The Cincinnati Reds may be without their top prospect for a while this year after Noelvi Marte was suspended for 80 games, but their farm system is still pretty strong and two times this week they’ll be playing in the Spring Breakout series that will feature a team of the Reds top prospects taking on a team of Texas and Cleveland prospects.

Thursday evening the Reds and Rangers will kick off the series for Major League Baseball. The two will face off at 6:05pm ET and the game will be available to watch on On Saturday night the Reds will take on the Guardians at 7:05pm ET and that game will also be available to watch on You can see the roster (at least as it stands today) for the games here. While those games aren’t big league contests and technically not a part of “spring training”, they are two of 16 games the organization is playing in the next 13 days before spring training wraps up. They are also two of seven games that fans will be able to watch the rest of the way.

Reds players share Joey Votto memories

– “He’s a hitting mastermind”

– “I’m very grateful for him, and he was a little angel on my right side that I needed to propel to where I needed to be. Thank you for showing what it takes and showing where I want to go.”

– “Everything he does is so focused. Being able to be behind the scenes and learn from him and see him do that, it’s kind of just incredible. It’s something that I try to just pick his brain. Listen to everything this guy’s saying because he’s a Hall of Famer.”

It’s not just the Reds medical staff

One of the things that often pops up in discussion when guys are out, or injured, or something like it, is how the medical staff and or team don’t exactly give it to the fans straight all of the time. Or that they don’t get it right the first time.

The New York Yankees are having a little bit of a public relations problem when it comes to Aaron Judge. On Sunday he seemed to be pulled from the game early and after the game they said it was planned that way. The next day they said he was just dealing with your general mid-spring stuff. Yesterday the team announced he had an MRI to check on his abdominal section (it came back clean, for the record).

15 Responses

  1. Optimist

    Apparently the Cole issue has the Yankees looking to, among others, Weaver as the 5th starter. That seems interesting.

    • Kevin Patrick

      I assume we shouldn’t trade Montas for Weaver.

    • Oldtimer

      Weaver’s team only wins 57% (12 of 21) of his starts. Not enough for NYY.

      • greenmtred

        Oh no. Not this again. The 57% of his starts were last year, and little or no thanks to Weaver.

  2. Jimbo44CN

    Wow, good luck Yankee fans( as he does his best Dr. Evil impersonation), you’re going to love Weaver.

  3. Mark Moore

    First off, there are privacy laws that often prohibit sharing most of this information. Doesn’t matter that the players are “public figures”. They have to consent to whatever is shared.

    I’ve often seen posts about our medical/training staff being “incompetent”. I’m not in that field, but I find it hard to believe that is the case. There are any number of reasons stuff happens. Players hide injuries (I’m talking to you, RoY India) and that can make it worse.

    Bottom line is these are all professionals and I’ll leave it to them to deal with it all. I know where my expertise lies and medical diagnosis and treatment ain’t it.

    ‘Nuff said from me.

    • MK

      Not everything is everyone’s business

  4. Melvin

    “Votto claims he is now fully healthy, seems to believe he can recapture his 2021 form (139 OPS+, 36 homers in 533 plate appearances), and is eager to prove himself, adding, “I get to once again move towards, for the second time in my professional career, (trying to) make it to the major leagues. And it excites me. It excites me to be in a hotel room in Florida, to take a shuttle or an Uber to the ballpark and be a minor-league player with an unknown number just trying my very best to make a team. It invigorates me. It’s what I feel I’ve been about, and it brings me great joy. . . . I want to work and I want to compete and I want to fit in. I want to get along with guys, I want to be liked and I want to represent myself, my family and my country well. And this is the perfect opportunity.”

    That’s awesome. It’s hard not to root for Joey Votto. I wish him the very best and wish he were still here on one of our minor league teams proving himself.

    • Melvin

      “While Votto has embraced being a minor league signing, he did think such an offer was going to eventually come from the Reds.” – MLBTRADERUMORS

      Nope. It’s a shame. The Reds had virtually nothing to lose and possibly a great deal to gain in more ways than one.

      • Melvin

        Cool. I like you agreeing with me more than you debating me. haha 😉

  5. JayTheRed

    Votto will be a Red forever even though he is joining my 2nd favorite team. Hearing what the players had to say in the above video made me choke up a little. Sure, going to miss his leadership and his wonderful at bats. The guy is ranked up there with Barry Larkin and Jose Rijo Johnny Cueto, Suarez, as some of my favorite Reds of all my life. (Became a fan in 1988) Didn’t become a fan until I was almost a teenager. I truly hope he makes The Blue Jays at some point this year and produces a good season for possibly his final year.

  6. Jimbo44CN

    What a wonderful statement from a great Red. Why didn’t Krall offer him the same thing? Makes no sense. What a shame he’s not trying to make it back via Louisville. Miss him already.