The Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Guardians are set to begin spring training games today. The game will be played at their shared facility at Goodyear Ballpark. Cincinnati is considered the “road team” for this one.

Today’s game is on Bally Sports Ohio and you can also watch on (if you aren’t blacked out). Radio broadcast for today is on 1360 WSAI. The game is set to begin at 3:05pm ET.

Guardians and Reds Lineups



1 TJ Friedl CF Steven Kwan LF
2 Elly De La Cruz SS Andres Gimenez 2B
3 Jeimer Candelario 3B Jose Ramirez 3B
4 Jake Fraley RF Josh Naylor 1B
5 Tyler Stephenson C Ramon Laureano RF
6 Will Benson LF Deyvison De Los Santos DH
7 Josh Harrison 2B Bo Naylor C
8 Nick Martini 1B Brayan Rocchio SS
9 Austin Wynns DH Myles Straw CF
10 Carson Spiers RHP Carlos Carrasco RHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

*denotes that they are expected to pitch today

Pitchers Infielders
Stevie Branche Edwin Arroyo
Alan Busenitz* Tyler Callihan
Fernando Cruz* Erik Gonzalez
Buck Farmer* Miguel Hernandez
Peyton Gray Quincy McAfee
Brett Kennedy* Outfielders
Brooks Kriske* Conner Capel
Carson Rudd Rece Hinds
Justin Bruihl* Jacob Hurtubise
Evan Kravetz Bubba Thompson
P.J. Higgins
Mat Nelson
Michael Trautwein
Daniel Vellojin

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

This game will be available to watch on Bally Sports Ohio. You can also watch it on If you are wanting to listen to the game on the radio it will be available on 1360 WSAI. If you want to follow along with the Gameday feed, here is the link.

Reds links and news

Injury Updates

Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that Jonathan India‘s foot injury will keep him out of games until “about March 7th or 8th”. Ian Gibaut has a pronator strain, which will keep him off of the mound for a few days.

Mark Sheldon of has more info on India and his progression:

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  1. CI3J

    Ladies and gentlemen:


  2. J

    I thought I had finally figured out David Bell, but must admit I did not anticipate a Martini/CES platoon.

    • Oldtimer

      McLain was 2 for 2 last year playing 2B in opening ST game last year.

    • BhamRedsFan

      Yes, game 1 of ST is the day to determine what lineups will look like. No Doubt.

      • J

        Ok, so, just to clarify before this gets out of hand… I was making a joke. It was a joke that attempted to make light of my general feelings about Bell, Bell’s frequent use of platoons and veteran players, and some fans’ tendency to overreact to meaningless things like early spring training lineups.

    • Jason Franklin

      @ J Ha. You really need to put a disclaimer on any ironic or sarcastic posts here.

      • J

        Apparently. Sooner or later, though, I’m convinced everyone is going to figure out that not everything everyone posts on the internet is meant to be taken literally. It’s bound to happen eventually.

    • Mark Moore

      We really need that sarcasm font on this forum 😀

      • greenmtred

        At the same time such a font added clarity for some it would dilute the impact of the sarcasm.

    • John-mark Blair

      It’s still weird to sense sarcasm for Cincinnati fans when we are so used to the negativity and the losing. Bengals fans are starting to get it. Reds fans aren’t ready. Lol

  3. Jason Franklin

    I really wonder if India’s feet issues will just go away after a couple weeks. Being that he has had this issue for at least since last year, over the break and now here again, I just don’t see it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this temporary delay in his season doesn’t drag on beyond that relatively optimistic outlook. I know what it feels like and it can drag on for years. Plus being he is a pro athlete, his speed will be drained from him.

    • J

      Honestly (and this is NOT a joke) I’d be surprised if this isn’t an ongoing issue all season.

    • Mark Moore

      It’s a serious issue for anyone. They must have seen some level of improvement or they wouldn’t have gone for the 2-year contract. It’s the kind of nagging thing that just drags you down.

      • Jason Franklin

        I don’t know what they were thinking. I understand signing someone you see who has a solid, investable future for your team, but why do you gamble money like this? I know he is a team leader but is this why they couldn’t trade him even if they wanted to during the offseason? It just makes no sense.

