The Cincinnati Reds start their spring training schedule on Saturday. That game will be on television (Bally Sports Ohio for those in the greater Cincinnati area, and for those outside of the market). We took a look at who will be pitching in the opener the other day. Today we found out the guys expected to pitch on Sunday and the start will be going to Hunter Greene. He will be followed in some order by Brandon Williamson, Julian Aguiar, Tejay Antone, Steven Branche (in past seasons he’s gone by Stevie – so perhaps he is now going by Steven), and Evan Kravetz.

While we are still a ways out from Opening Day, Hunter Greene getting the start on Sunday lines him up for the start on Opening Day if the club keeps him pitching every 5th day moving forward. With the amount of off days between the end of spring training and the start of the regular season, it’s not worth reading much into the fact that Brandon Williamson is currently pitching on the same day as Greene is. If he were to make the rotation while still remaining on a similar schedule they can make it work by the time the season begins in order to get him slotted into things properly.

A lack of televised games

We’ve been keeping track of the Cincinnati Reds television schedule since parts of it began to be released last week. There are currently 11 games that could be available from the Reds spring schedule that you could watch between Bally Sports Ohio, MLB Network and or There could be more games added to the latter two as more teams RSN’s release their schedules. With that said, as of now, the Reds have the fewest amount of games in Major League Baseball that are available to watch.

The chart only lists 10 games, but for some reason is not listing a game between the Reds and Dodgers that is verified elsewhere as being on both the Dodgers RSN as well as MLB Network. Still, even bumping them up to 11 puts them in a 3-way tie for last place.

In a time where high school teams broadcast their games online for people to watch, it’s incredible that half of the teams in Major League Baseball can’t broadcast even half of their spring training games for their fans to watch.

Thomas Nestico also had a chart showing how many of each team’s games will be played with Statcast running this spring. The Reds are dead last there, too, with just two games. The Yankees lead the way with 29. Almost all of the games in Florida will have it. Most of the games in Arizona don’t. All of the stadiums have the data, but only a couple in Arizona actually provide it to the public. Kind of annoying.

News and Notes

Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported earlier today that Noelvi Marte is currently expected to play in his first spring game on March 2nd. He’s still working his way back from a hamstring injury that he suffered back in November while playing in the Dominican Winter League.

Goldsmith also reported that left-handed pitcher Nick Lodolo’s next step as he works his way back from a stress fracture in his tibia is live batting practice. Noting that manager David Bell said that Lodolo is “feeling great”.

Chase Petty brings it

Let’s close this one out with a little bit of video from Goodyear. Reds prospect Chase Petty, who didn’t give up a home run in 68 innings last season and led the farm system in groundball rate, has been throwing harder this offseason and spring than he ever has since signing a professional contract. Petty, who topped 100 MPH in high school, threw more in the 92-95 MPH range since the draft, but was hitting 99 MPH as he started getting ready for spring training.

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  1. J

    “Fewest amount of games” is not making your high school English teacher the maximum amount of proud.

    • Beaufort Red

      That’s all you have to offer?

      • Harry Stoner

        As my mother used to say: “Poor English is excusable, but not bad Scotch.”

      • J

        At the moment, yes. What are you offering other than this question?

    • JB WV

      Thank you for that critique, T.S Eliot.

      • Kevin Patrick

        In the room the women come and go speaking of Peter Angelos.

    • 2020ball

      I think Doug provides enough content for not enough money that is likely self edited to ignore a few grammatical mistakes.

      • J

        A lot of people who write for a living, or even write as a serious hobby, appreciate writing tips. And, given the fact that he hasn’t corrected the error or responded to me, I suspect Doug either hasn’t seen my comment or couldn’t care less about it. So, you can probably relax.

      • Ethan L

        @J, you just started multiple sentences with a coordinating conjunction: ‘and’ and ‘so’. That is a considered a no-no for serious writing. Try a conjunctive adverbial at the beginning of sentences instead like ‘therefore’. Save coordinating conjunctions for within sentences! 😉

      • greenmtred

        Are comments here considered “serious” writing?

