Major League Baseball just announced that Cincinnati Reds infielder and #1 prospect Noelvi Marte has been suspended for 80 games for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug. Marte tested positive for Boldenone.

The Cincinnati Reds released the following statement on Noelvi Marte’s suspension:

“The Reds fully support Major League Baseball’s drug policy and its penalties. We will have no further comment.”

I guess that’s technically a statement, but barely.

It’s been a bit of a wild ride for Noelvi Marte over the last six months. He made his Major League debut back in August and remained up with the big league club, hitting .316/.366/.456 in 35 games before the season came to an end.

He then joined the Gigantes in the Dominican Winter League in November, but his season there lasted just four games before he suffered a hamstring injury. It was more than just a tweak of the hamstring and it caused him to start spring training a little bit late. He’s only played in four games this spring since his return and he was 3-10 with a double and a stolen base.

Since he was in the Major Leagues last prior to his failed test, his suspension will span the next 80 Cincinnati Reds games. Assuming there are no postponed games that change things up, he would be eligible to return on June 26th against the Pittsburgh Pirates. While that date is when he can begin playing again, Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer noted that he’s eligible to begin what would be considered a rehab assignment in the minor leagues on June 6th.

As far as how things are altered for the Reds in the mean time, it certainly opens up some playing time for Jonathan India. And it will make juggling the lineup each day a little bit easier for manager David Bell and his coaching staff. Marte was expected to see plenty of time at third base during the season and now it looks like some of that will go to Jeimer Candelario (who was going to see plenty of time there in the previous scenario, too).

If the Reds were to make the playoffs in 2024, Marte would be ineligible to play in them.

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  1. AMDG

    Well, that’s one way to sort out how everybody plays in the Reds infield.

    • MK

      Possibly India 2b, McLain SS, De La Cruz 3B

      • Reddawgs2012

        Well this isn’t good. We should probably see CES 1B, McLain 2B, Elly SS, Candy 3B almost every day? Steer/Benson/Fraley can rotate between the corner OF spots and DH?

      • Tom Noonan

        This really sucks. I think Marte was ready for a big year. Is it too late to get steer back at 3b. What little I’ve seen of candelario, he doesn’t look that much like a good 3b.

        Maybe Barrero makes the 26 roster for sure. One more chance.

  2. LDS

    Simplifies the roster a bit. CES at 1B and Candelario at 3B. Did the Reds know this was coming when they signed Candelario and extended India? A cynical view, yes, but not unusual in today’s world.

    • Mort

      First thing I thought as well of when I read this.

    • Harry Stoner

      @LDS You know I can be a critic of your cynicism, but I found myself thinking the same thing.

      But that would mean: Marte tested positive before the Candelario signing.

      If so, why would MLB delay the announcement?

      Maybe protest by the Reds, by the Players’ Union, etc.? That is a pretty long stretch, but plausible.

      How long do such drugs remain detectable in your system?

      Would a young 20 something fall for “Here, take this it will help heal your hamstring, trust me!”

      I’ve been high on Marte since the trade for him, so this is a bummer. But I suppose this is an easier way to stomach having him sit than sending him to AAA as some here have been suggesting.

      Long term I hope it doesn’t sour the organization on him. Hard to imagine how it wouldn’t.

      Kemp, Harrison, Barerro’s tuchases all unpuckered a bit. None of them are a substitue for Marte though.

      What a knucklehead.

      • Still a Red

        Yes could sour the organization on him. May depend on when/why he was taking the drug(s). If it was to speed his hamstring recovery, then knucklehead, if he’s been using and just escaped detection, then that’s another story.

      • jmb

        Remember that “trainer” for the Angels that was feeding players drugs before a pitcher died and he got the ax? Even if the Reds weren’t giving him the drug, they might have known he was doing it. Hence, the Candelario signing for insurance. It didn’t seem to make sense at the time; now it does–esp. with India and McClain ailing. I’m soured on Marte. I am absolutely against PEDs in the game and PED users in the HOF. He looks to be quite a find for the team, a Machado type, but with all their infield depth, I would not be disappointed if he were traded.

      • Doug Gray

        This is a “space is fake” level of conspiracy theory.

  3. Jason Franklin

    What a stupid move by Marte. There is no excuse for a player to take any drug that may contain a banned substance. They have agents, the team doctor, etc to keep them in line but it comes down to the player to use his brain. Not a smart look by him.

    • Melvin

      “There is no excuse for a player to take any drug that may contain a banned substance”

      I concur.

