The Reds meet the Tigers in a matinee this afternoon to close out their 3 game series in that state up north of Ohio. With a win the Reds can expand their current winning streak and assure they maintain their position as the third wild card team in he National League postseason lineup.

Starting Lineups

SP: Derek Law SP: Reese Olson
1. Jake Fraley (DH)
2. Nick Martini (RF)
3. Spencer Steer (3B)
4. T.J. Friedl (CF)
5. Jonathan India (2B)
6. Joey Votto (1B)
7. Tyler Stephenson (C)
8. Elly De La Cruz (SS)
9. Will Benson (LF)
1. Matt Vierling (3B)
2. Zach McKinstry (2B)
3. Spencer Torkelson (DH)
4. Kerry Carpenter (RF)
5. Jake Rogers (C)
6. Tyler Nevin (1B)
7. Akil Baddoo (LF)
8. Javier Baez (SS)
9. Parker Meadows (CF)

With the Tigers starting right handed pitcher, David Bell sends his LH punting hitting unit onto the field today.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Derek Law (R) 49.1 3.83 1.44 11.9% 18.8%
Reese Olson (R) 86.0 4.50 1.15 7.0% 23.7%
Links: Derek Law’s Stats | Reese Olson’s Stats

Derek Law

Late Wednesday night, the Reds announced Derek Law as their starting opener for what figures to be a bullpen day for the Reds. Today marks Law’s third 2023 appearance in this role. Ben Lively has been posted as the pitcher scheduled to follow Law.

There is not a lot to choose from in Law’s handedness splits. RH hitters are slightly more likely to homer against him while LH hitters are more likely to nick him for a shorter distance extra base hit.

On the surface, Law presents as a grinder who uses five different in pitches at least 10% of the time and also throws a sixth pitch on 5% of his offerings. However in fact just less than 2/3 of his pitches are some variety of a fastball.  His 4 seamer and sinker work around 95mph with the cutter giving him a timing disruptor at 92mph and the slider at ~87mph providing a timing and movement challenge in concert with the cutter. He also mixes in a change and curve to further keep hitters off balance.


RHH 117 24 2 0 4 12 22 .235 .322 .373
LHH 101 21 4 1 2 14 19 .244 .356 .384

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Cutter Sinker Slider Curve Change
Velo 95.5 92.1 95.1 86.5 78.8 88.8
Usage 19.2% 36.6% 11.4% 17.1% 11.3% 5.0%

Reese Olson

Reese Olson is a 23 year old rookie who made his MLB debut in June. Olson was a 13th round draft pick (#395 overall) by the Brewers out of high school in the 2018 June draft. He was traded to Detroit in July of 2021 in a deal which sent Daniel Norris to the Brewers.

Today marks Olson’s 19th MLB appearance with 15 of his previous appearances having been as a starter. Olson has shown good control as a rookie with a BB rate of only 7%. He also sports a solid K rate in the 24% range. His ERA has been right on league average  with a ERA/FIP comparison suggesting he has been perhaps a bit unlucky. After seeing the Tigers’ defense the last 2 nights, this makes perfect sense.

Olson appears to be  classic fastball/ slider pitcher with the twist that he throws both a 4 seam and 2 seam/ sinker fastball, both at just under 95mph. In total the two fastball varieties comprise half his pitches. He throws a slider at ~85mph on about 1/3 of his pitches and works a straight change at 88mph about half as often as the slider. He will also drop a sub 80mph curve in from time to time.

The first thing which jumps out about Olson’s splits is that he has allowed 12 home runs despite having good slugging percentage results against hitters from both sides of the plate. The homers have come  to RH and LH hitters in roughly equal proportion to plate appearances from each side. His K rate is also about the same from both sides; however, he appears more prone to walking LH hitters.



RHH 203 42 7 1 7 8 45 .217 .251 .371
LHH 152 32 6 1 5 17 39 .241 .322 .414

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Sinker Slider Curve Change
Velo 94.8 94.8 84.8 78.9 87.9
Usage 29.3% 20.2% 31.4% 5.1% 14.0%



The Reds A team of Ian Gibaut, Lucas Sims, and Alexi Diaz have all worked consecutive nights as have Fernando Cruz and Daniel Duarte. And for those who haven’t heard, Tejay Antone left the mound Wednesday with an elbow issue. Ben Lively has been reinstated from the COVID list to follow Law. Carson Spiers has been recalled to provide backup.


Alex Faedo worked 3 innings Wednesday night. Beau Brieske thew 47 pitches in a multi inning appearance Tuesday. Everybody else in the Tigers pen should be ready for action today.

News and Notes

Here is all the “paperwork” lining up Ben Lively to follow Derek Law to the mound this afternoon. Note that Carson Spiers also returned, now as a full fledged roster player.

And we have an overnight update on Tejay Antone’s situation. Let’s hope the first blush that the issue is “not serious” turns out to be spot on.

Wild Card Standings

Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Philadelphia 79 67 +3.5 95.8%
Chicago 78 69 +2.0 77.3%
Cincinnati 76 71 0.0 29.0%
Arizona 76 71 0.0 34.0%
San Francisco 75 71 0.5 40.4%
Miami 73 71 0.5 23.5%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs | Top 3 Make Playoffs

When And Where

  • Game time: 1:10pm ET
  • Where: Comerica Park, Detroit, up north.
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 65°, partly cloudy, 1% chance of rain

267 Responses

  1. TR1

    Hope Tejay is ok. Best case this is a scenario where he’s normally be out a couple of days, but since the Reds pitching is depleted they had to IL him to get another pitcher. We will see. Is he eligible to pitch in Louisville within the next 15 days? If he is, then would be good sign if he pitches there next week.

    • Jim Walker

      I believe they could declare him on rehab anytime they want since the rehab stint can run as long as 28 days for pitchers.

