The Rally Reds (73-68) did it again Tuesday night, winning in dramatic fashion, and setting up a potential three game sweep against the Seattle Mariners (77-61) Wednesday night. Lyon Richardson gets the start for the Reds, while Seattle will counter with Logan Gilbert.

First pitch is at 6:40 p.m. EDT.


Seattle Mariners

Cincinnati Reds

SS J.P. Crawford DH Jake Fraley
CF Julio Rodríguez CF TJ Friedl
C Cal Raleigh 2B Spencer Steer
RF Teoscar Hernández SS Elly De La Cruz
LF Dominic Canzone LF Nick Martini
3B Eugenio Suárez 1B Christian Encarnacion-Strand
1B Ty France C Tyler Stephenson
DH Mike Ford 3B Noelvi Marte
2B Josh Rojas RF Will Benson


Starting Pitchers

Logan Gilbert 161.2 3.56 1.05 28 162
Lyon Richardson* 65.0 2.22 1.15 29 93
Links: Logan Gilbert’s Stats | Lyon Richardson’s Stats

*Lyon Richardson’s stats are from the minor leagues across Single-A, Double-A, and Triple-A in 2023.

Logan Gilbert

Once the Mariners’ #3 prospect (behind only Jarred Kelenic and Julio Rodriguez in 2020), right-hander Logan Gilbert has now cemented himself firmly atop the Mariners rotation. Now in his third season, he has pitched to a 3.56 ERA and a 3.66 FIP in 27 starts. Since the beginning of July, he is 7-0 with a 2.73 ERA in 69.1 innings pitched.

Gilbert has struck out 162 batters in 161.2 innings, a 9.0 SO/9 rate, and has walked only 28 batters, a 1.6 BB/9 rate. He has improved his walk rate from a season ago by 0.8%, down from 2.4 BB/9 in 2022. He has, however, already given up more home runs this season (23) than he did all of last season (19) in 24 fewer innings.

Gilbert had thrown a change up as recently as last season, but has not thrown it at all this season. He did only throw it about seven percent of the time in 2021 and 2022. This year, he gave up the change for the splitter, which he has been using about 15 percent of the time. He has also increased his slider usage while simultaneously lowering his four-seam fastball usage.


RHH 327 72 16 0 12 4% 23% .234 .271 .403
LHH 320 69 15 0 11 4% 27% .229 .260 .387

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Split Curve Slider
Velo 95.7 94.4 85.7 80.7 88.8
Usage 43% 0.2% 15% 14% 28%

Lyon Richardson

Lyon Richardson hasn’t had the best performances at the major league level in his very short career. In just 12.0 innings, he’s allowed nine earned runs and 11 walks. His most recent start against the Cubs on September 1st was his best outing to date. He did walk five batters, but only allowed two runs on two hits in 4.2 innings.  If there’s a positive for Richardson, it’s that he’s a strikeout machine. He had a 10.0 SO/9 rate across three levels of minor league baseball this season, and even at the major league level, he has already recorded nine strikeouts in those 12.0 innings.

Richardson is mostly a two-pitch pitcher, with his four-seam fastball and change up. He’ll mix in a curve ball at times, and very occasionally will throw a slider and a sinker. This season, his velocity has averaged close to 97 mph for his fastball and high-80s for his off speed pitches.

Splits (Minor League)

RHH 154 31 8 0 3 10% 36% .230 .318 .356
LHH 164 25 5 1 2 15% 28% .180 .305 .273

Pitch Usage 

4-Seam 2-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 96.7 94.8 79.0 85.0 87.9
Usage 44% 6% 16% 5% 29%


  • Time: 6:40 p.m. EDT
  • Place: Great American Ball Park
  • Weather: 80 degrees, partly sunny, 15% chance of precipitation
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio
  • Radio: 700 WLW

News and Notes

Roster Moves

The Reds made the official move to call up Lyon Richardson for the start tonight and optioned a reliever as a result.

Update on Hunter Greene

Minor League News and Notes

Get an in-depth look at Connor Phillips’ MLB debut last night.

Here are the scores and stats from Tuesday for all of the Reds’ minor league teams.

124 Responses

  1. Old-school

    Very fun entertaining last few days for the Rally Reds . My guy Tyler Stephenson season OPS up to .725. Hes the hottest hitter in MLB last 7 games

    TS: .500 /.563./857/1.420

    Last 15 games OPS .778

    Hot take: Cubs win the NL central and beat the Brewers

    Go Reds

  2. Mark Moore

    I’m just hoping we give ourselves a puncher’s chance tonight. Winning goes a long way to “heal the wounds and scars” from any losing streak.

