The Cincinnati Reds are playing a third straight game in Goodyear today. But they are also playing a game on the road for the first time as they have their first split squad day of spring training. They’ll take on the Seattle Mariners at home at Goodyear Ballpark and they’ll hit the road to take on the Milwaukee Brewers.

The game against Seattle will be on both television and radio. The contest against Milwaukee is not on either, unless you find a way to listen to the Brewers radio broadcast. Both games are set to begin just after 3pm ET.

Mariners (0-2) and Reds (2-0) Lineups



1 J.P. Crawford SS TJ Friedl CF
2 Jorge Polanco 2B Jeimer Candelario 3B
3 Ty France 1B Tyler Stephenson C
4 Cade Marlowe RF Christian Encarnacion-Strand 1B
5 Luis Urias DH Josh Harrison 2B
6 Josh Rojas 3B Jose Barrero RF
7 Sam Haggerty CF Conner Capel LF
8 Taylor Trammell LF Erik Gonzalez SS
9 Seby Zavala C P.J. Higgins DH
10 Luis Castillo RHP Andrew Abbott LHP

No, we really don’t want to talk about the fact that Luis Castillo is making the start for the Mariners today. Expect it to be a big topic on both the radio and television broadcasts, though.

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

* denotes that they are expected to pitch today

Pitchers Infielders
Lyon Richardson* Edwin Arroyo
Brent Suter* Austin Callahan
Lucas Sims* Miguel Hernandez
Tyler Gilbert* Quincy McAfee
Peyton Gray Francisco Urbaez
Donovan Benoit Outfielders
Braxton Roxby Malvin Valdez
Owen Holt Jacob Hurtubise
Catchers Allan Cerda
Mat Nelson Ethan O’Donnell
Daniel Vellojin

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

This game is available on Bally Sports Ohio, with first pitch scheduled for 3:05pm ET. If you are looking to listen to the game you can tune your radio to 1360 WSAI. If you’re looking to follow along on gameday, here is your link for that.

Brewers (1-1) and Reds (2-0) Lineups



1 Jake Fraley RF Sal Frelick 3B
2 Elly De La Cruz SS William Contreras DH
3 Stuart Fairchild DH Jackson Chourio CF
4 Nick Martini 1B Joey Wiemer RF
5 Will Benson LF Joey Ortiz SS
6 Mark Mathias 3B Andruw Monasterio 2B
7 Austin Wynns C Owen Miller 1B
8 Bubba Thompson CF Eric Haase C
9 Tyler Callihan 2B Brewer Hicklen LF
10 Nick Martinez RHP Bryse Wilson RHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

* denotes that they are expected to pitch today

Pitchers Infielders
Christian Roa* Ivan Johnson
Rhett Lowder* Carlos Jorge
Chase Petty* Alex McGarry
Casey Legumina* Hernan Perez
Jacob Heatherly* Sal Stewart
Brooks Crawford* Jose Torres
Michael Byrne Outfielders
Myles Gayman Rece Hinds
Carson Rudd Anthony Alford
Jake Gozzo Jay Allen II
Andrew Moore Austin Hendrick
Michael Trautwein
Eric Yang

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

First pitch for this game is set for 3:10pm ET. There is no television broadcast available today. There is also no Reds radio broadcast of the game, but you can listen to the Brewers broadcast through MLBtv if you have that subscription. If you want to follow along with gameday, here is your link for that.

News and Notes

Reds invite 149 players to minor league spring training

Over at we’ve got the list of the 149 players that the Cincinnati Reds have invited to minor league spring training. We’ve also got a few notes from the various position groups.

Matt McLain is progressing well

39 Responses

  1. Doc

    Former Red prospect Taylor Trammell also starting for Seattle. How has he done since his time with the Reds?

    Saw in another article that India actually tore his plantar fascia during the off season. Could explain why it is taking awhile to heal. Author speculated that he won’t need surgery after the DIY incident!

    • IndyDoug

      .168/.270/.368/.639 in parts of 3 seasons.

    • Harry Stoner

      How do you “tear your PF” during a rehab process requiring a program of rest, anti-inflammation and gentle stretching?

      I’ve been dealing with the problem myself off and on most of my adult life and have heard from numerous doctors and podiatrists: “Don’t push it, let it heal.”

      Has India been his own worst enemy with this injury?

  2. SultanofSwaff

    Lots of good young pitchers I want to get a look at vs. real hitters.

  3. Mark Moore

    I do believe I’m in a position to watch some of the game today 😀

    • Redsvol

      @mark, how do you get the reds games in I’m in Tennessee and when I looked it has be listed as living in a blackout area.

      If I can’t get 81 games because I’m in a blackout area the value of isn’t nearly as good for me. I’ve looked into vpn but not sure what all that entails.

