It’s an off day for the Cincinnati Reds when it comes to playing games on the field. The front office, though, doesn’t have the day off and they made a move this afternoon. Infielder Kevin Newman was activated from the injured list and then he was designated for assignment.

Five weeks ago the team placed Kevin Newman on the injured list with an oblique strain. He headed out to join the Triple-A Louisville Bats on a rehab assignment on September 5th. Over the next two weeks he played in 11 games for the Bats, going 8-38 (.211) with five walks.

Position players can have up to 20 days on a rehab assignment. Last week the Reds quietly brought Newman back to Cincinnati where he continued his rehab with the team rather than having him continue to play in Triple-A. It would appear that there was not any “setback”, which the team could have then used as a way to keep him on the injured list. Today marks the 21st day since his rehab assignment began, meaning the club had to make a choice.

While the season is ending this week, Newman was not set to be free agent after 2023. Well, he is now that the team designated him for assignment.

Following last season the Reds traded reliever Dauri Moreta for Newman. He would ultimately play in 74 games for Cincinnati and hit .253/.311/.364 with 16 doubles, three home runs, and eight stolen bases. For those curious, Moreta has a 4.02 ERA in 53.2 innings out of the Pirates bullpen this season.

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  1. Jim Walker

    If the Reds outright Newman versus releasing him, he has the service time to reject the assignment and still be a free agent at the cost of a week’s pay.

    MLBTR suggests this move may portend a 40 man roster addition ahead of Tuesday’s game. Let’s play Pick a Pitcher??? Why not Tony Santillan who finished out the year well at AAA after being outrighted off the 40 man roster? It’s not like a guy throwing strikes at 97MPH could have made a difference on Saturday night

    • Rednat

      yes. i still have high hopes of Snatillan. he reminds me a bit of Pedro Borbon. how valuable would it be to have a guy that out of the bullpen that could pitch 120 innings per year in this day in age? hope the reds don’t give up on him

      • MK

        Sorry Rednat I see no correlation by Tony to Pedro Borbon. Pedro had very loose mechanics, that almost appeared effortless, that lent itself to him being considered to have a rubber arm. Tony has more of power full body mechanics which does not lend itself to throwing four or five times a week.

    • RedsGettingBetter

      If McLain returns from IL , Is that spot needed for him to be activated?

      • Jim Walker

        No on McLain needing a 40 man spot. Like Newman was, he is on the 10 day IL which counts still counts against the 40 man roster. However, they will need a move on the 28 man active roster to get McLain back to active status.

        Presumably, if the 40 man spot created by Newman being DFA is filled that guy would also come onto the 28 man roster which requires a corresponding move there to create that slot.

    • Melvin

      “It’s not like a guy throwing strikes at 97MPH could have made a difference on Saturday night”

      Cracking me up. 😀

    • Matt McWax

      Bullpen outcomes have proven so unpredictable in September that it’s mostly just health and fatigue that should be guiding the choices now so Santillan probably meets that criteria. I feel for all the Reds relievers who have worked hard and definitely exceeded my expectations.

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    Finally, the Reds part ways to Newman, apparently. Let’s see if he will be released further.

  3. LDS

    Christmas comes early in Reds land today. Not what some of us wanted for Christmas, but still we’ll take it. Who gets his slot on the 40 and who gets sent down for McLain. I don’t think McLain was removed from the 40 by injury. So still a couple of Reds moves pending – someone gets Newman’s slot on the 40 and someone clears the way for McLain.

    • Jim Walker

      Yes as above, McLain requires only a 28 man move to get him back to active.

    • Melvin

      Wander if they’ll find a place for Barrero for the remainder. Not that a guy who’s been extremely hot lately who already has major league experience could help. Not to mention versatile and reliable on defense. Second thought. Naw. That makes too much sense. 😉

      • Eddiek957

        MHO we have more than enough infielders and getting Matt back. I watch Elly do the same things Barrero did he still gets playing time. I think Jose got hosed

      • Matt McWax

        Barrero is a tough organizational call. I think probably getting the best minor league arm offered is the right move in the off-season. He is tantalizing but we have a surplus. So if calling him up can improve his market value and -1.9 career fWAR, while he’s kind of hot, I’m for it. EDLC is much younger so his struggles are more forgivable and has a 1.1 fWAR despite them.

