No, this is not a paid advertisement for the Cincinnati Reds – but if you’re reading this, Reds, we’re open to it and you know how to get in touch. But the Reds have posted a bunch of jobs that are open. Some of them are not in baseball operations – such as ticketing and sales related stuff – but some of them are indeed working with actual baseball operations and you may very well be qualified to handle some of them. Others…. well, you probably aren’t. But maybe!

As for the jobs within the realm of baseball, the Reds are looking for a scout in Latin America, a pitching analyst and a hitting analyst in the minor leagues (separate jobs), a strength and conditioning coach for the minor leagues, a minor league rehab coach in the minor leagues, several internships out in Arizona at the spring training complex, as well as operators for both Trackman and Hawkeye systems in the minor leagues.

The club is also looking for people to join the Rally Pack and Coordinate Event Services.

If any of that stuff sounds up your alley, here’s the link with all of the job listings and what they are looking for with those gigs.

If you dream of being a general manager one day, and if I’ve learned anything from reading the comments – you’re all dreaming of it – then this is where you can get started. It only took Nick Krall a decade-and-a-half to climb that ladder, so just dream about where you could be in 15 years! Maybe you get to make the decision on whether or not to pick up the option on Matt McLain’s final year. Perhaps you get to raise the 7-time defending World Series Champions banner. Or maybe you just live where the team has an affiliate and want to go to all of the games and click around on the computer while tracking a bunch of data during the games.

In all seriousness, though, there’s some actual value in just seeing the job listings. The Reds are expanding things in the minor leagues. While some of these jobs are just replacing people who are not coming back to the organization for 2024, some of the jobs are brand new, or at least they appear to be. There was no one listed in the 2023 Reds Media Guide as pitching or hitting analyst within player development. The club did have two pitching coordinators as well as two hitting coordinators, something that most teams only have one of.

Hawkeye, which took over as the “Statcast” data provider a few years ago from Trackman at the big league level, had largely been unavailable in the minor leagues. In 2022 it was in all Triple-A parks in the Pacific Coast League and in all parks in the Single-A Florida State League except Daytona (they play in the only park in the league that isn’t also a spring training home for a big league team). In 2023 Hawkeye was added to all of the Triple-A International League, where Louisville plays. It seems that in 2024 that both High-A Dayton and Triple-A Louisville are going to have both the Trackman system (which they have both had since at least 2016) as well as Hawkeye.


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  1. Melvin

    “If you dream of being a general manager one day, and if I’ve learned anything from reading the comments – you’re all dreaming of it”

    You mean I’m not already? 😉

    • PTBNL

      We have about 30 GM’s on this site. 🙂

      • Melvin

        I prefer Manager/GM….so there’s no conflicts. 😉 Sometimes I think Big Bob thinks of himself as Manger/GM/Owner. haha

    • JayTheRed

      Oh so we can blame you for several others for not making the playoffs this year. Ahhh…

  2. Harry Stoner

    I could get behind overseeing the food service at GASP.

    During my all too short time in Cincinnati way back in the 80s, as much as I enjoyed watching Mario Soto’s changeup, it was the brats and metts at Riverfront that kept me coming back.

    Best ballpark food (and beer) in MLB at the time.

    Somebody tell me they are still the same and still as good.

    • SOQ

      The Brats are a “Must Have” with every ballpark visit 🙂

  3. Mike

    I guaranteed I’d take the Reds to the playoffs in 2022, and 2023, but never heard back from them. I will guarantee it again for 2024 — and for No compensation unless I do. I’ve followed the Reds for 57 consecutive years and have watched more than 90% of their games for the last 5 years. I know how to manage people, who should be in and at what position and where in the lineup. I know how to manage pitchers. Who should come in and how long they should stay in. I would rely on the coaches to teach all the skills (pitching, hitting, fielding, etc.). I would manage the players. I would have the right players at the right positions and maximize the pitchers’ performances. I don’t need any more players, but if the GM can get Sonny and Aroldis back that would be great. Either way, I’d manage for free, guarantee the playoffs and only ask to be compensated after that happened. I know the personas of our team and how to motivate them. I have a degree in psychology, had 23,000 employees until I retired last December. I wouldn’t know how to manage the players of other teams, but I know the Red’s players inside and out. The Reds need my skills at manager right now. I guarantee it! (The Reds have had many different lineups the last several years and haven’t made the playoffs. The one constant has been the Manager. That’s what needs to change. The players haven’t been used correctly. I hope the Reds have the guts to make the change and accept my offer.)

    • Doc

      So formally apply and let the hiring guys assess your qualifications, then report back to us whether or not you came close to getting the job.

