This afternoon the Cincinnati Reds hit the road to take on the Kansas City Royals. They’ll be looking to get back in the win column after suffering back-to-back losses. Today’s game will have no televised broadcast. Radio broadcast for today is on 700 WLW.  The game is set to begin at 3:05pm ET.

Reds (4-3-1) and Royals (7-3) Lineups



1 TJ Friedl CF Michael Massey 2B
2 Will Benson LF Bobby Witt Jr. SS
3 Nick Martini 1B Salvador Perez C
4 Luke Maile C MJ Melendez LF
5 Josh Harrison 2B Hunter Renfroe RF
6 Jose Barrero RF Nick Pratto 1B
7 Blake Dunn DH Nick Loftin 3B
8 Erik Gonzalez 3B Kyle Isbel CF
9 Edwin Arroyo SS Austin Nola DH
10 Frankie Montas RHP Michael Wacha RHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

Pitchers Infielders
Stevie Branche Austin Callahan
Jake Gozzo Tyler Callihan
Rhett Lowder P.J. Higgins
Andrew Moore Hernan Perez
Lyon Richardson Jose Torres
Tony Santillan Outfielders
Justin Bruihl Rece Hinds
Catchers Jacob Hurtubise
Mat Nelson Bubba Thompson
Daniel Vellojin

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

No television for the game this one. To listen to the game on the radio it will be available on 700 WLW. If you want to follow along with gameday, here is your link for that.

News and Notes

Nick Lodolo to threw a bullpen session today

Mark Sheldon of is reporting that Nick Lodolo is going to throw a bullpen session today and that tomorrow he will be seeing a specialist for his tibia. The good news is that he’s back on the mound. But the bad news here is that he’s needing to see a specialist about what he’s still experiencing with his leg.

Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer got a quick video clip of it and shared it on twitter.

More on Elly’s homer

From the Reds game notes today: De La Cruz matched Mason Englert for the longest homer of the spring so far at 470-feet. That also is the tops for distance on a homer hit by De La Cruz in the big leagues.

It is not, however, the longest of his professional career. He hit one 491 feet in Chattanooga (there was an initial report of a 512 foot home run in Chattanooga, too, but it was later adjusted and was well short of that initially reported distance).

26 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Let’s chalk up a win for the Good Guys today

  2. Melvin

    Barrero in RF again today. Looks like they’re trying to give him the opportunity to be a platoon partner.

    • Melvin

      …and he just homered. That’s a good sign. 😉

      • LDS

        Yeah, let’s hope he’s sent down and picked up by a team that knows how to bring him around.

    • MBS

      With all of the injuries, he’s got a pretty good shot of making the opening day roster. Hopefully he steps up, I still like his potential, if not his results.

      • Melvin

        He would be an outfielder who wouldn’t be a bad emergency SS. 😉

  3. wkuchad

    Benson getting starts in both LF and RF this spring.

    I’ve seen Martini get several starts at 1B this spring. Don’t remember him playing 1B last year in the majors.

    • BK

      Martini did have limited action at 1B with the Reds last year and has logged over 1K innings at 1B as a professional.

  4. MBS

    Dunn is 4 for 4 to start the year! Not too shabby.

      • Melvin

        Great start. Probably take a miracle for him to make opening day. Still though he’ll be pushing the majors before long hitting like this.

  5. Jpser05

    Benson getting a hit off a lefty. I love it!

    • Melvin

      No-one mentioned that Benson is batting 2nd today. 🙂

      • Jpser05

        I like that he is batting 2nd, I hope it continues. However, given that lineup where he and Friedl are the only regulars, where else would he bat?

        I am ignoring the Royals homers at the moment…..

    • CI3J

      I always said the sample size of Benson vs lefties is too small and he needs more chances. I have a sneaking suspicion he’d do alright.

  6. Mark Moore

    Well … that little bit of euphoria vanished rather quickly … 🙁

  7. Mike

    Wth, did the pitching coaches tell Montas to work on his Eephus pitch in the 3rd?

  8. LDS

    Montas was a bit of a disappointment today. Hopefully, it’s not reflective of an injury.

    • CI3J

      He was probably just working on stuff and not pitching like he would in an actual game. Greene seemed to go through something similar yesterday.

      It’s easy for batters to square you up if you keep throwing the same pitch over and over.

  9. Doc

    The pitching staff in general is on their third straight day of disappointment, with the proviso that we really don’t know what each pitcher’s goal is for the day.

  10. Greenfield Red

    Funny side story. About 20 years ago, my brother lived two houses down from Bobby Witt in Colleyville, TX. I was there for Halloween, and I remember Bobby Witt Jr. Trick or Treating st my brother’s house. He was about 4 years old.

  11. Brian Rutherford

    Nice to see Barrero with the bomb. I’m glad he is getting an opportunity again. He has such a high ceiling if he ever puts it all together.

  12. west larry

    Though eight innings, the reds infielders are 0 for. Dunn, Dh’d, but is a outfielder. Benson, Friedl, Barrero and Hertubise had all of the hits.

  13. Old-school

    Luis Cessa sighting. Thank goodness its 2024 and not 2023 and he plays for the Royals.

    • Mauired

      He was a good relief pitcher until Reds tried to put him in the rotation. They keep trying and failing the same move. I don’t recall it ever working out. Maybe Alfredo Simon but very briefly. Enough time for them to flip him for Eugenio Suarez.


    I know, it was just a bullpen session and one pitch for 7 seconds but it didn’t look that good. Pitch looked like a toss and not a throw. Not much leg drive there, just arm. Maybe he was still warming up, first pitch of the day? Hope Nick Lodolo is OK and ready because we need everybody for a good year. Go Reds