The Cincinnati Reds have made multiple roster moves today prior to the start of their 3-game home series against the Minnesota Twins. Connor Phillips was called up from Triple-A and he will be making the start tonight for the Reds. The team also brought Alex Young back from Triple-A where he had been on a rehab assignment and he’s been activated. Pitcher Carson Spiers was optioned to the minor leagues and outfielder Harrison Bader was placed on the 10-day injured list with a groin strain. Phillips, who was previously called up as a replacement player due to Covid-19, had to be added to the 40-man roster this time. That meant the team moved Graham Ashcraft to the 60-day injured list after his toe injury that will require surgery and cost him the rest of the season.

Phillips has made two starts this season for the Reds – all here in September. He’s allowed eight runs in his 8.2 innings while giving up three home runs, walking six, hitting a batter, and striking out 10. The 22-year-old will get another shot at it tonight against the Twins.

Carson Spiers was optioned to the minor leagues. Which team is currently up for debate. The Reds transaction sheet for the media says he was optioned to Double-A, but the Reds tweeted out the moves and has him being optioned to Triple-A.

Harrison Bader seemed to feel something in New York when he made a catch on the warning track late on Friday night, but he came off of the bench on Saturday and then started on Sunday. Now he’s on the injured list with a right groin strain and will miss at least the next 10 days.

Alex Young is back on the roster after missing nearly four weeks. He made two appearances in Louisville. The first one came on September 6th when he threw a perfect inning with a strikeout. But then he was moved to the Covid-19 injured list and didn’t return for the Bats until September 15th. He threw a perfect inning with three strikeouts that night. The lefty is now ready to return to the big leagues.

Graham Ashcraft moving to the 60-day injured list isn’t surprising. We already knew that he was going to be out for the rest of the season with his toe injury. This move just happened because the club needed a spot on the 40-man roster.

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  1. old-school

    Glad to see Young coming back up.
    Moll and Young have given good innings from the left side of the bullpen.

  2. Mark A Verticchio

    Looking at the line up for tonight, no CES, Votto instead. I know Votto got 2 hits yesterday but right now Strand is a much better hitter. I just don’t understand how anybody can support Bell at this point, with the playoffs on the line he isn’t playing one of his best hitters. The only guy I would put over Strand right now is Steer. I also don’t understand how these players can enjoy playing for him. Yesterday he didn’t start India or Freidl and today no CES. Yet Votto and his .200 average starts both games. If it were me, when I was young, I would not have enjoyed this at all. CES is the best long ball hitter on the team yet he sits tonight. Bell is a joke. Oh well, let’s hope for a win in spite of not playing the best line up again.

    • LDS

      Come on Mark, Bell knows things. And I fully expect Votto to be back next year clogging up the works. As I’ve said, this organization is not about winning. If it happens, well and good, but it’s not a goal.

    • wkuchad

      The Reds have 10 healthy starting position players and only 9 positions. Someone is going to sit. Votto is the only veteran of all the starters.

      Does he deserve to be in the lineup tonight, after spending his entire career with the Reds playing all-star caliber baseball, with this being maybe is last week and half of baseball of his career and the playoffs on the line? Absolutely he does deserve it and he should be starting most or several of these remaining games.

      However, do I want other veterans such as Renfroe starting another game this year? I do not!

      As for the “Bell is joke” comment, I’d like to remind you of the site rules. I don’t mind the disagreements with him (I have them too, such as Renfroe), but the constant insults such as this is immature. He’s a member of the Reds and has supporters on this site.

      • Mark A Verticchio

        You mean to tell me that Votto deserves to play every game in a playoff chase because of past accomplishments. I like Votto, and he has had a great career, however his current .200 average doesn’t support your view point at least I hope not. This is professional baseball and you play your best regardless of past accomplishments. The sad thing is I think management agrees more with you than me.

      • wkuchad

        Every game, no he doesn’t deserve that.

        But he deserves to start, and we have 10 starters, so yes I think he deserves to be part of the rotation and start most games.

      • Mark A Verticchio

        One last point if the Reds were not in a playoff chase I would play Votto every inning. My concern is by the end of the week that may be the case.

