The Cincinnati Reds headed across town on Sunday afternoon to take on the Kansas City Royals. A big inning for the home team sealed the fate as the Royals came out on top.

Game Recap: Royals 7 – Reds 3

Cincinnati grabbed an early lead on a second inning homer and added to it in the third. Kansas City took advantage of three home runs in the bottom of the third inning, though, scoring five runs in the process and they never looked back as they held on for the win.

The Highlights

TJ Friedl led off the game with a double, but he was stranded on the bases. The next inning the Reds got on the board when Jose Barrero hit a long home run to left-center to put Cincinnati up 1-0.

Frankie Montas gave up two, 2-out singles in the first inning but got out of the jam. In the next inning he allowed a leadoff single and followed it up with a walk, but he got back-to-back grounders with the latter being turned into a double play to once again escape trouble.

The Reds would play add on in the third inning. TJ Friedl, who entered the day with just one hit on the spring, picked up his second hit of the day with one out. Will Benson then followed up with a double to the wall that allowed Friedl to score from first and make it 2-0.

In the bottom of the third it was the Royals turn to get on the scoreboard. Bobby Witt Jr. hit a long fly ball that just went foul, but a few pitches later he hit one even further and this one stayed fair to cut the Reds lead to 2-1. Salvador Perez followed up with a single and then he came in to score when MJ Melendez homered to put Kansas City in front by a run. A strikeout for Montas followed, but the single that came next led to his being removed from the game and replaced by Andrew Moore. After giving up a steal, Moore allowed a long 2-run homer to Nick Loftin as the Royals grabbed a 5-2 lead.

Lyon Richardson took over on the mound for the Reds in the bottom of the fourth. A throwing error by Edwin Arroyo allowed Austin Nola to get on base to lead off the inning. He came around to score on a 2-out single by Salvador Perez. Cincinnati got that run back in the top of the fifth when TJ Friedl doubled for the second time on the day and he came around to score on a ground out to make it 6-3.

Rhett Lowder, the Reds 1st round pick from 2023, took the mound to start the sixth inning. He gave up back-to-back singles to start the inning and then a 1-out walk to load the bases. A sacrifice fly followed and Kansas City extended their lead to 7-3. Lowder returned to the mound for the seventh and worked around a 1-out double for a shutout frame of work.

Tony Santillan came out of the bullpen for Cincinnati and worked around a single for a scoreless eighth inning. The Reds had to face former Red Luis Cessa in the top of the ninth and he struck out the side to seal the win for Kansas City.

You can see the box score for the game here.

Monday’s Game

Cincinnati is back at home in Goodyear on Monday afternoon. Andrew Abbott will get the start against the Oakland Athletics. There’s no television for the game, but you can listen on the radio by tuning in to 1360 WSAI AM. First pitch is set for 3:05pm ET.

33 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    4 in a row without TV???

    What in the BLAZES!!!

  2. CI3J

    Nice to see Friedl starting to warm up and Benson continuing to do his thing. Hopefully Benson gets more chances against lefties, I think he can probably do OK.

    Dunn has to cool off sooner or later, right?

    As to the pitching, eh, chalk it up to them working on stuff. Not too bothered.

    • Tom Diesman

      I’d be willing to give Benson a few more chances against LHs, but I wouldn’t be too hopeful that he’d be successful.

      Will Benson vs LH

      Level (yr) PA BA OBP SLG OPS
      Rk (16) 52 .238 .385 .548 .932
      A- (17) 52 .205 .327 .341 .668
      A (18) 111 .277 .387 .511 .898
      A/A+ (19) 122 .231 .344 .375 .719
      AA/AAA (21) 98 .200 .299 .377 .676
      AAA/MLB (22) 94 .234 .372 .351 .723
      AAA/MLB (23) 84 .139 .262 .250 .512

      Majors (22-23) 50 .130 .200 .174 .374

      • Mauired

        Very mixed results year by year but looks like he was average to above average four of the seven years batting against lefties. I just think he’s too good to be a bench player. He’s got all star potential. Could just be a late bloomer.

      • VaRedsFan

        You’re squinting too hard Maui.
        Not since he reached the A+ level or higher.

