A baseball game was scheduled in Goodyear on Monday between the Reds and Athletics, but looking at the final score it appeared that Cincinnati and Oakland played a football game.

Game Recap: Reds 15 – Athletics 8

There were 23 runs scored in the game and all of them were scored between the 1st and 5th innings. Oakland led 8-5 entering the bottom of the 5th, but then Cincinnati took advantage of very poor control by several pitchers and crushed the ball when the Athletics threw strikes. Before the inning was over the Reds had scored 10 runs and taken a 7-run lead that they never let go of.

The Highlights

Oakland wasted little time to get to work. Esteury Ruiz doubled to start the inning and then scored when Darell Hernais followed up with a single. Two batters later it was Shea Langeliers made it 3-0 with a long 2-run homer off of Andrew Abbott. The next two batters singled, but after a mound visit Lawrence Butler grounded into a double play to end the inning.

The Reds would get one of those runs back in the bottom of the 1st. TJ Friedl led off with a walk, stole second base and third base, and then scored on a ground out by Spencer Steer. Andrew Abbott returned for the 2nd inning and things went better this time around as he retired the side in order. Things went south for Oakland in the bottom of the frame as starter Luis Medina called for the training staff after he struck out Jeimer Candelario and exited the game with what appeared to be a leg injury.

After the pitching change Will Benson picked up a 2-out walk and stole second base. He then had an opportunity to walk home if he wanted to as Christian Encarnacion-Strand homered to right field to tie the game up at 3-3.

The game wouldn’t stay tied for long. Back-to-back singles to start the bottom of the 3rd led to the go-ahead run scoring on a ground out.

Oakland went back to it when Alexis Diaz took over in the top of the 4th. A leadoff single was followed up by a double that pushed the Athletics lead to 5-3. After Lawrence Butler stole third base he scored on a ground out to make it 6-3. The Reds got those two runs back in the bottom of the inning when Tyler Stephenson broke an 0-13 start to the spring with a 2-run homer.

The score didn’t stay there for long. Tejay Antone took over in the top of the 5th for the Reds and he would give up three singles and a triple while allowing two runs and recording just two outs before exiting the game. Evan Kravetz took over and got a fly out to end the inning, but Oakland had grabbed an 8-5 lead.

Cincinnati wasn’t going to go quietly. Noelvi Marte singled to lead off the inning and he moved to second when TJ Friedl was hit by a pitch. Elly De La Cruz followed up with a 2-run triple to make it 8-7. Back-to-back walks followed up to load the bases with no outs for Jeimer Candelario. He’d hit a grounder to second base and in the attempt to start a double play he threw the ball into left field and the Reds took a 9-8 lead as two runs scored on the play. Tyler Stephenson came through with a sacrifice fly to extend their lead to 10-8 and Oakland decided to make a pitching change.

The pitching change didn’t do a whole lot as newcomer Pedro Santos walked Will Benson, then threw a wild pitch to allow Jeimer Candelario to score. Christian Encarnacion-Strand then tripled to bring in another run and Cincinnati extended the lead to 12-8. A passed ball would bring in another run. Noelvi Marte then crushed a ball down the line in right field for a ground-rule double. TJ Friedl walked – the teams fourth of the inning. A double steal attempt followed on the next pitch and the throw from the catcher went into the outfield to bring in another run. Spencer Steer capped off the 10-run inning with a grounder that deflected off of the shortstop’s glove that brought in Friedl to make it 15-8.

Buck Farmer took over for the 6th inning and he had to work around a double, but he got through the inning unscathed. Fernando Cruz followed up with a perfect inning that included two strikeouts in the 7th.

Connor Phillips came out of the bullpen for the top of the 8th inning and found himself in trouble after a leadoff single and back-to-back 2-out walks loaded the bases. The young righty rebounded after a mound visit and got a grounder to end the inning and hold onto the lead. He returned for the 9th and gave up a 1-out single, but a few pitches later got a grounder that turned into a game ending double play.

You can see the box score for the game here.

Tuesday’s Game

The Cincinnati Reds do not play a game on Tuesday. They’ll get back on the field on Wednesday with a set of games, playing at home against Milwaukee and on the road against San Diego. Those games start at 3:05pm ET and 3:10pm ET.

23 Responses

  1. RedBB

    Ppl that wanted to trade CES for pitching this season were nuts. So glad they didn’t

    • Harry Stoner

      For an overpriced ‘controllable innings nibbler’, whatever that means.

      The Reds have needed a big bat in the middle of the lineup for years.

      They’ve got one.

      Note to Krall: don’t mess this up.

    • Rednat

      I agree RedBB. I always here there is a huge need for pitching, pitching
      , pitching. But i don’t see it that way. A middle of the lineup guy is a much more valuable commodity in todays game it seems. Not many of them around. In general i would never trade a good hitter for a good pitcher.

    • Melvin

      The value of CES will increase more and more. Trading him would be a mistake in my view unless it was an overwhelming deal for the Reds.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      I was at the game. CES just looks extremely strong in person. And Watching Elly de la Cruz dash around the bases is fun to see.

  2. Mark Moore

    Some bangin’ going on today … glad we picked up the win.

    In other baseball news, Ed Ott and U.L. Washington have rounded 3rd and headed for home … 🙁

    I remember the ever-present toothpick during the Royals’ campaigns with George Brett leading the charge.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Great use of the ol’ Lefthander’s (Joe Nuxall) favorite line when he signed off on his radio broadcast with Marty Brennaman!

