The Cincinnati Reds hit the road tonight as they take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. For the third straight day the fans will be able to watch the Reds play. Tonight’s game will be available on MLB Network and If you would prefer to listen to it on the radio, 700 WLW has the coverage. First pitch is set for 8:05pm ET.

Reds (6-5-2) and Dodgers (10-3-1) Lineups



1 Jonathan India 1B Mookie Betts SS
2 Elly De La Cruz SS Shohei Ohtani DH
3 Will Benson CF Freddie Freeman 1B
4 Christian Encarnacion-Strand 3B Teoscar Hernandez LF
5 Tyler Stephenson C Max Muncy 3B
6 Stuart Fairchild RF Jason Heyward RF
7 Mike Ford DH Chris Taylor CF
8 Josh Harrison 2B Gavin Lux 2B
9 Bubba Thompson LF Austin Barnes C
10 Nick Martinez RHP Justin Wilson LHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

Pitchers Infielders
Emilio Pagan Alex McGarry
Alexis Diaz Hernan Perez
Evan Kravetz Miguel Hernandez
Peyton Gray Quincy McAfee
Carson Rudd Outfielders
Lyon Richardson Anthony Alford
Catchers Hector Rodriguez
Eric Yang Francisco Urbaez
P.J. Higgins Allan Cerda
Conner Capel

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

This game will be available to watch on MLB Network and To listen to the game on the radio it will be available on 700 WLW. If you want to follow along with gameday, here is your link for that.

News and Notes

Noelvi Marte suspended for 80 games

Cincinnati’s top prospect and presumed starting infielder (at least on most days) Noelvi Marte won’t play for a few months after being suspended for testing positive for a performance enhancing drug. He’ll serve an 80-game suspension that will keep him off of the field until late June.

More roster cuts this afternoon

For the second day in a row the Cincinnati Reds made some roster cuts. On Thursday they sent 12 non-roster players to minor league camp. This afternoon they optioned five players to minor league camp – Rece Hinds, Jacob Hurtubise, Carson Spiers, Christian Roa, and Casey Legumina. Those moves leave 47 players in big league camp.

Joey Votto signs with Toronto

Things are now officially official. Joey Votto’s time with the Reds is over as he’s signed a minor league deal with an invite to big league spring training with the Toronto Blue Jays. We’ve got a little more info on it from our piece earlier today if you wanted to check that out.

36 Responses

  1. Melvin

    India playing 1B for the first time tonight?

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    Could Marte continue playing games in ST?

    • David

      No, he is suspended. He cannot participate in any professional baseball activities until after 80 games into the regular season.
      And his trade value has gone down too.

      • Mark Moore

        Yep. Once burned, twice shy at this point. He really screwed himself over and will have to climb out of the hole he dug.

    • MK

      Even if you could, why take practice away from guy that is going to play or trying to make the team for April?

  3. Stanrona

    India was a third basemen most of his career why not India backing up Candy and Candy backing up CES at first?

  4. Mark Moore

    The poor Trolley Dodgers. All that money and talent and they are forced to play Mookie at SS. I know he’s capable, but they are used to elite. TV booth team is amusing trying to reassure each other it will be fine.

  5. Mark Moore

    Manufacturing runs is fun. Doing it against the Dodgers is even funner.

  6. Indy Red Man

    Nick Martinez! I said 120 ip 3.70 era. I know he doesn’t throw hard, but he will mix it up

  7. Melvin

    Fairchild solidifying his roster spot.

    • Mark Moore

      I was thinking the same thing. Likely means Barrero is headed for a different uniform.

      • Melvin

        Naw. Barreo is taking the spot of today’s knucklehead.

    • Mark Moore

      BTW, Melvin. Made me some fried rice (actually riced cauliflower) on my griddle for dinner tonight. Very tasty.

      • Melvin

        MMM You like making me hungry. 🙂

      • Mark Moore

        Did I mention there are a couple of nice Angus T-Bone/Porterhouse in the fridge slated for the charcoal grill on Sunday evening?

  8. Old-school

    Jon india diving catch at first base


    • Melvin

      It’s becoming apparent already that 1B is his best position. He probably shouldn’t play anywhere else unless he’s hitting really well and they just need to get his bat in the lineup somewhere besides DH.

      • MK

        I’m not setting CES. Now I see India at third and DH along with Candelario Candelario gets the time at first when CES rests or occasionally DH’s. India can relieve McLain and Steer too.

      • Melvin

        Wouldn’t set CES either of course. He could play a lot more 3B though.

  9. Mark Moore

    Three efficient and effective innings from Martinez (with a little help from his friends).

  10. Old-school

    Maybe hunter greene can watch Nick Martinez and learn something about pitching

  11. Indy Red Man

    Anybody still have Martinez in the pen to start?

  12. Mark Moore

    I’m thinking this game is done. That lightening they showed was pretty impressive.

    • Old-school

      Pretty much seen enough

      Elly and benson still cant hit lefties

      Martinez spectacular

      Stephenson and Fairchild saying wait a minute

  13. Mark Moore

    I have to think they don’t wait this one out and attempt to restart. Not for a ST game. Radar seemed to show it all pretty localized, but still.