  2. TJ

    This lineup looks like fun. Looks like there was a lot of thought out into this. I was hoping for 5 of 6 from the Tigers and Mets. The Reds are well on their way. Keep winning all those road games.

    • AllTheHype

      Or maybe no thought at all. Almost looks like “names out of a hat” lineup.

      • J

        If this lineup does reflect a lot of thought, wouldn’t it suggest the other lineups probably didn’t?

  3. Optimist

    I guess if they get 6ip from Law, Lively and Spiers it should be competitive. After that, who knows . . .

    • wkuchad

      I posted this on another thread.

      If we’re winning or it’s tied or close, pitch Lively as long as he can go.

      If we’re down several runs, pitch Speirs until end of game. We have seven games in a row and need our bullpen to win most of those.

  4. Dennis Westrick

    Following today’s game the Reds will have 14 games remaining in the 2023 season! Six (6) games at home, eight (8) games on the road. Of those 14 games only the 3-game series against the Twinkies are games against a team still in contention for a playoff spot! In fact, the Twins could have the AL Central Division all but wrapped up by the time the Reds play them! That all depends on how the Twins do in their 4-game series against the White Sox and how Cleveland does in their 3-game set against the Rangers! Hoping that Minnesota clinches before the Reds series as they may rest some players (especially pitchers) to prepare for their playoff games.

    Finally, I find it ironic that the Reds final series of the season is against The Dirty Birds in St. Louis which may be critical to securing a Wild Card spot!

    First things first! Let’s score early & often today and sweep the Tigers! Go Reds!

  5. old-school

    Reds had that 5-1 road trip where they swept the Cubs and took 2/3 at Fenway which propelled them on to a great June. Lets hope they can get hot and get the sweep today and take 2/3 in NY and find some late season magic.

    Are the Reds at 15 position players and 13 pitchers? Id think they would have 14 pitchers. Am I missing something?

    • AllTheHype

      Guessing with both Lively and Spiers they have guys that can go multiple innings if needed, so only need 13 today.

    • Jim Walker

      The active roster on their web page counts it as 13 pitchers and 15 position, and includes both Spiers and Lively

      Might have to toggle this to active only at the top of the page.

      I suspect the issue is they don’t want to IL (Fraley) or move (Martini) a LH hitter because Fraley and Votto are both availability question marks day to day.

  6. Ted Alfred

    I knew Bell couldn’t just leave India at leadoff with Freidl 2, Fraley 3, Martini 4, Steer 5.

    • Ted Alfred

      They’ve won 3 straight since moving India to leadoff and Fraley is certainly good at 3 or anywhere in the top 5, so why not just roll with it?

      • AllTheHype

        Reds 3-1 in Sept in games with Fraley at leadoff too. Against RHP nothing wrong with Fraley at the top.

  7. Mark Moore

    All line-up baffling questions aside …

    Here’s to a good final day in Motown and scoring early and often. Game is on in my office and, now that the sleeping pill that is the pre-game HDTBell interview is complete on WLW, we can get down to business.

    They are showing the presentation to Miggy right now. Class act. Now I hope they sit him down if he comes to the plate. Loved watching him back from the early days with the Phish.

    Time to Kick the Tigger to the River (or maybe Canada) one more time!!

    • Jim Walker

      We did one of those overnight excursions via bus to Windsor 10-15 years ago. There were parts of “suburban” Detroit that looked like a deprived 3rd world country or war zone from I-75; but, the Canadian side was really nice. My wife hit a super jackpot on the nickel poker in a casino that covered all our food and incidentals not included in the excursion fare. 😉

  8. Mark Moore

    With today’s technology, why can’t they get the audio and video in near-perfect sync all the time? This road trip has been the worst and I’ve had to finagle it to make it work. Well over a pitch difference between the Bally TV feed and the WLW audio overlay. Oh, and the WLW straight audio feed is about 2 batters behind … 😮

    • Jim Walker

      Because latency is everywhere. Initial digitalization and packaging for transmisson are not instantaneous. If there is a satellite hop that’s typically 2-3 seconds per hop. There can be various transmission mediums and protocols which require unpacking and repacking along the way. Et al etc.

      • doofus

        JW, Jeez, I think I understand what you just wrote.

  9. J

    Reds managed to see more than 10 pitches in the first inning today, so that’s an improvement.

  10. Mark Moore

    “Just a bit outside …”

    And then another free pass via HBP.

    • J

      Most important thing is to make sure nobody can put a ball in play. Mission accomplished on the leadoff batter.

  11. Dennis Westrick

    More useless information! Or, maybe not! Of the six (6) NL teams with a realistic shot at one of the three (3) Wild Card spots, four (4) of those teams are playing today! Ironically, all of those games have the WC contenders on the road! The Phillies and The Stupid Cubs are off today!

    As the late Al Davis used to say: “Just Win Baby!”

  12. VaRedsFan

    I predict Elly will have a big hit today.

    Because?? That’s what our 8-hole guys do.

  13. J

    “Friedl makes the glove.” You just can’t get this kind of announcing anywhere else.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Do they make a Baseball Thesaurus? I know a good market to sell such an item!

  14. Mark Moore

    OK, we’re on point to win a comeback now. So that’s a positive.

    What frustrates me most is Law was ahead 0-2 when he went off the rails on the first batter.

    • J

      It’s as if none of the Reds pitchers has ever heard of Greg Maddux or is even vaguely aware that a good strategy is to try to get the hitter to put 0-2 and 1-2 pitches in play.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Yes, “J”, the whole Reds pitching staff would benefit from watching tapes of the Braves pitching staff back in the 90’s, especially the 1996 team!

  15. Roger Garrett

    Now that we are down lets start the comeback.

