On a day featuring a sort-of doubleheader for the Cincinnati Reds, the big league club took the lead late, but then coughed it up the next half-inning to Seattle. But the big story of the day was the injury to TJ Friedl, who exited the game in the 2nd inning with a wrist injury.

Game Recap: Mariners 11 – Reds 7

Seattle and Cincinnati played a back-and-forth game that featured four lead changes and two different innings coming to an end with the game tied. Both teams rallied to take the lead late, but the Mariners did so in the 9th and held on for the victory.

The Highlights

Seattle grabbed a 1-0 lead on back-to-back doubles in the 2nd inning. The first one came from former Reds prospect Taylor Trammell. He may or may not have scored on the next play had TJ Friedl not injured his wrist on a diving play in what turned into an RBI double by Ryan Bliss. But Friedl did injure his wrist on the play and turned what would have been a bloop single into a double. Friedl would exit the game and it was later announced that he had a sprained wrist.

That run was the only one that Nick Lodolo would allow on the day as he struck out four batters and walked two in 2.2 innings pitched during his second appearance of the spring.

Cincinnati got a 1-out single from Jonathan India in the bottom of the 2nd inning and he would come around to score on a Nick Martini 2-run home run that put the Reds in front. Mike Ford would follow up with a single and then score when Tony Kemp came through with an RBI double to make it 3-1.

The Mariners would tie the game up in the 4th inning when Alexis Diaz took over. After giving up a leadoff single he struck out the next two batters. But Seby Zavala hit a 2-run homer to tie things up. Seattle grabbed the lead in the next inning when Sam Haggerty led off with a homer against Emilio Pagan.

The Reds got their offense going in the bottom of the 6th when Elly De La Cruz led off with a double and scored on a single by Christian Encarnacion-Strand. The game didn’t remain tied for very long as Seattle scored two runs against Justin Bruihl on a Dylan Moore single that followed a walk and a double, giving the Mariners a 6-4 lead.

In the bottom of the 8th the Reds offense got rolling again. Francisco Urbaez led off with a single and scored on a Christian Encarnacion-Strand triple off of the wall in center. P.J. Higgins then doubled to bring in another run. After a pitching change for Seattle, Mike Ford drove in a third run of the inning for Cincinnati as they made it 7-6.

Spencer Packard wasn’t going to roll over for Seattle and he led off with a single in the top of the 9th against Eddy Demurias. Tyler Locklear followed up with a go-ahead 2-run home run. Ben Williamson and former Reds prospect Robbie ‘Byrd’ Tenerowicz followed up with singles before a visit to the mound. Whatever was said didn’t work out because Alberto Rodriguez crushed a 3-run homer to put the Mariners up 11-7. Evan Kravetz came out of Cincinnati’s bullpen at that point and struck out the next two hitters to send the game to the bottom of the 9th. The Reds went in order in their half of the inning as they fell to 9-8-2 on the spring.

You can see the box score for this game here.

Following the game the Reds are set to take on Cleveland in a prospect Spring Breakout contest.

Sunday’s Game

Cincinnati will hit the road on Sunday afternoon, but not really. They’ll take on the Cleveland Guardians at Goodyear Ballpark. Someone has to technically be the home team in the matchup and on Sunday it’s Cleveland. No television for this one. Radio coverage will be on 700 WLW. First pitch is set for 7:05pm ET.

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  1. VaRedsFan

    The one player that will hurt the most if he misses time. Just because the drop off from TJ to whoever fills in is so large.

    I hope Fairchild can take this opportunity and run with it. Could it be Dunn or Hurtubise get a shot? Are they ready for MLB? If so, I’d rather give them a shot over a re-tread like Kemp.

    Here’s hoping all of the above becomes moot and TJ can return by opening day.

    • Redsvol

      Indeed. Friedl is probably 2nd most valuable player on the roster. We need him playing 150 games this year. I sure hope he didn’t break it.

      And really, why are we diving for line drives in spring training?

      • 2020ball

        Why are we questioning that, honestly? You could literally substitute theword April for ST and it would sound the same a month from now. He was playing baseball and was injured, it happens. Im certainly not getting ready to play CF in the bigs by pulling up on balls all spring.