  4. MBS

    Roa for Newman, he finished the year pretty well in AAA, and the Reds could use an arm.

    McLain for Martini later today?

    • MBS

      That read as a statement,

      Roa for Newman?

      That’s better.

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah, I looked past Roa as a starter or multi inning guy. Guess I was focused that the damage has already been done to the pen guys in terms of chronic fatigue and thinking about direct help there.

    • Jim Walker

      I’d think if they went in that general direction, they would be more likely to IL Fraley, thank him for the effort, and send him on his way to get well for the future.

      Both Fraley and Martini have sub .400 OPS in the last 14 days; but, Martini still has the potential to run into a pitch while it looks like drawing a walk or scratching a single is Fraley’s current ceiling then if he does reach, he requires a PR.

      After seeing India over the weekend, I’m thinking the more prudent route might be to call time on him so he can start recuperating for 2024.

      • Old Big Ed

        Yeah, I pretty much agree. India and Fraley are both still hurt. India wants to tough it out, but I don’t think he is helping the team by playing.

        India’s main skill is toughness, but he otherwise has only modest actual talents. He isn’t fast (especially now). He’s shown that he is a below-par second baseman, and I suspect that he will be below par at 3B, LF or 1B, which seems to be the only place that he could be used.

        India is pretty close to a leauge-average MLB hitter. The league slashes .249/.320/.415, and India slashes .242/.334/.400. A league-average hitter can be fairly useful and valuable, but a team doesn’t really want that in its leadoff hitter. India compares unfavorably to Spencer Steer, who has better offensive numbers, and is a year younger and cheaper, plus Steer can probably outrun India.

        The infield of the fairly near future is likely to be McLain at 2B, Arroyo at SS, and Marte at 3B, with EDLC in CF (assuming that Eric Davis talks him into it).

        If teams inquire about India in the off-season, the Reds have to listen. India would fit well in a place like Boston, where he could get 350 ABs.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. Martini and Fraley are kind of redundant. Fraley is obviously injured. He gave all he had and did well when first coming back but sinking now.

      • Jimbo44CN

        India’s main skill is leadership and say what you want, he is an excellent leadoff man and I hope and pray he is on the team next year. He embodies what these kids around him need. KEEP INDIA

      • Jim Walker

        @OBE>> If McLain were healthy and at 2B Friday vs. Pirates, that 7th inning meltdown that allowed Pirates to take the lead for the final time doesn’t happen. He either fields the lead off ‘Ole deflection/ nee: error by India and short circuits the entire inning or failing that doesn’t double clutch the potential GIDP grounder and the Reds get the GIDP and are out of the inning no worse than even.

  5. TJ

    I believe people were arguing that the super sub spot was between Newman and Senzel. Looks like Senzel will be riding the bench and primarily getting at bats against lefties

  6. AMDG

    So who will be next year’s Kyle Farmer / Kevin Newman?

    That 30 year old utility infielder brought in from outside the organization who is a slightly below average as a hitter (80 to 90 OPS+) and seems to get a bit too much playing time.

    • SultanofSwaff

      With so much multi-positional talent on the infield, I wouldn’t see the need. That of course assumes India stays. More to that point, I’d like to see India, EDLC, and Marte get outfield reps to see if they’re competent. If yes, it would really help Bell mix and match and keep hot bats in the lineup.

    • wkuchad

      Well, we already have a super-sub that’s a well above average hitter – Steer. He basically plays everywhere except C, SS, and CF. Luckily, we also have Barrero to fill that bench spot for backup SS and CF.

      • Optimist

        Yep – Priorties seem to be 1 – FA SP (Sonny!) 2 – FA RH power OFer 3 – relievers.

