It was a disappointing Saturday night in St. Louis as the Cincinnati Reds (82-79) were eliminated from postseason play in game 161. There is, however, one more game this season. The Reds will try to finish on a high note against the St. Louis Cardinals (70-91) in Game 162 this afternoon. First pitch from Busch Stadium is at 3:15 p.m. EDT.


Cincinnati Reds

St. Louis Cardinals

LF Nick Martini CF Tommy Edman
SS Elly De La Cruz DH Lars Nootbaar
1B Joey Votto RF Jordan Walker
DH Christian Encarnacion-Strand 1B Luken Baker
3B Noelvi Marte LF Richie Palacios
RF Will Benson C Andrew Knizner
2B Nick Senzel 3B Jose Fermín
CF Stuart Fairchild 2B Irving Lopez
C Luke Maile SS Masyn Winn

I’m trying not to think about this being Joey Votto’s last game with the Reds, but if it is, what a career. It was a nice tribute for David Bell to put him third in the lineup today.

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 107.0 4.71 1.39 47 146
Miles Mikolas 194.1 4.82 1.33 39 127
Links: Hunter Greene’s Stats | Miles Mikolas’ Stats

Hunter Greene

Hunter Greene striking out 14 batters in one game while allowing just one run on three hits in seven innings and then turning around in his next start to give up seven runs on eight hits in just three innings is a example of the roller coaster season he has had. He can be so good, and yet have some starts where he’s really bad.

In the second half, Greene owns a 6.42 ERA in only half the starts he made in the first half. He’s given up more home runs in significantly less innings in the second half (10 home runs in 33.2). This is drastically more than the nine he allowed in 73.1 innings in the first half. However, three of those home runs did come in his last start against the Cleveland Guardians.

Greene will be part of the rotation next season and for years to come because he signed a long term contract a couple months ago, and if he can be a little more consistent, he can go from being really good to being elite.


RHH 240 60 20 2 10 8% 27% .275 .339 .523
LHH 232 42 10 2 9 12% 35% .211 .319 .417

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Split Slider Change
Velo 98.6 88.3 87.5 91.2
Usage 54% 0.4% 39% 7%

Miles Mikolas

Miles Mikolas is coming off one of his best starts of the season last Tuesday against the Brewers. He earned the win by allowing only one run on five hits through seven innings. He walked only two and struck out five. Those kind of starts have been few and far between for the 35-year-old right-hander. Except for May and July, his ERA each month has been north of 5.00. It was 4.18 in 28.0 innings in July, but May was his best month by far. He had a 1.89 ERA with 29 strikeouts in 30.0 innings and the Cardinals went 3-0 in his starts.

Mikolas is not going to blow you away with his pitch speed, as he averages low-90s on his fastball and mid-80s on his off speed pitches. He throws his curve ball only about 20 percent of the time, but when he throws it, it’s a slow curve, averaging only 76.1 mph this season. Mikolas also has a slow curve that comes in at only 66.3 mph. He rarely uses this pitch, however. He’s only thrown it three times total in 2023.


RHH 435 114 21 2 11 5% 16% .284 .330 .428
LHH 398 105 26 3 14 4% 15% .282 .311 .480

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 93.5 92.9 76.1 86.6 84.4
Usage 26% 25% 20% 24% 5%



  • Time: 3:15 p.m. EDT
  • Place: Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Weather: 87 degrees, sunny, 0% chance of precipitation
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio
  • Radio: 700 WLW

News and Notes

Today’s Roster Move

Stat of the Day

Five Reds rookies have had four-hit games in 2023. On Saturday, Noelvi Marte became the latest rookie to do it,  joining Elly De La Cruz, Spencer Steer, Matt McLain, and Christian Encarnacion-Strand. It is only the second time five Reds rookies have had four-hit games in the same season since 1906.


Final Thoughts

When I was in Goodyear, Arizona in early March, I had no idea that six months later, I’d be watching this team make a playoff run in September. The Reds may have fallen short of their goal in 2023, but they gave me so many fun memories this season and for that, I am thankful. I’ve been a Reds fan since I was 11 years old, so I’ve seen some terrible baseball. 2023 was probably the most fun season I’ve watched since 2012, and it was even more fun to see people who haven’t paid attention to the Reds the last few years start caring again.

