The Cincinnati Reds took the first two games of the series over the Mets. This afternoon they’ll got for the sweep in New York, turning to Brandon Williamson in his second start back from the injured list. First pitch from Citi Field is scheduled for 1:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

New York Mets

Spencer Steer – 2B Brandon Nimmo – DH
Nick Senzel – LF Ronny Mauricio – 2B
Hunter Renfroe – RF Pete Alonso – 1B
Tyler Stephenson – C Francisco Lindor – SS
Noelvi Marte – 3B Francisco Alvarez – C
Christian Encarnacion-Strand – 1B Jeff McNeil – CF
Joey Votto – DH Mark Vientos – 3B
Harrison Bader – CF DJ Stewart – RF
Elly De La Cruz – SS Tim Locastro – LF
Brandon Williamson – LHP Jose Quintana – LHP

Starting Pitchers

Brandon Williamson 102.2 4.47 1.28 35 91
Jose Quintana 59.0 3.05 1.27 23 43
Links: Brandon Williamson’s Stats | Jose Quintana’s Stats

Brandon Williamson

After going two weeks between starts, Williamson struggled the last time out as he gave up five runs in 4.0 innings to Detroit. It was arguably his worst start since May.

Lefties hit for a higher average, and their on-base percentage is higher than righties against Williamson. But lefties don’t hit for hardly any power at all against him – managing just two doubles in 76 trips to the plate. Right-handed hitters don’t hit for much average and they don’t walk all that much, but they do hit for plenty of power against him.


RHH 353 79 20 1 16 28 76 .244 .306 .460
LHH 76 17 2 0 0 7 15 .254 .320 .284

Pitch Usage

4-seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 92.9 89.2 73.1 81.8 84.2
Usage 37% 30% 7% 11% 16%

Jose Quintana

After missing the first half of the season, Quintana returned to the mound on July 20th and he’s made 10 starts since and has looked good in nine of those starts. The last time out he allowed two runs in 5.0 innings against Arizona.

The sample size is still small, but Quintana has been dominant against left-handed hitters so far. They don’t get many chances to face him – just 42 plate appearances so far in 2023 – but they are hitting .128 with one double. Right-handed hitters hit for a solid average and they walk at a good rate. They have not hit for much power at all. Quintana’s given up just one homer in his 10 starts.


RHH 200 47 8 1 1 21 36 .269 .340 .343
LHH 42 5 1 0 0 2 7 .128 .171 .154

Pitch Usage

4-seam 2-seam Curve Change
Velo 90.4 90.6 77.5 86.1
Usage 27% 29% 26% 18%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:40pm ET
  • Where: Citi Field
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 76°, cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Graham Ashcraft to have surgery

Last night we learned that starting pitcher Graham Ashcraft was going to need to undergo surgery on his toe and his season will be over. This was first reported by Gordon Wittenmyer of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Winning in New York…..

This is the first winning series in New York against the Mets by the Reds in the last seven. During that time, Cincinnati is 9-19 at Citi Field.

Wild Card Standings

Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Philadelphia 81 67 +4.0 99.3%
Chicago 78 71 +0.5 60.2%
Cincinnati 78 72 0.0 43.1%
Arizona 78 72 0.0 45.6%
Miami 77 72 0.5 40.8%
San Francisco 75 74 2.5 10.9%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs | Top 3 Make Playoffs

Division Standings

Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 84 64 0.0 100%
Cubs 78 71 6.5 60.2%
Reds 78 72 7.0 43.1%
Pirates 69 80 15.5 0.0%
Cardinals 65 84 19.0 0.0%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

213 Responses

    • RedBB

      No Friedl is even worse. He tears up LHP .914 OPS this year. Both he and India have reverse splits so I kinda understand no India. CES also has reverse splits and I would have sat him even after his nice game last night.

      Also Bader and/or Renfroe are close to being cut IMO if they don’t produce starting like today.

      • Chris

        Sadly though, before it can happen, Bell has to play them forever first. Only way to get them out of his lineup is for Krall to send them packing. I’m so over Bell the last week or so. He even said that he wanted to play everyone in these upcoming series’ so that they will be ready. Now is NOT the time to rest your best players.

  1. Ron

    Pulling names out of a hat for lineups?

    • RedAlert

      Bell is a complete incompetent manager – BADER and RENFROE in lineup again . This guy defies logic – stupid lineup . No manager in their right mind (in the situation that the Reds are in ) would construct a lineup like this – total insanity .

      • Ted Alfred

        It is nonsensical in so many ways, but I have no desire to waste a 1/2 hour today on an explanation. Most would look at this lineup and think the Reds are 20 games under .500 just playing out the string…not in the heat of the playoffs with 12 games to go where every win is prescious.

