohtani’s Dodgers career could be over before its started.

    • LDS

      He should be suspended pending the investigation, like TB, like PR, et al. His talent, contract, etc, shouldn’t matter. And given the amount of money involved, he knew or should have known.

  3. Rednat

    It will be interesting to see what happens. Will mlb try to sweep it under the rug? The PR situation was a lot different in the sense that it was Cincinnati, not LA. Pete wasn’t making 700 million dollars either. He was a lowly manager of a Midwest team. If I was a betting man. No pun intended, I think Ohtani gets away with it. Maybe this will open a door for Pete though

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      There is no way that it can be swept under the rug. It is a huge story and it is under federal investigation. From the reading there are a few outcomes here. One is that Ohtani had multiple millions of dollars stolen from him and were spent on illegal bets with a bookie. Two is that Ohtani paid the bookie for his friend who was making illegal bets. That is a federal crime. Or three is that Ohtani was doing the better.

      All of those are crimes. Someone is going to be charged with something here. And the government is not going to care about whether major league baseball wants to sweep something under the rug. Perhaps in that final scenario you could say his friend becomes a fall guy who gets taken care of down the road financially for doing some prison time and copping to the crime but someone is going to be in plenty of legal trouble over this and we are going to find out who gets charged over it.

      And there is also no way this opens any doors for Pete Rose. Nor should it. He did the crime and eventually admitted to it.

    • Oldtimer

      No doors opening for #14. He violated THE cardinal rule of MLB then lied about it for many years. EVEN IF he were eligible for HOF, he would not get 75% of vote. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were better players than #14 and they don’t get 75% of the vote.

      • TR

        Bonds and Clemens better on-field players than #14? Not in my book.

      • Oldtimer

        Bonds career 187 OPS+ and 7 MVP awards.

        Clemens career 143 ERA+ and 7 CYA awards.

        #14 career 118 OPS+ and one MVP award.