  7. Optimist

    Good professional, business move for all concerned. Gives Newman and agent a small head start into the off season, gives the Reds a wee bit of roster space this week, and more important, keeps clearing the roster for the off season.

    Nicely set up for 1 – the Joey decision; 2 – trades; 3 – FAs; 4 – winter ball/AFL

  8. SpringfieldBob

    The Reds have six players (I believe) on the 60 day IL that will have to be added to the 40 man roster, so I think Newman is just the first to go followed closely by Casali, Bader, and probably Antone, Martini, and Votto. That doesn’t even count the minor leaguers that are going to have to be added to the 40 man in order to protect them.

  9. RedBB

    Yankees come back and beat the Dbacks!!

    • Jim Walker

      The Snakes’ ceiling is now 86 wins, one more than the Reds who own the tiebreaker over them.

      • Jim Walker

        Sorry, my math brain is whacked or I crossed numbers. Snakes ceiling is 88.

      • RedBB

        One other thing to consider is AZ, MIA and CHI have no days off to finish the season we have Thurs off. Plus the D-Backs BP threw like 60+ pitches today too in the loss.

    • LDS

      That’s good , but the Reds still trail by 3 games in the loss column with 5 to go. The Reds need to run the table .

      • RedBB

        Sure but it gives me a reason to watch the games at least. At least till we lose…

        Was watching the game and Judge got robbed of a 2 run HR by Thomas late…and I was like OF F** COURSE!!!

    • Jim Walker

      Because of holding the tiebreaker over both the Cubs and DBacks, the Reds would get a playoff spot in any tie except a 2 way tie with the Marlin for the 3rd spot.

      So, 4 way tie for 2 spots, Reds (and Marlins) in
      3 way tie for 2 spots, Reds in (and Marlins if they are part of the tie)
      2 way tie Reds/Cubs for 3rd spot, Reds in
      2 way tie for 3rd spot, Reds/Dbacks, Reds in
      2 way tie for 3rd Spot, Marlins/Reds, Marlins are in

      • Jim Walker

        The Reds have had 4x 5 game winning streaks this year plus the 12 gamer. They have not had a 6 game winning streak which would be the number if they run the table and finish with 85 wins which several projections say will be the special number for the 3rd WC.

        Right now I am still thoroughly disgusted by the Reds ineptness on the field and in the dugout and front office which cost them at least 1, probably 2 and possibly even 3 wins Wednesday-Saturday. However, there will be all winter to chew on those messes. For now I just hope a run of the positive side of streakiness the Reds displayed all year happens one more time.

  10. Rednat

    IN March who would of thought we would be scoreboard watching the last week of september? unbelievable!

    • Indy Red Man

      The bummer of it is Marte & CES are hitting and Phillips had that great start vs the Twins. The pen was rested and HG has rebounded and had 3 more starts. We were 55% to get in after that Twins series opening win. Oh well. That’s life

      • Indy Red Man

        Flip side is we win 5 more and all 3 of them have to go 4-2 to beat us. Crazier things have happened but ESPNs 6% for the Reds feels too high

      • MBS

        Cubs are playing ATL, so there’s a chance. These Reds will need to step up!

      • Jim Walker

        IRM, I am wondering if something we might have missed when talking about rookies is that the Reds coaching haven’t been in this situation very much if at all and simply did not know how to prepare the players how to be ready for the step up of intensity of a stretch run in MLB.

      • Melvin

        Not being “prepared” is a very REAL possibility.

  11. Indy Red Man

    Arizona also closes with Houston and they’re fighting for their playoff lives.
    The problem is sweeping in St Louis is highly unlikely. They still have a lot of vets with pride.

  12. Melvin

    Newman is a good guy and a decent player. All things considered though we don’t need any “Newmans” anymore.

    • JB

      Exactly. He seemed like a great teammate and answered the Bell when called upon. Wasn’t his fault that Bell played him and batted him first or whatever. Wish him well.

  13. Mark Moore

    Kind of unexpected. Figured he’s just remain on an IL list. The ultimate end game was the same. Assures one less possible toy for HDTBell over these last 5 games at any rate.