  2. Klugo

    We have the healthy bats now to make up for a poor start, but with basically worthless 4th and 5th starts coming upbehind him in the rotation, we could REALLY use a a good one from Williamson here.

    • Redsvol

      can’t agree more @Klugo. We really need a good and long outing by Williamson today. If this practically all right handed lineup can’t produce vs. Quintana then statistics truly don’t work in pennant chase baseball.

      And continued awesomeness by the bullpen last night. I was ready to throw Duarte and Cruz out the door early this year. Those 2 have really been coming on lately. I hope we can find 2 more just like them this off-season!

  3. Redlegs1869

    And batting Votto vs. LHP? I realize he hit HR vs LHP recently, but overall, meh.

    • RedBB

      Votto tears up Quintana .542 career average. Plus he has reverse splits this year .860 OPS with 4 bombs in 39 AB’s

      • Mark Moore

        Let’s hope that’s the case today. High probability this is his last visit to Citi Field.

  4. Old-school

    India is that rare righty who hits rh pitching better. Hes also coming off an extended IL visit for plantar fasciitis plus the day game after night game deal.

    Need India for the final furlong so no problem resting him Today

    • Jim Walker

      And India looked somewhere between angry, frustrated, and just plain tired on some of the called strikes against him Saturday night despite getting a hit and drawing a walk.

      • Mark Moore

        Agree. Especially as the game progressed. A day off to clear his noggin is probably a good thing. Steer at 2B is better defense anyway.

      • LarkinPhillips

        I actually took his attitude differently than tired. It looked to me like he was competing with urgency that is expected this time of year. He has made a big impact the last two days. His home run was huge and bailing votto out on that flyball yesterday was a big moment too.

  5. Redlegs1869

    Thanks Redbb and OS. Good points. We’ll see what happens.

  6. Mark Moore

    What a difference a day makes. Stupid Cubs are knocked down a peg in the projections. We’re about dead-even with the Snakes and Phish. Giants are fading due to that DH loss yesterday. Just keep winning and it all works out to our favor. Not a fan of the line-up today, but I’m not commenting much any further as it continues to make my brain hurt when I do. Just no predicting what HDTBell will choose to do.

    Hope nothing happens to TySteve. I’m guessing Maile is only available in a dire emergency today.

    Time to Kick this Metropolitan Pig all the way to the East River and get out of NYC with a sweep. Here’s to the Stupid Cubs Cubbing again today!!

  7. Mark Moore

    Sam’s Slate today:

    1. Yesterday doesn’t matter

    2. Guys need to continue stepping up like they had. Big moments will continue to happen.

    3. Every game is important (1-game playoff). HDTBell needs to ask a lot of the guys and they of each other. I hope that’s the case.

    • Mark Moore

      And with that, I’m switched over to the Metropolitan feed on PIX!

      • Mark Moore

        I distinctly remember getting WPIX on the TV when I was a kid and lived in Northern NJ. Funny how that sticks out among all the other stuff stored in my little gray cells. 😛

      • Mark Moore

        A little Bartolo Colon tribute. Great fun!

  8. Mark Moore

    Quintana is going to walk guys if they let him do it. Patience, please.

  9. Mark Moore

    Yep. That was a catch. How he did it is beyond me after the false start.

  10. Melvin

    Now that Ashcraft is gone for sure Williamson is the key starter to most everything.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep, and his control with the cutter and the change up is not what it has been his last couple of addings and it’s hurting him

  11. Mark A Verticchio

    This is without a doubt the worst line up Bell has played all weekend. But, you never know.

  12. J

    A run in the first inning! Am I dreaming?

    • VaRedsFan

      It was the veteran presence of Renfroe plugged into the meat of the lineup.

      • J

        A less experienced player would have hit into a double play, but he managed to hit it so softly that no double play was possible. That’s the sort of leadership this team needs.

  13. Mark Moore

    Let’s see how Williamson is coming back from COVID. At least the boys spotted him a 1-run lead.

    • Mark Moore

      After the Detroit troubles, that is.

  14. VaRedsFan

    Once upon a time the Mets offered Nimmo for Jay Bruce.
    Reds said nahhh…we want Dilson Herrera

    • Mark Moore

      Don’t make me take away your well-earned points, sir!! I’ll do it. I swear I will … 😛

      A bust from the past for sure.

  15. Mark Moore

    Bike Helmets!!! Got to love it. And around the horn as well.

    • J

      I hope I’m not about to jinx him, but it really is amazing the way Steer can play good defense no matter where he’s plugged in.

      • Mark Moore

        That track to the wall and catch last night was OUTSTANDING!!!