    • DaveCT

      Wrist injuries … he’ll have it immobilized for quite a while then will have to regain strength and mobility.

    • Mark Moore


      Cancer just plain sucks. 10x that in a child.

    • MK

      Hopefully Reds fans take note when they think about booing a guy whose performance might be off a tick or two at times. He just might have more important things on his mind.

      • KYRedsfan

        Amen MK! Had a similar experience many years ago (1980s). Dad had terminal cancer and I was starting point guard on our small school, but highly ranked, basketball team. Had a couple of down games to start the year and boy did I hear the whispers and other talk. My dad was a very private person and nobody knew about his cancer. People can be extremely cruel! I began to use it as motivation and dedicated it to my dad. We did very well after that and I heard a lot of apologies after he passed away.

  2. Mark Moore

    Really hoping it is a sprain. Probably too early to tell given what would be the normal swelling for such an injury. We wait and hope … Stuey in the wings is likely a step down, but he’s been playing like a madman this Spring.

    • greenmtred

      The Reds’ website is reporting that it’s a sprain.

    • MK

      Not sure what a sprain means. I know a sprain in the shoulder or knee means there is a partial tear. At least in an ankle a sprain can be slower to heal than a break (I know that personally). So, I think there is a need for more info which as fans we might not be not be privy too.

  3. Jason Franklin

    I know I had posted some lineup ideas with Dunn instead of Friedl just a bit ago and now it seems to have vanished. Did I make a post that violated rules or something? Just curious.

  4. Jeremiah

    Friedl being out would be a blow. They don’t really have another good lead off option, maybe Mcclain, maybe Benson? Friedl seems a little injury prone, although a lot of the Reds do! Reds depth really going to be challenged it looks like for much of this year. The Candelario signing looks smarter and smarter, Krall made a good move there I think.

    CES hitting well is going to be possibly more of a need…maybe India, and Stephenson turn it back around. There’s so much potential on this team, but still so many unknowns it’s going to be interesting. There may be a guy or two out of the blue that steps up and is really good like a Fairchild, not real sure what to expect.

    • DaveCT

      Friedl has played in 114, 131, 65*, 127, 136, and 138 games in each year of full season pro ball. His * year was due to a torn ACL. Given platoons, minor bumps and bruises, he’s actually been durable.

      • Doug Gray

        To clear things up – Friedl did not tear his ACL. He had an ankle injury that cost him the second half of that 2019 season in which he played 65 games.

    • greenmtred

      India has, as I recall, been pretty good at leadoff.

  5. Michael B. Green

    Put Fraley at leadoff versus righties until Friedl gets back. India versus lefties. Fairchild’s K rate is too high. This sucks. Friedl is one of the very most valuable players on the team and sets the tone for everything. He’s the one guy you don’t have to worry about a platoon in the OF too. Steer is the only other guy to consider and he should bat in an RBI spot instead. De La Cruz, Benson and McClain have too high of K rates (at least last year anyway).

  6. Craig Z

    India was a good leadoff hitter before he moved down in the lineup.

  7. gusnwally

    Look up the numbers TJ should be the 2 hitter and India should leadoff when he plays. The numbers do not lie.India was doing fine as a leadoff man, but Bell had to put a guy who strikes out almost 40% of the time in that spot.

  8. 2020ball

    CF is a shallow position for the Reds after cutting Barrero, but there are some interesting youngsters in the system if they need that on the fly. This is a big opportunity for Fairchild to show his worth, ive been a supporter of his frequently and he looks to at least be a suitable stop-gap. He’s young enough to be more than that, maybe…

    • Jim Walker

      Maybe if Fairchild is played almost every day and not subbed out. Along with Benson, he was part of the breakout that got the 12 game winner going last year only to be sent down for Votto’s return toward the end.

      He’s had other stretches where he was used regularly over 2-3 weeks and has responded with an OPS+ in the 115-120 range. But just like Senzel, his skill set hasn’t matched up with how the Reds needed to use him.