      • J

        Ethan, as you probably know but are pretending not to know, there’s a huge difference between things that are generally frowned upon in formal writing, and things that are always considered wrong in every type of writing unless the purpose is to be wrong. There is a big difference, for example, between “they ain’t any good at baseball” and “they isnt to good at baseball.” Both are technically “wrong,” but one is acceptable in various contexts and one is just bad writing. You know this.

      • J

        And, Ethan, I guess I’ll also point out that many style guides now say it’s perfectly fine to begin sentences with words such as “and.” (But that’s beside the point.)

      • 2020ball

        Wow way to double down geez. Im gonna go with he doesnt care because it really doesnt matter.

      • J

        Or we could just read what he said about it.

    • Klugo

      I thought your comment was hilarious and written with an obvious hint of humor. Keep it coming.

    • Oldtimer

      The late Mayor Richard J Daley in Chicago used to say, Read What I Meant, Not What I Wrote.

      Regardless of which words were used, I understood what he meant.

      PS there is no such word as Irregardless even though people use it anyway.

      • J

        A big part of my job consists of trying to figure out what people mean to say when they write the wrong words or use the wrong punctuation. I’m fluent in English and College English. But I still point out some mistakes, because that’s how people improve. I don’t think it’s a terrible insult.

      • Doug Gray

        Further. Longer. Fewest. Least.

        I simply don’t care enough. I don’t even remember a single English teacher’s name that I had once I reached middle school, which is when we got to the point where you had more than one teacher. I can remember some of their faces, though.

        Now if I use the wrong their/there/they’re, roast me to the moon.

      • J

        But this is a case where you’re actually making the task more difficult than it needs to be. Instead of “fewest amount of games” you can just say “fewest games” and be correct. I’m trying to save you some time, man.

      • Doug Gray

        Leaving a comment for me to read actually costs me more time than just saying “I knew what he meant”.

        It’s fine, though. I’m not mad or upset about it. I just don’t care enough to try and pound it into my memory bank. To me, it simply is not important enough. If I had the wrong time listed for a game, or spelled a guys name wrong – those are worth me going back to correct.

      • J

        If I ever get up the nerve to try standup comedy, it’s pretty clear which people here I should and should not invite to be in the audience.

      • Still a Red

        I’d say your audience will be kinda thin. Ooops…I’d say your audience likely would be small. I’d say “would be a small one” but I don’t need the “a” or the “one.”

      • J

        So you’re saying I’ll have an audience. Cool.

      • Still a Red

        Hah! Maybe I’d attend if invited.

  2. IndyDoug

    Petty might be in the 2025 rotation!

      • wkuchad

        Because all five starting pitchers from week 1 will stay healthy all year and pitch great!


      • DaveCT

        Hi-A to the ML’s in one season is a pretty big stretch, one, plus he has yet to build innings in the minors. Lodolo, while a very different pitcher, had a similarly limited innings history (and as a 3-year college pitcher) and has yet to prove he can handle the full time starting job. So an abundance of caution with a high school draftee is probably in Petty’s best interest (with the exception of his paycheck and meal allowance).

    • Jeffrey A Yocum

      I’m certainly no pitching expert, but the video looks like a lot of max effort pitches to me. As a result, it’s easy to see why the knock on Petty was that he seems more suitable for the BP.

  3. MK

    Funny story about Branche. I sat with his aunt, uncle and parents at a Dragons game one night . The parents and aunt would say Stevie this and Stevie that but Uncle would call him Steve. I asked him why he called him Steve when everybody else used Stevie. He said he was calling anybody that big, old and ugly Stevie. The aunt gave him an elbow.

    • DaveCT

      Betcha Auntie has some sharp elbows, too.

    • JB WV

      Uncle sounds like a good guy to have a couple beers with

  4. DaveCT

    Good lord, Petty looks mean. That little hesitation in his delivery — is that new, anyone? Also, that arm slot has got to be tough on RH batters. Fast forward to the end of 2025, please.