  16. Mark Moore

    Marte over-ran that one and had to reach back for it. Hence the bobble and late throw. Definitely an E-5.

    • Mark Moore

      But all forgiven. And not a bad inning for Williamson either.

  17. Mark Moore

    Time for Elly to come out of his funk.

    • Mark Moore

      I meant in his 2nd AB, obviously … 😀

  18. J

    I don’t feel like checking, but I’m guessing that was a seven or eight pitch inning.

  19. Mark Moore

    Mets booth says the guy behind the plate is among the most consistent in the league. I’m trying to keep an eye on that and confirm that it goes both ways and applies to both RH and LH hitters.

  20. Mark Moore

    Another fairly efficient inning for Williamson. Worked around that hit. I’m thinking the EDLC we saw when he first came up playing at 3B might have snagged that. We all know he could make the throw.

    Have I mentioned I miss MattyMc?

    • Ozzie

      Who doesn’t miss Matt? What a dude.

  21. Mark Moore

    Classic swinging bunt from Steer. It all looks the same in the box score 😀

    • Mark Moore

      Erased by a sharply hit ball to Lindor.

  22. Ozzie

    Elly seems to be not swinging as aggressively which has resulted in more walks and singles. I like that he’s adjusting. It may take him another year to settle into who he’s going to be. Steer and McClain’s early consistency has spoiled us a bit.

  23. Mark A Verticchio

    I admit I was wrong about Renfroe. I liked the pick up but he has done almost nothing. Would somebody please inform Bell of my mistake.

    • J

      He hit that grounder fairly hard. So that’s something.

    • Ted Alfred

      Sorry… he’s a veteran and therefore he’s going to play almost every day regardless of what actually happens on the field

  24. J

    Yet another leadoff hitter reaches, and yet another leadoff hitter is quickly erased without attempting a steal or hit-and-run. At some point, it would be nice if someone noticed the “safe” strategy of not attempting to steal is actually a pretty risky strategy.

  25. Indy Red Man

    Maybe if we hit n ran with Steer on 1st then no 6-4-3. Same thing in the 1st inning. We could’ve hit-n-run with 2-1 count on Renfroe and got Senzel to 2nd base. Instead we got 2 clutch singles for the run, but just ignoring the hit-n-run when you have speed cost runs

    • J

      It’s just become painful to watch — especially against lefties, where guys act as if you’re basically committing suicide if you attempt a steal because the only possible outcome is being thrown out, whereas nothing bad ever happens if they stay at first. I remember when a hit-and-run used to be a fairly common play. I think Bell may have called one this season, but I’m not even sure.

      • J

        I remember when a lot of the TV guys started making a big point of saying “actually, it’s more of a run-and-hit, because the runner takes off and then it’s up to the hitters to put the ball in play…” I started getting annoyed because I was hearing that same point so often. I can’t remember the last time I heard a Reds announcer explain it. Why would they ever need to?

      • Ozzie

        H&R has a small success rate and guys don’t get big contracts for being a good H&R hitter. There’s a lot of reasons it has become a lost art and I’m guessing rarely practiced. The risk of a DP, the risk of forcing a guy to swing at a ball, encouraging hitting the ball on the ground rather than driving it. I haven’t seen the stats but I’m guessing the analytics say it rarely works. But I get your point the Reds need to create motion somehow. That’s there game. They need to stick to our.

      • J

        It’s all part of the same big picture. Guys don’t know how to hit the other way, move runners over, hit sac flies, bunt, protect the plate with two strikes, etc. They know how to swing hard and hit the ball hard, and sometimes they’re able to walk, but for most of them that’s about it. It’s amazing to me that teams don’t demand their minor leaguers learn how to do the other stuff and reward guys financially who learn how to do it, but it’s all about hitting doubles and home runs now.

    • Mark Moore

      I cannot confirm with 100% certainty, but I don’t think the HTDBell Book of Ultimate Baseball Knowledge has a reference to the old hit-and-run play. I’d be happy to be proved wrong.

  26. Mark Moore

    OK, calm the kid down. He can do this.

  27. J

    There really is something to be said for taking pitches and forcing the opposing pitchers to throw strikes. It can be an effective strategy.

  28. Mark Moore

    Well … that stinks. Half on Williamson, half on Stephenson.

      • Mark Moore

        He’s beating Ty up pretty good back there. Hearing echoes of Crash Davis saying he’s got no idea where the ball is going.

  29. Mark Moore

    And he lands a cookie in the zone and pays the price. Complete cement mixer.

  30. Tomn

    Why not just walk alvarez after the wild pitch??? Just stupid to pitch to him at that point. I’d have just walker him to begin with.

    • Mark Moore

      Flirted with disaster and paid the price.

