The Cincinnati Reds had the first day of Redsfest on Friday evening and quite a bit came out of it from a news perspective. The team awards were handed out, Nick Krall spoke about his plans for the offseason, and we learned some more details on the contracts with the club’s recent free agent signings.

Nick Krall says they are still looking to add

With two signings this week, the Reds are still out there looking to add to their 82-win club from 2023. New President of Baseball Operations Nick Krall told Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer that they are “trying to figure out how we can continue to upgrade our club,” while noting that the team has added some quality innings. That backs up, at least a little bit, what Jeff Passan of ESPN reported this week that the team was still looking to try and add a frontline starting pitcher.

Contract details for Nick Martinez and Emilio Pagan

Friday night was also when the Reds made the signings of pitchers Nick Martinez and Emilio Pagan official. And with that news we learned a little more about their contracts. While we knew the total value and that each player had a player option for 2025, Gordon Wittenmyer of the Cincinnati Enquirer got the details about the salary for each player in each season.

Martinez, who could make $26,000,000 over the span of his 2-year deal if he stick around for the second season of it, will make $14,000,000 in 2024 and could get $12,000,000 in 2025 if he chooses to remain with the Reds. Pagan’s deal is for $8,000,000 in each of the next two seasons if he opts to remain with the club for 2025.

The Team Awards

On the main stage at Redsfest on Friday the team awards were handed out. Spencer Steer got the biggest one, being named the Ernie Lombardi Team MVP. Alexis Diaz was named the Johnny Vander Meet Pitcher of the Year. And TJ Friedl was named as the Joe Nuxhall Good Guy on the team.

No one played in more games for the Reds last season that Steer. He only missed six games all year and he racked up a team best 665 plate appearances. That was 109 more trips to the plate than anyone else on the team. He led the team in doubles with 37 and home runs with 23. He was also tops on the team in runs batted in with 86 and in walks with 68. And he did all of that while hitting .271/.356/.464. Not bad for the rookie who also happened to play first base, second base, third base, left field, and right field during the season.

Alexis Diaz, who is not at Redsfest this year as he’s back at home in Puerto Rico awaiting the birth of a child, got the nod for the top pitcher on the club. The 2023 All-Star pitched in 71 games and picked up 37 saves on the year. Diaz had a 3.07 ERA and allowed just 44 hits in 67.1 innings while walking 36 batters and striking out 86.

TJ Friedl got the Joe Nuxhall Good Guy Award. We don’t exactly have stats to talk about with regards to that. But we can still tell you how he performed on the field in 2023. He finished second on the team in games, plate appearances, stolen bases (27), and home runs (18). Friedl spent most of his time in center and hit .279/.352/.467 on they ear.

The Team Award

No, we didn’t just write this section. While the team handed out their awards on Friday night, they also go an award of their own on Friday night. Cincinnati was awarded the Allan H. Selig Award for Philanthropic Excellence by Major League Baseball. This award, according to the Major League Baseball press release, recognizes the Reds Community Makeover program, aiding revitalization efforts in underserved communities throughout the greater Cincinnati region.

The timing of the announcement couldn’t have come at a better time than on Friday with the start of Redsfest. While Redsfest is a fan experience, it’s all done for the Reds Community Fund, who is listed by the Reds as the beneficiary of Redsfest.

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  1. Colorado Red

    Congratulations to Alexis on his child. A great and scary day.

  2. Tom Reeves

    The Reds Community Fund is a great cause to support! One of the best things about the Reds is the charitable support.

    Back to Reds… I’ve been thinking a lot about EDLC and I think it solves a lot of problems if we were move to the OF or at least make RF an option for the Reds.

    • Melvin

      The reason I like EDLC in CF rather than RF is because he can track down balls in both gaps. For example after tracking a ball down in RCF he would need to turn and throw to 3B if a play was there and would still require a very strong arm. His body and skills were just made for CF. He’d be a very good player at just about any other position. He’d be a superstar in CF.

      • TR

        EDLC in centerfield would bring back memories of Willie Mays, one of the all-time greats in that position, who I saw play many a game at Crosley Field.

      • Colorado Red

        TR, Or it could make him like Nick.
        STOP trying to move players around, and trade surplus or other surplus.

      • Captain redsleg

        This team should be working on defense and pitch recognition all winter long

    • docproc

      The only reason I prefer EDLC in RF is that Friedl holds down CF quite well. Let EDLC show off his cannon from RF on runners trying to go from first to third.

