It’s been a tough day for the Cincinnati Reds. Right around first pitch of their game against the Cleveland Guardians, outfielder TJ Friedl announced that he had a fractured wrist and would be re-evaluated in 3-4 weeks to see where he could go from there. During the game, left-handed pitcher Brandon Williamson struggled, giving up four runs in 2.0 innings. Following the game, Reds manager David Bell said that Williamson was removed from the game with shoulder soreness.

Williamson, who had not walked a batter all spring until Sunday night, walked three straight after giving up a 1-out single in the 1st inning. He didn’t walk anyone after that, but finished the night with just one strikeout against 12 batters.

Cincinnati spent the offseason adding pitching depth. And at this point it’s probably a good thing that they did. Nick Lodolo appears to be about two weeks behind when it comes to being ready to begin the season. Nick Martinez, who is in competition for a starting spot, had his outing pushed back after experiencing issues with his ribs – though he seems to be back on track now. And then today’s news with Brandon Williamson is dealing with a shoulder issue of sorts.

At this point we certainly don’t know how serious – if at all – the shoulder thing is for Williamson. But it’s March 17th and the Reds are already feeling their depth in the rotation being pushed.

Andrew Abbott, Graham Ashcraft, Hunter Greene, and Frankie Montas all appear to be healthy at this point. This is where adding that depth looks like it could be important as the Reds could still head into the season with the chance of having a full rotation of quality arms despite dealing with multiple starting pitcher injuries. Hopefully Williamson is just experiencing some of that middle of spring training soreness and it’s nothing serious. But if it’s more than just spring training soreness, Cincinnati might be in a position to handle it better than some other teams around Major League Baseball.

Update: March 18th, 6pm ET

C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic reports that Williamson is feeling better today after exiting his start on Sunday night.

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  1. Greenfield Red

    Injuies are out of control.

    • Tim Henry

      What is up with preseason injuries for the reds & Bengals ?? It happens every year it’s unbelievable our season is usually over before it even starts

    • JayTheRed

      Well, we are getting close to not having any depth left. Injuries stink!

      • wkuchad

        I think we’re already there.

        We had 11 offensive starters for 9 positions, now we’re down to 9 offensive starters, with at least one playing out of position at CF.

        We had 7 legit options for starting pitchers, now we’re down to maybe 4.

        I’m glad we were in a position to absorb this much spring training injuries, but it’s time to stay very healthy these next two weeks.

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    If we look in the pitching depth we could find that Connor Phillips is the next option after Martínez and Williamson problems aside Lodolo being out of track to opening day. Phillips has pitched well in ST and has a short experience last season at the big level so he will working as 5th starter while one of the guys mentioned are coming back or getting ready

    • David

      Connor Phillips certainly has the physical tools to be a major league pitcher. I would, at this point, want him to start in AAA this year, and get a few good starts in prior to calling him up to the majors.
      Not sure if Brandon Williamson and Nick Lodolo will be ready on Opening Day, now.
      Almost certainly not Nick, because he needs to get some more innings in during Spring Training. Maybe by mid-April? And Williamson…not sure yet, we really don’t know what is going on. Maybe in a couple of days.
      So it looks like Martinez will be a starter, to begin the season.

      Hunter Greene, Graham Ashcraft, Frank Montas, Andrew Abbott and Nick Martinez.
      And frankly, I think Martinez has probably thrown the best out of this group.

      And I don’t think that really, any of them has shown they are “ready”, so I expect the first couple of weeks to be kind of rough. There will likely be some good starts mixed in, but none of them have been impressive all Spring.

  3. Pete

    The God keep our eyes on Rhett Lowder. To me he has been the most impressive pitcher in camp.

    • Oldtimer

      Mike Leake went straight from the draft to Reds. It can be done.

    • Pete

      Guy not God – he isn’t that good.

    • David

      I think he has great potential (he was not a #1 pick for nothing), but

      1) he is starting at AA level ball…but could move up to AAA level if he is just overpowering and effective at AA level
      2) he is not on the 40 man roster.

      None of these are obstacles that can’t be overcome, but he is down on the totem pole, behind Connor Phillips and Carson Spiers at least.
      Christian Roa and Lyon Richardson are on the 40 man, but they don’t have anything close to Lowder’s abilities.

