We have made it through the first month of the year and that means it’s February. And February means baseball is almost here. In fact, in less than two weeks pitchers and catchers will be in Goodyear, Arizona. Some players are already there as they are looking to get a little bit of a head start on things.

Pitchers and catchers are set to report on February 13th. The first on field workout is set for the next day – Wednesday, February 14th. A handful of days later, Sunday, February 18th the position players are due to arrive. They’ll get on the field for the first full squad workout the next day – Monday the 19th.

The first game of the spring will be on Saturday, February the 24th. As has been customary since the Reds arrived in Goodyear, they will open up against Cleveland at Goodyear Ballpark. Cincinnati will be the “visiting” team in the match up. You can see the entire spring training schedule here. As of today the television and radio schedules for the games have not been released. When those become available we will be sure to post about them and keep them updated (games tend to be added via other team broadcasts being put on MLB Network, or in some cases the RSN’s simply add more games).

The Caribbean Series

A few hours after this article is published, the Caribbean Series begins in Miami, Florida. Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Curacao, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and Panama will all be represented. A round-robin format will be played to determine the 4-team playoff that will take place on February 8th, with the championship and 3rd place games taking place on the 9th. All of the games will be available to watch on ESPN+ and ESPN Deportes. You can see the entire schedule here.

As far as Reds players that will be participating…. prospect Hector Rodriguez was added to the Dominican roster after winning the Dominican Winter League Rookie of the Year award and finishing 4th in the league in OPS. Infielder Hernan Perez, who signed a minor league deal with the Reds just before Christmas, is on the roster for Venezuela. There are plenty of former Reds (both big leaguers and prospects) on other rosters, though.

Updated to include the addition of Hernan Perez.

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  1. RedsGettingBetter

    I saw the Tiburones de La Guaira roster representing Venezuela noting that Hernán Perez was added in. Perez signed a minor league deal with the Reds…
    Talking about remarkable February dates, the Arb hearings should’ve started on few days ago, India’s hearing is still pending I think…

  2. Frostgiant80

    Pitchers and catchers report. Best words I have heard all week. I have to say. My expectations are unbridled this year. I’m going to put myself out there to be heartbroken.

  3. Mark Moore

    I can almost smell/taste it … it’s finally that close.

    • Melvin

      Not too long before you can start your outdoor grilling again. 😉

      • Mark Moore

        As doofus said, I never stop grilling. Usually 1x per week, sometimes 2x. And then there’s the almost weekly breakfast scramble on the Blackstone griddle … 😀

  4. old-school

    January was Loooooooooong.
    Any word on timing of India’s arbitration hearing. Its gotta be soon.

    • Mark Moore

      What I can find just says hearings run through the 16th. I’m sure we’ll know very soon. I’m thinking if Jazz didn’t get his number, India may not either. All depends on the person running the hearing.

  5. MBS

    I filled out a state of the Reds survey on the Athletic. It would be fun to see one of those done on here.

  6. TR

    Cuba, apparently, did not receive an invitation to this year’s Series. They, apparently will rejoin the Caribbean Series next year when it is held in Mexico.

    • Greenfield Red

      Salami, it’s not perfect, but I see it as close. Arroyo > the everyday guy. Hall expected to start this year in Milwaukee = Phillips. Floyd = Comp pick.

  7. 2020ball

    Im lucky to have a lot of my favorite activities available during the winter, so baseball coming back is always a welcome bonus going into the spring. Lots to look forward to for the Reds this year even if theyre missing that big rotation piece. Regardless of all the perceived negatives of the team from many, im simply excited to watch a young team compete. Baseball is quite enjoyable when you take away all the far too common attitudes of ball-sport loving fans.

  8. Grand Salami

    Corbin Burnes out of the NLCD and onto the Orioles. Brewers had minimal leverage and got a return that was just alright.

    • LDS

      And a trade the Reds could easily have matched. I guess overpaying for rehabilitating pitchers is a “better” strategy for the Reds.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Brewers most likely would have been unwilling to trade in division unless the price was much much higher. Not always the rule, but typically the case at least.

      • LDS

        That’s usually true. But the Reds could have made a better offer easily. A true top starter would have greatly increased the Reds chances in 2024. Though right now, depending on what happens with Bellinger, the Cubs look like the division favorite. Certainly, they have a stronger manager than most of the division.

      • 2020ball

        Bell,bell, David David, and David. Manager. DAVID David why can’t everyone see that. Bell and then he Bell, then David, and bell bell bell again. David Bell, David, bell bell bell bell. David….

      • Greenfield Red

        This trade is the approximate equivilant of Arroyo, Phillips, and Floyd for 1 year of Burnes. Given where they are from a pitching standpoint going into ST, I would not make that trade.

      • Greenfield Red

        For two years of Cease, probably would do it.

      • LDS

        @2020, I didn’t mention Bell. I simply stated that Counsell is better than most of the managers. Be a Bell fan if you wish.

      • 2020ball

        Lol, you mention Bell in literally all your posts. Im no fan as pretty much all of us have told you multiple times, and i prefer to not think about him at all same as any manager.

      • 2020ball

        Haha, good ‘ol L “i didnt mention Bell” DS. Keep on truckin’ on and i guess go Cubs!

      • TR

        With his love of substitution, he’s known by many as Tinker Bell.

      • Grand Salami

        Greenfield, don’t agree with comparison at all.

        Headliner: The got the #5 (and falling) pro expect from the O’s. Experience wise he’s a guy who already touched MLB and underwhelmed.
        Secondary Piece: rookie relief pitcher who has stuff but not the consistency.
        Tertiary piece: compensation pick

        That’s just no where close to what you laid out.