    • Jim Walker

      Maybe Newman forced the move by saying he was 100% recovered. He was not going to be a free agent via service time; so he would have been stuck in between until the tender date if he accepted an assignment or that is how I understand the applicable rules.

      • Mark Moore

        +500 for that explanation, Jim.

        Oh, and the UND fans in my house were decidedly NOT happy Saturday night. Of course, the Reds fans weren’t happy either.

      • Harry Stoner

        Win-win for both Newman and Reds.

        I wasn’t hight on the trade, but it was an understandable move given the nightmare that was Barerro’s hitting last season and the desire to move on from Farmer….and maybe provide him another opportunity with the Twins.

        I don’t think Krall, or anyone, anticipated McLain’s rapid improvent, or EDLC’s initial flash, or Marte’s quick rise.

        Or the utter dependability of Steer.

        Newman did well enough in the role, but eventually got in the way and Bell couldn’t break the habit and his goofy lineup assemblies only shone a brighter light on Newman’s relative mediocrity.

        Once the Senzel in CF experiment was mercifully concluded, Newman was even more redundant.

        Seems like a slightly more flexible and slightly better hitting version of Reynolds and the Reds now have better options, at least until the next guy gets hurt.

        Suffering through the last two months of EDLC takes a bit of the shade off of Newman.

        Newman might have leveraged the move a bit by pushing Hamlet Krall into action, or it be a respectful move to a guy who served the team well.

        Who was going to go in order to make room?

        Sending EDLC down for a week makes as much sense as activating Newman for a week.

        With McLain coming back (tomorrow?) Bell can help keep EDLC’s BA from dropping below .220 and use him as a PR so he can wind up with 40 sbs in his rookie season.

      • Jim Walker

        The way things are going may actually be best for all involved though because if I recall correctly, the winter roster date is before the tender date, so the Reds likely would have tried to trade Newman then released/ early announced him as a non tender if not successful to clear the 40 man spot anyway.

      • Jim Walker

        @mark>>> it would be an understatement to say my mood did a 180 degree turn on the last play of a certain football game Saturday night!

        It pretty much wiped clean all my angst and anger over the Reds craziness in one fell swoop and left me just disgusted.

      • Harry Stoner

        Reds maybe be looking to trade some other IFs this Winter (Senzel, maybe India).

        Reynolds could likely be around to play the once and future Newman role.

      • Jim Walker

        @Harry>>> Reynolds. See below our thoughts must have crossed in the ether.

  14. Jim Walker

    So, who will be added to the Reds active roster by game time Tuesday?

    I am going to throw a crazy one out that probably is not in many folks’ thoughts.

    What if the Newman move was to open a spot to bring back Alejo Lopez or even perhaps Matt Reynolds instead of McLain to replace an injured India at 2b because MM is not physically ready?

    What I would like to see is McLain, Santillan, and Barrero up (and playing). Let the Reds figure out the corresponding moves on their own 😉

    • Melvin

      Wouldn’t mind seeing Lopez up. Always liked him and he’s had a pretty good year. Most likely the three in your last sentence.

    • Harry Stoner

      Maybe…All kinds of things are possible.

      Krall seems to enjoy juggling the roster as much as Bell does the lineup so perhaps they are in more accord than sometimes imagined here on RLN.

      A few things of note:

      _India was on base 4 times on Sunday

      _Lopez and Reynolds are not on the 40 man roster I believe.
      Would either be DFAed again after the season to protect someone more valuable?

      _Bell would LOVE to have Reynolds back.

      I can fully imagine Strickland back in ST 2024.

  15. Optimist

    Over at the RML site, Brad had this comment, “The Reds have now released their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th highest paid players.”

    Excellent catch, and a positive note for the front office mostly staying ahead of things (cough – Weaver – cough).

    And, Joey’s K effectively comes to an end, and w/o looking, doesn’t Jrs. also end this season?

    The decks are clear and the sea is calm, full speed ahead.

