The Cincinnati Reds had plenty of opportunities last night to pick up a win, but they just couldn’t get it done as Pittsburgh came back to pick up the win. The Pirates and Reds will play game two of their 3-game series tonight. First pitch is set for 6:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Pittsburgh Pirates

Cincinnati Reds

Joshua Palacios – RF Jonathan India – 2B
Bryan Reynolds – LF Nick Senzel – LF
Ke’Bryan Hayes – DH Spencer Steer – 1B
Jack Suwinski – CF Christian Encarnacion-Strand – DH
Jared Triolo – 3B Tyler Stephenson – C
Endy Rodriguez – C Noelvi Marte – 3B
Alfonso Rivas – 1B TJ Friedl – CF
Ji Hwan Bae – 2B Stuart Fairchild – RF
Alika Williams – SS Elly De La Cruz – SS
Bailey Falter – LHP Connor Phillips – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Connor Phillips 15.2 5.74 1.28 7 17
Bailey Falter 78.2 4.58 1.32 19 59
Links: Connor Phillips’ Stats | Bailey Falter’s Stats

Connor Phillips

After having some struggles in his first two starts in the big leagues, Phillips put together a strong start the last time out. Five days ago he pitched against Minnesota and struck out seven batters in 7.0 innings against the Twins. He has allowed five homers in his three starts.

The splits in the big leagues are such a small sample size that it’s not all that useful. With that said, early on there has been a huge difference in how much power right-handed hitters have produced compared to left-handed hitters. Lefties have struck out far more often.


RHH 33 7 0 0 4 3 6 .233 .303 .633
LHH 36 6 1 0 1 4 11 .194 .306 .323

Pitch Usage

4-seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 96.3 82.1 84.1 91.0
Usage 63% 13% 22% 2%

Bailey Falter

In his last start things for Bailey Falter went in a different direction – he pitched the first inning but didn’t return. He had pitched six innings a week earlier. Now he’s back on the mound just four days later.

Despite being a left-handed pitcher, it’s lefties who are crushing the ball against Falter. The sample size is small, but left-handed hitters are hitting .359 and slugging .672 against him this season. Right-handed hitters don’t get on base much against him, don’t hit for a lot of power but aren’t hapless, and are hitting .251 against him.


RHH 264 62 11 1 9 16 47 .251 .296 .413
LHH 67 23 5 0 5 3 12 .359 .388 .672

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Slider Curve Change
Velo 91.0 91.1 84.5 76.5 85.0
Usage 45% 7% 18% 23% 7%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 74°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Matt McLain begins a rehab assignment

The infielder is starting a rehab assignment tonight with the Triple-A Louisville Bats. He’s expected to play today and tomorrow, and if things go well he will re-join Cincinnati on Tuesday in Cleveland.

Harrison Bader out for the year, Antone unlikely to return

Wild Card Standings

Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Philadelphia 85 69 +5.0 100%
Arizona 81 73 +1.0 84.4%
Chicago 80 74 0.0 52.8%
Miami 79 75 1.0 40.5%
Cincinnati 79 76 1.5 18.9%
San Francisco 77 77 3.0 2.1%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs | Top 3 Make Playoffs

Division Standings

Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 88 66 0.0 100%
Cubs 80 74 8.0 52.8%
Reds 79 76 9.5 18.9%
Pirates 73 81 15.0 0.0%
Cardinals 67 87 21.0 0.0%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

334 Responses

  1. RedBB

    Cubs won. Miami winning. Joe Boyle throwing another shutout through 5+ innings…awesome

    • Mark A Verticchio

      Bell’s world is falling apart and he still refuses to give any sense of urgency.

      • LDS

        Why should he? He has a three year contract. Performance is irrelevant.

      • Mark A Verticchio

        I really would hope he would care, but I guess I am wrong.

      • Jim Walker

        I had a flight of fantasy today that Krall had slipped a fine print option into Bell’s contract that he could be terminated at any time for the salary of the current contract year. i.e. basically 3x 1 year contracts. Then one of the dogs barked me back to reality. 😉

      • Melvin

        Jim – Hahahahaha!!!!!

        Big Bob – “You’re doing a good job David. You’ll be manager as long I’m here.”


    • RedBB

      Brewers come back to tie the Marlins. Boyle throws 6 innings 0 ER’s….

      • Jim Walker

        Marlins are most important to me because they control the tiebreaker with the Reds. Meanwhile, I don’t think the Brew crew is going to punt versus the Cubs on the eve of the playoffs; and, even a tie with Cubs can get the Reds in,

      • Jim Walker

        We may be seeing who the Brewers want and don’t want to be their opponent in the Wild Card run by the way they are playing the Fish today. And if the matter isn’t settled by next weekend, I think we will see them play the Cubs tough too.

      • RedBB

        I don’t think there is any question the Brewers and anyone els would prefer to face the Reds just based on our SP rotation and rookie lineup.

      • Melvin

        RedBB – Not to mention the fact they pretty much kick our butts practically every time they play us. If it comes down to the best strategic manager we’re in big trouble unfortunately.

    • RedBB

      One potential silver lining is the Reds still have 2 days off. DBacks have 0 and Cubs and Marlins both have 1.

      Bell said he was already managing like this was the playoffs. Not sure I agree with that but he has no excuse anymore with 2 rest days down the stretch. Cubs used Assad in relief today despite being down 3-0 and they won. Ross knows how important every game is…

      • RedBB

        Another is if we are actually still in it by the time we face the Cards then 2/3 of their lineup is on the IL. Arenado and Contreras just went on the IL and will join O’Neil, Carlson, Burleson, Gorman and Gallegos as likely done for the year.

      • Melvin

        “Bell said he was already managing like this was the playoffs.”

        Oh my goodness. 😀

  2. AllTheHype

    Anyone get a chuckle out of the tweet above?

    “David Bell said that the chances for Tejay Antone returning in the postseason are remote.”

    Like, the chances of anyone on the team returning for the postseason are remote?

  3. AllTheHype

    Bailey Falter LHP with extreme reverse splits, but Bell with the extreme handedness lineup. Wish maybe he would use analytics occasionally, or ever for that matter.