      • Doc

        Is it possible that this was in something he took in the islands after pulling the hamstring, something given to him for healing but not a familiar name? A component of some potion?

        Does the suspension indicate this was not the first positive test?

      • Melvin

        Still though all it takes is a phone call to the Reds staff to check or MLB for that matter.

      • Harry Stoner

        @Doc I’m guessing you’re probably right. We’re not talking Lance Armstrong here.

        But I’m putting on my LDS cap about this.

        Reds’ #1 prospect, what’s he doing risking injury playing in the winter league anyhow?

        Pay him a salary not to play.

        And why wasn’t someone on him like a hawk after the injury so he, or his inner circle, didn’t pull off some bonehead move?

      • Melvin

        “And why wasn’t someone on him like a hawk after the injury so he, or his inner circle, didn’t pull off some bonehead move?”

        Yeah. If he did this out of ignorance the Reds are certainly to blame too. Doesn’t make sense.

      • Jason Franklin

        @Doc The medicine/steroid is not human-grade and is never to be administered to people. Think horses, etc.

    • jmb

      When EDLC hit him in the face with that throw it must have jarred something loose.

    • JayTheRed

      I am with you 100%. I am so disappointed in Marte. This is entirely his fault and yes it hurts the Reds too but I’m just in shock over the whole thing.

      I have lost a lot of respect for Marte. Even if he helps the team get to the playoffs, he is officially a cheater in baseball. On top of that like Doug mentioned above he can’t participate in the playoffs either.

      So sad.

      • cartel

        Why is he not allowed to play in the playoffs? I know Doug posted he was not but is there a rationale?

      • Doug Gray

        The rationale is “don’t take PEDs”, so it’s an additional punishment.

      • Melvin

        It would seem that if the penalty would be 80 games and no post season it would just go ahead and be the entire season. The Reds may keep him in the minors the whole year anyway when he does come back I guess.

  4. Tom Diesman

    Will Marte count towards the 40 man roster during his suspension?

    • Jason Franklin

      Pretty sure that he does not count against the 40.

    • Mark Moore

      Good question. I certainly hope not. That punishes the Reds for his stupidity.

    • David

      I think, but I may be wrong, that he is placed on a “reserve inactive ” list, and does not count towards the 40 man roster.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I also wonder since it’s a ML suspension does he accrue service time? I hope not.

      • Doug Gray

        No service time while under suspension.

      • Jason Franklin

        He also just lost a good bit of salary for those 80 days. Someone mentinoed maybe he felt pressure to help his family back home while he was rehabbing so maybe he took the steroid (and hoped no tests discovered it). Hope he didn’t get told by an agent or someone to take it. But it was probably just a dumb mistake by a young kid.

  5. Optimist

    Why is he ineligible for the post-season?

    • Jason Franklin

      Part of the agreed-to punishments in their contracts.

      • Optimist

        Who has the burden for appealing – only the MLBPA and player? Does the club have any role? The Reds statement indicates they do NOT, so I wonder if there’s anything in the injury recovery giving Marte/MLBPA grounds to appeal. I suspect not, so as others note, chalk this up to stupidity – either solely Marte or in conjunction with “advisors”.

    • Melvin

      Didn’t realize he’s ineligible for post season. That makes it A LOT worse.

      • jmb

        Yes, it does! And may make a trade more likely…if things are looking good for the Reds.

  6. CI3J

    Boldenone is an anabolic steroid developed for veterinary use, mostly for treatment of horses. It is not indicated for use in humans in the US and is only available through veterinary clinics.

    So… A horse steroid.

    I had noticed that Marte had bulked up considerably, but I just chalked it up to his body filling out as he matured. Guess there was more going on there.

    Very disappointing.

    • David

      Yes, interesting note. I saw on the stats roster that he was up to 216 lb. I guess that is bulking up.
      I also wonder if he took this to help heal his calf /achillles strain from winter ball.

      Bad choice, bad decision. No, I don’t think this had anything to do with acquiring Candelario, but….here we are. I think this probably means both Fairchild and Jose Barrero will be on the 26 man roster. It is an ill wind that doesn’t do someone some good.

      I remember from years ago, that Ken Griffey Jr. remarked that someone from the Commissioner’s office would show up at his home, etc, at the weirdest times to get a urine or blood sample, looking for illegal substances.

      • MK

        You should read the book “Baseball Cop” which discusses how some of this goes down,

    • Redsvol

      Usually they don’t use it for bulking or strength anymore. It’s all about recovery from injury and workouts.