  16. Mark Moore

    Nice pick and throw by Steer. Let’s see if they challenge and win it.

  17. RedAlert

    Can slice it any way you want to – Derrick Law sucks – can’t believe he’s the first option on bullpen day

    • Kevin H

      Who would you of sent out there?

      Bullpen is on fumes after last two days

      • RedAlert

        Not him Kevin – not to start off with – I’m not playing who would you have sent out there game

    • Randoxu1

      Couldn’t agree more. Law stinks anybody in AAA would be better than law at this point. He’s been terrible for the last month.

  18. RedsGettingBetter

    Not a good inning by Law, surrendering 1 run with 20 pitches… Maybe he is not going for the 2nd inning

  19. J

    This probably isn’t going to go down as a “quality start.”

  20. J

    In hindsight, that was a perfect inning. It allows the Reds to be behind, so now they can get serious about hitting, but not so far behind that Bell will leave in a struggling pitcher to give up 8 or 9 runs.

  21. Mark A Verticchio

    There has to be a minor league pitcher better than Law, he is not a good pitcher.

  22. Dennis Westrick

    Well, that was ugly! Looking on the bright side, could have been a LOT worse! The good new is with Law throwing 26 pitches in the 1st inning, he probably won’t be around long!

  23. Mark Moore

    So Law isn’t going 2 innings today, is he … asking for a friend.

    • Kevin H

      I would suspect not, however nothing would surprise me.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Maybe Law will get lost on his way to the pitching mound for a 2nd inning! He sure as heck had trouble locating the strike zone!

    • Jim t

      Law has made 2 starts this year going a inning and a 1/3 each time.

  24. J

    “He’s got really good finish, does Olson, on that.” You just can’t get this kind of announcing anywhere else.

  25. Mark A Verticchio

    Well, another horrible home plate umpire, this is getting ridiculous.

    • J

      Bad umpiring, and bad adjustment by India. When you see him a call a low pitch for strike two, don’t watch a slightly higher pitch for strike three…

  26. Roger Garrett

    Six batters in we have 4 punch outs.Just appears we are already packed up and satisfied with a series win.i will check back later.GO REDS

  27. LDS

    Lineup construction is really not a Bell asset. It’s hard to envision why Fraley is leading off instead of Friedl or India. For that matter, where’s India. Oh well, despite Bell, maybe they stumble into the playoffs.

    • Kevin H

      You may not of read it, but the other day I decided to stop trying to figure out the lineup Bell puts out. As you know I am not as vocal as some about what Bell does or doesn’t do.

      In saying that his constant lineup changes, or whatever you want to call it makes no sense. So, I am just enjoying the ride into the playoffs 😛

      • LDS

        Can’t disagree with that. I just wish folks would quit pretending that Bell is an “analytics” guy. Other than handedness, his decisions rarely have statistical support.

  28. Dennis Westrick

    The Reds have fallen back into their bad habit of striking out! Four (4) strikeouts in the first two (2) innings! Against a pitcher with an ERA of 4.50 no less!

    • Mark Moore

      You go with what’s comfortable …

  29. Mark Moore

    Sorry, Elly, you just don’t seem to be focusing right now. Too much “ole” action. And then Benson with a Little League fumble.

  30. Randoxu1

    I’ve said it since day 1. A bunch of people tried to say Edlc was a better ss than McClain. Not even close. He should not even be an infielder. Terrible defense especially the last 2 weeks, terrible fundamentals. I hope next year they come up with a better plan.

    • AllTheHype

      Excuse me? He’s rated above average defender at SS and plus at 3rd. Check stats first.

      • Kevin H

        11 errors at ss. How is that a above average defender though?

      • Kevin H

        @Beaufort Red

        I mostly follow on gameday so I don’t get to see De La Cruz play alot.

        I keep hearing some say he is more of a 3rd baseman.

        When I have seen him play he seems like a natural yes.

      • AllTheHype

        EDLC Statcast “Outs Above Average” is +6 overall. Fangraphs overall +7.1 defensive rating.

        Correction, mostly average rating at ss, but plus at 3B.

      • Randoxu1

        @ Allthehype, you believe what you want to believe. McClain was a 4 year starter at a major college program. I played ss myself in college and the minors. I don’t care what he is rated, my eyes and my knowledge tell me who the better ss is. He has all the tools that scouts love, problem is he’s just not very good fundamentally. Just my opinion.

      • Chris

        Completely agree with Randoxu1 on Elly. I don’t care what any rating shows him as. From day one watching Elly, I thought his fundamentals were terrible at SS. He has all the athletic ability in the world, but he’s not a very good SS. I love him at 3rd though, because that’s where his natural athletic ability and instincts take over.

    • J

      He looked really good at third. I think at third he has less time to think and fewer opportunities to try to look “good” when he fields, and just has to react and get the ball.

    • Mark Moore

      MattyMc is far more disciplined. Age certainly plays a factor, but that’s not the only thing. Find a way to put him at 3rd or spend the Winter teaching him to play CF (probably net the best option).

    • Mark Moore

      +25,000 divided between Randozu1, KevinH, Beaufort Red, and J

      Don’t know if it’s the grind of the MLB season or some other combination of factors. But it’s showing up way too often.

      • doofus

        So that is +6,250 to each commenter. I will match that. Nice insight by all.

      • doofus

        Randoxu is correct. You see things with your eyes and analyze from your knowledge of the game. Analytics are not the total answer. If they were, why are there scouts?

    • Kevin H

      Who did you play for in the minors? That is cool to hear. How far did you make it too?

  31. AllTheHype

    Moll one of the best pitching pickups of any team at the deadline. Krall rarely gets kudos for the job he has done though.

    • Mark Moore

      Definitely. And he’s under control for a bit as well.

