Last night the Cincinnati Reds put a beat down on St. Louis the likes of which they haven’t done since the 1800’s, beating them by two touchdowns, two extra-points, and a field goal in a 19-2 victory. The win kept the Reds playoff hopes alive. They’ll look to do more of the same this evening against the Cardinals. Tonight’s first pitch is set for 7:15pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

St. Louis Cardinals

Jonathan India – 2B Tommy Edman – 2B
Nick Senzel – LF Paul Goldschmidt – DH
Spencer Steer – 1B Lars Nootbaar – CF
Christian Encarnacion-Strand – DH Jordan Walker – RF
Tyler Stephenson -C Ivan Herrera – C
Noelvi Marte – 3B Richie Palacios – LF
TJ Friedl – CF Luken Baker – 1B
Elly De La Cruz – SS Jose Fermin – 3B
Stuart Fairchild – RF Masyn Winn – SS
Connor Phillips – RHP Drew Rom – LHP

Starting Pitchers

Connor Phillips 20.2 5.66 1.36 10 26
Drew Rom 29.1 7.98 2.05 16 25
Links: Connor Phillips’ Stats | Drew Rom’s Stats

Connor Phillips

In his first two big league starts, Phillips ran into a few problems as he allowed eight runs in 8.2 innings. But in his next two – and most recent – starts he’s allowed five runs in 12.0 innings (3.75 ERA) with four walks and 16 strikeouts.

The splits in the big leagues haven’t quite reflected what they were this year in the minor leagues. Phillips did have more success in the minors against lefties, but righties didn’t show nearly the same kind of power against him that they have so far in the big leagues. Neither group is hitting for much average against him. Lefties have walked a lot, but done nothing else. Righties have hit for a ton of power, but nothing else. Small sample size alert applies in a big way here, though.


RHH 41 9 0 0 4 3 8 .237 .293 .553
LHH 52 9 1 0 1 7 18 .205 .327 .296

Pitch Usage

4-seam Slider Curve Change
Velo 96.4 84.3 82.2 91.0
Usage 62% 26% 10% 1%

Drew Rom

The Reds faced Rom earlier this month in Cincinnati and scored four runs on seven hits and two walks in 3.2 innings against him in a 9-4 win. He’s struggled to throw strikes, miss bats, and keep the ball in the park in his rookie season.

The sample size is really small for lefties facing Rom in the big leagues….. but of their six hits against him, five of them have been extra-base hits. Half of those six hits have been home runs. Righties have also crushed the ball against him, hitting for a higher average and plenty – but less – power. Much like is the case with Phillips – the small sample size alert applies here.


RHH 126 38 11 3 3 13 19 .339 .405 .571
LHH 22 6 2 0 3 3 6 .316 .409 .895

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-Seam Slider Split
Velo 90.5 87.5 79.3 83.7
Usage 42% 25% 24% 8%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:15pm ET
  • Where: Busch Stadium
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 86°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Playoff hopes

Cincinnati has to win out. They also need Arizona and Miami to lose out. The Marlins play Pittsburgh at 6:35pm. The Dbacks play Houston at 8:10pm.

Brandon Williamson isn’t having it

Wild Card Standings

Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Philadelphia 89 70 +6.0 100%
Arizona 84 76 +0.5 94.5%
Miami 83 76 0.0 90.9%
Cincinnati 82 78 1.5 10.6%
Chicago 82 78 1.5 4.0%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs | Top 3 Make Playoffs

Division Standings

Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 91 69 0.0 100%
Reds 82 78 9.0 10.6%
Cubs 82 78 9.0 4.0%
Pirates 75 85 16.0 0.0%
Cardinals 69 91 22.0 0.0%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

291 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Ya think we’d better win? If we do and the Diamondbacks lose just think of the anxiety, anticipation, and emotion before tomorrow’s game. hahaha 😀

    • wkuchad

      I’m trying to talk my dad and brother into driving to St. Louis tomorrow if the Reds win tonight and both the Diamondbacks and Marlins lose tonight.

      • Melvin

        Probably would get pretty good seats. 🙂

  2. J

    If I were in a must-win situation, I wouldn’t have a guy with an OPS of .956 against lefties hitting 7th, right before a guy with a .494 OPS, nor would I have a guy with an OPS of .636 leading off. But Bell is a major league manager and I’m not, so I guess it’s the right thing to do for reasons that nobody can explain to me because they’re also not major league managers.

  3. wkuchad

    I understand why it’s not possible, but I really wish there was an ignore button on this site.

  4. Chris

    Can’t believe Fairchild is starting. He’s just horrible. Why not catch Maile and DH Stephenson?

    • J

      The problem with that is that you lose your DH if he needs to catch for any reason. Also, is Maile really a better hitter than Fairchild?

      The real issue for me is that they’ve stuck with Fraley even though he’s injured and can’t seem to hit or play the field, and also it seems Votto is injured. They have options in the minors who could actually play today, but there’s still no sense of urgency.

      • Kevin H

        Disagree with no sense of urgency.

      • PTBNL

        You mean you agree with David Bell on a decision?

      • J

        How is there a sense of urgency if you’re playing basically two guys short? Yesterday Bell didn’t even want to use Fraley against a righty because he’s been hitting so badly, and apparently Votto can’t play against anyone. Bell is forced to start Elly and Fairchild because his other options are even worse

      • J

        Yeah, I think all of these guys should be playing today, given the options on the bench. He’s just got them in the wrong order.

      • Tom Reeves

        J, it’s very clear the Reds definitely don’t want to ever win another game. It’s amazing they even showed up for this game. I wouldn’t be surprised if David Bell didn’t lay down for a nap.

    • Kevin H

      Then if Mahile gets hurt you would lose your DH if Stephenson had to catch. I think that’s the rule.

      Me personally Benson or martini should start

      • J

        It doesn’t matter who plays or what order they hit in. Everyone keeps telling me this.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I am hoping this is the RLN jinx like last night for Martini. Let’s all complain about senzel and Fairchild so that they have huge games tonight.

      • Mark Moore

        Their only role should be handing out the juice boxes and orange slices 😛

  5. RedBB

    We are out if….

    1) We Lose
    2) We win but Marlins and D-Backs win

    • David

      I think the Marlins are probably in, but the last Wild Card spot is still open for the D – Backs, Reds or Cubs, depending on how they finish.
      The odds are longest for the Cubs, as they lose every tie breaker, plus they are playing the Brewers. If the Cubs lose tonight (just like the Reds) then they are finished.
      The Reds have to be pulling for Houston to sweep the D-Backs and to win the last two games against the Cardinals.
      And yes, if the D-backs win one more game, the Reds are OUT. They will be at 85 wins, and the Reds top out at 84 wins.