      The strength used for bulking is so high a player would just have to be downright stupid to think they could get away with it. They’re usually using it as a cream or sublingual supplement in low doses.

      • Chris

        And frankly, if that’s the case, MLB needs to look at some of these “banned drugs”. If it is something that doesn’t bulk a guy up, but helps him to heal faster, then why is that a problem? So are we picking and choosing what drugs one can use to heal themselves? Seems so.

      • BK

        @Chris, because the banned drugs are dangerous to a player’s health.

    • Melvin

      I think the old saying “he’s a horse” is taking it a little too far. 😉

      • David

        If Keith Jackson was still around, he would be a “hoss!”.

        Keith was a great guy.

      • Melvin

        Well the Reds aren’t going to be able to ride this “horse” for a good while now. It’s a shame.

    • Rick

      Some Bama OL FB players took a similar type to that a few years ago during one of their championship seasons.
      Marte should be smarter than that. You fail your bb brothers, fans, especially with a postseason ban. That explains the bulked up body.

    • jmb

      Horsefeathers! Don’t know why he felt the need to horse around.

  7. MBS

    While under suspension is he allowed to work with the team? Or does he have to workout alone, or at some academy?

    • Jason Franklin

      No team workouts are allowed.

  8. Jedi Joey

    Wow! This is awful. Not a way to get your career moving, Noelve.

  9. Redsvol

    I have no idea why players think they can get away with this anymore. The testing is baseball is the real deal.

    Very disappointing. I’ll be interested to see what Noelvi’s side says about this.

    • RedBB

      They are always Dominican players too….I guess when you come from nothing it’s worth the risk. Not sure why you would risk it though when you’ve made it.

      Could be worse….he was one of the players who would have platooned mot likely this year. Wonder if the Reds knew of this and that’s why they signed Jeimer and didn’t trade India.

      • Jason Linden

        For a lot of those guys, I’m sure it’s worth the risk. Difference between being able to buy your mom a house and live a comfortable life and… not. I have a hard time blaming them.

      • PTBNL

        If they are this close to the majors and, in fact, spent some time in the majors, they’ve already made enough to buy mom a house and have made way more than the average citizen.

      • Melvin

        Minimum salary is not exactly peanuts these days. A house wouldn’t be a problem I would think. Not very smart. Of course if anyone advised him to do this they should be fired/kicked in the butt.

      • Redsvol

        I think a lot of it is when they go home they have former coaches, trainers, etc who want to be close to future superstars and give them advice or products to help them recover. Lots of “characters” in gyms and practice fields. A 20 year old who probably grew up with nothing is very susceptible to trying things.

        I’ve read where mlb has gone to dominica annually to go over the performance substance rules. But I wonder how good the training is and whether it’s taught by a native Spanish speaker.

        Also is the mlbpa doing anything to help explain these things to their union members. Or do they just email them a copy and say “here, read this”.

      • Harry Stoner

        @Redsvol I’m with you on this.
        My mother taught us to speak Spanish when we were kids.
        We whined about it, but my Dad would say: “Think of all the girls you will meet.”
        He was right.
        Personally and professionally, speaking Spanish has served me immeasurably throughout my life.
        It’s time to embrace the pleasures of being a bi-lingual culture.
        And baseball is the obvious example.
        I recall the days when Lasorda (fluent in Spanish) would go to the mound to chill out Valenzuela during his rookie year and speak to the kid in his own language.
        I’ve been in the construction business my whole life and I can talk to the guys on the jobsite in their / our language.
        The benefits are huge.
        Not that this has any particular relevance to the Marte situation.
        The guy was clearly a knucklehead.
        He’s got enough dinero and smarts to avoid doing something like this.
        But every little bit of communication helps.
        With guys like McLain, Steer, EDLC, CES, Friedl around, I’m sure there’s a lot of Spanglish getting tossed around the clubhouse.
        That’s very promising in a lot of ways.
        A model for all of us.

      • Grover

        He was going to be the 3B on the Reds this year. What risk?

      • TR

        And Marte was the centerpiece of the big trade that sent Castillo to Seattle.

  10. John C.

    I guess Krall is not an idiot as many on here thought in signing Candy

    • doctor

      If Krall/Reds had not signed Candelario, Reds would still have been able to cover 3B with Steer or Elly. So some of the critique of the Jeimer’s signing is still valid.

      • Harry Stoner

        The Candelario signing is still highly suspect.
        Made no sense at the time and this might only change that for POV 1/2 a year.
        JC’s contract is three years.
        That’s what makes little sense.

