Back in December Major League Baseball announced the Spring Breakout Series. Essentially, it’s a “Futures Game” like set of games where each organization will put together a team of their prospects to face off against another organization’s team of prospects. This will take place during spring training. The Cincinnati Reds are one of the few teams who actually plays in two of these games. They’ll face the Texas Rangers on March 14th and the Cleveland Guardians on March 16th.

The roster has 27 players on it. Here’s what it looks like:

The Pitchers

  • Cody Adcock
  • Julian Aguiar
  • Ryan Cardona
  • Ty Floyd
  • Arij Fransen (added on March 12th)
  • Anyer Laureano
  • Rhett Lowder
  • Simon Miller (added on March 12th)
  • Andrew Moore (added on March 9th)
  • Hunter Parks
  • Dylan Simmons (added on March 12th)
  • Gabe Starks (added on March 12th)

This group features three of the Reds top 25 prospects. Rhett Lowder, the club’s 1st round draft pick in 2023, is the highest rated prospect on the team – coming in at #2 behind Noelvi Marte (who is not on this team). Ty Floyd, the teams second pick in last year’s draft, is the #14 prospect in the organization. Julian Aguiar came in at the #18 spot on the Reds prospect rankings after being named the team’s minor league pitcher of the year. Floyd and Lowder have yet to pitch in a minor league game in their career.

The Catchers

  • Alfredo Duno
  • Cade Hunter
  • Mat Nelson
  • Michael Trautwein

You may recognize Mat Nelson and Michael Trautwein since they are both in big league camp this spring. But the big name here is Alfredo Duno. The now 18-year-old was the Reds top international signing in 2023 and hit .303/.451/.493 with 38 walks and 41 strikeouts in his professional debut with the Dominican Summer League Reds.

Here’s video of a 427-foot home run hit by Alfredo Duno last summer

The Infielders

  • Victor Acosta
  • Edwin Arroyo
  • Austin Callahan
  • Tyler Callihan
  • Cam Collier
  • Carlos Jorge
  • Sal Stewart

All of these guys except Victor Acosta have been in a big league game this spring. Acosta, who is 19-years-old, is the Reds 19th best prospect. Edwin Arroyo (#3), Cam Collier (#5), Carlos Jorge (#8), and Sal Stewart (#9) make the infield group really stand out as a whole.

Here’s some video of Cam Collier homering while with the Daytona Tortugas last season

The Outfielders

  • Jay Allen II
  • Jacob Hurtubise
  • Ethan O’Donnell
  • Esmith Pineda
  • Hector Rodriguez
  • Carlos Sanchez

Among this group there are four Top 25 prospects. Hector Rodriguez leads this group, coming in as the #13 rated prospect in the organization. The 19-year-old won the Dominican Winter League Rookie of the Year award and finished 4th in the league in OPS while being more than nine years younger than the average player in the league last year. Jay Allen II (#20), Esmith Pineda (#21) and Jacob Hurtubise (#23) are also among the group here that’s in the Reds Top 25 rankings. Hurtubise is out to a hot start at the plate this spring, hitting .556 so far without striking out in 11 plate appearances.

Here’s a video of Hector Rodriguez homering to the most bland home run call of all time

This article was updated on March 12th when the club added four additional pitchers to the roster.

23 Responses

  1. Mauired

    Where’s Chase? Cabrera??

    Lin and Sanchez maybe too young and green even for this event but would have been good exposure for them. I’m assuming Balcazar is still recovering from his surgery.

    • Mauired

      Blake Dunn absence another head scratcher.

    • Optimist

      Cabrera may also be in the “too young”, or too inexperienced category. Dunn and Hinds not surprise omissions – keep them in the MLB exhibitions as long as possible. Hurtubise a bit surprising, unless they’re satisfied with what they know there.

      • Mauired

        It’s only two games Optimus. I don’t think Dunn and Hinds miss quality MLB time. This is supposed to be against top competition anyway. If you want a prospect showcase put the best prospects in the game. I haven’t even heard of half the pitchers on Reds squad.

        Doug are any of Adcock, Cardona, Laureano, or Parks possible future ML players?

    • Doug Gray

      My take with all of the pitchers is that for starters – they are on schedule at this point and if they don’t line up with one of the two games they aren’t going to be on the roster. But also, with Petty specifically, he’s in big league camp and they might be taking a real look at him for later this year – so even if he does line up to pitch on one of the days of the spring breakout game days, they’d rather him pitch against the big league spring training guys.

      Balcazar seems like he’s full go at this point based on all of the videos he shares over on instagram. I may be reading into that, but he’s been on the field for months.

      Cabrera….. I think it’s just a numbers game. There are a lot of very good infield prospects. When you compare that to say, Duno…. there just aren’t that many good catching prospects and he’s clearly the far and away best catching prospect they have (even though at this point he’s nowhere near as advanced as most of the catchers – but that’s because he’s 18).

  2. Mark Moore

    I wonder if we get to watch either of these games.

  3. Brian Rutherford

    Sounds like fun. I wonder if there will be TV coverage?

    • Mark Moore

      See my question thread just above this.

  4. Randy in Chatt

    Wish Dunn & Hinds could be part of that outfield. Bummer.

    • David

      I was sort of surprised that Rece Hinds was not on that list, but he may be closer to ML than that. He will be starting at AAA level ball this Spring, unless injured. So just 2 hour drive from being in Cincinnati, at that.
      And Dunn is still in the ML camp, and actually has an outside chance of making the team (if there are many injuries in the outfield). I think Dunn is a top prospect, but maybe beyond the need to “Showcase” in this game. Dunn has also been somewhat injury prone, and no need to “show him off” in this game.
      I think the Reds had a list of prospects that they wanted to showcase and see them perform against “elite” minor league talent, and there was probably no need for Hinds and Dunn to be there. They already know what those guys have.

    • Rick

      Had that same thought.
      My wife pointed out where our new Lookout Park will be built as we drove to Hixson a few days ago.

      • Randy in Chatt

        If the 2 mayors and the fundings come together.

  5. Rednat

    man Collier has a smooth swing. I think he has potential to be a really good hitter for the reds for a long time.

  6. Rick

    I like Hector Rodriguez’s swing mechanics. Small leg lift and simple swing path. Will aid his timing moving forward.

  7. MK

    I’ve missed it. Is there something wrong with Pagan?

    • wkuchad

      Yes, he has an injury, but I don’t remember what. Don’t think it’s overly serious.