    • Hanawi

      Agree. I find it funny when people call him an analytics driven manager. The only thing that I really think is driven by that is his refusal to let his starter go through a lineup for the third time.

      • AllTheHype

        He is a bias driven manager, analytics NO. And his biases apply to all players, except vets like Votto. If you are 30+, you have outplayed the bias and it no longer applies.

      • Rick

        He’s in the “Bell Ball” philosophy. No one else has signed on for it. Lol

    • RedBB

      Maybe EDLC bats left against him then. That’s a win! Also CES has reverse splits too so I think that’s a win as well!

  4. Mark Moore

    1.5 back along with the Phish would feel like a truckload of concrete being pulled by an old 2-cylinder tractor. 2.0 back or more really feels like the end of the line to me. It will still take a collection of miracles and a fiery collapse at this point. I really don’t like the Stupid Cubs. I hope the Bernies smoke ’em in the first round (because that looks like the matchup coming).

    Shaking off those thoughts, it now probably doesn’t matter that MattyMc isn’t with us until Tuesday. OK, REALLY shaking off those thoughts, let’s Kick these Pie-Rats to the Ohio, drag them out, and Kick them there AGAIN … tonight. Lather – rinse – repeat for tomorrow.

    Game will be on my small screen while the 3rd College Football game plays on the TV.

    • Jim Walker

      I think TBDBITL is there is there; so, maybe you will at least get to see Script Ohio!

      And to be clear, in this context. TBDBITL translates as “The Best Darn Band In The Land. 😉

      • Mark Moore

        Tennessee State brought their band to ND Stadium and basically was allowed to give a mini-concert. It’s a HBCU and they were excellent from what little I heard. Got killed (tomato can) but collected their big paycheck for making the trip.

    • Rick

      I mentally chucked it last night. I’m going to record it and FF thru it late night to watch the young guys play. I’ll still the games to the end of the season.
      Spit on those Pirates after that last rinse. Lol

  5. Jim Walker

    I just saw another replay of that throw from EDLC that got by Votto last night for the 6th Pirates run to score. India double clutched the grounder. EDLC probably should have held the ball. That said that said it was a low very short hop into Votto; and, he flat out whiffed it. All three guys on that play left something to be desired in their execution.

    • Mark Moore


      A triple whiff indeed … culpability all around.

      • Jim Walker

        And if we wanted to go for a quadruple, where was the C? If I recall the chalk talks back when I was playing, in that situation, the C should have been backing up 1B with the P coming in to cover home. But how often do we ever see that at MLB?

      • Jim Walker

        I keep getting these lowlights because I haven’t shut down the box that comes up when I first log into RLN or post a comment.

        Now I just got the Senzel nontag on Farmer at 3B on the 9th inning double steal. He has that ball above Farmer’s path in plenty of time to just fall to his knees with his glove in front of him and let Farmer tag himself out.

        Instead, he lifts the glove and takes a swipe at Farmer’s outside leg as the other foot goes right through where the glove would have been if he just fell forward as his momentum was naturally taking him. Did he not see all the acrobatic and falling, diving tags that were being made vs the Reds on seal attempts in the days prior?

        Oh well, life, I guess

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I’m quickly coming around to the viewpoint that EDLC needs to move to the outfield. He has the speed and arm attributes. Don’t know if he has the instincts for outfield play. Maybe he is a terrific shortstop defensively, but I certainly haven’t seen it yet. Occasional sparkling plays don’t trump subpar performance on routine plays.

      • Jim Walker

        He is not the same guy I was watching on MiLBTV when he was with Louisville. His fall off on both sides of the ball I think goes beyond the typical step up and the required adjustments.

        On the other hand, they do a CF who can not only cover ground and catch but also throw (throwing being Friedl’s shortcoming IMO).

      • Tom Mitsoff

        It’s possible his struggles may have dashed his confidence. He’s only 21, after all. It’s going to be a very interesting off-season for him.

      • Tom Reeves

        Yeah, I’ve thought he was an “outfielder” the entire time. The move needs to come over the off-season. Frankly, I think India would be better off in the outfield.

      • Melvin

        There is just not enough room for everybody unless there is a “rotation”.

        You’ll already have Friedl in LF, EDLC in CF, and Steer in RF.

  6. Ted Alfred

    Amazing, Elly and Fairchild?? Why doe Bell’s handidness lineups never apply to the worst hitter on the Reds from the right side in Elly….who is also a huge liability defensively at this point???? Why go so handidness against a LHP with huge reverse splits? So you drop Friedl to 6th from 2nd in THIS game…insanity.

    Why not Martini in RF, Steer in LF Votto at 1B, and Senzel at 3rd with Elly and Fairchild on the bench. Martinis had some big at bats for this team and with such huge reverse splits I would think this would be a good spot to hit both him and Votto. Elly and Fairchild are bad botj offensively and defensively.

    I am just stunned and baffled at the same time.

    It’s going to be an extremely long 3 years unless the Reds tank so bad next year that attendance falls off a cliff and they have no choice but to bump him into the front office with a buyout and get somebody here who actually knows what they’re doing, cuz this man is just making it up as he goes…no rhyme or reason…just completely arbitrary…clueless.

    Why is Bell so afraid to sit Elly, it’s what is best for the team and for Elly right now. We are trying to get into the playoffs…aren’t we??

    The Cubs finish up at 3 Atlanta and 3 at Milwaukee… they very well could go 2-4 or 1-5 and we have the tiebreaker…just waving the white flag. Maybe Bell is secretly on the Cubs payroll.

    • Mark Moore

      The Stupid Cubs playing with the Bravos and Bernies is the only slim hope we have. Bravos can tune up however they want since they sit out the first round. Bernies need to set up their rotation and keep in top form since they may have to play the Stupid Cubs all over again (or us or the Phish).

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Mark, I think you hit the nail on the head. The Reds also have to pretty much win them all the rest of the way unless the Cubs and Marlins both take a nosedive.

  7. Hanawi

    I’m stunned that Votto is not in the lineup. Has to be some indication that the Reds are planning to bring him back in some capacity next year, right? This might be his penultimate home game otherwise.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      If this is a bullpen day for Pittsburgh, you’ll almost certainly see Votto at some point.