    • doofus

      “Very unlikely, but’s probably something that rattled around in someone’s head in the front office.” ~D.G.

  4. Frankie Tomatoes

    I do not know how to post pictures but this post needs Jim Carrey talking about his pets heads falling off.

    What a bad day for the Reds.

    • RedsMonk65

      Not a good day, to be sure. But each day we “begin again.”

      • TR

        Another day and another game at a time. If we had a synopsis of the spring training of the other 29 ML teams, we’d probably realize the Reds are not in such bad shape,

  5. LDS

    Krall needs to get on the phone and finding some ML pitching and OFs, as he should have done earlier. Everyone knew the Reds were thin in certain areas. Signing guys like Candelario, Ford, Harrison, et al, does not improve their playoff chances. Friedl may be gone longer than fans are hoping. Even then, he may hit as well as he had been. Wrist injuries can wreak havoc on a hitters career.

    • Doug Gray

      Signing Candelario absolutely improved their playoff chances. Ford, Harrison, “et al” – no, probably not. Candelario, though? Come on, man.

      • LDS

        Two singles thus far this ST, facing a lot of minor league pitching. Not the XBH machine he was advertised as, at least, so far. He’s a career .243 hitter, with an OPS+ of 102. Yes, he’s had some decent years, but hardly a game changer. The Reds are hoping for a park effect boost. And it may happen, but he’s not showing much so far. The money could have been better spent elsewhere.

      • Doug Gray

        Two things: It’s spring training, the stats don’t matter at all. And “The money could have been better spent elsewhere” is a very different argument than “he didn’t improve their playoff chances”.

    • Woodrow

      As he should have done earlier?

      Tony Kemp, Nick Martini, Justin Wilson, Bubba Thompson, Anthony Alford, Justin Bruhl, Tyler Gilbert, and Brooks Kriske would like a word.

      Alex Blandino!

  6. MBS

    It’s not too late to sign Snell. Word is he’s looking for $30M AAV with opt outs.

    • AllTheHype

      Sure, guarantee him 7 @ 30 with opt out in 3, and again at 5, he would sign. Risk is all on the club.

      Yankees have 5/140 left on Rodon’s deal. Bet they’re hoping they don’t get the 6.85 ERA version of him from last year, for 5 more years. He will make his starts regardless, and they will live with it.

      Again, risk is all on the team. And not a risk the Reds should be taking.

      • MBS

        Sure, come up with the worst case scenario and say that’s what it’ll take. lol, the sky isn’t always falling. If he was going to get a 7 year deal, he’d already be signed.

        BTW why they heck do you care, you’re not signing the checks? Yes, lets make sure Bob keeps his payroll under $100M. Don’t worry Krall made all short term contracts, so most of the money added in 24 will be off the books in 25 / 26.

      • MBS

        BTW, the original comment was tongue in cheek, I don’t expect the Reds to sign a TOR pitcher. It does however drive me nuts how worried people are for the owners pocket book. Your not a Reds fan, you a Bob fan I guess.

      • AllTheHype

        It’s not just about the effect on payroll, or spending money. It’s about the guaranteed playing time for 7 years. You never address that part. THAT is the REAL risk.

        You never consider the fact that pitching contracts may end up like Rodon, or Homer Bailey, or Patrick Corbin or countless others, in which guys are guaranteed years and years of starts despite horrible performances, because of the years on the contract.

        The Corbin and Strasburg contracts single handedly sent the Nats into rebuild. And the Bailey contract had a devastating effect on the Reds with too. I wouldn’t say that is what made the Reds rebuild alone, but the horrible Bailey contract was a huge contributor to the Reds subsequent rebuild.

        But you always only address the effect on payroll. Not the effect of guaranteed playing time. The latter is more devastating than the former.

      • MBS

        @All, There’s risks for action and inaction. I tend to look at the bright side of signing players, but it doesn’t mean I don’t understand that things can go wrong. I disliked the Votto contract when it was signed because of the length of the contract, more than the amount of money.

        “Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported on Sunday that the Astros “exchanged contract proposals this week” for the left-hander, although they “balked” at Snell asking for a two-year guarantee for $60 million as well as an opt-out at the end of the 2024 season.”

        We got the leg, and roster space to carry Snell on this type of deal.

      • AllTheHype

        Now that type of deal is completely different, if that is what is being discussed. I would not be so opposed to that.