      • Tomn

        That’s on Bell. He should have directed an intentional walk.

      • Tomn

        Even so, you load the basestyle and enable a force out on a gb. But also alvarez had hit one to the wall last time.

  31. J

    Again, there’s something to be said for taking a lot of pitches when the opposing pitcher hasn’t proved he’s going to throw strikes. Reds might want to look into this.

  32. Mark A Verticchio

    This day is not going well Marlins thumping Braves again 5-0. Williamson is not going to last long.

    • Indy Red Man

      Marlins are scaring me. Somehow they ride their empty seat stadium into a winning record and they’re on a long homestand.

      Not a good time for Williamson to regress either

  33. Old-school

    Miami about to sweep Braves. Looking ahead to schedules doesnt work. Frisco got pummeled by colorado,,,,worst team in the NL
    Reds couldn’t beat Cards.

  34. Mark Moore

    OK, Joey. Supposedly you hit the snot out of this guy.

    That’s at least something.

  35. Ted Alfred

    Boy I sure am glad we’re playing Bader and Renfroe every day….they’re really adding a lot to the team?

    • DW

      Yeah, I’m certainly sick of those two.

      • Tomn

        They pretty much suck. I expected a bit more from Bader. Had no expectations of renfro

  36. Mark Moore

    Bader is supposed to be “playing for a contract” but I’ve not really seen that yet.

  37. Kevin H

    6 hits and 1 run with this lineup. One would think they are close to breaking out for some runs.

  38. Indy Red Man

    Starting to despise Bader. He should be gone. If he stays then only as a pinch-runner def replacement. Freidl kills lefties

  39. Ted Alfred

    This is not the Williamson we needed today. The bullpen is going to get crushed again. He really has very little control today, very similar to his last outing but probably even worse

  40. Mark Moore

    There’s a fundamental execution problem. Can’t do that on a wheel play because 2nd is “naked”. CES has to catch it.

    • Mark Moore

      And he’ll run a complicated play like that, but won’t try to have the boys execute a hit-and-run … 😮

      Completely baffling.

  41. LDS

    I guess Buck Showalter isn’t from the Bell school of managing. I mean who sacrifice bunts?

  42. J

    As we watch Renfroe and Bader making their outs, it might be a good time to remember Friedl’s numbers against lefties this season: .341/.402/.511. He’s also a pretty good outfielder.

  43. Indy Red Man

    Now BW hits a lefty with a 1-2. He’s bullpen at best, maybe a better bet as a long man/spot starter then Lively.

    Now Reds screw up their bunt defense after the first guy should’ve been out anyway. Can they escape?

  44. Melvin

    Centerfielder CAN come in to cover 2B on a play like that.

    • Melvin

      Outfielders should be breaking in on a play in the infield just in case.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      That what I always taught. Bader should know that it isn’t rocket science.

  45. Mark Moore

    Frankly, only being down the 2 runs still is a miracle in and of itself.

  46. Indy Red Man

    BW velo is down. Phillips velo down the other night. What happened to playoff adrenaline?

    • Mark Moore

      Not sure the young bucks can summon that at this point. Maybe if they are still playing in October we’ll see it.

  47. BuzzKutter

    Lucky to get out of that mess. Now get some runs.

  48. Mark Moore

    Another weak out from EDLC. Do we want him to work on becoming a CF stand-out over the winter, or on figuring out how to balance some swing power with the newly found plate discipline?

    • Beaufort Red

      Strongest arm goes to right. Why would you want to move Friedl our best outfielder.

  49. Mark A Verticchio

    It seams like they are down more than 2 runs. The team looks tired, all those close games will do that.

  50. Indy Red Man

    The Reds and soft tossing lefties. Been an issue for atleast 25 years it seems? Keuchel goes in one of the Twins games. Actually we’re not really raking righties either. Not sure how we’re winning ?

    • BuzzKutter

      By hanging around. Every win seems to be a nail biter. Really amazing when you stop and think about it and look at the stats.

    • Harry Stoner

      I don’t think it’s just the Reds who struggle with soft tossing LHs.

      Just about every team built on grip n rip hitting does.

  51. Mark Moore

    Another adventure in RF for DJ Stewart.

    • Mark Moore

      Not sure why HDTBell challenged that call. Whoever advised him kind of missed it and wasted the challenge.

  52. Indy Red Man

    Bader and Renfroe. Both make consistent quick outs. I was kind of excited when we got them, but they suck

  53. BuzzKutter

    Hopefully this doesn’t jinx it but if the bullpen can shut them down like they have been the Reds are going to score a couple more.