I like to think of myself as an optimist when it comes to sports, but this season gave me even more hope for the future of this team. Thanks for reading all season, and stay tuned in after today because Redleg Nation will have you covered on all the off-season moves.

Go Reds, always.

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  1. TJ

    Great final thoughts. I’m with you Ashley. The great run the Reds had this year reminded me of ’99.

  2. TJ

    By the way, did anyone see any of the post game press conferences? India was upset and could barely talk. Looked like he was gut punched. Correct me if I’m wrong, it looked like David Bell had been crying.

    • Jim Walker

      NOT saying in a snide way as others have from time to time but these guys may actually know things we don’t (yet) about who will be back and who won’t because wait till next year never turns out to be like folks think on the last day of the season.

      • Jeff

        Why they never went out to get pitching at the trade deadline I’ll never know. The games lost by the bull pen cost. That could have been avoided. Shame on ownership and the front office. I feel bad for these kids that played with all they had. I think I’ll save myself the misery of watching next year though. This team will not have the same chemistry as it had this year so it will do the reds no good to get pitching now. Ownership threw away a huge opportunity this year.

    • Thatthathadhad

      When he said “their “ going to be good instead of saying we are going to be good is a pretty good indicator he doesn’t expect to be back.

  3. Rick

    Let’s go out with a win Redlegs!
    Been witha you a long, long time since the mid 60’s. Tomorrow’s are promised, but I’m hoping I get to see the young team together again next season.
    I hope that ALL Reds fans stay healthy & well through the winter meetings & into spring baseball!

  4. Jason Franklin

    Falls over from Benson batting 6th.

    • JayTheRed

      Lineup is strange but not the worst by far this season from Bell.

  5. CI3J

    And so it ends.

    It was thrilling watching the Reds finally give their young players a shot, and also seeing some players come from out of nowhere (McLain, Abbott) and prove they belong in MLB.

    2024 was always the target for the Reds’ competitive window to open, and the team showed they are right on the cusp, despite having a mediocre manager in David Bell.

    What I’d like to see in the offseason:

    1. Shore up the bullpen. Acquire 3 legit bullpen arms. No retreads or dumpster diving, get actual good, established arms. Chapman should be a priority.

    2. Acquire a legit starter. Between Greene, Abbott, and Ascraft, the Reds have 3 already good pitchers in the fold. They can probably fill the 5th spot with internal candidates such as Williamson or Phillips. But they need one more pitcher. We thought it would be Lodolo, but until he proves he can stay healthy, the Reds can’t count on him. If Lodolo gets healthy and pitches like he’s capable of, hey, it’s a nice problem to have too many starting pitchers.

    3. Acquire an OF bat. Friedl and Benson should be mainstays in the Reds’ outfield for the next 5 years or so. I like Fraley a lot, but I don’t like having a platoon situation at any position. The Reds need an OF bat who can hit both lefties and righties, hit for power, and get on base. Who that might be, I have no clue, but the Reds need to look on upgrading on Fraley.

    4. Trade Senzel and/or India. With the new youth movement and crowded infield in Cincinnati, Senzel and possibly India have become expendable. Both could be useful parts of a trade package to address the 3 points above. It might be useful to talk to India and see if he’d be willing to move around and play various positions like Steer does.

    Next season is it. The young guns have had a taste of MLB, and hopefully they will learn from the experience and come back even better next season.

    EDLC. McLain. Steer. Marte. CES. Benson. 5 players aged 25 or younger who all showed, to some extent or another, that they can hack it in MLB. 5 players aged 25 or younger who are set to mature, grow, and hopefully get even better.

    The Reds know what they have. It’s time to make bold moves to fill the remaining holes in the roster, than next season, let’s come roaring out of the gate and see what this team can really do. Even though I don’t think Bell is a great manager, the talent of this team is undeniable and should be enough to overcome a mediocre manager like Bell.

    Go Reds

    • Mark Moore

      +5,000 for some thoughtful suggestions. I’ll take them to Krall when I meet with him tomorrow morning over coffee. 😛

      • Melvin

        Don’t give him any of my points. 😉

  6. Mark Moore

    Once more into the brink. I’m thinking I’ll just keep it on the Bally feed so I don’t have to play around with synching the laptop audio with the TV video feed. I could change my mind depending on you-know-who.