    • Randy

      Griffey, Jr has one more year on his contract with the Reds. Runs thru 2024.

  16. Michael B. Green

    It would shock me if CIN signed or acquired a MLB SP this off-season. CIN will likely go with 8 SP on their 40MR coming out of ST 2024. Th3 6 of 8 obvious SP’s are Greene, Abbott, Ashcraft, Phillips, Williamson, and Lodolo.

    That leaves 2 openings. Currently, the opportunities go to Richardson, Stoudt, and Speiers. Before anyone thinks Gutierrez, he needs to go the pen. As does Dunne. Of the 3 named, the loser goes to the pen – although since they all have options, the team can figure out how to handle them.

    Is that SP set good enough to win a World Series? Who knows? There certainly is no playoff experience and that goes a very long ways. Not getting any pitching at the deadline blew up the playoff opportunity, but the players are certainly fighting hard.

    Whatever Lodolo’s strength and conditioning regimen is, it needs a major overhaul. He’s the Reds’ version of Street Clothes. Greene needs to stay healthy too.

    I was hoping for an All-Star season out of Greene or Lodolo, but it did not happen. What did happen is a young hitting explosion, coupled with the growth of Abbott and Ashcraft.

    We’re not far away.

    • wkuchad

      I hope you’re wrong. If the Reds do not acquire a legit starting pitcher, either through free agency or trade, then I’ll consider this off-season a complete failure. We have a bunch of money, and that’s our #1 need.

    • TR

      To go from last year’s 100 losses to this year’s, at least, 80 wins is a successful season. I think the Reds will acquire a veteran starting pitcher to anchor the rotation who wants to work for a young team which has the potential of a winner. The many young pitchers the Reds are developing can be used in a top flight bullpen. The offseason should be busy.

    • SultanofSwaff

      I’d be comfortable not adding a free agent starting pitcher given how many options we have (plus Aguiar knocking at the door by midseason). More to the point, let’s say the Reds have $50-90 million to throw around. For that kind of money you could sign one league average starter OR two above average relievers to a 3 year deal. For me, I’m signing the relievers because everywhere I look the winning teams have some 3 headed monster in their bullpen. The Brewers come to mind for sure.

      Now that said, I would first explore the trade market to see if any controllable arms could be had in exchange for some of the Reds ‘blocked’ positional prospects (not Arroyo though).

      • wkuchad

        We are ending 2023 with one serviceable starting pitcher (Greene). It’s been our biggest weakness this year and will hopefully be addressed this offseason.

      • earmbrister

        I’m comfortable with the starting pitching as well.


        Spend for a one or two quality relievers while the youngsters are learning to get deeper into games

    • MBS

      @Michael, If we don’t sign at least 1 starter in 24, we are possibly looking at a repeat of 23.

  17. RedBB

    I have a feeling McLain isn’t ready. If that’s the case then bring up Hurtubise. Nothing to lose here. FWIW Hurtubise is even better against RHP than he is overall. .500 OBP and over 1.000 OPS

    vs RHP

    LF Hurtubise
    CF Friedl
    3B Steer
    1B CES
    DH Fraley
    2B India
    C Stephenson
    RF Benson
    SS Elly

  18. Votto4life

    I don’t know what is more depressing the fact that people really believe the Castellinis are going to spend money on pitching this winter or that people believe the Reds already have enough pitching.

    I mean seriously, how could you possibly follow this team all season and come to the conclusion the Reds have enough pitching??

    • old-school

      Thats a constant refrain V4L. Greedy Reds wont spend money. BUt lets take away the all or none approach and get specific on what folks think the budget will be.

      I dont believe the Reds will have a $70 million budget nor do I think the Reds will have a $155 million budget. I do think $120-130 million is realistic and could close some gaps in roster construction. Do you really think the Reds are only going to spend $60-70 million on payroll in 2024?

      A lot of folks said the rebuild wasnt until 2025 or 2026+ and would never happen.