      • RedsMonk65

        Re-posting here my response to Doc’s query on a thread the other day. Hope it is helpful:

        I have the $30 At-Bat subscription. With it you can LISTEN to the radio feed of ANY live MLB game (no blackouts) — you can even choose which team’s radio feed to listen to. In addition to that, the subscription includes the ability to WATCH any live MiLB game (anywhere, all levels). A very good value IMO.

        As for the MLB.TV package, it all depends. For me, it is useless because I primarily want to watch Reds games (being a Reds fan). However, because I live in the “market area” (southwestern Indiana), all Reds and Cardinals games are blacked out (whether home or away). So, not a good value for me. There is no point in purchasing the package if I cannot watch my favorite team.

        Things may be different in your case. I would assume all Astros games would be blacked out for you (perhaps Rangers as well?). But you should probably be able to watch Reds games, I would think.

        Here is the link to the MLB.TV explainer page:

        Scroll to the bottom for the blackout info. There is a box in which you can enter your zip code, and they will tell you which teams are blacked out in your area.

        Hope that helps.

        [Added note: I think MLB.TV is allowing the spring training games to be streamed without blackout restrictions because thus far, I HAVE been able to watch the Reds in ST games. I assume that will all change come Opening Day.]

      • Wayne Nabors

        I visit townsend alot and they do have reds and Atlanta as regional coverage,so you may be out of luck other than maybe changing your VPN to show u somewhere else

      • Doc

        I looked at four different sites with about 16 pages of comments among them and the comments were absolutely terrible for Apparently not only do you not get blackout games but MLB sells broadcasts to other streaming providers and when they do, those games are not available. Technical difficulties abounded also. All of the comments I read were 2023 season comments and the average rating on the four sites ranges from 1.7-2.3/5. Didn’t give me warm fuzzies.

      • RedsMonk65

        Yes, and remarkably, post-season games are also not available (being broadcast as they are, nationally, on TV providers). It’s all really messed up. I am not a fan. Fans should be able to watch the games they want to watch no matter where they live.

        Anyway, as I said, at least the AT BAT subscription is a good value. I listen to every Reds game, and in post-season, listen to the games using that. Plus, I can watch any minor league game in any team’s system. Can’t beat that for $30 a year.

      • Mark Moore

        Just seeing this Redsvol, so I’ll answer based on what I know.

        You would end up not getting any games if the Reds are your black-out team. It’s silly, but until things change (and I think they will) that’s the way it plays out. However …

        If you happen to “travel” somewhere like Canada or Mexico City, you are outside your home area and get the stream. My blackout teams are the Nats and Orioles (never on the tube here anyway). So I end up “traveling” there with the assistance of my travel agent Mr. Norton and his Very Preferred Neighbor service. It’s worked fine for me, but it’s technically not allowed.

        I just signed up for 2024 and paid $75 (50% discount after getting a promo link from MLBPAA (for a $25 tax deductible donation).

      • LarkinPhillips

        @ reds vol. Which part of Tennessee are you in? I’m in Johnson city and it is blacked out there so I have to use a VPN to get around it. It’s ridiculous to be blacked out 6 hours away.

    • Redsvol

      Thanks to @Mark, @Redsmonk, @Doc, and @LarkinPhillips for the advice. I’m going to do something with a VPN. My Reds haven’t been very good for most of my adult life. I’m not going to miss all their games now that they are good.

      At minimum, I’ll check out the radio options. MLBtv is far from perfect but its relatively cheap compared to the other leagues’ tv options.

      @Larkin, I’m in Johnson City too! I may not be tech savvy enough to do the whole VPN thing but I bet my wife is! If she doesn’t mind me being even more distracted with Reds baseball.

      • Randy in Chatt

        Do my fellow Vols get Bally Sports South or Southeast in their areas? I get it down here in Chattanooga but through Comcast/XFinity and am able to watch them on BSS/BSSE and get even more games via the Bally Sports app on my sports app and chromebook. Last year I had access to at least 100 games via Bally’s channels and apps.

  4. MK

    Unexpectedly the game is on Bally Sports Ohio.

    • tommyd

      heck I live in Cincinnati and get blacked out on home games. Bally owns the reds games. I refuse to pay to watch them on bally. Bally is out of san Diego and they filed bankruptcy. fox sports ohio owns Bally and they charge to watch. fox sports ohio area is only sports Indiana only owns Indiana the reds draw from WV, Kentucky, tenn,Indiana, and even GA and Pennsylvania. they all get to charge! it sucks 700 wow am radio is always on. biggest am station in the country 37 states. been listening to them for 65 years. the home of the reds

  5. Grand Salami

    Bottom second Barrero with really good AB against Castillo. Coaxes a BB in a 2-2 count with a couple good fouls.