    Playing for pride and to beat the WLB Dirty Birds only. Nothing else matters for our Redlegs in 2023. So close. Small consolation in far outpacing expectations and adding so many rookies to the mix. 2024 could be very bright indeed.

    • Kevin H

      One last thought Mark. Enjoyed as always your honesty and comments without being rude.

      I like being optimistic.

      I don’t like Bell as a manager as he does things that don’t make since, however I do believe the players make the plays. Etc etc.. Will be interesting, have a good one Sir

  7. Mark Moore

    Shaken, not stirred to start things off.

  8. Eddiek957

    Elly screams right field with TJ that’s two every day outfielders. Steer playing everyday at one of five positions sounds good A veteran arm with some ml success for both a starter and for the bullpen. If the left handed relief market is like last years I’d hope the reds would be more aggressive. A long man who can work 3-5 innings every four or five games would be nice

  9. RedBB

    Martini working his way into the conversation for next years roster. Elly being Elly

  10. Jim Walker

    I thought I wasn’t going to lament here today but how, oh how, did it take the Reds decision makers so long to come to terms that try as he might above and beyond that Fraley was a shell of his prior self in September and at least short term, Martini could get that job done. One more hit at the “right” time……

    • J

      Yeah, that game a few days ago when Fraley was hitting fourth, when everyone who’d been paying attention knew he probably shouldn’t even be playing, let alone hitting fourth. It was a one run loss, and Fraley went 0-4.

      The complacency, stubbornness, and/or unwillingness to admit the obvious just doomed this team.

      • RedsMonk65

        Essential decisions were certainly slow in coming this year in many respects. Both on the field and off. I realize that no one expected the team to compete in 2023, but once they were competing (thanks to the young ‘ins), the necessary adjustments/outlook were lacking. I really hope the “decision-makers” take notice and respond accordingly for 2024. If they do, watch out. First order of business — GET THE PITCHING.

  11. Mark Moore

    I’ve been thinking about how closely I might follow the post-season this year and who I might “root for”. Here’s how it breaks down for me:

    NL – Definitely can get behind the Phish or Snakes. Two teams that really strung it together when it mattered and are playing yet this week as a result. The Bravos are just a treat to watch and Snitker really is a top-flight Manager. I’m ambivalent about the Bernies even though I have respect for Counsel. The Trolley Dodgers and Phillies can go pound sand as far as I’m concerned.

    AL – Far less enthusiasm for any of them. I suppose the Orioles or even the Jays/Rays could top my list, if for no other reason than they froze the Evil Empire out of the mix. Twinkies could be fun to watch. either the Rangers or Astros are a strong “meh” for me.

    None of it will be “appointment TV” for me in any case. And I’ve got a pretty light week coming up as I switch to a new contract.

    • Jim Walker

      With my wife’s brother, her daughter/ grandkids, and numerous cousins, nieces, and nephews living in SoCal, LA has become something of a second hometown to me in the last 20+ years.

      One Sunday a couple of years ago on Calle Olvera, I nearly bought a Dodgers hat; and I knew then I could check out and come back to Ohio but I could never really leave. Go Dodgers except versus the Reds!

      • RedsMonk65

        Boo the Blue!!! 😉

        (But blood runs deeper.)

      • Kyle

        As someone that is also a Reds-transplant that lives in southern CA, I still can’t get past the rivalry in the 80’s and my long term displeasure of the dodgers. I will root for anyone other than them in the NL.

  12. Jon

    How messed up would it be if today was Votto’s final Reds game and the Reds finally advanced in the postseason next year for the first time in three decades?

    • Mark Moore

      Complete irony … and I’m thinking fairly likely to happen.

    • RedsMonk65

      “How messed up would it be if today was Votto’s final Reds game ….”

      … and he was ejected arguing balls/strikes?

      On one hand, I hope that wasn’t THE end, but on the other, I hope he’s not back in a full-time role next season (and I am a BIG Votto fan as a player and person; cannot say enough about him on that front, so won’t even try).