  9. Mauired

    Good riddance to Burnes. He seemed like a Reds killer. Division seems more winnable by the day. Milwaukee’s pitching which has been their trademark for this run as taken some big hits losing their big 3 (Hader, Burnes, Woodruff)

    Brewers do have some nice young players coming as like the Reds. Will be fun to see if Chourios lives up to the hype.

    • RedBB

      Burnes is a friggin Cry baby. The return for 1 year was actually pretty good IMO

  10. TR

    It was nice to see former Red, Yasiel Puig, in left field for Venezuela. I didn’t see his late-inning homerun to ice the game for Los Tiburones. Also, a full house at Loan Depot Park in Miami.

  11. MBS

    Hopefully the Reds are still kicking the tires on Bieber. Based off of the Burns deal, I think we could get Bieber for a reasonable cost. It wasn’t a bad haul for Burns, but Bieber carries a bit more risk.

    We have plenty of redundancy in the AA, AAA levels if we need them to make a deal. I’d prefer to deal from the A ball levels if we can.

    Bieber is still a TOR pitcher, and he and Montas will bring a lot of experience to our young pitching staff.

  12. Mauired

    Bieber and Burnes are on much different levels. Burnes has consistently been a top flight NL pitcher. Bieber is a one hit wonder that now throws way softer than before and maybe is damaged goods. He would probably not do well at Great American small park. I think Reds are good with all the arms they have. He’s not an upgrade.

    • MBS

      A career 3.27 ERA isn’t a 1 hit wonder, but I agree he’s not on the same level as Burnes a career 3.26 ERA pitcher. That is mostly due to Bieber’s elbow injury, than due to his talent, or skill. He would be our #1 starter. I also know the velocity has been ticking down, but the results haven’t

      • MBS

        Fair criticism, but I don’t know if using his injury season is a fair way to judge him, assuming he is indeed healthy.

        It’s about the cheapest way we could really improve our rotation for 24.

      • BK

        True, things can certainly change if injuries were holding him back and he’s moved past them.

    • 2020ball

      I would gladly take more talent on the team, so its a pretty simple choice for me. He’s a potential upgrade IMO, thats enough for me if the cost is reasonable.

      My feeling is that the guardians will keep him and see if he can rebuild his value before the deadline.

  13. 2020ball

    Hey all, i wish there was a top 100 for managers so we can all know where teams stand since the talent of the players matters very little. My choice for #1 is Craig Counsell, i prefer his icy scowl to thise of other managers.

    • Melvin

      Mark already has a manager ranking. Check with him. lol 😀

      Seriously, if the Cubs play a lot better this year that could tell us a lot. Like it or not David Bell gets a lot of criticism simply because he’s tied to Big Bob not because he’s tied to Krall. Not many like Big Bob & Son. I agree that the best kind of manager is one you don’t think about often and just win. Winning cures everything. The Reds have been losing WAAAAY Toooo long. As has been mentioned recently they now have the distinction of having the longest time of any major sports team without winning a playoff series now that the Lions advanced in the playoffs this season. Like it or not criticism will continue to come until “winning” happens especially with all of the talent this team has now.

      • 2020ball

        Like it or not I think Bell has a very negligible difference on the teams record so really none of that means much to me. Change the manager for all i care, im more focused on the players and enjoying my time watching this game instead of tearing my hair out over every small decision and talking about other teams managers. Wouldnt surprise me in the least if Counsel ran the Reds similarly to Bell. Nor anyone for that matter. If the players go out and play hard for a guy thats about all i care about. HOF Dusty taught me that.

      • Melvin

        ” instead of tearing my hair out over every small decision ”

        I would say the more losing the more “nitpicking”. I would also say the opposite is true. Winning for the most part cures everything. Most Reds fans are waiting for Big Bob to come through on his promises long ago. It’s not going to be forgotten. I agree that there is something to be said for enjoying baseball no matter what. Living in America and watching baseball. How bad can it be? 😉

      • 2020ball

        Big Bob gets no pass from me, though i think he’s hamstrung somewhat by his investor group though thats just a silly assumption i have. In general, i am very untrusting of our ownership group.

        Just saying “winning” is also a bit dubious to me but well met, i agree wholeheartedly on your last few sentences. There’s an argument to be made that they have been “winning” especially compared to last year’s projections and especially especially considering their hot mess of a rotation.

      • Melvin

        I think you’ll agree that winning for a Reds fan means going deep in the playoffs and contending for a World Series. There are a whole lot of them that still remember the “Wire To Wire” year or even the Big Red Machine.

      • 2020ball

        My standards are not that lofty, thats a common theme across many ball-sport fans IMO and it breeds much contempt. Obviously thats the goal, but so is it for 29 other teams and not everyone will make it every year. I will happily keep my expectations reasonable as its no longer Bobs fault if I dont.

      • Melvin

        I can understand your sentiments. Everyone’s expectations are their own and may be different. However, I don’t think two games over .500 would be considered “winning” by most. I do believe and agree, no matter how disappointed we may be, being thankful and enjoying the season as much as possible is wise.

      • Greenfield Red

        I consider the 82-80 record last year to be a highlight. They were only expected to win about 65 or 70 by most. Add in the fact the winning was done by the youngsters and not the veterans who largely did little, and that makes it better. Iceing on the cake is somehow getting the 2nd pick which will add another high end talent. To me, 2023 was very positive in Reds land.