Edwin Rios has signed a minor league deal with the Cincinnati Reds. The infielder has spent parts of the last five seasons in the big leagues – four with the Los Angeles Dodgers and then last season with the Chicago Cubs. His deal does not include an invite to big league spring training. Rios is in camp, though, as a part of early minor league camp that is taking place now in Goodyear along with 46 other minor league players within the organization.

During his big league time he’s hit .205/.292/.465 in 325 plate appearances. He’s hit for a bunch of power but also racked up a ton of strikeouts – 109 of them – while hitting for a low average. His time in the field is limited in the majors, but he’s played first and third base often when he’s been out there, with another 9.1 innings split between left and right field.

Last season much of his year was spent in Triple-A with the Iowa Cubs. He got 176 plate appearances there and hit .263/.364/.454. He’s a career .280/.351/.517 hitter at the Triple-A level. Going back to 2018 all of his time has been spent in Triple-A or MLB. Much like his big league time, the 29-year-old has played first, third, left, and right field – but almost all of that time as been at first and third base.

Rios is a guy who provides depth in Triple-A. He’s got big league experience, has some pop in his bat, and can provide some positional flexibility. He’ll be pretty far down the depth chart given that he’s not on the 40-man roster, but any time someone is in Triple-A, a little bit of good performance mixed in with an opening coming in the big leagues for one reason or another puts a guy in the conversation real quick.

You can see the career stats for Edwin Rios here.

11 Responses

  1. DaveCT

    At one time a top Dodgers prospect.

  2. Brian

    Pushing 30 and has already seen his cup of tea. He’s a power bat that could fill in on a temp basis if a couple of our corner infielders were to get hurt. The necessity of bodies.

  3. MK

    Louisville could have some major Big League Experience in 2024. Might be the year for them to make a major run. They always say a difference between the big market and small market contenders is the smalls do not have the depth to compete with the bigs. The Reds have the depth to compete this season coming.

    • MK

      If they would start 1- Kennedy 2- Wynns 3- Rios 4- Mathias 5 Perez 6- Gonzalez 7- Alford 8- Thompson 9-Capel. DH- Martini

      That would be 46 seasons of MLB experience. That would be more than the Big League Reds.

  4. LDS

    Seattle claimed Stoudt. Figured someone would. But hey, the kids have to clear space so the Reds can add a 37-year-old player, whose career has been essentially league average (excepting 10 years ago), and who barely hit above his weight last season. And the Reds need pitchers & outfielders far more than they need more infielders and utility players.

    • DaveCT

      Another Red I will try to go see in Seattle or Tacoma (AAA).

    • BK

      His 40-man roster spot went to Bubba Thompson.

      • LDS

        Yeah, I remembered after I hit post. But neither Harrison nor Thompson have much of an upside

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    I like Louisville Bats to watch for this year, they’ll have a interesting experience-youth balance, good starting rotation, solid bullpen and offense, not bad defense.

  6. Melvin

    “but any time someone is in Triple-A, a little bit of good performance mixed in with an opening coming in the big leagues for one reason or another puts a guy in the conversation real quick.”

    Good signing for AAA but if the Reds bring him up it will mean there are major problems going on with injuries or whatever. Hope not. I know Krall is in control of the roster but David Bell has a say too maybe more than we think so signings like this always concern me a little knowing the way he thinks.

  7. Tom Reeves

    Decent flyer signing with no risk. Maybe the reds help him figure it out. Maybe he helps some young Reds prospects grow (or he serves as an example of the risk of being too much of a power bat and remaining one dimensional). Considering AAA was depleted, this is a potential win win for everyone involved.