      • earmbrister

        And what happens when the Reds have the inevitable injuries? The signing was a smart move even before this problem.

        Steer can play 3B but he’s not a good thirdbaseman.

      • Melvin

        Personally I think Steer could be good at most any position if he would play there long enough on a regular basis.

      • Jason Franklin

        From what I have seen of Steer’s defense, I am pretty sure you do not want him playing 3B on a reg basis. Candelario is a lot better defensive player. So it did work out to have that…depth.

    • DHud

      Full disclosure, I’ve been in the fan of the candy signing from the time it happened. I can see critiques about the length/amount, but not from player/roster fit

      That said, the signing had absolutely nothing to do with this suspension. Saying they signed someone to a 3 yr deal two months ago to cover an 80 game suspension that happened today doesn’t follow logic

      The signing was purely about building quality depth at the big league level and bolstering the offensive lineup. Depth for when needed as is the case now. Unfortunate it’s cause of a dumb PED suspension, but could’ve been this or could’ve been *insert player* slipping in the shower tomorrow. It happens

    • JayTheRed

      Never understood the signing, but I never disliked it either. I like the depth and we really needed it now.

      Hopefully India and McClain are fully healthy this year or the Reds could have a problem.

  11. MK

    Tom Browning spoke at one of our local events and he was asked about Steroids. His comment was he enjoyed playing so much that he would have done it to get a couple extra years. For a young guy who found out making it is easier than staying there.

  12. JB WV

    Good grief, Marte. But now Krall looks golden signing Candeleria and not trading India. Also may give Arroyo an early entry to the big club when/if someone goes down. If he plays well we may start to forget Marte. But again, so stupid

  13. Eddiek957

    Ineligible for post season hard cheese

  14. Tom

    I’m a lifelong Reds fan of 60 years. I believe I would just get rid of him. I’m very disappointed in this. Cincinnati Reds shouldn’t have anyone taking any kind of steroids in their organization. I know it’s harsh. But it’s just those fans opinion.

  15. Capnhook33

    I think there was a real chance he started at AAA anyway. With the hammy, starting late and the fact he’s played like 70 total games above AA make this less of a factor than I think it is. Sure it sucks for a bit but I’m not totally convinced he would have held down being a starter the whole season to begin with.

  16. Jason Franklin

    I really hope it doesn’t mean that Kemp makes the team now.

  17. Melvin

    I don’t think this is the correct way to send him to AAA in my opinion. 😉

  18. Stock

    Can they assign him to the minors? Or will he lose prospect status on opening day?

    • Stock

      My guess is not on the 26 man roster then still a prospect and more importantly under team control through 2030 now.

      • Redsvol

        Stock, you’re always looking at the bright side.

    • Doug Gray

      In an official capacity he can’t be assigned anywhere while suspended as he will be on the restricted list.

    • Jason Franklin

      What he really screwed up for the Reds was the extra draft pick they could have gotten if he won ROY this year. That probably wont happen now.

  19. redfanorbust

    I wonder how long he has been using? Was this a one time thing? Did he use it all along to get where he is today? If so how good of a player will he be without it?
    I looked this up: “Testing is administered via scientifically-validated urine test. Each Player shall be tested upon reporting to spring training. All Players will be selected for an additional unannounced urine specimen collection during the season on a randomly selected date”.
    Why would someone do this? Very sad.

  20. MK

    Encarnacion-Strand starting at third base tonight

    • Melvin

      I think CES is more versatile than some think.

      • jmb

        CES, Steer, EDLC, India, Harrison, and Candelario can all play 3B. Covering for Marte is not an issue in the least.

  21. Old-school

    When did the Reds learn of this? I suspect months ago and it informed decision making in the off-season.

    Id be careful to judgement on a 21 yo dominican who pulled a hamstring in december and likely has lots of snake oil salesman telling him how to get healthy.

    We will never know if Reds tried to get him back in the states to get on a proper treatment regimen


    • Doug Gray

      The team says that they were informed of this in the last 24 hours.

      • 2020ball

        This seems the most likely just based on occams razor. The Candy signing was to shift India to the OF, and i dont know why anyone is mad about more talent on a team. Now we see why.

  22. RedsGettingBetter

    Really disappointing. Nowadays there are no excuses to use that kind of drug. He just will have no more chances left so next time if there is one, the suspension is for life, am I wrong?
    Hope another guys haven’t did the same

    • Doug Gray

      Yes, you’re wrong on this one. It’s the third suspension that is the lifetime ban (though it can be overturned by the commissioner).