        But I’m all for giving him as many chances in the Spring to prove himself

      • MK

        As kids growing up there just aren’t that many lefties to hit against. When they turn pro I don’t know how they expect them to get better if they aren’t allowed to face them.
        I personally think if the just put Wil in the lineup and leave him there regardless to who is pitching he will be fine. From a size, power and speed standpoint he is pretty close to Dave Parker as a young man, he just has to be allowed to fail a little to get better.

      • Mauired

        .700-.750 ops is league average.

        He was mostly ok from his weak side.

      • VaRedsFan

        Who wants league average?
        To excel in the sport you need to exceed league average, or you get a 78 win team as a ceiling

      • Mauired

        Va you’re missing the point like usual. Many good hitters are league average against same side pitchers like left on left. If Benson plays great defense, dominates righties, has a 30/30 season, and a plus .900 overall ops, league average against lefties couple times a week is ok. You don’t bench a player like that if he is not struggling badly against lefties. And league average is not struggling badly.

  3. Mauired

    Tiny sample, but Barrero has 3 walks and homerun in 10 plate appearance. Showing signs of patience.If he finally does this consistently he solves his biggest flaw and avoids becoming the next Aquino.

    • CFD3000

      Let’s hope so. Wouldn’t that be a nice bonus? Easy young man to root for as well…

    • MK

      I’m beginning to think Barrero might be the best person for that last bench spot. He can run as well as all, Kemp only contender there; has as much versatility (the only contender able to take over in center or short);and his bat could come especially if he isn’t thrown into start right off the bat.

      • MBS

        I don’t think we need to worry about a backup being able to play SS. We have 3 SS’s on the roster already. For me it’s whoever is the best player, and I’m not saying that isn’t Barrero. I’m just pointing out we have excellent redundancy, especially at SS.

      • old-school

        I think you can make a case for both. Id probably go with Fairchild as he is a proven outfielder who can play all 3 spots, has elite speed and really embraces the role and has experience coming off the bench late in games or giving a quality start after sitting multiple games. Barrero has all the upside but is basically learning a new position and this isnt the year to have someone lose a ball in the wind at Wrigley or take the wrong route in San Francisco on a ball in the gap or throw the ball to the wrong base to give a trail runner 2b. Reds gave up on Jose Siri and he did well for the Astros and Rays as a low avg, low obp but good power speed defender. He hit 25 home runs last year.

        It will be interesting to see how things play out.

      • Harry Stoner

        If the Reds DFA Barerro, he’ll get snapped up in a millisecond.


        Does Fairchild have options left or is he out?

        It’s true, he’s a “role” player, but didn’t impress me last season as it seemed he changed his approach to try and impress with his occasional power. He wound up as susceptible to the down-and-away sliders that were tormenting India, EDLC and even Steer sometimes.

        If Barerro is hitting at all, I’d opt to keep him around over Kemp or Harrison, either.

        I was a big fan of Kemp when he started off with the Asterisks, but he hasn’t sustained that initial gusto. He and Fairchild seem to be the redundant pair. Do the Reds really need Kemp to play infield? Of course Bell would love that sort of thing.

        Likely will be a better trade option as well when the time comes that someone else is looking for a replacement shortstop.

        I know folks are exhausted with the guy, but patience isn’t an RLN virtue. Some folks take awhile longer than others.

        Giving up on the guy after the big investment with no return doesn’t feel right either.

        Let ST play out and see how the competition goes.

      • DaveCT

        Old School, re: this is not the year to play Barrero (or anyone) who will lose a ball in the lights.

        I don’t know what the Vegas odds are for the Reds to win the World Series, but I’d think they aren’t very strong. That, alone, would be a fine situation to use Barrero vs. a Harrison of a Kemp. Also, given the fact we will be using EDLC, McLain, CES, Marte heavily, the risks are already there, and using Barrero adds little or no added risk to the blend. If anything, it’s a benefit to use him in 2024 — that being his versatility, athleticism, youth with upside, and, not the least, making a more final determination of a significant investment by the club.

        I’d belabored this topic elsewhere recently, so I’ll leave it at this — if his latest hitting development and the slider away continues to foil Barrero, so be it, if he cannot adjust to playing RF in addition to CF and the infield, so be it. But I don’t yet see the club’s need to part ways with him yet as with Senzel, Acquino, Winker, Stephenson, Siri, Ervin, Yorman Rodriguez and Alfredo Rodriguez.

      • BK

        @Harry, Fairchild is also out of options; hence, the offseason debate.