    • LT

      I think we have more than a puncher chance, Mark. The line up is strong and we’re on a winning streak with Ashley doing the preview.

      • Mark Moore

        All factors in our favor, LT. Especially the Ashley aspect.

  3. Dennis Westrick

    I made it! I am at the Mecca of MLB which is GABP! Sitting in Section 112 on the 3rd base side! Beautiful night to get out the brooms and sweep the Mariners out of GABP and into the Ohio River!

    • Mark Moore

      Good for you, Dennis! We’ll expect regular in-game updates from you. Enjoy your game.

      • Dennis Westrick

        I booed Suarez during lineup announcements! Does that count?

      • Melvin

        I expected you to be near the Reds dugout so you could hopefully give David Bell some pointers. 🙂 Have you told him where you’re at so you can give him signs? 🙂

    • Melvin

      Did you bring your in game meds? 😉

    • JB

      Run out on the field in the 5th inning so we know you’re really there!!!

  4. Mark Moore

    Off topic, but I’d love to hear from my fellow RLN regulars.

    Thoughts and opinions on the Shohei Otani situation? I know he’ll never where Cincinnati Red (I really don’t want him to given all the trappings that come with that). I think the risk he’s taking by even playing at all could damage his value. And the likely TJ surgery means his chances of pitching in 2024 (or maybe even starting 2025) are pretty slim.

    I’m thinking somebody takes a 2-year flyer on him next season with hopes that he’ll pitch in 2025 at least a bit. But I really don’t think he’s getting a 10-year (or more) deal this time around.

    Anyone else … Bueller … 😀

      • Mark Moore

        Interesting take given the repeated failure of the Angels.

      • Melvin

        One thing is for sure the Reds don’t want him. There’s no way David Bell is using him as a permanent DH. That would kill him to do that. Then again he might platoon him against lefties. 😀

    • Jim Walker

      The stuff I have read indicates he is valued as an offensive player to a degree that most suitors are not even concerned whether he pitches again, at least not from the view of what they are willing to pay him. So, the likelihood of a bridge contract seems small.

      There are those who hope if he does decide to have TJ surgery that he gets on with it so that he will be ready to play offensively by the start of the 2024 season.

      Another school of thought is that he will go the PRP injection/ rehab route vs TJ surgery precisely to guarantee that he will be ready to play offensively at the start of the 2024 season. In this scenario, if he can pitch at some point in the future, OK, if not, still OK.

      Although neither Ohtani nor any of his official “camp” have said anything publicly, there is also some feeling, his bottom line wish may be to emerge with enough of an arm to play OF versus DH (or 1B).

      • Mark Moore

        I’ve read similar thoughts. I still think the PRP route has too many risks. Shut it down now and do the surgery. Either way, you aren’t pitching in 2024.

  5. VaRedsFan

    I don’t think he’ll ever pitch again, which is a shame. He was a true unicorn. Some team like the Mets might still throw stupid money at him, but nothing like he would have gotten.

    • Mark Moore

      That’s kind of what I was thinking.

    • JB

      Exactly. There is always that one team , maybe two, that will throw money at him. Dodgers or Padres as well.

  6. Mark Moore

    2 outs then walk Raleigh … seems a little familiar 😮

    • Melvin

      What do you think about that guy JB?

  7. Melvin

    Now get him in off 3B with only one out.

  8. Melvin

    That’ll work. Infield in got us a run. 🙂

  9. RedAlert

    Merry Christmas France ! Another lucky play by Seattle

  10. Mark Moore

    That’s a good way to start.

    Now my only problem is the WLW audio overlay feed isn’t coming up on the TV. I really don’t want to listen to the Bally feed and our friends if I can help it. But if that’s my penance for a win tonight, so be it.

    Nope, it’s live now.

  11. Dennis Westrick

    Good start for the Reds! EDLC was robbed!

    • Mark Moore

      Seems France has done that a couple times this series.

  12. SR

    Is it just me or is the Mariner pitching staff really slow to deliver pitches? They seem to wait until under 5 seconds quite a bit.

    • Mark Moore

      I think Thrall/Cowboy made that observation last night.

  13. Mark Moore

    OK, so now we can come from behind.

    That was a cookie to a guy like Ford.

  14. JB

    The cameraman was acting like that ball was hit out of the state.

    • VaRedsFan

      That camera guy has been there about 30 years, because you see the same view on most every high fly ball.

      • JB

        I was sure it was going over the river.

  15. RedAlert

    Never seen a pitching staff throw so much candy when ahead in the count with 2 strikes – AWFUL PITCH right there – happens way too much with these guys

  16. Dennis Westrick

    And that’s what happens when you walk batters! What should have been a solo HR gives Seattle a 2-1 lead! HR was a no-doubter BTW!