  6. Mark Moore

    Phish seem to have the easiest path. Not just because they are playing the lowly Pie-Rats, but because they are ahead in the 9th against the lowly Metros if Monday is even necessary. Let’s not forget that factor. They could skip tonight and tomorrow and still win their spot on Monday.

    The Snakes appear to be our chance to sneak in. Of course it takes us winning out today and tomorrow, but all eyes on the Snakes and the very “desperate” Astros. Both teams need to win in order to advance. That could make for some fun baseball.

    I also won’t overlook the odds of the Stupid Cubs as noted above. They fell fast and hard … and it makes me smile. 😀

    Let’s BBQ some Dirty Bird tonight!!

  7. Mark Moore

    Just so I don’t have to do it tomorrow …

    +2,364,719 for Doug and the entire RLN writer team. 2x portion to Jim and Tom just because 😀

    • Melvin

      Man…I already had my new house picked out in Florida.

  8. Ozzie

    How do the Reds still have playoff hopes on the last weekend of the year? Like others, I thought they were done for the year after losing a 9-0 lead. The Reds need to win two against a team that is already thinking about the off- season and the Snakes are playing a veteran team fighting to get back into the playoffs. Yes, they obviously need help, but it could be worse. I would love for it to come down to tomorrow’s games. A great way to end an exciting, unpredictable, and very unexpected regular season.

    “It’s a Cinderella Story”

    • Mark Moore

      “Come from behind at the Masters. Former Assistant Greenskeeper.”

      “Oh … he got all of that one. It’s in the hole!!”

  9. Melvin

    Look at it this way. Billy Heywood’s Twins had to win four in a row while the Ms had to lose four in a row. That worked out. :)……that really did happen…didn’t it?

  10. Kevin H

    Well we may disagree on numerous things. One thing we can all agree I think is.

    September 30th and Reds still have a shot at the playoffs. Woohoo..

    • Mark Moore

      Challenges, criticism, missed opportunities, and baffling decisions aside we are playing to win in a meaningful game. Whether or not tomorrow is meaningful is a topic for tomorrow. Let’s carry over the beat-down from yesterday and hang ’em from the Arch!!

  11. Mark Moore

    Well THAT was a disappointing start. Swing at some garbage and look at some stuff right down the pipe.

  12. Mark Moore

    Not a fan of how this is starting out. Not at all.

  13. RedBB

    Bad feeling about tonight…oh well its been fun

  14. RedsGettingBetter

    Not ideal start from Phillips… I hope it wasn’t one of those nights…not today

  15. JB

    Get em up. Can’t afford to get behind .

  16. RedAlert

    Pull him now – that’s pitiful Phillips

    • Melvin

      That might be the first time I’ve ever seen a pitcher start the game throwing 12 balls and get pulled. At least in the majors. lol

  17. RedBB

    LMFAO at the ppl on here who didn’t think we could have used a Veteran SP at the trade deadline.

  18. Mark Moore

    So the kid REALLY hasn’t got it tonight. 3 straight passes and his day is over. You can see it on his face.

  19. Melvin

    Have to agree with that move Mr. Bell. Get him OUTTA THERE!

  20. Kevin H

    Phillips did a good job filling in this season. If reds had pitching depth he probably would of stayed in triple A.

    Tonight wasn’t his night

  21. Mark Moore

    So it’s an unplanned bullpen game for us.

  22. RedsGettingBetter

    Let’s see What Cruz can do…. Phillips was nervous? pressure? Or just a matter of lack of command tonight?

  23. JB

    That’s it for Phillips this year. Not eligible for post season. Pirates tied it up.

    • Jim Walker

      Phillips could be made eligible for the post season as a replacement for a player on the IL because he was in the Reds org ahead of Sept 30. But sadly that seems very academic right now.

  24. Harry Stoner

    Smack down.

    Getting yanked 3 hitters into your start of a must-win game.

    Phillips should feel appropriately humiliated.

    • RedBB

      Really not on Phillips. He’s young and inexperienced….its on KRALL.

      • Harry Stoner

        3 walks to start a game can’t be on Krall.

        Not acceptable in AA either.

        Phillips has pitched better than this.

        Sure Krall could have gone after pitching…but wasn’t anticipating both Lodolo and Ashcraft going down.

        Throw strikes.

    • Kevin H

      Not really he is a rookie pitcher who shouldn’t of even been in the majors this season.

      Lack of starting pitching

  25. RedBB

    What could go wrong with depending on AA pitchers in the pennant are? Krall is a genius for standing put at the trade deadline

  26. RedAlert

    Absolutely terrible pitch by Cruz , terrible

    Bye Reds…. been a fun year

    • Jason Franklin

      Disappointing way to possibly elminate themselves.

  27. Jason Franklin

    Well… shoot. This may be over in the first inning. Yes, this is when it hurts not to have that veteran stud pitcher who has been through this before. Keeping fingers crossed for a comeback.

  28. Mark Moore

    But he didn’t issue a lead-off walk … 😮

  29. RedsGettingBetter

    Cruz was not ready to come off right now … disaster…incredible…

  30. Melvin

    Well if you’re going to be down might as well be down in the first inning. Plenty of time to come back.

  31. Jason Franklin

    Turning this game off. Saying a prayer to the baseball gods. Good luck Reds.

  32. RedAlert

    Brutal efforts on the mound when you
    needed it the most ….. just awful.

  33. RedBB

    Not sure why Bell goes with Cruz in this situation in the de facto last game of the year? Why not go Gibault, Sims or Diaz? Bell things I guess…

  34. Mark Moore

    I realize this is the 1st inning, but I’m getting a “stick a fork in us, we’re done” kind of feeling. Phillips will be fine. Have to keep in mind he was in AA until he jumped to The Show. And Cruz had to warm up in a hurry.

    • Jason Franklin

      It is a sad feeling. Hey, let’s hope they have a miracle come back in them?? Probably not, but maybe. Anyway, let us hope Krall and the gang upgrade this team over the offseason. That’s all we can hope for as fans.

  35. RedAlert

    Cruz is up there throwing batting practice

    • Brian Rutherford

      Cruz went from cold to in the middle of the frying pan in 5 minutes but I’m sure you could have done better. Just like you would have figured out a way to make a trade for a starting pitcher that made a big difference and not give up the farm in return. There are several examples of that those trades this year. Just remind me of which one.

  36. Mark Moore

    So it’s an 8-inning game and we spotted them a 5-run lead. We’ve been there before, right? Of course just a little bit more on the line tonight.