      • Melvin

        ” but is this why they couldn’t trade him even if they wanted to”

        Could be. Wouldn’t pass the physical?

    • Doc

      When I first heard that he was still feeling it after an entire off season available for treatment, I immediately assumed that he would not be available until well into the season, if then. He probably cooked his goose by trying to play through it for as long as he did. The longer PF is aggravated, the harder it is to cure. The ortho docs on the site could give better insight but in my primary care experience even patients who did not have the strain of professional baseball could take a year or longer. Of course, they don’t have access to the kind and intensity of care that elite athletes have, making it even more worrisome that four plus months of non stress time didn’t get the job done. Resuming baseball activities full time is not likely to help speed the healing. I’m sure that hitting with running is all that helpful. There is a lot of stress on the plantar fascia in hitting a baseball. Look at the twisting and stretching to finish on the toes during a swing. I hope they can get it well, but…..

      I occasionally get the sensation of plantar fasciitis starting during my 4 mile morning walks and I immediately start electrical stimulation (TENS) treatments at the first sign as soon as I get home. I’m usually back at the mall walking pain free the in next day or two.

    • Mark Moore

      And I just bought my discounted subscription for the season (though games through next week should have been included on the 2023 season plan).

  4. LDS

    I won’t be surprised if India opens the season on the IL Hope not, but time will tell.

    • Jason Franklin

      No doubt. I am so confused they gave him a two year “extension” even having knowledge (I hope anyway!) about his ongoing feet problems.

      • Doc

        They took Dunn in a trade knowing he had shoulder problems. It’s not unprecedented.

      • LDS

        I agree with Doc. Let’s hope Montas isn’t a bust. They paid a lot for a lottery ticket. Though sometimes lottery tickets do pay off.

      • Optimist

        Dunn was a throw in on the deal, and there was no real mystery as to his issues. Montas is not a lottery ticket – he’s a proven performer, but with an injury history and corresponding risk. There’s always a risk with pitchers, some moreso, some less, depending on the injury. India is a different case – they must have been comfortable with the medical review to have signed the extension, knowing it could go in any direction.

        This is why depth is important, and they’re finally getting to that. Still, much fuzzier reports than around the league with other players. Doubt they’re withholding info, rather expect they just don’t know at this point.

    • JayTheRed

      I’m a bit nervous that both McClain and India start on the IL this spring. Hopefully I am wrong. Who plays 2nd base then? Barrero?

      • Melvin

        I would say if Marte is healthy David Bell would try either him or Candelario at 2B. MAYBE Barrero if he has a great spring but none of them would play there every day. Just a guess. It’s hard think like David Bell thinks. 😉

      • Optimist

        This is where Steer is valuable, and about the only way Harrison sees any time on the 26-man roster.

  5. Mark Moore

    A walk, a flair, and a foul pop-up. Then a sharply hit GIDP. But nobody struck out, so that’s a positive thing in my book.

    • CI3J

      Print those World Series tickets now!

  6. J

    Was so excited to see the first two guys looking about as patient as I’ve ever seen the Reds look. Then #3 and #4 made three outs in two pitches. So far, mixed feelings about this season.

  7. Mark Moore

    Anybody know who this is calling the game? says it’s the Cincy feed, but it certainly isn’t our old friend Sadak.

    • Wayne Nabors

      My guess would be,it’s Cleveland announcers

      • Mark Moore

        Given the Cleveland interview they just had, I think that’s correct. Easy crew to listen to at any rate.

    • Melvin

      So sorry for you Mark that your “favorite” announcer is not on today. Try to control your emotions. 😀

  8. Melvin

    Is this baseball? Winter is leaving soon. 😀

  9. Mark Moore

    Nice job by Spiers to get it rolling. Looked a might nasty for the first game of ST.

  10. Mark Moore

    Good heads-up recovery to get the out.

  11. Old-school

    Spieres threw the ball well.
    Hes a big guy and was around the zone with movement.

  12. Old-school

    CanDeLaRio is AwfUl. IVE SeEn EnOuGh.

  13. Mark Moore

    OK, making contact so far. Let’s see some of that convert to a run or two.

    Nice job from Spiers to get things started. Who’s up next?