  32. Mark A Verticchio

    I agree it seems like they are happy with 2 out of 3, heads don’t seem to be in the game. This is not good for a team trying to get into the playoffs.

  33. Beaufort Red

    EDLC is hurting this team more than helping. This ladt2 weeks really shows who should be playing SS . Like I said earlier EDLC seems to have a lackadaisical attitude . He’s only 21 so maybe he’s sulking for being moved down or benched. Some veteran needs to get in his face. Maybe the postseason doesn’t mean as much to a 21 year old with his whole future ahead of him. as it does to veterans who think this may be their one shot.

    • J

      And then he has the best at-bat of anyone so far. This game is hard to predict.

    • Mark Moore

      I think this is where many of us have been frustrated with the overall coaching approach from HDTBell and his team. And, yes, one of the more seasoned players should be part of holding him accountable. But the days of “kangaroo court” and such seem to be long gone, at least in the Queen City. Which makes the comments from our manager in what I heard pre-game even more baffling. I don’t see them pressing to win. I just see them pressing.

      And we just saw that in spades with Elly getting caught on a TOOTBLAN.

      • Daytonnati

        Put some mustard on that hot dog!

      • J

        I hate David Wells for various reasons, but I did just enjoy hearing him talking about how even the highly paid stars need to be sent down to the minors or yelled at when they’re not performing. He talked about Posada getting in his face and yelling at him (I think he said Posada pushed him against a wall or something) after a bad outing. He said he respected Posada for doing it.

      • doofus

        J, why do you hate David Wells, he was a good pitcher?

    • RedAlert

      Mr . Comedy Sadak – man he’s just irritating ….

    • Kevin H

      Serious question here do you think he is trying to hard? To live up to the hype? I mean he does seem to make mental mistakes and you guys see him play alot more than I.

      I am going to assume he got picked off second?

      • Chris

        I personally believe he’s letting his hitting struggles affect the rest of his game; that’s what a young player tends to do.

    • AllTheHype

      Early returns McLain looks better at ss. Long term I don’t think it’s decided. Elly could get better yet.

      • Ted Alfred

        McClain is literally better in every possible baseball way other than natural physical talent. I don’t think there’s one person on this website who would take Elly over McClain if they had to pick one to see where they’re at 10 years from now

  34. Dennis Westrick

    Somebody said earlier that EDLC’s struggles at the plate have carried over to his fielding! I agree! Seems the whole team is asleep today! Guess what boys, you can sleep on the plane trip to NYC!

    Wake Up & Win this game!

  35. LDS

    EDLC with another error? His fld pct is down to about .950. And folks here were screaming about how bad Barrero was when his slid to .970. Guys like Correa, DeJong, Iglesias, and Lindor are all around .980. Barrero was on par with guys like Seager, Siemens, Concepcion. Unfortunately, right now, EDLC is lining up with guys like Frank Tavares (Pirates SS in the 70s for you young guys). I hope they get him some coaching in the off season.

    • VaRedsFan

      There are no young guys here. 😉

      • LDS

        Sadly, that’s probably true. But we’re all young at heart and that’s what counts. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • Redlegs1869

      And just when he walks, and you’re thinking positively about his plate discipline and that he’s now on base with one out…he pulls that mindless stunt. Really? I don’t wanna hear about how he’s only 21. Grow up and quit thinking this is AA or AAA. It ain’t. I think we can all accept struggling at the plate. Get serious about your fielding and base running.

    • Dennis Westrick

      The rest of the “We Are Family” Pirates covered for the poor fielding by Tavares! This 2023 Reds team does not have that luxury!

    • Ted Alfred

      It’s all between the ears with Elly. He’s going to start taking this seriously and put in the effort and the day-in, day-out focus it takes to succeed at this level or he’s going to fade away.

  36. Rick

    Elly needs to smarten up. My gosh. 2 stupid mistakes already.

    • Pharmer85

      His act is wearing real thin lately

  37. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds not playing well this game thus far… A lot of misplays at the offense, deffense and pitching

    • Ted Alfred

      This is what happens when you change the lineup for no good reason. Did it affect the outcome and how they’re playing… who knows, but there was no reason to change what was working with India leading off Etc. Bell always has to tweak everything all the time and prove how smart he is and he usually just ends up shooting himself in the face

  38. Dennis Westrick

    Let’s see how many more ways EDLC can hurt his team today! Love his enthusiasm but not the mistakes! And again, no repercussions or attempts by the Reds coaching staff to correct baserunning mistakes!

  39. Mark Moore

    OK, Lively in for a bit. Let’s see how effective he can be.

  40. Mark A Verticchio

    Right now EDLC needs a veteran to get on him about how important this game is. One thing is for sure, Bell won’t say a word, how sad a manager he is.

  41. Rick

    It’ll be good to see Mat back soon.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Can’t happen soon enough!

  42. Dennis Westrick

    Wow! Moll & Lively with 8 and 9 pitch innings respectively! Mr. Law, take note!

  43. VaRedsFan

    Dave Concepcion age 22 season.
    93 Games
    22 errors
    .945 Fielding %

    I guess Rose/Bench/Perez didn’t get in his face

    You guys need to exercise a little patience.

    • VaRedsFan

      That being said…he looked better at 3B to me right now. But there’s time to grow.

    • Kevin H

      Thanks for the info, a good reminder not to get into a big rush with the rookies. I must take note myself and exercise patience.

    • J

      To be fair, if Concepcion were playing with today’s official scorers, he’d probably have committed about 4 errors. I’m quite sure he played much better defense than what we’ve been seeing lately.

      • J

        For example, somehow the Reds have only officially committed one error today even though we all saw them commit two.

      • Kevin H

        Oh, now I get it because its harder to make a error as the official scorer gives ” hits” when its clearly a error.