      • Hanawi

        Sure, but not starting what could be his last homestand is a pretty strong indication that he is coming back. Unless the Reds are just not going to honor him whatsoever.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I see your point. If the organization knows this is it, they should definitely do something. I still think they are going to try to negotiate a midpoint between his $20-million non-guaranteed salary and his $7-million buyout price for 2024. I don’t like that idea, but I do think the front office / ownership will try it.

      • Jim Walker

        I agree with you, Tom. If it is a standard option, I believe the call date isn’t until the end of the World Series. If that is correct they have virtually all of October to negotiate.

    • Mark Moore

      Keep in mind a part of this could be that Votto doesn’t want a big hoopla day. He may just prefer to let it all “fade to black”.

  8. Tom Mitsoff

    I’m anxious to watch Phillips. I didn’t get to watch that last excellent performance he had.

  9. Dennis Westrick

    With the 3rd disastrous loss in a row by the Reds (last 2 games with blown late inning leads), the Reds pretty much need to run the table in their last 7 games!

    • Tom Mitsoff

      That’s about how it shapes up, unless both the Cubs and Marlins go into the tank.

      • Melvin

        it really doesn’t matter who goes in the tank if we don’t win…which has been the problem. 🙂

  10. Melvin

    Senzel is killing it against lefites since he’s come back. Good hit.

    • Mark Moore

      Most definitely. I have to think some other team will work with him and he’ll have a moderately productive career at 3B for them. I just wonder if we’ll get anything back for him, or just decline to keep him on the roster.

    • Jim Walker

      +500. I am happy for his resurgence after the fiasco at the trade deadline and being exiled (excuse me, optioned) to Louisville.

      Unless and until it publicly comes out differently I will believe he and Boras were played by the Reds for whatever reason and left that meeting believing he would be traded and were never told otherwise ahead of the deadline.

  11. Mark Moore

    Crushed it opposite … did NOT see that coming.

    • Jim Walker

      he just missed one that way last night. Died on at the edge of the track.

  12. Mark Moore

    “Elevated strike” … uh, yeah, by about 5-6 inches.

    And TySteve says “me too”!!!

  13. Old-school

    That was a productive 2 at bats.

  14. Mark Moore

    Again with that “elevated strike”. Surprised the 2nd one didn’t get called.

  15. JB

    Bringing back Votto next year will be a travesty. CES will sit the bench for at least 50 games because Bell is clueless. Just cut your ties because watching Votto hit .190 and hit 10 homers is a joke.

    • Mark Moore


      And I’ve loved watching his career as a Red. But it really is a young man’s game with very few exceptions.

    • Old-school

      C’mon JB….Its .198 and 14 homers….

      CES is the Reds first baseman…NOW

  16. Mark Moore

    Hate to bring the house down, but the Phish ended up winning. So I’ll enjoy the fun tonight as long as it happens, but no real warm, fuzzy feeling happening.

    • JB

      The loss last night was a killer. It might be the game that decides it.

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah and tell the ND gals, that block “IRISH” ain’t quite Script Ohio either. 😉

  17. Mark Moore

    It dawns on my our first inning kind of flies in the face of the reverse splits stuff … at least for tonight so far.

    You enjoying the Connor Phillips show, Tom M.?

    • Tom Mitsoff

      You bet! He’s attacking the zone and throwing strikes with fastballs and breaking pitches. Liking it! 🙂

  18. Melvin

    Phillips pitching well. I’ve never seen nor heard of so many rookies doing so well in one season on the same team. Amazing. If David Bell somehow gets “Manager of the Year” cough cough, he should engrave every rookie’s name on the award.

  19. Melvin

    Fridel is…..

    I’ll let you take it JB. 😀

      • Melvin

        haha Actually I’d like to see him in LF next year with EDLC in CF. Friedl stays simply because he doesn’t need a platoon.

  20. Brian Rutherford

    Time to start a winning streak. No more losses.

    Someone keeps saying TJ Friedl is a transitional player. Right.

  21. Mark Moore

    I had to roll that back for both me and my wife. I had taken a “slight break” and walked back to hear the call. That’s the kind of moment that really makes the season if you can’t play in October. Way to go TJ!!

  22. Old-school

    This is looking good. TJ inside the park and Elly hits against a lefty and 32 steals.

  23. Mark Moore

    When Sadak announced that was that was an ITPHR, I thought he was going to explode.

    • magi210

      I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get changed to a triple and an error.

      • Mark Moore

        You have to think it’s a 50/50 chance NY does that.

  24. Mark Moore

    It’s like a completely different team from the guys we saw swimming against the current last night. And it’s only the 2nd inning!!

  25. Andrew Brewer

    The Reds are due, and they are showing it tonight… and the pitching… Wow !

  26. Mark Moore

    WHAT???? Some 8 inches above the zone!!!! Complete Chumpire action.

    And Elly’s swipe of 3rd and a little misplay adds the 5th run. Small rewards.

  27. JB

    Let’s save some of these runs for tomorrow

  28. Old-school

    Looking like 80-76 with 6 to go. Still a tough task.

    • Mark Moore

      Very tough indeed. Have to keep winning like this and hope for a meltdown from both the Stupid Cubs and the Phish.

  29. Mark Moore

    Oh this is fun to watch. I may have to put my earbud in when we turn the sound up on the UND/OSU game and my daughter calls.

  30. Mark Moore

    Error or hit for Marte? An 11-game streak on the line.

  31. Mark Moore

    We’ll forgive TJ for the can of corn 3rd out, won’t we? I mean he was completely gassed after that trip around the bases to start the inning.

  32. Amarillo

    This isn’t even making me happy, where was this the last 3 days? This is fun, but man.

  33. Ted Alfred

    Okay, so Stephenson is still swinging it great, the question is… will he be sitting or playing tomorrow? Because….you know.

    • Melvin

      I’d like to think David Bell won’t get the cold water out again but I’m not holding my breath.

  34. JB

    This season is probably over but I can’t wait until next season to get here. A whole season of the kids is going to be fun.

  35. Old-school

    Marte and CES making strong statements about corner infield. Steer is Steer. Anyone still say Votto needs to be signed back for $13 mil to play first base?????????