  14. Old-school

    CRuZ wItH the tEN pITch InNiNg. LeAvE hIM IN bElL!

    • Jason Franklin

      Hey wait.. the sarcasm font has arrived.

      • Mark Moore

        I vote that we adopt that as our RLN official sarcasm font. Who’s with me?

      • Jason Franklin

        @Mark YeS It IS tHe BEst fOnT foR iT.

      • Tom Reeves

        I cAn’T belIEvE wE NeED a SaRcASM fOnT…

  15. Melvin

    It is WEIRD not having Joey Votto in spring training.

  16. Mark Moore

    Joey apparently shot out a twitter saying he’s at a carwash and still looking to play.

    Sweet swat from Benson followed by a nice double from Harrison.

  17. Mark Moore

    BTW, the menu tonight calls for burgers. Maybe on the flat-top, maybe over charcoal. A little moisture is supposed to be passing through that could tip it one way or the other.

    Stay tuned … 😀

    • Doug Gray

      Rain is stupid. Tell it to not show up until like midnight so you can cook up some burgers.

      • Mark Moore


        It keeps breaking up on the way in. Bigger factor is wind because too much and cooking on the flat-top is a non-starter. But that is our favorite way to do burgers to be sure.

      • Doug Gray

        I can relate. I wanted to make some pizzas today but the forecast had rain into the early afternoon. It never showed up, but it was too late at that point, so tomorrow is pizza day.

      • Melvin

        You two should go in the pizza business together. D&M PIZZA?

      • Doug Gray

        If I ever start my pizza business it will be known as Doug’s Pizza Farm.

    • Melvin

      I’ll take two. Do you have same day delivery? 😉

      • Mark Moore

        Available for take-out, but not delivery. Sorry, Melvin.

  18. Mark Moore

    My wife is joking about our 1B’s name and that it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere 😉

  19. Mark Moore

    Complete inside out flair there … great stretch by the 1B but TJ was too fast.

    Elly from the right-hand box.

    • Mark Moore

      My wife says he shouldn’t switch hit 😀

  20. Mark Moore

    Arroyo’s arm a little tight on that one? Wasn’t getting Straw regardless. Glad it bounced back into play quickly.

  21. Mark Moore

    Bubba went with that one pretty well. Thinking 3B but wisely didn’t try it.

  22. Old-school

    Taking notes. LH hitting catcher who takes middle way pitch hard to LF for a single. @ Doug, quick Trautwein scouting report and what level?

    • Doug Gray

      AA. Utility type of upside because he can catch a little bit (he also plays some corner outfield).

      • Old-school

        So the third catcher on the 26 man might return someday……lol

  23. Old-school

    Has there been a Stuart Fairchild sighting anywhere the first week? Not heard his name mentioned once or any of the pictures or beat writers articles?

    • Randy in Chatt

      Saw a picture of him around the batting cage from some of the Spring Training pics. He’s there.

    • Mark Moore

      Probably conflicting with some mid-term exams at his high school …
      SarCasM FOnt!!!

      • Old-school

        Or he grew a beard and is unrecognizable

  24. RedsGettingBetter

    Six scoreless frames by the announced scheduled pitchers… Who would be pitching the rest of the way?

  25. Mark Moore

    You don’t go 1st to 2nd unless you are dead dog certain you are making it … great initial throw from the RF’er even if it was offline.

  26. Old-school

    I know it’s the first game of ST but Reds pitchers are throwing strikes and consistently around the strike zone. Thats always newsworthy. Spiers might be a depth piece at some point. Hes a big strong guy that pitches in the zone and mixes speeds well. Put him in the rotation at AAA and build him up. See what he does. Dan Straily worked out well and got us Luis Castillo.

    • Mark Moore

      I’ve notice we’re seeing a lot of strikes. On the flip side, only 4 of our guys have K’d so far. That would also be an improvement in my book.

  27. Mark Moore

    It’s been decided. I’ll put the awning out a bit to keep the rain off and the wind is light and from a direction that will allow the flat-top burgers to proceed as planned. My First/Best Wife is going to figure out some sweet potato fries as a side.