    Oh those 3-4 games we all felt could have gone our way a month ago. Plus that one recently where we barfed up 13 unanswered runs only to fall short by a single run. So many “if only” moments.

    • Jim Walker

      I was late getting the game on. Did nobody even go to the mound after 5-6 pitches and say just throw a strike because even 2-0 with a clean slate is a heck of a lot better than what’s going on?

  37. RedBB

    Sorry but Nick Krall cost us a chance at the post season this year. Not getting a Veteran SP at the deadline is showing up today and has shown up I the latter part of this season. Spiers was 0-3 in starts with a 9.00 ERA. The lack of innings also drained and made the relievers much less effective too. Flipping just 1 of those losses to a win had a good chance of getting us in

    • Mark Moore

      This still assumes Krall had the greenlight to get one of those pitchers. No matter his title, Bob/Phil still hold the wallet in their grubby, tight-fisted little hands. I get the “maybe” of one of the available guys who went elsewhere, but I still don’t lay it all at Krall’s feet.

      • RedBB

        That’s a possibility I suppose. but we are talking about prospects not really money. We spent more than that on Renfroe and Bader on waivers really. But seeing as what the Phillies gave up for Lorenzon…a borderline top 25 prospect I would say prol not.

    • Harry Stoner

      Losing Ashcraft and the re-injury of Lodolo weren’t anticipated.

      Ashcraft might have provided a couple needed Ws.

      Lots of reasons why an 82-80 team might miss the playoffs.

      • Jim Walker

        They also lost their depth in guys like Overton and SanMartin by June.

        Lodolo was on the 60 day by mid June. Counting on him and Greene both to be back was wishful and not a sound decision. You have got to think probably 1 at best, maybe both and plan accordingly. Don’t even think about Dunn or Guiterrez until/ unless they reach deep into rehab at AAA

        Bad as Cessa and Weaver were, it was a hasty decision to totally part ways with them when replacements weren’t in hand. They could have filled some innings in lost cause games.

        The Reds should have been out mining depth guys such as Lively from other organizations by June. This is where a person could use the bottom third of their top 25 prospects to give other teams a lottery shot for a guy they were just using as an emergency placeholder.

      • Votto4life

        @Jim Walker thank you.

        It was absolute baseball malpractice for the Reds to expect Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo and Graham Ashcraft to carry the team this year, when none of them had pitched more than 125 innings in a season before. Depending on Cessa and Overton was also a farce. The Starting pitching this season was always going to be a problem. Nick Krall spent the few free agent dollars the Castellinis would allow on an outfielder (Myers) who brought absolutely nothing to the team. Yet Krall continues to be worshipped here.

        When I see folks on here writing lists of all the starting pitchers the Reds will have in their rotation next season I just chuckle. Some people never learn. LOL

    • Votto4life

      Mike Clevinger would have only cost the Reds money. They could have had him for what $6 or $7 million dollars earlier this month?

      This is why I laugh when people here expect the Reds to spend $40 million dollars this offseason to make the playoffs next year. The Reds had a chance to make the postseason this year for $6 or $7 Million dollars and balked at it.

      At least Johnny Cueto has probably pitched himself into the Reds price range this season.

      • Jim Walker

        @Votto, The only logical explanation for Krall’s loud talk ahead of the deadline followed by inaction at the deadline is that he had been told subsequently he did not have the money to spend that he had inferred he had in his public pronouncements.

        It could well be that while Krall did not know it at the time, but the Will Myers buyout was a substantial portion (or all) of the nest egg he was expecting to have at the deadline.

      • Redsvol

        wish we had Luke Weaver back…..

        Probably should have started Lively tonight and had Phillips warming up – too much pressure for a kid that just turned 22 years old.

  38. RedsGettingBetter

    Now there will be a lot of pressure on the offense… Let’ see but it’s really hard, the good news are Rom has a 7 plus ERA…

  39. Mark A Verticchio

    Nothing to say except Phillips was not ready for the moment. It was a good year, not great, just good. Next few years with the right moves could be a lot better.

    • J

      Gotta make a few good moves and convince a certain someone to start questioning some of his personal theories. Could be a really good team.

  40. RedAlert

    I hope next year Lowder is in this rotation very soon – I’ve watched that dude pitch the entire year … he is the real deal

    • Brian Rutherford

      I hope you’re right but I still hope they don’t rush him like they were forced to do with other guys this year. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of stuff he’s got next year for sure.

      • RedAlert

        I hear ya Brain – and I understand not rushing him too . Dude is a competitor , good fastball , curveball , wipeout change up …. . He ain’t no joke – strikeout pitcher with control

    • Mark Moore

      ACC baseball is an elite league and he did very well at Wake Forest. He is the kind of guy that could be ready. But I also don’t want to see him rushed.

  41. Ozzie

    The Reds have done everything the hard way this year. Here’s hoping they have more runs left in their bats after yesterday.

    FWIW – Rom is not throwing that well. We should score on him

  42. Mark Moore

    Not optimistic on the chances to overturn this one. Track record has been “stands” of late.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Figures. And we ran ourselves out of the inning.

  43. Mark Moore

    Cruz apparently isn’t fooling anyone tonight. Phillips looks like he just lost his first puppy.

  44. RedsGettingBetter

    What a hateful game so far

  45. Mark A Verticchio

    That move shows a lot of faith in Fairchild.

    • J

      I was thinking the same thing. If you’re down a run or two, sure, go for it. But you’re down five runs and you’re willing to take that chance to score one? Obviously no faith in Fairchild whatsoever.

  46. Tom Reeves

    It’s frustrating the Reds don’t get these obvious replay calls. The one in Cleveland was horrifying.

  47. RedAlert

    Leaving Cruz in to get mashed … unbelievable

  48. RedAlert

    Checking out until next year …. You guys have a good one … can’t watch this horror show any longer

  49. Mark Moore

    I hate to say this, but I definitely feel a Clete loading. A 5-run lead is one thing. An 8-run lead feels like payback for the thumping last night.

    Now we fade to Farmer.

  50. Mark A Verticchio

    Team proving they are not ready for prime time, Yet.

  51. Rick

    Cruz needs a hug now. He was even worse.

    • Mark Moore

      Juice box, orange slice, bag of goldfish crackers

  52. Indy Red Man

    Bell slow on the hook. Reds young guys emphasizing the “reckless” in reckless abandon. Not a Bell hater, but he’s not the guy to keep these young guys under control

  53. Stoney

    What an absolute disaster! Yes it’s been a great year but getting pummeled in a must win game is beyond disappointing! Needed more starting pitching.