        I am obviously very opposed to the anything 5+/100M+ for pitchers, but short term deals for higher AAV and opt outs are the type of deal that makes more sense for the Reds and would not spiral them into a rebuild if things go very bad.

      • BK

        It’s fascinating that Snell, Montgomery, Lorenzen, and Clevinger all remain unsigned. I’m not surprised teams are balking at paying a market-level AAV, losing a draft pick due to QO, and not being able to offer a QO at the end of the contract. An opt-out—a one-year contract at a slightly higher AAV—would be more appropriate now.

        As for the Red’s finances, I don’t lose sleep over the Castellini’s checkbook; I am concerned with the Red’s ability to generate sufficient cash flow to cover large AAA long-term contracts. The notion that the Owners are going to start kicking in personal cash to boost the team’s payroll is mythical yet widely accepted here. There are things to blame ownership for, but they didn’t create the structural imbalance in MLB; they must plan for it and stick with a strategy that gives them the best chance to overcome the disparity–this is not the same thing as being “cheap” although I understand why it is perceived as “cheap” or “not trying.”

      • MBS

        @BK, I think you know that I don’t think Bob should spend his own money on the teams payroll. All I have ever said is I want them to spend to their ability. Even if we disagree on their ability, I think we all know it’s more than what they are spending now.

        Like I said, I was just playing around a bit suggesting that they sign Snell, but really there it’s not like they couldn’t afford to add him to the payroll.

        Snell is clearly looking to take a short term deal now, in order to try to sign a longer deal in 25.

      • BK

        @MBS, I think Snell is moving to the territory where he could be within budget, and I would add, on a one-year deal, perhaps accepting some financial risk (i.e., perhaps the team takes on a little debt to make it happen).

        “It does however drive me nuts how worried people are for the owners pocket book. Your not a Reds fan, you a Bob fan I guess.”

        This is the statement I was pushing back on.

  7. Ptaylor2112

    14 comments and no one has blamed
    David Bell for the shoulder soreness? Maybe this comment section needs a bit more spring training after all.

    • Tampa Red

      Lol they’re still in ST mode, getting stretched out. Give them time. Krall will be the whipping boy till they get loose.

    • Indy Red Man

      Lol. You must be long time reader, first time commenter)). Well done

    • Justin T

      Poor Bell, we should ease up on him he gets picked on bad. He doesnt get the credit he deserves for being a true tactician or the cerebral chess player he is. Im sure he is already thinking 2 steps ahead and has a third baseman or catcher in mind to man centerfield.

      • greenmtred

        I doubt that anything we say bothers him in the least, Justin.

  8. Rednat

    season unravelling and we haven’t even started yet.
    McClain doesn’t look ready
    Marte out
    Friedl out

    I’m already thinking about what could be the “feel good” story of the year.
    Joey and Senzel bouncing back from injuries certainly took the cake last year
    How about Cincinnati’s own Josh Harrison as our lead off man playing 2nd base on opening day. We may need his leadership to keep us in contention until everyone returns.

  9. Jj

    This is a bad sign, injuries, to pitchers and beyond, starting off in a positive way is essential, having more pitching depth is always best, now center field and drug suspension look very bad

  10. Doc

    Alex Wood threw 5.1 innings a couple of days ago. We barely have 5.1 innings out of two starters combined. I think our best so far was Martinez throwing 4 innings, and we are now over a month into ST with less than 2 weeks to opening day. Something is wrong with the Reds program for pitchers, especially during the off season and ST.

    Hunter Greene said in his recent interciew he wants to go 7, 8, 9 innings. Has he even thrown 3 innings so far in ST?

    • VaRedsFan

      You’re not the only one noticing. This has been a Red’s problem for the last few years. Guys should be pitching into the 5th inning by now. Bieber got 2 outs in the 6th yesterday.

      People will wonder why Bell is pulling pitchers too early again. Which will lead to the burning up of the bullpen AGAIN. This recipe hasn’t worked for 3 straight years.

      This is on the MANAGER, and the Manager of pitchers. You must force pitchers to throw more innings to build up strength and stamina.

  11. Mark A Verticchio

    Keep an eye on Lowder, Mike Leake type of pitcher.

