Today will see the Cincinnati Reds return to Goodyear Ballpark as they play host to the Oakland Athletics. They’ll look to end a losing streak after suffering three consecutive losses. There is no television broadcast for the game. Radio broadcast for today is on 1360 WSAI. The game is set to begin at 3:05pm ET.

Athletics (5-4) and Reds (4-4-1) Lineups



1 Esteury Ruiz LF TJ Friedl CF
2 Darell Hernaiz SS Elly De La Cruz SS
3 JJ Bleday CF Spencer Steer 2B
4 Shea Langeliers DH Jake Fraley RF
5 Ryan Noda 1B Jeimer Candelario 1B
6 Abraham Toro 3B Tyler Stephenson C
7 Lawrence Butler RF Will Benson LF
8 Max Schuemann 2B Christian Encarnacion-Strand DH
9 Tyler Soderstrom C Noelvi Marte 3B
10 Luis Medina RHP Andrew Abbott LHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster


Pitchers Infielders
Connor Phillips Edwin Arroyo
Alexis Diaz Jose Barrero
Fernando Cruz Tyler Callihan
Tejay Antone Quincy McAfee
Buck Farmer Alex McGarry
Peyton Gray Outfielders
Evan Kravetz Conner Capel
Carson Rudd Blake Dunn
Catchers Rece Hinds
P.J. Higgins Jacob Hurtubise
Mat Nelson
Michael Trautwein

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

No television for the game this one. To listen to the game on the radio it will be available on 1360 WSAI. If you want to follow along with gameday, here is your link for that.

News and Notes

Matt McLain expected to return this week

David Bell told the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Charlie Goldsmith that Matt McLain could make his game debut this week. McLain, is now back with the team in workouts. He tweaked his oblique two weeks ago and got about a week to rest before resuming baseball activities. He took a bunch of swings the other day and recovered fine from that and is now moving forward in the plan to get back onto the field.

Thursday against the Cubs

There won’t be a game on television until Thursday. MLB Network will have the Reds and Cubs game that night (8:05pm ET first pitch). Hunter Greene will get the start and he’ll be followed in some order by Casey Legumina, Tyler Gilbert, and Tony Santillan.

47 Responses

  1. BK

    Except for McLain, this looks like an opening day lineup.

    • Rut

      Was going to say the same thing BK. Too bad it is not on tv

      • Redsvol

        Why are these games not on tv? Doesn’t affect any local regional contract. Ridiculous. Rob man Fred can’t leave soon enough.

        Baseball needs someone from the NFL to take over next. Dont hire the next commissioner from within. Need some outside the box thinking.

      • doofus

        Need a businessman, not a lawyer as commissioner. Sorry Chad.

    • MK

      Somebody has to come out to put McLain in. I don’t know who.

      • CI3J

        Good problem to have, isn’t it?

        With some intelligent shuffling (such as, say, moving CES to 1B, Steer to DH and McLain to 2B, dropping Candelario), you can keep players fresh while suffering no drop in quality.

      • wkuchad

        Based on the Nationals’ starting pitching options, it’s very possible we’re facing two lefty starters in the first three games. If that’s the case, McLain replaces Fraley’s bat for those games at least.

      • J

        How about just putting Steer in LF , Benson or Fraley in right and McClain slides right back into 2nd ??? Benson and Fraley have the same problem when a lefty is on the hill unfortunately

      • Melvin

        Rotating nine guys for eight spots in the batting order is not a problem (not including the catcher). When it gets more than 9 it becomes a problem with keeping guys happy getting enough ABs and PT. Even if the 26th man rarely gets playing time that still leaves one too many if I’m thinking clearly. Ten guys for eight spots. If Bell plays whoever gets the 26th spot, which he may very well do, it becomes even more difficult. Add in the possibility of Stephenson at DH from time to time if he’s hitting well and the complications become greater. Injuries play a part but if everyone is healthy? Depth is a good thing but baseball players need to play consistently. Anyway better than not having enough quality players I guess for sure. Lots of talent and more on the way fairly soon specifically Arroyo and Dunn as well as others.

        Today’s lineup

        1. Friedl
        2. EDLC
        3. Steer
        4. Fraley
        5. Candelario
        6. Stephenson
        7. Benson
        8. CES
        9. Marte


        Barrero (I’m going out on a limb for this one.)

  2. James K

    Pagan still hasn’t appeared in even one game, and he is not listed as an option for today. Why not? Is he injured?

    • Tom Diesman

      From the Athletic on 2/19: RHP Emilio Pagán won’t appear in the first Cactus League games as a precaution following offseason hernia surgery.

  3. David

    As has been said above, this looks close to the Opening Day line-up. The last few games have been a little anemic, offense-wise, and the line-ups for those games might be a clue. This is Spring Training, and the Reds have to look at everybody, so, that’s fine.
    The last 10 days or so of Spring Training are really what counts, but if someone really STANDS OUT (good) or stinks (bad), this will show it.

    Don’t know anything about the A’s lineup, but will be very interesting to see how Andrew Abbott does today. Does he go 3 or 4 innings? Probably based on Pitch-count and how efficient he is in getting outs.
    Will be fun to see if this “close to OD” lineup puts up a bunch of runs.

    Is this Noelvi Marte’s second Spring Training game?