  54. VaRedsFan

    Cardinals feed had only 1 angle of the replay.
    I find that unacceptable.

    What did the Reds feed show?

    • Amarillo

      It had 2 angles, neither showed the glove location.

    • SOQ

      Couldn’t get a clean view. Welch said it looked like the catcher got him on the elbow

    • Rick

      Looked out to me from a single freeze frame.
      Wasted challenge too.

  55. RedBB

    Bell was right in pulling Phillips. Not sure why in the hell he let Cruz allow 6 base runners before yanking him tho? Every single pitched should be available tonight including Hunter Green. Brain fart from an inexperienced manager I guess..or he’s just not that smart

  56. Indy Red Man

    Poster that said we showed up the Cards was spot on. They’re focused on payback.

    Looking forward to next April!

  57. Redlegs1869

    We can say it was fun. In it until late. But it’s freaking over. Shame the cards embarrass us like this. They’re not a good team.But honestly, the Reds are currently only an average team. Much better than last year. But still not quite ready. Don’t need to see this s-show in the playoffs. As we Reds fans have now been saying for 33 years and counting. Maybe next year.

    • Mark Moore

      Too many holes to plug too late in the season. Too little experience on the players’ part. Too many “very weird” coaching/managing decisions that probably resulted in a few games lost that could have been won.

  58. SOQ

    I angrily wrote this team off in Spring Training, but have seen some of the most exciting Reds’ baseball in a long while. Getting my shades ready for our “Bright” future

    • Mark Moore

      +1,000 and now that song is stuck in my head for a while

  59. RedsGettingBetter

    So after winning 19-2 yesteerday ,now they will receive back the same treatment tonight , this kind of things make me mad…

  60. LarkinPhillips

    I am a firm believer that every time a game seems to matter or has a little extra on it, the Reds under David Bell have always come out and played like this. Both games in the playoffs, series after the break with the brewers etc etc. He gets credit for getting the young guys to this point in the season, but he also gets the blame from me for dismal performances like this.

    • Hanawi

      Agree. I figured they were out anyway, but this is a disappointing showing. And not the first time.

    • J

      Careful. People will get mad at you for suggesting Bell has anything to do with any of these bad performances. “The guys love playing for him and never quit” is the only thing some people want to hear about Bell. If the guys play horribly, it’s because they’re young. If they play well, it’s because Bell motivates them.

    • Ozzie

      I generally agree with you, especially regarding the 2020 playoff series. But I do think more weight goes to having so many rookies and second year players this year. I’m hopeful the experience they got this year in a playoff race will payoff next year.

      • J

        I’m also hopeful about that, but as long as Bell is sitting in that dugout, I’m not likely to have much faith in this team’s ability to win big games. Nobody has any reason to have that kind of faith based on anything we’ve seen from his teams. His veterans have crumbled under pressure just as much as his rookies. Guys who seemed to know what they were doing for months will suddenly seem to have no idea what they’re doing. Been true of hitters and pitchers. When I see his face, “confidence” is not the feeling I get. I hope I can feel it someday.

    • Jim Walker

      Asking the following seriously because it is something I have been debating internally.

      Can a person be a decent manager at connecting the dots in a plan he has devised but an absolute bust at motivating individuals to get their absolute best effort when needed, i.e. the proverbial 110%?

    • Daytonnati

      Just a reminder 9 runs weren’t enough against Pirates.

  61. Ozzie

    Alright. So what moves are made in the off season? Is Krall going to earn his raise and make the moves to get them to the playoffs?

    • Mark Moore

      Bigger question for me is how much does Krall and his new GM have to work with? That budget and the market dictate a LOT.

      • Ozzie

        I think ownership felt burned with the free agent signings in the late 2010’s and decided to build the team through trades and the draft. I’m on board with that strategy, but when your young core is ready I don’t think you get a WS without a few shrewd FA signings or trades for a Scott Rolen leader type of guy. The Reds have a ton of talent right now. They would be helped by a leader who has playoff experience and can hold guys accountable, especially if accountability isn’t coming from the manager. The bullpen needs to be addressed and a starting pitcher seems like an obvious need. I don’t think anyone of significance is traded. I wouldn’t be surprised if India is trades but I don’t think it is likely.

    • RedBB

      SONNY GRAY!!! Wouldn’t mind Lance Lynn or Giolito or Lorenzen either…ya I went there haters!!

  62. Melvin

    Well, the Pirates did it against us recently down 9-0.

  63. Beaufort Red

    For a spot on analysis, Sadak just said the Reds need to score a lot of runs. I’m gonna miss these nuggets this off seasin.

    • Mark Moore

      Thank you Captain Obvious for that incredible insight (sarcasm font off)

  64. RedBB

    Knowing that LOSER Card’s fan get to revel in knocking out sucks more than anything…DANG DITRY BIRDS!@!@

  65. RedBB

    On a positive note..this clears any obstacles to National Joey Votto Day tomorrow!! Revel and rejoice!!

  66. RedsMonk65

    Whoa. Just now got the chance to tune in. This is what I feared after yesterday’s blowout — that the Cards would return the favor today. Guess it’s still early. Reds need to score some runs and stem the flow from the other side. Geez.

    • Mark Moore

      Apparently Sadak said “a LOT of runs” which I think is more than “some” 😀

  67. Reddawg2012

    I’m a firm believer that if the Reds had a healthy Lodolo and Ashcraft for the month of September, not even the whole season, just this final month, they would have made the playoffs.

    Their starting pitching has been in shambles for most of the season. It really is crazy that they came so close.

  68. VaRedsFan

    The Reds had the 2nd most wins in the NL on Aug 1st.
    I can’t believe the complacency here that people are happy that they might win 2-3 more games than they lost.

    Bell has been the captain of 2 huge August collapses in 3 years.

    Don’t be complacent…aim higher folks

    • Mark Moore

      Because just those 3-4 wins would have made all the difference. And you know where I stand with HDTBell … #100 out of 30 MLB Field Managers (but loved by all on the roster).

    • Kevin H

      Maybe the organization will get PITCHING!!! You know since they had no depth and now it has shown in the month of August and September. As well as a worn out bullpen.

      Sure Bell gets the blame as that’s what some on here do. However is is a organization failure.

      • VaRedsFan

        Blowouts happen to all teams. For a large portion of those games, it’s been the offense that has been lacking, as the pitching held up well for the most part. It was a team failure…mainly offensively, but obviously pitching contributed to the collapse as well.