  4. West Larry

    …15 years in reds organization might qualify you to be a general manager. Let’s see i turn 79 before spring training starts-so I’ll be 94 or 95 before I may qualify for a G M job. Where do I sign up ?

  5. Klugo

    I dont think they can afford me. lol

  6. Jim Delaney

    Position they need to be filled is Phil
    Castellini ‘s. Back in February he met with Rosie Reds organization and gave a presentation saying Baseball is messed up due to its finances and Reds have no chance to ever win. Meanwhile the 2023
    season plays out and you have two teams that lost over 100 games in 2021 make the World Series.
    Meanwhile you have teams that spent above the luxury tax NY Mets,.SD Padres and NY Yankees not make the playoffs.
    Also, another team that recently lost over 100 games won there division and won over 100 games in Baltimore.
    If Reds had a better ownership group they likely would have made playoffs this season, and Arizona wouldn’t have and who knows what would have happened for the Reds.
    A key reason Arizona made playoffs and are heading to the World Series is they made impactful moves at the deadline while the Reds squandered away a shot to make playoffs.
    In today’s baseball if you make the playoffs you have a shot.. Reds didn’t put in enough effort to make the playoffs in 2023.. will that change in 2024?! the current ownership group and front office are on the clock…

    • Luke J

      To be fair, baseball’s finances system is absolutely broken. You can still try to win while at the same time recognizing how terrible the system actually is.

      • Mario

        Luke, agreed. The salary floor needs to happen and it should be 100 million in 2024 and go up steadily from there. I haven’t liked the idea of a hard salary cap. The luxury tax thresholds seem to work out.

    • LDS

      The Reds would have made the playoffs with an acquisition or two at deadline AND/OR a better manager than Bell. As @JB alleged above, there are probably a 100 here, easily half of whom could have done better in the 2nd half than TinkerBell.

      • Doc

        Do you have your comments on autofill?

      • LDS

        Of course @Doc, don’t you? I think the Reds afford a sharp contrast to other teams this off season that have recognized failure and moved to fix it. The Reds? Nope, they’re good. Look at all the money they made last year.

  7. RedBB

    I just read Krall’s wiki bio. Didn’t realize he joined the Reds in 2003 as an advanced scout and worked with the A’s prior to that. I thought he was a much lower level employee than that. I seem to remember reading that he started in the mail room or something like that LOL.

  8. Joe

    Fwiw, I interviewed for and was offered a position in their Analytics department a few years back.

    The pay was very low.

    By comparison, I can even get an interview with the Cubs, the Indians, the Braves, or the Rays.

    Do with that information what you will.

    • RedBB

      Interesting. What is your background may I ask?

    • capnhook33

      Professional sports in general are pretty well known to pay like crap if you are not an athlete or coach or high level exec. My brother interviewed multiple times with the Bengals for an assistant strength coach job, and he had interned with Chip Morton at the time, and the pay was less than he made as a business owner. He’s a civilian contractor with the military now so it worked out.

  9. Vincent

    I’d be so much better than David Bell

  10. RedsMonk65

    Interesting to me that the Diamondbacks, the No. 3 WC in the NL this year, only won two more games than the Reds did during the regular season. Also interesting to me that none of the division winners are in the World Series. Just goes to show you is that all you need to do is get in. From there, anything can happen. It’s about who gets hot at the right moment.

    That said, Arizona (and Texas) both have some fine players — including quality pitchers. Our pitching staff was in shambles down the stretch.

    Still, I can’t help but wonder what might have been — if only we’d won THREE more games …..!

    • David

      Pitching wins games. Period.

      Arizona’s pitching got “hot” at the right time. That is the only explanation I have.

      Arizona was handily leading the Dodgers at one point in the season, and then had a very bad stretch where they fell back, during which period is when the Reds swept them at GABP, I think.
      Later, they seemed to recover and ended the year hot. Obviously.

      And yes, if the Reds had gotten some pitching help (a starter!!) at or before the interleague trading deadline, they could have made it into the playoffs. They might not have gotten far, but …..anything can happen. The Arizona- Phillie NLCS series is proof of that. The experts would have predicted the Dodgers-Braves in that series.

      The real puzzler to me is the 4 lane pile-up of the Atlanta Braves, who just floundered in the playoffs after having a spectacular year, and probably have the league MVP in Ronald Acuna, Jr.

      • Mark Moore

        Agreed. The Snakes “destroying” the Bravos was very unexpected. Not having to face them gave the Phillies a boost. And you are spot-on about the Snakes pitching coming alive at the right time. Those last couple innings were quite the thing to see.