  23. Redhaze

    I would definitely look at JD Martinez for DH now.

      • DHud

        I agree no need to “overreact,” but I’m definitely ringing my hands now more than I was 24 hrs ago

        The great part about the depth coming into this season was the Fairchilds and Barreros were only going to be need for fill in ABs, not relied on for regular ABs

        This loss thins that depth. And if the reds can get a Duvall or Martinez on a 1yr deal, go for it. Keep Fairchild as a 4th OF not a regular

      • Doug Gray

        Fairchild isn’t the 4th outfielder now. Steer, Friedl, Fraley, Benson…. then Fairchild. Even with Marte out, one of those guys or at least one of Stephenson, De La Cruz, India, McLain, Encarnacion-Strand, or Candelario is going to be on the bench on a given day. Whoever that “last outfielder” on the roster is, isn’t going to be asked to do much hitting if and when guys are healthy.

      • DHud

        Doug I hope so

        But Bell likes to use his full roster for better or worse. Lots of “last guys” over the years have played a lot of games early in the season. Jason Vosler, Colin Moran, Max Schrock…I wanna throw Kevin Newman in here but I know the numbers actually paint a decent picture for him

  24. Indy Red Man

    Well it seems like they were ushering him towards AAA anyway, but that stinks. I wonder if he thought that power was the only thing he didn’t show last year and was trying to compensate for that? Well depth gets tested super early I guess. They can survive this fairly easily, but need McLain to play as much as possible. Lodolo is already sketchy health wise

  25. Erik the Red

    Depending on where the team is record wise in July through September he may spend the whole year in the minors. If he was intentionally juicing then extremely disappointing.

    • Irishred

      I believe he obviously was intentionally juicing I don’t see how in anyway shape or form you can accidentally take banned substances. The argument didn’t work for bonds and it’s not going to fly here.

  26. Klugo

    Whoa. That last sentence is a doozy. If we make the playoffs, he can’t play even after serving his suspension and playing the remainder of the regular season??

    • Melvin

      If the Reds don’t need him down the stretch to get them in the playoffs I’m thinking he spends whatever time he’s available to play in AAA the rest of the year.

  27. Mauired

    Terrible, terrible decision that will haunt him for the rest of his career. As some people already pointed out maybe he took it to heal his hamstring. If I had to guess, his hamstring wasn’t healed and he wanted to play this spring with a chance to make the team. This kid seemed a lot smarter and mature than most 20 year olds. Hopefully he learns and doesn’t hurt the franchise again. Not only were Reds counting on him for a possible post season run, but the pick they could have received for a ROY award is pretty close to zero now.

    • Mauired

      Not to beat a dead roided out horse, but this makes me dislike the Castillo trade more.

      Reds had a (durable) top 10 MLB starting pitcher in his prime. He was not only willing to stay in Cincy but his stuff worked in the home launching park which is rare. And he was VERY affordable in taking a short deal at a very reasonable 20 million dollar annual salary. Guys his caliber are making 30-40.

      If Reds had Castillo last year, they definitely make the playoffs and maybe I’m crazy but if Dbacks and Rangers make the Series I think Reds had a shot of they got in.

      And if pitching doesn’t stay healthy again this year, we will still be wondering why Reds gave up Castillo for a pitcher they released, a reliever that was hurt last year, a guy suspended for steroids, and a good short stop prospect that they don’t really need as much as an ACE pitcher.

      • Nicole Cushing

        The Reds are not being run as a franchise aspiring to win a World Series. They’re being run as an exhibition team that aspires to profitable mediocrity. They want *just enough* success to keep decent attendance and to avoid being a laughingstock. Anything more is nice if it happens, but besides the point. If you understand this, then everything else makes a lot more sense.

      • Rob

        The Reds made the Castillo trade for several reasons ….some of which were not great. 1) They believed their young upcoming pitching – Greene, Lodolo, and Ashcraft – was very strong only needing opportunity, 2) they did not want to spend $15-20M a year on a starting pitcher with such youth and rebuild on the horizon, and 3) Marte and Arroyo were very highly rated prospects with potential long term stardom. I think it is fair to say in hindsight that 1) we expected more from Greene and Lodolo going into Year 3 ……what 15 wins between them in 2 years, and 2) we made a big mistake in not paying Luis $15-20M for 5 years …. he was an ace for us but probably more like a top 10ish pitcher currently earning $150M. And the durability part on top of this. In summary, just kind of ups the stakes and expectations for what Marte and Arroyo will need to provide and soon. Castillo is now in his 3rd year of churning out victories for Seattle. Lot of high level catching up to do. Think Krall wouldn’t like to redo this trade tonight? You can’t judge a trade after 1 year but you sure in the heck can after 3 years (2024-2025).