  3. John Updike

    CES may end up being a 50-dinger hitter. He’s also not slow on the bases, even if he’s not a speedster. This guy is a find.

  4. steve

    Lets have fun, our opening day lineup….heres mine…
    TJ CF
    McClain 2nd
    Elle SS
    CES 1b
    Steer LF
    Benson RF
    Marte 3B
    Candelaria DH
    Stephenson C
    Now That Was FUN!

    • DHud

      It’ll depend on who’s healthy obviously. It’s looking like India won’t quite be ready so that opens DH/1B for both Candelario/CES. I’m not holding my breath that McClain will be 100% by then either. And if that happens who lines up at the keystone is a good question. Probably Candelario? Lastly, no idea what bell will do with his batting order but here’s my vote on what it’ll be:

      Friedl CF
      McClain 2B (being optimistic he’s healthy)
      EDLC SS
      Stephenson C
      Candelario 1B
      Steer LF
      CES DH
      Marte 3B
      Benson RF

      I don’t love it but based on a few observations: 1) Bell loves Stephenson in the heart of the lineup and Benson at the bottom 2) lineup goes L/R about as much as possible (with Benson pigeon holed, you run out of lefties quickly) and 3) they paid Candy to be in the heart of the order – he’ll be 3-5

      • DHud

        MY lineup would look like:

        Friedl CF
        McClain 2B
        Candelario DH
        CES 1B
        EDLC SS
        Steer LF
        Benson RF
        Stephenson C
        Marte 3B

        Stephenson out of the heart of the order until he proves otherwise, L/R all the way down, Marte still serves as that “turn the lineup over” guy at the bottom

    • Old Big Ed

      We really need to know who the opposing pitcher will be. The Nats look to have two lefties in their rotation, MacKenzie Gore and (please) Patrick Corbin, or it could be Josiah Gray.

    • AllTheHype

      @steve, my lineup would be similar to yours. But I bet this will be Bell’s:


      Vets get respect in DB’s world, and always get a spot in the middle of the lineup regardless of any other factors. So expect Candelario and Stephenson to both be in the middle somewhere, always.

    • MBS

      Day 1 VS RHP

      1 Friedl (CF) 2 McLain (2B) 3 Candelario (3B)
      4 CES (1B) 5 Benson (RF) 6 Steer (LF)
      7 Fraley (DH) 8 Stephenson (C) EDLC (SS)

      Day 2 VS LHP

      1 Friedl (CF) 2 McLain (2B) 3 Candelario (3B)
      4 CES (1B) 5 *Marte* (RF) 6 Steer (LF)
      7 *India* (DH) 8 Stephenson (C) EDLC (SS)

      Day 3 VS RHP

      1 Friedl (CF) 2 McLain (2B) 3 *Marte* (3B)
      4 CES (1B) 5 Benson (RF) 6 Steer (LF)
      7 Fraley (DH) 8 *Maile* (C) EDLC (SS)

      Day 1 is the template, and Marte would start as much as anyone else in this lineup, but you can’t start 10 guys in a game. India, and Maile would start less, and the 13th man would likely only get PH, PR, and DR opportunities unless injuries happen.

      • DHud

        Has Marte gotten any reps in the OF??

      • MBS

        No, but either has India, and they are talking about playing him in the OF. They also moved Steer to the OF last year with no experience.

        I don’t think anyone knows yet, but I think the infield is going to be

        DH India / ?
        1B CES / India
        2B McLain / India
        3B Candelario / Marte
        SS EDLC / Marte

        Adding an OF position for Marte kills 2 birds with one stone. More playing time for Marte, and filling the need for a 2nd RHB in the OF. I’d much prefer Marte in the OF than India.

      • DHud

        MBS right, but they’ve at least stated that the plan is to play Steer and India out there and the only reason India hasn’t is because he’s hurt

        If Marte were in line to get starts in the OF there would be some indication of such by now

      • MBS

        @DHud, It was really an opinion lineup, more than a prediction lineup.

    • CI3J

      This lineup is a mishmash of what I would want while also acknowledging the realities of what Bell is likely to do:

      CF Friedl
      2B McClain
      SS EDLC
      LF Steer
      DH Candelario
      1B CES
      3B Marte
      C Stephenson
      RF Benson

      I could see EDLC and Candelario swapping positions, as well as Stephenson and CES, but I think this lineup puts everyone in the best position to succeed.

  5. Grand Salami

    Sonny Gray left early and is due for an MRI

    A cautionary tale of signing older pitchers to hefty contracts if it’s bad. For his sake I hope it’s no big deal even though we are talking about the WLBs

    • Mark Moore

      Now reporting a hammy (mild they say). May begin the season on the IL and Opening Day is definitely questionable. Hate that for Sonny. Anything that impacts the WLB Dirty Birds to the negative is a positive in my book.

  6. Greenfield Red

    I will admit to having been on the Gioliito bandwagon. I’m now glad the Reds did not sign him. Partial UCL tear. Wow

  7. David

    Not too worried about the pitching for the Reds today. It looked pretty bad overall, but this is probably the time of Spring Training when pitching arms are kind of “dead” after working out and pitching now for nearly a month.
    I look for some kind of rebound on the next turn of pitchers (ie, Greene, Abbott, Williamson, Montas, etc.)