The Cincinnati Reds hit the road this afternoon to take on the Colorado Rockies at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Today’s game will have no televised broadcast. Radio broadcast for today is on 700 WLW.  The game is set to begin at 3:10pm ET.

Reds (4-2-1) and Rockies (6-3) Lineups



1 Spencer Steer LF Charlie Blackmon DH
2 Elly De La Cruz SS Kris Bryant 1B
3 Christian Encarnacion-Strand 1B Nolan Jones LF
4 Tyler Stephenson C Brendan Rodgers 2B
5 Noelvi Marte 3B Ryan McMahon 3B
6 Mike Ford DH Sean Bouchard RF
7 Stuart Fairchild CF Ezequiel Tovar SS
8 Jose Barrero RF Brenton Doyle CF
9 Tony Kemp 2B Jacob Stallings C
10 Hunter Greene RHP Cal Quantrill RHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

Pitchers Infielders
Nick Martinez Johnny Ascanio
Julian Aguiar Miguel Hernandez
Lucas Sims Quincy McAfee
Alan Busenitz Francisco Urbaez
Brooks Crawford Outfielders
Braxton Roxby Conner Capel
Owen Holt Bubba Thompson
Catchers Ethan O’Donnell
P.J. Higgins Hector Rodriguez
Mat Nelson
Daniel Vellojin
Cade Hunter

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

No television for the game this one. To listen to the game on the radio it will be available on 700 WLW. If you want to follow along with gameday, here is your link for that.

News and Notes

We’ve got Statcast!

Cincinnati Reds fans get fewer benefits from spring training than any other fanbase. They have the fewest games available to watch among all teams in Major League Baseball. And they also have the fewest games in spring training that will feature Statcast pitch/hit tracking. Today is one of just two games this spring that will feature Statcast during a Reds spring training game. Enjoy it while you can.

Matt McLain is working his way back

On the good news front, Matt McLain took 70 swings yesterday. Manager David Bell noted that he could start getting live at-bats as soon as Wednesday.

23 Responses

  1. CI3J

    Hope to see Hunter Greene build off his last start and keep mixing in more pitches.

    That’s literally the only thing holding him back from being elite, is he needs more looks to keep batters on their toes. He’s basically a two-pitch pitcher now, and someone as talented as he is should be able to do much, much more than that.

    Let’s see what he shows today.

  2. Oldtimer

    SRF at TS is the best stadium in Arizona ST.

    • RedsMonk65

      Why is that? Just curious. Never been to any of the spring training facilities in AZ (though I’ve been to many in FL years ago). AZ is on my bucket list, though.

    • Mauired

      The cubs Wrigley Field replica looks pretty nice as well. Reds/Guardians stadium looks pretty bland. I wish the Reds stayed in Sarasota. The stadium they left was renovated and Orioles play there. It’s a very nice park and more accessible to people from Cincinnati. Although the players facilities maybe much better in their new park.

      • RedsMonk65

        Yes, Ed Smith Stadium, as I recall. I loved that place as well. One time, more than 20 years ago, a buddy of mine (also a Reds fan) and I went to Sarasota for vacation in March. Got a cheap hotel room on Lido Key just a block from the beach. All we did every day for a week was watch Reds spring training games or hang out at the beach. Glorious weather, too!

      • TR

        I miss Reds spring training at the ‘Old Big Ed’ in Sarasota, and before that at Plant City. It was a bit of a boring trip from the east coast of Florida since there’s not much in the middle from Orlando to the Keys. But the ‘Old Big Ed’ had warmth, but definitely needed a redo. The County turned the Reds down on that, so they left for the arid zone for spring training.

  3. Melvin

    Cautiously optimistic about McLain. Him being healthy is a really big deal in terms of wins and losses this year in my view.

  4. Melvin

    Did I just see a HR by EDLC? 🙂

  5. Doug Gray

    470 feet from Elly De La Cruz on his 1st inning home run.

    Great thing we got to see it. Oh, just kidding.

  6. Mark Moore

    OK, so Greene is still working on dialing it in … that’s my story for now and I’m sticking to it. 😛

    • Mark Moore

      BTW, Melvin, that’s a colon and capital P

      I’m up to 6 that I know work now.

  7. Mark Moore

    Well that’s an unexpected turn of events … 😮

  8. Melvin

    Barrero called out on a strike that Gameday said was low.

    • Old-school

      Looks like Sims walked 2 then Elly made an error then Sims hit a batter and then Sims gave up a grand slam but thats sketchy game day interpretation. Martinez threw 3 shutout inning.

      Hard to follow for sure