      But one way or another, I’m all for Elly in the outfield.

    • JayTheRed

      Let players play where they learned to play. I hate how Cincy is obsessed with moving guys around and having them play 3 or even 5 positions. Yes, it allows for flexibility on a day-to-day basis but how is a player to settle in and produce well when they don’t know where they are even playing until just a few hours before a game.

      Players knowing maybe 1 or 2 other spots to play them at occasionally is better for the player.

  3. MK

    Marte injured his hamstring in Dominican last night, same one in hired last summer. He is done for winter.

    • Votto4life

      Marte was at Redsfest last night. Are you talking about the hamstring he pulled a couple of weeks ago?

  4. Optimist

    Casali’s workout trainer signs with D’Backs.

  5. Old-school

    Reds have lost their comedic foil for the 2024 season. Ricky Karcher signs a minor league deal with the Dbacks. Oh well.

    • Roger Garrett

      Best part of a really good year was the save Wild Thing got on a night he had no business even being on the team much less being in a save situation.Casali was never the same after that inning but just goes to show you the worst of decisions can turn out good.Classic example of why we shouldn’t anoint or throw managers under the bus based on wins and losses.Casali and Wild Thing mentioned as now being connected to the D backs has to be along the line of divine intervention or karma.Can’t make these kind of things up can you?

    • mac624

      That’s a good reason why he’s simply a writer that throws ideas against the wall to see what sticks rather than being an actual paid GM. Sadly, as bad as he was as a GM, he’s perhaps worse as a trade predictor. That trade proposal is preposterous. Not even Ol’ Bob is that dumb.

    • G in Fla

      OMG, that is truly the dumbest trade proposal I’ve ever heard. I now have to wonder of his mental health.

    • Justin T

      If you read the stories that are attached to glasgow, most value him as a guy itll take 2-3 really good prospects to get him. I dont think Bowden is crazy to suggest this especially when those three have had ZERO big league sucess.

      The Castillini era has made most Reds fans look at prospects more valuable because there is nothing on the field to cheer for. I heard about Jose Berraro (sp) for the last 10 years and people still cant understand he isnt going to make it. Reds have had more success w pitching pickups vs developing pitchers anyways. Give me Glasgow ( as long as you can re-sign him) and you keep the lottery tickets.

    • west larry

      Was he drunk, or on some psycodelic drug like LSD? Man, he was an awful g m and a worse trade predictor.

    • Oldtimer

      Jim Bowden traded for Ken Griffey, Jr. And a few more good trades as Reds GM.

      The Reds were very good in 1994, 1995, and 1999. He was Reds GM then.

      Bob Howsam made bad trades, too. Tony Perez. Ross Grimsley. Hal McRae.

      • west larry

        Griffey forced his hand. Griffey wanted to be traded, but only to the reds. Leather pants reall was just sitting there. Any g m would have made that trade.

      • TR

        Jim Bowden’s interest as Red’s GM was always offense, not pitching.

      • Oldtimer

        Kevin Mitchell. Ron Gant (FA). Eric Davis (FA). Greg Vaughn. All acquired or signed by Jim Bowden. Mitchell key to 1994 and 1995 success. Vaughn key to 1999 success.

        Amazing how little Reds fans know about recent team history.

        Seaver forced the NYM to trade him so I guess he forced Howsam’s hand?

      • Oldtimer

        Significant Trades

        November 3, 1992 traded Paul O’Neill and Joe DeBerry to the New York Yankees for Roberto Kelly

        November 17, 1992 traded Norm Charlton to the Seattle Mariners for Kevin Mitchell

        November 2, 1993 traded Dan Wilson and Bobby Ayala to the Seattle Mariners for Bret Boone and Erik Hanson

        December 10, 1993 traded Larry Luebbers, Darron Cox and Mike Anderson to the Chicago Cubs for Chuck McElroy

        May 29, 1994 traded Roberto Kelly and Roger Etheridge to the Atlanta Braves for Deion Sanders

        July 21, 1995 traded Deion Sanders, Scott Service, John Roper, David McCarty and Ricky Pickett to the San Francisco Giants for Mark Portugal, Dave Burba and Darren Lewis

        July 31, 1995 traded C.J. Nitkowski, Dave Tuttle and Mark Lewis to the Detroit Tigers for David Wells
        May 27, 1996 traded Chuck McElroy to the California Angels for Lee Smith
        July 31, 1997 traded Jeff Branson and John Smiley to the Cleveland Indians for Danny Graves, Damian Jackson, Scott Winchester and Jim Crowell