    • Jim Walker

      Agreed. Sorry about your brother. Stay strong, that’s the best tribute/memorial possible.

    • RedsMonk65

      WOW. Just wow. May he rest in peace. Yes, too young. Much too young.

      • RedsMonk65

        Also, inspiration for the “old guys” or “late bloomers.” Broke in at 25 for the Pirates and didn’t really make his mark until 28 with the Red Sox. Played until age 44. Some of his best years were in the mid- to late-30s. “Old” guys rule. But 57 is definitely too young to die.

  13. J

    So far, Benson doesn’t seem to have crumbled under the pressure of hitting higher than 8th. Maybe someone will make a note and remember this next season.

  14. Mark Moore

    Hard to believe the Chumpires chose to jack Joey on this game of all games. Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything. It didn’t look like he was adamantly arguing. WOW!!! 😮 😮

      • Mark Moore

        Looks like he was chirping from the dugout. HP Chumpire was having none of it and tossed him.

  15. J

    I hope that’s not the end, but if it is, at least we’ve got a good trivia question:

    “What Hall of Fame player ended his career by striking out in the first inning and being ejected in the second inning for arguing about one of the strikes?”

  16. Mark Moore

    Sadak having a minor man-crush on Mikolas. I really hope fixes their sync issues for next season. It was fine up until about 2 weeks ago.

  17. Mark Moore

    For the record, I had to switch audio to WLW. Just could not take Sadak and his mega-box full of words that he just HAS to use. Even with the call at least a full pitch behind the video, it’s better for me. Probably keeps my BP lower as well.

    • LDS

      How about replacing Sadak with Votto next year.

      • RedsMonk65

        I think he would be better as the color commentator/analyst than as the play-by-play guy.

        (Sadak I do not care for.)

      • Jon

        I’d rather they replace Larkin with Votto…

      • LDS

        Probably true. So make Bell the play by play announcer. Now that would generate listeners’ excitement

      • Mark Moore

        LDS – don’t make me take points away from you!!! The horror of the very thought of Dr. Somnambula calling games is terrifying … 😮 😮 😮 😮

      • LDS

        Yeah Mark, it would be like the old Taxi episode where Jim Ignatowski takes his drivers test – “What does the yellow light mean”

      • TR

        That would be a good move. I’m sure Larkin would be pleased.

  18. Mark Moore

    Anybody who knows … what happens if they non-tender Senzel? Is he then a FA, or does whoever picks him up have to go through the arb process?

    I’m thinking Krall and his minion should try to get something for him before the arb process starts.

    • Jim Walker

      A player who is not tendered a contract is an immediate MLB free agent regardless of his service time.

      The tender deadline is officially in late November but a player can be announced as not tendered any time after the end of the previous season.

      If a team wanted to do a favor for a guy like Senzel, an early call might be it since it would put him on the market sooner.

    • Jon

      He has two more years of team control. I believe whoever picked him up if he was non-tendered would get him for two seasons.

      • Jim Walker

        Yep, Senzel was one of those “extra year” guys and thus also a Super2. He started this year with 3 years and 150 days of service time, just 22 days short of his 4th year.

        If not tendered he would sign a negotiated deal but if it was for only 1 year still be arb eligible (again) after 2024.

    • J

      If he could just learn how to be an average hitter against righties, he’d be a really good player (other than the inevitable injuries). I wonder how he managed to disguise his complete inability to hit righties for as long as he did.

      • Mark Moore

        I still think he was jerked around within the Reds system too much. Position switch, hitting approach changes, start/bench, and that first year bout with vertigo plus his “wall fetish” when he was the CF’er all played into it.

        He needs (deserves) a change of scenery and a regular spot on the field. Steer being flexible and good is a truly rare thing.

      • Jim Walker

        Yes. I was wondering the same earlier today. Fangraphs split tool I believe will do minor leagues. Maybe I’ll see where Senzel fell off vs RH pitching. I can’t believe he stayed at #2 overall in the draft if there was any hint of his current issues vs RH pitching in college.