    • JB WV

      Nicole, why bother following the team or posting on here if you’re this cynical? I’m not a Castellini fan, and obviously they’re tightwads when it comes to spending, but if you can’t get excited about the young talent the Reds have and the possibilities for the next several years, then..,

      • Nicole Cushing

        I don’t get excited about the young talent because I’ve been around long enough to see what the Reds do with young talent (over and over again). The young talent will either be flashes in the pan OR end up getting traded for beans of gold.

        I no longer follow the team that closely. I used to attend a game or two each year, had an MLB game day audio subscription, went down after the game to watch the Fox Sports Ohio postgame show, etc. But after the Castillo trade, “Where ya gonna go?”-gate, etc., I now prefer to sit back and root for them to fail. This approach to fandom is far less frustrating than the approach I took before.

        It’s my honest belief than every single person who posts here wants a Reds World Series win more than the Castellinis do. That’s the tragedy of it.

        If I could adopt another MLB team, I would. But, I can’t just abandon them. So, until Bob sells the team, I’m in this phase of reverse-fandom.

        Now you know my origin story. 🙂

  28. William

    I have been very high on Marte up until now. He just lost all of my respect. I am glad the GM signed Candelario now.

  29. William

    The Reds will do fine without Marte because of the infield depth.

  30. Jeremiah

    I didn’t even catch that last sentence till seeing a few other commenters repeat it. I feel like MLB should just suspend the player from all MLB activities for the year then, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

    Pretty disappointing of course from Marte. I thought he had the chance to be the best young hitter of all of them honestly. You wonder if the pressure got to him to want to play this year, maybe he’s just a cheater, maybe been doing this, I don’t know? I do wonder sometimes if some of the Caribbean players have found ways to get around cheating by somehow taking substances that aren’t detected.

    If I’m the Reds I’m keeping him out the whole year, and he would stay at Triple A when’s he eligible to play.

    Like others have said, it clears things up a little more for Bell with playing time for guys, so that is maybe a good thing.

    I’ll be honest, I think some concerning signs for the Reds with the nagging injuries with Mcclain, India, now Marte’s suspension, just the complete unknown of whether De La Cruz can hit in the Majors.

    I think the heart of the team really is Steer, Fraley and maybe Candalario, the guys that are going to have to be the consistent steady guys that hopefully stay healthy. Where they’ll be really good is if Mcclain, CES stay healthy, De La Cruz can hit decently, and if India can contribute.

    • Mauired

      Maybe Tatis if Padres kick in a few bucks

  31. DHud

    My concern now is not at the 1-9 spots on the roster, but the 11-12-13 spots

    As many have stated we have the options to fill 3B, but 6 guys for 5 spots was going to enable guys to rotate through the lineup, both days off and DH days, to stay fresh without significant drop in lineup production. Something has to give now whether it’s a Fraley sees more DH or India less days off or someone who would not typically have made the team like Harrison ir Barrero is going to get significant ABs. Particularly on those “Sunday get away days” when several secondary options are in, this roster just went from stout to decent

    • DHud

      Roster and lineup construction are also going to be interesting

      Fairchild seemed a lock to make this team, and now Barrero or Harrison seem like the next on the depth chart. Barrero is on the 40 man and out of options, but seems strictly an OF at this point. Harrison is more a direct replacement for Marte playing IF, but you’d have to cut someone loose.

      Maybe keep Barrero and push Steer back to the dirt half the time??

  32. Old-school

    For all the banter about who gets sent to AAA and why did we sign this guy or that.., noelvi Marte and Nick Lodolo wont be on the 26 man on Opening Day. Lodolo might be back April 9 per Bell. Depth getting tested early. I loved India’s diving catch at first base last night. See how the pitching goes here as the starters get lengthened.

    • Mauired

      Diving catch? The ball went right to him. Let’s not award him the gold glove yet.

      • Old-school

        It was a diving catch and fairly straightforward characterization.

        From the Enquirer “… in his debut game at first base, India snagged a diving catch on a low line drive to his right. In addition to the highlight, he made all the routine plays.”

        David Bell on India at first base. “ you would nt have known he’s never played there in his life. It was a good start.”