      • LDS

        Votto deserves nothing at this point. CES is performing significantly better. If it were actually about winning, it would be no-brainer. But as I said, the Reds aren’t about winning.

      • JB WV

        If we’ve learned anything this year it’s that the guys who start the game don’t always finish it, Votto included. Players know this and stay ready for their chance. CES will probably get in tonight and possibly in a crucial situation.
        Renfro DFAd. Bader to the IL. We’re back to the guys who got us here along with a very welcome return of Alex Wood. Crunch time. Positive energy. Go Reds!!!

    • Chris

      THis is my biggest problem with Bell these days. Once he got a few more options for a lineup, he has reminded us that he has no clue. The fact that CES isn’t starting everyday is worse that Pete Rose betting on the Reds to win. At least he put his money on the line. 🙂

      • wkuchad

        Since Fraley can only DH, someone is sitting between Votto, CES, and Fraley (unless CES plays third).

        Like I said above (and I’m aware I’m in the minority), Votto has earned the right to play. I don’t say that lightly.

        I’m indifferent on CES vs Fraley. I want all three to play, but because of position limitations, it’ll be on a rotation.

        CES played 3B once last week, and the comment section brought out their pitch forks.

      • Jim Walker

        And Fraley’s 14 day OPS is .581 and his 7 day OPS is .571. In the last 2 weeks he has had 1 extra base hit, a double making his slugging .263.

        The man is hurt, which was known all along; and, his numbers suggest it is coming through in his performance. That’s no fault of his or negative reflection on him trying to play hurt. It is a reflection on a manager who keeps playing him and batting him in key spots like leadoff and cleanup when someone as hot as CES is sitting (14 day .838 OPS vs RH pitching; overall 14 day 1.109 OPS).

      • wkuchad

        Jim, plenty of players are hot for short spurts. Fraley has been good all year. And Fraley has been better (very slightly) than CES over the last 30 days.

        I want CES in there, but I want all 10 of the starters in there. Fraley has been a big bat all year. He sat out last night, and I’m good with him going tonight.

      • Melvin

        An argument could be made to have CES at 3B and Marte at SS tonight. EDLC not starting.

    • Rick

      Handedness, and big Bob getting word to Bell; ” I’m paying Votto to much money to sit, and he’s a Red legacy player, play him most day”. This fiction, but it has that feel to it knowing how Bob C seems to run things.
      Rearview deeds should not factor in on a playoff run Especially since we’re on the outside looking in by a hair, AND, the condition our starting pitching staff. Play your best players at this time especially the hot ones. It’s getting late.

  3. Moon

    At the beginning of the season the Reds starting pitching rotation was Greene, Ashcraft, Lodolo, Overton, and Cessa. Only one of those guys remain and he was also on the IL for several months. I am not even sure what they Reds pitching rotation is these days…but it includes a lot of AAA guys, and even a AA guy (tonights pitcher) I saw earlier this year pitch against the Trash Pandas. It i a miracle the Reds are still in the race for the WC. Too bad the Braves have gone of cruise control and stopped trying to win games as they prepare for the playoffs. Especially the last three games against Miami. I hope that strategy ends up biting them on on butt.

    • Chris

      I don’t think the Braves stopped trying to win games. They had most all their starters in, and typical rotation guys. The fact is, mentally the players probably lost some focus. I expect that will change shortly, because they are the real deal.

    • wkuchad

      Yep, Greene has to be ‘on’ his last remaining few starts. We can’t afford a single dud when he pitchers. I really hope Abbott has at least one more amazing start left in his tank, but the tank certainly seems empty. I also hope the time on the IL may mean Williamson has a little gas left.

      And after those three, I have zero faith in whoever is the starter. If we can survive the Twins series, the one thing that gives me hope are all the off days we have to end the season. That should give Greene three more starts, including the last one of the year.

      • Rick

        Well said.
        I’m figuring that Young should also be rested up. That’ll help us with the increased BP workload.

  4. Mark Moore

    Line-up is … interesting. But that’s always the case and that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

    So Bader is out until the very last series. I personally count that as a significant positive as it means HDTBell doesn’t have that toy to play with in the mean time.