      • J

        It’s true that he hasn’t been treated very well, but it’s also true that he’s had lots of opportunities, and at some point the player has to take responsibility for the fact that he can’t hit righties but is able to crush lefties. It can’t all blamed on the fact that he’s switched positions or run into walls or changed his swing a few years ago. And it’s not as if he’s never had a chance to face righties. He’s had almost 1000 plate appearances against them covering parts of five different years. He’s just not making whatever adjustments need to be made, or he’s not good enough, or something. I just want him to be better, and I want it to be while he’s playing for the Reds. I don’t want to see another promising young Reds outfielder go play for the Yankees and suddenly figure out how to hit. (That’s right, Mr. Paul O’Neill. I’m talking about YOU.)

  19. RedBB

    Man Greene is frustratingly inconsistent in his starts. And even when he is on he is very pitch inefficient. Wish he was more like Ashcraft who is pretty much the opposite. Won’t strike out 14 but will give you 7 strong innings on a consistent basis. Wish they would have waited a bit before giving him that extension…

    • TR

      Greene and Bell. Both rushed extensions.

      • Jon

        Look how long it took Cueto and Castillo to become legitimate aces. If the Reds waited until that point for Greene, his price would skyrocket. No guarantees Greene ever reaches those levels, but it’s a risk worth taking.

  20. Mark Moore

    Why do I hear Paul Simon warming up in the background again? Slip-sliding away again on the last day of 2023 against the WLB Dirty Birds. At least that’s what it feels like at the moment.

    Bike Helmets would be greatly appreciated.

    • Mark Moore

      OK, didn’t actually need Bike Helmets. At least it’s only a 2-run hole.

    • Jim Walker

      The last day of the season makes it more, “One step ahead of the shoeshine, two steps away from the county line just tryin’ to keep the customer satisfied!” time for me. 😉

  21. Jeff Morris

    Just curious how Hunter Greene will pitch for the Reds in the next few years? Hopefully you can pitch consistently well, or will he be a pitcher that is something like 8-10, somewhere around .500 year after year? AND, depends if he can stay healthy…

  22. Indy Red Man

    Colts come back from 23 down & lose.
    More woulda coulda shoulda.

    Tell you what though. My ex-wife had 1 son after we divorced. Kid was 21 and got hit by an Uber driver. They just harvested his organs the other day. Sports isn’t important

    • Mark Moore


      Nope – everything pales and time stands still when that kind of thing happens.

    • Indy Red Man

      Yeah my stepdaughter is 28. Never considered anything like that. It’s inconceivable

    • West Larry

      So sorry to here that Indy. I get rapped up in sports too much. RIP to your son. Really
      difficult for you, your ex, his former wife and all of those that loved him.

  23. Mark Moore

    My First Wife is concocting some kind of soup today. The house smells incredible.

  24. Mark Moore

    Finish this, Hunter. Just focus and finish it.

  25. RedBB

    Man Nick Martini and Jordan Walker are a couple of the worst outfielders on the same field I’ve seen in a while.

    • Mark Moore

      It’s more than a little painful to watch.

  26. Mark Moore

    Up and down season from Greene. Hoping he can find some new footing over the winter and come back more efficient and with solid command of at least a 3rd pitch.

  27. RedBB

    Any chance there is something in Hunter Greene’s contract that we don’t know about where he gets paid like $1,000 a pitch? I mean…that would explain a lot

    • Mark Moore


      It most certainly would explain some things. He needs to shower and find a Nibblers Anonymous meeting right away.

    • Mark Moore

      Constant throwback to the book from last season, “Mr. Mahle Won’t Throw Strikes”

  28. Mark Moore

    Joey tweeted an apology for losing his cool. Nice move, but I get his frustration. I’m gonna miss him.

  29. Votto4life

    The offense improved this year but the pitching remains a problem. When you have guys like Ben Lively and Luke Weaver in your rotation for a majority of the season you are just not serious about winning.

    If the Starting rotation is bad the bullpen is worse. Either Alex Diaz has a significant injury or he is just not as good as he looked earlier in the year.

    I don’t see this team competing next season without a significant investment in pitching. I don’t see the current owner making that type of investment.

    The current payroll is $80,000,000. I suspect the 2025 opening day payroll to come in around $65,000,000. This means the Red’s will add a fifth starter or perhaps a bullpen arm, but I doubt much else.

