Elly De La Cruz does things that most players in baseball can’t. He runs faster, throws harder, and he hits the ball harder than just about anyone in the game. And that last part was in full effect on Saturday afternoon.

With the Cincinnati Reds at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick taking on the Colorado Rockies, Elly De La Cruz unloaded on a 92.4 MPH fastball from Cal Quantrill in the 1st inning. It came off of his bat at 111.7 MPH. And it landed 470 feet from home plate.

In a great plan from everyone involved in Major League Baseball, this game – along with many others – is not being broadcast anywhere. Fans can’t watch it unless there are in Arizona and bought a ticket. Fortunately we can at least get some sort of look at it because it’s 2024 and people other than television stations have cameras and the ability to share that video with people in an instant.

Last season Elly De La Cruz hit five of then 10 longest homers by a Cincinnati Reds player. The longest was 467 feet and it was the tops among the Reds and 18th in Major League Baseball last season. You don’t need to be Frank Einstein to know that 470 feet > 467 feet. The changes he’s made in his swing certainly haven’t led to a downgrade in power.

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  1. Redsvol

    Why hasn’t he been signed to an extension yet? I don’t care if he strikes out 28% of the time. He does other things that make up for it and he won’t always strike out this much. He’s willing to work at it.

    • LarkinPhillips

      It’s also not like he got a big bonus to sign originally (maybe 65k). A big upfront raise and a couple extra years might be something he would entertain.

      • Doug Gray

        But he made a deal with Big League Advance for an unspecified amount of money. In exchange for that money, they get something around 8% of his MLB salary earnings. So between however many hundreds of thousands they gave him (if not more – though they claim their average payout to players is about $350,000) and the roughly $470,000 he made in the big leagues last year, he might not be as willing to sign on the cheap since whatever he signs now would likely be “team friendly” and he’d owe something like 13% of that deal goes to his agent and BLA, then whatever to taxes and such on top of that.

        BLA should be illegal and I really hope if nothing else that the MLBPA steps in to put a stop to that kind of stuff.

    • Brian

      He’s represented by Scott Boras and Boras doesn’t entertain those types of offers. He’s not going to let his client make the type of mistake that Acuna did.

      • Mauired

        True but Boras is having a terrible off-season. Bellinger and Chapman had to sign 3 year deals with opt outs. Both could be free agents next year. They were supposed to be getting long mega deals. Chapman reportedly turned down 120 million. Had to settle for 54 instead.Yikes. He should fire Boras.

        Reds should prioritize Elly and just get a long term deal now. The price is going to be 5x or more if he plays to his potential. Even if he’s a bust (unlikely) another team would always take on the contract with the hopes they can fix him. Reds are gambling big time of losing a generational talent by waiting.

      • Brian

        @Mauired – Maybe he should fire Boras, maybe he shouldn’t. But until he does, you know what he’s gonna do. If the reds wanted to extend Elly now they’d have to pay him Bobby Witt Jr. money. Royals gave Witt 33.3/yr to lock him up for 3 years after his arbitration years ended, AND 4 player options after that at 35/yr (with some more club options after that). All told it would be a commitment north of $250 million for a player who hasn’t shown he can hit a major league breaking ball. Ask the Nationals how well that kind of thing works out. There are no Ronald Acuna bargains to be had here–either with Elly OR McLain.

      • Mauired

        Witt signed that contract after having a great MLB year. Elly has not done that yet. No idea if Elly is even willing to sign but he’s not getting that deal yet but yes if Reds continue to wait he will get that or more.

    • Jeremiah

      As talented as De La Cruz is, and as exciting as his potential, I’d want to see him have a decent MLB season with at least 400-500 at bats before thinking of giving him a long time extension. I think his struggles late last year put the breaks on an early extension for De La Cruz. Now if he comes out in April and May and is really good and exciting I wouldn’t be surprised if the Reds sign him to an extension. I really think he’s a bit of a question mark as to whether he’ll be an above average MLBer right now…now he could be one of the greats of all time with his talent as well! If he becomes a star though he’s got Barry Bonds, Aaron Judge potential where just his presence in the lineup changes the team and game. But maybe those struggles last year were a good thing for him, pretty humbling, and showed him his talent alone isn’t going to keep him in the Majors.

  2. Melvin

    He’s an amazing talent. No doubt about it. 🙂

  3. DaveCT

    On the mound, Nick Martinez, 38 pitches, 28 strikes, over three innings with 5 K’s.