  28. DeafMix3

    Observations after two hours of Reds radio:
    1) NICE outing by Spiers. Whiffing the first four he face, Ramirez included… Yeah!
    2) I hope Benson homers every ST game. Or whatever it takes for him to get every day playing time once the season begins…
    3) It looks like we’re in for another one million Tide Pods commercials…

    • Melvin

      “2) I hope Benson homers every ST game. Or whatever it takes for him to get every day playing time once the season begins…”

      Well I’ll believe India playing outfield when I see it.

      • Jim t

        If Benson wants to play everyday he will need to hit lefthanders. It would also help if he fielded a bit better.

  29. Mark Moore

    Bubba going on contact there …

  30. Mark Moore

    That ball just kept on going … 😮

  31. Mark Moore

    Is this the regular Guadrails TV crew from Bally Great Lakes? Seem to be pretty easy to listen to from where I’m sitting.

    • Melvin

      Yeah. You can relax and listen to the game while watching. I like em.

      • Old-school

        Id love to see Brent Suter do an impersonation of John Sadak. That would be hilarious. His Jim Carey and Harry Carey impersonations are hilarious if folks dont know Suter did those with the local media.

        Let’s get Suter on the Sadak impersonation.

      • Mark Moore


        And neither of the homers by our guys “had families” 😉

      • Melvin

        “Let’s get Suter on the Sadak impersonation.”

        haha Sounds like fun.

      • Melvin

        “And neither of the homers by our guys “had families” ?”

        A little excitement is okay and good every now and then but not when they’re rolling out the tarp. lol hahaha

  32. Grand Salami

    Team looked very sharp. Candelario looked like he was still warming up but Friedl and Benson were dialed in and Elly’s first hit, poking a hit on a pitch away was encouraging. Spiers was very impressive and there was hardly any pitching behind in the count.

  33. Mark Moore

    It just feels SO GOOD to be back here with y’all again watching a game. Our boyz have put up a good showing for the first game. A lot of ground to cover going forward, but this just feels great to me.

    • Mark Moore

      Even better with the shut-out win under our belts.

  34. Doc

    Is there a thread about MLB.TV packages somewhere to which someone can refer me? If not, can someone comment on the MLB.TV $150 season package, its value, how many games do you miss due to blackouts, etc.

    Also, what about that $30 add on, AT BAT I think it’s called. It says listen to every game, no blackouts. Is that a radio thpe package, or does that boost the MLB.TV package to make it all games without blackouts?

    We live just outside of Houston. What does that mean for blackouts with the $150 package? Are Reds games, or for that matter all games, blacked out any time Houston is playing at home, or only when the Reds are in town, or something else?

    My wife wants the MLB.TV and the MLB and MiLB games are attractive. We’ve managed to stick together through 52 years of marriage despite her being a Cardinals fan, so I should probably let her have this little bone!

    • Mark Moore

      $25 donation to the MLBPAA gets you 50% off the full season.

    • Old-school

      Going through the same exercise Doc. Daughter is moving out of town and wants a Reds package.

    • RedsMonk65

      I have the $30 At-Bat subscription. With it you can LISTEN to the radio feed of ANY live MLB game (no blackouts) — you can even choose which team’s radio feed to listen to. In addition to that, the subscription includes the ability to WATCH any live MiLB game (anywhere, all levels). A very good value IMO.

      As for the MLB.TV package, it all depends. For me, it is useless because I primarily want to watch Reds games (being a Reds fan). However, because I live in the “market area” (southwestern Indiana), all Reds and Cardinals games are blacked out (whether home or away). So, not a good value for me. There is no point in purchasing the package if I cannot watch my favorite team.

      Things may be different in your case. I would assume all Astros games would be blacked out for you (perhaps Rangers as well?). But you should probably be able to watch Reds games, I would think.

      Here is the link to the MLB.TV explainer page:

      Scroll to the bottom for the blackout info. There is a box in which you can enter your zip code, and they will tell you which teams are blacked out in your area.

      Hope that helps.

  35. RedsGettingBetter

    Solid pitching today. Nice win starting the ST. We’ll see when will play against stronger teams…

  36. Doc

    Maybe Stoudt missed the memo about the no BB philosophy. It appears to have benefit.