    • Melvin

      I’m sure you were very happy to see that walk score on that HR. You didn’t hit anybody with anything did you?

      • Dennis Westrick

        Just my forehead on the seat in front of me!

      • Melvin

        Careful. Those seats cost money. 😀

  17. Melvin

    Three Ks already….Don’t get happy with the wins the past two nights and forget what got you here guys.

    • RedAlert

      Lay off the crap this guy throws up there and he look VERY hittable

  18. Mark Moore

    Elly trying to rush a play that didn’t need to be rushed.

    And Bike Helmets ends up an error.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Again, a Little League mistake! Your glove MUST touch the ground first! You can always pull your glove up!

  19. Melvin

    That’s why it’s hard to play SS when you 6’5″ and growing. Hard to get down on the those slow grounders.

  20. Mark Moore

    Redemption Bike Helmets. That works.

  21. Ted Alfred

    Just thinking about next year and I don’t think Elly is the guy at short, so I’m not sure how they’re going to do to me McClain is the shortstop. Sadak just said they ruled the ball under Elly’s glove a hit???

    • Melvin

      The Reds have tons of good infielders and no elite outfielders. Seems like a match to me.

    • VaRedsFan

      Half season eye test and MMC looks like a better SS right now.
      And Elly looked great at 3rd.

  22. Indy Red Man

    Gilbert is probably a little too tough. Don’t see a sweep, but I’d be happy to be wrong.
    Alcantara & Soler on IL plus their schedule. They’re done. SF is garbage. Should come down to Dbacks & us if we take care of business

  23. VaRedsFan

    I’m sending Benson a chin strap for next year.

  24. Mark Moore

    Cannot leave him stranded after all that work to get to 3rd. In Steer we trust 😀

  25. Melvin

    I only see one error in the box score. Did they give that guy a hit on that ball EDLC let get under his glove?

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Cowboy was grousing about that. And he’s right. Error all the way.

      • Melvin

        That’s pretty bad. Looked like a little league play.

  26. Mark Moore

    HP Chumpire is really variable tonight.

  27. RedAlert

    Umpires pathetic again !!!!
    Bring on the robot umps – this is ridiculous !

    • Melvin

      Yes. Sick and tired of not knowing where the strike zone is going to be.

  28. VaRedsFan

    Gilbert’s splitter is legit…thus all the K’s

  29. Kevin H

    I can see why these guys chase pitches, and strike out. The strike zone is unpredictable from game to game.

    • Mark Moore

      I maintain that’s a huge part of it. We saw it last night, especially side-to-side.

  30. Indy Red Man

    Rich’s stuff isn’t electric tonight, but I didn’t see the first inning. Trying to hang around

    • Mark Moore

      He’s definitely battling a bit.

  31. Mark Moore

    OK, switching to the small screen so we can watch something else and keep monitoring the game.

    We’ve seen this movie before more than a couple times, but we’ve also seen a happy ending to it.

  32. JB

    Definitely will have to score some runs tonight to come from behind.

  33. Kevin H

    Richardson has potential, however out of necessity he may have been rushed this year.

  34. Indy Red Man

    Game over. Really hope they can replace Rich with somebody. Can’t take Cards lightly either. They got 4 on Strider in the 1st.

  35. JB

    I don’t think that pep talk by Johnson worked.

  36. Gpod

    I had no idea we were coming into this game as a throw away game…obviously he’s throwing batting practice

  37. DHud

    As a great man once said, “boy…that escalated quickly!”

  38. Dennis Westrick

    I was just telling my in-laws sitting next to me that Richardson needs to be careful with Crawford as he has good power! And, then THAT happens!

    Looks like an early exit for the 1-1/2 hour drive back to my twin sister’s house!

  39. Indy Red Man

    What’s up with the c o vid funky bunch anyway? And Ashcraft? The rotation of call-ups, Abbott, and scotch tape isn’t going to cut it

  40. Mark Moore

    At least Richardson will eat 5 innings tonight. That’s one positive takeaway. Then there’s the day off tomorrow.

      • RedAlert

        I will look forward to the day that caress can run out 5 consecutive MLB caliber starters in a rotation …. I don’t think we have seen it the entire year

        Would rather see another start from Spiers than Richardson going forward ….Richardson looks like a future bullpen piece to me , not a starter

  41. JB

    September 5th and Reds , at this moment, are in the playoffs. Their infield is all rookies and their starting pitching ,at this moment, is all rookies(Abbott,Spiers,Richardson,Phillips). I mean how crazy is this?