    • JB

      I would give him his 7 and bid him goodbye. Honestly he isn’t any better than any hitter on the team. I’ll take fairchild over him.

    • Hanawi

      Dude give your Votto hate a rest for a day. It’s tiring.

  36. Harry Stoner

    Not the season hoped for with Stephenson, but despite up and down stretches, he’s produced some decent numbers.

    Enough to suggest next year might be a return to promised form.

  37. JB

    Great news!! With it being a blowout, Sadak will talk even more tonight to rid us of our boredom.

    • Mark Moore

      Meaning I may not actually plug in the earbuds and listen to it after all 😀

  38. Mark Moore

    Nice snag by Elly to end that inning. Phillips still dealing though his pitch count is creeping up a bit.

  39. Old-school

    Elly leaps 11 feet to snag the liner!

    Phillips is throwing strikes.

    • Mark Moore

      Wonder what his vertical leap is …

      • Tom Reeves

        It could be another 6 inches without 4lbs of gold


      • Melvin

        Enough to snag more home runs above the wall than most any other player.

  40. Mark Moore

    Did our 14-year-old Stewie just do that? 😮

    • Mark Moore

      And he’s beyond versatile. I’m a big fan of guys playing A position, but I’ll make an exception for him because he’s such a stud.

  41. Mark Moore

    I do believe in the Polo Grounds that would have been an ITPHR for Steer 😛

  42. Mark Moore

    How is that pitch on Jack NOT a strike???? Less than 3 inches up.

  43. Mark Moore

    Settle the kid down. He can get out of this and still come back strong for the 5th.

    • Mark Moore

      There you go. He’s got this. I see a bright future for him on the mound.

  44. Mark Moore

    So the zone for us is a Sunday School one … “deep and wide”.

    And the zone for them is considerably smaller and closer to what the book says it should be.

    As long as we keep playing add-on, then I’m okay with it. I’m still frustrated overall with the Chumpiring, but an 8-run lead will kind of soften you to that.

  45. Mark Moore

    Anybody else completely amazed at that Statcast recreation of TJ’s HR? Complete with the slide at the end.

  46. Mark Moore

    I’ve not been on the Elly to CF bandwagon for the most part, but if the 2024 OF was Steer in LF, Elly in CF, and Friedl in RF with Benson as the #4 getting regular playing time, I do believe that’s about as solid as you could make it. Plus that leaves us Marte at 3B, MattyMc at SS, India/??? at 2B, and CES at 1B.

  47. Mark Moore

    Off topic for Jim Walker …

    Are you watching the UND/OSU game? Any thoughts on the guys doing commentary? I’m thinking they are D-List Peacock guys rather than the A-List NBC team.

    • Jim Walker

      My SOP is audio muted/ closed caption on but I only read the caption when something is going on that I am not sure about and the graphics don’t illuminate. I am not as deep on football as on baseball but, I like to form my own impressions in real time then cross check myself against “written” accounts and YouTube guys who I have come to feel know the game well.

      I know the analyst was former Penn State QB Todd Blackledge because I saw him on the screen during the pregame. I have no idea who the play by play guy was.

      If memory serves, Blackledge has jumped networks several times. At one time, I think for someone he was one of their A group guys who typically worked the top undercard national game. He may have also worked the NFL.

  48. Melvin

    Can’t remember the last time we had a win that wasn’t a “nail biter”.

    • Mark Moore

      Only potential trouble here is if we go from “loose” to “too relaxed” and make mistakes or throw the discipline out the window.

      • Melvin

        Yep. Our focus isn’t exactly the best.

  49. Mark Moore

    Deep breaths. Solid 5 innings from Connor. Not sure you run him out there for the 6th. Going to need him one more time this week if we’re still hanging in there.

  50. Harry Stoner

    Pirates aren’t out of it yet.

    4 innings of Reds’ BP.

    They’ve got to like their odds.

  51. Mark Moore

    Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me (a distinct possibility), EDLC is playing much better defense tonight.

    Let’s get that 3rd out now, please. Don’t want the Pie-Rats to climb back in this one.

  52. Melvin

    I hope I didn’t speak too soon about a “nail biter”. smh

  53. Harry Stoner

    “Inheirited Runners Scored”

    • West Larry

      IF the reds lose this game, see you next year.

  54. GPod

    can you dfa a pitcher in the middle of an inning?

  55. Mark Moore

    And those who don’t like it when we “start going negative” perhaps don’t take situations like this into account. Young hasn’t been good since he came back off the IL by my recollection. We now need 10 outs without giving up 3+ runs.

  56. JB

    Turned back and I see Young is throwing up all over the mound. Dude hasn’t been good for a bit.

    • Mark Moore

      Apparently barfing whilst simultaneously having a case of the runs.

  57. bug

    No excuse for sending Phillips back out . He had 90 pitches and was starting to gradually get behind in the count the inning before, and they were starting to make contact. I was so happy he got through 5 innings and would get the win. With 90 pitches, he could rest his arm for one more start this year. I was sure Bell would not send him back out. It would take an idiot to send him back out for the 6th. But Bell. I rest my case.

    • Mark Moore


      Had exactly the same thoughts. It’s an HDTBell decision that is just baffling (which leaves it in good company with so many others in that category).

    • bug

      Then, if that were no stupid enough, he challenges the call at first base when he was OBVIOUSLY out by a mile. It was not even close. But Bell. And we are stuck with him.

    • Ted Alfred

      He just has no feel for what’s happening during the game. He sends Phillips out when it’s obvious he’s losing it, but he pulls Greene when it’s obvious he’s got the best stuff he’s ever had in his life… both with basically the same pitch count….it’s nonsensical but typical Bell

      • bug

        Yep. You got that right! He’s the worst manager I’ve ever seen. And Krall extended his contract. Poor decisions,..all the way around. Reds will never win with that kind of stupidity making the calls. Sad and pitiful.

  58. Melvin

    We’re only in the 6th inning. Far from over. Need to push hard. Now is the time to play “small ball”. Every little extra run could mean the difference.

  59. Doc

    BP has now allowed rune in 6 of their last 7 innings, four of those six being crooked numbers. Not a good recipe for playoff runs, especially since Reds bats appear have gone quiet. Ineffective BP pitching is not DB fault since no matter who he has put in the last three games has performed.