        I do think your right in that concept. Brantley has talked about this before on the radio

  44. Rick

    I hope that we get the good Lively and he eats productive innings.
    Wasn’t a fan of buring our one lefty already.
    Good start Ben.

  45. LDS

    As I said weeks ago, EDLC’s problems IMO are mental that physical. I think he’s trying too hard to live up to the hype. And that’s not helping him or the team. And as I said months ago, Bell isn’t up to the task of bringing a young team along. He’s proven that time and time again.

  46. RedsGettingBetter

    The ump only call strikes in the low zone to Olson not for the Reds pitchers so far… Hateful

  47. RedAlert

    So sick of these incompetent home plate umpires … get the ROBO UMPS going now … have watched this sorry umpiring all year long

  48. J

    With all the talk about how the Reds don’t have any pitchers, they’re probably going to lose this game 2-1.

  49. Rick

    We need a 2 run dinner here. From our leadoff cleanup hitter.

  50. Mark A Verticchio

    India did all he could. Will they score today in a really big game.

  51. Mark Moore

    I’m thinking I might as well be listening to the snooze-fest that others have said the Detroit feed is. I’m being lulled to sleep by this one.

  52. Dennis Westrick

    As bad as the Reds have played so far with six (6) strikeouts through 4 innings, it’s a miracle that the score is only 1-0.

  53. Rick

    Well with current day umpires are removing the disciplined skill aspect from those type hitters.

      • Rick

        It’s a shame to remove that age old trait from the players that were good at that.

  54. Mark Moore

    I’m not going to Clete, but with meetings coming up starting at 2:30 the sound will be off and I won’t be paying much attention.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Me too, Mark! Have to bail for a 2:30 pm meeting! Probably just as well! This game looks like a lost cause! And, NO, it’s NOT Bell’s fault! The fault lies with the FO not adding pitchers to the roster!

  55. RedAlert

    Ballgame – dudes didn’t come
    Ready to play ….

    Get Lively out now

  56. Roger Garrett

    Well I see we are still packed up and ready to go with no hits and 6 punch outs through 4 innings.Nap time for me.Start the plane up the Reds will be there by the time I wake up around 330

  57. J

    So much for that 2-1 loss I was imagining.

  58. wallyum

    Got stuck working late today. When I found out, I consoled myself with the idea of being able to listen to the game while I worked. Thus far I’m not consoled.

  59. LarkinPhillips

    This home plate umpire Wilcott always makes the games about himself. He is terrible behind the plate and constantly wants to argue with people.

  60. LDS

    Sadly, the Reds just lack the killer instinct. They beat a far better pitcher yesterday and can’t touch Olsen today. The pattern continues.

    • Jim Walker

      It is not just the Reds. In the last week, all four of the teams in contention for the last WC have been in a position to take charge and handed control off to a different team.

      Only one, the Marlins, were facing a really tough team when they stepped back and that was after winning 4 of 6 against two teams that look like locks for the postseason.

      A person would think at some point one of these teams is going to step up and win that extra game that gives them clear command if they just play everyone else even the rest of the way. Then again, maybe not…..

  61. Mark Moore

    We lose 2 calls to this retched Chumpiring crew. Tech “gets it right” but not where the strike zone is concerned. Incompetent, lazy, entitled, arrogant … I could go on.

    • LarkinPhillips

      What amazes me is often times like yesterday with Marte at third, somehow these calls always seem to “stand” when it goes against the Reds. Probably just home cooking from me, but I feel like we lose the review 80% of the time.

  62. Mark A Verticchio

    Lively has not been the same since that shellacking in Chicago. This is not going to be a good day. Let’s root hard for the Brewers, Mets and Rockies.

    • LDS

      The Reds need to control their own destiny. Being no hit by a 24 yo with a grand total of 86+ innings is just embarrassing. Where’s the accountability? Oh, that’s right, extended for 3 more years.

  63. Mark Moore

    Why does it feel like it’s the 7th or 8th inning and we’re down by a bazillion runs?

    • Rick

      Yep, and feels like a Jack Daniels hangover type day too. Long and fuzzy.

    • Chris

      Because you are in this thread with a bunch of negative nannies.

  64. J

    Wow, RLN sure does like to complain about umpires! It’s relentless. Day after day after day. How much experience do any of you have umpiring major league games? And don’t you think umpires have a lot more information than we do? They’re a lot closer to the action than we are! And I’ve heard umpiring really doesn’t make much of a difference anyway, because they don’t throw any pitches or swing the bats. Reds are having a way better season than anyone expected, so why not just enjoy it? Why can’t you guys be more positive, like I am?

    • Mark Moore

      I’m assuming you forgot the “sarcasm font off” command at the end, J … 😛

      • J

        Why, I have no idea what on earth you could possibly mean.

  65. Dennis Westrick

    Not getting good vibes today! Reds likely headed towards a loss! And I’m afraid the Fish, Snakes and San Francisco Little People will ALL win today thus relegating the Reds to 6th in the race for a Wild Card spot!

  66. Jeremiah

    I think a few things about De La Cruz…
    -Not sure he’s played this long a season and is getting tired.
    -Pressure of a pennant race has gotten to him a bit
    -Mlb pitching is that good overall…takes time to adjust for even really talented players
    -The hype went to his head, especially from the national media…Bell maybe didn’t help and maybe unintentionally put pressure on him by batting him in the top 4 while he struggled for over a month. Part of the issue was the whole Reds lineup stunk so not blaming Bell completely.
    -I think he’s best at 3rd base and currently at 7th or 8th in the order. Anything he does should be extra but currently don’t want him getting extra at bats.
    – I think he’ll be really good but maybe not this year. Tough position the Reds are in managerial wise do you keep playing him every day or not
    -Finally, his instincts are a strength of his but they are being used against him, teams know he is super aggressive and now that strength of his is almost a weakness.
    – Finally, finally hopefully struggling being humbled a bit makes him better long term. I think it will

    • Beaufort Red

      I agree with all you said but
      Like I said, I wonder about the maturity and if he realizes just how important a post season appearance means to the veterans and the fan base.