        One thing you said, “Giving up on the guy after the big investment with no return doesn’t feel right either.”

        This is known as the “sunk cost fallacy.” It is the temptation to keep investing resources in a losing investment because of the initial outlay. It never “feels” right to admit a big investment was a poor one. However, continuing to devote resources (in this case, a roster spot and playing time) simply because Barrero was once a highly thought of prospect is a proven poor choice.

      • Mauired

        Well doesn’t look like India is healthy so I think Reds will be able to keep both Barrero and Fairchild as part of the initial 13 hitters for opening day unless they take a NR player. But I don’t think they lose either of these guys over Kemp or Harrison.

  4. DaveCT

    “Will Benson then followed up with a double to the wall …” the opposite way. Just saying.

  5. Indy Red Man

    My ex-wife worked part-time for the Rangers and they had a employee appreciation picnic. The only players that showed up were Bobby Witt, Pudge, and Mark McLemore. Witt had his family with him so I guess I met Bobby Jr. Very nice guy and a nice family. I’m happy the kid grew up to be a superstar.

  6. Grand Salami

    I’ll be surprised if Lodolo is ready for his first start.

    Feeling pretty low about his ability to stay healthy. The pitching version of Senzel.

    • MBS

      I wouldn’t rush him back. Lodolo isn’t going 32 starts this year, and we are deep enough where we don’t have to rush him.

      Let him slowly ramp up in AAA where they can spread starts out, and monitor his IP.

  7. Rednat

    i’m excited about a Barrero/Benson Platoon in rt field. Both guys are durable and athletic to boot.

    • Harry Stoner

      Agreed. I’ve seen enough of RLN favorite Fairchild.

      Not that he’s bad at anything. He occasionally will produce.

      Would like to see Barerro get one more solid chance after coming off the injury and working hard on his batting approach.

      • MBS

        For me the difference between Fairchild or Barrero is this. If Fairchild is on the 2025 roster something went wrong, if Barrero is on the 2025 roster something went right.

      • DaveCT

        I’m a RLN fan of Fairchild, as I often state he will give you professional defense, base running and at bats, as well as is comfortable in his role.

        I am also a proponent of Barrero and would like to see him be given a another chance. He is versatile. He is still young, still eager. He can be electric. As an infielder, I’m sure he’d gladly jump into a game and play short or 2B in a pinch, too.

      • BK

        @MBS, I don’t think the assumption you laid out is true. Fairchild could easily contribute to a good team at minimal cost with his skill set beyond this season. Most of the arguments assume Fairchild can’t improve–a minimal improvement on his hitting, and he’s at or above league average, which is the only weakness of his game. The twelfth or thirteenth players on the roster will not propel any team into or in the playoffs.

        I anticipate both Barrero and Fairchild will make the opening day roster. However, Barrero has a big hill to climb to get to where Fairchild is and an even bigger hill to climb to displace another player for significant playing time. These types of factors will impact the decision. Both players have moved beyond being prospects to the point where their production will dictate their future.

      • MBS

        @BK, I tend to get too wordy, so I try to cut my words down.

        We have 10 non catchers that no one questions if they belong on the roster. Add in those 2 catchers, and we only have 1 spot to fill, for the (2025) season.

        If a combination of Arroyo, Dunn, Hinds, and Hurtubise can’t beat out Fairchild, I would call that a failure. Fairchild is a passable 13th player, but I think most of us see 1 or more of those 4 as being better than a 13th man on a roster.

        Barrero hasn’t been as good as Fairchild on a MLB level, but his ceiling is very high. So if Barrero could hold off Arroyo, and co., that should mean Barerro has begun living up to his potential.

      • wkuchad

        Fairchild may only start once a week. Do you really want Arroyo, Dunn, Hinds, and Hurtubise only starting once a week?

        It’s not a question of any of those guys beating out Fairchild, it’s who’s best in that role.

      • MBS

        I want the best 13 players I can get on the roster. If I have 13 really good players, they all are going to play.

        If the 13th man is going to be someone who’s not on par with the rest, I wouldn’t start him at all, much less 1 game a week. I would use him only as a pinch runner, pinch hitter, or defensive replacement.

  8. Mark A Verticchio

    If the choice is Barrero or Fairchild it should be Barrero by a wide margin. He has so much more upside.