  54. J

    Would have been nice to Friedl on base for that Senzel bomb. The guy with the OBP of about .400 against lefties. Guy who’s OPS is 1.142 in September. But he sits because Renfroe is right-handed and provides leadership or something.

    • Mark Moore

      But the Game Book of All Knowledge and Decisions says … you know the drill

      • J

        It’s weird that some of us have to keep explaining to people why we think Bell isn’t maximizing the potential of this team. “But they’re winning more games than people expected” and “but they’re so young” is such a lazy reaction to what we actually witness every day.

  55. Mark Moore

    Darling, “The Cardinals have played better in September. How could they play any worse?”

    My wife said that wasn’t a nice thing to say 😀

  56. Ted Alfred

    So Renfroe and Bader keep playing a lot…yet between the two they have trouble hitting a ball hard the entire game, let alone getting a base hit, RBI etc….and Renfroe is poor defensively on top of it. What in the world is DB seeing in them to EVER sit Friedl vs. those 2 with 12 games to go in a playoff race? I seriously don’t get it…anybody have any possible explanation that makes sense? I get wanting to playing Bader defensively in CF sometimes depending on the park etc….other than that I am totally dumbfounded. By the way, I do like bringing Spiers in to pitch in this spot…longer relief to maybe save the bullpen and the Mets haven’t seen him before…3 innings would be huge here.

    • Melvin

      Before today’s game:

      Renfroe – .128/.209/.205 – 0-3 Today

      Bader – .167/.242/.200 – 0-2 Today

      Bell will figure it out….just may not be by the end of the season unfortunately.

  57. Mark Moore

    No challenge? Great effort by Steer. OK, now they challenge and will win it.

    • Mark Moore

      Mental lapse error by CES there. Extends the inning.

  58. BuzzKutter

    Last night’s defense was stellar. Today’s is just plain atrocious.

  59. Ted Alfred

    That was the first really bad mental mistake I’ve seen CES make in the field. Okay you missed the ball, but quit pouting about it and get your head in the game and realize the ball was heading straight to Steer at second base and there was no one covering 1st. That was a pretty easy out if Steer could have thrown the ball when he wanted to but he had to double clutch because CES was not paying attention

  60. J

    “The Reds don’t quit” really needs to be changed to “the Reds are willing to start getting serious in the last two or three innings of every game.” The lackadaisical attitude about almost everything (except hitting home runs) seems pretty rampant at this point.

    • Kevin H

      I think that is a fallacy of some.

  61. Ted Alfred

    Geez, CES makes a physical error, then a mental error on the same play and it really cost us.

  62. Kevin H

    These guys aren’t machines RLN.. They make mistakes etc etc

    • Mark Moore

      It was the two-fer mistakes that have us riled up. Error first and then mental lapse. Lead to run #4.

    • J

      True, but there are excusable mistakes and there are BAD mistakes. Allowing a ball to get by you is a mistake. Reacting to it by saying “oh well” and not bothering to see where the ball went is a BAD mistake. Nobody is calling for his head, but there’s a theme of “bad fundamental baseball” with this team, and plays like that one feed right into it. You’re in a playoff fight. Turn your head and see where the ball is.

      • Kevin H

        Thanks J, I should of asked what happend instead of assuming.

    • VaRedsFan

      Physical errors happen to everyone. Part of the game.
      It’s the mental errors that shouldn’t happen

    • Mark Moore

      I forget you aren’t watching the video feed. Gameday would have a difficult time explaining that one.

  63. Indy Red Man

    Hitting C-
    Starters D
    Fielding D

    How are we a playoff contender?

  64. Mark Moore

    Hope fades … still, taking 2 series in a row is good. But now we really need the Snakes to take out the Stupid Cubs tonight.

    • Ted Alfred

      I can’t believe the Cubs have dropped 5 of 6 to AZ in the last week.

  65. Indy Red Man

    Stephenson’s heater is over. Dr Rollover is back

  66. Mark Moore

    Hard hit hard luck for CES.

    Going to be tough to mount a comeback here. Just seem to be flat all around.

  67. Indy Red Man

    Ok. That’s enough for me today. Spiers actually throwing well today

  68. Mark Moore

    Renfro gave up on that one!!! Complete bonehead play. Steer was chasing it, but also didn’t go after it that hard at the end.

    Zero excuses for that kind of Little League play.

    • Melvin

      It comes down to fundamentals again…lacking.

  69. Kevin H

    I dunno everyone, the starting pitching is on fumes or whatever adjective you want to say. Bullpen while solid has to be tired as well. Todays game seems like see what Spiers can do

    • Mark Moore

      Spiers is actually doing well. Defense is failing him at the moment and extending the inning.