    • Rick

      I’ve been a Lowder fan since watching him carve up LSU last year. Shouldn’t take him long to zip through the minors. I think that he pitched 118 college innings too.

    • DaveCT

      Lowder hit 97 in the minor league breakout game the other day.

  12. old-school

    Looks like its Montas/Josiah Gray Opening Day with then Greene vs maybe Gore and then I guess Ashcraft vs perhaps another lefty in Patrick Corbin. Nats have some good bullpen arms as well.

  13. old-school

    Updated roster projections

    OF- Benson, Fraley, Fairchild, Steer
    IF-Candelario, EDLC, McLain, CES,
    If/OF- India
    C- Stephenson/Maile

    That leaves (2) spots- I suspect they will go with a righty bat in Harrison who has multi-positional flexibility in the infield and OF and one of the lefty thumper bats in Martini or Ford. Scooter Gennett was added on cut down day 7 or 8 years ago when the Brewers released him. interesting to see what potential additions could come that route.

    • MBS

      I’d say that’s right, the only thing is I’d add in Thompson, and Hurtubise as options. I think it’ll really come down to how much they trust one of Benson/Fraley as the CF. Fairchild will be there as backup, but I don’t think they want him starting too many games.

      • Pete

        Benson, Fairchild and Fraley, are not centerfielders. The advanced statistics on fangrahs are not encouraging to say the least.

        The Reds have one week left in spring training and they need to do some serious evaluation. Dunn and Hurtubise should absolutely get some playing time before it’s too late. The other option is a potential waiver claim or trade. I do not feel comfortable going into the season with the centerfielders we have projected at this point. Praying that the powers to be recognized this.

      • old-school

        We are going to find out if Benson is a CF because the Reds have said he is playing CF and will get reps in CF the last week of ST as he did yesterday. This is a team that played Jesse Winker in CF on occasion, after all.

  14. doofus

    I have dusted off my cleats; and I have my phone by my side. Took no this weekend and shagged two buckets of balls. Ran a 10 minute ‘60’.

  15. Optimist

    TR’s comment above is the appropriate view on this. A few other teams already have lost players for the season, and age issues are appearing.

    The Reds have a number of issues, but only Friedl’s has any adverse certainty – he’ll likely be out until June, and perhaps ineffective until July. All the others are still in the “could be a few days, could be a few weeks” category. They haven’t lost anyone for the season (ACL or TJ surgery), and only Marte for 1/2 season.

    They spent the off season on depth, and this is why. Still may be a .500 team, but also about equal chances of winning or losing 90.

  16. Amarillo

    Thisa is why the whole “there is no room for x player” argument isn’t legitimate.

  17. wkuchad

    When watching a Reds game, I get as riled up when we lose, but not as much if we get beat by good play from our opponent. But I REALLY hate losing due to errors, baserunning mistakes, and bone-headed plays.

    I feel like we’re “losing” spring training due to bone-headed plays. Injuries are going to happen, to all teams. Losing Friedl really hurts. Potentially losing a starting pitcher or two hurts. Losing a couple of bullpen pieces hurts. But it’s happening to all teams.

    However, not all teams have one of their youngest stars suspended for 2+ months. Not all teams gives away a young, cost controlled SS and CF for nothing, well before spring training is over (then we immediately lose a 3B/SS and our only real CF). Those were both bone-headed plays which were avoidable.

    I HATE that Friedl of all players is the one that’s hurt, as he doesn’t have a true ML ready player to take his place (I like Fairchild a lot, but not as a starter). BUT, if we still had Barrero, that would have softened the blow of losing Friedl. There’s still potential there. And this could have been one last shot to see what he had.

    Why did we dump him with so much spring training to go? It just does not make sense.

    • VaRedsFan

      #1….because he can’t hit.

      #2….It appeared to me that the also released him, because he had fallen out of favor with the organization. He didn’t get called up last fall despite decent AAA stats.(so we had to watch Bader and Renfroe for 3 weeks before release, and then they still didn’t call him). He rarely got in the early Spring games here. It could be an attitude thing with him. (purely conjecture on my part). But for some reason, 30 other teams passed him over before Texas got the claim.

      • Mauired

        Well besides his debut game in Texas with a double and throwing out a runner at home, Barrero has been really struggling. Maybe he doesn’t make the team and Reds claim him again ala Bubba Thompson. If Reds knew within one week, Marte and Friedl would be out for half the year, would they have released Barrero in the first place?