        November 10, 1997 traded Jeff Brantley to the St. Louis Cardinals for Dmitri Young

        March 30, 1998 traded Dave Burba to the Cleveland Indians for Sean Casey

        July 4, 1998 traded Jeff Shaw to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Paul Konerko and Dennys Reyes

        November 10, 1998 traded Bret Boone and Mike Remlinger to the Atlanta Braves for Denny Neagle, Rob Bell and Michael Tucker

        November 11, 1998 traded Paul Konerko to the Chicago White Sox for Mike Cameron

        February 2, 1999 traded Reggie Sanders, Damian Jackson and Josh Harris to the San Diego Padres for Greg Vaughn and Mark Sweeney

        July 31, 1999 traded B.J. Ryan and Jacobo Sequea to the Baltimore Orioles for Juan Guzman

        October 30, 1999 traded Jeffrey Hammonds and Stan Belinda to the Colorado Rockies for Dante Bichette

        February 10, 2000 traded Mike Cameron, Antonio Perez, Jake Meyer and Brett Tomko to the Seattle Mariners for Ken Griffey, Jr

        July 12, 2000 traded Denny Neagle and Mike Frank to the New York Yankees for Drew Henson, Ed Yarnall, Jackson Melian and Brian Reith

        March 21, 2001 traded Drew Henson and Michael Coleman to the New York Yankees for Wily Mo Pena

        June 15, 2001 traded Rob Bell to the Texas Rangers for Ruben Mateo and Edwin Encarnacion

        July 11, 2002 traded Juan Encarnacion, Wilton Guerrero and Ryan Snare to the Florida Marlins for Ryan Dempster

        July 30, 2003 traded Jose Guillen to the Oakland Athletics for Aaron Harang, Joe Valentine and Jeff Bruksch

        July 31, 2003 traded Aaron Boone to the New York Yankees for Charlie Manning and Brandon Claussen

    • LDS

      I guess that’s why he’s no longer a GM. I saw that and thought wow pretty steep price for a one-year rental – not to mention Glasnow’s salary. There are no kind words to describe the absurdity of this proposal.

    • J

      Bowden is obviously trying to help Krall by suggesting he do something incredibly stupid, so that virtually any trade Krall actually does make will seem comparatively brilliant. No matter how bad it may seem, he knows we’ll all be saying “well, at least he didn’t give them what Bowden would have given them.”

    • Doc

      Glasnow’s best year of 120 innings pitched is well below the innings pitched by several of the Reds youngsters in 2023 when minor and major league innings are added. Just can’t see him as a dependable upgrade.

    • Votto4life

      I read that. Bowden is out of his mind. I’d be surprised if Bowden still has a lot of contacts in baseball these days.

    • Mario

      not sure if there is a pitcher in the league that I would make that trade for. He would have to be young and really good. But pitchers are always one injury away from being useless for year +. As for position players, it would surely hurt the rotation badly but these would be worth it – Acuna, Albies, Corbin Carroll, Judge. Might be missing someone…

  6. Jason Franklin

    There’s something in the water… Overton has resigned with the Redlegs. We should assume this is just AAA armage.

    • Optimist

      Isn’t this also an injury rehab situation? TJ IIRC?

      • Votto4life

        Yeah, an article I read said he wouldn’t be available to pitch until mid season, perhaps longer, since this is his second TJ. If I read it

      • Optimist

        Doug has the full story posted and discusses the timeline. Makes sense for many reasons – certainly possible AAA depth late in the season, and one of many in the running for next season.

  7. Old-school

    Pagan per Goldsmith close with farmer and gray on twins and both former reds talking up the franchise.

    Very positive. Young nucleus in organization with rich tradition getting back to winning trajectory with quality people and hes excited to get to the playoffs as a Red

    Great Q &A with DJ about constructing rotation and bullpen as well

    Good week for the Redlegs. Hopefully winter meetings bring more.

  8. Old-school

    Gordon Wittenmyer has a must read on Jon India. Jon front and center at Reds fest and not backing away from trade talks. Says he loves the city and playing for this team and he trusts Reds front office as honest people who are accessible and have a dialogue with him. Reds value India a lot. I dont see him being traded unless it’s for a huge outfielder or pitcher.

  9. Melvin

    According to MLBTRADERUMORS – “Elly De La Cruz Open To Playing “Wherever The Team Needs Me””