  70. RedAlert

    Keep playing Renfro Bell – he’s really helping this team

  71. LarkinPhillips

    I’ve seen enough of Renfroe. He has poor at bats, plays poor defense. Bader at least can steal bases and play good outfield defense. No spot for Renfroe in my mind.

  72. Mark A Verticchio

    Will take 2 of 3 but in both series played miserable in the loss.

    • BuzzKutter

      Don’t count this one as over. A bloop and blast gets us even.

  73. Ted Alfred

    Fricking Renfroe, that is the RF ball all the way. Like I said, you’re playing a guy that’s adding nothing offensively, somehow hitting in the 3rd hole!!! who is terrible defensively. What the hell is David Bell doing with 12 games left in the season???

    It’s hard enough to win baseball games when the manager puts the best players out there in the best position to win…. it’s really really a lot harder when the manager is making it harder than it needs to be. I can’t believe we’ve got three more years of this total moron with all this talent pulling this kind of BS game after game after game

    • VaRedsFan

      People always wonder why the Reds don’t blow teams out. Well it’s all the little things that add up, like putting 3 guys in a lineup that have no business playing…while there are obvious choices that exist. You’re giving away 6-10 outs per game that could be used with more productive players

  74. Mark Moore

    Metros 10 LOB … that’s one stat kind of in our favor. Not that they got on base. Just that they didn’t score.

    3 innings … add at least 3 runs … no problem, right?

    And Jim Walker would point out it’s the 7th, so HDTBell’s book allows substitutions now.

  75. Ted Alfred

    Spiers is doing a nice job today like I thought he would…. especially considering the fact he’s had to get 8 outs in 2 Innings due to some pretty terrible defense.

  76. Mark Moore

    Nice double for Joey. Now PR for him.

    • Mark Moore

      Or not. And certainly don’t PH for Bader because that would make sense.

  77. DataDumpster

    As much as I get mystified by David Bell’s moves on an almost daily basis, I’m tired of talking about it and the team IS in the catbird seat. Over 55% chance by actual stats instead of player projections. Weakest remaining schedule, whoever wins the Dbacks-Cubs game doesn’t matter today, and McClain is really the only injury that hurts at this point. The patching together of the pitching roster has been impressive.
    I’ll close by positing a theory about Bell’s daily lineup construction. First, there is the analytic machine that spits out the daily result based on Bell’s algorithm. But what explains the wild changes that seems to deflate the hot hands and inflate the slumpers or nonperformers in general?
    Could it be that Bell makes players complete a daily app before each game that tells him what they feel like, whether they need a day off, up to the challenge of playing a different position, etc.??Then, Bell makes an adjustment based upon this input. It’s not what most people would consider sound baseball strategy but it does fit with the younger generation and may help explain why they like playing for him so much.

    • Mark Moore

      You do make some valid points. And said apps (if they exist) are probably made by 15-year-old whiz kids with zero baseball experience (but plenty of “knowledge”).

      If, as you theorize, this exists, then HDTBell would rank #100 out of 30 MLB Field Managers for relying on that kind of crap to make daily decisions. It would be a step below even “The Book” we joke about.

      They don’t have to hate playing for him, but just liking him doesn’t cut it. Then again, he’s sitting on a 3-year contract, so it really doesn’t matter anyway.

    • Ted Alfred

      You may have hit on it…Bell’s secret sauce to his daily ever-changing lineup construction. The bottom line is they are going to need to be better then they would otherwise need to be to overcome the handicap of Bell as their manager… until the Reds eventually are forced to get someone better

  78. Mark Moore

    Did Elly ditch the bat knob cover? If so, when?

  79. Ted Alfred

    And right on cue Bader hits a soft liner to the pitcher instead of maybe actually getting a base hit or at least moving the runner on 2nd to 3rd with nobody out. I guess that was asking too much…hope he starts every day the rest of the year

  80. Ted Alfred

    And having Elly playing vs a lefty….why would you ever play Elly vs the left hander when you’re so concerned about handedness and his batting average is horrendous as a right-handed hitter? Why does Bell’s overly, super duper important handedness as to lineup construction Golden Rule not apply to Elly. Like Marty would have said….I doesn’t understand.

    • Mark Moore

      It’s getting to be Billy Hamilton all over again. How many switch-hitters in the game today and how many of them are equally effective from either side?

  81. Mark Moore

    And we get to see if a cold Friedl can pull something off.

  82. Kevin H

    OMG Friedl pitch hits for Senzel who had two hits. Why does Bell do that.

    • Mark Moore

      It’s the “H” in HDTBell … Handy/Handedness rules dictate it.

    • VaRedsFan

      And Senzel had a HR off of Smith…previously

  83. Mark A Verticchio

    Just not going to happen today. Need to go home take 2 of 3 from Twins and hope things fall into place.