      • Rob

        Forgot about the waiver part. Guess you are right that 30 teams were not willing to give this guy a chance. It ain’t over yet as nothing says he will make the Rangers opening day roster. He may be out there again. Reminds me of the interest or non interest in Aquino.

      • Justin T

        Like everything else in the Castillini era, it just didnt make sense. You invested in the kid and year after year we heard he was the next big thing. You finally determine you do not want him and just let him go long after he has any value and even then you had another month to see how injuries shake out. Immediately they shook out to where you need CF and INF help. Oar for the course.

      • Brian Rutherford

        I just wish I could find one of the game threads where he struck out 4 or 5 times and looked bad doing it. The comments certainly were not along the lines of “just give him some time” or “it doesn’t matter if he strikes out, just give him more at bats”.

        It is nice to see that his status as a prospect means so much to some now that it fits the narrative of “the rEdS ArE CluElEsS”

      • greenmtred

        If they are convinced that he won’t consistently hit MLB pitching, I believe they would have released him.

      • Justin T

        @Brian Rutherford

        Again, its the timing. You are making the point for me. They let him stink the joint up telling us he is the future (when most of us didnt see it at all) yet wait till there is no value there and release him for free. The very next day they couldve used him w Marte being out. Why not wait until spring is up to see how injuries shake out? Now Friedl is out.

        I know he was frustrating but he was a top prospect so why not trade him last year when you knew he wasnt going to cut it but still had value to trade? Its just the way they do business now days.

    • Rednat

      Agreed. Silly move. Reminds me of the Jose Siri release for absolutely zilch.

      • AllTheHype

        Siri has had an OPS+ of 96 in MLB, good enough to be a 4th OFer. Fairchild has had an OPS+ of 95, basically the same. Neither of them really has much upside left.

        So if your argument is the Reds should keep these out-of-options role players when other role players exist which are equally good or better, I disagree, particularly if the other players have options (flexibility), which adds a good bit of value over an out-of-options role player.

        Despite what you read here, Barrero has had plenty of ML opportunity. He’s had stretches for the Reds where he was the primary starter at SS, and he put up a dreadful 34 OPS+ overall. 447 PAs is NOT just a cup of coffee. His Minor League record is OK, not great. His defense is OK, not great. There’s nothing about Barrero that suggests he’s turning the corner to become even a passable role player at the ML level.

      • Doug Gray

        It’s nothing like the Jose Siri release. When the Reds put Siri on waivers He was coming off of a season, as a 23-year-old, with a .701 OPS in Double-A and a .497 OPS in Triple-A (in 30 games). That winter he hit .196 in the Dominican Winter League (125 plate appearances). He had been below-average in Double-A, and then absolutely terrible in Triple-A and the Dominican Winter League for the previous 4 months. Kudos to him for turning it around, but the rewriting of history on Jose Siri is something I see a lot of and it always confuses me.

      • AllTheHype

        And I’ll add that Siri also never made it to the show with the Reds, because of his inept upper level performance. So that release was completely warranted.

        But in the case of Barrero, posters here want to suggest that his MiL performance warranted a longer look in MLB than 400+ PAs. Fact is, his MiL K rate was above ML norms, and his MiL BB rate was far below ML norms. And his OPS of .764 doesn’t scream out for more attention. He’s just never produced consistently both his hit tool and power tool. And in MLB, neither one has every showed up – not good!

        If Barrero had another option year, sure, hold on another year and see if his bat will finally translate. But the Reds just cannot run the risk of rostering a role player who may put up a 50 or so OPS+, particularly when his defense is nothing more than average at the ML level.

      • Mauired

        Hype, you’re right 400 abs is not a cup of coffee. But when you spread them over four seasons it is four cups of coffee. Even with a million injuries, Senzel got 1200 at bats to prove himself. And I think that’s appropriate for a top prospect, especially if the team invested a 5 million dollar signing bonus. I would hope your employer or anyone’s would not consider your career over after just two months on the job. That’s the longest amount of time Barrero was ever on the Reds. And if you are willing to take a look at Barrero’s career stats in the minors without 2021 which coincidentally followed his wrist surgery, you would see that year dragged down all of his minor league stats. Option or no, it’s time to see if Barrero can play in the majors, he has plenty of minor league at bats.