  42. RedAlert

    Wow Sadak is unbearable … I think he’s bee yapping for 20 straight minutes

  43. Mark Moore

    Benson – helmet AND leg guard this time 😛

    • JB

      Exactly. He just has everything moving. Chaos

  44. RedAlert

    Thanks for the help Dodgers …. Getting smoked by Marlins

    Got to handle your own business … plain and simple

  45. LT

    C’mon. One big hit here and we’re back in it.

  46. Mark Moore

    Hope springs eternal in this series

    • LT

      The best of things, hope is. Bases are loaded.

    • RedAlert

      Marte is starting to figure it out up here … man he’s gonna be good I believe

  47. RedAlert

    Have to put the ball in play Benson …. Geeze man Reds ARE PATHETIC with runners on third less than 2 outs , just terrible ! All year long !

  48. Mark Moore

    Oh so close to climbing back into this one … again!

  49. LT

    That’s too bad. More opportunities to come in the next innings. Seattle bullpen seems shaky.

  50. Dennis Westrick

    Seriously? Duarte walks the No. 2 hitter this inning after getting ahead 1-2! Classic Reds relief pitching strategy!

    • RedAlert

      Derrick Johnson ain’t it ! COWBOY could coach circles with a pitching staff around this dude !

  51. Mark Moore

    I’m thinking that cooks our goose for tonight. Comeback from this far down this late would be a true miracle.

  52. J

    I think it’s going to be harder for people to say Bell did a great job managing the pitching staff today, but if the Reds end up winning 9-8, some will say it.

    • RedAlert

      Send Duarte back to AAA and let him stay there … seen enough of him this year … he can’t help during this playoff push … dude needs to learn to get ahead of hitters and throw strikes

    • Mark Moore

      It’s admittedly a very tough job, but his “madness/method” usually seems more curious than not. Others have said it seems he doesn’t have a good feel for the game. I’d find that hard to debate.

      • J

        It would be helpful if baseball kept better stats on managers. I’d like to know how Bell’s pitching changes compare to other managers’ pitching changes. It certainly seems like he has a knack for making the wrong choices. Maybe his “runs scored after pitching change” stats would be no worse than other managers, but I bet it is. Also curious how many times he’s left a starter in the game to give up 6 or 7 (or more) runs, and how this compares to other managers.

  53. Dennis Westrick

    The HP umpire is God awful tonight!

    • Mark Moore

      Another poster child for the robo-ump and challenge system.

  54. Dennis Westrick

    The Marlins are beating the Dodgers 9-1. Are we in the Twilight Zone?

  55. Mark Moore

    Is it just me, or is the Seattle bias pretty heavy with this Chumpire’s strike zone?

  56. Indy Red Man

    Bell definitely should’ve pulled Phillips before the 3 run HR made it 5-1 last night, but you can’t just keep yanking guys in the 3rd-4th inning night after night. What manager can survive losing 3 starters and their hottest reliever in an instant? You guys put wayyyyyyy too much emphasis on W/L on Bell. He doesn’t pitch or hit.

    Actually impressed with driving Gilbert out in the 6th. He’s super talented. I think the offense can carry us home, but only if our starters get back in the loop. Currently the other guys have 3-4 runs with 1 out in the 5th and Reds fans are applauding. Nobody can remain competitive with that night after night. We do go to Detroit and the Mets so their pitchers parks might help our young guys a little.

    • Mark Moore

      Bottom line is we beat a good team 2 of 3. Now let’s take the day off and come back fighting.

  57. J

    “You guys put wayyyyyyy too much emphasis on W/L on Bell.”

    Not me! I’m the guy who’s been trying to convince people that Bell didn’t do a masterful job managing yesterday even though the Reds won. I’m the guy who keeps saying “you can’t rely on outcomes to judge the strength of a manager’s decisions.”

    We need to convince everyone!

  58. Melvin

    Somebody bring me up to speed on that horn in between pitches when we’re on the field.

  59. Mark Moore

    And his helmet stayed on that time 😛

  60. Rick

    Alright Will. Abit more of that going forward. Good job!
    Sadak still can’t read fly ball HR’s, or foul fly balls.

  61. Indy Red Man

    Forget about Stoudt. He had 2 shutout innings tonight in Lville. He’s got a live arm atleast. Beggars can’t be choosers

    Get the Blake Dunn kid to AAA already. What are they waiting on?

  62. Mark Moore

    Okay … that’s a wrap. Catch you all on Friday.

  63. AllTheHype

    Question: Which college has the most active Cy Young Award wins? Answer will follow. It is my alma mater, and it is NOT a very well known college.