    • Harry Stoner

      Blowing a 9 run lead is indeed a full team effort.

  60. RedsMonk65

    Here we go … never easy.

    Let’s add another 9 runs. That MIGHT do it.

  61. Dennis Westrick

    Apparently the Reds have stopped playing!

    Meanwhile, the Pirates have not!

    If the Reds blow a 9-1 lead tonight and lose, Bell should be fired immediately after this game!

    • Mark Moore

      And yet we know that won’t happen. Not a single chance. He could practically run out on the field naked at this point and he’s still be the manager.

  62. Doc4uk

    Young has tried to lose two games in a row. Time to rest him for a couple of weeks

  63. Mark Moore

    Why oh why do I somewhere hear a faint version of Dandy Don Meredith warming up in the background.

    But their focused on winning. They’re playing like it’s a playoff now.

    • Harry Stoner

      It does seem like the Reds are playing a playoff game.

      They haven’t won one in a long time, if I’m not mistaken.

      • Mark Moore

        Touche and a +5,000 to you, Harry!

  64. Redlegs1869

    Are you kidding me? This isn’t looking good. Shaping up for a come from behind effort needed…by the Reds. Joke.

  65. Tom Mitsoff

    So you have Cruz, who pitched like Cy Young last night and Daniel Duarte tonight …

    • JB

      Didn’t Cruz pitch over an inning last night? Not sure why they brought him back tonight.

  66. LDS

    Are you kidding me? It was 9-0 last I checked. Now it’s 9-6, bases loaded, and no body out? That’s despicable. Krall needs to man up and get some accountability.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Krall isn’t pitching. He put together a bullpen that until the last few days was carrying the team.

      • Mark Moore

        A bullpen that has worked way more than others and far more frequently than anyone wants to see them work.

      • LDS

        I guess the money for team adds went into Bob’s pocket and Bell’s extension. Maybe this will teach Bell that being down 9-0 doesn’t mean go little league and play everyone.

  67. Melvin

    Anyone starting to feel sick in your stomach again?

    • Mark Moore

      Nope. Not a bit. I’m frustrated, sure. But I’m to the point where this is playing to form (typed as Sims barfs up the lead on that bases-clearing double).

  68. RedsGettingBetter

    I left for a moment being the game 9-1 in the 5th inning , I come back and suddenly is 9-6 and the Pirates with bases loaded and no outs …wow what the f… is this? No way….

  69. bug

    Only David Bell could lose this game. No other manager anywhere anytime could blow a 9-0 lead. But Bell. I rest my case.

  70. Melvin

    The lead is GONE and Sakak is excited again. smh

  71. RedsGettingBetter

    Unbelievable… what a disaster !

  72. Dennis Westrick

    That’s it! I’m done for the season!

  73. Doc

    Make that 7 out of 8 innings giving up run(s), with crooked numbers i. 5 of those 7. Complete implosion of the BP. As is so often the case, the offense built a huge lead early, then has taken the rest of the game off, at least so far.

  74. Harry Stoner

    This is not a playoff worthy team, plain and simple.

    Enough with the counting W/L or tracking other teams.

    Big improvement over 2022, but fundamental problems remain.

    And they won’t be resolved by trading for an “innings eater.”

    • Redlegs1869

      That pretty much sums it up. Well said.

    • Erik the Red

      You are correct. We have some major flaws that need to get addressed before are ready to compete against the Dodgers and Braves. They are not going away in the next 5 Years.

    • Jim Walker

      Not unless they also figure out that relievers can’t try to pitch like starters and make their focus getting guys for the pen who have a live fastball they can spot to the corners and edges of the zone with their eyes (almost) closed. Then all they need in addition is a cutter or little slider and a splitter or some other change up hitters will chase out of the zone.

  75. Melvin

    I almost wish I had just turned it off rather than suffer through this.

  76. RedsMonk65

    Jeepers Creepers. This is insane. Potential to be soul-crushing….

  77. JB

    A loss tonight will definitely end it. Doing it dramatically though is priceless. Sims SMH. The guy who constantly chain smokes in the dynamite shack.

  78. Harry Stoner

    Why does it seem that Red’s relievers often focus and buckle down after they’ve blown it?

  79. Mark Moore

    I just got an omen. Mr. Redleg won the animated mascot race on the commercial. That’s got to mean we’re going to score here, right?

    • Mark Moore

      I take that back. They ran it again and Mr. Redleg lost.

  80. JB

    They need about 4 new relief pitchers next year. And none off the scrap heap. The bullpen has been good all year but they are done from having to pick up the starters all year. Starters can’t go 4-5 innings every game during the season. This is what happens.

    • LDS

      Maybe the BP would have as many appearances if Bell the Brilliant didn’t limit them to an inning or less most of the time.

    • Erik the Red

      You are correct starting pitching needs to average 6 innings per start next year. I don’t care what 5 starters they run out next year.

  81. Melvin

    Back to pulling the outside pitch that’s not even a strike to an easy ground ball out. smh

  82. LDS

    At least, Bell didn’t leave Cruz in to work it out. On a positive note, Louisville is up 3-2 through 6. A win tonight prevents a losing record. And Barrero got his two steals but still need his HR for 20-20.

    • Melvin

      20-20 and only been there since June.

      • Melvin

        He does have a double and two RBIs. No Ks

      • LDS

        Yep, hopefully he winds up on a good team next year. Maybe Milwaukee or Chicago will bribe Bell away from Cincinnati since both allegedly will be seeking a new manager.

      • Melvin

        Yep. I think we’re being VERY SELFISH keeping Mr. Bell. We need to share. 😉

  83. RedAlert

    Moreta couldn’t get anybody out when he was with the Reds … just finished mowing them down like a hot knife thru butter …. Only the Reds can make a mediocre or below average pitcher look unhittable

    • Mark Moore

      You noticed that, did you? Me too 😮

    • JB

      Reminds me when the Reds picked up Renfroe and he said he sees the ball well at GABP. No mister Renfroe you see the ball well because you are facing Reds pitching.

  84. Melvin

    Friedl trying his best again to put us on his back again and win the game.