  84. Cubano

    If we’re going to give up on infield defense- Why not start or sub India, Benson, or Friedl before the 7th? I guess Renfroe and Bader are the choice for some reason? Crazy.

  85. Mark Moore

    Ball tailed immediately after he threw that one. Error #3 on the Reds.

  86. BuzzKutter

    Poor execution on that sure double play ball. Did we even know who was covering?

    • Mark Moore

      Throw tailed immediately. Steer had the base if the throw was there.

  87. Redsgettingbetter

    This is the typical frustrating offense game by the Reds, stranded runners in all inning, they can’t score so far…

  88. Mark Moore

    I’m feeling a Clete loading. We need to head out to buy my wife a new laptop anyway and then find some dinner.

  89. Mark Moore

    Bases loaded, nobody out, and Tommy Boy … can’t draw it up any better than that.

  90. Matt McWax

    Vogelbach should send some food to those folks he hit the long foul ball to.

    • TR

      I’ve always liked Vogelbach. He seems, unfortunately, to hit against the Reds. And I’m sure he knows of all the good restaurants around the circuit.

  91. Mark Moore

    Yep … Clete fully loaded. See y’all back in Cincy for the Twinkie series.

  92. RedAlert

    Bell gave up on this game before it ever started with his writing pen …

    • Jonathan Linn

      Bell gave up on the game. Why no bullpen? Should have been a few more guys available today

  93. Mark A Verticchio

    Bell pretty much gave up on this game. He is the worst manager ever.

  94. Kevin H

    Okay so How did Bell give up? Also who would you use from Bullpen? How would you manage the starting rotation. Lineup that has 8 hits, and 3 runs.

    • Chris

      There are a lot of pitchers in the bullpen available, as they were not used yesterday. In fact his most go to guys are available.

    • RedAlert

      Just stop Kevin ! You know exactly what is meant dude … just stop

      • Kevin H

        Hey I can comment and ask just like you dude. It’s a fair question.

      • RedAlert

        Continuously do it ….why don’t you give us the answers to all the questions you ask … I don’t ask 50 questions and defend Bell to the hilt like you do

  95. Redsgettingbetter

    The same story of the last game at Detroit, no bullpen available apparently you should give up the game besides the offense can’t hit

  96. Matt McWax

    Renfroe and Bader were worth a flier but it didn’t work out. I understand trying to catch fire in a bottle with a change of scenery/GABP but now it’s pretty apparent that they would’ve been better off sticking with Fairchild and other AAA guys but it wasn’t a big investment. Not sure if they should keep running them out. I would make Bader a late inning defensive replacement only.

  97. LDS

    Once again Bell leaves a pitcher in to be pounded and lets the game get away. When he didn’t pinch run for Votto, it was obvious that winning wasn’t a priority. Maybe the Reds will have a good streak in 2026 so Bell can get another extension.

    • Kevin H

      Do we know who was available out of the pen? What would you do in this situation where your starting pitching is not giving innings and a tired bullpen?

      • LDS

        Everyone, regardless of when they last pitched. You’re playing for a post season slot, you can’t play like it’s little league or high school with a weekly inning limit. You play to win. Fundamentally, I don’t think the Reds really want it. They’ll take it. But no killer instinct. Just drift through the game.

      • Kevin H

        @LDS, playing devils advocate. “Everyone should be available regardless. So they blowout there arm. Then what, or give up 5 runs then what?

        I get what your saying, I disagree in regards to these pitchers aren’t machines. And they have been used alot..

      • LDS

        If the team really worried arms, they’d knock off the power/spin strategy.

  98. Chris

    Strand with another HR, but he has to literally beg Bell to play him on a consecutive basis. Head scratcher.

  99. Indy Red Man

    Coming back home is good for everybody else in the race but us. I’m scared of the Twins going off offensively. We are atleast due for a home heater

  100. Chris

    This game was winnable, but Bell decided to keep the kid in for 3 innings, which is counter to his everyday managing style. Go figure. Bell makes a lot of head-scratching moves, but without a doubt this game is as much on his head as any of the players. Terrible decisions making from the lineup construction to the in game decision making. Just so frustrating.

    • Kevin H

      Lineup got 4 runs and 9 hits. Defense committed 3 errors.

      Starting pitcher gave a short outing. Bullpen has been over worked. Do we even know who was available out of the pen today?

      • Rick

        Sims, Gibaut, Moll, atleast those excluding Diaz.

      • Chris

        BUT, the guys who should not have been in the lineup, didn’t help in those 4 runs or get a single hit. Heck, CES has been among the best hitters on the team, and he is in the lineup about half of the time. Bell has done some of his worst managing this last week or two.