      • DaveCT

        From comment above.

        Hi-A to the ML’s in one season is a pretty big stretch, one, plus he has yet to build innings in the minors. Lodolo, while a very different pitcher, had a similarly limited innings history (and as a 3-year college pitcher) and has yet to prove he can handle the full time starting job. So an abundance of caution with a high school draftee is probably in Petty’s best interest (with the exception of his paycheck and meal allowance).

      • Old Big Ed

        Walker Buehler did it in 2017 in his age 22 season. Pitched his “fewest amount of innings” in MLB. Buehler had only thrown 10 innings in 2016, coming off TJ surgery, and threw 88.2 innings in the minors in 2017.

        Buehler wasn’t good at MLB, but he did get the cup of coffee; today’s September roster rules would likely not allow it.

        I agree that Petty in his age 21 season is a longshot for this year in Cincinnati, but it is not impossible. Buehler had a 1.10 ERA in A+, with 16.1 IP and 27 Ks. If Petty gets to AA by mid-May, it is at least possible that he would see Cincinnati.

    • tommyd

      I agree totally with Dave. he needs a bunch more time in the minors just to build arm strength. he looks magnificent but erroring on the side of caution is better long term.they don’t keep em in the minors now like they used to but he has to work on so many things other than arm strength. he’s a gem treat him with kid gloves for now

  5. DaveCT

    Who pays the broadcasters, the Reds or the network?

    If the Reds, ding, ding, ding. Answer.

    Besides, where else are they going to go? (Phil C., yes, we remember and, yes, you should still resign).

  6. 2020ball

    Ooo something actually worth complaining about. Whether you think this year’s team will crash and burn based solely on the manager or not, I think we can all agree we should be able to watch it happen. Its 15 years past time for MLB etc to fix this, it’s slowly killing the game.

    • 2020ball

      If it’s the Reds driving this, shame on them since they’ve finally a team worth getting excited for. Promote that no?

  7. MBS

    I’m as excited for Petty, and Lowder as I was for Greene, and Lodolo. It will be fun when we have all 4 of them in a rotation together.

    If Petty can get 25 starts this year averaging 5 IP’s then I think he’s going to be a serious contender for the 2025 rotation. Lowder might even make it by the end of the year in some crazy scenario.

    • DaveCT

      25 starts seems like a very reasonable step for Petty. He had 18 starts last year and 18 (more or less given the tandem starter program in Daytona) in 2022. A buck twenty five innings would be a terrific step to 2025.

      I’m almost wondering if Rowder should put in 10 or so starts at Hi-A just to get work in and adjust to throwing every five days in a less demanding situation, then ramp up to AA for another 15 or so starts, again taking aim at 25.

      I am also intrigued by both Ty Floyd and Hunter Hollan, who could be a real dark horse but is reported to project with a mid 90’s fastball.

      From BA: “As a third-round pick selected out of Southeastern Conference power Arkansas, Hollan may look like a pick that’s playing it safe. In reality, he’s one of the upside plays of the Reds’ 2023 draft class.”

      “Scouting Grades Fastball: 55 | Curveball: 50 | Slider: 50 | Changeup: 50 | Control: 50”

      • MBS

        @Dave, it should be an exciting year to see how these guys do in the minors.

        It will also be interesting to see how Aguiar, and Acuna do in AA this year.

        “A former infielder in high school, Aguiar didn’t start focusing on pitching full-time until his first year at El Camino Junior College in the shortened 2020 season.”

        To go from infielder to AA starter by 2023 is really impressive. I think he’ll grab a rotation spot in a MLB rotation at some point.

      • DaveCT

        Greenfield … hahahaha.

        Yeah, that one.

        I think.

      • Reaganspad

        #7 OSU Beavers play #2 Arkansas tomorrow

        Should be fun!

  8. Beaufort Red

    Saw Hunter pitch in college. I think he will be gem in the Reds future young guns.?