      • wkuchad

        AllTheHype, what risk? There is no risk. Barrero is still fairly young, cost-controlled for six years, and covers multiple positions, including two key defensive spots in CF and SS.

        If he ends up being terrible offensively, drop him. It would cost the Reds nothing. If everyone was healthy, then yes it would cost them a roster spot. But clearly everyone isn’t healthy. We have multiple bench openings. It was dumb to let him go when they did.

      • AllTheHype

        Senzel was given a lot of rope for sure. But he was also drafted 2nd, and was the top overall prospect in baseball in 2019. His OPS, K rate, BB rates, contact rates, chase rates, all better than Barrero in MiLs. And while there were always questions about Senzel’s power tool, his hit tool was not questioned in the MiLs. It did, however, fail to develop in MLs.

        Barrero has had questions all around, at every level. Even his defense has been questioned.

        So we can disagree on whether or not he’s had enough opportunity. I believe he has, and has failed to prove he deserves another one. BTW, most of MLB seems to agree with the Reds on this one given that he made it to Texas in the waiver wire. And I seriously doubt he makes the Rangers OD Roster. After that, his next stop is likely unclaimed, and signs a minor league non-40 contract.

      • AllTheHype

        Correction – Senzel not top overall, sorry. He was 6 in top 100 in 2019.

      • AllTheHype

        @wkuchad, I am not arguing it was dumb to drop him when the Reds did. It was and made no sense. I am arguing that he should not be on OD roster. There are better options.

      • Mauired

        Hype, both Senzel and Barrero were top prospects. I believe someone said Barrero was a top 30 prospect in all of Baseball in the Baseball America list. But regardless of rankings. Money is money. Barrero was paid as much as a top 10 pick for his signing bonus. So he should be treated accordingly and given a real opportunity to return on the investment

        And nobody cares what you think. Sorry. Two months maximum which he got isn’t the appropriate amount of time to determine if anyone especially a MLB player is good or bad. Any career for that matter. It’s just disrespectful and ridiculously impatient to trash a person after that small of a time.

        You could be 100 percent correct that he is not good. Many people including myself are just not thrilled with giving a top prospect with so many tools a two month run after wrist surgery in 2022, then one more two months run, and then pulled the plug.

        And the point that many teams passed up on him so that proves he’s not good. Front offices are TERRIBLE and pass up good players all the time. I could give 1000 examples but I’ll just make a few. Judge and Trout being passed up by several teams are now generational talents. This franchise and several others passed up on Bench arguably the best catcher of all time. I believe he went in the second round. But if we want to exclude the amateur talent, maybe Adolis Garcia is a better comparison. Kinda of similar to Barrero in many ways. Cuban hitter with tools and a lot of swing and miss. Both the Cardinals and even his own team the Rangers released him. Now he’s a super star and franchise player with a World Series championship ring.

      • AllTheHype

        DIfference of opinion. But the bonus money paid to amateurs at time of signing is irrelevant once a prospect burns all their option years. And it’s pretty funny you think you know better than 25+ MLB teams, their scouts and FOs. Your example of Trout, who was an 18 yo amateur when he was passed in the draft by many teams, is apples and oranges to the several seasons of pro ball Barrero played.

      • Mauired

        I’m just pointing out front offices make mistakes ALL the time. And it’s funny and quite normal for you to ignore some examples and facts that don’t support your point of view. I literally said if you don’t want to use amateurs, there are plenty of professionals that are determined non MLB talent like Adonis Garcia. Released twice. Passed up by all your brilliant front offices. Now he’s a multiple all star, and franchise player on the MLB champs.

      • AllTheHype

        You could discuss any norm, and find exceptions to it. Citing one off exceptions does not in any way mean Barrero will be, or should be, treated as an exception candidate.

      • Mauired

        Now you’re just speaking gibberish to be contrarian. Might as well just say no means no. We’ll see. I think any normal person could just admit the jury is still out. He could be good. He could be bad. He has the potential if he fixes some swing and miss flaw to his game like many players before him. There are plenty of late bloomers that when given the chance simply tighten up their game and use their natural ability and hard work to become great players. Not all of them are instant stars.

      • AllTheHype

        Could be good, could be bad, but has so far been very bad in MLB and not great in MiLs.