      • David

        Mark, what do you mean?

        The Phillies beat the Braves in the Division series. The Diamondbacks did not play the Braves.

        The Diamondbacks beat the Dodgers.

      • Mark Moore

        My mistake. I forgot that the Snakes just creamed the Trolley Dodgers after ripping through the Bernies. Shows you how much attention I’ve been paying up until last night 😉

      • RedsMonk65

        Yes, the Braves’ folding is interesting. They were a fun team to watch this year. Interesting that none of the 100-win teams in MLB made it to the World Series (some fell woefully short). That said, I’m fine with the way things turned out. For the sake of variety, I’m just glad there are no teams like the Dodgers or Astros (and the “usual suspects”) in the Fall Classic this year. Rangers vs. D-backs sounds like a good matchup.

        In short: Get the pitching! As the D-backs have demonstrated, a so-so wild card team with only 84 regular-season wins can do well in the playoffs if they start clicking at the right time, and if they have reliable, effective pitching. In that regard, 2024 offers promise for the Reds — IF THEY GET THE PITCHING!!! (Another ball-bashing outfielder would help, too.)

      • capnhook33

        Not really that surprising. Atlanta pitching really struggled in September, and they had injuries, so really running into a hot hitting team is not a recipe for success. Their second half ERA (4.76) was worse than the Reds, and in September it was 5.61 with an .810 OPS given up. Easy to see why they lost.

  11. Mark Moore

    Interesting if not amusing. No affiliates here and they couldn’t afford me anyway (let alone have a position that I’d qualify for).

    And regarding all of our “side chicks” for this season … what a finish for the Snakes last night. I watched quite a bit of that game and stayed up way past my bedtime. But it was worth it for me. I have family ties out there in the desert.

    Snakes vs. Rangers works for me. Love that they were both in the lower-levels of WC teams and fought through some very tough competition to get to this point. I’ll end up watching far more WS ball than I’d planned on watching as a result. Two Titanic Game 7 Battles … who’d a thunkit? 😮

    • Melvin

      As I recall if we would have won our last two games that could be us playing in the NLCS. 🙂

  12. TR

    Both pennant winners take the last two games in their opponents ballpark. That doesn’t happen too often. If the pitcher is on, Nick Castellanos is vulnerable to the low outside pitch. A lot of disappointed Philly fans.

    • Mark Moore

      “Disappointed” is a major understatement based on what I saw last night. And Philly Phans are not known for their “brotherly love” either … 😮

    • Old-school

      Love NC, but he was 1-24 with 11 K’s in the series. Brutal.

  13. jazzmanbbfan

    In 15 years I’ll be 84 so I guess rising to GM isn’t in the cards for me.

  14. Jon

    If this postseason has taught me anything, it’s the importance of adding pitching depth and power hitter(s) this winter.

    The Reds simply can’t go into 2024 expecting to both make the postseason and advance in it while relying on the same crop of young and often-injured starters. They can’t continue to overwork the bullpen and expect them to remain fresh and effective through October. Sign two proven starters and go from there. If that means bumping a young guy or two to Louisville if everyone is healthy, so be it. Worst case scenario is they end up with too many starters and they can flip one for a haul at the deadline next year.

    • Tom Diesman

      It sure can’t hurt to add some depth to the rotation, but I don’t expect them to add more than one mid plus rotation piece. I’m really excited to see how this young group of starters progresses next season. While the Reds SP put up a 5.43 ERA last season, the Reds current projected opening day rotation of Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Abbott, and Williamson (Average age of 24.4 years) put up a 4.62 ERA in 99 GS. The MLB average starter last season had a 4.45 ERA. None of the three that missed time last season (Greene/hip, Lodolo/tibia, Ashcraft/toe) did so because of arm issues. They’ll have Phillips and Richardson at AAA to perhaps step in as Abbot/Williamson did this year if needed. There is a lot here to be excited about for the Reds rotation next year. Maybe even more to get excited about if they add one veteran arm and maybe a couple of rebound types for depth.

      • RedsMonk65

        As they say, you can never have enough pitching — especially with injuries of some type almost assured.

  15. redfanorbust

    Not sure how much I would want to be a GM. Depends a lot on ownership I would guess. If I am handcuffed with serious budget restraints then no thanks. For 2024 I do not want to see any signings for “innings eaters” or because we need a particular handed pitcher. Only quality arms with decent WAR. Yeah it will cost some money but given our super low payroll and type of promising team we are currently fielding now is NOT the time to cheap out with bargain basement players. I/we all surely have seen enough of those last year.