    Got his arm caught trying for second, lucky not to get hurt.

  6. Mark Moore

    Nice, efficient effort from Abbott to start his ST season.

    I’m dealing with a slight delay between video and audio, but it isn’t that much and we all know I prefer Thrall and Cowboy.

  7. Mark Moore

    Richardson double-clutched a little there. I think that was what pushed it to an out. Very close regardless.

  8. Mark Moore

    Feels like a power outage vs. the first two games 😀

  9. Mark Moore

    Looks like we drop to 2-1 today for this squad. Still ahead on the other game. Seattle spinning a combined no-no through 7. Hope we can break that up.

  10. RedsGettingBetter

    In the game against Brewers, Mike Trautwein caught 2 runners and picked off another in the same inning making 3 outs to rescue Petty who struggled…

  11. PatTheBat

    Other game, via Gameday … if I read it correctly, with Chase Petty pitching, Michael Trautwein threw out 3 baserunners, at least one on pick-off. Has there ever been an “immaculate” kind of inning like that for a catcher ?? Not sure JB ever pulled off one of those!

  12. RedsGettingBetter

    Rhett Lowder with a nice debut. He pitched 1 IP, 1H, 2K. I don’t know if he would continue throwing…

    • Brian Rutherford

      Does Lowder start in Dayton or in AA?

      • RedsGettingBetter

        reportedly he is going to start at Double-A Chattanooga

  13. Brian Rutherford

    Listening to yesterdays game I heard Thrall and co. talk like Williamson wasn’t going to make the team because there wouldn’t be a spot for him. How is he not counted among one of our best pitchers?

    I’ll hang up and listen.

    • David

      I think Williamson has to on the list of the 5 starters for Cincy.
      Ashcraft and Lodolo are both “not ready” but “might be” ready by Opening Day.
      Ashcraft IS pitching on Feb 29th, but no date set for Lodolo.
      And I have not heard of Frankie Montas pitching yet. After missing almost all (1 inning) of pitching in 2023, and recovering from shoulder surgery (all is well!!!), status yet unknown for starting.
      I would say there are good odds that one of those three will NOT start the season with the Reds; starting on the DL or “extended Spring Training” with the minor leagues, then rehab starts.

      • Brian Rutherford

        I would say that Williamson should be included in the mix regardless. Lodolo has been pretty good when he has pitched but he has been injured. We have no idea what Frankie Montas has. I don’t think their positions on the starting staff should be a sure thing if others are pitching well. One of the best abilities a player can have is availablity.

      • Grand Salami

        Lodolo said he’ll start a game next week. He’s feeling fine but he’s being progressed more slowly.

    • Grand Salami

      No argument that he was one of our best last year. We were the fourth most injured team in baseball and most of that was on the pitching staff though.

      He’s a starter. So he’s competing for one of 5 starts. Abbott, Montas, Greene, and Ashcraft are locks. If healthy, Lodolo gets the nod for the 5th spot over him. Since he’s a stater he’ll need to keep pitching every five and stay stretch so L’ville will be the logical place. It’s not bad bc he’s bound to see action this season with an injury or even a weather related double header or something when an extra arm is needed. He’ll burn an option year.

      Just today Welch was talking about the need for a deep rotation – citing comments made by Counsell. The top 2-3 guys in AAA may all see starts in the bigs this season. Hopefully Martinez can also lead a bullpen day in a pinch too.

      • Brian Rutherford

        Agree with your take. I would just add that Williamson should have an equal shot as the rest, based on last years results.

      • TR

        It’s early, so we’ll see what happens, but I think Williamson will be an important part of the Reds pitching staff, whether he’s a starter or not. He seems to be a bit underappreciated.

    • MBS

      It’s crazy that Williamson is a long shot for the rotation. I get it though. The 5 that everyone will name are also deserving. There aren’t too many options, there are too many similar options.

      I could believe an argument that any of the top 5 guys who are ahead of Williamson could be the best pitcher for the Reds in 2024.

      Montas “past success, recovered from injury”,

      Greene “live up to his potential”,

      Ashcraft “eliminate the 8 game terrible stretch”,

      Abbott “he was just fatigued to end the year”,

      Lodolo “sure he’s been injured for a couple of years, but it’s not his arm”,

      At the end of the day we are not likely to have all 5 of these guys healthy and ready to go on opening day. It’s probably a non issue.

      • Tom Diesman

        Martinez has also made it clear that he would rather start and the Reds appear to be giving him the opportunity. Having put up a 3.41 ERA in 19 GS with 95 IP over the last two seasons, he could very well be above Williamson on the depth chart too.