    Going to depend heavily on how the Twinkies face this game and series. They still need to win 6 games or have the Guardrails lose 6 games to clinch it. Have to think 3 for one and 3 for the other happens without much drama.

    Regardless, need to come out of the gate strong tonight and set the tone. One game at a time and win, baby, win!!

    • wkuchad

      If one of the new guys had to be out, I wish it were Renfroe vs Bader. Bader’s defense and speed is such a benefit late in games when needed.

      • Mark Moore

        ala peanut butter sandwiches … your wish is granted. Long live Jambi!

  5. J

    Hello Fairchild, goodbye Renfroe. I think we can all live with this.

    • wkuchad

      Wait, really? When did this happen? Yes this is good news. J, we agree on something! 🙂

    • Hanawi

      Absolutely. Don’t always agree with the front office but they have been much more willing to admit mistakes and move on in the past few years. Overall, think Krall deserves a lot of credit.

  6. J

    So, yesterday Bell felt Renfroe was the right guy to have hitting third and playing right field, and today the Reds decided Fairchild is a more valuable player to have on the team than Renfroe. Goodbye Renfroe.

    But I’m supposed to believe Bell’s lineups reflect a lot of thought and a careful look at all the available stats rather than just whatever names happen to pop into his head as he’s looking at the lineup card.

    • Hanawi

      Yep. Bell going to run the vets out there until the front office steps in. If one was more conspiracy minded, might wonder about the relationship between Krall and Bell and ponder where the 3 year extension decision was made.

    • BuzzKutter

      Is this a money ball move? You can’t play Renfroe or Bader…..why? Neither one is on the roster!

    • Jim Walker

      I see the Renfroe and Bader moves as being related. The Reds want a 2nd CF on the active roster. When Bader went down hurt, they lost that guy; and, Fairchild was next man up. With Young also being activated to give them 14 pitchers, another position guy had to go; and, it was Renfroe.

  7. West Larry

    i actually like the lineup tonight. Sure i’d rather have ces than Votto, but i’ll change my
    mind of Votto gets two hits, or a hit and a walk. Poor Benson, Rodney D got more respect than he is given. Maybe he likes batting near or at the bottom of the batting order,

  8. West Larry

    Renfroe was designated for assignment. The bull is looking out for us!

  9. docproc

    He has an OPS of .960 in September and he hits righties (much) better than lefties.

    • J

      Bell has a hunch that his streak of hot hitting is due to end today.

    • Melvin

      CES last 7 games. – .364/.417/.636 – Yesterday 2 hits, a HR and two RBI going 2-4

      EDLC last 7 games – .143/.250/.143 – Yesterday 0-4 with a strikeout.

      CES is hot. EDLC is not.

      SSSSSS The sound of a manager pouring cold water on a hot hitter….again……in the last weeks of a pennant drive.

  10. Mark A Verticchio

    I thought Renfroe under performed but Fairchild is not a major league caliber player. I would have stuck with Renfroe as a pinch hitter, hoping he would run into one.

    • J

      Fairchild can play defense and run in addition to not being a very good hitter, whereas Renfroe was really only able to do one of those things.

      Renfroe hits a home run every 27 or so plate appearances; it’s not a good reason to keep him as a pinch hitter.

      • Jim Walker

        @J> Exactly, Fairchild can play CF and do the things you say. He is a 1 to 1 replacement for Bader. With Young also being activated, the Bader move somehow got related to him. But really the Renfroe move to cut the position side to 14 players was the move for Young and Bader to the IL brought about the Fairchild activation.

        Maybe the news broke as it did because they were waiting on a final test result for Fairchild or waiting on an overnight injury evaluation on somebody else prior to making the one way move with Renfroe.

  11. David

    CES hit two HR over the weekend at Citi Field against the Mets, but is NOT playing today.
    Yeah, there is no real reasoning here.
    CES has really be hitting well since the beginning of September, raised his BA considerably. But…..not playing today.

    And as Jim has said, Fraley is hitting worth crap since he came back, but good enough to bat 4th in the lineup.
    And Joey Votto is hitting a lusty 0.203.