Bally Sports Ohio is currently scheduled to broadcast five of the Cincinnati Reds 30 games in Arizona this year for spring training according to the official Reds notebook for today. That could change, but for now that is what is listed. All of the games will be available to listen to on the radio on either 700 WLW or 1360 WSAI in the greater Cincinnati area with the exception being on days when there is split squad games taking place – only one of the games will be broadcast that day.

ESPN released their spring training schedule today, too, and no Reds games are featured. The MLB Network schedule hasn’t been released yet, and it often has games added to it throughout the spring. We will keep this television broadcast schedule up to date, including which games will be available through as teams begin to have their broadcast schedules released. Here’s what things look like as of today (last updated March 6):

Bally Sports Ohio is abbreviated as BSO in the chart below, while MLB Network is abbreviated as MLBN.

Date Opponent Time Radio TV
24-Feb at CLE 3:05pm ET 1360 AM BSO
25-Feb vs LAA 3:05pm ET 700 AM N/A
26-Feb vs SEA 3:05pm ET 1360 AM BSO
26-Feb at MIL 3:10pm ET N/A N/A
27-Feb at Cubs 3:05pm ET 1360 AM MLBtv
28-Feb OFF DAY
29-Feb vs LAD 8:05pm ET 700 AM MLBN
1-Mar vs ARI 8:05pm ET 700 AM N/A
2-Mar at COL 3:10pm ET 700 AM N/A
3-Mar at KCR 3:05pm ET 700 AM N/A
4-Mar vs OAK 3:05pm ET 1360 AM N/A
6-Mar vs MIL 3:05pm ET 1360 AM N/A
6-Mar at SD 3:10pm ET N/A
7-Mar vs Cubs 8:05pm ET 700 AM MLBN
8-Mar at LAD 8:05pm ET 700 AM MLBN
9-Mar at ARI 3:10pm ET 1360 AM N/A
10-Mar vs CLE 4:05pm ET 700 AM N/A
11-Mar OFF DAY
12-Mar vs CWS 9:05pm ET 700 AM N/A
13-Mar at SFG 4:05pm ET 1360 AM N/A
14-Mar at TEX 9:05pm ET 1360 AM BSO
15-Mar vs KCR 4:05pm ET 1360 AM BSO
16-Mar vs SEA 4:05pm ET 700 AM N/A
17-Mar at CLE 7:05pm ET 700 AM N/A
18-Mar vs SFG 9:05pm ET 700 AM N/A
19-Mar at LAA 4:10pm ET 700 AM BSO
20-Mar at CWS 4:05pm ET N/A N/A
20-Mar vs TEX 4:05pm ET 1360 AM N/A
21-Mar at SEA 9:40pm ET 700 AM N/A
22-Mar at OAK 4:05pm ET 700 AM N/A
23-Mar vs COL 4:05pm ET 700 AM BSO
24-Mar vs CLE 4:05pm ET 700 AM BSO



11 Responses

  1. Rednat

    The one and only advantage of being in Arizona for spring training is that l get to listen to the reds on radio while sriving home from work. Cant wait!

  2. TJ

    Not sure if there is going to be a separate article written about Don Gullett passing away. I remember him pitching for the Reds in 75-76 and how tough he was. How angry I was that the hated Yankees stole him from the Reds. The things I remember most was Gullett as a pitching coach. I remember the Reds pitchers going 3-0, 3-1 all the time. Gullett would go to the mound and it seemed at 95% of the time, that next pitch was a strike. RIP

    • Ahimsa

      Didn’t Billy Martin say no Reds player would make the Yankees roster, then the next year they signed Gullet?

  3. Moon

    Don Gullet passed away today at 73. Great pitcher for the Reds. Too many injuries but when he was healthy he was one of the best

  4. Melvin

    “no the radio”

    Just trying to help.

  5. DataDumpster

    Sorry to hear about Don Gullett. Perhaps my most enduring memory in baseball was seeing him “warming up” in the waning days of Crosley field 1969. I don’t know how things worked in those days but my Dad took me down to “the front row” before the game to watch him getting ready for his start. There was no bullpen, he just threw alongside the left field stands as I remember. No, we did not have good seats for the game, probably the $1.50 instead of the $3.50 but I’ll never forget hearing that noise of the fastball whizzing by while barely seeing the ball. He also has that back bend and push off the rubber with high descending arm trajectory that seemed special in those days. Although his career was relatively short, he certainly has his big time moments in the big games and a very productive coaching career afterwards. And, for me, he provided a moment unlike any other when I probably first caught the “bug” for the game that lasts to this day. God bless him!

    • Oldtimer

      Gullett was not a Red in 1969. You saw him in 1970 before Reds moved to Riverfront.

  6. JayTheRed

    Do we know if MLB network or other teams games are broadcasted for the Reds games? Or ESPN? or any other TV broadcasts?

  7. MK

    If you have the Direct TV sports package you can pick up a lot of extra Spring Games televised by the other teams.