Free agency has technically already begun, but only in a weird kind of way. Players who were set to become free agents following the World Series can only negotiate with their previous team until Monday. It’s a big day for the Cincinnati Reds.


The club announced on Saturday, just before noon, that they had declined the 2024 club options on both Joey Votto and Curt Casali. Both players are now free agents. Cincinnati will be paying them $7,000,000 (Votto) and $750,000 (Casali) to not play for them next year. Now back to the original article:

There are plenty of needs that could be addressed in free agency if the team is willing to write some checks. And they should given that they only have about $37,000,000 in payroll for 2024 if everyone gets their expected arbitration numbers.

The free agent market has plenty of options out there that Cincinnati could take a look at. MLB Trade Rumors has an up-to-date list of players who are free agents or could be depending on whether or not their options are exercised (either by the player, the team, or both). Earlier this week Jim Bowden of The Athletic took a look at some of the top free agents and which ones seemed like a good fit with the Reds.

Most deals aren’t signed in November, though that does happen. The same goes for trades. Things begin to heat up at the Winter Meetings in early December, but the general manager meetings are this upcoming week out in Arizona. This could be where some trade talks begin, but much like the signings – don’t expect anything big to come out of these as far as trades go.

Arizona Fall League Fall Stars Game

On Sunday night the annual Fall Stars game will take place. It’s not as much of an All-Star game as it is a showcase of sorts. With that said, the Reds will have two prospects representing the club in the game. Catcher Michael Trautwein and right-handed reliever Andrew Moore were both added to the team and if either get into the game you can watch it starting at 8pm ET on Sunday via MLB Network or

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    • MBS

      I liked that list, it gave a bit of a synopsis on each player, and that was especially helpful with the Japanese players.

    • Mario

      outstanding list and very informative. I mostly agree on the salary predictions, the pitchers are about to get paid.

      • Mario

        I’d like to see them sign Jordan Montgomery and Teoscar Hernandez and Fraley and Benson are probably trade bait. My guess is Ashcraft gets moved to the bullpen.

    • Tar Heel Red

      That was much better…thanks Redsvol.

  1. LDS

    The Reds made a lot of money last season. Will they spend some of it? I’d like to see it but I’m skeptical until it happens. As for JV, I wish he’d just retire. It’s depressing to see him drag it out with his best Aquino impersonation.

  2. doofus

    Doug, is Mije Trautwein a viable option at catcher for the big club? I know he is a LH bat.

  3. Klugo

    I’ve been reading plenty of these FA and Trade Candidate articles and very few of them include Cincy as a potential suitor. I dont get it. We’re so close.

    • doofus

      It is the “Castellini” curse. Mist writers do not see the Reds as a landing spot for FAs because of ownership.

    • JB WV

      I ignore that stuff. How often are they right?

    • mac624

      What writers write and talking heads say, and what actually happens, are usually very different things.

  4. doofus

    I would love Aaron Nola on the mound every 5th day for the Reds. His repertoire is similar to Sonny Grays, yet 4 years younger. His post season results are legit.

    • Mario

      would you like Nola for 8 years and 208 million – that’s the NBC Sports prediction.

      • doofus

        Sure. Nola has been physically sound.

        Would not mind Singer, Cease or Skubal in deals.

      • Mario

        that’s crazy length and dollars for a pitcher. 5/127 for Montgomery would be a huge risk but 5 years is a risk worth taking knowing they have no other large long term commitments.

      • Mario

        I’m glad I am not the GM but also glad you are not. What would Singer or Cease cost in trade? Whatever it is probably isn’t worth it. Singer isn’t a guy who is a must playoff starter. Cease probably is that guy but did not have a great year. Doug thinks all of us want to be GM but he can count me as one who does not.

  5. doofus

    A legit LH bat in the OF or 1b is needed. Riley Greene or Colton Cowser?