      • Kevin H

        @VAREDSFan. Agree

        To me it’s been a fun season with alot of rookies playing. This team will be fun for years to come.

  69. RedBB

    Sorry, but Bell is just not very bright. Last de facto game of the season you bring in your BEST reliever OR starter in relief to stem the bleeding. That means Diaz/Sims or Hunter Greene should have came in. Not Cruz or Farmer who are bottom dwelling BP arms.

  70. Mark Moore

    With that run, the Clete fully loaded. My attention turns to the NCAA Football games, so I’ll tap out.

    Catch you tomorrow, friends. I’ll dig around in the cushions and see if I can find a few last game points to dole out.

  71. Melvin

    So we have to hold them with the season on the line and Lively is the best we got?…I don’t think so Mr. Bell.

  72. Indy Red Man

    Lively doesn’t need to come back.

    Overall though Reds fans have to be hopeful, but I hold Krall accountable for holding back CES for most the season. For what? For who?

    • RedBB

      Krall is directly responsible for not securing a playoff spot. Not getting an inning eating Vet at the deadline and continuing to rely on AA starters and Gen Z starters directly and a starting staff of led to this collapse of the BP. I mean it’s not rocket science…

    • VaRedsFan

      Don’t forget holding Elly back right as we played Mil 6 straight games.

    • J

      Yup. He struggled for a while, but he could have struggled a month earlier, turned it around a month earlier, and helped this team score runs for an additional month. The lack of urgency to win every possible game — for “reasons” that are never explained and probably wouldn’t make sense if anyone ever tried to explain them — is so annoying.

  73. Votto4life

    Someone must have told the team that they still had a chance for the postseason. This team seems to play much better when there is no pressure. They will probably play great tomorrow.

  74. Mark A Verticchio

    I think the dagger was losing Ashcraft for the last 5 weeks, I think he could have given a much needed win or two. As for this game it would have been nice to enjoy a tight game with the season on the line.

    • RedBB

      Yep he was by far the best pitcher on this team

  75. William

    The Reds have a below average manager. He has his secure job because of family connections. I quit watching the Reds for a month when they extended his contract. Hey, when you wanted to be a Concinnati Red when you were a kid, like I did, you cannot help but to check on the them. The GM gets an F from me from trade deadline until now. Give credit where it is due. I take my hat off to all of you who are able to endure this better than me.

    • RedBB

      I think he is averagesish but bringing Cruz and Farmer out of the BP who are arguable the worst pitchers available TODAY now that Duarte is done is vexing to me. This is game 7 of the WS …you bring in your BEST pitcher to stem the bleeding which means Greene or Sims/Diaz/Gibault. I’m guessing Bell just doesn’t do math very well and prol isn’t very smart from years of steroid use.

      • J

        At this point, I know how Bell thinks about this stuff. He was saving those guys for the late innings. He thinks the late innings are more important than the early innings, so he’s always saving his best pitchers for those more important innings.

      • William

        The Texas Rangers brought in a manager who has won three World Series for their competitive window. I would live to see Sparky Anderson with this team. I know he is gone now. Oh well, the city is stuck with Bell. The pitching for this key game has been very questionable.

    • Mark Moore


      I personally rank him #100 out of 30 MLB Field Managers. Just because he “knows the game” it doesn’t mean that translates into being able to effectively manage a team at the MLB level, especially a team so heavy with rookies and with extreme pitching challenges. The mid-season extension has Bob/Phil/Nepotism written all over it. Counsel and the Bernies haven’t done an extension and he’s managed them to the top of the NLC again.

  76. J

    I guess the bright side of this game is that I’m sure Bell didn’t lose it by hitting Friedl 7th instead of leadoff. He got lucky in that sense.

  77. RedsMonk65

    OK, we scored some. Now we need more. Another barrage like last night would help. If the Pirates can come back on us from 9-0 down, then why can’t we come back from 11-0 down on the Cards? Just trying to think positive here. 😉

    • Daytonnati

      “Hey, was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

      • LDS

        The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? I spent too long out tonight and come home to this? It’s almost like they’re pointing to last night and saying see how good we are, we’re going easy tonight.

  78. Optimist

    Relative to some I’ve been mildly negative on field management, and mildly positive on front office staff. I understand they have limited resources, and a starting staff in shambles, and some insurmountable obstacles, BUT, is there no mid-range planning or anticipation? 2 week segments, variables considered, elimination game strategy? Lots of the pitch by pitch, batter by batter criticism may be overly picky, if not useless, but what is the line about there must be a pony in here somewhere? Sometimes it is just a room full of . . . .

  79. Melvin

    At least we’re going down swinging.

  80. Jeremiah

    Was Connor Phillips as wild as the Game cast showed for the 12 pitches he was in the game walking those first three batters? Poor guy, it looked like he wasn’t even close to throwing strikes, maybe 2 or 3 pitches. It’s too bad as it appears the pressure of the moment got to him.

    But I was watching Luis Castillo and he walked I think 4 and only made 2 2/3 innings tonight giving up 4 runs. So even the greats sometimes don’t rise up to the pressure.

    Hard not to be frustrated tonight, but you look at the Cubs, Giants, even Mariners a bit and other teams have not risen to the moment of pressure either down the stretch.

    It looks like Carlos Rodon signing by the Yanks may turn out to be a disaster. 5 years 135 million left. Maybe the Reds can make a trade for him if the Yankees eat about 80 million of that contract!

    • VaRedsFan

      Those 12 pitches were not close.

      High dollar multi year salaries hardly ever work out.
      I hope the Reds don’t do that.
      Extensions like Greene got are the way to go IMO.

  81. RedsMonk65

    OK, now we’re rollin’. 11-5. Still a fighting chance. People say this team doesn’t quit. Well, it’s now or never.

  82. RedBB

    Even more reason to ask why Bell didn’t go with our best pitchers to stem the flow…ie Greene/Gibault/Sims/Diaz. Pretty sure the score would be closer than 11-5 if he had..Total mismanagement by Bell…

    • Mark Moore

      I get not using Greene because you have to start tomorrow on a positive note. But the other three should have been used to stem the bleeding before it got so far out of hand. But we obviously don’t know things about what The Book of HDTBell says to do.

    • J

      Have to save them for the 7th-9th. He can’t think any other way.

    • Jim Walker

      A person might think that if Cruz was up to be first out of the pen, it might make more sense to use him, a veteran, as an opener, a role he has been in before; and, let the kid Phillips watch for a couple of innings to get into the flow and atmosphere of the game.

  83. Mark Moore

    Following the thread after my Clete and that made me go check Gameday. I think Marte has an extremely bright future. 17-game hit streak for a rookie. Longest since when? I know he tied whoever held 16-games since 1988 last night.