        With no options remaining, that evidence translates to DFA. And it’s telling that even the bottom feeder teams that aren’t expected to compete (Oakland, etc) see no value or upside to giving him an opportunity.

  18. Rob

    What is there 1+ week left in spring training. And how many of our guys have gone 5 innings? I would guess we better have each of the starters go 75-80 pitches this week or we are going to have opening series with 4 inning starts. I did notice Reds love interests of Cease and Bieber each threw 5 innings against the Reds this past week. Maybe we better up our offers here. Or better yet, start trotting out the Louisville calvary in April. No, I know we fixed this problem but couldn’t resist.

  19. LDS

    Josh Harrison didn’t make the Opening Day roster and has opted for free agency. That’s probably a good thing. A little over a week to go and it’s time to prune the roster.

    • Optimist

      By all accounts a good guy, but a very good move for the Reds. There will be many similar players becoming available this week. They’ve shown great skill in late spring pickups the past few seasons.

      • LDS

        Hopefully, some decent OF’ers are available via claim or trade.

      • David

        Yeah, Josh is a good guy, but he’s 37 years old, and I think the gas tank is empty. He can’t hit ML pitching anymore.

        I DO NOT WANT “veteran presence” that has no real, tangible contribution.
        The Reds will be fine, as far as that goes, until Friedl is back, around May 1 – 8. Their problem isn’t so much who is cruising around centerfield. Their problems are going to be on the pitching mound.

      • Optimist

        Strongly doubt Friedl is back in May. June at the earliest, and may need some time to regain full game effectiveness. Hurtubise should be the defensive replacement if needed, for road trips to clubs with bigger outfields.

        Still looking forward to one or two pickups the next week or so. Perhaps a talented 4th/5th OFer.

      • Melvin

        “Hopefully, some decent OF’ers are available via claim or trade.”

        Barrero? haha

  20. redfanorbust

    It’s spring training as has been mentioned ad nauseam. Guys get all manner of injuries from sore shoulders to muscle and hamstring strains and very unfortunately for the Reds a broken wrist from the player (IMO) they can least afford to lose and the most difficult to replace. I am sure most all the other teams have their share of injuries. We feel it the most because it’s our team we focus on and well it’s been a while since we have had any realistic hope for a team to make the playoffs and WS. Since 1991 except maybe one or two years with a glimmer of hope. Now we FINALLY get a team that gives us that said hope I guess we can be forgiven a bit if we tend to overreact to the good and bad things that happen.

  21. Daytonnati

    When you’ve made the team as a regular outfielder , you don’t dive for balls in Spring Training. You’re there to get in shape, sharpen your eye, and get your timing down. I get a young player trying to impress but a starter? Geez …

    • greenmtred

      Except that going after balls is one of the reasons that you are a starting outfielder. As others have pointed out, he almost certainly does it instinctively: He said as much himself. If he stopped to think about it, he wouldn’t be in the league.

  22. redfanorbust

    If the Reds were to look at signing a FA here is what I found. A quick scan of WAR’s for the FA OF’ers still remaining show our OLD friend 36 year old Tommy Pham in the lead with 2.5 and he is a (LEFT fielder which we do not need). Every other FA OF has a negative WAR.
    For starting pitchers not named Snell or Montgomery is Julio Urías (27, 4.4 WAR). Most of the rest are in the 2’s or lower.

  23. old-school

    This doesnt sound good for Williamson and young is out for some time as well.

    Need to see what Montas and Martinez look like this last week. If either or those 2 or Lodolo takes a step back, reds need to add SP. There’s video out today from Michael Lorenzen’s agent. A 1 year reunion might not be a bad move with his bullpen flexibility and starter ability.

    • Jim Walker

      I was about to comment on the Lorenzen video. An added bonus if he has kept up with the off season routine he followed when he was with the Reds is that they would also get a true centerfielder who is a RH bat with serious pop in his bat.

      • old-school

        @ Jim, didnt think about CF. perfect.

      • Mauired

        Love it. What an out of the box solution. I didn’t like Reds letting Lorenzon leave and replacing him with Mike Minor.

      • DaveCT

        I still recall when Thom Brennaman stated Lorenzen was the best hitter on the Reds and I laughed for days.