  9. Beaufort Red

    Sorry about the extra question mark for the grammar police.

    • greenmtred

      You didn’t need the question mark, but that may have been your point?

      • DaveCT

        Was that, you didn’t need the question, Mark, or you didn’t need the question mark?

  10. Klugo

    Any word on regular season game broadcast? Is it gonna be Bally again? Do I need to go ahead and get my subscription or what?

    • Doug Gray

      Yes it’s going to be on Bally Sports Ohio.

      • Droslovinia

        So another season of following on the radio and hoping an actual network might show the occasional game. It was so much easier to watch back in the 70’s.

  11. Melvin

    “Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported earlier today that Noelvi Marte is currently expected to play in his first spring game on March 2nd. He’s still working his way back from a hamstring injury that he suffered back in November while playing in the Dominican Winter League.”

    That must have been a fairly serious injury if he isn’t fully recovered by now. Glad he’s getting healthy.

    • Mark Moore

      Or they are being very cautious with one of our blue-chip prospects.

    • Melvin

      I’m afraid I’m not getting the “confirm your subscription” emails after the first post again. Sorry to bug you Doug. It was working really well there for a good while. Thought you would want to know. Thanks.

  12. DaveCT

    On Rece Hinds.

    If we can get even a 4th OF out of developing this kid, it’d be a great draft pick and feather in the cap for the organization. Dude’s power is prolific, his adjustment to RF has been pretty darn good, especially with that arm, and, if you watch him play, he does things the right way. Hinds play hard, and is really aggressive. Reds fans will love this kid. I sure live watching him play.

  13. Old Big Ed

    You will note that 11 of the 15 Cactus League teams are in the bottom 13 of teams with the fewest broadcasts (or even the “fewest amount of broadcasts”).

    Spring training games, with a few exceptions, are played in the day, and mostly on weekdays, so the TV audience is paltry. An afternoon game at Goodyear starts at 3 EST until daylight savings time kicks in, and at 4 EDT thereafter. (Arizona is always on MST, which is the same as PDT during DST.) That is not prime time for TV, and not many people other than we zealots will tune in to watch non-roster invitees and AA players play the final three innings of a game during rush hour.

    However, it takes a good-sized crew to produce the games, which would include a broadcast crew, cameramen, sound personnel, people in the truck, etc. The teams/RSNs could broadcast all of the games, but it would likely require them to pay the food, travel and lodging of the crews for 30 or so days, during the tourist high season in Phoenix. (Aside from baseball, Phoenix has a lot of people in town in March for golf, conventions and other things.)

    The other option is to send a skeletal crew, and use local Phoenix personnel on a gig basis for the cameras, truck, etc. A lot of these “gig” crew members, though, have regular jobs at local TV stations, with the Suns, etc. There is only one set of local stations in Phoenix, so there are up to 15 Cactus League teams/RSNs trying to find good people to work the broadcasts. In other words, there is a shortage of skilled people to work the games.

    The same is true in Florida, except that Florida has major TV markets in Miami, Orlando and Tampa, and probably some TV stations in the Fort Myers area. Plus, there are several hockey and basketball teams in those cities, who all have people who work live TV games. There are a lot more readily-available skilled TV people to produce games across Florida than there are in Phoenix.

    My understanding is that the Angels work with Arizona State’s broadcasting program, which provides students to help with the Angels’ broadcasts, and the students in turn get some hands-on experience and make some contacts in the business. The Cubs are unique, because the Cubs have long had a massive following in the Cactus League. I suspect that the Cubs and/or its RSN just sent their own crews there, and have the ratings to make it pay for itself. The Dodgers will televise most of their games this year (they have a trip to Korea this year), but they are also from a nearby market.

    So, I suppose you could call it a cheap move, but it is also a reasonable business decision not to broadcast every spring training team. The Braves and others don’t do it out of Florida, and another 12 of the 14 other Cactus League teams have made the same decision, and even the Dbacks have limited their broadcasts some.