    • David

      Not to amplify myself (replying to myself) but is Noelvi Marte actually up to 216 lbs (checking out his stat page at the link)? Does he look that bulky? Is it all muscle and sinew?

      Can he play a good shortstop anymore being that big (at 6 ft)?

  4. David

    Not to amplify myself (replying to myself) but is Noelvi Marte actually up to 216 lbs (checking out his stat page at the link)? Does he look that bulky? Is it all muscle and sinew?

    Can he play a good shortstop anymore being that big (at 6 ft)?

    • MK

      He is a well built sturdy kid. Not thinking overweight at all. He played short at Dayton with a thicker than your normal shortstop. I think when he was acquired I read where prognosticators thought he would outgrow shortstop.

  5. wkuchad

    Sonny Gray had right hamstring tightness and left his start yesterday.

    • wkuchad

      If he misses much time this year, the Cardinals rotation isn’t that intimidating.

    • old-school

      Wade Miley has shoulder soreness for the Brewers and is 50/50 to start the season on-time

  6. CI3J

    Who do you think gets the first call-up in May or June?

    Blake Dunn exploded in a big way last season. If he goes to AAA and continues to rake, I’d love to see him get the call to replace Fairchild. Dunn has game-breaking speed and a little bit of pop, and he knows how to get on base.

    If he picks up where he left off last season, he could be an exciting piece of the outfield puzzle, and could also be a useful player to have on the bench for late in the game when you need someone to swipe a bag or two.

    • Mauired

      I really like Dunn but unless the team is decimated by injury he’s probably not coming up until September.

      Not being on the 40 man is the primary reason. Hinds and Hurtubise are and will be given first shots at replacing guys on the IL. For Dunn they need to either release someone or put them in the 60 day IL. They aren’t going to rush guys as much going forward with all the depth they have built on the big league roster. He also doesn’t even have a full season above A ball yet.

    • VegasRed

      He also gets hit by pitches a lot, as part of that knows how to get on base a lot.

    • Tom Noonan

      The Reds SP has been pretty bad these last few games. Geesh… hope it’s that they are all WORKING ON SOMETHING

      • LDS

        4th straight game of subpar pitching. Guys like Montas probably shouldn’t be looking for “new”. The others? Maybe. But it’s a concerning pattern, even this early in spring training.

  7. Tom Noonan

    I just love watching the green and red circles and blue diamonds Bob up so I can get excited about the upcoming season. Live TV is so overrated.

  8. MK

    Feels like the Reds pitchers “dead arm” period of ST has hit. Seems to be a week early as it usually happens the third time through.

  9. Woodrow

    Has anyone ever seen Andrew Abbott and Jack Armstrong in the same room?

    • MK

      I’ll bite. Why?

      Does Abbott like Tuna fishing?

      • Woodrow

        They both were great the first time through the league. Then. Not so much.

      • Woodrow

        But we can hope it’s the fishing!!!

  10. Mauired

    Just saw yesterday that former Reds prospect Boyle is having a strong spring so far with Athletics. Topped out at 102. 5 KS in 5 innings I believe, but the biggest thing was 0 walks. I hope they didn’t move him too early. Guys with his size and stuff are pretty valuable.

    • Harry Stoner

      Of course, they moved him too early.

      Folks here have been ‘sour grapes-ing’ the trade, but how was anyone to know?

      Moll was a decent pickup if he can get back on the mound.

      Pitching comes at a cost and this was a pricey trade.

      Could start seeming even pricier.

      For every Benson-type ‘steal’ there’s likely one in reverse.

      • Melvin

        We did get a pretty good lefty and we needed that. Could be more of those type of trades to come. It’s painful though. We could have picked up a pretty good lefty in free agency this winter without giving up anything and chose not too. Pittsburgh of all teams did. More Big Bob baloney I suspect but who knows?

  11. doofus

    If the Reds had ownership who’s true intentions were motivated to bringing a championship once again to the Queen City they would swoop in and sign Jordan Montgomery.

    • doofus

      I am concerned with Nick Lodolo’s wheel.

      • J

        Which is exactly why the above comment makes soooooo much sense !!! They’d still be a bottom 3rd payroll in 2024 even if the added Jordan Montgomery….. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BY NOW if your true intentions are ” competing ” !

    • Doc

      Plenty of deep pocket teams around who could use pitching. Might say something about why he is not signed.

  12. RedsGettingBetter

    I know it’s spring training and still early but the pitching getting hard hit during the last five games shouldn’t be a good thing …or Is it?

    • J

      It’s a pitch he won’t use in the regular season getting hit hard , right ?? Lmao

    • Tom Noonan

      Let’s hope the pitchers are really working on new pitches. As opposed to getting guys out. Who knows.

      At least Stephenson is showing life today!

  13. Tom Noonan

    The excitement is too much. The blue triangles. The green circles. How does anyone triple to shallow right? Only Elly. We will never know how.

  14. Tom Noonan

    12 on 6. Nothing like spring training, I guess

  15. RedsGettingBetter

    Noelvi Marte stealing 3b in this game seems to be risky but maybe he is absolutely healthy right now…Although , I wouldn’t agree with that just in the 2nd game played for Marte after hamstring injury

  16. LDS

    Spring training notwithstanding, this is some ugly baseball – looks more like a Raiders-Bengals score. CES showed some life today and Candelario and Stephenson finally contributed. But, the pitching streak is really concerning.