    Those who think the Red’s are going to spend $80,000,000 in free agency and start next season with a $120,00,000 payroll are just not being realistic.

    • Votto4life

      Sorry, meant I expect the 2024 opening day payroll to be about $65,000,000 and in the bottom 5 of baseball.

      • Jon

        If that’s the case, Reds fans and media need to be trying to run ownership out of town. With payroll nearly $150 million headed into 2020 and attendance soaring, payroll needs to be at least $100 million.

  30. Beaufort Red

    Said the shadows make it difficult to hit. Doesn’t seem to bother the Cards.

  31. Mark Moore

    Is it too close to dinner time to have a Nootbaar as a snack? Asking for a friend … 😀

  32. Mark Moore

    Nice job of taking charge, Stewie! Not a whole lot of faith that Martini would have caught that.

    • Jim Walker

      Right on cue another 2B for Stu! He has to be another guy who cannot wait to find a way out of the Reds org, On a team not dedicated to a rigid platoon system, he is a solid 4th OF on a good team and an everyday player on a lesser team.

      Just look at his stats when he has been in situations over several weeks to a month playing 3 or more days a week and not being pulled or inserted based on handedness. He’d be a league average offensive player, good baserunner and better than average defender at all 3 spots. Classic 4th man for 350-400 PAs a year.

      And today 2x 2b versus a league average or better RH pitcher and putting on a clinic worthy of Friedl or Bader at CF defense.

  33. Mark Moore

    Cowboy commenting that the 200-inning mark today is pretty much what used to be the 300-inning mark back in the day.

  34. RedBB

    Good news is even if we lose we still win as that takes out the ignominious comeback loss to the Pirates out of play!

  35. Mark Moore

    If they ever make a rule that you have to have your helmet on to score, Benson is totally screwed!!! 😛

  36. J

    Benson now 2-3 hitting sixth, and made pretty decent contact on his out. The theory that he’s only capable of being a good hitter when he hits 8th or 9th might not actually be true. Hope someone in the organization is taking notes and manages to save those notes for next year.

  37. Mark Moore

    Phish and Snakes both losing late in their games. I believe that means Snakes at Bernies come Tuesday.

    • Melvin

      It also means that if we would have won yesterday and today we’d be in the playoffs. That’s okay though. Two games over, three games over, whatever. lol David Bell can still say he had another “winning” season. 😀

  38. RedBB

    In another thread someone said that they didn’t think that Fairchild is a MLB quality outfielder. I think he showed today why that is not true. At least 3 outstanding plays in the OF that I’ve seen and 2 hits and a nice double to boot.

    • Mark Moore

      I don’t think he’s a starting-3 kind of OF. He’s definitely a guy who you can use as the 4th or 5th OF on the roster. He is versatile as he just showed a couple of times.

      • RedBB

        Yep he’s a solid 4th/5th OF’er for sure.

  39. Mark Moore

    Can’t PH Friedl here? I mean, I get that would still be a lefty-lefty, but … maybe we’d get something other than a whiff. I guess I don’t know anything.

  40. Doc

    Greene can be elite, but right now he is probably no better than fourth in the rotation. Ashcraft, Abbott and Williamson all showed more and had better seasons. Greene still has to learn to pitch, and in order to reach elite status he has to learn to bring it start after start after start.

  41. Mark Moore

    Looking like 82 wins is it, friends. I was thinking last evening and this morning how many commented that it would take 85-86 to make a WC spot. Those comments were from July or August if memory serves. Turns out that was the case. So I have to NOT think about the tinkering I witnessed that probably cost us 3-4 wins during the last 2 months. Because if I do, my mind will just spin off into never-never land.

  42. Kevin H

    So 2021 after a September collapse and a worn out bullpen. We know what happened in 2022.

    So now another winning season I will be interested to see what the organization does to improve the pitching staff. Also perhaps a philosophical change in regards to using same lineup and defined roles.

    Been a fun year and unexpected.

    • Beaufort Red

      At least Wainwright knows when to call it a career. Can’t beat father time.

      • Mark Moore


        And he knew he couldn’t pitch anymore as well.