      • David

        I would not particularly say the Reds’ ownership is “greedy”. But I would say they are tight fisted, and penny-wise and pound foolish.
        They may actually be looking a couple of years out (and while I am saying this, I actually doubt it) and thinking about the key players that could be signed to extensions to take up their Arb years, and what this will do to the payroll.
        Most likely, they are unsure about the TV revenue situation and are afraid of cracking open the purse to sign a FA SP.
        Looking at the lists people have, I am not sure that you can count on Lyon Richardson, and certainly not on Levi Stoudt (who has stunk it up this year at AAA). Ben Lively is pretty lousy, when you think about it.

        Dunn is probably finished as a pitcher, unlikely he recovers to pitch in 2024 after shoulder surgery. Or ever.
        They do have some solid starters and some very promising young guys, but NONE of them are a lead-pipe cinch to be good starters in 2024.
        Guys I think are solid but still have “questions”: Hunter Greene, Andrew Abbott, Graham Ashcraft. One of them may fail next Spring. What then?
        I think the world of Andrew Abbott, and I think he will be a solid pitcher for years to come, but that is just my narrow minded opinion.

        Maybe guys: Connor Phillips (still young but very promising), Nick Lodolo (injury prone), Brandon Williamson (he has been erratic overall, although shows signs of being good).
        We may only be able to count on ONE of the “maybe” guys, IMHO. Nick may find a way to get injured, again. Phillips and Williamson may (one or the other) just stink it up next Spring.
        So yeah, the Reds DO need to look into getting a solid SP for 2024, if they really want to compete.

    • MBS

      I don’t know what the average profit of a fan attending a game, but I’m going with $50, and I think I’m lowballing it.

      2023, 2.038M attended
      2022, 1.395M attended

      That was unexpected, and should have been a $32M increase over last year’s take. I think with 2M in attendance @Olds budget of $125M is pretty accurate.

      The Reds are likely to have a $40M payroll if they don’t sign any FA’s. They need to sign 2 quality pitchers, $20M on a starter, and $15M on a closer to help Diaz. That would bring the payroll to roughly $75M. It would leave them with plenty of room to add to the roster the next year as well.

      If they don’t spend at all it will almost be criminal. I might sue

      • David

        You’ll get nothing and like it! – Judge Smails, or was that Phil Castellini?

        I dunno. Anything could happen, but I would NOT bet on the Reds Managing Partners to…”do the right thing”.

  19. TJ

    Yes, the Reds definitely need to get more pitching. I’m not sure it will be a free agent. Hopefully they are eyeing a young pitcher they can trade for without too much trade capital. A pitcher that is not flourishing with their current team and one that DJ sees that he can turn that pitcher around with some tweaks. There will be injuries again. The Reds need to have at least 8 good starters they can count on- 5 in MLB and three in AAA if not more. Just between not having Moose, Weaver, and Myers, the Reds will have the money to spend. They will not spend like the Mets or Padres. They have to spend wisely and think outside the box

  20. Rob

    The Reds pilaged their farm system this year for pitching help. I realistically dont see any quality additions from the farm for 2024. Abbott, Williamson, and Phillips are all here with Ashcraft, Greene, and Lodolo. It is very unlikely that a mid teen prospect as Stoudt or Richardson would improve enough to be a consideration for a 2024 starting role. The potential backups Dunn, Overton, SanMartin, etc. should not be counted on at all or until mid season at best. So no starters from Louisville by my count. Considering innings limitations for several of the top 6, I am thinking you need 2 inning eater types who can go 10-10 and pitch 180 innings. Maybe 1-2 of the top 6 can go to the bullpen to solve their inning limit ceilings. You get right down to it, we dont need 3-4 young starters who can only pitch 100 innings. Maybe one is more useful as trade bait? Doesnt negate the need for 2 inninngs eaters.

    • David

      Tony Santillan was a starter in most of his minor league years. He could be stretched out (innings) in Spring Training to prepare him to start again. If he shows up in shape and not ridiculously overweight.

      • Jim Walker

        Every time I saw him on MiLBTV later in the season, his weight looked more like the previous Tony Santillan and eventually so did his pitching,

  21. LDS

    Game’s about 3hrs away, I was hoping the Reds had posted their roster moves.