    • RedBB

      Marte has been quite good….I was wrong about him being ready this year. If his power comes into play he could be Thanos like as his D and speed is WAY better than described by so called overpaid experts suggested.

      • Jim Walker

        And recall we were told Marte was going to start every day at 3B. For understandable reasons, he took some starts at SS but despite his offensive performance somehow ended up not starting every day in the process.

  84. Ozzie

    Marte .315 since his call up.

    Steer, McClain, CES, EDLC, Benson, Freidl. That’s an exciting, athletic core for the next few years.

    • J

      A few more guys in the minors may be added to that list soon. Could be a real murderer’s row if they stay healthy and continue improving.

  85. LarkinPhillips

    I am so tired of sadak talking about dancing each game. Is there someone or some trend that likes it? I can’t understand why it is a half inning joke literally every single game.

  86. Tom Mitsoff

    So, guys, I’ve been out until just now and didn’t see any of the game. Was the attempted steal of home by Marte legitimately close? Just curious, but it doesn’t matter, because there’s no way on God’s green earth you try that when you’re down by five.

    • Melvin

      Looked safe. It was on another “little league” double steal 2nd to home.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        If I’m the manager, the next guy who tries that when down by five goes to Louisville. 😉 (Unless that was called from the bench, in which case I guess we know who goes to Louisville.)

      • Melvin

        Now Tom. It’s not like you to criticize the manager. hahaha!!! Okay by me by the way. 😀

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I have no idea if it was called from the bench or not. I just can’t imagine that it would have been by anyone with baseball background.

    • J

      He was perhaps safe by a quarter inch but it was a very questionable choice to try it down 5-0.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Not very questionable — absolutely negligent.

  87. Ozzie

    Thinking about this winter, signing bullpen FA’s is often risky, which puts more significance on signing one or two quality, durable starting pitchers. A few of the young starters can transition to the pen, especially if they are showing signs of being injury prone.

  88. Jeremiah

    If the Reds don’t give up any more runs, they could make a game of this…

    Any reason Votto not playing the last two games? Shocking he’s not played the last two nights I wonder what the deal is.

  89. Indy Red Man

    Love Marte’s plate coverage. Alot of hitters you can just look at their stance and now where to attack and what to avoid, but he’s hard to read

  90. William

    I love Marte’s batting average for the first year, and he is only 21 years old: .315. He has a lot of power as well.

  91. Indy Red Man

    Martini can hit a little bit. Keep. Stuey needs to go

    • Jim Walker

      They need a RH bat who can play OF and hit RH pitching decently and be better than that vs LH pitching. That’s the guy to replace Stu.

      The gnashing of teeth will come if they go cheap with Martini over Fraley in 2024. The 2 look like the same guy in their career MLB stats except Fraley got a shot that Martini didn’t at age 27/28 and it worked because he was with a team that practiced the religion of platoon play.

      • Jeremiah

        Is Fraley up for arbitration/pay raise?

      • Harry Stoner

        Fairchild hitting .221 vs RH pitching.

        They should be able to fill that in.

      • Harry Stoner

        This is a bit of an obtuse comparison.

        Fraley got his opportunity because he produced, not because there is a “religion of platooning” on the Reds.

        But Fraley only “produced” against RH pitching, mas or menos.

        Which, pre-injury, was far more than his touted replacement, Fairchild, who hit RH and LH more consistently at a sub-.240 level (.220 vs RH) with far less productivity. I’ll take RBIs over OPs any day.

        Martini has bounced around without sticking for what reasons?

        Fraley is a platoon option when healthy.

        If the Reds had better options, they would likely play them.

        Despite the RLN schmufling, Fairchild isn’t one of them.

  92. RedsGettingBetter

    Steer too anxious…chasing three balls outside

  93. J

    Steer’s at-bat is exactly why I’m giving him a take sign on 2-0. Gotta force the pitcher to throw a strike before you swing at anything. Yet another area where I think Bell doesn’t get it.

    • wkuchad

      Zero free agent hitters would ever sign with the Reds if Bell forbid hitters swinging 2-0.

      • J

        I’m nominating that comment for your worst ever.

  94. TR

    The Reds are almost halfway back. At least three at bats to go.

  95. Jeremiah

    I thought Marte was rushed out of all the guys called up, but he’s proved me wrong. I think he probably has the potential to be the best overall hitter of the Rookies as far as average plus power. Man the Reds could be really good next year.

    Credit to Martini. You’d think he’d get a job on some team as an extra outfielder next year.

  96. J

    It really is going to be quite painful if the Reds end up losing something like 12-8 and you had the entire bullpen available, everyone should be able to throw a couple innings if necessary, and you gave the first crack to Cruz, Liveley, and Farmer because you were saving your better pitchers for the late innings.

    • Jeremiah

      I hear what you’re saying but Diaz has not exactly been good in the big moments recently. And then Gibaut I think was bad in a few bigtime moments recently. Just a lot of their guys haven’t been very good recently.

      • J

        Yeah, but you go with your best guys before your worst. Your best guys are better, on average, than your worst. I’d rather see a bad Gibaut out there in a key situation than a bad Cruz or a bad Farmer or a bad Liveley. Gibaut gives you a better chance to survive.

  97. Jeremiah

    Reds about to explode for 7 runs in the next few innings here!

    • wkuchad

      One more run and we’re a grand slam away!

  98. Mark Moore

    I see the Phish beat the Pie-Rats, so that cooked our goose regardless. Stupid Cubs are up over the Bernies at the moment, not that it really matters much. Astros and Snakes in the 6th with the Snakes down by 1 run.

    • Indy Red Man

      Dbacks were our chance. Their bats are cold. Oh well.

      Jordan Montgomery almost 200 ip with 3.20 era. Texas or one of the big boys will probably get him, but that’s the kind of guy we need

    • RedsMonk65

      The way the Marlins have played during this stretch, they deserve the playoff spot they just secured. Another nail in the coffin for the Reds — which is pretty tightly shut at this point.

      • Jeremiah

        Yeah Marlins played really well in September, they beat a lot of good teams, won a lot of big series. They definitely deserved. I’d say Milwaukee is probably a little more concerned to play Miami or the Dbacks then the Reds or Cubs. Marlins could be a bit of a cinderella.

    • Mark Moore

      Have I mentioned how much I REALLY don’t want the Stupid Cubs to get in?

  99. Indy Red Man

    Martini ops almost .900. He’s a keeper and maybe a Fraley replacement if they could move him for pitching

    • Melvin

      Martini does seem less of a platoon guy than Fraley.