      • VaRedsFan

        Which veterans are you talking about?? The Reds only have 1 past arb. And he’s batting .200. Is it important to him???

      • Beaufort Red

        Anyone who has any service time and hasn’t sniffed the playoffs.

  67. RedAlert

    See CY Young showed up for the Tigers
    today … amazing how outstanding Reds can make these type of pitchers look … happens over and over and over

    • Chris

      In fairness his era over the last 3 starts is well below 2.00. The kid has been outstanding.

  68. Dennis Westrick

    One final comment before my meeting starts!! Five innings and NO hits by the Reds against a journeyman pitcher with an ERA of 4+! Pitiful display of professional baseball today!

  69. J

    For those who aren’t able to hear the announcing, the Tigers’ ceterfielder just used staggered strides to make the glove.

  70. Jeremiah

    Reds did their job winning two of three if they lose this one…if they won every series and split with Cleveland they’d finish 85-77 maybe good enough to get in

  71. Rick

    Looks like a freelance day at the plate. Like advanced scouting didn’t give Bell a report to prep our team. Sarcasm. But the freelancing part fits a lot a lot.

  72. Rick

    Come on guys stack hits, walks, and a bomb.

  73. Mark Moore

    No-hitter broken up, but nothing more to show for it.

    • Mark Moore

      Made extra frustrating given Steer smacking one out.

  74. Mark A Verticchio

    Martini should not be batting 2nd for a team fighting to reach post season, he is a marginal player who has hit a few home runs.

    • Rick

      Marte & CES should’ve been playing today.

      • Jim Walker

        My thought too, especially on Marte. He looks like he is on the cusp of a breakout run; and, a week or two before teams can adjust (if teams playing out the string even try to adjust) could be the key to putting the Reds over the top.

      • J

        I guess I don’t really understand the subtle difference between expressing your disagreements with Bell and criticizing him. It seems that when I express my disagreements with him, I’m criticizing, but when you do it it’s just expressing a different viewpoint.

    • Chris

      Yeah, this is an example of what happens when a manager does what many fans suggest, which is to play the “perceived” hot hand. The fact is, Martini is a journeyman type of player who should never bat farther up than 6th. The back of the baseball card doesn’t often lie.

      • Rick

        Yeah, I like Martini as a bench bat.
        Marte & CES have been starters vs lefties & they are part of our future & need reps for 2024.

      • Chris

        Yeah, it’s crazy how much CES especially, has been sitting lately. He’s hit over .300 in his last 15 games and last 7 games. He’s one of the best bats on this team, but now he’s playing sparingly since Krall grabbed the veteran cast-offs from losing teams. I think Bell is panicking a bit with the lineups and switching guys in and out so often lately. Tough to stay consistent when you aren’t playing consistent.

      • J

        Chris, it sounds as if you’re criticizing Bell for playing Martini today. I didn’t like him hitting second, but I had no problem with Martini in the lineup today. Are you criticizing Bell?

      • Chris

        J, I’m not criticizing him as much as I just disagree with him. Martini has had a few big hits, but he’s still a .240 hitter who is nothing more than a bench player. Meanwhile you have one of the best Reds prospects sitting again (CES) who is also one of the Reds’ hottest hitters right now. So yes, I completely disagree with Martini over CES.

      • Jim Walker

        Right now Martini is probably the better call over both Votto and Fraley though.

        In his last 5 games before today, Fraley has a .580 OPS in 13 PAs. In the same stretch (but one more game appearance than Fraley). Martini has a 1.000 OPS in 13 PAs.

        In 2 games during that period Votto has a .958 OPS in 9 PAs.

  75. J

    My prediction of a 2-1 loss isn’t going to be right, but…

  76. Mark A Verticchio

    This is not a playoff caliber offense and I am afraid that is going to be proven the next week or so. The offense has been average at best since early July. Mclain is really missed and not having Marte or Strand in the line up is just plain stupid on Bell’s part.

  77. Rick

    Low energy. Again our pitching has kept the score within reach. DP’s have killed us. That zaps energy too.

  78. RedsGettingBetter

    This lineup doesn’t work today. The chance of sweeping is escaping away…It’s a shame really… I think the Reds could do it but the offense comes in down mode today

  79. J

    Guys, it’s not the 8th inning yet. This team “doesn’t quit,” which means they’ll get serious soon.

  80. Kevin H

    So the question then becomes do batting orders really matter? Bell used the same lineup for a good month or too and some wanted change. Fast forward to now and Bell is doing whatever it is he does and some say a person should bat here or there.

    So, again the question becomes do batting orders matter. I personally believe they do.


    • Rick

      I managed for 10 years and orders matter alot.

    • Daytonnati


      • RedAlert

        Bingo ! ….. nailed it … greatest example ever !

      • Rick

        The best ever btw. And perfectly aligned.

    • J

      Yes, batting orders matter. Most importantly, they determine which hitters get the most at-bats and which get the fewest. Also, if you do what Bell often does and scatter your best hitters throughout the lineup instead of packing them together at the top, you make it pretty hard for those best hitters do much damage, because they’re often coming up with nobody on base, or they reach base and it’s unlikely the next guy can drive them in.

    • Chris

      I think they matter, but I think they matter more when you have some outstanding hitters in your lineup. In the Reds’ current lineup no one really stands out all that much. Most are solid, but not huge bats.

      • J

        There are no superstars at the moment, but there’s a pretty wide range of OPS’s, especially against lefties. Against lefties, you’ve got guys with an OPS over .900 (Friedl, Bader, Senzel), and you’ve got guys closer to .500 (Elly, Marte), and other guys scattered in between.