    Does Elly move to the OF? If so, Arroyo is not dealt and no need for LH OF bat. Fraley and Benson are not an answer for a playoff bound team. They are nice complementary players.

    Would the Sox move Tristan Casas and Kyle Teel in a mega deal? New GM there would want to make his mark?

    • JB WV

      How about Bellinger? Love to see him in a Cincy jersey feeding balls into the right field stands. Like Fraley but he could be trade bait

  6. Michael Wilson

    As far as trades goes I don’t think there is much of a market for India, Fraley, Senzel. They could be a throw in but they probably have more value to the Reds than the return. Marte, Arroyo and the lower level studs, Collier, Cabrera, Lowder will be sought after. I say keep them. I would shop Diaz, Stephenson.

    • Mario

      if you shop Stephenson, then who’s catching? If you shop Diaz, who is closing? I am for Josh Hader but I wonder if he’s willing to come on in the eighth inning to let Diaz close the ninth. And then they can alternate on the next night.

    • Votto4life

      I would rather keep Senzel and Fraley than give them away. I disagree about India. I think he does have trade value and if packaged with the right prospect, could bring the Reds a solid starter. But again, I wouldn’t just give India away.

      The Reds can afford to pay all three. If they are traded just to dump salary, things are even darker for this franchise than even I imagined.

      • MBS

        I don’t think India or Fraley get moved for salary reasons. If they get moved, I think it would be for roster construction reasons.

        If we don’t add to the roster, then they both should stay. If they actually decide to add some impact players, one of them could become expendable.

  7. Votto4life

    Usually teams that are going to make a splash in Free Agency have a buzz around them. I think that is what the writers are going by, well that and the Reds most recent spending habits.

    The Reds however usually keep things pretty close to their vests. We all know they have the capacity to increase payroll, the question do they have the will? We will find out pretty soon.

    It would be a real shame if the owners let this opportunity go by.

  8. Laredo Slider

    Doubt any top FA SP will want to pitch in small GABP.

    • Redsvol

      I tend to agree – unless it is likely their last contract. Which for Sony gray, it probably is.

      We can probably attract an innings eater (Gibson) or a guy looking to reestablish value on a 1 yr high $ contract but I don’t think it’s realistic to expect the top free agent pitchers to sign to pitch in gabp.

      They need to take some $ earned last year and contract with an architecture firm to establish a design that will lengthen the center right to right field dimensions by 20-30 feet. Do this and free agent pitcher might consider us

    • Mario

      players usually go to the top bidder. Trea Turner was an exception being from nearby the Philly area. I can’t think of a lot of examples of players who turned down a bigger offer.

  9. JC

    Krall just released a statement saying the Reds can’t commit to the playing time Votto deserves.
    Farewell Joey. Makes me sad, but understand the decision.

  10. Pete

    The Reds decline Joey Votto’s option.

  11. Brad

    So everyone is glad that the reds now don’t have any high priced players and about 37 million in payroll. Now they can spend it on some free agents. Has everyone forgotten who owns this team? They didn’t go young to get better. They went younger to get cheaper. That’s it. If they play good is not really the goal, making more money is. As soon as this batch of players gets to where they are going to make money, Krull will to looking to get another “haul” of younger (cheaper) players. I am sure we will see the tried and true Reds method of getting free agents. Throw some retreads at the wall and see what sticks. I have been a fan for years but one good year by this ownership group doesn’t earn them a pass for all the years of mistakes.
    On a different note, has anyone seen or heard from “little p” lately ? It’s been awhile since he said something stupid. He’s due.

    • Mario

      disagree on your point about why they went younger. Shedding some contracts helped the bottom line sure but Nick Krall was able to stock the farm system that resulted in a rookie explosion in 2023 (that ultimately resulted in a winning record and a remarkably fast rebuild). Trading Sonny Gray was the one seemingly salary dump but they got back a young hot shot in Chase Petty who might just make his Reds debut next season.