TJ Friedl injured himself in the top of the 2nd inning this afternoon against the Seattle Mariners. The Cincinnati Reds outfielder dove for a ball off of the bat of Ryan Bliss and appeared to roll up on his wrist in the attempt. The play would result in an RBI double for Bliss.

Friedl remained down for a bit. The trainer came out to check on him after the play and after a short conversation the Reds centerfielder walked off of the field and exited the game. Minor league outfielder Ivan Johnson took over in center for Cincinnati.

It’s unlikely that there will be any information available about the extent of the injury until following the game when the media is able to speak with manager David Bell. We will update this with more information as it becomes available.

Update on March 17th:

The news is not great for TJ Friedl and the Cincinnati Reds. It was announced on Sunday, March 17th, that Friedl had a fractured wrist and that he would miss Opening Day. The exact amount of time he will miss is unknown, but Friedl told reporters that he would be re-evaluated in 3-4 weeks and go from there.

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  1. CI3J

    Please don’t be a broken wrist. Those are notoriously fickle about healing and tend to REALLY negatively impact hitting ability for a long time.

    Friedl was the most valuable offensive player on the Reds last year. Losing him would be a HUGE blow.

    • Tom Noonan

      Yep a bad I jury to friedl would be awful

  2. Randy Peterson

    The Reds should have been giving India lots of playing time in CF this spring, and not LF.

    • Tom Noonan

      I think Fairchild would likely be the backup CF. He’s got more OF experience, he’s fast and he’s been hitting pretty good this ST.

      • MK

        Kemp has had a little time in CF and has the speed for iy.

      • greenmtred

        Fairchild is fast. Second fastest on the team last season.

    • Tom Reeves

      India is likely too slow for CF. The most ideal option for CF is currently playing SS and would need significant development time to be ready for CF.

      • greenmtred

        But he’s also likely the most ideal option for shortstop, if only because of the respective impacts of the two positions: center fielders figure in critical and routine plays less frequently than shortstops. Others have pointed out what a weapon Elly’s arm is in the infield. And, besides, center fielders do get injured more often. If Elly does realize his potential as a hitter, his loss to injury would have great impact, as Friedl’s may now.

  3. Brian

    Plus, you’d think that coaches would advocate against diving for balls in spring training. I didn’t see the play but that play shouldn’t have been important to the season and now it may be. SMH…

    • greenmtred

      Wouldn’t you suppose some of that is instinctual? Hard to not go after a ball you think you can get, meaningless game or not.

      • MBS

        it is, I don’t really want a player who doesn’t play that way.

      • Jimbo44CN

        So True. hard to turn it off. Broke my wrist in a preseason basketball scrimmage that meant absolutely nothing

      • Brian

        That’s why I said that I didn’t see the play. There is something called situational play too. I want my guys playing hard but not reckless like Ryan freel.Dial it up during the season but don’t push your body to the limit, especially if you’re not fighting for a job. Don’t be running full blast and pull a hammy, don’t throw will all of your might and hurt your arm and don’t dive for a put out that has zero bearing on anything. Just my opinion.

      • LWBlogger

        Agree 100%. Even if you tell a ballplayer “Don’t dive and try not to impact walls. We don’t want you injuring yourself.” a player almost can’t help himself. If you think you get there on a dive, you just dive. You probably remember after you end up diving. As a catcher, it wasn’t diving, it was “Don’t block the plate.” (back then you could) and “You don’t need to block balls in the dirt without anyone on base with less than 2 strikes.” Every catcher from even before HS ball is blocking balls in the dirt in those situations, even though we know we don’t need to.

    • MK

      Players can’t turn that kind of play on and off. It is a reaction thing they have learned since little league. So it is easier said than done, would be like telling #14 not to run into the catcher in the All Star game.

      Talking of injuries,glad to see Balcozar get into the game to run. After the ACL surgery last mid-season, I was hoping he would be ready to start the season, probably in Dayton.

      • Jim Walker

        +1000>> I’ve heard Football and basketball coaches say that overtly trying not to overextend to avoid injury is often the way guys get themselves injured.

        I suppose on a very high flyball when the player gets under it and is measuring, it is easy enough to say, ‘nah, not today’ and just watch but if they are chasing or closing on a ball at speed, no way they are going to pull up on a dime w/o being as much or more at risk than trying to make a play.

      • Jim Walker

        My week is off to a great start (not) 😉

        The previous was supposed to read:

        I suppose on a very high flyball at the wall when the player gets under it and is measuring…

      • MK

        When coaching high school we used to bring the wrestling mat in and work on outfielders diving for balls. They have to practice much more sophisticated drills than that.

  4. Tom Noonan

    They should keep in mind that these games mean nothing and “take it down a notch”. Why dive or run into a wall, in ST?

    • oklared

      Again, hard to turn on and we will be upset if they don’t give it their all in the regular season.

      • TR

        Injury happens. As many have stated, I’m sure that as a professional athlete, it’s difficult to turn it on and off. We can only hope the injury is not serious.

  5. Vinny

    He just goes hard can’t fault him for hustling show the young guys on how to win no matter if is ST or not

  6. Jon

    Wonder if they’ll plug Senzel or Barrero in there? Oh wait…

    • MK

      Alot of people want Hurtubise to get a shot, if TJ is actually injured he might be the likely candidate as he is on the 40-man. Benson can play center too.

      • DaveCT

        I can see Hurtubise filling in. Plug him into the 9th spot in the order and let him create some havoc.

      • Mauired

        The way Friedl plays so hard, he gets nicked up a lot. Hurtubise is probably going to get alot of chances to fill in this year. Nice guy to have at Louisville. He brings a lot of similar skills that Reds miss when Friedl is out.

  7. Jim Delaney

    Blake Dunn maybe brought back up if Friedl is out extended period of time.

    • Oldtimer

      Fairchild or Benson could play CF if Friedl is out.

  8. Optimist

    They do have excellent MiLB depth at this spot. Still worried about Catcher, and HR power from the corner outfielders.

  9. Old-school

    Spring training ends next Sunday in 1 week. Reds havent had any starting pitchers remotely go 5 innings and be sharp. Mikolas went 6 yesterday, Peralta went 5 Brewers, Mitch Keller pitched 4 SO innings for the Pirates, Castillo went 5 Mariners. Even Derek Law went 2 strong innings as an opener for the Nats.

    geTtiNg sOMe GoOd SiMuLateD starts in ThE BulLPeN ThO’ and in LiVe Bp.

    • Jim Walker

      You suppose the Reds posture suggests a concern about how many innings these guys have in their arms once the starting bell sounds?

  10. Jim Walker

    Fairchild can handle the defensive side and projects as league average on offense. He has had a couple of stints on injury duty, suggesting he might be as much as 20% better than average if playing every day and not being subbed out.

    Given the spring Fairchild has had, I’d think he is a no-brainer unless they land someone with a better MLB background via waivers or trade because the Reds are not in “learning and sorting” mode for 2024.

    • Pete

      Jim – I agree with your assessment. However, two guys that I think need to be fast tracked until they prove they are not up to the job: Rhett Lowder and Blake Dunn. Both have shown nothing but superior skills. I hope Dunn starts to play in the big league games during the rest of spring training.

      Everything I’ve seen from Lowder looks like he is ready to pitch in the show. If the team wasn’t expected to be competitive, I would be more patient but the Reds really need to go for it this year. The best players need to play.

    • Melvin

      “the Reds are not in “learning and sorting” mode for 2024.”

      Let’s hope they’re in “WINNING mode”. 😉