    • Mark Moore

      As a byproduct of an in conjunction with line-up construction, I’d say “yes”.

      • Kevin H


        See I couldn’t help myself today. The lineup juggling has become a joke

  81. Optimist

    More good news is that the Red Sox and Yankees are playing a crucial mid-September series to determine who holds the basement in the AL East. Just a thought . . .

  82. Ted Alfred

    Well after that latest screw up by Elly we’re going to see what kind of a manager David Bell is. He needs to sit Elly down ASAP for the next couple of games because he’s a huge negative right now to this team’s playoff chase. Lets see if Bell has any balls…I SERIOUSLY doubt it.

    I guarantee you a lot of the other players on this team are starting to get seriously pissed watching him play Everyday

    • Chris

      Are you suggesting the play in which Steer dove and completely screened Elly is on Elly?

      • Ted Alfred

        Yeah, wasn’t hard to keep the ball in the infield. I saw the way Maile looked at him last night when he flat out missed what should have been the last out of the game on a perfect throw on the steal. I believe there are starting to be negative rumblings and guys are starting to get irritated with his lack of focus when they are busting it chasing the playoffs.

        You may disagree, it is what I see.

    • Beaufort Red

      His overall play the last 2 weeks, especially defensively.

    • Kevin H

      Just a question,

      How do you know players are getting upset? Do you see it in their body language? Are they expressing their frustrations? serious question

      • Chris

        LOL. I wonder that too. It’s as though we have mind readers or guys in the dugout. Everything I’ve heard is that these guys all love one another and get along exceptionally well. Dirty looks won’t play very well in a locker room.

  83. Mark A Verticchio

    It most likely was not his fault, but what is he giving the team?

  84. RedAlert

    Marte should not be sitting period during these last 15 games …. Period Bell … GOT THAT !

    • Rick

      Correct.playing 4A guys ahead of him is not smart.

  85. Rick

    That never looked like a strike r.e. Renfroe strike out.

    • Chris

      I’m so sick of the Renfroe show. All these great kids, and we see Renfroe nightly one way or another.

  86. Mark A Verticchio

    I was so wrong about Renfroe, I thought he would really help and he has been a bust. The Reds have not had much luck with late season pick ups lately.

    • Chris

      This team just looks snake-bitten today. They can’t seem to catch a break. Three double plays and some hard hit balls this game but to no avail.

  87. Mark Moore

    And any weak attempt at a rally is now a moo point (so obvious, even a cow would recognize it).

  88. RedsGettingBetter

    Bell fell in his own trap as Martini hitting #2 just should replace him for CES to hit for double-play rally killer

  89. Jim Walker

    And after looking very sketchy in the 1st two games of this series, the Tigers infield puts together 3 consecutive double plays to all but lock this one down.

    • Daytonnati

      And the Reds infield today looking like a drunk searching for his car keys.

  90. Mark Moore

    And … the wheels on the bus go round and round … and then they fall off … 😮

  91. Mark A Verticchio

    This game has been poorly played in all facets period. Line up construction, fielding, hitting and base running. They just played like a late season game that meant nothing, wake up boys, it meant a lot. They must take at least 2 of 3 in New York and I wouldn’t bet on it. I also think EDLC is done for this year, if Mclain was healthy he most likely would sit and I would sit him anyway. He needs to grow up.

    • Rick

      He went from batting 7th, to 8th, to being pinch-hit for from the right side for Senzel.
      Hot Dog isn’t hot or swaggy now.

    • Kevin H

      Why does he need to grow up? Was he upset that he got pitch hit for?

      • Chris

        Because, he’s not a robot like many in here feel that each player must be.

  92. BuzzKutter

    Yeah I was a Renfroe supporter but he has been a bust. I thought him and Bader would come in and provide a spark.

    There isn’t a much bigger slap in the face than “Hey we don’t want to finish the season with you so see ya”. I guess they didn’t take it personally.

    • Chris

      Yep, and in the end, the slap in the face is to the young Reds players who are sitting so that those washed up veterans play. Martini, Bader, and Renfroe should be nice bench pieces, but for some reason they are now starting a majority of the time. On another note, pitching a reliever one inning a game, every game, catches up to you.

      • Daytonnati

        I agree with this. You dance with the girl who came with you. (Or something like that.

  93. Mark Moore

    Clete …

    See y’all in NYC for the encounter with the Metros. At least we won the first two.

  94. Roger Garrett

    Reds don’t have any leadership to fall back on and really haven’t had any for a long time.Today if they had leadership would have been a day to just step on the Tigers throat right out of the gate.Somebody to walk up and down the dugout and keep these guys focused and carry it to the field.First inning right out of the gate we go down 1 2 3 with two strike outs looking.No energy,no focus means no compete and no win.All of us knew Lively would have to take one for the team and we knew after its was 3-0 the game was over.Two hits through 7 and 2 more by pinch hitters in the 8th just will not get it done.

  95. Doc

    Home runs haunt. Six runs and counting scored on just two HR. Give me a walk (almost) any time.

  96. Mark A Verticchio

    If you watched the pregame show Sam Lecure pretty much called this one.

  97. J

    Maybe they should have just had Maile pitch 9 innings today, since nobody seemed to be taking the game very seriously anyway.

    • J

      I mean 8 innings. Obviously 9 wouldn’t be necessary.

  98. Rick

    Again, if the Reds brass were smart they would hire a really good Hispanic batting coach dedicated to fixing Elly’s mechanics, and more importantly his pitch recognizition and picking up the release point, spin etc. Mentor him in the dugout from the tablet. 1st thing cutout the nonsense. Too much talent to let Bell squander away.