  22. Rednat

    i don’t see the main problem of the reds as pitching. maybe I am missing something but for the most part the bullpen has been very good. ok, the starters are not Gibson, Drysdale, Koufax but they are keeping the reds in the games for the most part for 5-6 innings.

    the problem I see is the position players. sure we have some guys with potential. but the reds history of developing young players is poor. Either injuries or the league “figuring them out” is the likely outcome of most of these guys if we go by recent history.
    if you have the money to sign 8 veteran position players that is what i would do. Now obviously we don’t have the money to do that but my point is I think it would be a waste of money a lot of money on pitching this off season

    • AJ from Hamilton

      I realize ERA is an imperfect measure of pitching success, but consider this. The Reds’ ERA for 2023 so far stands at 4.78, putting it 25th out of 30 teams. In September it’s been 5.25. Overall, Reds starters have a 5.33 ERA (28th out of 30 teams), while their relievers have been at least average (4.12 ERA, 16th out of 30).

      As for 2024, a great deal depends on the health of Lodolo, Ashcraft, etc. But I think it would be insane to assume we have five solid, healthy starters in the organization right now. If we’re lucky, we have three. I think we definitely need to add at least one 2-3 type starter (two would be better), either by trade or free agent signing. In recent years, we’ve failed miserably to do that, with the signing of Luke Weaver in 2024 and the weird trade for Mike Minor in 2023. We have to do better next year. I agree that we need at least one more decent relief pitcher, probably on the back end, perhaps Chapman. And we need a right-handed hitting outfielder. But far and away our greatest need is to solidify the starting rotation, which should also have the effect of saving the bullpen arms.

      • AJ from Hamilton

        Date correction: of course Weaver 2023 and Minor 2022.

      • David

        Pitching wins games….period.

        You can look at advanced metrics, or look at something as simple as Earned Run Average for the team. Still spells out the same story.

        The Reds pitching staff was 25th out of 30 for 2023, as of this moment.
        You can lump in the bullpen with the starters, but that’s not playoff caliber pitching, let alone pitching to get them to the World Series.

        The lineup is fine. I don’t want 8 new “veterans”
        EDLC will figure it out, he is an immensely talented young player. CES is hitting, has always hit. Steer is solid. TJ Friedl is solid. India has to stay healthy (and move him to 3rd base, move Marte to SS, McClain to second base and EDLC to the outfield, like CF). Benson is a talented young guy, and will be fine.
        These guys will be fine. What the Reds need is a lot better pitching. Maybe the starters won’t be as hurt in 2024 as 2023 and the Reds win/loss record takes a big step forward. Maybe.

    • LDS

      The lineup is okay, given that McLain isn’t there. I think I’d rather see Stephenson than Maile. But otherwise it as good as it gets.

      • LarkinPhillips

        It appears that HG prefers to throw to Maile than Stephenson? He previously preferred Casali. Maybe the problem is TySteve which is a big problem considering HG contract extension and Stephenson’s regression at the plate the last 2 years.

    • Mark Moore

      Saw that. Wonder if he’s “in transit” or in some other state given the AAA regular season is over.

      • Melvin

        If that’s the reason it’s kind of crazy don’t you think? These are KIND OF important games.

  23. MK

    They need to add Heatherly to the roster this winter, he might be an excellent addition for today.

    • MBS

      I don’t know if Id say we need to add Hatherley. He has 4 IP in AA, not too many teams are going to carry a guy like that on their roster all year.

  24. Melvin

    Ya think Bell has finally realized that CES is his cleanup hitter?

    • David

      Someone hit him with a Clue Bat, I guess. 😉

  25. docproc

    Just saw that McLain reaggravated his oblique strain and is out for the regular season. 🙁

    • Jim Walker

      Then swallow their pride and get Barrero up or at least present on Taxi status so they will have him in case of emergencies.

    • Melvin

      Can’t imagine him playing in post season either…if there is one.