  101. Rick

    Running out of time and Bell Manages the same way, sort of. When captain hook pulls a pitcher early, he then turns around and let’s the inning eating pitcher pitch us out of a game by giving up runs. Oxymoron mentality.

  102. LDS

    And again Bucky shows Bell how to manage. Raley pitched yesterday BTW

    • Kevin H

      Yeah, Buck sure did, 300 million dollar pay roll and they r going to playoffs? Oh wait

      • LDS

        Payroll doesn’t win games. If you don’t think opposing mgrs know how to get Bell to empty his bench, you haven’t been paying attention.

      • Mark A Verticchio

        You can defend Bell all you want but I am afraid you are in the minority my friend. This team is now 78 and 73 in spite of Bell as manager not because of him. Just look at his line up construction, today he doesn’t start India or Freidl and goes with Bader and Renfroe, boy that worked out well.

  103. Kevin H

    @Mark, I am not defending Bell. In fact he does things that make me think he is the right guy for the job.

    However the lack of starting pitching depth shown itself the last few months. The bullpen in August struggled and here we are in September. Injuries, covid, and lack of starting pitching depth.

    Today is one of those games. Bullpen is fully rested for a few games at least.

    If players win in spite of Bell. Then I think it’s fair to say they lose in spite of Bell.

    So, if that is defending Bell then so be it. I have been paying attention and realize this season has been a success in spite of starting pitching depth, Injuries, a bunch of 1st and 2nd year players playing.

  104. J

    Kevin, this “what else could Bell do?” question you like to ask could be asked of every bad decision made by every manager and every head coach in every sport. You seem to assume Bell is basically powerless to make any real choices, and everything is being dictated to him by invisible forces. Why did he pitch X instead of A B or C? You assume A B and C were ALL unavailable for some unknown reason. Why did he start Renfroe instead of Friedl? Well, MAYBE Friedl showed up to the ballpark today with a splitting headache, told Bell he couldn’t start the game, but then somewhere around the middle of the game his head started to feel better so he was able to pinch hit. Or MAYBE he was delayed getting to the game because his car was crushed by an elephant and it took a while to get him out of the car. We don’t know. But probably the actual reason is that he’s left-handed and Bell is just dumb about this handedness stuff. Bell makes a lot of bad decisions, and our assumption shouldn’t be that he probably had no choice.

    • Kevin H

      And you and others like to criticize everything Bell does. I mean seriously what I do and you and others do is no different.

      Sitting at your computer or on your phone is real easy to criticize everything Bell does or doesn’t do.

      • J

        Do you realize how many decisions a manager makes every day? Compare that number to the number of decisions I criticize and you’ll notice your math is off by almost 100%. I don’t say a word about 99.99% of his decisions. He lets a guy swing at the first pitch, I say nothing. He doesn’t pinch hit for Votto, I say nothing. He doesn’t call for a pitchout, I say nothing. He sticks Elly at short, I say nothing. He sticks Bader in center, I say nothing. On and on and on. You’re just unable to notice because of your bias. I criticize five of his thousands of choices and it’s “you criticize everything he does.” I feel like I’ve mentioned this at least a dozen times but i doesn’t seem to register.

      • Rick

        Not to come off as snark, but it’s a fan site, a sounding board, all takes. It’s just non value opinions same as yours, no right or wrong opinions. They change nothing. I’m glad that we have a way on social media to express ourselves now days. Most of us would gladly tell Bell our thoughts of his puzzling lineups & in-game decisions if he gave us his phone number.
        Just because we’re fans of the team doesn’t mean that we are endowed to be yes men, or yes fans, regarding Bell, Bob C, or Krall’s decisions or lack there of. That’s what makes fandom great. I’m a players fan & differ greatly with Bell most of the time. That doesn’t make me right or wrong, rather just a fan with a smartphone in TN who likes to vent or offer my 4 cents(adjusted up for inflation). Lol

  105. Tomn

    Get bader and renfro out of the starting lineup. Friedl needs to play e ery day and I’d rather see senzel or Fairchild out there. Renfro has added 0 value. Same with Bader.

  106. Tomn

    Our rookie SPs have done all they can this year. Abbott, Williamson have given everything they’ve got. It’s been a year for them to grow and learn but they’ve pretty much had it. Do t want them to hurt their arms.

    Next year could be a very special year for the Reds. I’d sevey limit their innings now and start planning for 2024.

    • Indy Red Man

      Too late for that. We’re in a playoff race

  107. Will Henry

    Do the Reds have 6 pitchers that could pitch 60-65 pitches every 3rd day? Have 2 guys ready for every game to basically get 9 outs each (6 innings) then turn to our 7 man bullpen.