  85. Jim Walker

    My wife ceded me the big screen for the OSU/ND game. So, I am on the couch about 90% into football and very loosely tracking the Reds game streaming on the iPad.
    I see Phillips come out and it goes to 9-3 on his bequest runners and then the next thing I know, it goes to 9-6 (with Young still in) then mercifully that inning ended.

    Half time at football the starts; and. I pick up the Reds action still at 9-6 but bases loaded, nobody out, and and Sims on. After my necessary break, I come back and it is 9-9 with a Pirates runner on 3B and only 1 out.

    When this season is all done. People connected with the pitching need to be shown the door. If Krall won’t do it, he needs to be shown the door.

    End of rant. Almost time fr 2nd half kick off.

    • RedAlert

      Convinced that Derrick Johnson aint the
      answer …same for the hitting coach

    • Mark Moore

      That’s what’s on our TV (and DD#1 is on the phone per the usual).

      We’re all less than impressed with the announcer crew. Seems like this is the Peacock D-List team.

    • LDS

      OSU needs to win their game. Notre Dame losing is always a good day.

  86. Mark Moore

    I’m thinking the only torture worse than losing a game where we were up 9-0 and seemingly on cruise control, would be if it went into extra innings and we lost it there.

    • Melvin

      Don’t say it. lol I truly believe the team doesn’t know how to handle pressure because their manager doesn’t either. Kind of a freeze effect a lot of the time.

  87. Redlegs1869

    I’m sorry. Could anyone imagine Stu doing anything there but striking out? Anyone? Anyone?

  88. Tom Mitsoff

    Diaz is no longer what he was earlier this year.

  89. RedAlert

    Maybe if Diaz could worry about the bottom of his pants he could concentrate on what he’s doing …

  90. Mark Moore

    We get the Diaz of late, I see. And India is pretty much toast physically from what I’m seeing. I doubt he really healed after the PF problems.

  91. Melvin

    India with an abdominal injury. McLain up tomorrow for sure….or Barrero.

    • Mark Moore

      Got to make that call immediately given it’s a day game.

      • Melvin

        India should be out of the game. I’m sure he’s too injured to help.

  92. LDS

    Sims 1 and done. Now Diaz puts the first two on to open the 8th. Krall should call the dugout and fire Bell midgame just to make a point.

    • Melvin

      hahaha I DON’T THINK that’s going to happen. lol

  93. Mark Moore

    Ten … count ’em … TEN UNANSWERED RUNS!!!

    Nearing a collapse of epic proportions.

  94. MK

    They do not deserve a playoff spot. It would be a two and out anyway.

    • Melvin

      Against the Brewers I can easily see us not scoring a run in two games just like 2020.

  95. Mark Moore

    I really thought he had scored. Nice throw by Stewie and he’s out by a mile. Looked like he kind of dogged it at the end.

  96. Harry Stoner

    What we’re seeing is epic.


    Finishing over .500 is the more realistic goal, but looking unobtainable at this time.

    Bell: “This won’t change who we are!”

    • Ted Alfred

      But all the Bell Defenders will be out in force and say it’s all on the players blah blah blah. Nothing to do with any of the decisions the manager makes

      • Mark Moore

        Exactly. And it’s not every game and every decision. But enough decisions to impact 4-5 games given where we are makes the difference.

        Three More Years!!!

    • Melvin

      This is NOT going to look good on Bell’s resume to anyone except Big Bob. He really doesn’t care.

  97. Melvin

    Good job by Fairchild there but if he can’t throw a guy out in that situation he can’t throw anyone out. Perfect set up.

  98. Mark Moore

    Friedl with the bare-hand grab and throw saved another run from scoring.

    But that didn’t last anyway, did it?

    THIRTEEN unanswered runs. From the Pie-Rats.

  99. Doc

    Another inning, another crooked number put up by the BP. It should be interesting reading tomorrow how it is all David Bell’s fault that not a single one of his BP can get through an inning without being scored on in a nine inning stretch. Can’t wait to read those rationales.

    • Harry Stoner

      Your smugness just comes naturally, and dependably at the end of every game and discussion thread.

      By all means, check in tomorrow so your smarter-than-thou ego can get another boost.

      • LDS

        @Harry, if that’s aimed at me, I identified what would happen if Bell got to manage the likes of EDLC. And it has. I called for his removal several years ago. It doesn’t take a lot of brainpower just honestly. Too many got caught up in the Reds “doing better than expected “ and ignoring the elephant in the room.

    • LDS

      It’s simple Doc, he pulled Sims after 1 and left Diaz to be hammered. That’s bad bullpen management.

  100. Melvin

    This is hard to believe we’re actually watching this. Is this real?

  101. LDS

    Why exactly has Bell left Diaz in the game? For that matter, why did Sims open the inning? No big deal, the Reds will get them tomorrow, or next year, maybe 2026. No reason to get worked up about it.

  102. Gpod

    There is no reason to pitch Diaz another inning this season….he has absolutely nothing….and I mean nothing

  103. RedsGettingBetter

    I can’t remember seeing a collapse like this … Everybody was afraid of a likely starting rotation being the weakness but this bullpen melt down is magnanimus

  104. Lem

    Was just strolling down Joe Nuxhall way and saw the wheels off the Reds season go flying by.

      • Lem

        Nah, but they did tuck right into a bar across from the stadium for a stiff drink.

    • Jim Walker

      It is in part because these pen guys are fried due to starters not covering enough innings and then not even having starters and needing a bullpen day once or even twice a week.

  105. JB

    Every time I turn back on the game the score gets worse. Lol 3 more years.

  106. Mark Moore

    And my ratings have been updated. Take note, Melvin.

    #100 out of 30 MLB Field Managers. Cannot sink any lower on my scale. Puts him somewhere in Low-A at best. Maybe even short-season Rookie League.

    But juice boxes, orange slices, and goldfish crackers all around, please.

    Nice throw by TySteve to nail Bae.

    • Mark Moore

      But Marte needs to stay on him just to make sure. If this gets overturned, that’s a huge missed opportunity.

    • Melvin

      hahaha I was wandering how long it would take to get to #100. lol

    • Melvin

      “But juice boxes, orange slices, and goldfish crackers all around, please.”