        I think there’s a reason or two Lorenzen has bounced around the last two years, and that is his injury history. He always struck me as a bit odd, too. I was glad, frankly mr shankly, when they cut him loose.

        Extra credit for the musical reference in the previous sentence.

      • AllTheHype

        Lorenzen hasn’t had a MLB PA since he left the Reds, and only 2 since 2019. There’s a reason for that. See Friedl. Paid to pitch and get injured not pitching = not happening.

      • Mauired

        Of course hype would be the 1st to say no because all the teams that don’t try it so it’s a bad idea. If hype were in charge there would be no Shohei. He would have said it hasn’t worked before so why bother? Everything is too risky in his opinion. This conservative attitude of fear of trying out of the box creative solutions is exactly what has lead to perennial losing and the longest playoffs win slump in all of American sports.

      • Old-school

        Looks like Martinez is healthy and rotation set.

        Wittenmyer reporting Greene montas martinez and Ashcraft are in the rotation and Abbott/Williamson other spot with Williamson apparently out now.

      • AllTheHype

        @maui – you’re comparing Ohtani to Lorenzen? Oh my.

      • Mauired

        Lol. I knew you would overreact to that comment hype. You never fail. No obviously Lorenzon isn’t going to be a two way super star or the best player of all time like Shohei. I’m just stating that more players should be given the opportunity to pitch and hit. This attitude that players have to do one or the other is clearly outdated.

      • Mauired

        Is Lorenzon good enough to be a starting CF. NO. Could he be a good swing man and backup CF. Helping the team in several ways. Maybe. But the Reds aren’t the type of teams to try. They would rather stay behind the pack and do the same loser things that haven’t worked since last century.

      • BK

        “Could he be a good swing man and backup CF. Helping the team in several ways. Maybe. But the Reds aren’t the type of teams to try.”

        In reality, Lorenzen has played with four MLB teams, logging 96 innings in the outfield and 147 plate appearances–all with the Reds, making them the only “team to try.”

      • Jim Walker

        Lorensen has been quoted in the past as saying when he reported to the Reds rookie camp, he thought he was an OF who might pitch some on the side out of pen because all the teams who had talked with him ahead of the draft were projecting him that way (obviously Reds had not spoken with him).

        He was projected as a mid 2nd to mid 3rd round pick as an OF. The Reds used the #38 overall pick, a 1st round sandwich pick, to get him b/c they were concerned he would be off the board (as an OF) prior to their 2nd rounder at #67 overall.

        True Lorezen hasn’t had an MLB PA since 2021 but the same stats say he has an MLB career 1.5 oWAR on 147 MLB PA. His BA/ OPS line is .233/.282/.429/.710. Got to believe if any team had ever been serious about getting him reps, he would have figured out the OBP side and with his outstanding defense been a solid to outstanding MLB OF.

      • Mauired

        BK were they truly committed to it or just doing it because Lorenzon pushed to continue doing both?

      • BK

        @Mauired, I think this is an interesting idea. I enjoyed the Reds using Lorenzen in this way. As others have pointed out, he last hit a long time ago, but it’s not easy. As with Barrero, you believe that if the Reds haven’t tried something for as long as you want them to, they haven’t completed their due diligence. I disagree. As for your statement that they are unwilling to try something like using Lorenzen in a non-pitching role to take advantage of his athleticism, the facts don’t support your statement. Its an interesting idea, I’m not sure its a great idea. But it is an interesting idea; if it is doable, it would be fun to watch.

    • Optimist

      In order of concern, I’d go Moll, Williamson, then Young. Moll is valuable and needed now, WIlliamson is young enough they can take their time if needed, as for Young I think we saw his best last season – he’s one of those guys who runs hot and cold in the bullpen, very useful if in the “good” phase.

      Lorenzen would shore up the depth, but would he be worth the price, instead of going with Spiers/Richardson/pickup this week?

      Would be a surprise if they got Clevinger, and a shock if the got Snell or Montgomery.

      Still, expect pitching and hitting additions to be picked up from other releases.

  24. Grover

    If any of Snell, Montgomery etc are now willing to sign a 1 year contract I’d give them what they want.

  25. Jason Franklin

    Listening to the video from Lodolo, he didn’t seem too worried about his arm. He seems to imply it is a normal thing as he is building up strength again. Am I missing something? This is quite possible.