  100. Jeremiah

    Man hard to believe the Reds got down 10-0, 11-0 in this game. Too bad because it appeared as they have done they were going to be able to score a decent amount of runs. Oh well, they fought again got to give them credit trying to come back.

  101. Indy Red Man

    Stephenson rolls over on a bad 1-0 pitch. We’re not a patient team and he’s not 21 or 22. Game set match

  102. RedsMonk65

    That was probably our last best chance right there. Getting close to midnight, as the saying goes.

  103. LT

    We sure had our opportunities. Disappointing to say the least, but overall a better than expected year. Love having this board to stay in touch with my beloved Reds.

      • Melvin

        I’m sure my opinion matters a lot. hahahaha

        Makes me feel better. 😀

  104. Reddawg2012

    Stephenson rolling over to head a routine ground ball when the team desperately needed a clutch hit. What’s new.

  105. Mark A Verticchio

    10 after two innings then only 1 more, choice of pitchers matters.

    • Mark Moore

      Perhaps you throw Greene tonight on shorter rest … because it kind of mattered tonight. Then tomorrow could have taken care of itself.

      • J

        Too radical. No reason to do anything out of the ordinary like that. Slow and steady is always the best approach. Slow. And. Steady.

  106. J

    So, the elephant in the room… Votto seems to be unable to play baseball right now. This makes me think they left him on the roster basically as a courtesy, and not for any sort of strategic baseball reason. It’s a nice gesture, and part of me appreciates it, but another part of me thinks it would have been better to put him on the IL and bring up a guy who might actually have helped this team make the playoffs.

    • Mark Moore

      He gets paid the same regardless. So it’s completely baffling. He’d be in the dugout regardless. So it’s beyond baffling. And Fraley is gimpy as well. So we’re 2 men down at the time we needed all hands on deck. Again, beyond BAFFLING!!!

      • J

        I honestly think it was sort of a “well, he MIGHT be able to swing a bat before the season ends, so let’s honor him by keeping him active” sort of thing. Why they’re sticking with Fraley when they don’t even want him hitting against right-handed pitchers anymore is beyond me. The best chance they had was to put them both on the IL and get a couple guys up who can actually play offense and defense. But there was no sense of urgency, as always.

    • J

      So now it turns out Votto IS able to play baseball, but just couldn’t start yesterday or today? This organization is nuts.

  107. Jeremiah

    24 Opening Day Lineup…when I first thought this up I forgot Elly De La Cruz…boy the Reds have a lot of talent… probably going to be the most exciting starting day team the Reds will have had in I don’t know how long.

    Friedl CF
    Mcclain SS
    Marte LF
    Encarnacion Strand 1B
    Fraley DH (Votto?)
    Steer 2B
    Benson RF
    De La Cruz SS
    Stephenson C

    • J

      I’m already starting to wonder which of those guys will be on the injured list.

    • LDS

      Probably the right starters, just out of position. McLain at 2nd, EDLC at SS, and Marte at 3rd

  108. LDS

    The Reds knew what they had to do. They didn’t have what it took to do it. Making the Bell extension the priority at deadline instead of looking for pitching was the turning point of the season. And everyone was rewarded for it. The Bell, Krall, and Meador announcements are for the off season, not the middle of the chase. It’s like giving the CEO a big bonus publicly for cutting a bunch of positions. It’s the wrong message.

    • Colorado Red

      Sounds like the CEO of the company I work for.

      • LDS

        I can relate. Sadly, a too common experience

    • Mark Moore

      And another +10,000 for you, sir!!

    • Melvin

      I agree. Not getting the anticipated pitching help at the trade deadline but instead giving David Bell a three year extension was the turning point of the season. Big let down.

  109. Indy Red Man

    The pen hung in there til the last week or so. That’s amazing in itself because we don’t have huge arms or ceiling there. Gibaut, Young, Farmer were all scrubs coming in. Help wanted! I think Williamson could be the 2nd lefty/long man/spot starter

    • Mark Moore

      I snuck a look at a digitized, fuzzy copy of The Book of HDTBell Baseball. I could find no reference to this “long-man reliever” of which you speak. No reference to hit-and-run either, but we kind of knew that.

  110. Mark Moore

    Snakes had a chance in the 7th and couldn’t convert. Still down by a run with only 2 innings to play.

  111. LDS

    So everyone who wasn’t a starting pitcher played tonight. That’s like the last game of the little league season. That’s okay Davy, we’ll get them tomorrow

    • Mark Moore


      Juice boxes, orange slices, seedless grapes, goldfish crackers, and participation trophies/medals all around.

  112. Melvin

    Sheesh. If we somehow end up scoring five and lose because Diaz walked in two runs…..

  113. RedsMonk65

    Oh, for crying out loud. Sure, let’s walk some more runs in … That’s it for me. Frustrating. Fun while it lasted.

  114. Daytonnati

    Well, now we know why Bell went with Cruz in the 1st?

  115. LDS

    Maybe we’re stuck with Bell for three more years, sadly, but if 10 walks in a must win game doesn’t drive the nail in DJ’s coffin, this organization is hopeless. And next year, we fans will once again be Charlie Brown playing football with Lucy

      • J

        “if 10 walks in a must win game doesn’t drive the nail in DJ’s coffin, this organization is hopeless.”

        I have a feeling you’re going to be in for some bad news pretty soon…

      • LDS

        Me too @J, me too. Maybe they can pry Greg Maddux away from the Rangers and let him be the director of pitching for the Reds organization.

  116. Jeremiah

    Man Diaz just really bad several times down the stretch.

  117. J

    Keeping Law available for extra innings. Smart.

  118. Jeremiah

    In other news Joe Boyle is pitching a no hitter for the Oakland A’s through 6 innings?!
    I love Sam Moll so I don’t mind the trade, but that is crazy. Would not expect Joy Boyle to be that good especially this early.

  119. Tim

    This is a fitting end to the playoff race. A fantastic game on Friday and a terrible loss on Saturday. A microcosm of the season

  120. Tom Mitsoff

    Despite tonight’s result, if anyone would have told anyone in Redleg Nation that the Reds would be in contention until the second-to-last day of the season, we all would have taken that without question. We have high hopes for the continuation of better days moving forward.

    • Mark Moore

      Abso-freakin-lutely … that’s a major part of the angst and hand wringing for many of us. We came so close with the most unlikely bunch of guys.