      I remember earlier in the year when Barrero was having a good game and David Bell took him out because it was his turn to help his mother with the snacks. 😉

  107. Doc4uk

    Diaz should be shut down for the year and the reds must find a closer in the off season

    • Mark Moore

      We could have sold him to the Mets for a king’s ransom when his brother went down. Back when we were supposed to lose 100 games anyway.

      • Melvin

        He actually pitched well the last time we played the Mets and his brother was watching him.

  108. Redlegs1869

    Season’s over. Embarrassing that the Pirates kick us in the groin hard repeatedly to pulverize any hope of sneaking into the playoffs as nothing more than a sacrificial lamb. Better think again about the Reds being one of the elite NL central teams next year. Pirates may have something to say about that as well as the usual suspects.

    • Lem

      Pirates looked great and even a division contender back in the first month of the season. Then they took 4 months off, then woke up again in September just in time to play spoiler.

  109. RedBB

    Alexis Diaz has been PURE garbage for a couple months shut him down and stop the embarrassment

  110. JB

    Well like I said earlier, why send McLain down to Louisville. Season will be over by Tuesday.

  111. LDS

    Pirates about to be 8-4 against the Reds this year. Forget the playoffs, it’s time to wonder if the Reds will finish ahead of the Pirates. Barring a miracle, the season is over so start shutting down players and look to next year.

  112. Gpod

    Good thing the reds had that easy schedule down the stretch

  113. RedsMonk65

    Buckeyes up 10-0 on Notre Dame in the 3rd quarter. 😉

    • Mark Moore

      ND is finally driving. May get a score one way or another.

      • RedsMonk65

        Can the Buckeyes and Irish outscore the Reds and Pirates?

  114. RedsGettingBetter

    After this game, maybe the Padres will climb over the Reds by the end of season… It ‘ ll be a miracle if they can win more than 2 games of the remaining

  115. RedAlert

    Never seen a team that can’t take care of their business at home like these dudes … it’s really inexcusable …. Especially now and especially against this team

  116. Moon

    This has been an absolute embarrassment. No other way to describe it. The meltdown today is just a continuation of the meltdown that has occurred over the last week. This will be 6 losses over 7 games when the Reds needed every win they could scrape together to get into the playoffs. This isn’t a matter of another team getting hot and beating the Reds into the playoffs. This is all about the Reds turning into a dumpster fire and handing the playoff spot to another team. As a fan that is beyond frustrating. And this isn’t on one player, this has been a huge collective fail. Reds management will need to dissect this in the offseason and figure out what needs to be down to get this team ready to be competitive next year. Injuries and youth aside, there appears to still be major issues the Reds will need to address.

    • Mark Moore

      It is embarrassing. Even if we somehow claw back here and win it. But the “management” won’t do anything substantive. They already chose their path with the 3-year extension of HDTBell and, by extension of that, the entire coaching staff.

      I’m still thinking Nick Krall will go somewhere else and be given a mulch freer hand to do the job of a GM.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep…and the biggest one just got signed to a three year extension, so good luck with that

  117. Mark Moore

    Steer puts one where they can’t field it to keep the string moving.

  118. Mark Moore

    A couple of our guys seem ready to keep battling.

  119. Melvin

    Well at least this was good for Doug, not that he wants us to lose in any way I’m sure. Traffic on here was slow during the perceived “blowout” earlier.

  120. RedsMonk65

    Total points scored thus far:

    OSU-ND: 17
    Reds-Pirates: 24

  121. Melvin

    Why pinch run for Strand? He can run.

    • Melvin

      Now he’s gone and he’s been one of our hottest hitters.

      • RedsMonk65

        Yeah, I’m not crazy about that move, either.

  122. Mark Moore

    And a rally-killing GIDP. Credit to Bae for making one heckuva stop on that.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Yeah. no kidding. The power of strong defense.

  123. RedAlert

    Stephenson – you knew it was coming ..
    automatic … cause that’s what he does

  124. Reddawg2012

    Do you think Tyler Stephenson ever gets tired of constantly failing?

    • Mark Moore

      Like the HR he hit earlier in the game?

  125. JB

    Who on here didn’t know that Stephenson would ground into a double play. The guy is a DP machine

  126. RedsMonk65

    Whether Reds win or lose this game, I am looking forward to watching CES play ball the next several years. Guy can hit. An RBI machine.

    • Melvin

      Yep and he’s out of the game now even though he can run well. Never mind he already has three hits and four RBIs tonight and may get another chance with the game on the line. Not noooow.

  127. RedsGettingBetter

    I don’t know how many rallies have been killed by Stephenson hitting for double-play …

  128. JB

    My phone’s dying. Just like the Reds season.

  129. Mark Moore

    Gibault in the mop-up role. Even if he holds them, 2 runs in the 9th, likely against Bednar, is a tall order.

    Sorry … that was a negative comment. I’ll try to do better … in 2024 🙂

    • Mark Moore

      Finished the inning. If he starts the 9th, he has to face 2 batters minimum. Probably not what we’d want to see given his performance of late.

      • LDS

        Right but if by some miracle the Reds were to tie the game, they will be very shorthanded in extra innings

  130. Gpod

    Whenever Stevenson hits the ball on the ground it’s a double play ….it gets old

    • Mark Moore

      Have to give credit to Bae on that as well, though. He laid out to get it and made a pretty spectacular play.

  131. Mark Moore

    Marte, Friedl, and (hopefully) somebody who can swat it with more authority than Stewie usually does.

    • Mark Moore

      Joey over Marte … that’s … interesting. I thought Marte was on a ripping hot streak.

      At least it isn’t Bednar.

      And Bae misses on the ole attempt … 😛

  132. Mark Moore

    Triple held to a double … but at least that gives us something that looks like a chance.

    Joey was expecting House to send him, or so it appeared.

  133. Melvin

    Friedl is a clutch no intimidation guy. I like him. He’s a keeper.

  134. Mark Moore

    OK, got one back. Nice job by Fraley.

    Simple Sac Fly gets Friedl in. anything more is gravy.

    • Melvin

      Good job. Got the run in. Now do the same EDLC. Shorten your swing.