  43. RedBB

    Not sure I get the Card’s over exaggerated love for Wainwright. Good player but nowhere near a HOFer IMO

    • Mark Moore

      18 years with the same club and 200 wins. Probably not HoF, but definitely an admirable career. I get it. And I really dislike the WLB Dirty Birds. But I get it as a baseball fan.

      • RedBB

        Sure Mario Soto, Jose Rijo, Johnny Cueto lvl good but they aren’t HOFers either not should they be IMO.

  44. Mark Moore

    Marte and his 16-game hit streak!!! Got to love that.

    • Mark Moore

      And Benson isn’t done yet either.

      Just lift one a bit, Nick.

      • Mark Moore

        And instead we get a status quo AB from Nick.

        Up to a 14-year-old to decide our fate for the day.

  45. Mark A Verticchio

    I always thought 85 or 86 wins were needed for the playoffs, as well, it turns out 84 would have been enough.

    • RedBB

      Yep Krall missed a golden opportunity this year. Just look at the AL WC race..took 89 wins!

  46. J

    Votto tweeting (or is it now X-ing?) an apology and taking full responsibility is noble. Who knows what goes through the guy’s head when he’s arguing the strike two call from the previous inning, but at least he’s owning it. Equally baffling, though, is that an umpire can’t manage to pretend he’s not hearing it from the dugout in this particular situation. Nobody was out there embarrassing him or causing a delay or anything. This is basically a meaningless game, it’s quite possibly the last game of Votto’s career, umpires frequently allow guys to remain in games when they technically have the right to eject them, but that was just too much to ask for one umpire today. Whose interests are served by this?

    • Mark Moore

      Bush-league move by the Chumpire for sure.

    • MK

      There couldn’t be anyone else responsible.

      It was stupid on Votto’s part.

      if he is done at least we won’t have to hear him yell the F-bomb on every strike out. Children can sit down close again.

      • J

        Children can also see guys get hit in the face with baseballs and bleed all over the place, which is probably a lot more traumatic. Guys are out there breaking bones and stuff. Between that and the curse words, maybe we should just stop letting kids watch baseball.

  47. LarkinPhillips

    I willbe so glad to see Senzel not in a Reds uniform next year.

    • Mark Moore

      And we couldn’t have PH for him with anyone. I mean, even Fraley might have been able to pull of a Sac Fly. Friedl or Steer were available. But “pride” against these Dirty Birds apparently wasn’t enough of a motivator for one HDTBell.

      Add this one to the list of bizarre non-choices that may have cost us a win. 3 more years of baffling decisions, folks. Unless the BobPhil Monster sells.

  48. CI3J

    In many ways, the ending to this game encapsulates the Reds whole season.

    So, so close to a major breakthrough, but just couldn’t pull it off in the end.

    Bring on the hot stove!

  49. LarkinPhillips

    Fitting end to the season. Runners 2nd and third one out and we strike out back to back on balls out of the zone.

    It was a good year and we outperformed everyone’s expectations. But we have a lot to improve upon to become a real contender.

  50. Harry Stoner

    Friedl unavailable to PH?

    Bell asleep at the wheel one last time.

    • Mark Moore

      Or Steer. Even Fraley might hit a fly ball with only 1 out to tie it.

  51. LDS

    As I said earlier, Bell isn’t committed to winning. No reason to let Senzel and Fairchild bat with Friedl available and 2 on with 1 out. So the season ends as so many other games have this year.

    • Melvin

      …but he’s got a “winning” season though. 😉 82-80

  52. Mark Moore

    I checked the “spare change” repositories and found a final +63,297 to dole out. I’ll just throw it on the table. Y’all can grab it and divvy it up however you want to.

    Onward we go toward 2024.

  53. Mark A Verticchio

    Why didn’t Bell pinch hit Freidl for Senzel, you have to always try to win and he didn’t do it. I am not a Bell fan but I just lost more of what little respect I have for him.

    • Mark Moore

      Your 3rd word says it all … HDTBell and his Book. It would appear Friedl, Steer, and Fraley were deemed “off” today. It took an ejection to get Stephenson in the game.

    • LarkinPhillips

      He approached the entire day with a this game don’t matter attitude. Why change in the 9th? I’ve said all year worst case scenario was us being good enough to get Bell an extension and not make the playoffs.