      However, one way or another I suspect SF will end up like Senzel (or Barrero) and would not be surprised to see him emerge as a solid traditional fourth OF (350-400PAs) elsewhere. The Reds should do better than lose guys like them for nothing by recognizing they don’t fit the scheme and selling on them before the team is backed into a nontender or waiver/ DFA forced trade situation.

  9. gusnwally

    Any explanation for my recent post being deleted. I cannot for the life of me see anything remotely offensive.

    • Doug Gray

      It wasn’t deleted. It went to the moderation queue because you spelled your email address incorrectly and that incorrectly spelled email address has not yet been approved for posting comments.

    • Jim Walker

      Do you know for sure that it was ever posted? Many (most) of the “disappearing” comments are because the email showed up wrong at the initial automatic filtering and the comment got routed for review. I’ve done that myself more than once when I was choosing from among my email addresses from a list.

      Also, I think sometimes innocent word/ letter sequences trip the automatic filters.

      When something makes it through the auto filtering and is posted but Doug manually deletes it later for cause, he typically posts a comment on the thread explaining why.

  10. Rednat

    I find red fans very polite actually. WE HAVE BASICALLY SUCKED FOR A QUARTER CENTURY and you rarely here boos at GABP. Imagine of the Yankees or Phillies were this bad. The boos would be heard in Cincinnati

    • Rednat

      This is in response to the Fraley comment above. I doubt reds fans would boo him much regardless of his terrible situation

  11. MBS

    Assuming Friedl isn’t ready to go on opening day, I think I’d like to see the OF as RF Benson, CF Fraley, LF Steer. With Thompson, and Fairchild as reserve OF.

    If Friedl is out longer than a couple of weeks, we really need to have a more permanent solution. Dunn, or Hurtubise could be called on, but I really don’t want to rush them.

    A more out there idea is CF McLain, he did play CF in college. That would allow give us India 2B, EDLC SS, Candy 3B, and CES 1B. Harrison could be the INF utility, or maybe Kemp.

  12. MK

    Looks like there is quite a battle waging between Ford and Martini for the left handed bench/back up first baseman position. Ford is hitting well for average, Martini is showing the power. Something to watch the last couple weeks of camp.

  13. Hotto4Votto

    Friedl is a tough guy to lose for any amount of time. Table and tone setter for the club. This is going to hurt. Hopefully someone can step up. Unfortunate timing that Barrero isn’t with the club as he was likely the next best option in CF. Any depth we thought we might have had has gone up in smoke this spring. Let’s hope he’s not out too long.

  14. Pete

    Not to add insult or injury, but Joey Votto hit a home run with the first pitch he has seen this spring training.

  15. JayTheRed

    Totally not related but Joey Votto hit a HOMERUN on his first at bat as a Blue Jay.

    • RedsMonk65

      Definitely related. See above. 🙂

  16. Indy Red Man

    Just Freidl, McLain, Marte, India, Lodolo, Martinez, and Moll. I’m sure I forgot 1-2 and they’ll be another 1-2 by Opening Day.
    Everyone has injuries, but not like these Reds. Not panicking, but it’s not looking good either

    • Old-school

      Could be the cardinals

      Opening day 34 yo $75 million SP not starting OD
      starting CF injured
      Starting Lf injured
      Setup guy injured

  17. Old-school

    I hope Joey Votto does well. But, he plays for the Buffalo Bisons and may or may or not be ready to play scranton and Rochester in the IL 2 weeks from now. He did hit a center cut FB for a home run that in all likelihood Zach Wheeler of the phillies said here it is. That unnameable ex red did exactly that in spring training to guys

    Im rooting for the Reds

    Hope that 40 yo guy in Buffalo can figure it out but Im more interested in the 2024 Reds winning an NL central title

    • Melvin

      “He did hit a center cut FB for a home run that in all likelihood Zach Wheeler of the phillies said here it is.”

      Even so there are a lot of guys in the majors that can’t do that opposite way in the gap.

  18. RedsMonk65

    Oh, the agony… why is this game so late on a Sunday?!

    • RedsMonk65

      Sorry — meant that for the game thread.