    • TR

      A very good comment from Rick regarding the multi-talented Elly De La Cruz. The Reds apparently have a Spanish speaking person to help Elly and other Latin players not yet comfortable with English. A Spanish speaking hitting assistant, if the Reds don’t already have one, makes sense.

      • Chris

        With all due respect, the kid is in a big funk during his 1st season in the big league’s. It’s September, and somehow a spanish speaking guy is going to get him out of his funk. This is a hugely talented kid who hand probably never actually gone through this sort of funk, and in a playoff race it’s that much harder to get out of it because while trying to do better it’s probably making him worse. It’s going to probably take the offseason to get him going. Go check out Mike Trout’s 1st year in the Big’s. It ain’t easy.

  99. GPod

    Reds didn’t show up today: in the field, at the plate or on the mound….Farmer just put an explanation point on that in case nobody noticed

  100. BuzzKutter

    Don’t get me wrong. I am really happy to be playing meaningful baseball midway through September. A playoff team really should have me expecting to win instead of hoping to win though.

  101. Beaufort Red

    How about no Viking garb if you’re losing.

    • Rick

      That should’ve been tossed long ago by the player originator because Bell won’t.
      I’ll bet Scott Rolen would have.

      • BuzzKutter

        What do you think Paul O’Neil would have done?

    • BuzzKutter

      To me that’s on leadership. A quick dirty look and “don’t put that on” would be nice to see.

    • TR

      How about putting it away and giving it to the Minnesota Twins who are in town next week.

  102. Roger Garrett

    Nation this is not about first Lively and now Buck taking one for the team.This is about the batting order the defense and the lack of leadership in a very important game.This team from the get go was not ready to play period.Every game is important and to be honest they were lucky to grab the first two games.Batting orders and defensive positions along with playing the best players right now is paramount.This is not about vet privilege,not about egos or wanting to keep everybody happy,this is about winning games.ELLY is playing like a little buy so treat him as such and set him,Renfroe has been in a slump for 2 months and adds nothing,put India at lead off and let him be,Bader is a late inning guy for defense and pinch runner,and I could go on.Stop trying to play the entire roster and play the best players in a set batting order and in a set defense spot on the field.

    • Rick

      I did a post a couple of days ago and zi had 11 primary guys that would factor into my daily 9 starters. Senzel, Bader, Renfroe, Maile, Martini are bench guys. Steer, Friedl, Benson start in my outfield. Benson has a good eye and will draw a few walks against lefties, and starters usually only go thru a batting order 2 to 2.5 times. Set him against stud lefties.
      My young guys play in my infield(India included), Votto only plays against pitchers that history shows that he has hit well.
      Stephenson, plays nearly everyday.

      • Chris

        I wouldn’t call Senzel a bench guy. In fact he’s hitting over .300 since being called back up. He isn’t the problem. Benson is the worst on the team at hitting left handers. At this point in the season, I wouldn’t be starting him against lefties. Overall though, I get your point and mostly agree.

  103. Rick

    Sloppy all through the game in the field, baserunning, batting approach.

  104. Kevin H

    76-72 and still in the playoff chase. What fun this season has been. All things considered this team is fun to watch or follow on gameday lol

  105. LDS

    The Reds should send EDLC to Louisville and call up Barrero. Few here, and few in the Reds FO cares how Barrero fares. Tell Bell he plays every day as SS. Won’t do much for Barrero but might wake EDLC up. He’s got to mature before next season.

    • Kevin H

      I keep seeing words mature and grow up. What is De La Cruz doing that other players are not doing? I ask as I don’t see them on tv much.

      • LDS

        I largely agree with that, which is why I didn’t want the rookies called up with Bell. EDLC has been hyped in a way that the others haven’t. He needs to get his head straight more than the others. I’ve thought for a while that a trip to Louisville would help him mentally

    • Rick

      Bell said that McLain would start swinging the bat on the 18th. How soon will he be back and activated??
      Somebody needs to nurture Elly and teach him how to be a professional major league
      player. He wants to be the show not just a part of the show. We don’t have anyone like that.

      • LDS

        It’s a shame Joe Morgan isn’t still around. He’d be a great mentor for EDLC. Make him an Eric Davis special project.

    • Chris

      It’s too late to send him down. Sadly the fact is, we need him to perform. He’s one of the biggest reasons this team is in the race. Barrero starting every day on the Reds would be throwing in the White towel.

    • Chris

      It’s too late to send him down. Sadly the fact is, we need him to perform. He’s one of the biggest reasons this team is in the race. Barrero starting every day on the Reds would be throwing in the White towel.

      • LDS

        Playing for the long game. Right now EDLC is playing like Votto – a good game followed by days of futility. And no, Barrero wouldn’t be throwing in the towel – much better defense , less reckless, etc

    • Rick

      LDS> Lower post. Yes, a vibrant Joe Morgan would’ve been a great mentor for Elly. Davis would be too.
      Elly needs a firm but fair voice to mentor and nurture him. Also, Elly being a tall guy is to upright in his stance with a long looping swing that needs some tweaking, and mental processing needs work. I also don’t believe that he realizes that he’s attempting to play hero ball and showboating because his ubertalent played above his peers ability in the minors. He’s still in that mindset without the results.

      • LDS

        Maybe Larkin would work. I had hoped to see that kind of leadership from Votto but alas he seems to have adopted the HR/SO strategy as well.

  106. Beaufort Red

    Everyone can’t be wrong. I know you think I pick on him cause he’s only 21, basically a kid right?

    • Kevin H

      Honestly it was a question. Does he act like he doesn’t care, did he get upset today when pitch hit for?

      Bell has said they want Elly to be Elly.

      Just trying to understand why frustration aimed at one player.

      Has nothing to do with him being 21.

  107. Chris

    Brewers win! One down; two more to go.