    • RedsMonk65

      Absolutely. Official elimination stings. Losing always sucks–especially when it’s been going on for so long. But yes, winning at least 82 games with the youngsters on this team sure offers brighter days on the horizon. Need to get some pitching, shore up the OF situation a little. New management/ownership would be nice, but that’s not going to happen, so I’ll quit with the wish list right there.

  121. J

    All those little “why get so upset over such a small thing” poor decisions have added up to missing the playoffs. I hope the organization takes next year more seriously from start to finish. No third catchers unless at least two of them are good hitters. No leaving one of your best hitters in the minors for an extra month. No more stupid lineups. No yanking pitchers out of games when there’s no reason to yank them. Try a hit and run once in a while. Give someone a take sign. Treat every inning of every game as if it’s the difference between making the playoffs and not making the playoffs, because it just might be.

    • Mark Moore

      Counter point, J …

      HDTBell got a 3-year extension which says, at least to me, stay the course.

      • J

        This is, unfortunately, more a wish list than anything I’m expecting.

        To be fair, though, when he was given the extension, the team actually looked like a playoff caliber team, so it’s at least *possible* they gave him the extension because they believed he was good at managing rather than just to be friendly, and if that’s the case, it’s *possible* the organization is actually interested in winning, so it’s at least *possible* they’ll try to make some improvements.

      • Rick

        Bob’s happy, 2 million AIS at GABP. Joey & Moose $$ gone off the books. Krall & Meador got raises & higher seats. That should put 2 more million butts in seats again. Bell inches 1 yr closer to another extension at the end of bb in 9/24.

  122. Jim Walker

    Yep. Tonight the hole dug by a kid who should have never been in the situation he was put into and rung out by the All Star closer who hadn’t pitched like an All Star for 3 months because he’d been used up by July.

    In between we saw what could be on the cusp of becoming the best offense in baseball with a couple of tweaks.

    • Mark Moore

      Exactly. So another +50,000 just for you.

      • Jim Walker

        Thanks Mark. Hope to see you around some over the off season. I may take a hiatus to keep from being too outspoken. I have done some years.

        The Blue Jackets have preseason going on already and start for real in LT two weeks. They (and tOSU football) will hold most of my attention for a while. However, I always get back here.

    • Rick

      Seriously, Krall & Meador must use some of the expiring budget to idiot proof the final few spots of the 26 man roster. Can’t have the A list relievers burned out by July, 2nd wave has to be equally viable to secure wins or we end loosing winnable games because we can’t use the A lister guys on winnable nights as we should be in a bunch of those that fall into that category.
      Side note, Martini I’d retain him if feasible .

  123. Jeremiah

    Fun season…Diaz I’d be a little concerned about for the future. Not saying he was the main problem, but I’m not sure he’s a big game type of pitcher. I think when he pitched for Puerto Rico in the WBC and didn’t pitch too well that thought first came to mind. He was great for part of the season and I think can still be a closer, but I think you need another lockdown guy in the pen obviously. Maybe he was tired.

    Tough end to the season…I remember for while thinking man the Astros are so good they could definitely sweep the Dbacks in the last series leaving an opening for the Reds, or one of the other teams honestly.

    But the Reds just weren’t good enough. A win tomorrow, 83-79 sounds a little better than 82-80 so that’d be nice. The Reds should be good next year, if not very good. Lodolo, Greene, Ashcraft, will have something to prove.

    I think the Brewers still will be the NL Favorites. Cubs boy what a collapse they had, and much of their success I think was dependent on a resurgent Bellinger which he is not a sure thing whether they even will sign him. NL Central should be pretty fun though.

    Really competitive I think next year…you have to think the other front offices are thinking the Reds have so much talent they will be hard to contain most nights if healthy. Except for the Brewers ha! I don’t think they really respect the Reds, and maybe rightfully so until the Reds prove they can beat the head to head more.

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on this board. Hope you all have a blessed start to the Fall and go Reds going into the Fall!

    • RedsMonk65

      Nice wrap-up. Thanks to all. Turning my attention full-time to football tomorrow, I think. Not sure how much of the playoffs I’ll watch, but I will certainly tune in for some of the World Series, whomever it features. On to 2024 — Go Reds!

  124. Mark Moore

    Snakes down to their final 3 outs to either tie it or take it to the house.

  125. Colorado Red

    Over a good year. Yes, being eliminated hurts, but most of would have thought this would have happened much earlier.
    I had them at 102 loses, so I was wrong.
    Get Nick, and Graham healthy.
    The you have Hunter, Nick, Graham, Abbott, and a couple of other choses.
    The O should be better next year.
    We do not need 3 catchers.
    Need some pen help.
    I know there is 1 more game left. Enjoy the off season.
    Better days ahead.
    GO REDS.

  126. Mark Moore

    While we’re playing “what if” …

    What if we got 3 more wins. 1 each against the Phish, Snakes, and Stupid Cubs. The little things do add up to a lot come crunch time.

    Nuff said … I’ll shut up about it now.

    • LDS

      The die was cast with that 4 game losing streak at home against MN and Pittsburgh. After that, there was a mathematical path, but the likelihood was low. Hopefully, the organization makes some big moves in the off season. One bellwether is whether they bring Votto back. If they do, it’ll be more of the same. Spend some money on the team Bob, not just your sycophants.

      • Jon

        I’ll take Votto one more season over Fraley and Fairchild any day…

    • Melvin

      Yes. If this LET DOWN doesn’t prove how important EVERY GAME is in a season I don’t know what would.

    • Jim Walker

      Just those 2 games on consecutive days Aug 9/10 they blew late leads to Marlins (3 runs after 2 outs with only 1 man on in the 8th in one of them) are the difference, let alone the 9-0 fiasco last weekend v Pirates. The 2 versus the Fish alone would have the Reds at 84 even with tonight, the Marlins at 82 and the tiebreaker versus Cubs, Arizona AND Marlins. I believe that’s a winner, winner, chicken deluxe dinner.

  127. Soto

    Overall, a fun and exciting year. The Reds organization should be commended for putting together such a talented and exciting group of position players. That being said, the FO office obviously waited too long to bring up most of our best young position players and pitchers. End the end, that cost them a premature trip to the playoffs. It obviously wasn’t their plan to really compete this year. The team they rolled out of Spring Training with was an easy 100 loss team. Hopefully, they do something to put together a quality pitching staff or start thinking out of the box and find a creative way to help a make-shift staff compete. The reality is that this team’s pitching isn’t good enough to win in the playoffs. Hopefully, that won’t be the case over the next few years. Go Reds!

  128. Mark Moore

    Snakes lose. Shoulda, coulda, woulda … 🙁

    • Melvin

      Tomorrow would have been EXCITING! Oh well.