      • Ted Alfred

        Yeah let’s not pinch it for Elly there with someone like Martini….let’s just watch him strike out with the game on the line….as if that was a big surprise

      • Mark Moore

        Martini was already in the game. I’m thinking Malie was the only spare bat left. Maybe worth the shot, but would have completely screwed up our defensive possibilities.

  135. Mark Moore

    Too bad the Safety Squeeze isn’t allowed anymore. Might have been a good chance to try that with the two fastest guys on our team involved in the play.

  136. Melvin

    The way the Reds have been playing is not good for ANY Reds fan’s health.

  137. Mark Moore

    Weak pop-up to kill it. Kind of goes to form.

    On to 2024!!!

    Sure am glad I’ve got y’all to commiserate with. And we did way overachieve plus saw some exciting young studs play.

  138. RedAlert

    Runner at third less than 2 outs – stranded for about the 1000 th time this year …. Get what they deserved … worst loss of 2023

  139. Gpod

    The last player you needed up at the plate needing contact is Elly & you saw why….ridiculous

  140. Beaufort Red

    EDLC home run swing on a ball a foot inside. He crushed the Reds the 2nd half.

    • Mark Moore


      Exactly. And from his “best side” to boot.

    • Melvin

      Well, his manager is responsible for letting him do it. He puts him in the lineup.

      • Mark Moore

        But dare I say they love playing for him?

      • LDS

        Haha, sure they do. I tried that ploy early in my career during my quarterly evaluation. I waved, what in recent years would be called a 360 evaluation, pointing out how much my team liked working for me. Let’s just say my evaluation session didn’t end well. My boss kept bringing up results, deadlines, quality, and other meaningless things.

      • Melvin

        There is such a thing as liking a manager too much.

    • bug

      Elly is AWFUL!!! Can’t hit a basketball.

  141. Mark Moore

    Part of my house is now happy … ND just scored their 2nd touchdown. Even with the PAT, that’s still less combined points than runs in our game. Go figure.

  142. Doc4uk

    Maille should have hit for EDLC He would have made contact in that situation

  143. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds seem to find how to lose in the more heartbreaking way… Incredible , the tying run at 3rd 1 out and EDLC & India fail to get the runner in… A new game a new worse loss

  144. Melvin

    Lost five out of six in clutch time to what was supposed to be the easiest schedule of all the teams fighting for a playoff spot. Of course this is not all David Bells fault. It’s ridiculous to say otherwise. However, the idea that he doesn’t play a big part is just not living in reality in my view. Other managers have difficulties to deal with. They all do. Excuses just don’t cut it….except for Big Bob.

  145. RedsMonk65

    That loss was a knife-in-the-gut twister. Liked the fight the Reds showed toward the end, but this loss likely makes the playoffs a bridge too far.

    In other not-so-great news, ND just scored to take a 14-10 lead over the Buckeyes. But the Reds-Pirates combined score of 25 still outdoes the combined tally on the gridiron so far.

  146. Lem

    The parlay of slop by the bullpen….10 runs? Unconscionable. Bell couldn’t have just managed it down to 9 runs?

    • Mark Moore

      13 unanswered. Went from up 9-0 to down 13-9 and could only claw back 3 of that gap. 2-run deficit in the 9th and the inability to lift a ball anywhere with Friedl on 3rd killed us.

      • Lem

        Phillips was great but responsible for 3 runs I guess. Still, he was way better than the rest of the weathered, beaten-down, abused others that Bell threw out there.

  147. Doc

    Can they even get reinforcements for the BP up before tomorrow’s game?

  148. Tim

    I’ve had nothing and still got nothing to say. Just whimpering noises

  149. Ozzie

    Very sad ending to an exciting year. Reds players are going to start their off-season planning.

    Questions I have…
    – Will the organization hold anyone accountable for the second half fade? I doubt it.
    – Of the rookies, who will be the leader(s) of the next generation of Reds players? Steer? McCain? Marte?
    – Will this slide make the core of young players tougher, more determined to change the losing culture and make them more focused on the importance of every game or will they succumb to Bell’s never a sense of urgency mentality? I hope this fuels a fire in the young guys.
    – Does ownership see how close they are to being a a great team? The rookies were awesome this year. Are they willing to be aggressive to fill holes this winter?

    • Lem

      Maybe pull the trigger on some significant moves at the trade deadline next time, instead of standing pat and feeding your already taxed, ragtag bunch of relievers to the wolves in the second half.

      • Ozzie

        True, i agree. But with expanded playoffs fewer teams are sellers at the deadline, therfore more demand for fewer players, resulting in overpayment. If Krall doesn’t want to overpay in July he has to fully build the team over the winter, unlike this year where it was clear we didn’t have enough starting pitching or BP.

        You will always need a piece or two in July but prices are lower in Dec than they are in July.

  150. Melvin

    “Will the organization hold anyone accountable for the second half fade? ”

    Excuses is ALL you will get most likely. Mediocrity is inevitable. It’s a shame with all of this talent.

  151. Gpod

    My question….Will Jim Day ever ask a tough question to David Bell…ever!

    • Beaufort Red

      Most vanilla reporter in baseball. His main gift is talking to parents and asking Sadak what his favorite flavor of ice cream is. Tough questions might put him on Bell’s bad side.

    • Melvin

      Not if he wants to keep his job. David Bell is protected by Big Bob. Didn’t you know that. 😉

  152. LDS

    It’s time to shutdown a number of players like Abbott, Diaz, India, Fraley and probably a few others I’m not thinking of at the moment. Stick them on the IL and call up replacements from Louisville. It’s about next year now. Don’t aggravate injuries, etc. If they can’t option EDLC, bench him for now. Acknowledge Votto tomorrow and say farewell. Don’t bring McLain back up , give him more recovery time. Time to start lining up the team for spring.

    • bug

      Elly is AWFUL!!!! Every single person knew he was going to whiff with one out and the tying run on third. No chance he would do anything but whiff. And DumBell had already wasted Benson pinch rumming for a fairly fast running CES. Then DumBell made a slow Votto run for himself. Point being,..had we had Benson available, he could have hit for Elly,..since it probably meant our season was on the line. But that’s way too much common sense for DumBell. It is what it is,..and we are stuck with him.