  54. J

    A fitting ending to the season, I guess, with Bell choosing to be nice and not hurt anyone’s feelings rather than actually trying to win the game.

    Also fitting that Benson finally gets to hit above #8 and shows everyone why he should have been doing it a long time ago.

    Wait till next year!

    • RedBB

      LOL seriously. Letting Senzel hit against a RHP wit the game on the line was managerial malpractice.

      • J

        I’ll cut Bell a little bit of slack here, because obviously he would have pinch hit if the game had actually meant anything. Senzel wouldn’t have started if the game had meant anything. But still. Didn’t all the players (including Senzel) all want to win this game? It really feels like a sort of disservice to all the guys who gave it everything they had when you treat the game like an exhibition game in the 9th.

  55. Kevin H

    Okay why not pitch hitting there. This is why my conclusion is Bell isn’t the right manager.

    I stand by my belief players play yes, however put players that give u best possible chance.

    • J

      For the same reason he didn’t start Friedl, Steer, or India. He wasn’t really interested in wining the game. This is just another example of his instinct to be “nice” rather than trying to maximize the chances of winning every game.

      • Kevin H

        Stuff like that seriously makes me question Bell management.

    • RedBB

      Bell just didn’t care and wanted to give his LHB’s the day off no matter what. He wants to to be the fun parent. But ya I have a problem with that…

      • Jim Walker

        Don’t anybody fool themselves. Bell knew the numbers all too well. He probably didn’t want folks remembering and saying all winter that the fiasco 9-0 against the Pirates was what kept the Reds at home. This one in the loss column will take a ton of heat off of him by putting the focus on 82 wins not asking why not 1 more for 84.

      • B-town Fan

        Also in the the end, if the Reds would have swept the Cardinals this weekend, the Reds would have been in the Playoffs via the tiebreaker over Arizona since they were swept by the Astros.

  56. RedBB

    The Reds should seriously considering making Ashcraft the Opening Day starter next year if he is healthy. He was clearly our best pitcher this year. It might also wake up Hunter to realize his full potential. Seriously doubt it happens…but I would do it were I the GM.

  57. Mark A Verticchio

    82 and 80 did not deserve a 3 year extension especially when you consider the mind boggling decisions he made to the bitter end, letting Senzel bat with Freidl on the bench. This team has a lot of promise but you can’t let a blind man ride a possible triple crown winner, but that is what the Reds are trying to do.

    • RedBB

      There is good and bad with Bell. I would say the same of Krall. Obviously the Ca$tellini family rewarded them both which is all that really matters. We’re going to have to live with it unless that changes. That being said there is real optimism for next year so long as we added 1 to 2 quality Starters which is what this team so desperately needed this year.

    • LDS

      Agreed. Many here will say, they lost 100 last year and had a winning season this. That’s the wrong yardstick. The correct measure is where were the Reds when the extension was signed and where did they end up – from half GB to 10 . That is the Bell legacy.

  58. Kevin H

    One last thing everyone have a safe off-season. Have a great one

  59. Votto4life

    My last comment of the 2023 season is that it has been an honor and a privilege to watch Joey Votto play throughout his career. I know there are many here who don’t appreciate Joey Votto, but to me, he is one of the greatest Red’s players of all time. Joey spent his entire career in Cincinnati, something we are unlikely to ever see again. I for one appreciate that. Godspeed, Joey and thank you for spending your entire career here in Southwest Ohio.

    • RedBB

      HOFer for sure. He’s been just as good as Miggy and everyone thinks he is a first ballot guy. Probably the best hitter I will see for the rest of my life. Going out today the way he did was strangely appropriate…..always had way better eye than these idiot moron umpires. Can’t wait till they are all replaced by camera sensors and microchips.

  60. RedBB

    Really interesting to see who from our BP returns next year. As far as I can tell here is the list and their status….



    Pretty good chance al these guys are back based on their likely low $$ commitment. That would also likely fill out our Pen. Antone might be the odd man out depending on the health of his elbow. I think Young pitched for a reason today….early auction coming off injury for a 2024 spot. I’m good with this list so long as it allows us to commit money to Veteran Starting Pitchers.